How to transfer your child’s visa sponsorship under Mother from Father?

Transfer Child’s sponsorship from Father to Mother

Sometimes there may be a situation where you may have to transfer the sponsorship of your child’s visa from Father to under Mother’s sponsorship. This may be required due to family emergencies where the Father needs to exit the country, due to loss of employment for the main sponsor or death. 

In UAEOpens in a new tab., the immigration department insists that the child’s sponsor be Father in all circumstances. However, in case the husband(Father) has lost job and got his visa cancelled, it will be necessary for wife(mother) to sponsor the visa, if the mother works in UAE. 

Procedure to to transfer child’s visa to mother’s sponsorship from father’s sponsorship:

  • The procedure is quite straightforward:
  • Husband(father) will require to cancel his current employment visa and exit the country. In such cases, child’s visa needs to be cancelled beforehand. Also note that, Emirates ID will also be cancelled.
  • With all the required documents, approach an authorised typing centre. Tell them whether the child is in the country or outside the country.
  • Once  the typing is done for the new Entry permit, approach the immigration department and present your application.
  • The officer will approve the application.
  • Once you receive the Entry Permit, if the child is inside UAE, you need to get the status changed by again approaching typing centre and typing the form.
  • You will require to obtain Emirates ID cancelled form and get the Emirates ID typed.
  • When that is done, approach the immigration department to stamp the visa.
  • Medical is not required for children below the age of 18 years.

Documents required:

  • Visa cancellation form.
  • Original Passport of the Child and the Sponsor.
  • Copies of the passport for Child and Sponsor.
  • 1 Passport size photograph of the child.
  • Original attested marriage certificate(Arabic) with one copy.
  • Arabic birth certificate or translated+attested birth certificate and a copy.
  • Ejari (Rental Contract) in the name of the Sponsor.
  • Emirates ID form. Get this typed at authorised centres.
  • Attested Labour contract of sponsor. The labour contract can be attested at Ministry of Labour with a cost of AED 160/-

Costs of visa transfer:

Initial costs are AED 920/- including typing. Changing the status will set you back by AED 700/-. Normal Emirates ID costs and Visa stamping costs will apply.




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6 thoughts on “How to transfer your child’s visa sponsorship under Mother from Father?


  2. Hi sir,
    i am planning to change the sponsorship of my child to wife sponsorship. Could you please provide the details for further action.

    1. Hi, You may need to first cancel the visa of your child from your sponsorship and then need to apply under your wife’s sponsorship. For which you may need to provide the salary certificate and the Labour contract of your wife, NOC from your end and other required documents such as Ejari, Passport copies of sponsor and child, photograph, emirates id application, birth certificate etc.

  3. I have a situation that my daughter’s sponsor(her father) absconded from his company. Her dad left our house in 2015 and absconded from his company in 2016. He had an expired passport/visa when he absconded and his company handed his passport to the immigration already. I am capable of sponsoring my daughter as I used to have her sponsohip under me from 2008 to 2014. How can I transfer her sponsorship & what are the requirements?

  4. What is the procedure to transfer child visa to mother sponsorship from father sponsorship in case of divorce

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