Top Online Grocery Shopping Sites in Dubai

Online Grocery Shopping Sites

You been there, done that. Every week you drive your car on weekends  to a supermarket like Lulu, Carrefour….fill up the shopping cart, wait in queue for your turn to bill the products, push the cart towards your car, empty the shopping trolley to your car’s boot, arrive home, carry the polythene bags to your home and done.

What if I said that you could avoid 80% these hassles by shopping for the same things online?

List of Top Online Grocery Shopping sites in Dubai

Sure, shopping is fun and an outing by itself for your family on top of spending 2 to 3 hours in the supermarkets. However, a new trend in grocery shopping is already making waves in UAE and it’s called “Online Grocery Shopping”

There are many websites that do it and my intention for you is to educate you on the same.

Pros of online grocery shopping

  • You save loads of time.
  • You save money and effort.
  • You indirectly help in reducing traffic on roads if you drive.
  • Credit card payment on site and Cash on Delivery facility is available.

Cons of online grocery shopping

  • You are unable to cherry pick the products which matters when selecting vegetables and other perishable goods.
  • Online payment is still considered is risky if you pay by credit card. You are at the mercy of the seller!
  • You are not aware of any offers that are present at the real supermarkets.
  • There is a minimum order amount without which you may need to pay delivery fees.
  • You make the likes of Lulu and Carrefour angry!! (Just kidding)

List of Online Grocery Shopping sites in Dubai

I came across 5 websites in Dubai that do do your online grocery shopping:

Online Grocery ShoppingWebsite
Early BirdShop NowOpens in a new tab.
Geant OnlineShop NowOpens in a new tab.
Le BazarShop NowOpens in a new tab.
Super MartShop NowOpens in a new tab.
Trolley.aeShop NowOpens in a new tab.

The above list should not be taken as an endorsement from me to shop on these sites. Please read the sites’ terms and conditions and do not get confused. 


Deepak is a passionate blogger with interests in bitcoin, online marketing, and writing.

14 thoughts on “Top Online Grocery Shopping Sites in Dubai

  1. Thanks for sharing the information, I found one more website like same your industry, its name is Japans Souq. It’s an emerging online japanese grocery store in Dubai, UAE that carries a huge selection of Japanese goods from food & pharmaceutical products, with the fastest delivery to your doorstep. You can visit their store online at It’s an amazing post, keep up the great work. All the best

  2. Hi Deepak, Thanks for sharing the list of stores that are serving in Dubai. I would like to recommend one Online Grocery Store in Dubai, the name of Grocery Shopping Site is Yeebly. We have been using Yeebly to order groceries online and we had a great experience with them. They provide groceries at affordable prices. Moreover, all groceries are fresh and instant delivery. Free home delivery is available on many grocery items, for more details visit Website. You can either consider adding Yeebly on the list for helping readers to get fresh groceries facilities at their doorstep.

  3. Dear Deepak,

    Will there be any ban on overstaying in Dubai? My visa was not provided by new employer. The fine was paid. And I am planning to come back. But just want to make sure that I dont have employment ban.

    Best regards,

  4. Good morning Sir/Madam I have visa for.housemaid for 2 years but my sponsor applied me a residence visa now I not complete my 2years last may 27,2016 they cancelled the reason I have mobile with camera they didn’t know… And I’ll take pictures with her kids..And when my sponsor brought me to airport immigrAtion told me I hAve one year banned and they took.Me finger print and eyes scan.. Now my question is is there any possibilities that I can not enter in the UEA at all?? I need your reply.please and also your advice if what I can do… Thank you

  5. Hi deepak,
    Im a cook but in my visa it says tea blender. Just this year january 13, we were all terminated during probationary. They gave us NOC but we checked early this morning in MOL that we have 1 year ban. How to lift? I found new job as cook general but my new employer are not willing to help me lift my ban. What should I do. Thanks

  6. Great list Deepak. But i see that you missed I have been using ElGrocer to order groceries home delivery online from quite some time and really liked their service. They provide the groceries at similar prices as the store and also do free home delivery within an hour which is really great.

    It saves me a lot of time and money.

  7. Hi Mr Deepak, i just like to ask if my employer can ban me here in uae if i will cancel my visa…. They give me 3yrs contract for my visa…. And my contract in working for them is only 2yrs…. I just like to finish my 2yrs then ill cancel my visa… You think they can ban me with that…..
    Thank you….. Good day…..

  8. Sir
    I would like to ask if we have ban beacause our company were going to close and were in a limited contract for 2yrs but its not yet finished we still have 10months left to finished the two yrs?!

  9. Hi Sir deepak can you please advise me my employer abscond me last Dec.2014 but my sponsored already die . My boss told me
    To cancel my employment visa due to he is sick but that time I’m not working already in here company cz they told me to stop working and find new job. Now my visa already finish last July 6 2015 I’m trying to pleasing his /her son to remove my absconding but they said they don’t have time to remove . Sir there is another way to solve about thise problem . Can you plsss.. Help me? Thank you..

    1. Dres,
      There is no other way than to approach the legal owners.
      You could on the other hand visit MOL/Immigration for solution.

  10. I’m on a limited contract and still on probationary. In my clinic we do some work not related to the job we signed for. I would like to ask what will happen if i resign even if im still on probationary period? and if i can apply to tother company with different profession?
    and if i apply in a goverment hospital si the ban still applicable? thank. hope ull answer my query.

    1. Peyton,
      If you get a job in government, there is no labour ban applicable.

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