So you think you don’t require a Will? Read on to know the truth!

Importance of Wills in UAE

Live Case 1: John died at the young age of 38 years. Unfortunately, he did not leave any will. Grandfather claimed the physical custody of the only child of his son. Case is now going through the Courts and the wife is fighting for the custody of her only child.

Live Case 2: Husband commits suicide and Leaves no Will. As a result of that parents receives 75% of the estate and Wife receives only 25% .

Live Case 3: Wife dies and leaves no Will. Employer wants to pay all company benefits to the husband. Mother in Law objects the share. Local Law is applied. In Laws finally receive 1/3rd of the estate whereas Husband receives 2/3rds.

Live Case 4: Husband dies and leaves no Will. As there are no sons and no father in this case, his brother received 75% of the estate while wife receives only 25%.

These are some of the most unfortunate events that we see around us on a regular basis“, says Mr.Mohamed of Just Wills.Opens in a new tab.

Dying intestate (without a Will) in Dubai as an Expat of any nationality can mean the following for you:

  • All bank accounts (Single & Joint), Properties, Investments will be frozen and may be divided in accordance with Local Law.
  • Your estate will be distributed against your wishes.
  • Debts unpaid may pass to your family.
  • Dying intestate can take up to two years or more to resolve in most countries.
  • Existing Wills may be invalid if any of the below events have occurred since its inception:-
  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Birth or adoption of other children
  • Change in your financial situation.

wills in uae dubai wills

A Will is the last document you can draft during your lifetime and leave instructions on how your estate is to be distributed; who takes care of the kids, and even your funeral arrangements.

Video about Wills in UAE

Therefore drafting your Will can give you the following benefits:

  • Speed the Process of the distribution of your estate.
  • The Will document will over ride the Shariah Law(depending on your religion)
  • You can decide where you would like your estate to pass to.
  • You can decide where you want your Bank Accounts to go to.
  • Life Policies can be passed to the people of your choice.
  • Any and all Investments can pass to the people of your choice.
  • NO Family arguments – everyone knows what they are getting.
  • Set up Exclusion clauses for your Ex Partners.
  • Make a provision for children from any previous marriages.
  • Make a gift of money to a family member.
  • Choose your own Executors.
  • Make a provision for a Charity 
  • Appoint both Interim & permanent guardians.

There have been so many situations when people pass away and where there is no Will the family are fighting for the estate. Due to this there are many cases that are still in the court stuck there for so many years. Since there is no Will and the Judge will have apply his own decision to the case which will go against the wishes of the deceased.

For further information and get your Will done, contact +971 4 311 6592 / 800 Wills (94557) or visit Just Wills website .Opens in a new tab.

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