Sponsoring visit visa for brother/sister in UAE and Travel Insurance

Sponsoring visit visa for your brother or sister in UAE

You may have brothers or sisters. Most of us would like to sponsor siblings in UAE for a visit visa rather than going through tourist visa. UAE residents can apply for the visa for their siblings. It may be for 30 days or 90 days. No extensions are permitted beyond this period(90 days).

Eligibility to apply for UAE residence visa for blood relatives – Brother or Sister

To be eligible to apply for visit visa, the sponsor or UAE resident expatriate must be holding valid UAE residence visa and have a minimum salary of AED 5,000 with accommodation or AED 6,000 without accommodation.


Documents required for issuing visit visa for blood relative – brother or sister

  • Clear Passport copy of the sponsor.(Also take the original passport)
  • Clear passport size picture with white background of the sponsored person.
  • Clear Passport copy of the sponsored person.
  • Salary certificate (if you are working for government or free zone) or an attested labour contract
  • Attested tenancy contract (Ejari in Dubai and Baladiya stamp in Abu Dhabi) and Dewa Bill.
  • Travel Insurance

Fee(cost of visit visa) structure:

Refundable deposit would be 1000 Dirhams or 2000 Dirhams depending on case to case and it will be refunded upon departure of sponsored person.

Travel Health Insurance:

As per DHA the visitors who are coming on visit visa should have travel insurance certificate. Charges for an individual health policy would be as follows:

  • 45 Dhrs for 30 days single entry visa
  • 95 Dhrs for 90 days visa

 Visitors will only be covered for emergency medicine (accident and sickness) for upto AED 150,000. However, those aged between 70 and 84 years will have to pay a deductible of AED 2,000 and up to AED 7500 insurance covers in case of death in UAE.

Procedure to apply for the visit visa:

1. Once you have all the documents ready, head over to the authorised typing centre.

2. When the applications are typed, take them to the immigration department where they will issue you the visit visa.  

NOTE: The advantage in applying for Visit Visa against Tourist visa is that, if you are offered a job in UAE, if you have visit visa you may be able to convert it to Residence visa; whereas this is not possible under tourist visa.


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58 thoughts on “Sponsoring visit visa for brother/sister in UAE and Travel Insurance

  1. I want to sponsor my brother he is on Visit visa now in UAE guide me how i can get sponsor visa for him

    :Zain : Whatsapp+923448163884

    1. Hi, Ensure you’re eligible to sponsor your brother based on your visa status and relationship.
      Make sure your income meets the requirements set by the authorities.
      Gather necessary documents like passports, photos, relationship proof, salary details, and housing information.
      Go to the immigration office in your emirate to begin the process.
      Provide the visa application and required documents, and pay the fees.
      Your brother may need a health check as part of the process.
      Keep track of the application status online or through relevant channels.
      Once approved, collect the visa and share the details with your brother.
      After arrival, your brother may need to complete additional steps for a residence permit, including further tests and paperwork.

  2. I want to bring my brother and husband in tourist visa . How can i do process?? From where?? (Dubai) .

    1. Hi, you may approach any authorised travel agency to issue the tourist visa for your brother and husband.

  3. I have my license and partner visa,can I sponsor my brother to Dubai residence visa?

  4. Hi mr. Deepak good day!
    May I ask if it’s possible for my situation that te sponsor of my visit visa is the first cousin of my husband?

    Thanks in advance for the response.

  5. Can any assist on my query, i have nephew age being 5 yrs (i.e. Son of my real brother), I want to bring him on Visit VISA along with my Parents (i.e. Grand Parent of Child). What is the possibility?

    2. I want to call my other nephews (i.e. Son of my Cousin) age being 14 – 17, what are the possible scenarios.

    We all have a common Permanent address on our passport. Would it possible in any ways. please help me out.

  6. Hello is there any problem with situation ..my sponsor fr visit visa was my husband first cousin..cn u gv me a advice

  7. If the visit visa converted to resident visa ,whether they will pay back the deposited amount?

    1. brother,

      its is possible to sponsor my own sister since she was finished contract and her company didn’t renew the visa?

  8. do i need to get oec also even im not yet going in the Philippines that a requirements also to get my sister?

  9. hi, good day i am in residence visa i want to bring my brother here. is there any visa such as brother/sister;s visa same way as husband visa?thanks in advance

  10. Dear,

    I am planning to get my sister for a tourist visa. However, after she arrived and stayed for months could it be possible for me to convert the tourist visa into visit visa?

    Kindly advise.

    Thank you,

  11. Hi Deepak,

    Are there any age restrictions depending on the gender? My sister is 23years old. Once I inquired in an agency they said minimum age should be 24years old, for ladies if travelling without parent.

    Thank you.

  12. Dear deepak

    just I want to know the procedure for applying visit visa for my brother.

    I am getting 10000 salary. Basic is 3700.

  13. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    My case are like this, I found new job and expecting to join them on October 17, 2015. But i already sponsored my nephew to come here under visit visa on October 15, 2015.

    My question is:

    1.If my current company cancel me now or before October 15, is my residence visa is not valid anymore?
    2.Is the UAE immigration system will find my information as a cancelled visa? Will that affect my sponsorship to my nephew?
    3.What will be the best thing to do?

    Your immediate response is highly appreciated.
    Thanks, Mr. Deepak!

    1. Jonsnowlover,
      1. Yes, that is right.
      2. They will certainly know about the cancelled visa. I am not too sure about this. I am hearing this situation for the first time.
      3. It is always better to apply for tourist visa.

  14. Hi Deepak,
    Can I bring my sister-in-law for a visit of 30 days to Abu Dhabi?She is 17 years old.Can’t get any information on the government websites. Pls help.


    1. Shailesh,
      You could get her on visit visa.
      But I am not sure whether she could come unassisted because of her age.

  15. Hi Deepak,

    Can I apply for an employment Visa (work permit) in the UAE while I’m already inside the UAE on a Tourist visa (not visit visa)?

    I heard this can work for Dubai but not for Abu Dhabi. Can you please advise if it can work also for Abu Dhabi?


  16. Hi Deepak,

    Can a sister sponsor here own sister who is a divorce for a UAE residence visa.
    Kindly advise

  17. brother ,

    i want to bring my sister in law permanently in abu dhabi , i working in Gasco(ADNOC) , Staying in ruwais housing with family . can i sponsor my sister in law ? Please give me some ideas .

    1. Shanavas,
      You could sponsor visit visa. However, you will not be able to sponsor residence visa.

  18. Hi Deepak,

    I would like to sponsor my sister for a UAE residence visa. My sister is a divorce and currently unemployed.

    Would need your advise whether it is possible to do so and if yes what is the requirement for the same.

    Kindly advise.

  19. Hello sir
    I resigned for my job with immediate effect, they accepted and cancelled my visa. Now they are not giving my passport and asking to pay 1month salary for skipping notice period. They didn’t said about this before cancelling my visa
    Please tell me what can I do now

  20. hi
    Dear can I sponsor to mu brother in law for visit visa? have salary more then 12K and 2 bedroom apartment.
    what documents I need?

    1. Shiraz,
      Yes, you can sponsor. I’d say better to take Tourist visa where documentation is lesser.
      But yes, you could apply for visit visa where costs are less.

  21. Hi! is it possible for me to sponsor a visit visa to my half sister ( she is daughter of my mother in second husband).

  22. Hi Deepak, is it possible to apply for a tourist visa for my brother -in-law? If so, will there be other requirements rather than the usual? Thanks

    1. Juenie,
      Please visit a travel agency. They will guide you.
      Usually, you will require passport of the applicant, passport size photo, your passport and emirates id copy and fees applicable.

      1. Thanks for your reply. Can I ask another question please? I believe a tourist visa will work for my brother-in-law. Do you know if a visit visa will work as well?

        Thank you so much. I am new in the gulf and very confused of the law as I can hear different comments from different people.

        1. Juenie,
          For visit visa the procedures in terms of documentation is different.
          You will need a valid tenancy, salary certificate and other documents as per law.

  23. HI deepak,
    I want to bring my parents in uae as a residence visa,my salary is 16250,minimum salary req is 20k+ 2 bhk ..pls suggest how do i bring my parents a a residence visa

  24. Hi deepak,
    I hv a residency visa with a salary of 13000 dhs, and have rented a 2 bhk apt. Can I sponsor residency visa for my brother in law.

    1. Sajid,
      No, you can not sponsor residence visa for your brother in law. Only your parents, parents in law, spouse and children can be sponsored for residence visa.

  25. Hello Deepak, I will be very glad if u could offer me assistance on this issue of mine..I work in a car wash service station which was recently called island car washing station by the old owner of the company but it is now called Aljazeera car wash service station by the new owner. The new company owner is a yemeneen who just bought the company from the old owner for 7 months now..we are 4 Ghanaians who works in his car wash station with other Bangladesh citizens..Actually we are all new employees he just employed and four me this is my 2 months now but for the other three guys one of them has just had 3 months now and for the other two is their 4 moths now getting to 5 months..Unfortunately my concern is that the working condition is too bad..our monthly salary is 800dhs in which we work for 13 hours with no overtime..in terms of accommodation too there is no food but there is shelter but not sufficient enough for us like where we sleep is not helpful..To talk about the food the only way we get to eat is the small small money we get from customers who come for us to wash and clean their cars..in fact how we came abt this trip was all lies we where been told a different story by an agent who brought us into connection with this company. it was a different story we came and met here..All we where told that we will be provided is not what we where been given..in fact ever since I arrived there my heart was so uncomfortable at all with this kind of situation we where been put through. even when I was to sign the contract truthfully I have not been told that this is the contract agreement I am to sign with them because recently we where processing my labour card and health insurance so I knew it was all abt these that I have to sign but it was later that I got to know that it was a contract I signed with them by my friends without knowing what the contract is talking about..they told me for them they where told and they got someone to stand by them who was in connection with the agent who brought us here and what he told them was the contract is just 2 years that’s all and he didn’t explained to them what the contract is talking abt and it was written in Arabic without given some sorts of explanation in English writing what the contract says..so we all find something is so fishy abt the contract and the entire service station.. seriously we are disturbed but those Bangladesh guys they are OK with what is going on cos most of them are all illiterates..what I want to know is that if I want to change a job now even though the contract has not ended how many months must I spend in other to changes jobb in case I had a new job now with better service..can I also asks them to give me the copies of the contract I have signed in order to know whether it was a limited contract or unlimited and what if they refuse to give me and decided to use that against me as a treat in order to banned me?

    1. Immurana,
      I am very sorry to hear about your situation. It is very appalling that such violations happen.
      What I could suggest you is, if you are not satisfied with your working conditions, please speak first to your company officials.
      If that does not solve, I recommend you to file a complaint with Ministry of Labour.
      Ban will be automatic for you for 6 months if you have not completed your contract.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  26. Hi,
    I am an UAE resident.My wife is here under my sponsorship. Can i take visit visa for my younger brother ,he is just 14 years. if yes what all are the requirements.Kindly guide me.

    1. Shemeer,
      Yes, you could take.
      Normal documents in addition to valid tenancy contract is required.

  27. Hi
    i have a resident visa and i am doung a good job . I was wondering if i can sponcer my brother in law

    1. Muhammad yes you can sponsor visit visa for your brother in law. You may need documents to prove the relationship and 2 bed room apartment.

  28. I want to apply visit visa gor my own brother. With application i went to immigration ofgice they told that i should have a two bedroom flat. They rejected my application

  29. Hi,
    My passport will expire on 20th sept 2014 and i will receive the renewed passport By november I want to sponsor visa for my sister and planning to call her by month of october . Would it be possible to process the visa though my passport is nearly getting expire? Appreciate your assistance.

  30. Hi, My wife is arriving on 90 day visit visa. Can I transfer the long term visit visa to residence visa without exiting the country? What are the costs and procedure

  31. Hi,

    Good day.

    I would like to ask for assistance and i hope you can help me with my questions.

    I was sponsored by my sister on a 90-day visit visa since she had a medical operation. I still have 30 days before my visit visa expires but luckily a company offered me a job and they wanted me to start immediately.

    As per HR of the company I need to exit Abu Dhabi and stay outside for 2 weeks while waiting for my employment visa. Is this correct?

    Is it possible to just stay in Abu Dhabi and process the change of my visit visa to employment visa or do i really need to be out of Abu Dhabi for 2 weeks while waiting for the working visa from my employer?

    1. Since it is a personal sponsorship i think there is no need to exit . To confirm i would suggest you to check with the immigration.

      1. Dear Deepak, the sponsorship for my wife would be through an agency. Currently I’m on Long term visit visa which is sponsored by my company and will expire on 14th June. My company will transfer my visit visa to resident visa. However my wife visit visa is sponsored by an agency and I will have to change my wife’s visit visa to resident visa once I get my resident visa. In this case, is it necesaary for my wife to exit the country. If yes, what would be duration of exit? Appreciate your assistance

        1. Yes i think you can tranfer the visa into residence visa without exiting the country

        2. Yes i think you can tranfer the visa into residence visa without exiting the country.

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