Sponsor UAE residence visa for parents

UAE residence visa for parents or parents in law

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Most of the expatriates have their parents in the home country who would like to relocate to UAE. A UAE residence can apply for the visa for their parents to live in the UAE. Most of the parents in their old age would love to be with their children or grand children.

Eligibility to apply for UAE residence visa for parents

Previously, the requirement to sponsor parents in the UAE was a minimum monthly income of Dh20,000 ($5,445). However, a change in the law, effective from October, has reduced this requirement.

As per Resolution No 74, individuals now need to earn a minimum of Dh10,000 per month to sponsor up to five family members, and a minimum of Dh15,000 for six family members. If sponsoring more than six family members, special permission is required.

The law also stipulates that sponsors must already be residing in suitable accommodation, such as a two-bedroom house or apartment, before applying for the family visa.

In addition to meeting the income and accommodation criteria, you will need to submit the following documents for the sponsorship process.

Documents required for UAE entry visa for parents:

  1. Sponsor’s Emirates ID (Original).
  2. Sponsor’s passport and residence visa page, along with the sponsor’s spouse’s documents (minimum 6 months validity).
  3. Partner/Investor visa holders should attach Company/Personal Statements for the last six months, Trade License Copy list, and MOA.
  4. Valid Salary Certificate, if the sponsor is a Government/Semi-government/Free zone Employee.
  5. Valid Labor Contract (issued by MOHRE), if the sponsor works in the private sector.
  6. Registered Tenancy contract/Ejari or Title Deed photocopy.
  7. Recent Electricity Bill if the house is owned by the sponsor (not rented).
  8. Passport copies (color) of parents and one photo with a white background. The passports should have a minimum validity of 6 months, and the current visa should be valid (if Inside the Country).
  9. Consanguinity certificate obtained from their respective Consulate, duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE and translated into Arabic.
  10. Parents’ National ID is required for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq nationalities.
  11. Bank Account Statement for the last three months with the bank’s seal. Online prints will not be accepted.
  12. Sponsor’s Account IBAN Number.

Make sure to have all the original documents with you and their copies, as well as the necessary translations in Arabic.


  1. Both Parents or attested death/divorce certificate: You need to bring both parents for the application process. In case one parent is deceased or divorced, you must provide the attested certificate from the UAE Embassy in your home country and the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with a legal translation in Arabic.
  2. Affidavit (Dependency Certificate): Obtain an attested affidavit from your Consulate stating that you will take care of and be responsible for your sponsored parents’ well-being. This document should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE and translated into Arabic.
  3. Original Tenancy Contract: You need a tenancy contract with a minimum of two bedrooms. The contract must be attested through Ejari (RERA) or registered with the relevant authorities. If you live in a different emirate, you can provide a registered tenancy contract and an electricity bill.
  4. Sponsor’s Salary: The sponsor must have a valid Dubai residence visa and a minimum monthly salary of AED 10,000.
  5. As the sponsor, it is required to obtain a medical insurance policy for your parents, which needs to be renewed annually. Additionally, if you intend to sponsor your parents for a one-year stay, you will be required to pay a deposit for each parent.

Procedure to obtain UAE Residence Visa for Parents:

To complete the process, you have two options: visiting an Amer CenterOpens in a new tab. or applying online.Opens in a new tab.

Below are the procedure to obtain Dubai Residence Visa for Parents:

  1. Go the the Amer centre and submit all the required documents
  2. Pay the processing fee and the deposit
  3. Get the entry permit and bring the parents to UAE
  4. Undergo medical exam
  5. Apply for Emirates ID and Health Insurance

When sponsoring your parents in the UAE, there is a 90-day period within which you need to apply for their residence visa after their arrival in the country. Upon arrival, they will be issued an entry permit, and it is the sponsor’s responsibility to convert this permit into a valid residence visa within approximately three months.

In emirates other than Dubai, the entry permit is commonly referred to as “Tasheera” and can be obtained online or from a typing center.

It is also possible to sponsor your parents for a residence visa. The visa for parents is granted on an annual basis, regardless of the duration of your own visa.

Fees applicable for UAE entry visa:

The fee for this visa is approximate AED 1,750, along with an AED 5,000 refundable deposit (keep receipt safely for renewal or reimbursement, as this is paid back only when the visa is cancelled or in case your parent dies)

Note: Please be aware that immigration regulations in the UAE can undergo changes over time. We will update our information accordingly if there are any new laws or official announcements. It is recommended to visit the official websites of Amer or GDRFA for detailed and up-to-date information regarding UAE visas. Our provided information is only a general overview, and specific requirements may vary.



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  1. Hi, I meet the 20,000 aed salary requirement but I live in 1 bedroom hall and kitchen apartment. I have only my mother as father is deceased. Can I still sponsor my mother or only way is to move to 2 bedroom? Also the way process is I fear they may reject even after spending so much on 2 bedroom as there is no guarantee.

  2. Hi All,

    My husband is Emirati and I am under his sponsorship. I would like to get my dad a visa through my husband. Is it possible? We’ve been trying to find out the process but we can seem to find any clear guidelines

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  3. Hello.
    I am Syrian and have recently rented a one bedroom in silicon oasis. My salary is 22k and everything is in good stand. My father passed away and my mother is living alone in Jordan. Will I be able to sponsor her? I went to Awir and they told me I need at least two bedroom, yet they added, you can apply but you will not get it.

  4. I am working as a doctor in Sharjah with basic salary of 20000aed. I want to sponsor the resident visa for my parents. The tenancy contract is in the name of my wife. She is a doctor and working in sharjah for last 1 year. She sponsored me and our daughters resident visa. I have now got my visa converted to Employment visa.
    Do I need to change the tenancy contract to my name? If so then the daughters resident visa will also to be changed?
    Can my wife sponsor her in laws? How will she show that she is the sole provider for them?

  5. I wish to apply for a visit visa for my mother .She is 70 plus. My salaray 15000 and I get accommodation of allowance of 100 K. Would I be eligible.

  6. Hello Deepak. I would like to sponsor my mother and father, but I am not working, only husband. Will it be possible to do so. They struggle to find work in my country. Thanks in advance.. regards

  7. Hello Sir,

    Im holding resident dubai visa my salary is 9125 Dirhams and im single mother.its possible to sponsor my 1yr old son?

  8. hi Deepak,

    i’m a Palestinian with Syrian refugee document. My father has been living in Dubai since at least 25 years (with my mam, two sisters and brother). recently his company closed, and are forcing him to cancel his residency visa. he is still looking for a job, however, until then we have no other place to go. I’m working in abu dhabi, and my salary is 12500 AED. is it possible for me to sponsor my family?

    1. Hi,
      The salary requirement for sponsoring parents is AED 20000. At this moment I don’t think you will be able to sponsor your parents without this requirement.

  9. Hi deepak,

    This is swami. i am working in Abudhabi.

    I want to take my wife and son to abudhabi.

    In my wife passport the surname (wife father) and spouse (My name is displayed). one of my friend was saying that the surname should be Husband name .If not there would be problem in getting visa or Emirates id …

    Is this true.what is the wrong if she have the surname as her father name…

  10. Hi Sir , would like to know please what I have to get ready requirements To do my new Residence visa under my daugther name as sponsorship ..? Please advice me no idea. I’m separated from his father since 5 years .. I live UAE got 13 years .. Have a nice day and thanks

  11. Dear Deepak
    My husband applied for visa for for his parents to visit us for 3 months. We live and work in Dubai
    My father in law got his visa but they rejected my Mil’s visa ( her name matches someone else)
    Can I apply to the immigration directly as the travel company ( cosmos travel) is not really helpful
    Also is there a time ( for around 2 months as the company told me) that I cannot apply again?

  12. My father has arrived on resident visa but is very aged (80 plus).

    Presume no medical insurance is available but don’t i have to take some insurance to make sure his costs of taking him if he passes away to India is covered. Do you know of any such insurance?

    If any medical insurance also covers, pl let me know.

  13. Can i apply for the parent visa from al ain immigration office, but place of issue of my visa is from Abu dhabi, all other requirements meets.

  14. Hi,
    I have been offered a job in RAK.And need to relocate with my mother,who is still married to my father but has been separated for more than ten years now.How do I go about this.
    Thank you

    1. Sylvie,
      You can not sponsor only one parent. Both need to be sponsored or they must be legally divorced.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/job-tips/calculate-overtime-per-uae-labour-law

  15. Dear Deepak,

    Am currently in Sharjah on my residency visa sponsored by SAIF zone. My take home salary is around 16K. But if I add up all my other allowances like 2 bhk accommodation, travel allowance, utilities, internet, my salary would be more than 20K per month. When I enquired Sharjah immigration office to apply for residency visa for my mom (dad passed away 28 years back), they asked me to submit company salary certificate for 20k and then can consider this case. But my doubt is, since am working in a company within the SAIF zone, should I submit the salary certificate produced by SAIF zone or is it enough to submit salary certificate provided by the company? This is because, SAIF zone might not agree to alter changes. Kindly advice me.

    Apologies for the long mail.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Sham,
      that is not allowed.
      Salary as per the labour contract has to be 20K minimum.

  16. Dear Deepak
    my mother is sponsored by me and resides with us in Dubai since almost 11 months (mom is caring for our 10 months old daughter). upon applying for her residency last year, we have submitted the attested divorce certificate that my parents are divorced since more than 30 yrs. however in my home country one does not need to be legally married to be able to reside together, have a family and children. people get divorced for various legal reasons which in their case were very much valid at the time. there was never a need to do a legal marriage again and they happily lived together for 40 yrs overall.
    now, it came to our realization that dad is struggling all alone and it is mandatory to bring him here otherwise there will inevitably be related health issues. i have now began processing the documents required for his residency and currently awaiting affidavit letter from my embassy.
    my question is the following: would immigration grant his residency obvs knowing my parents are legally divorced? the argument here is -well, – he is still my father aint he, and besides all other requirements are met (salary 35K, 2 bedroom etc etc)

    whats your take on this one? do you reckon its a waste of time applying for his residency? if so, would you suggest going for perhaps 3 months visit visa, getting them legally re-married in Dubai (albeit i find it kinda silly considering the circumstances). also understanding is that 3 months visit visa cannot be extended correct

    apology for the long story and many thanks in advance

    1. Iryna,
      Your parents are divorced. But you have not separated from them!
      You need to put this point to the immigration as the case will go to a committee.
      In case you face issues, do let me know.
      Regarding visit visa: Yes, the rule I have heard is that it can be extended without exiting the country. Not 100% sure though!
      And if your parents are getting married again, do invite me.
      (I have seen other similar cases too!)

  17. Hi Deepak,

    I am currently working as “Foreign food cook” and would like to sponsor my wife on my visa. She is under her father’s sponsorship in dubai, Am i eligible to sponsor her? My salary is 10.600 AED per month.

    Thank you in advance

    Best Regards,

  18. hi. deepak
    i want to know regarding parents visa.my mum is a widow,she is alone in home contry,my sister and me in dubai. sister is not married,her salary 5000 and me 6000 and my husband 8500 aed.can we take parents visa for mum

  19. Hi Deepak,

    My Family and I are living in Al Hamra Ras Al Khaimah and I work in Dubai. My visa is for Dubai and I take a salary of 35000 every month. I need to sponsor my wife and daughter, will i face problems because my tenancy agreement is from RAK?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Craig,
      No, I do not think there will be any problem in RAK tenancy to process wife and children visas as long as you fulfill the documentary requirements.
      Also it is better to attest the tenancy contract. (I am not sure where in RAK would you be attesting the tenancy!)

  20. hi,
    I working with Europe family as a house maid and my contract is one year.suddenly my sponser has to go to another country(after 8 months).they going to cancelled my visa next month.after they cancelled my visa how long I can stay here? my visa will be end September 2015.and what are the benefits I can get? and is there any ban for me? thanks pls reply..

    1. Isanka,
      You can stay for up to 30 days after cancellation.
      No ban. Benefits, you will need to talk to your sponsor.

  21. Hi, me and my brother are trying to get residency vis for my mom who is a widow.ww have two apptt flat and there is n one to take care of her. The total salarycomes a20000. the combined salary will be considered for sponsorship…

    1. Daren,
      The application needs to be from 1 person. Combined salaries are not considered.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases

  22. Dear Deepak,
    At the outset, I would like to thank & appreciate your valuable services which are rendered towards society without any monetary benefits in 21st Century, keep it up & God bless u abundantly in your endeavors.

    Please confirm? whether Basic Salary (or) Total Salary to be considered for sponsoring family?

    I am holding 2 years UAE Residence VISA (Till Mar, 2017)
    Currently I am earning Salary of AED 9000
    Whereas, Salary split as
    Basic 4500, Housing 2,500, Transport Allowance 2,000
    On completion of 6 months my Salary will be AED 11,000
    (Basic AED 6,000 as per the contract agreed.

    I have a plan to bring my family Spouse & 1 kid (3.5 years old)
    Whether? the salary mentioned above is sufficient to apply for residence VISA for my Spouse & Kid.

    However, I have a plan to occupy 1 BHK/ Studio Apartment to live together, currently I am living in Sharing bed-space.

    Once again thanks & good luck

    1. Rajesh,
      yes, it is possible for you to sponsor your family.
      Please also make sure you have attested your tenancy(Ejari), attested and translated your marriage certificate, attested your child’s birth certificate.

      1. Dear Deepak thanks for your valuable feedback,

        Both my spouse & child PASSPORTS already been endorsed with my name.
        Also, let me know, in absence of marriage certificate, what will other option.

        (a) Where I need to get attest Ejari (Tenancy contract)
        (b) where I need to get attestation of my Son’s Birth Certificate (He’s born in Kota, Rajasthan, India)

        Thanks in advance

        1. Rajesh,
          a) At the RERA.
          b) Irrespective of their names being endorsed, these certificates are required. You could head over to attestation service providers to get them done.

  23. Hi. How long do I have to wait after your long term visa application is rejected before applying again?

  24. I applied for a long term visa for my mother and father through a travel agent (SATA). I got my fathers visa but my mothers visa was rejected. Can I reapply for her visa on my own? My salary is over 25000 and I have a tenancy contract.

    1. Avi,
      Yes. But the immigration would already have information on the rejection.
      Better to check what is the reason for rejection.

  25. Hi..me and my wife working here in dubai..my salary is 3500 aed and my wife salary is 2200+incentives..i have tennancy contract under my name..it is possible to take fathers visa of my 5 years old son..

    1. Crisharrie,
      Not possible to apply for parents visa.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases



    1. Zia,
      You will have to visit, DNRD in Dubai for such requests.
      I guess in Sharjah you will have to visit immigration.

  27. Dear Deepak,

    You are doing great help answering queries!

    I am a qualified Architect and getting an offer of AED 13,000 per month in Dubai.
    Being the only child (daughter-married), is it possible and what are my chances of getting a residence visa for my parents (both above 65 years) ?

    1. Jameela,
      Please read the following post: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases
      Since your salary is less than 20K, I don’t think it is possible at this time.

      1. Hi Deepak,

        Its mentioned in the article that a minumum salary of 7000 without accommodation would be required to sponsor both the parents but you have replied to this query that it is mandate to have 20000 or above as a salary. Please clarify.


        1. Arshiya,
          There is an updated article:https://www.google.com/url?q=http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases

  28. Hi deepak im salimshaikh my visa is from sharjha & my salary just increase 3200 600accommodati total 3800 & im leaving in dubai my wife visa is dubai visa she getting 2000salary we r leaving in sharing room & in dec 2014 im became a father my son is more then one month so how i bring my son in here pls reply me my contact no 0563883137

    1. Salim,
      You will need a valid tenancy contract to sponsor your child without this it is not possible.

  29. Hi Deepak,

    I have a new baby on the way in June. Currently me and my wife live with my parents in a 3 bedroom. The tenancy contract is under my mothers name as she is sponsoring my father as well.
    Can I get a NOC from my mom in order to sponsor my new born?

    1. Daniel,
      I don’t think your solution will work.
      You will need a proper tenancy contract in your name.
      However, such requests are to be directly requested with the Manager in immigration who will hear your case and I am sure they will provide you some kind of solution.

  30. dear Deepak

    I am planning to purchase an apartment. It is a 1,270 sq ft apartment and is officially a one bedroom apartment and is converted to a two bedroom. I have a NOC from the builder on the new floor plan.
    Will this lead to an issue in case I want a residence visa for my parents.
    My salary is over 20,000 per month
    Thanks for your help

    1. Prashant,
      The authorities will look in the Dubai Land Department – Land Registration Certificate records whether this is a 2 bedroom or 1 bedroom.
      They will go with whatever is mentioned in that.
      For your salary there is no problem.

  31. My mother’s residence visa application was rejected because if the bank statement not being clear of my salary and allowance. They give my housing allowance once a year in bulk.

    How do I appeal and ask for a reconsideration?

    I am currently waiting in counter 27 as all the other counters told me to wait here.

    1. Ivan,
      Please wait for your turn.
      From what I understand, once the application is rejected, it may not be considered the second time.

  32. Hi,

    My wife and 1st son have valid residence visa but my new born baby don’t have visa. I would like to know that it is possible to take visit visa for my new born baby.

    Please provide me details


  33. Hi,

    I have got a job in Dubai. My company is giving me Abu Dhabi visa. I will get a salary of 45000Aed. My Designation is Analyst. Can I sponsor my wife ?

    1. Hi Roque, yes you sure can. You need to get your company’s PRO do it, normally most companies sponsor family visas otherwise they get it processed but charge money from employee. Try talking to the PRO.

  34. Hi, I would like to Sponsor my sister as she is without job. Is it possible to do that and if yes, what is the minimum salary?

  35. hi deepak,
    what is family card,during visa application typing typing center asked me addition 280 dirhams for family card,can u please tell me what is family card and what is the use of this and how much is the charge fir this,
    and please tell me what i have to if my visa damaged before stamping in the passport

    1. Rauf,
      I never heard of family card before.
      What damage is done to visa?

  36. hi deepak
    i wish to bring my wife on family visa , i have ras al khima visa but working and residing in sharjah , my tenency contract is from sharjah is it valid for applying for ras al khima visa ?
    what documents i need to apply for family visa ?

    please help thanks .

    1. Jose,
      Yes, it is valid.
      Documents are normal:
      Attested/translated marriage certificate.
      Passport copies
      salary certificate, labour contract

  37. Hi,

    My husband has applied for my mothers residency visa. She stays in india all alone. We submitted all required documents, paid the required amount but the visa application was rejected stating that my husbands salary slip and bank statement did not match. Actually this was because the company had given us a salary advance of 50% of the annual salary and this is reflecting as travel advance is the bank statement instead of salary advance. Now we have taken a letter certifying the same from the company but efforts have failed. What can we do? The case is genuine but rejected due to misunderstanding.

    Pls help

    1. Sarita,
      As per the strict rules of the Immigration department, once the application is rejected, it can not be resubmitted whatsoever reason.
      They are very strict about it. I think this is due to the volume of applications they receive.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases

  38. Hi,
    I am working in Dubai. I have to bring my mother on residence visa. I am living in a 3 Bedroom apartment and have a salary above 20K. My father passed away few days back.
    1. I want to know if there is any age restriction. She is 79 years old.
    2. How long does it take for residence visa to come through once applied.
    3. How do I take a medical insurance and is there any problem in getting it related to age.
    4. Can I bring her on visit visa first and then change to residance.
    5. Please let me know if there is anything else to consider with respect to bringing her on residence.

    1. Kumar,
      Sad to hear about your dad.
      1. Yes you can. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases
      2. Nothing can be said about this as this goes to the Humanitarian council.
      3. You may have to pay a higher premium.
      4. Yes. You can.
      5. Read the article and contact immigration officials.

  39. Dear Mr. Deepak M.
    it is nice platform for helping people, i really appreciate it.. can you please help me if possible in detail..
    I am planning to change my company (employer) & already sponsored my family (wife & 2 kids) in august 2014. can you please let me know that what is procedure for family visa holding in Ajman because i have Ajman Visa?..
    how much deposit i have to pay? , which documents required for that process? & how long it will take time ??. my new employer from Dubai so can i hold visa in this case?? my will be more than 10k.

    1. Farooq,
      documentation is normal. The deposit is 5K per person.
      It takes anytime upto 30 days depending on the case.

  40. Hi,
    We are residing here at Abu Dhabi on residence visa, next month we are going to be parents of a baby, after getting passport of our baby can we travel to home country and back to UAE without getting her UAE visa (Within 120 days grace period)?

    1. Mubeen,
      No, you will need visa or some sort like residence, visit.
      Better is to apply for entry permit for the baby, travel and return with the Entry permit.

  41. Hi, I earn almost AED 30000 per month but my application of resident visa for my parents-in-law is rejected by Abu Dhabi immigration. It seems to me that every Emirate has different policy towards resident visa for parents.

  42. Dear Deepak,

    I am working in Dubai, I want to sponsor my mother who is Blind & aged above 60 and staying alone in India as My father is passed away. Currently my salary is less than 20 000 but I have 2 bedroom apartment and tenancy contract. Is there any possibility to treat this as an exceptional case and issue residence visa?

    Waiting for your response. Thanks in advance.

    1. Rinneesh,
      Please read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases

  43. hi me and my wife have uae dubai valid visit visa right now i dont have tenancy and agreement is 3300. and its not enoughf to apply visa on my sponsorship can i apply from travel agency for visit visa

    1. Zeeshan,
      Whose visa do you want to apply for?
      Yes, travel agency can help you with tourist visa, not visit visa.

      1. Hi Dipak, H R U?
        I am living in Ras al khaimah,
        I want to sponsor my widow mother on residence visa.
        my salary is 8000 AED. My Profession Mechanical engineer.
        so, can I sponsor my Mother on resident visa.

  44. Hi Dipak, My wife is two months pregnant and wants to see me here in dubai. She is coming for 2 months on a visit and wish to go back for her delivery. What does UAE law say pregnant ladies coming here and going back? And also can we see any local doctor here for her monthly check up or do we need to register in advance?

    1. Mohammed,
      IT’s labour law and does not apply to visitor pregnant women.
      Of course, she can consult local doctors. It’s better to register.

  45. Dear Deepak,
    I have my family (wife +Kids) with me on my sponsorship in Sharjah ( I mean Sharjah Visa).
    My current job is in Sharjah and now I have offer letter from Dubai so i need to change my visa to Dubai but I am really confused how to deal with Family visas as are sharjah Visas and how to do with that.
    Can i hold Sharjah visas for Dubai or what will be the process.
    Waiting reply at your earliest

    1. Kashif,
      You could cancel your family’s visa and apply once again when your new employment visa comes.
      Other option is to keep a deposit at Sharjah immigration and get your visa done and then transfer your family visa.

  46. Hi, I would like to ask I could sponsor my Mother-in-Law aside from my spouse and 2 children which were already sponsored under my my residence visa. Is it possible? if my salary is only 8000AED with free accommodation including electricity and water.


    1. Jae,
      You will not be able to sponsor. Minimum salary required is AED 20K
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases

  47. Hi
    My wife has passed away and I would like to bring a house maid to look after my kids here in Dubai. In this case, what is the procedure for taking a house maid visa?

    1. Pdev,
      Normal procedure for maid visa will apply.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/maid-visa-uae-demystified

  48. total we are three brother can combine we can bring our parent to dubai , as we are drawing less salary ,total is aed:10000/- of us

    1. Nazim,
      No, you can not combine incomes to sponsor parents.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases

  49. Dear Sir,
    I live in dubai i want to sponsor my mother i have 23k salary i have 3 month bank statement, i have labor contract i have afidavit from pakistan embassy in duabi i have all paper but today immigration asked me to get attest my father death certificate from MOFA burdubai which i have copy only. How can i get attestation of MOFA on my father death certificate one guy told me you can get it from UAE embassy in pakistan then MOFA would attest it kindly help

    1. Kashif,
      Yes, you will need to get it attested by UAE embassy in Pakistan and Ministry of Foreign affairs.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases

  50. Hi deepak
    My husband wants to sponsor his widow mom .his salary is 20k and we have a 2 bedroom flat in Abu Dhabi.is it possible to get a residence visa for her.

    1. Neha,
      Yes, he can sponsor his mom.
      However, all documents should be as per requriement of the department.

  51. Hii Deepak, My husband visa is getting expired on 21st of Nov. and now his client wants him to be in their payroll with salary 13k, he called his mother on three month tourist visa, just wana know if his current visa is expired do his mother has to leave the country before 21st Nov.. Also, we are planning for vacation from 28th of Nov. and he is the sponsor of my infant residence visa, in that case can we put our baby Residence Visa on hold also if it is on hold can he fly to India and come back to UAE.

    1. Neha,
      No need to do that.
      Your husband needs to renew visa before the expiry of grace period.

  52. Hi,
    I am drawing a salary of 20k and having 2Bedroom apartment too, and I would like to sponsor my father and step mother. Could you please tell me what is the procedure for sponsoring step mother

    1. Prajesh,
      I am not sure whether the immigration would allow sponsoring step mother!
      I am sure, you will have to produce documents of your father legally being married to your step mother.
      Also, if you are from India, you will need to get affidavit from Consulate/Embassy.
      All the best to you and update me as to how you were able to do this if successful.

  53. Hi,

    I am in Dubai from last four months with my wife & my daughter & now I call my mother because she is alone & she is depend on me.

    we have here 1 Bed Aprt., it is compulsory for parents visa to have 2bed aprt.???

    1. Vipul,
      2 bed room apartment is mandatory if you would like to sponsor your mother.

  54. hi my mother is alone in india my father is no more in2000 my monthly salary is 7500 and i also have 2bhk but i had heard that min salary should b 20000 and my sister is also here she is a housewife and her husband own their own business he is on partner visa so whether he can call his mother in law (my mother) we had called my mother on long term visit visa so how will b the procedure now please advice as i m too much worried about my mother she is all alone there.

    1. Harish,
      Minimum salary required to sponsor parents is AED 20000.
      Yes, he can sponsor long term (3 months) visa for your mother.
      However, residence visa is tougher to get.

      1. I want to call her on residence visa ,if we show the death certificate (which was made in oman)of my father and nobody is there to take care of her then my sister’s husband can apply or not. please reply


        1. Harish,
          Besides a salary of 20K, you will require Ejari and other supporting documents like affidavit. The death certificate needs to be attested by UAE authorities as well.
          However, the rules keep changing often. Please visit immigration personally and inquire.

  55. please tell me im joining one company and he is ofering me 3500 Dirhams per month so they ask me we will check your work and progress then after 2 months we increase your salry is it posible or not.
    and then what my contract agreement again change or not so tell me im worying about that may me they not increase my salary….>???????

  56. HI DEEPAK please inform me that im engineer and my salary is 3500 is this posible that i bring my wife and one daughter on residence visa please whats the rule and what documents should be atested for this.

      1. Mother has a valid residence visa, but due to some Medical condition she has to overstay in India for more than 7 months. Can you tell me if I can pay some fines and bring her back in the same visa ?

        1. Adil,
          Please read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/will-staying-outside-6-months-continuously-cancel-uae-visa

  57. Deepak ,

    I am planning to bring my father in law and mother in laws together with my wife and two 9 month old kids .

    For my wife and kutties have family status visa .

    Currently residing in Abudhabi with 2 bhk flat with electricity and water Bills.

    Can you please assist me .

    What is the procedure and how much they recharging for resident visa for my inlaws.


  58. sir i m Akbar and my family already in Dubai so before sponsor my father but now father is die so i want to sponsor of my mother and sisters i can sponsor plz what is the process?

    1. Yes you can considering you have all the required documents and salary 20 k

  59. Sir I working in sharjah,my Basic salary -AED6480 Gross-6935.I havebeen provided with double bedroom furnished flat with all utilities (Gas,Water,Electricity) by my employer.I would like to bring my parents on residence Visa Can I sponser my Parent?

  60. Hi, I am single and want to sponsor my mother (a retired widow) for a residence visa. I have 40k+ salary and I live in a 1-bed rented apartment but I also own a 2-bed apartment that is currently rented. As my salary is above the minimum requirement of 20K, do I need to still be living in a 2-bed apartment. What is the process?

    1. You can sponsor your mom. i don’t think there will be any issue. Show your Title Deed at the immigration along with your current Ejari.(just a suggestion)

  61. I earn Dir 26000 a month in Abu Dhabi as a professor and my wife is a full time housewife. Recently my wife pregnant and I am thinking of having both my parents-in-law to come over looking after her and the newborn. How can I sponsor my in-law the residence visas? is there an agent based in Abu Dhabi who could assist me? Thanks

    1. Please go the immigration typing centres and they will advise you on the documents. The documents are normal – 2 BHK or above tenancy contract(Baladiya), your income proof, proof that your in-law does not have anyone to support, if your father in law is alive you may have to sponsor him as well.

      1. I went to immigration office yesterday. The typing centre first asked me to get approval from immigration director. I went to the director and was told that they will no longer issue residence visa to parents or parents-in-law of any expat whatsoever. Is this the latest update?

        1. Kelvin,
          To sponsor parents visa you need lot of documents and sufficient salary.
          The rule keeps changing. Can’t really comment.

  62. Hi,

    I am on my father’s visa and I am working here in Dubai getting salary of 12K.

    Can I sponsor my sister in law and her kids (my brother’s wife). Please let me know.

    1. Since you are your father’s visa, I don’t think you can sponsor anyone else.

  63. I am working as Help desk coordinator in Abu dhabi and my Salary is Dhr. 7000 and I am staying with my parent and my husband is working in India. I would like to sponsor by daughter residence visa. Can you tell me is it possible and what are document required.

    1. I think you can sponsor
      Pass port copy of yours and your daughter
      Passport size photo
      Tenancy agreement
      attested Marriage certificate
      Attested Birth certificate of your child

  64. Dear Sir,

    I am working in Dubai and would like to bring my mother ( 51 years old , husband ( My father ) deceased 12 years ago.

    I have one bedroom flat and my salary is 5,500 AED.

    Heard that min salary required is 20,000 and all.

    Is this applicable for this case as my father is no more, and i am bringing only my mother.

    Please advise..

    Thank you !

  65. Hi

    I have residence visa & salary of AED 14000/- also 2 bedroom tenancy contract. can I sponsor my father, mother & younger sister for permanent residence????

    Please reply….


    1. You can sponsor parents only if you have 20 k salary. In any case it is depend on case

  66. Hi, I want to apply for a residence visa for my 8 year old son. His surname is under his father’s name and it is stated in his birth certificate that we are not married. The father of my son is still here in UAE but we are no longer in good terms since my son was born. Do I still need NOC for my son’s application? will it assure me of the approval of the residence visa for him? I will appreciate your response asap. thanks, shallee

    1. Yes they may ask all details. Since you are not married i dont think they will ask you for a noc

  67. Hi,
    I m working in dubai and my salary is 8500dhs. Can I sponsor my daugher n husband. If not husband only my daughter..
    Please reply …

    Thanks n regards

  68. Pls I need your advise on here I want to bring my wife and son on my resident visa and my salary is 5000aed and I don’t know if I can apply there visa with studio tenancy agreement ? Or I will need more than studio apt for wife and son

  69. Pls I need your advice .i want to bring my wife and son on my resident and my salary is 5000aed but I am not sure if I can use studio tenancy on my name to apply for there visa ?pls urgent

  70. i am a investor in abudhabi,i heard i have to keep 70000 dhs to get my family visa here,i don’t have enough money to keep deposit at this moment, what i will do?

  71. Hi Deepak I am a teacher in Dubai I wanted to sponsor my parents we all 4 siblings are living and working in Dubai. We Have 2 bedroom Flat but its on my sister’s name but we are living together she is not Married. As I will be the sponsor to call my parents do i need to have the tenancy contract on my name or i can still take the visa.

  72. Is there any minimum salary requirement for taking 90 day UAE visiting visa for in laws?

    When I called a typing centre in abu dhabi they said I must have a salary of 10K to sponsor a visit visa for my in laws.

  73. Dear Sir,

    I planned to bring 12 years old, my elder brother’s son for his further studies. But his parents are settled in India. So how I can sponsor him in dubai and if possible what are document required?

      1. dear sir,

        Please explain me the procedure for the student visa and the required documents.

  74. My previous company is LLC now i am switching to FZ.
    What i know is before cancellation i have to put my family visa ( wife and son visa) on hold.
    Can you tell me the process and documents required?

    Btw can i transfer my visa instead of cancelling?

    1. you may have to keep a deposit of 5k each in the immigration incase if you dont want to cancel their visa

  75. I am changing my job. My mother is under my sponsorship. What is the procedure to keep her visa on hold. What are the documents i require?

    1. You need to check with the immirgation . I think you will have to keep 5k as deposit if you are not cancelling her visa. Once your visa is done you can get back that deposit


  76. I am a house wife in Sharjah and i need to sponsor my father as my mother died 10 years back . what is the process .

    1. You cannot sponsor since you are under your husband sponsorship. Your husband can try to sponson him

      1. He did approach shj immigration since his visa is SAIF zone. They said only parents can be sponsored not in-laws.Pls advise

  77. Hi,
    I want to get residence visa for my mother, my father is deceased. I am the youngest among four brothers. What should be the context of affidavit in such scenario?

    1. you need to take the noc from all your siblings and get the affidavit done

  78. Hi Mr. Deepak,
    I just want to ask me & my husband are both working in Dubai. We are both working in a private company. Is the 4k salary is just only the basic or all inclusive in applying to get visa for our son? Thanks I advanced.

  79. Dear Mr. Deepak,
    I have 2bhk, and presently staying with my wife and one kid. Recently my brother with his wife and one kid shares the apartment. And now his child’s residence visa is due for renewal. Can I produce my tenancy as residence proof. If yes – is there any NOC letter to be attached to application. If you have any draft format of that letter can you please send.

  80. I want sponsor my baby(boy- 1 year). my salary is AED 3750. My husband is working here with salary AED 4000 but getting many problems from the company so he is trying another job in this situation can I sponsor my baby??? My proffession is Data Entry Operator.. Please advise me???

  81. I have 25k and 2 BHK in dubai .My father is 80year and mom is 68.will they get resident visa.If not will they get Visit Visa for 90days?

  82. My wife is pregnant and I will like my mum in law to come over to Abu Dhabi when she is about to deliver. How do I go about it. Is it possible to get a visa for six months.
    I am working in AD and in the position to sponser her.

    1. If you meet all your requirements it is better to get a residence visa for your mother in law.. there is no six months visa

  83. Hi Deepak Sir,

    My total salary is 15000 AED and basic salary is 6000 aed.
    I have entered into a tenancy contract effective from 23-May-2014. The contract is already registered on ejari my the landlord.

    I wanted to know can I apply for my wife’s visa now OR i have to apply it after 23-may.

    Also I have taken a studio apartment on rent and not a bigger flat. Is there any clause to have a bigger apartment OR i can apply for my wife’s visa with a studio apartment. Please note I don;t have a kid and I am not applying for my parents visa.

    Please advise. I am worried before I go to immigration.

    1. I think you should have 1 bhk apt to sponsor your wife. However you can try with studio. It depends on case to case.

  84. I am in dubai on visit visa. Currently i got job. my employer issued me a work visa for two years. if i want to switch job in future what are the procedures involved or restrictions

  85. Hi…I am currently in UAE under wife sponsored residence visa (Dubai). Now I have been offered employment by a company in Abu Dhabi and they have asked me to cancel my visa.
    Pls inform me the procedure and fees and also whether I can work with current visa if my wife provides NOC

    1. No you need to cancel your existing visa and join your company under your company sponsorship

  86. Hi i am kaladevi, i came visit visa, my visit visa finish on 24.04.2014. i got one jobs. they says u come and join our own visa. please tell me how do apply own visa. its possible or not?. have any sponsor help me.

  87. Hi,

    I am trying to get the resident visa for my son. I am working in Dubai with salary 20,000 AED. To do the visa it is requiring NOC letter from my husband ( in Russia) to allow me sponsor my son and allow to progress the visa. Could you please send me the sample of NOC letter from my husband to apply for resident visa for my son.

    Thank you.

    1. It is just a formal letter lettter your husband is to provide saying that he doesnt not have any objection to his wife to sponsor a residence visa to his son. ( He needs to mention his name, passport no, address and the reason)

  88. if a child sponsorship from his father is to be cancelled, will the deposited amount (5000aed) be refunded right away? or do need to have salary bracket to claim the amount deposited? thanks

  89. I am on a sales visa my salary agreement shows 6000 Dhs. Can i sponsor residence visa for my wife.

    1. Yes you can sponsor your wife considering you have tenancy agreement in your name

  90. Dear Deepak,

    Under the circumstance that Visa is rejected, does the Immigration office necessarily put ‘Reject’ stamp on Application or simply return the Application packet?

    My Application packet has been returned, without any comment. Am not sure what to infer from it?

    Your inputs on the above will be appreciated.

    1. There may be several reasons to get application rejected. you need to check with your company pro about this.

  91. Hi Deepak,

    Do you know if it is possible to get Paremt’s (Mother) Residence Visa from Abu Dhabi? I meet all the conditions (Salary, 2BHK), but still have not been able to get Visa.My father is no more and my mother stays alone in India. I am the only son; my sister is married. I am told that even if I am the only son and have a married sister, Visa will be rejected. Can you please advise if there is a possibility to get Residence Visa for my mother in my case?

    Thanks in advance

      1. Deepak,I am working for a reputed company in Duabi ,i am under husbands sponsorship..My hus has a salary of 6000.00 My father expired some 4 yrs back,I s it possible to bring my mom under residence visa,with this salary status?

        1. To sponsor your parents one should have 20K salary as per the new rule from Immigration.

  92. Dear Deepak, M

    Want visit Visa for long term (90days) for my mother can she get in UAE Dubai. I have 2 bed room flat and if so upon exit from UAE can she make next entry within week time for next 90 days upon issuing new VISA (long term)?

  93. Sir,
    My husband works in abu dabi,has 20k + salary,we are residing in 2bed flat in sharjah.. My father expired 2yrs back ,and since then my mother travels up and down in visit visa.I being the single child of my parents,whether my mother is entitled to get a permanent visa.

  94. i need to sponsor my parents. my husband has AED 25,000 monthly salary . He does not rent 2 bed room house but is the owner of a one bed room apartment. Can he sponsor my parents ?

  95. Hi! I am on a an investor visa in Fujairah (Not The Free Zone). I want to sponsor my wife. Any idea how much deposit to we have to make for the same?

    1. I dont think you need to pay any deposit to sponsor your wife visa. Kindly check with Fujairah immigration.

  96. Sir,
    I am planning to work in Sharjah. My salary is more than 20 K. Contract period is 2 years.
    WIll it be possible for me to bring my parents to Sharjah? And for how long?

  97. The 20K limit is to curtail refugee influx from the GCC nations, which are currently having major political changes and considering current chaos in Syria, Egypt and other places.

  98. Does this new rule for parents visa is just for the new visas only or also implemented on the renewal of visa .

    1. This has not been finalized or clear as of the moment for renewal of parents visa. My advise is to check in the immigration.

  99. hi im a south African currently arrived on a tourist visa till 18 January my sister who works here want to apply for me and my mother for a residence visa here in the united arab emirates how much should she earn to be our sponsor. We want to stay here for e couple of years. We are family mother 65 of age and me 37 single no kids im the sister. Many thanks hope to hear from you. Email me please.

  100. Dear deepak,

    I went to the immigration yesterday and they said that the minimum requirement for sponsoring single parent is also 20000. Kindly request you to provide me some Leeds as to how can I sponsor my mother as i fulfill the criteria if it is AED 7000.

    1. Sorry if you are having 7k salary you will not be able to sponsor your parents. As per the new rule to sponsor your parents you should have at least 20 K salary.(http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/20000-dirhams-salary-required-sponsor-parents-visa-dubai)

  101. Deepak,

    My parents are here on a visit visa. Can I apply for their residency while they are here on visit visa?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. My wife went to immigration yesterday here in abu dhabi, she tried to apply to transfer her mom’s residence to her who’s under the sponsorship of his brother currently, she has all the documents requirements and proof but the immigration said sorry you cannot transfer your mother’s visa to you for renewal it’s ok.

      The question how about if the current sponsor of your mother is leaving the country for good and you want to transfer her visa to you.

      Still they don’t want to accept it and i heard now the minimum salary requirements is AED 20,000/- for parent’s residence visa.

      Who’s having that kind of salary?

      1. Yes this is the new rule recently implemented …to sponsor your parents you should have atleast 20 K salary.http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/20000-dirhams-salary-required-sponsor-parents-visa-dubai

  102. my partner ( Visa provision Partner) stay in india more than 7 month what is the procedure for re entry permission

    1. You need to go the immigration to apply for reentry permit . Also you need to take your passport and your spouse passport copy and visa copy with passport size picture.

  103. Hi,

    I got a new job in dubai and my family is on my sponsor ship.please advise the procedure.do i need to cancel my family visa


    1. You can visit to below link:

      However Rules keep changing. There is a new rule in Dubai: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/20000-dirhams-salary-required-sponsor-parents-visa-dubai

  104. Hi,

    I have applied for residence visa for my mum twice but they rejected it without any reason. I have al the documents, 2 bhk, sal over 10k., still they dont process it. There is no one to look after her. Can you help

  105. one of my friend wanted to sponsor his mother in law. but his salary is between 4 to 5000AED only. his wife salary is 6000 without house allowed. can he apply visa for his mother in law?

    1. No he cannot apply visa for his mother in law. Please visit the below link.

  106. hi deepak
    can you plz tell me wht is d salary requirement for applying a visa for my mother in law, my wife her sis n her husband live in dubai n my father in law passed away recently

    can u plz advice on d same

    1. Please visit the below link: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/sponsor-uae-residence-visa-for-parents

  107. mr. deepak
    it is necessary 2 bed room rental contract is required for my parents eventhough if i m geeting good salary. pls let me know.

    1. No agents boss. You need to sponsor. Please don’t get the agents in between.

  108. Hello Deepak

    I live in Abu Dhabi and I would like to bring my parents here as they are old. My husband meets all required requirements and tried to sponsor my parents last month but the Abu Dhabi immigration said they have stopped issuing at the moment. Any idea when they will start issuing again?

          1. I can help you if you want to bring your parents but donot meet requirementt you van simply rrgister in one of free zones with your mum or dad as shareholder then simply apply for hisvisa. More information contact me [email protected] or call 0557010912.

  109. Hello,

    I am under my husband’s Dxb visa sponsorship and looking to get my mother here for 6 months, in India she is alone as my brother is in London and she is 65yr old and been separated from my father without any official procedure(divorce).my husband’s salary is 5500dhm and we stay in Sharjha.please do guide me guide on this at the earliest,looking forward for your reply, thank you.

    1. To get your Mother on permanent residence visa you need to have a letter from your father otherwise you need to show the proper document of separation to the immigration.

  110. Dear Deepak, iam working in dubai, My Salary is 5500/- & iam staying in studio flat, tenancy contract in on my name ,can i sponsor my mother , her age is 62.

    1. No You cannot . To sponsor your parents you need to have atleast 2 BHK apartment

  111. r they really issuing residence visa for parents now a day.. i applied.. i was completely falling the required criteria.. my salary is 10k.. i have 2bhk apartment in shrjah… i got the affidavit attested fro Pakistani consulate and have provided 3 months bank statement also to them.. it got rejected and when i inquired about the reason.. they are just saying no reason.. can you please help me.. what do you think would be the drawback that it got rejected.

  112. Please advise if in Ras Al Khaimah the humanitarian visas are issued for old age parents. They are currently holding Dubai res. visa.

  113. Hi Deepak,
    Seeking a guide with you. My self and my son holding abu dhabi visa, My wife holding Dubai visa and my son is under my sponsorship with abu dhabi visa. I m working in semi government company in abu dhabi.and stay in sharjah. As new rules applied, Do I need to present abu dhabi tenancy contract for my son visa renewal. Presently m holding sharjah tenancy contract.

    Secondly, can my wife take sponsorship of my son, her salary is above 6000 and can she submit sharjah tenancy contract which is under my name.

    1. If you give NOC yes your wife can sponsor your kid.If you renew your visa under Abu Dhabi you may have to show the tenancy contract in Abu Dhabi itself since you work in semi government.

  114. hi i want to sponser my new born child i m teacher and i earn 2000 per month live in sharing . is it complesary tenncy contract when u applied for visa

    1. considering your salary and sharing accommodation I dont think you can sponsor your child

  115. Hi Deepak, Can you please suggest where to get / apply for the Health Insurance. Does this insurance is necessary to be taken before Residency & Foreign affairs application approval or can be produced after approval before getting the Entry Visa.

    1. Yes now a days medical insurance is mandatory. There are so many insurance companies in Dubai . You can opt for any insurance which is in your budget.

  116. I am the second son and my elder brother is a citizen of australia and settled there with his family. I am working in sharjah for the past 11 years and earning 12,000 and living in two bedroom apartment. My parents are alone in india and i want to bring them here. No one there to take care of them in india since my younger sister is married and settled with her in-laws house. I want to know whether can i bring them here and what is the procedure?

  117. Hi Deepak,

    Thank you very much for your valuable information. I tried taking a residence visa for my parents-in-law 4 months back but they did not accept my documents stating that my brother-in-law can only sponsor them since he is residing in UAE. This is written in my affidavit obtained from Indian Embassy. My bother-in-law is having a salary of AED 7500/-.Can I keep his salary certificate and Emirates ID as an additional document when applying for the next time? My in-laws are currently in UAE on visit visa. My wife is also working. Pls advise how to proceed on this.

    1. No he has to sponsor your in laws. You cannot keep his salary certificate and Emirates ID as supporting document.

      1. But can he apply with a salary of AED 7500/-? Immigration says it should be AED 10,000/-.

  118. Hi Deepak.. i would like to know if there’s any chance that i can sponsor my parents, i just gave birth to my baby last July, we have tenancy contract w/2bed rooms and SEWA but its under my husband named and my visa was on my husband, but im working in dubai and holding husband visa but my company gave me a working permit/labor card may salary was 5000 there’s any chance that i combined my salary and my husband salary so we can bring them here?

    1. Since you are under the sponsorship of your husband you cannot sponsor your parents. Your husband can try to get them under his sponsorship.

  119. Hello,
    My husband is in Dubai visa and he had sponsored for my parents visa when my first child was born 6 years back. they were staying with us for about 3 years after which they went back to India. Now i m pregnant with my second child and my husband is trying again for taking their visa. We applied just before Ramadan and their application was pending, neither approved nor rejected. Now we have reapplied since 15 days back, still no answer, Is there any reason for it to get rejected? I m in Sharjah visa, can i sponsor for my parents. what are the conditions?

    1. sorry I will not be able to answer why it got rejected. You need to check and follow up with immigration.
      If they have not processed yet in Dubai immigration you can try sponsoring under your sponsorship from Shariah immigration. All details for sponsoring parents are there in emiratesdiary site: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/sponsor-uae-residence-visa-for-parents

  120. if i change my company from dubai to abu dhabi, and if my visa is from abu dhabi, wht will happen to my father’s residence vvisa which is based on dubai?? what will be the proceedure for renewal can i renew as dubai visa or abu dhabi?

    1. Ofcouse Abu Dhabi. You need to cancel your Father’s visa in Dubai and Once your Abu Dhabi Visa done you can sponsor your father again on Abu Dhabi visa. Also check with immigration department whether you can place deposit(around 5K) and then activate your father’s visa without cancelling. I am suggesting this because, I have heard it is tough to get parents visa these days.(Not official)

  121. my father will finish his contract here in his company and my mother and brother is here and we dont want him to go back alone. we have a tenancy contract but its under my fathers name. how can i apply visa for him?

    1. You can transfer the tenancy contract in your name and try to get your father under your sponsorship

  122. Hi deepak

    My Visa is in Abudhabi, I am working in Dubai, I am staying Sharjah.
    I have tenancy contract for two bedroom apartments in my name and Sewa Bill. My Salary per month is 10500/-. My Mother is a widow and I have my fathers dead certificate attested with me.

    Is it possible that i can sponsor my mother.


    1. Recently i heard that Abu Dhabi Govt has stopped issuing visa for parents(not confirmed from anyone officially!). But you can try. There is no harm in trying. Good Luck

  123. Resident visa for parents has been STOPPED by Abu Dhabi Immigration Department. Please check for other emirates. This is very sad being an Islamic country.

  124. Hello Mr.Deepak, my mother is currently working in UAE, but her employment contract is finishing next month. She doesn’t want to go back to our homeland, but wants to stay in UAE with us. My husband wants to make sponsorship visa for her. Whatever I read is only about those parents who are back home, but not in UAE yet. My question is- what will be the procedure in our case, without letting her go anywhere? And do we need a proof, that there is no one else to take care of my mom back home, if yes, where do we get it?

    1. yes you need to proove that there is no one in back home. You need to give affidavit which you can get it from Indian Embassy.

  125. i am a professional(doctor) working and residing in sharjah i am the only caretaker of my mother aged 65 she was here with us on residence visa two years back she went to india on visit but due o medical issues she could not travel back for 2-3 months meanwhile her visa got expired when i went to immigration to appply for her new visa they refused saying no more residence visa for parents since then i am just trying again and again with sharjah immigration but everytime they refuse please help me out with a solution as she is alone there i have to bring my mother here on residence visa thanks

    1. If your getting No answer from immigration you can only have the chances to get her on visit visa

  126. Hello, we plan to get my mother but my husband is the one who sponsor it,she is 70yrs old,our problem is we dont have tenancy contract? what is our best thing to get my mother? thankz

  127. Hi,
    I would like to call my mother aged 65yrs and widow on residence visa my brother is in India but as a doctor i would prefer to keep her here ,please confirm if i can call her with my brother in india

  128. hai,
    my vis aissued from sharjah but iam staying in dubai. is it mandatory that ishould apply for my family visa from sharjah?? is so can i sponser my mother as she is a widow and at present we dnt have any death certificate of my father..pla advice

    1. Hi biju, In my opinion yes you need to issue visa from Sharjah. Death certificate is mandatory.

  129. i would like to sponser my mother she is widow and noe there to look after her. she is 68 +. my salary is 8000/- AED and having accomodation of two badroom. can i sponcer my mother?

      1. Hi Mr. DeepakM,
        I would like to sponsor my mother, also a widow, i have the complete requirements to present to Dubai Residency Office.
        My question is our 2-bedroom flat is under the name of my husband.
        Awaiting your soonest reply.

    1. I understand there are seperate rules for Sharjah for Mother/Parents visa. If anyone aware pl advise.

      1. Since rules are changing every other day it is always better to check directly with the immigration

    1. Hi ranuka, yes provided you have all the necessary documents n requirements from immigration you can sponsor your father in law.

  130. I would like to process my father residence visa and he is 70+ . Is their any age limit till when the residence visa will be approved?
    Thanks in advance for your reply!!

    1. Hi Sumanth, I don’t think there is any age limit to sponsor on parents residence visa.

  131. I would like to process my father residence visa and he is 70+ . Is their any age limit till when the residence visa will be approved?

  132. dear deepak i would like to bring my mother in law in baudhabi for 90 days on visit visa. my salary is 13000 . am i eligible to bring my mother in law on visit.

  133. Hello Deepak, I wish to take my dad to US for two weeks along with my family. I would like him to stay with us for a week in Abu Dhabi on his way to US and likewise spend one or two weeks during his return before travelling onwards home, is it possible two get multiple entry visa for UAE? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Pradeep, No there is no multiple entry visa in Dubai(Only residence visa is multiple entry visa).In this case it is better to fly by Emirates as they issues transit visas.

  134. Hi Deepak,

    I would like to know is there any restrictions or limit on getting 90 days visit visa for my mom. My husband is the sponsor and his salary is 15000 and my salary too is above 15K . We already got one 90 days visit visa issued and planning to get another one in September 2013 and then in January 2014 again. My mom is alone in india and my brother is in durban.Due to certain rules in SA he is currently unable to arrange a residence permit for her. Is there any restriction or limit in Abu Dhabi that only one visit visa for 90 days will be issued in one year for a person and we can apply 2-3 times in a year like in my case.regards anu

  135. Hi Deepak, Query : i am working as a quality verification agent but my visa says sales agent, my salary is 4150 can i sponsor my wife and 3 yr child? Please advise?

    1. Hi Irfan,yes you can sponsor but you should have a tenancy contract in your name.

      1. Deepak,thanks for the reply. I heard that immigration is not allowing sales agent visa ppl to sponsor their family is there any truth to that?.

        1. Muhammad, rules are changing day by day…better to check directly with the immigratiion.

  136. Dear sir,

    we wan to bring ma mother here in Dubai as she is alone in India after ma father’s death. may salary is 4.5 k and brother’s is 4. we both have family here with 2 BHK. Shall get a residense visa for ma mother by showing both salary together , is der any option for dat…pls reply

    1. Hi Shaz, You cannot sponsor by combining both salaries.Only one person has to sponsor.

  137. My salary is AED 10000/- i have 3BHK Apartment with my name,i am sposoring my parents and my brother is also leaving with me and he also want to sponsor his wife and kids,so is it possible we both sponsor with my 3BHK apartment???

    1. Hi Salman, No you cannot sponsor your brothers family. Your brother has to sponsor them and to sponsor tenancy contract has to be in his name.

  138. Hi Deepak,

    I have 1BHK flat and living as bachelor in Sharjah. I want to bring my parents here on residence visa. If I look for 2bed appartment then agents/landlord dont allow me because of bachelor status, then what could be the possible way to bring my parents here?


    1. Hi Muhammad, to bring your parents you need to have 2 BHK apartment in your name. Please check with proper land lord/ agent.

  139. I want to sponser my mother.
    I had applied with below documents but rejected by DUBAI imigration. any idea why?

    my salary is AED 10000 , labour contract and bank statement provided and I have 2 bhk on my name attested and electricity bill provided . Father death certificate attested. i have afidavit from consulate that I am the only person to take care of my mother.

    why my application rejected? I am a sales executive but is that a problem here?

    please advice and help me to bring my mother here as she is alone in India nd need my support.

    1. Hi Pavan, You Need to check with the immigration why it has been rejected. I can not comment on Authority decision.

  140. Hi deepak. We are parrents here on visit visa of 90 days. Here are 20 days to left. Can our son apply for our residence visa. What docs will he need to attach. He has two bed apartment. He is getting 6k basic pay overall 10k a month. He has been serving here since 5 years. We are both in the age of 60 pluss. Pl advise us. Thank you very for your guidance and cooperation. This is very good deed you are doing .

    1. Hi Bashir, Yes he can sponsor. please go the below link all details are mentioned. Visit: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/sponsor-uae-residence-visa-for-parents

  141. Hi Deepak! I read all the information that you have put up and here and also the queries of so many people. You replied to Mohammed Adil on the 4th of March that he can even sponsor his mum despite of the fact that his salary is not 10000+. I had called up the AMER toll free number a few days ago, to ask them about the criteria to be able to sponsor my mother and father in law to stay with us on a residence Visa, as we are having a baby and cannot trust anyone to take care of the child after delivery. The customer care executive answered that I CANNOT sponsor them as my salary is only 9000. I have to be earning 10000 to do so, despite of the fact that I have a two bedroom place. Can you please enlighten me more on this?

    1. Hi Brett, i have no idea as per my knowledge to sponsor parents or in laws 6k plus accommodation is more than enough. Rules are changing day by day…better to check directly with immigration or typing center.

  142. Dear Sir,

    I & my brother are planning to bring our parents on residence visa to dubai. I cannot sponser my parents because my salary is below 10k, but my brothers salary is 10k+, so is it possible if I rent 2bhk flat in my name can my brother sponser my parents. The reason why the flat is in my name is because i am sponsoring my wife. Please reply

    1. Hi Mohammed, No the flat should be in the name of sponsor. You can also sponsor your parents.

  143. Is it true that Sharjah Immigration is refusing to grant visas for parents at the present?

    1. Hi RRG, tough question. I have not much information. Granting visas entirely depends on Immigration.

  144. Hi
    Are they issuing resident visas (new not renewal) for parents in Dubai still? Cos they are not doing it in Abu Dhabi.

    Also can you please provide the prescribed declaration format.

  145. My mother overstayed for 3months and we pay for her fine. Since I pay for the fine, is she not block listed? can I apply visa for her? thanks…

    1. Hi Carol, if you have paid the fine she will not be black listed. You can apply her visit visa.

  146. Dear Sir /Madam;

    We are planning to take our mother here in Dubai because she is alone in our country (Phils) and she also very sad because my father already pass away last year 2010, My wife and my son also here in Dubai under my sponsorship, we have 2 BRH under my name but my salary is under 7k, can I apply for my mothers visa adding my wife’s salary certificate? In addition my sister also here in Dubai her salary is more than 7k but she dont have 2 br tenancy contract. my brother also here in Dubai , can I collect their salary certificate tobe my supporting documents so that the GDRFA will approve my request?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Your documents are well enough to sponsor your mother (Salary 7K plus 2 BHK apt). But you may need the affidavit stating that you are the only support to your mother. The details are listed in Emirates Diary: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/sponsor-uae-residence-visa-for-parents

  147. I wish to bring my mother in residence visa to abudhabi to stay with us and i have dubai resident & Staying in villa at Baniyas with my family. Please note that my father is expired. My landlord issued to us the tenancy contract which is not mentioned what kind of BHK? MY Salary, presently availing from the company is AED 12,400/- . Kindly, advice me the procedure to bring my mother to Abu Dhabi.

    1. Hi Abu Salah, You need to attest your labour contract and tenancy contract. Affidavit showing that mother is alone and nobody is there to support her. Go to the immigration with all the necessary documents and apply for the visa.

  148. by two bedrooms do they mean a 2BHK or a 1BHK as i stay alone and need to call my mother as my father has passed away and a 2BHK will be very big for 2 people.

    1. Two BHK mean Two Bed Room Hall Kitchen….You need to have 2 BHK to sponsor your parents. Does not matter if you are alone or married.

  149. I want to sponsor my parents to stay with me in UAE. My father is 72 yrs old and mother is 65 years old. My brother is living in USA. Can I sponsor my parents to stay with me? Kindly advise.
    Thanks and regards.

    1. I think yes. However, you may need to prove that you are the sole person taking care of your parents.

  150. IM STAFF NURSE WORKING IN FUJAIRAH.. my salary is 8000 dhs. I WANT MY PARENTS TO BE WITH ME.TO TAKE CARE OF MY TWO KIDS AND THEY ARE ALSO ALONE THERE IN INDIA… but the immigration says they stopped this visa at present.. can anybody guide me?

      1. Dear Deepak M,

        I want to bring my parents Mother and Father aged around 60 & 70 on residency visa in Abu Dhabi.

        I’m working in ADNOC group and my salary is above 15000 Dhr and Co has provided me housing with 3 Bed room flat in abu dhabi.

        I would like to your advise on this. since I heard that Abu Dhabi immigration has stopped giving residency visa for parents.

        Please advise is this still valid.

        thanks in advance for your help.

        1. Hi Osman, I am not sure Abu dhabi immigration stopped issuing residence visa to parent. It is better to check with them personally or call their call centre.

  151. Hi there, my husband already sponsors his mum, and now we want to sponsor my mother but the immigration are saying it is not possible – I don’t know what to do my Mum has come and we need to sponsor her we want her to live with us! She is 69 yrs old.. any thoughts pls???

    1. If immigration is saying something there must be some reason so please call immigration and check again. Or better visit them in person and request to meet a higher authority. They might provide you detailed info.

  152. Hi there, my husband already sponsors his mum, and now we want to sponsor my mother but the immigration are saying it is not possible – I don’t know what to do my Mum has come and we need to sponsor her we want her to live with us! She is 69 yrs old.. any thoughts pls???

  153. Hi Depak, Your information is really helpfull for us. i am working in LLC in Sharjah and also living in 2BHK in Sharjah. my Salary is 7000 DHS + other incentives which is also mention in my letter. i want to sponser my parents as they are alone in Pak. i have only one Bro who is living in riyadh with good Salary. can i sponcer my parents? you mentioned that AED 10000 is minimum requirement, is it also in Sharjah? please guide my.

    Thanks alot

  154. My Salary is AED. 7,600/- (Basic 6,000/- + HRA 1,600/-), I submitted my application for Residence visa for my Mother today 09/12/2012 with all the documents required by them. They checked everything and said ok, But rejected my application and said the reason that I need salary AED. 10,000/- . All Sites are indicating minimum AED. 7,000/- required but why they refused? I am waiting for your Answer

  155. i wanted to bring my in-laws to dubai on visit for 3 months, pls advise the process

  156. i wanted to bring my in-laws to dubai on visit for 3 months, pls advise the proceedure

  157. Hi deepak
    I want to call my parents for visit visa since i am in last semister of pregnancy… We applied fir visa in immigration office and paid 2500 in typing office but our papers were rejected and the typing center is rejecting to refund it…. What shall we do now… And my husband’s salary is 4000 and we dont have any tenancy contract in our name….. Please do advice we are really in bad state….

    1. to sponsor the visa of parents you need to have tenancy contract in your name and also i think salary should be 6K plus accommodation

  158. hi, my baby was born in dubai 15days ago. now i want to take residence visa for her. but i heard that if i have sales visa they wont allowe me to sponser.how true is this? is there anything else that i can do?

  159. Monthly i earned 6,000 and my company provide me a 2 bedroom but the tenancy contract is in my “company name”.Is possibel to take resident visa for my mother.My father is dead.I have 2 brother & 1 sister.One of my brother is residing here(dubai) & others in india.But my mother want to stay with me only.Pls reply me Sir.


  160. Good Day Deepak,
    Could you please provide me your cell no. in an email as i have
    many questions to ask you regarding sponsoring my parents. It would be very convenient for me to talk to you on phone..

    Thanks & Regards,

    Abu Dhabi

  161. sir,
    i my wife is pregnent so want ot bring my mother in law & father in law for 2-3 months in dubai, my resident visa from abudhabi , is it possible,pls replay me ,my salary is 17000Dh


  162. Hi Deepak,

    My parents are here in Abu Dhabi on 3 months Visit Visa. I wanted to have Residence Visa for them. I qualify all the conditions (salary, tenancy contracts, etc). I approached Abu Dhabi Immegration. But they are not accepting any application for parent’s residence visa. Please advise. Any other option ?


  163. Hi Deepak,
    My dad will recently retire therefore I am looking forward to sponsor my parents who have been here for more than 30+ years. I have recently transferred to the my company’s Visa. I am currently on a Dubai Freezone visa and earning more than 10,000. Will it be easy for me to sponsor my parents.
    Also I am currently the soul provider for my parents, I have an older sister but she is studying abroad.
    Please suggest what’s best? Being a married Pakistani female will it be easy for me to sponsor my parents?

    1. Yes i think you can sponsor your parents. But need to have 2 bhk apt in your name.

  164. Sir,
    I planned to take parent visa for my mother in law.my wife has one younger sister in kerala,she can’t look after mother.father is no more & no brothers.Becuase of sister in kerala, can’t get the letter from emabassy? if collect a letter from sister which mentioning not possible to look after mother,is there any chance to get the sole provider from indian embassy

      1. Deepak, the DEWA bill is under our landlord’s name. The enancy is under my name. Can we keep the DEWA under his name and just get a letter of consent from him saying he’s allowed us to use it?

        1. I do not think this is allowed. The landlord might need to give a letter that the DEWA bill is billed to him. You better seek clarification from immigration department.

  165. hello deepak, i need ur help am asking about obtaining a visit visa for 30 days for my aunt(father side) as i need her urgently to help me in post delivery ..the thing that am on my husband’s visa, can he sponsor her? what are the documents needed and the details please? thank u in advance

    1. If you are on husband’s sponsership you cannot sponsor anyone. However, I suggest getting her here on a tourist visa from a travel agency. May be a better option than your husband applying.

  166. Hi Deepak
    Thanks for sharing the information.
    I m working in ADNOC group, my salary is meeting therir requirements and I have house as well. But Abu Dhbai immigration department rejected resident visa for the parents even after completing all the formalities . Theys aid they can only issure visit visa.

  167. Hi Deepak,

    I am trying to sponsor my mother in law on resident, I fulfill all the requirement aspects, My application was rejected by Dubai DNRD last week. they said sorry we issue only parent visa not parent in law visa.

    any suggestion or help on this.

    1. Residency law is dynamic and it could be is a new law. I do not have much to suggest you as it entirely depends on the DNRD authorities.

  168. Hi!I want to sponsor my Mom,my Dad past way 11 years ago,the thing is my salary only 6200.What i can do with it?I don’t want to leave my Mother alone

  169. I want to bring my mother on residence visa as my father passed away two months back. Also am 5 months pregnant. I have a brother in Sharjah who is not willing to sponsor her and hence my husband will be sponsoring her for residence visa. I have two questions. 1. Since i reside in Sharjah, can my husband sponsor her with his Dubai visa. 2. I could not find the content of Affidavit letter to be provided. Can you please send me a sample letter. Also it has to be attested by Indian embassy or UAE embassy in UAE or in India? Am bit confused.Thank you for your help in advance.

  170. dear deeepak
    My dughter is 19 yr old is on my sponsorship having residence visa but at present studying in India.if she stays more than 6 months in India for study purpose can she enter the country(UAE) after 6 month but before 1 yr of departure date? if yes then what documents she require to show at airport of abudhabi.(Residence visa issued at abudhabi

    1. yes she can enter into county you need to go to immigration and get the approval. They will issue one entry permit…pls check with immigration.

  171. should Salary certificates match the job title as stamped on visa or it can be other also. this i required for sponsering my wife & parents. appreciate your efforts.

    1. They will ask only your labour contract if you work in private company. If you got your immigration visa then they will ask for your salary certificate.

  172. Kindly advice the procedures, documents, fee etc. to sponsor my child, birth place is Dubai (July 2012). kindly advice.

    1. You must apply for a residency visa for a new-born baby within 120 days of his/her birth. Otherwise there will be a penalty.

      Documents Required:
      • Application form
      • Original passport for the baby (if the baby was added to one of his parent’s passport, take that one)
      • Original + a copy of the baby’s birth certificate (must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs )
      • 3 passport sized photos of the baby
      • Original + a copy of the attested marriage certificate
      • Passport copy of sponsor.
      • Copy of job contract for the sponsor or a salary certificate

      • Go to a certified typing office and have them complete the form for you after paying the fees.
      • Go to the residency section in immigration, and hand in the documents.
      • The passport with the residency visa will be sent to you through a courier service.
      Hope this helps.

  173. I want to know about the procedures, documents, fee etc. to sponsor my child, birth place is Dubai (July 2012). kindly advice.

    1. You must apply for a residency visa for a new-born baby within 120 days of his/her birth. Otherwise there will be a penalty.

      Documents Required:
      • Application form
      • Original passport for the baby (if the baby was added to one of his parent’s passport, take that one)
      • Original + a copy of the baby’s birth certificate (must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs )
      • 3 passport sized photos of the baby
      • Original + a copy of the attested marriage certificate
      • Passport copy of sponsor.
      • Copy of job contract for the sponsor or a salary certificate

      • Go to a certified typing office and have them complete the form for you after paying the fees.
      • Go to the residency section in immigration, and hand in the documents.
      • The passport with the residency visa will be sent to you through a courier service.

  174. is there any age limit for parents as i heard tht after 70 years they wil nt issue residence visa for parents.

    1. As far as i know, there is no age limit to get parents on residence visa. Please check with immigration call centre.

  175. Hi Deepak,
    My husband has recently applied residence visa for my parents as they dont have anyone in india to take care of them.We had all the necessary requirements but still it got declined.They are not telling us the reason..We have reapplied again and it is declined too.Kindly advise on this if possible to get them residence visa.

  176. Dear Deepak,

    The latest requirements are slightly different, especially in the salary. You need to have a minimum basic salary of Dhs. 10,000/- to apply for parents residency visa. The requirements as per the DNRD brocher is given below –

    1) Passport copy of the sponsor & sponsored.
    2) 2. Affidavit letter from consulate mentioning that the sponsor will take care of the parents and providing all details about his brothers and sisters (number of brothers and sisters, current occupation of each, where they living…)
    3) Attested Labour contract or Salary certificate from the Govt authorities (like Freezone) with a minimum salary for Dhs. 10,000 or Dhs. 9,000 + accomodation).
    4) The sponsor has to apply for both (father and mother) except Divorce or Death cases (Attested divorce or death certificate should required) or letter from the consulate / ministry of foreign affairs.
    5) Parents and parents-in-law cannot be sponsored at the same time on residence visa
    6. Last 3 months bank statements.
    7. Tenancy contract attested from Land department (should be minimum 2 BHK)
    8. DEWA bill for the last month
    9. Dhs. 2000/- security deposit (after approval only) per person (But as per the customer care, it is Dhs. 5,000/-).
    10. Emirates ID Card (though not mentioned in the broucher, it is necessary now).

    Other notes –

    1) Visa fees was Dhs. 250/- per person (+ typing + some stamp fees etc…), whereas now the customer care says, it is decided by the DNRD !!
    2) There is no time frame for getting residency visa, though it is generally said that it’ll take 1-2 weeks.
    3) The decision of the residency visa is taken by a committee and that decision is final and will not be reconsidered / changed, once rejected.
    4) It is also said by the customer care that even if we meet all requirements, it is not necessary to get the visa and also they may not give reasons / justifications for the rejection.
    5) Once applied, the money is not reimbursed (sometimes even the original documents like affidavits are not returned).
    6) Also there is a rumor that currently they are not giving residence visa or there is high level of rejection / filtering.

    I’ve applied last year and got rejected due to the basis salary requirement, though I was falling short by only 500 dhs. I’m going to apply once again now, in another 1-2 days time and shall update you.

    1. Thank you very much Binoy. Appreciate it. Could you write this as an article and send to my email. I will publish it in your name in this site.my email: deepak[at]machado.ws

    2. Hi Binoy,
      Can you give me some update regarding the Affidavit letter. Typing center has given me the info that i have to provide Affidavit letter from my country that i am the sole provider of my parents and need to mention all my brother ,sis. family info.
      MY question is , how to get this Affidavit letter? Is there any source that i can check the content of document.?
      Also my parents name mentioned on passport so why there is need to prove it again? is it very difficult for me to get this affidavit letter from my country.? need you kind suggestion

      1. I am helpless and I have no idea n this area. I guess, best would be to check directly with the Indian Consulate in Dubai or Abu Dhabi call centre.

    3. @ Deepak – I’ll mail you the same ASAP. An update on the matter, they are rejecting the applications by saying some reasons (or without reason), even if you meet all criteria and I’m one among those unlucky guys whoz application got rejected on 10th Oct 2012.

      @ Dhanraj – Getting the affidavit (in Dubai) is very easy. You just need to go to the Indian consulate and get an application, fill it and hand it over to them. They’ll give you the affidavit on the spot, with a waiting period of 30-40 mins. You can also download the form from the consulate site (http://www.cgidubai.com/category/consular-services/attestation-services-consular-services/), which will give you an idea that what are the details you need to fill in. I’ve done my attestation twice, once last year and then around 2-3 months back. That time it was directly done @ the consulate, but I heard now that is also been outsourced to some VFS global or so. It is mentioned in the above given consulate link and I shall update you if I get more details from somebody who’ve done it after that change.

  177. Hi Deepak,

    As per the law inorder to sponsor your spouse you need to have the tenancy contarct in the sponsorer name, could you please also advice is there any salary criteria as well ??

    would appreciate your help

  178. Guys good news . . . Those who are planning Residence visa for parents . . .deposit amount of 5000 each is been revised to 2000 each . . . I applied on 26th Sept 2012

    1. Hi, thank you for your information regarding the deposit amount for residence visa for parents,
      I am planning to get my parents and I’m preparing the documents.
      Can you tell me what are the exact documents you provide in the immigration? and any other things we need to consider?


      1. Documents required for UAE entry visa for parents:

        • Duly Typed application form at a registered typing centre.
        • Original passport of sponsor (UAE resident).
        • Passport copy of parents & 1 photo each.
        • Proof of relationship is to be obtained from your embassy/consulate attesting both relationship and that you are sole provider for your parents.
        • Copy of job contract for the sponsor or salary certificate from employer.

        In addition, you require a 2 bed room apartment along with the electricity and water bill. The tenancy contract has to be stamped at Land Department in Dubai and respective departments.

    2. Dear Mihir,

      Di you get visa or not yet ? My application they’ve rejected on 10-Oct-2012. Moreover I think again they’ve increased the fees + deposit (the new requirements sheet from them shows Dhs.5000/-).

  179. i want to sponser my mother in law and my salary is within the above limits but i am staying in 1bhk with son and wife , will i be able to sponser my mother in law.

  180. Hi Deepak, your blog is very helpful. I am the only child and my parents are both above 65. My salary is 7416 Dhs per month and my position is Chief Accountant / Administration. Recently our PRO told me I need at least 10000 Dhs salary after checking at typing centers. I have a tenancy contract for a 2BHK and my two children are already sponsored by me. if I prove that I am the sole provider for my parents and do the deposits / med insurance stuff, what are my chances of sponsoring my parents, especially since I have already sponsored my kids, have only a 2BHK, and heard things are tough for a woman where sponsorship is concerned.

    1. Hi Sunita, these rules are dynamic. You need to check directly with higher officials at immigration on matters of visa.

  181. Hi Deepak,

    i am trying to sponsor my widow mother since last 6 months on a residence visa in abu dhabi… i qualify on all aspects of visa requirements i.e salary, 2bhk flat etc. immigration officers are not ready to take application even. i am seriously worried as i cannot leave my mother alone back home in india.

    your guidance to get this done would be of great help.


    1. I am afraid I am not able to provide any reply as this matter is beyond any suggestion from my side. Only the respective authority can help.

  182. Dear Deepak thanks a lot for providing detailed information on the procedure of sponcering parrents resident VISA in UAE. This information will be a very helpful to me. I wanted to have one clarification from you which is on the salary, as you have mentioned it should be 7000 p/m without company accomodation however i have heard but not sure how much true it is that the monthly salary should be 10000. Please advice on this.

    1. Rules are changing day by day for sponsoring family visa. Please check in immigration directly as I do not want to create confusion for you.

  183. hi,
    my son in law is working in Abu dhabi.He wanted to bring his father in law and mother in law.Previousley we were here with Dubai resident visa.
    Now he changed Abudhabi visa.He went to Au dhabi immigration for resident visa.They said no resident visa take visit.so he took visit.now we r here on visit.It is going to finish.we have to stay here.
    how pls give me some information.
    thanks with rgds
    Babu das

  184. Hi Deepak, I am working in dubai as a Software Engineer having salary above 7000 alhamdulillah. My father expired 17 years back, my mother could manage staying in india to date. But now she needs my care, now she can’t stay in india alone. I want to call her in residence visa, my wife & child stays with me in sharjah in 1BHK. For my mother i will take 2BHK insha allah. My one brother is in Abu dhabi & other one in delhi, both are bachelors. So plz tell me what should i do.

  185. Hi Deepak,

    Nice information, actually i am struggling to get my parents visa.
    I have 11000 salary and applied for parents visa last week.

    after 3 days received a call from committee and they said we are rejecting your application bcoz you have 2 kids and 2 bhk flat, you need 3 bhk flat as per family size.

    Now, i thought to go for 3 bhk flat and reapply, so i called on same number, and now he said, your parent’s age is below 60, which means they are not your dependent, they can take care themselves, so even if u get 3 bhk, we won’t approve your visa 🙁

    any tips may help me, do they have only 1 committee and same person in charge? or if i will try with other office, there will be other committee and they may approve my visa??


  186. Hi,I have Sharjah visa with 5500 salary n I want to sponsor my mother she is widow n alone in our native country.i have two bedroom apartment so can I sponsor my mom n what are the legal formalities.i heard that in Sharjah parents visas r close for some reason so plz kindly advise me what should I do.thnx

  187. Hi deepak , my dad passed away recently and i want to sponsor my mum , im the only child so she is dependent on me , my salary is AED 7500.00 . . i am living in a studio apartment with a monthly rent basis which means the contract is in the name of the landlord not in mine since im paying him monthly , will I be able to sponsor her on humanitarian grounds ?

    1. My dad passed away recently and i want to sponsor my mum , im the only child so she is dependent on me , my salary is AED 7600.00 . . i am living in a Villa Apartment having seperate small room with a monthly rent basis which means the contract is in the name of the landlord not in mine since im paying him monthly , will I be able to sponsor her on humanitarian grounds ?

  188. Hello, my mom is living in Dubai with me & I was wondering is there any way I can get medical insurance for her, she is about 64 years.

  189. Hi Deepak,
    My husband wish to sponsor resident Visa for my mother. My father is no more. My husband qualify for the criteria of salary but we are staying in studio flat in Abu dhabi .
    1. She is with my brother and wish to have here in Abu Dhabi for my delivery for taking care of me. Is this a valid reason for applying for her Visa.
    2. Where and how do I apply for the Visa
    3. Her name appear in my passport but not in my husband passport , What I should I do .
    4. What all procedure I have to do to apply her visa

    Please advice me.


  190. Hi Deepak,

    I going to obtain residence visa for my new born baby in India from Abu Dhabi.

    Could you please let me know if the child can enter from Dubai / Sharjah port considering that he will be entering in UAE for the first time.

    In other words, can some one with Abu Dhabi residence visa enter from other ports in UAE while landing for the first time.

    Thanks and Regards,

  191. Hi Deepak,

    Firstly ,thank you,your blog is very helpful.I recently got a job and a decent salary to support my family.so I applied for my wife’s visa(spouse sponser) and I got the pink visa.we are awaiting her medical certificate and her emirates id application is done.I wanted to know what further papers WILL they ask for stamping the passport.Do I again have to submit my tenancy contract and so on.I’am asking this coz my landlord gave me a support paper called tauteek(excuse me the spelling error) but that paper has expiry date of 2nd sept ,so by the time I wait for daman card to be issued by my company ,it will surpass the expiry date and will that be an issue during STAMPING.So its really important to know if i again have to submit my tenancy contract.

    thank you,

    1. dont think so…..they will ask again for all the documents. However, you may try to seek information from higher authorities.

  192. Hi Deepak,

    I wish to sponsor my resident Visa for my parents. They are retired. I qualify all the criteria of salary and 2 bed room appartment.

    1. I am a single parent and wish to have them in Dubai for their support in taking care of my son. Is this a valid reason for applying for their Visa.
    2. Where and how do I apply for the Visa
    3. Their names appear in my passport, do I still need to get an affidavit from the Indian Counsulate in Dubai that they are my parents.
    4. Once they get a resident Visa, can we travel to Oman for tourist purposes, or is there a minimum time that needs to be spent in Dubai before traveling to any of the other GCC nations.

    Appreciate your advice.


    1. Hi Sethi, Please find my replies appended to your query below:
      1. I am a single parent and wish to have them in Dubai for their support in taking care of my son. Is this a valid reason for applying for their Visa.- Yes
      2. Where and how do I apply for the Visa-typing centre and immigration
      3. Their names appear in my passport, do I still need to get an affidavit from the Indian Counsulate in Dubai that they are my parents.-Yes
      4. Once they get a resident Visa, can we travel to Oman for tourist purposes, or is there a minimum time that needs to be spent in Dubai before traveling to any of the other GCC nations.-No need…can travel

      1. Hi. I am a single parent, unmarried man. I would like to take my daughter with me here in Dubai.What are the necessary requirements I need to prepare

        1. to sponsor you need to have attested marriage certificate. However, in certain cases, immigration may consider visa. Please check with DNRD or respective departments

  193. Hi Deepak, firstly congratulations on the great advice that you have been sharing, it’s indeed heartening to know that atleast someone can provide appropriate guidance. I am wanting to sponsor my parents to Dubai , I have an approximate salary of 14 k , however the tenancy contract( 2 bhk ) is on my husbands name… Is this acceptable ? Appreciate your advise and thanks in advance..

    1. From my discussion with few people, Immigration may consider your request. But the requirement as per law is to have tenancy contract in the name of the sponsor for the 2BHK. Do visit a higher authority at Immigration before processing your application. Principally as I informed, tenancy contract need to be in the name of the sponsor.

  194. Hi Deepak, I have just received a job offer from a multinational company located in Sharjah. Currently I have 6 years of experience after graduation. The offer includes a monthly salary of 5000 AED (Basic 2800, Housing allowance 2000, and meal allowance 200)plus 22 days of paid vacation along with health and life insurance and annual return air ticket. Can I get vegetarian food easily in Sharjah? If yes how much it costs? 2000 AED is sufficient for housing allowance?
    My current pay in India is 25000 INR and monthly saving 18000 INR.

    For those who lived in Sharjah, what would you think of this order considering the cost of living and the level of experience I have? I really would like to go but cannot decide if this is sufficient for a decent living.
    Please reply with genuine answer. Thanks a lot in advance!

    1. Thank you Amit for contacting me.
      AED 5000 is considered a decent salary for bachelor.

      You should consider below points:
      1. Accommodation in Sharjah is not as expensive as in Dubai. But getting a 1Bedroom can be a challenge for bachelors. The rents per annum can range from 20K above for a decent one.
      2. IF you share accommodation you can live a comfortable life for AED 2000.
      3.Transport-Is the company providing transport? IF not additional charges will be applicable.

      Company is supposed to bear visa costs of employees. Emirates id is an additional one time cost of AED300.
      But let me warn you that there are temptations to spend here on electronics and other luxuries. If you can control your urges, you can save 3000 per month easily.

      If you feel that this is a good company, you may go ahead. Congratulations!

  195. Hi Mr.Deepak i have a resident visa issued in dubai.can i apply a fathers visa for my daughter in sharjah municipality?because im staying in sharjah near the immigration office so it will be easier for me.

    1. No you can not sponsor visa for your daughter in Sharjah when you have Dubai visa. You will need to apply it through Dubai-DNRD(Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department). Visa sponsorship is possible within the respective emirates.

  196. In Sharjah, i heard that there are occupation restriction to sponsor a child. What is the category as i want to sponsor my new born child? my salary is 4700 as Computer Operator Visa and working in Sharjah.

  197. hi dear actualy i want to apply visa for my mother *she is Widow* and alone ..
    and i have sharjah visa my salary is like 4.1 and i have 1bedroom flat can i apply for my mother visa and if yes then which document actuly i need and its confirm that in sharjah deposit is also 5K because some1 told me its 20k
    and 1 more think people they need bank statement an only they check salary certificate
    and is there any restrition for designation also :/

    plz rely as soon as possible 🙂

    1. Yes there are certain formalities in each emirates to sponsor family. For sure you need 2 bhk apt

      1. thanks dear actualy mean thing is that my manager told me if u r respt and underwriter they will not give wise there is some categories so please cane u help me out for this they are giving visa only managing post or is there any list….

        1. I did not understand your query. Please do not use abbreviations. Repost your complete query.

          1. actually i want to ask that is there any Restrictions about Designation to apply mother or parests visa ? someone said that only manager level person they can apply for paresnts visa if your are receptionist or clerk you can’t apply for paresnts visa is it true ?

    2. es there are certain formalities in each emirates to sponsor family. For sure you need 2 bhk aptز i dont think you can apply visa for your mother…they need 2 bhk flat and salary 10K.

  198. I think in Abu Dhabi they are simply refusing the parents visa. I have personally visted the authority office and they clearly say, “Now not possible”. Means previously it was allowed but now not possible…. I wish some one correct me..

  199. Hi,

    I am holding Sharjah residence visa and wish to bring my mother (she is widow) on residence visa. What are formalities and documents required to obtain the same. Meanwhile, I heard that Naturalization dept has stopped to issuing residence visa for parents. Let me know what is the current status.
    Thank u.

    1. 5,536.69 Approximately. It should be paid before you sign the cancellation papers as it is written on it. if you have got any loan it will be directly credited to your bank account. do confirm this with your HR or a competent lawyer. Details here are just a guidance.

  200. Dear Sir,

    We have been sponsored by our daughter and granted a residency visa since December 2012. It was quite difficult for us to get them and I must say they were given almost on compassionate ground. We are holding British passport and could stay here unconditional for 30 days Because our daughter is our only child, we depend on her financially and psychologically, therefore, we would like to live with her as long as she works in Abu Dhabi. We would like to ask your expertise advice that if it is possible for us to renew our residency visa this December and the chance and procedures for such renewal.

    Many thanks
    Hugh & Ada

    1. Hi Hugh and Ada, the question you have posed is a tough one. I Certainly can not advice you on whether you could renew your visas. Everything actually depends on the department officers. If your visa is rejected for some reason, make a strong case and approach the department manager or higher authority. Your daughter must prove that only she can take care of you and you do not have any other children. She must have a minimum 2 bedroom house with a decent salary. In most of the cases, your visa should be approved as your daughter is the only support you have. Renewal procedures are same as a fresh application. I wish you all the best and pray that you get your visa renewed.

  201. Hi deepak, Am a housewife under my husband’s sponcer ship. My mother is a widow can I sponcer her? Or does my husband need to do it? He earns well above the 6000 aed.

  202. Hai , i am working in abudhabi AED9000 salary . we submvit here residence visa for mother . we have all documents , she is widow.
    we tried more 6 times immigaration , they saying stop parents visa . we took 2 times 90 days visit and show the immigation people all doucuments . He didn’t check my files. what’s new documents they need , where i go get a visa

    1. If the authorities have rejected your repeated request, there is not much I could advise. Excuse me on this.

  203. Hi, if parents are old is beyond 65 yes age , is it still possible to sponsor them..any other problems in this case.
    Is health insurance mandatory and available for citizens older than 65 yes age

  204. HI, My parents dont get along well with eachother and my mom is quite lonely at home. I have siblings but they are not well to do and live in smaller apaprtments. and finally, she wishes to stay with us in Dubai rather than anywhere else.

    I wish to only sponsor my mother, is it possible? Is it feasible even to try getting a residence VISA or should I stick to longterm (3 months) commercial visa’s.

    is it possible to get things done by hiring an agent?

    1. It will be a very difficult task to sponsor only one of your parents. You need to sponsor both your parents if they are alive. This is not allowed under parent sponsorship. Also I am not sure whether long term visa is available for parents. You may get only 1 year visa. On the other hand if your parents are divorced or separated, you need documentary proof for this.

  205. Thank you very much for your kind information – Could please explain about the status in Abu Dhabi, whether above said information is applicable in AUH also – Kindly confirm

    1. The process is similar in all emirates but there might be additional documents such as attested tenancy contract and utility bills that you might need to produce.

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