Sponsor UAE residence visa for parents

UAE residence visa for parents or parents in law

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Most of the expatriates have their parents in the home country who would like to relocate to UAE. A UAE residence can apply for the visa for their parents to live in the UAE. Most of the parents in their old age would love to be with their children or grand children.

Eligibility to apply for UAE residence visa for parents

Previously, the requirement to sponsor parents in the UAE was a minimum monthly income of Dh20,000 ($5,445). However, a change in the law, effective from October, has reduced this requirement.

As per Resolution No 74, individuals now need to earn a minimum of Dh10,000 per month to sponsor up to five family members, and a minimum of Dh15,000 for six family members. If sponsoring more than six family members, special permission is required.

The law also stipulates that sponsors must already be residing in suitable accommodation, such as a two-bedroom house or apartment, before applying for the family visa.

In addition to meeting the income and accommodation criteria, you will need to submit the following documents for the sponsorship process.

Documents required for UAE entry visa for parents:

  1. Sponsor’s Emirates ID (Original).
  2. Sponsor’s passport and residence visa page, along with the sponsor’s spouse’s documents (minimum 6 months validity).
  3. Partner/Investor visa holders should attach Company/Personal Statements for the last six months, Trade License Copy list, and MOA.
  4. Valid Salary Certificate, if the sponsor is a Government/Semi-government/Free zone Employee.
  5. Valid Labor Contract (issued by MOHRE), if the sponsor works in the private sector.
  6. Registered Tenancy contract/Ejari or Title Deed photocopy.
  7. Recent Electricity Bill if the house is owned by the sponsor (not rented).
  8. Passport copies (color) of parents and one photo with a white background. The passports should have a minimum validity of 6 months, and the current visa should be valid (if Inside the Country).
  9. Consanguinity certificate obtained from their respective Consulate, duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE and translated into Arabic.
  10. Parents’ National ID is required for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq nationalities.
  11. Bank Account Statement for the last three months with the bank’s seal. Online prints will not be accepted.
  12. Sponsor’s Account IBAN Number.

Make sure to have all the original documents with you and their copies, as well as the necessary translations in Arabic.


  1. Both Parents or attested death/divorce certificate: You need to bring both parents for the application process. In case one parent is deceased or divorced, you must provide the attested certificate from the UAE Embassy in your home country and the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with a legal translation in Arabic.
  2. Affidavit (Dependency Certificate): Obtain an attested affidavit from your Consulate stating that you will take care of and be responsible for your sponsored parents’ well-being. This document should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE and translated into Arabic.
  3. Original Tenancy Contract: You need a tenancy contract with a minimum of two bedrooms. The contract must be attested through Ejari (RERA) or registered with the relevant authorities. If you live in a different emirate, you can provide a registered tenancy contract and an electricity bill.
  4. Sponsor’s Salary: The sponsor must have a valid Dubai residence visa and a minimum monthly salary of AED 10,000.
  5. As the sponsor, it is required to obtain a medical insurance policy for your parents, which needs to be renewed annually. Additionally, if you intend to sponsor your parents for a one-year stay, you will be required to pay a deposit for each parent.

Procedure to obtain UAE Residence Visa for Parents:

To complete the process, you have two options: visiting an Amer CenterOpens in a new tab. or applying online.Opens in a new tab.

Below are the procedure to obtain Dubai Residence Visa for Parents:

  1. Go the the Amer centre and submit all the required documents
  2. Pay the processing fee and the deposit
  3. Get the entry permit and bring the parents to UAE
  4. Undergo medical exam
  5. Apply for Emirates ID and Health Insurance

When sponsoring your parents in the UAE, there is a 90-day period within which you need to apply for their residence visa after their arrival in the country. Upon arrival, they will be issued an entry permit, and it is the sponsor’s responsibility to convert this permit into a valid residence visa within approximately three months.

In emirates other than Dubai, the entry permit is commonly referred to as “Tasheera” and can be obtained online or from a typing center.

It is also possible to sponsor your parents for a residence visa. The visa for parents is granted on an annual basis, regardless of the duration of your own visa.

Fees applicable for UAE entry visa:

The fee for this visa is approximate AED 1,750, along with an AED 5,000 refundable deposit (keep receipt safely for renewal or reimbursement, as this is paid back only when the visa is cancelled or in case your parent dies)

Note: Please be aware that immigration regulations in the UAE can undergo changes over time. We will update our information accordingly if there are any new laws or official announcements. It is recommended to visit the official websites of Amer or GDRFA for detailed and up-to-date information regarding UAE visas. Our provided information is only a general overview, and specific requirements may vary.


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