Relocating to Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

Relocating to Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

Securing an employment is one thing and relocating to UAE is another.

On the face of it relocation might seem like a daunting task. But you are not the first one to do so. There have been millions of them already and so many are doing it given the life that UAE promises to everyone. But without proper plan and execution, the task will definitely be a daunting one. But if you plan your relocation properly, this can be as smooth as butter.

There are 3 major aspects to consider:

  • Packing and moving your belongings and personal effects (furniture, appliances, clothing and so on);
  • Getting yourself and your family to UAE, and ensuring you have the necessary visas to arrive in the UAE;
  • Settling yourself in UAE.

It goes without saying that relocation is one of the most stressful things that you could do. I have done it and can witness to it. I was a bachelor then. For a family with kids this can be bit more than daunting.

Before you leave you current country of domicile for UAE, you will have to sort out few things:

  • Is it a short-term stay or a longer one? If it is a short one, a furnished apartment or a hotel apartment would be sensible.
  • If you are moving on employment, quiz your employer whether they provide relocation expenses?
  • What is the cultural scenario in the UAE? A modest dress is respected and expected. Do not carry contraband articles, too many medical supplies and so on. These will raise  red flags.
  • How big is the size of your items that are being shipped? If you are looking for a longer term stay, buying things in UAE would make sense as most of the things can be bought these days in the UAE.
  • Make a list of what has gone where? Label your important things as per the items.
  • Ask yourselves a question whether Electronics are worth shipping as instead of bearing shipping costs, you might as well buy them here as electronics are relatively cheaper.

For comfortable shipping, you are encouraged to choose a reputable relocation service such as E-movers.


  • List and label all the items that you are shipping.
  • Do not ship any contraband items as these might be a huge headache.
  • Move your goods with a reputable international moving company and remember to insure these.
  • Attest the necessary certificates such as Degree Convocation, Marriage certificate etc prior to arrival as these are required for certain types of employments.
  • Enlighten yourself on Islamic culture and customs.
These points will definitely help you. Keep checking back as I update my blog.

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