Random Acts of Kindness in Dubai!

Random Acts of Kindness in Dubai!

This weekend something great happened to me!

I was out with my family for dinner at around 7:15PM in Karama and was parking my car. Once I was done with the parking, I moved towards the parking meter to fetch the parking ticket. Suddenly a mid-aged woman waves her hand towards me and makes a sign towards me to stop!!

I was confused! Never did I come across anyone doing that to me in Dubai!

I thought, may be she needed some help. I was a bit hesitant but stopped for her to cross the road. The lady hands me her parking ticket, which had around 20 minutes of validity left on it. Once she handed me the ticket, she did not even wait to hear my ‘Thank You’ and drove off her Jaguar.WOW!

I used that ticket for the remaining time. It saved me a little money. The issue is not about saving money here, but about the kindness and fellowship the nice lady had!

Wouldn’t Dubai be a nicer place if all of us thought like the lady thought? I believe it will be!

If all of us thought like this kind lady in any way, we can make this country a better and friendly place!

We have nicer people in Dubai!  To the lady who gave me the ticket: Thank You!

Have you experienced any such Random Acts of Kindness in Dubai or have you helped anyone? Let me know. Please Comment or let me know hereOpens in a new tab.!

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