Questions to ask when looking for an apartment in UAE

Searching Apartments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi: Ask the right questions!

There comes a time in everyone’s life in the UAE to look for an apartment to stay for self or family. People who have purchased apartments or villas typically do not face this problem.

Those looking for renting apartments these days in the UAE, throng either to Dubizzle or Propertyfinder to search for apartments for rentals. Without a doubt these are good portals with good deals. But keep in mind that these portals should be just a starting point for you to start your apartment search. No one will help you if you get into trouble later on because of your negligence in doing research.

Therefore, it is very important that you do a thorough research before you sign the tenancy contract. These questions will save you a huge deal in peace of mind and money.

Step 1: Searching for apartments: Keep in mind what you want

First of all, you need to make sure what you are looking for. Is it 1 bedroom apartment or a villa? Do you need it furnished or unfurnished? These questions will help you in determining what type of apartment you want to live in. Apartments or villas both come with their share of pros and cons. Hence, first of all make sure what you want. Do a thorough research on the apartment you find worthy of living.

Step 2: Searching for apartments:Check out the neighborhood

UAE has a unique problem. Certain families do not want to move to areas where there are bachelors living. Some want bus stop or metro station near by. Few of us would like a supermarket or atleast a grocery store near their apartment. Few others want schools for their children easily accessible. While there are plenty of options, it is upto you to make a thorough research and finalise the neighborhood you would like to move in. Do not blame anyone later and do not regret.

Step 3: Searching for apartments: Schedule your first visit to the property owner

Once you have pin pointed the area and the apartment that you would like to move in, do schedule your appointment with the landlord or the broker to view the apartment. By now you should have your budget in mind. Be straight forward and ask for the best price. Haggle and bargain for the best price. With the current market conditions, I am sure the landlord will reduce the rents to a justifiable level.

Step 4: Searching for apartments:Ask questions

By the time you visit the broker or the landlord, you should arrive with a set of questions that are very essential. Do not hesitate to ask the stupidest question. Here are few questions that you should pose:

  1. How long has the unit been empty? You should know this. Because in today’s competitive market, longer the unit is on the market, better bargain will you receive. Plus, it is also a chance for you to see the reaction of the landlord. Now, regardless of their answer and expression, you can judge their character.
  2. How old is the property? Have there been any renovations? Older the buildings, higher are the maintenance costs. Also the fixtures and fittings would have become old now. Older buildings also come with their share of woes.
  3. How old is the wiring? Most of the fires that occur in the older buildings are through the electrical wires and fuse box. Therefore it makes sense to check for these details.
  4. Will any repairs be undertaken before you move in? A good apartment remains that way when the repairs are timely. Likewise, when there are repairs being undertaken, it shows that, there are certain problems, which should raise red flags.
  5. Are there any utilities included? Check for any utilities like cooling are provided by the building or is it individually billed.
  6. Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs? Most of the time, the maintenance is carried out by the landlord. But it is good to ask.
  7. Who will do the pest control? A menace in UAE is the pests that occupy living areas. Ask the landlord how you will receive the apartments. Will he do the pest control or you are supposed to do it?

Step 5: Searching for apartments: Enquire with the existing tenants

It is very important to enquire with the existing tenants with regard to the living conditions and other details of the apartment. By doing this, you not only ensure peace of mind but this also works as a reference point.

Step 6: Searching for apartments: Thoroughly review your tenancy contract

Once you are ready to sign up for the tenancy, make sure to go through it thoroughly so that it is clear to you what the conditions of the tenancy are. Know your rights. If you are unclear of any terms, do enquire and do not hesitate.

Step 7: Searching for apartments: Happy living

The secret to enjoying your new home is to do early research and good timing. Now that you have done this, Enjoy.

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