Points to remember during Ramadan in UAE for Residents and Tourists

Ramadan-Points to remember for UAE Residents and Tourists.

I have previously written about What is Ramadan?Opens in a new tab.

Ramadan in UAE begins from 10-07-2013.

Ramadan is the most religious period for Muslims living in the UAEOpens in a new tab. & World over, as it marks the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which requires Muslims to fast over a period of thirty days. During this period Muslims have to abstain from food, drink and marital relations from sunrise until sunset.

But if you are UAE Resident (Non- Muslim) or a Tourist visiting UAE during the holy month, you have to be extra careful on some points, as it should not offend the religious sentiments of the individuals who fast.

Following provisions in UAE Laws are worth noting during Ramadan:

UAE Penal Code, Article 313:

Anyone found consuming food, beverages or eating in public places during the Ramadan fasting hours and anyone assisting or compelling such persons will be punished with fine worth AED 1,000 or imprisonment for one month.

UAE Penal Code, Article 314:

Ministry of Interior, along with the relevant Municipalities, may order for closure of such public places during Ramadan fasting hours during day time, to ensure prevention of publicity as mentioned in the above article. Further any person in charge of such public place found in violation of the closure order shall be punished accordingly.

UAE Labour Law, Article 65:

Working hours for all employees in the UAE, irrespective of their religion, shall be reduced by 2 hours per day.

Dress Code:

UAE Residents including Tourist should wear conservative clothes during Ramadan at Public Places. Further various malls issue notices at their entrance regarding the allowed dressing inside the malls.

The Police & other government authorities constantly check & ensure the Ramadan rules are enforced, but with courtesy.

By adhering to the simple rules, all of us can enjoy a blessed month of Ramadan.

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