Now pay your Bills, Fines, recharge Salik though smartphones in Dubai!

Apps from Dubai e-Government

In an initiative to enhance and ensure easy access to government services, the Dubai e-Government launched two ePayment applications for mobile. These ePayment applications were introduced on Monday during the Gitex week 2012. The applications facilitate real time payments through mobiles/smartphones like iPhone, Android enabled devices, Blackberry and so on. The apps will be available for download through Apple App store soon. Android and other device apps are under design.

This initiative contributes to Dubai’s commitment to transform itself into a technologically advanced emirate. The plans were unveiled in the latest edition of Gitex.

Much thought and time has been expended in designing these applications. There are 2 application:

The first application serves to make ePayments on three of the most important government sites; Fines-Dubai Police, Electricity and Water Bills-Dewa and Salik re-charge-RTA.

The second application serves to provide important information, contact details and locations of important government authorities and relevant department and also, you can file complaints and make suggestions.

Apart from ePayment and information, these applications will provide the latest news, the events happening in Dubai, the programs on radio and TV shows.

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