New Health Insurance scheme in Dubai

New Health Insurance scheme launched in Dubai

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As per the article published in Gulf News 19th December, 2013 the new health insurance law for Dubai which is going to be implement beginning of next year the entire population of the emirate of Dubai will come under the new insurance law. There will be different schemes for visitors which will announce in time. The health card will be replaced by the new insurance card. All DHA facilities-clinics and hospitals will be part of the insurance network.

health insurance scheme in dubai

The minimum premium will be between Dhs 500-Dhs700 and maximum insurance cover per person per annum of Dh 150,000.

The basic coverage includes:

  • GP visits
  • Referral to specialists
  • Surgical procedures
  • Tests and investigations
  • Maternity and emergencies

Cosmetic, dental and optical medical procedures will be excluded. Patients will not be entitled to private rooms only general rooms will be provided under the basic cover.

The DHA defined the minimum legal requirement and basic benefit package. If the organization chooses to give anything higher than that and better insurance network packages, it will be their prerogative.

The DHA is working with insurance companies to work out attractive family insurance packages with low premiums to encourage organizations to provide for family cover. If employer does not then the employee will have to pay for insurance cover for spouse and children.

New insurance scheme will be linked to the visa renewal.

All emergency cases will also be covered by the insurance and in any emergency procedure will not require a pre-authorization.

No company can shift the burden of the premium on the employee. If it happens DHA will have strict punitive laws in placed to take action in case an employee files a complaint. In any case DHA is going to be the official insurance regulator.

The implementation of the new rule regarding Health insurance scheme is a great step forward towards providing and facilitating quality and best health case service in Dubai .

What companies are required to do for New Health Insurance Scheme

Phase 1:

Companies with more than 1000 employees will have to bring their employees under the insurance cover by October, 2014

Phase 2:

Companies with 100-999 employees will have to implement the full health insurance coverage by July 2016

Phase 3:

Companies with less than 100 employees will have to implement the health insurance coverage for all its employees by June 2016

All Dubai residents will be covered under DHA’s health insurance plan by July 2016.


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