My New Year Resolution summed up in a picture!

My New Year Resolution!

Year 2013 has already started and most of us would have made some kind of resolution for the New Year. I did not plan on any resolutions till today!

But here is what I have thought!

There are 4 things I have categorically planned:

  1. Exercising regularly-I used to do this, but not quite often. I have thought this over. I will do at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily.
  2. Lower intake of Junk Food- Dubai has no dearth of junk food outlets. I was a regular consumer of junk food such as Burgers, Pizzas and so on. I have planned on limiting intake of these products.
  3. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables-This should keep me healthier while my stomach is filled.
  4. NO SMOKING-No Explanations required….Although I smoked occasionally, I have thought about giving this up forever.

new years resolution 2013

Let me know what are your resolutions!

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