List of RTA Traffic Fines in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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RTA Traffic fines in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

I always make it a point that I drive carefully on road for my personal safety and safety of other commuters on the road. And however careful you are, there may be times that you just forget to renew your parking ticket or you just the red light and get a traffic fine. For me, it is always be careful than to be sorry!

Many of us may not be aware of the various fines that are imposed on various violations in Dubai. You can always check your traffic fines online on Dubai Police Site, Abu Dhabi Police site or RTA site.

Traffic fines are avoidable through following ways:

  1. Don’t drive rash, however tempting it is, especially on Sheikh Zayed Road. The maximum speed in most highways is 120 Kilometers per hour with an upper limit of 20 Kilometers.
  2. Follow lane discipline. Respect other drivers by giving a courtesy indicator while changing lanes.
  3. Always drive with valid driver’s license, insurance and vehicle registration. You do not want to get into legal mumbo-jumbo later.
  4. Never drive under the influence of alcohol.
  5. Respect traffic signals. If the green light starts blinking, stop your vehicle at the signal.
  6. Do not flash other vehicles unless it is emergency. This is RUDE!

List of RTA Traffic Fines in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE:

There are around 167 RTA traffic fines offence that can be imposed if you are found violating them.

Below is the list of RTA traffic fines in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE. 

The below traffic fines include Description, fines in Dirhams, Black points if applicable and vehicle confiscation days.

RTA Traffic Fines - DescriptionFines amount in AEDBlack PointsVehicle Confiscation Period
Driving dangerously (racing)2000-60 Days
Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar substancesDecided by court2360 Days
Driving a vehicle without number plates30002390 Days
Causing death of othersDecided by court1230 Days
Not stopping after causing an accident that resulted in injuriesDecided by court2460 Days
Reckless driving20001230 Days
Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 60km/h20001230 Days
Driving in a way that is dangerous to the public10001230 Days
Jumping a red light10001230 Days
Running away from a traffic policeman8001230 Days
Dangerous overtaking by trucks8002460 Days
Causing a car to overturnDecided by court8-
Causing serious injuriesDecided by court8-
Speeding (over limit) 80km/hour30002360 days
Speeding (over limit) 60km/hour20001230 Days
Speeding by not more than 60km/h1500615 Days
Speeding by not more than 50km/h1000--
Speeding by not more than 40km/h700--
Speeding by not more than 30km/h600--
Speeding by not more than 20km/h300--
Overtaking on the hard shoulder10006
Entering road dangerously6006-
Causing moderate injuryDecided by court6-
Heavy vehicle lane discipline6006-
Overtaking from a prohibited place6006-
Causing serious damage to a vehicleDecided by court6-
Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 40km/h700--
Parking in fire hydrant places, spaces allocated for people with special needs and ambulance parking10004-
Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 30km/h600--
Driving against traffic4004-
Allowing children under 10 years old or shorter than 145 cm to sit in the front seat of a vehicle4004-
Failure to fasten seat belt while driving4004-
Failure to leave a safe distance4004-
Failure to follow the directions of a traffic policeman--
Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 20km/h500--
Entering a road without ensuring that it is clear4004-
Exceeding permitted level of car window tinting1500--
Not giving way to emergency, police and public service vehicles or official convoys5004-
Driving a heavy vehicle that does not comply with safety and security conditions500-30 Days
Failure to stop after causing an accident500--
Driving a noisy vehicle20006
Allowing others to drive a vehicle for which they are unlicensed500--
Loading a heavy vehicle in a way that may pose danger to others or to the road50067 Days
Overload or protruding load from a heavy vehicle without permission5006 7 Days
Driving a vehicle that causes pollution500--
Stopping on the road for no reason5004-
Stopping on a yellow box500--
Not giving pedestrians way on pedestrian crossings5006-
Failure to abide by traffic signs and directions500--
Throwing waste from vehicles onto roads5004-
Refusing to give traffic police name and address when required500--
Stopping vehicle on the left side of the road in prohibited places500--
Stopping vehicle on pedestrian crossing500--
Teaching driving in a training vehicle that does not bear a learning sign500--
Teaching driving in a non-training vehicle without permission from licensing authority500--
Placing marks on the road that may damage the road or block traffic500--
Operating industrial, construction and mechanical vehicles and tractors without permission from licensing authority500-7 Days
Modifying vehicle’s engine without permission400--
Modifying vehicle’s chasses without permission400--
Changing vehicle’s color without permission400--
Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 10km/h400--
Driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country except in permitted cases400--
Violating the terms of the driving license300--
Parking behind vehicles and blocking their movement300--
Towing a vehicle or a boat with an unprepared vehicle300--
Driving a vehicle that omits gases or fumes with substances exceeding permitted rates300--
Leaving a vehicle on the road with its engine running300--
No lights on the back or sides of trailer container200--
Lights on the back or sides of container not working200--
Taxis, which have designated pickup areas, stopping in undesignated places2004-
Prohibited entry2004-
Blocking traffic1000--
Vehicle unfit for driving200-7 Days
Driving a light vehicle that does not comply with safety and security conditions200-7 Days
Not lifting exhaust of trucks200-7 Days
Not covering loads of trucks3000-7 Days
Using vehicle for purposes other than designated20047 Days
Heavy vehicle prohibited entry20047 Days
Violating loading or unloading regulations in parking2004 7 Days
Carrying and transporting passengers illegally10001230 Days
Writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicle without permission200--
Not taking road safety measures during vehicle breakdowns200--
Turning at undesignated points2004-
Turning the wrong way2004-
Loading a light vehicle in a way that may pose a danger to others or to the road20037 Days
Overload or protruding load on light vehicles without permission20037 Days
Stopping vehicle without keeping the distance specified by the law from a curve or junction200--
Transporting passengers by vehicle undesignated for this purpose2004-
Sudden swerve1000--
Driving a taxi without required license2004-
Carrying passengers in driving training vehicle2004-
Driving a taxi with an expired warranty200--
Reversing dangerously200--
Taxi refusing to carry passengers2004-
Falling or leaking load30001230 Days
Not securing vehicle while parked200--
Parking in prohibited places2002-
Parking in loading and offloading areas without need200--
Parking on road shoulder except in cases of emergency200--
Using multi-colored lights200--
Not wearing helmet while driving motorbike2004-
Exceeding passenger limit2003-
Driving with tires in poor condition200-7 Days
Driving with an expired driving license2003-
Not renewing vehicle registration after expiry500-7 Days
Driving unlicensed vehicle200-7 Days
Violation of laws of using commercial number plates200--
Not fixing number plates in designated places2002-
Driving with one number plate2002-
Driving at night or in foggy weather without lights2004-
Using not matching number plates for trailer and container200--
Not fixing reflective stickers at the back of trucks and heavy vehicles200--
Not using indicators when changing direction or turning2003-
Not giving way for vehicles to pass on the left200--
Not giving way to vehicles coming from the left where required200--
Stopping a vehicle in a way that may pose danger or block traffic2003-
Failure to have vehicle examined after carrying out major modification to engine or body200-7 Days
Using training vehicles outside of timings specified by licensing authority200--
Using training vehicles in places not designated by licensing authority200--
Overtaking from the right2004-
Overtaking in a wrong way2003-
Driving an unlicensed vehicle200-7 Days
Abuse of parking space2003-
Number plates with unclear numbers2003-
Violating tariff2006-
Light vehicle lane discipline2002-
Parking vehicles on pavement2003-
Not showing vehicle registration card when required200--
Not showing driving license when required200--
Not fixing taxi sign where required200--
Not fixing a sign indicating licensed overload2003-
Using interior lights for no reason while driving100--
Failure to abide by specified color for taxis or training cars200--
Failure to display tariff of buses or taxis or not showing them when required200--
Broken lights2006-
Using horn in prohibited areas2002-
Driving below minimum speed limit200--
Failure to keep taxis and buses clean inside and outside200--
Smoking inside taxis and buses200--
Motorists distracted by mobile phones8004-
Not abiding by taxi drivers obligatory uniform or not keeping it in good condition100--
Calling on passengers in the presence of signs100--
Not displaying truck’s load on both sides100--
Not carrying driving license while driving100--
Not carrying vehicle registration card while driving100--
Driving without spectacles or contact lenses100--
Not using interior light in buses at night100--
Broken indicator lights1002-
Using horn in a disturbing way1002-
Having no red light at the back of vehicle100--
Opening left door of taxi1003-
Pedestrians crossing from undesignated places (If any existed)200--
Hand Gestures
(Finger flicking, 2 Finger salute etc)
30 days
Driving on dedicated RTA Bus or Taxi lanes600
Speed below minimum speed limit
Failure to maintain enough distance between other vehicles
Not wearing seat belts
Drivers using mobile phones
Heavy vehicles outside their designated lanes
Heavy vehicles outside their designated times on roads
Driving on the Hard Shoulder
Tailgating other vehicles4004
Worst Violations300090 days
Vehicle without number plateFine24
Seatbelt Violation400 per passenger including back seat
Quad bikes/RVs (caught driving on highways or residential areas)300030 days

Always be alert while driving and avoid traffic fines. You can do wonderful things with the saved money!

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How to check and pay your traffic fines?

There are various ways in which you could check your traffic fines. You can also pay traffic fines online with these services:

Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines inquiryOpens in a new tab.

Dubai RTA Traffic Fines inquiryOpens in a new tab.

Sharjah Traffic Fines inquiryOpens in a new tab.

Dubai Police Traffic Fines inquiryOpens in a new tab.


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  1. Which is the best driving school of Dubai for getting fast lmv driving licence??Please help me.

    1. haiii
      when will they updates the fine in site once we will get camera flash exceeding the speed limit

  2. I few days ago I cross red signal in abudabi do youknow how many money if i can’t stop the bus without 800

  3. Assalamoalaikum
    Hi I m shahzad.. I just want to know about the fine of 3mm 50% on rent a car….if I will fix it 3mm 50% on rent a car not personal … I heart that there is fine for that… can u confirm it for Mr please and if there is fine how much it will be?????

  4. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I think I crossed Red signal in Abudhabi, How long i need to wait to ensure in website,pls help me.

  5. I got fine 2 days back (Pedestrians crossing from undesignated places) number 147
    But friday n saturday they are closed
    Soo can i pay my fine at airport that exact time

  6. I got a fine of 600 Aed and they have mentioned fine as Absent. Can any one guide wot does this mean?

  7. Camera flashed me and 4 other cars in a glance today on an almost 6 lane width road in dubai( around springs aea). Max speed was 80 i was driving with 98 so why it caught me too?! But not sure cause 2 km ahead i saw a 60 km sign as well.but why max speed of 60 km/hr for such a huge road?! They are playing games! The looser is always was my forst fine for the past 4 long it takes to alert me? Thanks.

  8. Does anyone know if your car needs to be impounded; do you need to pay the fine before or after the car is impounded? Thanks.

  9. Hello Deepak,
    I was driving at Sheikh Zayed Road today morning around 6:50 AM going to my office. I always use this road and drive at the same speed. Never this happened but today I was driving under 100 Kph but I saw the flash. You think it is for me or for any other driver. What is the radar limit at Sheikh Zayed Road. I am sure there is a leverage up to 110 Kph. Please advise. Thankyou.

  10. Hai Deepak
    I get fine for the road crossing in alain if its late for one year every month how much they are going to charge for me .

  11. Can anyone tell me that how much ks the fine of radar near abu dhabi airport someone told that radar fine is more than other radar, is this is correct. Thee the speed limit is 60 but my car speed was around 80.

  12. My car driver daily drop me on red signal.
    Is there any fine regarding this to me and my car driver?

  13. Hi sir
    I want to know how can I chek my total paid fine history throw online with details

  14. Hi all, please clarify me how to check fines. My driving licence id issued in Abu Dhabi so i should check on abu dhabi police website or dubai? Why when i check fines using just my traffic id number it shows me more fines than when im checking with my driving licence number? the issue is that im going to chsnge visa and all fines should be paid but i cant understand why ammount of fines different according to driving lisence number and traffic id numbet? Thanks

  15. Yesterday my friend went to sharjah he hv Dubai license pickup car for loading unloading service when he unload his car in sharjah sharjah police give him 1000 fine why and what he need to go there and load unload his vehicle next time

  16. I crossed the red signal bymistake how much the fine and how many days car ambounding if i don’t want to inbounding the car then how much

  17. Paid the fine online but did not reflect in the system. Paid the other fine through kiosk and it clears instantly. I am still waiting till not for the other fine to be cleared, I paid it November 11 2015 and it is December 6 now. I cannot register my car.
    Is this normal when you pay online?

  18. Sir! I hit the small sign board for two ways. ..
    So I am very upset. …
    Plz can you tell me how much fine for that. ..

  19. Hi

    I paid aed 2700 fines when I did my car Regis renewal. I forgot to check the reasons. So is there any way we can check the paid fine history?

  20. hi am in sharjah , i was traveling in a road speed of 80kmph , that means you drive till 100

    today suddenly when my speed was 99kmpr the camera falashed , not sure if it was for me or the opp side car

    so what am confused is is there any possibility the camera will flash at 99 .

  21. Hi, for those who had experienced impounded cars. In the event that I do not want to take back the car due to high accumulated days-amount fines and anyway it’s damaged good already, is their an option for me not to take that car back and avoid the hefty penalty of impoundments? Any suggestion please…

  22. Good morning,

    i would like to ask about one of my traffic fins in abudhabi, i got a fine from abudhabi last year because of when i was taking reverse the vehicle and loading area shutter is damaged. actually it was damaged before but security called police (saed) they came there and gave me 300dhs. fine on my licence .they said after fixing the shutter building management will give you a letter then you can go to police station to pay the i got the letter from building management iam ready to pay the fine. when iam checking fine details uae traffic fine enquairy i can see 300dhs fine on my licence and it is showing blocked fine (Red colour ).so if there is any black points for this fine and its happened almost one year back so there is any additional charge for this?

    1. Nigesh,
      I don’t think there is black point here. But recheck with Authorities again.

  23. hi deepaK,
    I parked my car in musaffah abudhabi behind 1 truck on the street as so many cars were parking their,so that truck driver called police and police lifted my car by calling al saharaa(recovery) and gave me a fine number 41.
    i need to know how much i will have to pay to alsahraa as well as is their any leniency from there side.

  24. I over speed 145 km in al ain road and camara flashed how much is the fine.

  25. Hi Deepak, can u tell me how to check my fines online??? As I always follow the rules and regulations very seriously and properly. But still I would like to keep checking the fines status or I will get an sms abt the fines if any I get caught?

  26. Is there any fine for pick and drop at bus stop, as we can use it for less then 1 minute.

    1. Makhdoom,
      The spot is only for public transport to pick and drop passengers.
      I am not sure what the fine is.

  27. how can i check my fines ?i cross a pedestrians in undesignated area?can someone help me.please response thanks.

    1. Resty,
      Did any Officer issue you fine?
      I do not think you can check this online.

  28. By mistake i entered in the wrong way in signal in Abu Dhabi i was lucky at that time because no vehicle coming from that way. can you please tell me how much will be charged?

  29. I over speed on the road of 60 Kms due mistake in Al Ain ! Camera caught me I think : how much would it be the fine, how much I pay & Can I pay online…?

    1. Lijil,
      I think the fine for speeding over 60Km than speed limit is 1000 dirhams, 12 Black points and impounding of car for 30 days.
      Read point 7 on RTA Fines.

  30. hi i live in abu dhabi and have a visa ………..if a person is caught driving with out a license how much would the fine be ? will they confiscate the car? does the license holder in the car also get fined ….thank you

    1. Johm,
      I guess the penalty for not carrying your license will be AED 100. If you do not have license at all and are driving, I am not too sure what the fine will be or consequences!!

  31. Hello Deepak

    By mistake i entered in the prohibited area in dubai .where it was written (except rta buses and taxis)..can you please tell me how much will be charged?

    1. Niyaz,
      You will have AED 600 fine if the rule has been introduced.
      Read rule no 149:

    1. Aman,
      Jumping a red light fine is AED 800, 8 Black points, 15 Days impounding.

  32. Is it an offence if a child is made to sit on a child car seat and fixed on the front seat??

    1. Riyaz,
      For safety reasons, it is better to make the child sit in child seat at the back seat.
      Please do not think about offence; it is really a safety issue. Even car manufacturers clearly mention it not to make your child sit in the front seat.

  33. Hi, the car rental where i rented my car told me i had a fine which is jumping on red line and i need to pay it in dubai. it says 800 AED this car is from rental and i don’t think they want it impounded. if car would not be impounded how much would be additional payment?

    1. Francis,
      I am not sure but I guess it is 30 days impounding. I am not sure what fine you will need to pay to cancel the impounding.

  34. I have Ajman traffic fine .But I m not going to ajman area.fine no..1183710.please chacked and replay

  35. I overspeed on the road of 60 Kms due mistake in Abu Dhabi ! Camara caught me I think 🙁 how much would it be and any possibility to skip the confiscation period pls ? Thanks

    1. Nick,
      I guess Confiscation can be avoided by giving fees. Not sure how much though!

  36. Dear Deepak,
    I have one fine from sharjah traffic department. in the rta website it is showing 800 dhs. I thing it is red signal crossing. my one is company Toyota double cabin pickup.please let me know the punishment of this same.
    Sandeep George

    1. Sandeep,
      If you have jumped a red signal, your vehicle will be impounded.
      Read the post again to see how many days!

    2. Dear Deepak

      Please can you advise me what is the timing of salik

      as i passed salik bridge with out salik card on Al Ittihad road

      ( Al Mamzar ) on 2 january which time was after 11 clock

      so it will be charge ?

      1. Maseer,
        Only exception for Salik exemption is Maktoum bridge from 10PM to 6AM.
        For other Salik, you will have to pay whatever time you pass under it.

  37. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    One of my friends crossed red light because his car was in second place. The person who was in first place crossed red signal, so he (my friend) also crossed. please suggest


    1. Srinivas,
      If the camera has caught the car crossing red light, there will definitely be fines and impounding of vehicle.

  38. Dear i have some inquiry Yesterday i was cross yellow line coz of touch traffic police give me fine mention in fine is violation number 08 and 16 which they say 1600 can i know this will be discounted are no i got this in abu dhabi .????????

    1. Ali,
      I am not sure whether Abu Dhabi still has the discounting system for fines.
      Don’t hurry to pay, they may come up with the offer anytime if currently not available.
      Also check the fine online and they will indicate whether there is a discount or no.

  39. I think, I have jump in Red light but I don’t get camera flash. which mean camera capture my car? If so, how to get the lost points back?

    1. Rina,
      Check your status online at Dubai police site.
      If you have crossed red light, your vehicle may be impounded for 2 weeks plus the fine.
      I am not sure how to remove black points.

  40. I have got camera for jumping red siganal Wat is the shows 800 dhs fine and 15 days car n the der any other rules for ths

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