List of Insurance Companies in UAE

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Insurance companies are basic to any economy. For any economy to thrive, insurance companies are a basic requirement. Insurance companies protect you from unseen circumstances that you may face in your personal life, business, medical and so on. There are various kinds of insurance like Car insurance, Life insurance, Home content insurance and son on.
Besides being a primary requirement, insurance companies also generate a lot of employment. This is the reason I thought about covering the list of insurance companies in UAEOpens in a new tab. so that you could apply for jobs at these companies.

insurance companies

Below is the list of insurance companies in Dubai, insurance companies in Abu Dhabi, insurance companies in UAE:
(You can sort the companies emirates wise, name wise and many other options in the below table)

Insurance companyEmirateWebsitePhone number
American Life Insurance Co - SharjahSharjah06-556-2566
Abu Dhabi National Insurance CoDubaihttp://www.adnic.aeOpens in a new tab.02-8841577
Abu Dhabi National Insurance CoAbu Dhabihttp://www.adnic.aeOpens in a new tab.02-626-4000
Abu Dhabi National Insurance CoSharjahhttp://www.adnic.aeOpens in a new tab.06-568-3743
Abu Dhabi National Takaful Co PSCDubaihttp://www.takaful.aeOpens in a new tab.04-2619991
Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company Abu Dhabi in a new tab.02-410-7700 
Ace Tempest Life Reinsurance LtdDubaihttp://www.acelifemea.comOpens in a new tab.04-2609300
Adamjee Insurance Co LtdDubai04-2224098
Aetna Global BenefitsDubai in a new tab.04-4387500
Afia Insurance Brokerage Services LLCDubai04-3379987
Al Ain Ahlia Insurance CoDubai04-2725500
Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Co (PSC) Abu Dhabi in a new tab.02-6119999
Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Co (PSC) Al Ain in a new tab.03-7642142
Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Co (PSC) Sharjah in a new tab.06 5753440
Al Buhaira National Insurance CoDubai in a new tab.04-3435995
Al Buhaira National Insurance CoSharjah in a new tab.06 5684000
Al Buhaira National Insurance CoAbu Dhabi in a new tab.02-622-6200
Al Dhafra Insurance Co PSCDubaihttp://www.aldhafrainsurance.aeOpens in a new tab.04-2958111
Al Dhafra Insurance Co PSC - SharjahSharjahhttp://www.aldhafrainsurance.aeOpens in a new tab.06-533-6615
Al Dhafra Insurance Company P.S.C. Abu Dhabihttp://www.aldhafrainsurance.aeOpens in a new tab.02-672-1444 
Al Fujairah National Insurance CoDubai in a new tab.04-2223207
Al Fujairah National Insurance Co (PSC)Fujairah in a new tab.09-223-3355
Al Fujairah National Insurance Co-pxDubai in a new tab.04-2299879
Al Hamed Enterprises Abu Dhabi in a new tab.02-667-5555
Al Ittihad Al-Watani Gen Insurance Society for the Near EastDubai04-2823266
Al Khazna Insurance CoDubai in a new tab.04 2173333
Al Khazna Insurance CompanyAbu Dhabi in a new tab.02-696-9700
Al Khazna Insurance CompanyAl Ain in a new tab.03 766 1700
Al Mulla Atradius Insurance Consultancy & Brokers LLCDubai04-2681864
Al Mulla Insurance Brokers LLCDubaihttp://www.aminsb.orgOpens in a new tab.04-2727814
Al Nawras Alrahhal Trading Co LLCDubai04-2995581
Al Ruwais Insurance BrokersAbu Dhabi02-4452220 
Al Sagr National InsuranceAbu Dhabihttp://www.alsagrins.aeOpens in a new tab.02-6211777
Al Sagr National Insurance CoDubaihttp://www.alsagrins.aeOpens in a new tab.04-3977233
Al Sagr National Insurance CoDubaihttp://www.alsagrins.aeOpens in a new tab.04-3411300
Al Sagr National Insurance CoDubaihttp://www.alsagrins.aeOpens in a new tab.04-2827880
Al Sagr National Insurance CompanySharjahww.alsagrins.ae06-572-4686
Al Saqrational Insurance CoDubai04-3977244
Al Shorafa Insurance Svce Co (L L C)Dubai04-2271613
Al Wathba National InsuranceSharjahhttp://www.awnic.comOpens in a new tab.06-569-4490
Al Wathba National Insurance CoDubaihttp://www.awnic.comOpens in a new tab.04-2228078
Al Wathba National Insurance Co P.S.C.Abu Dhabihttp://www.awnic.comOpens in a new tab.02-418-5300 
Albuhaira National Insurance Co Dubai BrDubai04-3435334
Alico Suren AgencyDubai04-2974400
Alliance Insurance (PSC)Dubaihttp://www.alliance-uae.comOpens in a new tab.04-6051111
Alliance Insurance PSC - Abu DhabiAbu Dhabihttp://www.alliance-uae.comOpens in a new tab.02-633-6747
Alliance Insurance PSC - SharjahSharjahhttp://www.alliance-uae.comOpens in a new tab.06-561-5511
Allianz SEDubai04-7026666
American Life Insurance CoDubai in a new tab.04-3360352
American Life Insurance CoDubaihttp://www.alico.comOpens in a new tab.04-3327774
American Life Insurance CoDubaihttp://www.alico.comOpens in a new tab.04-8871166
American Life Insurance CoDubaihttp://www.alico.comOpens in a new tab.04-2626970
American Life Insurance Co - Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-674-1000
AON Middle East LLCDubai04-2292995
Arab Commercial Enterprises LLCDubai04-2958881
Arab Orient InsuranceAbu Dhabihttp://www.insuranceuae.comOpens in a new tab.02-676-3222
Arab Orient InsuranceSharjahhttp://www.insuranceuae.comOpens in a new tab.06-568-2045
Arab Orient Insurance Co (Public Shareholding Co)Dubaihttp://www.insuranceuae.comOpens in a new tab.04-2953425
Arab Orient Insurance Co PSCDubaihttp://www.insuranceuae.comOpens in a new tab.04-8812533
Arab Resources Insurance CoDubai04-3535514
Arabia Insurance Co LtdDubaihttp://www.arabiainsurance.comOpens in a new tab.8004699
Arabia Insurance Co Ltd - Abu DhabiAbu Dhabihttp://www.arabiainsurance.comOpens in a new tab.02-674-4700
Arabia Insurance Co Ltd - SharjahSharjahhttp://www.arabiainsurance.comOpens in a new tab.06-568-3500
Arabian Gulf Insurance Service Co (L L C)Dubai04-3479199
Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Co PLCDubaihttp://www.alkazimgroup.comOpens in a new tab.04-2824403
Armab Insurance WorkDubai04-3538218
Asia Insurance SvceDubai04-3539990
Assicurazioni Generali SpADubai04-3975220
Assitalia Le Assicurazioni dItaliaDubai04-2249482
Atlas Star Health Care ServicesDubai04-3596635
AXA Gulf InsuranceAbu Dhabi in a new tab.02-495-7999
AXA Insurance Gulf BSCDubai in a new tab.04-8819696
AXA Service CoDubai in a new tab.04-4293900
Bainonah Insurance ServicesDubai04-2667666
Bbi Berns Brett MasaoodAbu Dhabi in a new tab. 02-676 1939
Bupa International Scheme Advisor-UAEDubaihttp://www.lifecareinternational.comOpens in a new tab.04-3318688
CE Heath (Insurance Broking Ltd)Dubai04-3559036
Compagnie Libanaise D'Assurances (SAL) - Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-632-6543
Compass Insurance Brokers LLCDubai in a new tab.04-3535979
Crawford & Company International IncDubai04-2237255
Credit & Commerce Insurance Co Uae LtdDubai04-8815459
Daman National Health Insurance CompanyDubaihttp://www.damanhealth.aeOpens in a new tab.04-4298211
Delta Insurance Services LtdSharjah in a new tab.06-574-7420
Dubai Insurance Co. PSC - Head OfficeDubai in a new tab.04-2693030
Dubai Insurance GroupDubaihttp://www.dubaigroup.comOpens in a new tab.04-4390100
Dubai Int Insurance Svce (L L C)Dubai04-2277061
Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance (Aman)Sharjahhttp://www.aman.aeOpens in a new tab.06-575-1555
Dubai Islamic Insurance & Re-Insurance (Aman)Abu Dhabihttp://www.aman.aeOpens in a new tab.02-634-5300
Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance CoDubai in a new tab.04-8873363
Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance CoDubaihttp://www.aman-diir.aeOpens in a new tab.04-3193111
Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance PSC (DNIRC)Dubaihttp://www.dnirc.comOpens in a new tab.04-2956700
Emirates Insurance Co PSCDubai04-2990655
Emirates Insurance CompanyDubaihttp://www.eminsco.comOpens in a new tab.04-8816167
Emirates Insurance Company Abu Dhabi in a new tab.02-644-0400
European Insurance BrokersDubai04-3557907
Expat Services GmbH Dubai BranchDubai04-3415580
GAP Corporation FNI FZ LLCDubaihttp://www.gapcorp.comOpens in a new tab.04-3662700
GAP GulfDubai04-2233250
Gargash Insurance ServicesAbu Dhabihttp://www.gargashinsurance.comOpens in a new tab.02-671-7100
Gargash Insurance ServicesSharjahhttp://www.gargashinsurance.comOpens in a new tab.06-575-4848
General Insurance Corporation of IndiaDubai04-3936611
Gibbs Gulf Insurance ConsultantsDubai04-3241727
Green Crescent Insurance CompanyAbu Dhabi in a new tab.800 69 4242
Green Crescent Insurance CompanyDubai in a new tab.04 4391400 
Guardian Insurance Brokers Abu Dhabi in a new tab.2 4913777
Guardian Insurance Brokers Dubai in a new tab.4 3621190
Gulf Insurance ConsultingDubai04-2825255
Gulf Insurance Consulting Abu Dhabi in a new tab.02 4455077
Gulf Oasis Insurance Brokers LLCDubaihttp://www.oasisins.aeOpens in a new tab.04-3987575
Gulf Ocean International Insurance Brokers LLCDubaihttp://www.goiib.comOpens in a new tab.04-3988813
Gulf Reps LtdDubai04-3416764
Gulf WarrantiesDubai04-3355347
Insurance Business GroupDubai04-2669253
Iran Insurance CoDubai04-2214747
Iran Insurance Co - Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-627-2844
Iran Insurance Co - SharjahSharjah06-568-6091
Islamic Arab Insurance CoDubai800725262
Islamic Arab Insurance CoDubai04-4072222
Islamic Arab Insurance Co - Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-635-2577
Jordan Insurance CoDubai04-2698810
Jordan Insurance Co Ltd - Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-634-4800
Jordan Insurance Co Ltd - SharjahSharjahhttp://www.jico.comOpens in a new tab.06-539-5566
Juelmin Insurance SvceDubai04-3580037
Kingstar Insurance Agencies LLCDubaihttp://www.kingstarinsurance.comOpens in a new tab.04-8872798
Korean ReinsuranceDubai in a new tab.04-3290898
Kuwait Insurance CoDubai04-2229448
Lebanese Insurance CoDubai04-2225323
Life Care International Brokers LLCDubai04-3318688
Mazyid Insurance SvceDubai04-352772
MedNet UAE FZ LLCDubaihttp://www.mednet-uae.comOpens in a new tab.04-3900710
Methaq Takaful Insurance CompanyDubaihttp://www.methaq.aeOpens in a new tab.800638427
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co LtdDubai04-3376441
Nasco Karaoglan GroupDubaihttp://www.nascodubai.comOpens in a new tab.04-3523133
National General Insurance CoDubaihttp://www.ngi.aeOpens in a new tab.04-3934434
National General Insurance Co (PSC)Dubaihttp://www.ngi.aeOpens in a new tab.04-2222772
National Health Insurance Company (Daman) - CentralAbu Dhabihttp://www.damanhealth.aeOpens in a new tab.02-417-3600
National Insurance Service EstDubai04-2623125
Neuron LLCDubai in a new tab.8004408
New India Assurance Co LtdDubai04-3525563
NEXtCARE (AGHS LLC)Dubai04-6056700
Norwich Union Insurance (Gulf) LtdDubai8004845
Oman Insurance Co PSCDubaihttp://www.tameen.aeOpens in a new tab.8004746
Oman Insurance CompanyAbu Dhabihttp://www.tameen.aeOpens in a new tab.02-626-8008
Oman Insurance CompanySharjahhttp://www.tameen.aeOpens in a new tab.06-572-3803
Oman Public Shareholding Insurance CoDubai04-2959003
Oriental Insurance Co Ltd,Dubai in a new tab.04-3538688
Qatar Gen Insurance & Reinsurance CoDubai04-2689050
Qatar Insurance Co (SAQ)Dubaihttp://www.qatarinsurance.comOpens in a new tab.04-2224045
Qatar Insurance Company - Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-676-9466
Rais Hassan Saadi LLDubai04-3598848
Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance CoDubai04-2228866
Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance Company (PSC) Ras Al Khaimah in a new tab. 07-227-3000
Royal & Sun AllianceDubai04-3029900
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Middle East LtdDubai800772
Royal Int InsuranceDubai04-3366757
Royal SkandiaDubai04-2996656
RSA InsuranceDubai in a new tab.800772
Salama Islamic Arab InsuraDubai04-3355300
Saudi Arabian Insurance Co ECAbu Dhabi02-645-8060
Saudi Arabian Insurance Co LtdDubai04-2958882
Seagull Insurance Svce Co Dubai BranchDubai04-2994422
Shafar Secure ComDubai04-3341111
Sharjah Insurance & ReinsuranceAbu Dhabihttp://www.shjins.comOpens in a new tab.02-677-4200
Sharjah Insurance & ReinsuranceSharjahhttp://www.shjins.comOpens in a new tab.06-568-6690
Sharjah Insurance CoDubai04-3979796
Silver Star Commercial Broker (L L C)Dubai04-2359116
State Life Insurance Corporation of PakistanDubai04-2729061
The New India Assurance Co LtdAbu Dhabi02-644-0428
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co LtdDubai04-3619777
Union Insurance Co (P S C)Dubai04- 3787 444
Union Insurance Co PSC (UIC)Abu Dhabi in a new tab. 02-6906 555
Union Insurance Co PSC (UIC)Sharjah in a new tab.06-5939 888
United Insurance Co PSCDubaihttp://www.uic.aeOpens in a new tab.800842
United Insurance Co PSCAbu Dhabi02-626-3312
Wehbe Insurance Svce (L L C)Dubai04-3242022
Zurich International Life Limited - Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-627-5777
Zurich International Life Limited - SharjahSharjah06-572-5955
Zurich International Life LtdDubai04-3974444
Zurich Life Insurance Company LtdDubai04-3974441


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  3. Dear Deepak,
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  4. Thanks for such an informative article. Life Insurance really is important for everyone, most people dont think about it. Just got a quote from, I didn’t need to go through an exam either. Anyways.

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  9. Thank you for the great list but there are many good insurance companies that are missing in your list. like Al Wathba National Insurance Company.

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  13. I want to share my story with people who might be thinking to move to UAE. If company providing you medical insurance from Musalla NET TPA LLC ( i highly recommend you do not accept the offer. You are not covered at all! Nothing! This company has big issues with paying to many clinics in UAE those clinics stopped to work with them. They work very slow. They are not able to assist clients. Once i called to check which clinic is nearby and insurance representative started to suggest me over the phone which medicine i need to take. Unacceptable! I am so surprised that they still have license to work!


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