List of Hospitals in UAE (Updated 2023)

List of Hospitals in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to a remarkable healthcare sector that has gained international recognition for its commitment to excellence. With a well-developed infrastructure and a focus on patient-centered care, UAE offers an extensive network of hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, catering to the diverse needs of its residents and visitors alike.

Healthcare sector has been the focus of UAE Government for quite some time and there have been large investments into this sector by both private and government entities. UAE Government believes a healthy population is key to any country’s growth.


One of the defining characteristics of the UAE healthcare system is its division between public and private providers. Public hospitals are operated by the government and primarily serve Emirati citizens and residents. These hospitals play a crucial role in providing accessible and affordable healthcare services to the population, with an emphasis on preventive care, general medicine, and specialized treatments.

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Private hospitals, on the other hand, are renowned for their world-class facilities, cutting-edge technology, and highly skilled medical professionals. These hospitals have played a significant role in attracting medical tourists from around the globe who seek advanced treatments and specialized procedures. Private hospitals in the UAE are often affiliated with prestigious international healthcare organizations, ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care.

Traditionally, the UAE population has been seeking more specialised healthcare treatments in European and Asian countries.  This trend however is changing due to good hospitals being set up in UAE to cater to all needs of the citizens as well as residents. UAE is also posing itself as ‘go to’ country when it comes to healthcare tourism by competing with countries such as Thailand, India, Germany etc.

In recent years, the UAE has witnessed substantial investments in the healthcare sector, resulting in the establishment of state-of-the-art hospitals equipped with the latest medical advancements. From specialized centers focusing on cardiology, oncology, and orthopedics to comprehensive multi-specialty hospitals, the UAE has a diverse range of medical facilities that cater to various healthcare needs.

Moreover, hospitals in the UAE boast a multicultural and multilingual workforce, ensuring that patients from different backgrounds feel comfortable and receive personalized care. Language barriers are effectively overcome with the presence of healthcare professionals fluent in various languages, including English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, and many more.

Healthcare sector is also responsible for large employment opportunities right from doctors, nurses, physicians, pharmacists and many other related professions.

It is worth mentioning that the UAE government has implemented rigorous regulations to maintain the quality of healthcare services provided by both public and private hospitals. These regulations encompass licensing requirements, accreditation processes, and ongoing monitoring to ensure patient safety and maintain high standards of care.

Whether you’re in need of routine medical care, specialized treatments, or emergency services, hospitals in the UAE are equipped to meet your healthcare needs. With their commitment to excellence, world-class facilities, and a diverse range of medical specialties, these hospitals have earned their reputation as leaders in the global healthcare landscape.

In this article, we will explore some of the top hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies that you can rely on for your medical needs. Whether you’re seeking specialized treatment, general healthcare services, or simply want to locate the nearest pharmacy, this guide aims to equip you with the necessary information to make informed decisions about your healthcare in the UAE. We have also provided with a website link for hospitals in order for you to apply for jobs at hospitals or seek further information.

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List of Hospitals in UAE

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Hospital NameEmiratePhoneHospital Website
Al Ahli Hosp Company LlcAbu Dhabi02-8119119Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Cornice Hospital Ivf Center- SehaAbu Dhabi02-6724900Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Corniche Hospital-SehaAbu Dhabi02-6724900Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Dhannah HospitalAbu Dhabi02-6020575Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Reem Hospital (Blue Apple)Abu Dhabi02-8152000, 800 7 444Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Bareen International HospitalAbu Dhabi02-5545555Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Behavioural Science Pavilon-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8190000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Burjeel HospitalAbu Dhabi02-2222332, +971 2 508 5555Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Burjeel Medical City LlcAbu Dhabi02-7773333, 80023Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi LlcAbu Dhabi02-5019000, 800 8 2223Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Danat Al Emarat Hosp For Women&ChildrenAbu Dhabi02-6510122Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Delma Hospital-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8942000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Ghiathy Hospital-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8721555Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Health Point Hospital LlcAbu Dhabi800-203Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Lifecare Hospital LlcAbu Dhabi02-5856333Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Lifecare Hospital MusaffahAbu Dhabi02-5557747Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Lifeline HospitalAbu Dhabi02-6335522Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Liwa Hospital-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8777175Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Llh Hospital Al MusaffahAbu Dhabi02-5557711Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Madinat Zayaed Hospital-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8781888Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Marfa Hospital-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8835000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Medeor 24X7 Hospital - AuhAbu Dhabi02-6900600Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Mediclinic Hospitals (Airport Road Hosp)Abu Dhabi02-4446655Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Mediclinic Hospitals (Al Noor Hosptal)Abu Dhabi02-6139746Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Moorfields Eye Hospital Centre L.L.CAbu Dhabi02-6433494Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Nmc Royal Hospital LlcAbu Dhabi02-2035000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Nmc Royal Womens Hospital LlcAbu Dhabi8007676Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Nmc Speciality Hospital - Auh (Nmc)Abu Dhabi02-6332255Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Phoenix HospitalAbu Dhabi02-8119119Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Seha Emirates Hospital L.L.C (Dublin)Abu Dhabi02-6397800Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8191800Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City-SehaAbu Dhabi800-50Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sila Hospital-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8835000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Ajman Specialty HospitalAjman06-7484999Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Amina Hospital Llc (Aah)Ajman06-7114444Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Saudi German Hospital AjmanAjman800-2211Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Khalifa General HospitalAjman06-7117777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Khalifa General HospitalAjman06-7117777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Khalifa Hospital - Women And ChAjman06-7117777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Khalifa Hospital - Women And ChAjman06-7117777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Khalifa Hospital MasfootAjman06-7117777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Khalifa Hospital MasfootAjman06-7117777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Ain Al Khaleej HospitalAl Ain03-7133334Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Ain Hospital-SehaAl Ain03-7022704Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Wagan Hos-SehaAl Ain03-7352222Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Burjeel Farha HospitalAl Ain03-7099000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Burjeel Royal HospitalAl Ain03-7991111Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Emirates International HospitalAl Ain03-7637777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Kanad HospitalAl Ain03-7131111Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Mediclinic Hospitals - Al JowharaAl Ain800-2000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Mediclinic Hospitals(Al Ain Branch Hosp)Al Ain03-7667666Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
New Medical Centre Spec H (Nmc)Al Ain03-7555999Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Specialized Medical Care HospitalAl Ain03-7552291Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Tawam Hospital-SehaAl Ain03-7677444Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Adam Vital Ortus Hospital L.L.CDubai800-284Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Amal Hospital (Moh)Dubai04-5192500Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Garhoud Private Hospital (Llc)Dubai04-4545000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Jalila Children'S Speciality HospitalDubai04-2811537Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Kuwait Hospital - Dubai (Moh)Dubai04-7078000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Zahra Hospital Dubai (Zahra Dxb)Dubai04-3786666Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
American HospitalDubai04-3367777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Aster Cedars Hospital Jebel AliDubai04-8814000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Aster Hospital - Al QusaisDubai04-3766818Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Aster Hospital Sonapur LlcDubai04-4400500Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Aster Hospital- MankhoolDubai04-4546001Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Burjeel Hospital For Advanced SurgeryDubai04-4070100Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Canadian Specialist Hospital-DeiraDubai04-7072222Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Clemenceau Medical CenterDubai04-2481111Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Dha Primary Health Care (Dha)Dubai800-342Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital Fz-LlcDubai04-4297777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Dubai Hospital (Dha)Dubai800-342Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Dubai London Speciality Hospital (24X7)Dubai800-352Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Emirates HospitalDubai04-3496666Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Emirates Speciality HospitalDubai04-8716900Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Fakeeh University HospitalDubai04-4144444Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Gargash HospitalDubai04-7030000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Hatta Hospital (Dha)Dubai04-2193000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
International Modern Hospital (Imh)Dubai04-3988888Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Kings College Hospital LondonDubai04-5199999Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Latifa Hospital(Al Waselhospital)(Dha)*Dubai800-342Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Medcare HospitalDubai04-4079100Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine HospitalDubai04-3768400Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Medcare Women & Children HospitalDubai04-3010888Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Medeor 24X7 Hospital Llc,DxbDubai04-3500600Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Mediclinic City HospitalDubai04-4359790Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Mediclinic Parkview Hospital LlcDubai800-1999Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Mediclinic Welcare HospitalDubai800-1999Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Moorfields Eye Hospital DubaiDubai04-4297888Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Neuro Spinal HospitalDubai04-3420000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Nmc Royal Hospital-DipDubai04-8108715Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Nmc Specialty Hospital - Dubai(Nmc)Dubai04-2679999Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Nmc Specialty Hospital DipDubai04-8108715Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Novomed Specialized Surgical HospitalDubai04-5542121Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Prime Hospital Llc -Prime GroupDubai04-2929777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Rashid Hospital (Dha)Dubai800-342Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Saudi German HospitalDubai04-3890000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Valiant Healthcare LlcDubai04-3872205Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Zulekha Hospital-DubaiDubai04-2678866Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Fujairah Hospital (Moh)Fujairah09-2242999Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Sharq HospitalFujairah09-2059999Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Dibba Al Fujairah Hospital (Moh)Fujairah800-8877Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Khorfakkan Hospital (Moh)Fujairah09-2081200Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Oraibi HospitalRas Al Khaimah07-2288511Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Zahrawi HospitalRas Al Khaimah07-2288544Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Ibrahim Bin Hamad Obaidallah HospitalRas Al Khaimah07-2465501Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Obaidella Hospital (Moh)Ras Al Khaimah07-2465501Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Ras Al Khaimah HospitalRas Al Khaimah07-2074234Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Saqr Hospital (Moh)Ras Al Khaimah07-2049999Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Shaam Hospital (Moh)Ras Al Khaimah07-2033444Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Khalifa Specialty HospitalRas Al Khaimah07-2010370Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Khalifa Specialty HospitalRas Al Khaimah07-2010370Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Dhaid Hospital (Moh)Sharjah06-8020200Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Kalba Hospital (Moh)Sharjah09-2775555Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Kuwait Hospital (Moh)Sharjah04-7078000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Al Qassimi Hospital (Moh)Sharjah06-5188888Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Aster Hospital SharjahSharjah04-4400500Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Burjeel Specialty Hospital LlcSharjah06-5075000Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Central HospitalSharjah06-5169218Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Central HospitalSharjah06-5169218Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Dar Al Kamal HospitalSharjah06-5997777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Emirates European Hospital LlcSharjah06-5619444Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Medcare Hospital Llc - Shj BrSharjah06-5949705Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Nmc Royal Hospital Ltd - Shj BrSharjah06-5167427Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Oriana Specialty HospitalSharjah06-5918888Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Saudi German Hospital SharjahSharjah04-3890045Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
University Hospital SharjahSharjah06-5058555Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Zulekha HospitalSharjah06-5658866Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Khalifa General HospitalUmm Al Quwain06-7117777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Sheikh Khalifa General HospitalUmm Al Quwain06-7117777Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Umm Al Quwain Hospital (Moh)Umm Al Quwain06-7060500Hospital WebsiteOpens in a new tab.

List of Clinics in UAE

Clinic NameEmiratePhoneAddress
A L D Medical Clinic -Yas GrpAbu Dhabi02-5533172Dhabi Hameem Camp Hameem Worker City
A M C Medical Clinic -Yas GrpAbu Dhabi02-5463531Ccc Hameem Camp Hameem Worker City
A M H Medical Clinic -Yas GrpAbu Dhabi02-5519457Village Inn 2 Al Mafraq Workers City
Abu Al Abyad Island Clinic-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8839140Western Region
Abu Dhabi Blood Bank- SehaAbu Dhabi02-8192037Budhabi Seha Abudhabi
Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Comp ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6023882Das Island
Abu Dhabi Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-6417500Old Passport Rd
Acacia Advanced Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5551551Zone 5,Villa 79 Near Mazyad Mall Mohammedbinzayed
Adco Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-6023882Adco Compound
Adnoc Technicial Institute ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6023882Al Shawamekh Near Schlumberge Abudhabi
Advance Cure Diagnostic Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-4100900Back Side Of Adnoc Patrol Stat Al Bateen Street Abu Dhabi City
Advanced Cure Diagnostic CenterAbu Dhabi02-6675050Opp Post Office, Near Al Batee 31St Street Al Bateen
Advanced Cure Diagnostics CentreAbu Dhabi02-410-0900Villa, Near Bnp Al Bateen, 32 St Sultan Bin Zayed
Airport Clinic -1- SehaAbu Dhabi02-5757875Abu Dhabi International Airport Abu Dhabi
Al Ameen Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6339722Office # 103, 1St Floor, Nasse Electra Street Electra Street
Al Ameen Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-6339724M Floor, Bldg No 3 Najda Street Btwn Al Maha & Wearmart
Al Bateen Family Medicine Clinic-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8191850Al Bateen
Al Corniche Women Health Ctr-SehaAbu Dhabi02-6724900Al Rawda Area
Al Dharfa Family Medicine Ctr-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8741666Western Region Western Region Western Region
Al Falah Healthcare Center- SehaAbu Dhabi02-7115072Abu Dhabi
Al Farhan Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5832998Abdullah Misbah Al Ameri Old Taxi Stand And Zenith Supe Baniyas West
Al Fuad Medical Centre L.L.C.Abu Dhabi02-5599444H.E. Shaikh Abdulla Bin Butti Fatima Bind Street Abudhabi City
Al Hendawy Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-6213666401 Abu Dhabi Comm. Bank Build Muroor Road Elektra Street
Al Kamal Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6651464Near Sheraton Hotel ,Near Gran Electra Street Electra Street
Al Khaja Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6720048Al Seeri Bldg. Rm 1 Al Durri St. Al Danah
Al Khatim Health Center-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5641192Al Khatim Al Khatim Al Khatim
Al Khaznah Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5661350Al Khaznah Al Khaznah Al Khaznah
Al Madina Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-64397795Th Floor, Ahmed Khalf Almazro Airport Road Airport Road
Al Madina Urgent Care Ctr-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8191806Western Region Western Region Western Region
Al Mafraq Medical Centre (Al Salama)Abu Dhabi02-5833500101-104 Manif Motur Almansori Bldg Baniyas
Al Maqtaa Family Medicine Ctr-SehaAbu Dhabi02-7113886Al Maqtaa Al Maqtaa Al Maqtaa
Al Nasr Field Clinic(Adnoc)Abu Dhabi02-6081100Off Shore
Al Qabail Medical Centre L.L.CAbu Dhabi02-5575531Al Jimi Workers Village Ground Floor Musaffah
Al Rafa Medical Centre Llc (Aster)Abu Dhabi02-6266672Ministry Of Economy Building Hamdan Street Hamdan Street
Al Rayyan Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5517190Building P1291 Mussafah-Shabiyah 11
Al Razi City Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-6224431Mezzanine 01 Awfaw Building Elektra St. Khalidiya
Al Rowdha Clinic Family Medicine-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8191550Al Karama Street Al Karama Street Al Karama Street
Al Safwa Medical Center L.L.C.Abu Dhabi02-6262989Office # 603, 6Th Floor, Marjan Plaza Building ,Opp.Hamdan Center Hamdan Street Hamdan Street
Al Samha Health Center-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5620048Al Samha Al Samha Al Samha
Al Shamkha Healthcare Center-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8113811Al Shamkah
Al Tadamon Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-5636799Icad Residential City Shop 18-19 Gf Opposite Al Fardan Exchange Mussafa Abu Dhabi Po Box 10541
Al Wahda Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6418383Maryam Pharmacy Building Hazaa Bin Zayed Streetdefence Defence Road
Al Zafaranah Family Medicine Clinic-SehaAbu Dhabi02-7113790Al Karama Street Al Karama Street Al Karama Street
Al-Mushrif Clinic-SehaAbu Dhabi02-4102000Al Mushrif Children'S Spec Ctr Mushrif
Alma Health CareAbu Dhabi02-5465599Al Khatem Tower 14Th Floor Al Maryah Island
Alpha Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5558383Al Firdous Center, Ground Floo 17Th Street Saniaya Mussafah
Alqatia Island Clinic (Sarab North)Abu Dhabi02-6024518Das Island
Altamayz Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-5837700Bldg No. 40 Near Lulu Hypermarket Baniyas East 8
American Center For Psychiatry & NeuroAbu Dhabi04-3141000Khalidiya Area Next To Khalidiya Mall Khalidiya St
Amwaj Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6273888Bldg 1729 2Nd Floor Rashid Bin Butty Bish Khalifa Street
Arabian Island Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-5520250Mussafah Shabiya Khalifa Mussafah, Maroor Road
Arzanah ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6023882Umm Al Nar, Near Al Maqta Brid Abu Dhabi
Asab Clinic (Adnoc) Y-253Abu Dhabi02-6034222Asab Adco Site Asab Street Asab Street
Asab Dental ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6024518Onshore
Aspen Dental Polyclinic LlcAbu Dhabi02-6730013101 Al Ansari Exchange Bldg Khalifa Street Abu Dhabi
Aster Primary Care L.L.C.(Aster)Abu Dhabi02-5557078Nearby Emirates Driving School Sannayah Street Sanaeyah
Bab Al Madina Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-6422464Ground Flr, Moosa Al Ajban Building Mussafah 26
Baniyas Ahalia Med Ctr (Ahalia Group)Abu Dhabi02-5836634Opp Baniyas Kabaratnear Dar Al Abu Dhabi-Ain Road Abu Dhabi- Al Ain Road
Baniyas Health Ctr-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5835599Baniyas Baniyas Baniyas
Bayti Home Healthcare LlcAbu Dhabi800-22984Amana Building Opposite Abu Dhabi Municipalit Al Salam Street
Bida Mutawa Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8839140Western Region Western Region Western Region
Blue Ocean Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-4481981Hamed Ghanim Bin Hamoodah Buil Opp Karam Alarab Rest Mussaffah
British Neurology Psychiatry Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-4442285Villa 2 Opp-Mercbenz Sr Airport Road
Bu Sikeen Island Clinic (Sarab South)Abu Dhabi02-6024518Das Island Das Island
Buhasa Clinic (Adnoc)Abu Dhabi02-6035272;Buhasa
Burjeel Medical Center - Al Zeina (Vps)Abu Dhabi02-6900600Retail B1, Al Zeina Bldg, Near Nandos Resto, Al Zeina, Al Raha
Burjeel Oasis Medical Centre L.L.CAbu Dhabi02-8946666Block B, Al Dhafra Club Bldg Madina Zayed St Al Dhafra Area, Madina Zayed
Canadian Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-4469006Beside Universal Hospital Delma St Airport Rd
Canadian Medical& Rehabilation CenterAbu Dhabi02-5558888A Villa 9 12Th Street Khalifa City
Care Point ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6228383Aljabercompex Mafraq Workers City 1 Baniyas West
Care Well Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-6728966207 National Cinema Building Najda Street Najda Street
Care Well Modern Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-5538801Beside Rainbow Supermarket Sanaya Sanaya
Central Clinic LlcAbu Dhabi02-6323497204 Level 2 Emi Tower Hamdan Sbin Mohammad St. Al Dahna
Central Island ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6023882Central Island Clinic
Chc Medical Clinic -Yas GrpAbu Dhabi02-5463530Village Inn 1 Al Mafraq Workers City
Consultants Medical Centre Excl.Ent&CardAbu Dhabi02-6794100Landmark Plaza Building Hamdan Street Hamdan Street
Daar Al Misbah Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6213119Building No 1, Plot 20., 1St Floor, Near Bangali Mosque 12Th Street Musaffah Sanaiya
Dabbiya Clinic (Adnoc)Abu Dhabi02-6046789Al Dabbiya Abt 50 Kms Frm Abu Dabbiya Dabbiya
Dana Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-6661551Shakboot City Flat No / Floor No: 1 Shakboot
Danat Al Emarat Clinic For Women & ChildAbu Dhabi02-6582221Al Bateen Abu Dhabi
Dar Al Shifa MedicalAbu Dhabi02-6456100Tourist Club Area, Office # 13 Electra Street Electra Street
Delma Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-4481800Villa No. 71, Beside Al Khazna Insurance/ Opposite Trans-Ad Office, Delma Street Al Nahyan Camp
Disease Prev & Screening Ctr Delma-SehaAbu Dhabi02-4102000Delma
Disease Prev & Screening Ctr Gaithy-SehaAbu Dhabi02-4102000Gaithy
Disease Prev & Screening Ctr Marfa-SehaAbu Dhabi02-4102000Al Marfa
Disease Prev & Screening Ctr Mus-SehaAbu Dhabi02-4102000Mussafah
Disease Prev & Screening Ctr Sila-SehaAbu Dhabi02-4102000Sila
Disease Prev & Screening Ctr-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8941153Near Al Gharbia Hospital Admin Near Al Gharbia Hospital Admin Near Al Gharbia Hospital Admin
Disease Prev&Screening Ctr Sweihan-SehaAbu Dhabi800-50Sweihan
Disease Prevention & Screening Cntr-SehaAbu Dhabi02-4102720Seha Seha Seha
Disease Prevention Screening Ctr-SehaAbu Dhabi02-4102000Screening Center- Abu Dhabi Screening Center- Abu Dhabi Screening Center- Abu Dhabi
Dr Rashed Al Shaeel Medical Center L.L.CAbu Dhabi02-4493733Villa No 2 Al Fursan Village
Dr. Ahmed Abu Sharia Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6674882Opposite Blood Bank 26Th Street Khalidiya
Dr. Atiqur Rahman Polyclinic LlcAbu Dhabi02-6398331Saeed Al Khalil Bldg, 101, 1St Floor, Near Emke Supermarket Bal Urouq St. Al Murror
Dr. Gupta Medical ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6337357110; F-1 Nasser Tower Electra Street Electra Street
Dr. Ibrahim Awad ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6321661Al Bu Qubai Tower, Near Al Muh Electra Street Electra Street
Dr. Mubarak Shaikh Clinic (Zia)Abu Dhabi026213435-Alya Pharmacy Building, First Floor, Electra Street Al Danah
Droncall LtdAbu Dhabi050-647448814Th Floor, Doh Healthtechhub Al Khatem Tower Al Maryah Island
Eastern Al Ahili Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-8119119Sal Al Amri Building Near Nbd Al Ain Road Musaffah 2
Eastern Al Ahlia Medical CtrAbu Dhabi02-5856005Workers City 2-China Baniyas W Baniyas Street Mafraq
Ehg Emirates Hospital Day Surgery LlcAbu Dhabi02-5014000Podium 2,Shining Towers Mubarak Bin Mohammed St. Khalidiyah
Elaj Medical Centre - Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-6762444Building 14,Bin Arar Center , Shark 11 Najda Street Najda Street
Elite Style Physiology Treatment CentreAbu Dhabi02-6650034Adcp Tower D Behind Honda Showroom Electra Strt
Emerald Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-5554164Shop No. 5,6,7,8, M37 16Th Street Industrial City Of Abu Dhabi
Emirates Confidenty Medical CentreAbu Dhabi03-7545959M1 And M2,Next To Baby Mart Abu Baker Al Sadiq Al Murabaa
Emirates Dermatology & Cosmetology CenteAbu Dhabi02-5555255Bl No.836Stret 30 Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street New Marhaba
Emirates Jordanian Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5836999Ground To 2 Exit 40 Baniyas West Baniyas
Etihad Visa Screening Center - SehaAbu Dhabi02-4102720Abudhabi Seha Abudhabi
Ever Care Medical ClinicAbu Dhabi02-873197359 5 St. M17 Mussafah
Excellent Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-5544469Sawaeed Residential Compound,Ground Floor Al Mafraqworker City 2
Exeter Mc For Bone & Joint HealthAbu Dhabi02-6354321Villa 10,Behind Gulf Diag Hosp Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street Al Bateen
Expert Medical ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6225566Mojumaat Workerss City Hameem Road Hameem
Express Ghayathi ClinicAbu Dhabi02-87444301St Floor Near Uae Excahange Sanayya
Extra Care Medical Centre LlcAbu Dhabi02-6344922Nahel Tower Same Bldg Of Nbo Elektra Street Al Najda Street
Famous Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5551866Plot 48 M10 Mussaffah Mussafah Industrial Area
First Global ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6650015Villa#6, Opp Bmw Showroom, Khalidiya Abu Dhabi
Freedom Medical PolyclinicAbu Dhabi02-63367442Nd Floor, Abu Tariq Furniture Muroor Road Markaziya
Genet Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6669945Junaibi Tower ,2Nd Floor Opposite Emirates Discount Market Al Dhafra
Ghanim Medical ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6331870Kuwaiti Bldg Flr 101 Al Markaziyah Al Markaziyah
Golden Choice Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-4486266First Floor M17 Musafah ¿Sanyya Musafah Sanayya
Golden Health Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5855552Al Salam Living City Hameem Road Al Salam Living City
Golden Health Mobile Medical UnitAbu Dhabi02-6225566Najda Street
Goldencare Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-4499881Building 94,Ground Floor 14Th Street
Gulf Intl' Cancer CenterAbu Dhabi02-5635558Deer Fields Mall Al Bahiya
H H C Medical Clinic -Yas GrpAbu Dhabi02-5463520Milco Camp Al Mafraq Workers
Habshan Clinic (Adnoc)Abu Dhabi02-6038331Near Habshan Gasco Refinery Habshan Street Habshan Street
Hala Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-8742437Near Uae Exchange Ghiathy District
Health Clear Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-5538383Ahmed Hamd Hameed Alsuwaidi Bl 10Th Street Musaffah Industrial Area
Health Plus Diabetes And EndocrinologyAbu Dhabi02-6433494Sheikh Sultan Binsayed Al Khaleej
Health Plus Family Health CenterAbu Dhabi02-6433494C8 Sdn1 Jawaher Community Cent Cutural District Al Saadiyat
Health Plus Family Health Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-5571818Al Bandar Abu Dhabi
Health Plus Fertilty Center Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-6433494Hazaa Bin Zayed The First St Al Karama
Healthplus Womens Health Center L LcAbu Dhabi02-6433494Hazaa Bin Zayed The First St Al Karama
Holistic Medical Centre- Sole PropreitorAbu Dhabi02-6661657Villa#141 Oppo Alforsan Htl Khalifa City A
Holistic Medical Centre-BrAbu Dhabi02-6660388Al Dhafra, Madinat Zayed City
Hope Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5551430Gcc New Offfice Gf Near Al Jaber Labor Camp Mafraq Worker City 1
House Of Nature Natural Care Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-5857580Villa 11 Al Bateen Harbor Street Al Bateen Abu Dhabi
Ibn Nafees Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6324200401-402,Bin Sagar Tower Najda Street Najda Street
Ibn Sina Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-6816400Al Khalidiya Rotana Mezanine Flr Near Al Manara Ph
Ibn Sina Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-6816400Al Reef Downtown Block F2 Near Al Manara Ph
Illc Medical Clinic -Yas GrpAbu Dhabi02-5538098Al Nasser Workers Village Al Mafraq
Imperial College London Diabetes CentreAbu Dhabi02-404088129Th Street, Al Safarat Khaleej Arabi Street Khaleej Arabi Street
Infinti Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-8882622Flat 198 Gf Al Wadi Bldg. Al Dhafra Road Sanaiya Industrial Area
Intercare Health Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-639008035B Marina Village Mirage Resto, Marina Mall Marina Breakwater
Ishtar Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-6333886Fatima Bint Mubarak Street Oppsite Al Amriah Cinema Near Hamdan Kfc
Journ Yafour Med Ctr-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5853349Baniyas Baniyas Baniyas
Karachi Medical PolyclinicAbu Dhabi02-5500730M-37, Opposite Al-Miraj Supermarket Mussaffah
Khalifa A Health Center-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5561695Khalifa Khalifa City
Khyber Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-8820808Anjaz Building 1St Floor Emirates Transport Street Madinat Zayed
Kids Heart Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-445-8881Flat 54, Karamah Street Liwa
Kohat Medical Centre LlcAbu Dhabi02-55111297 And 8 Shop Near Alghaza Mussaffah
Kohat Valley Medical Centre L.L.CAbu Dhabi02-5533083Street No.10 Shop No.23 Agricukture Building Musaffah
Lifecare Clinic Br 3Abu Dhabi02-5503034Block G Gf 19A Tasameem Workers City Mussafah West 5
Lifecare Clinic L.L.CAbu Dhabi02-5824916Magenta Pearl Village Al Mafraq Workers City 2 Al Mafraq
Lifecare Clinic L.L.C. - BranchAbu Dhabi02-5833277Mountain Gate Property Investm Al Mafraq Workers City Baniyas
Lifecare Medical Center L.L.C.Abu Dhabi02-5826812Grnd Floor Razeen Camp Al Watba-Al Mafraq
Liwa Medical Centre L.L.CAbu Dhabi02-8822877Flat No-6, Building No-1 Meziarah Al Dhafra
Llh Medical Center Al Musaffah BranchAbu Dhabi02-5865333Labotil Camp Cl-1-9-Bg-002 Baniyas
Llh Medical Center Al Musaffah BranchAbu Dhabi02-4116450Km Trading 16 Street Musaffah
Llh Medical Centre Al MusaffahAbu Dhabi02-5531414Plot C-173 Nr Al Najah Pvt Sch 28Th Street Shabia 9
Llh Medical Centre L.L.C.Abu Dhabi02-6282222Bldg No. C55, Mussafah, Shabiya Me Ii
London Consulting Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6261661Vill 253 Khalifa Bin Shakbout St Al Khalidiyah
M 26 Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-8867789Plot 94 Kada Rest Street 1 Mussafah
Macani Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6107777Al Montanzah Tower Al Khalidiya
Madinat Moh Bin Zayed Hlth Care Ctr-SehaAbu Dhabi050-6738070Mmbz Maqta'A Maqta'A
Mafraq Dialysis Centre -SehaAbu Dhabi02-5011853Next To Mafraq Hospital Al Mafraq Baniyas District
Mardan Medical Center-AuhAbu Dhabi02-4411413Building 1 Near Workers Village Round Abo Musaffah Sanaya 32/2
Mariam Medical ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6214626Rehanna Textile Bldg. Rm 103 1St Floor Elektra
Maxim Medical Centre LlcAbu Dhabi02-5500161Al Dhafra Workers Village Bldg Mussafah I-Cad 3
Medical Services Admin Auh Police GhqAbu Dhabi02-512-80-4327Th St Al Muroor Road Police Academy Area
Medical Speciality Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-6336325Jasim Ahmed Al Hindi Building Zayed 1St Street Khalidhiya
Mediclinic - Khalifa City LlcAbu Dhabi02-8856700284, Near Khalifa City Police Station, Khalifa City Abu Dhabi
Mediclinic Al Mamora L.L.C.Abu Dhabi02-6723400Al Mamoura Al Saad Street Mamoura/Muroor Road
Mediclinic Hospitals - Baniyas ClinicsAbu Dhabi02-5668800Baniyas Residential Area Baniyas
Mediclinic Hospitals - Marawah ClinicsAbu Dhabi02-8092100Bdaa, Zaid Abu Dhabi
Mediclinic Hospitals Clinic-AdiaAbu Dhabi02-6139504Abu Dhabi Invetsment Authority Corniche St
Mediclinic Hospitals-AlmusafahspecclinicAbu Dhabi02-4066874Me-10, Shabiya Bin Masjid Shab Shabiyah 10 Shabiyah 10
Mediclinic Hospitals-Madinat Zayed SpecAbu Dhabi02-8848833Madinat Zaed Street Al Dhafra St. Near Al Dhafra Sport Club
Medline Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-5530577Medline Medical Centre Building Opp. Village Mall Musaffah Industrial Area
Medlux Medical Center L.L.C.Abu Dhabi02-5467355Al Badi Kohler Road Plot No 6, Shop No 02 Mafraq Industrial Area Zone 1
Medstar Icad Medical Center L.L.C.Abu Dhabi02-5845657Sanaya Near Musaffah
Mesk Almadina Medical Centre L.L.CAbu Dhabi02-5504333Oppo. Icad Residential 2 Icad Area M40 Mussafah
Mezyad Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5519977Tower 3 Mezyad Mall Mohammed Bin Zayed City
Mubarak Medical CenterAbu Dhabi03-7642978Near Al Eshoush Gym Al Eshoush Village, Baniyas Al Mafraq Workers City-2
Nayl Al Shefa Medical ClinicsAbu Dhabi03-7213226Muhammad Sultan Darmaki Building Near Old Police Station Industrial Area
New Famous Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-5538040Salem Hamees Musaffah 34 :Musaffah
New National Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-5520100Khalid Khoori Buldng Shabiyah Sector 10 Musaffah
New National Medical Centre Llc BranchAbu Dhabi02-5520100Naser Abdullah Al Yateem, 27 No 27, Al Madeenah As Sina'Iya 2Nd Street Sector M36, Plot138
Nmc Royal Family Medical Centre L.L.C.Abu Dhabi02-6911500Prestige Tower Near Capital Ma Mohammad Bin Zayed Area
Nmc Royal Medical Center -Al Karama BrAbu Dhabi02-6144900Near International Community S Al Faris Street Al Karama
Nmc Royal Medical Centre LlcAbu Dhabi02-5133111Nmc Royal Medical Bldg. King Abdulah Bin Abddulaziz Al Saud St, Al Bateen
Nmc Royal Medical Centre Llc Br ShahamaAbu Dhabi02-8859400Opp. Deerfields Mall C170 Shahama
Noor Al Shifa Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5633329Sea City Pharmacy Building New Shahama Dubai- Mafreq Highway
Noor Alahli Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5530368M-9, Shabiya Near Safeer Mall, Musaffah
Noor Alahli Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5530368Noor Alahli Mc Near Baniyas Court Baniyas West
Noor Alahli Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-8833020Marfa Souq, Opp Abu Saeed Mosque Mirfa
Noor Alahli Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-8119119Madina Mall Icad Residential City Icad,Musaffah
North Island ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6023882North Island Oilfield North Island Oilfield
Oasis Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-8119119Mohd Ali Almuhairbi Building Near To Taha Medical Centre Al Falah Street
Oasis Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-5506691Al Jimi Workers Village Beside Fatimah Supermarket Musaffah Icad
Occu Med ClinicAbu Dhabi02-5134000Global Ascent Business Cntr Mussafah Industrial Area Mussafah
Open Mri Spin SurgeryAbu Dhabi02-4496613Zone 2 Karama Street Karama Street
Pattaya Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-5530233Rashid Khadm Al Muhayri B3 Mussafah 37
Perfect Balance Rehabilitation CentreAbu Dhabi02-4413316Tamouh Tower Bldg 12 Marina Square Al Reem Island
Prime Care Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-5538188Nearby Emirates Identity Autho M/4 Plot No. 11 Musaffah Industrial Area
Prime Cure Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6342424Mezer Salem Building Next To G Falah Street Falah Street
Proficiency Medical ClinicAbu Dhabi02-4919300Building Number C199 Shabia 12,Near To Model School Mussaffah,
Providence International Med&Cosmetic CtAbu Dhabi02-6661197Sector 38 Near Wadi Al Madeena Sm Musaffah
Quality Care Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-6260600Star Tower Bldg. 1St Flr,Lulu Street Abudhabi
Qusahwira Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6023882Western Region, Al Dhafrah Abudhabi
Rahat Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6333924Marina Plaza Tower, Above Qata Lulu Street Markaziya
Rahmath Sila ClinicAbu Dhabi02-8424999Building 457, 1St Floor Near Uae Exchage Bldg, Sila Western Region
Right Choice Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-4917600Ight Choice Medical Centre Bdn Musaffah Sanaya 10 Near Alya Supermarket
Royal International Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-8775522Elenco Building Beside Lulu Exchange Mafraq
Saba Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-552330014Th St M37 Industrial Area Mussafah
Sahara Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-5556393M44 Musaffah Industrial Area Musaffah
Sahil Clinic /Sardar AliAbu Dhabi02-6049742Liwa Street Hamam Road Sahil
Sama Alshamkha Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-586602042,43 Floor, Near Al Qima School Al Shamkha
Sas Al Nakhl ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6023882International Airport Road Abudhabi
Seha Dialysis - Delma-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5012929Western Region Western Region Western Region
Seha Dialysis - Ghaithy-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5012929Western Region Western Region Western Region
Seha Dialysis - Madinet Zayed-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5012929Western Region Western Region Western Region
Seha Dialysis - Mirfa-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5012929Western Region Western Region Western Region
Seha Dialysis - Sila-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5012929Western Region Western Region Western Region
Seha Dialysis - Skmc-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5012929Al Karama St
Seha Dialysis - Tawam-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5012929Tawam Campus Tawam Campus Tawam Campus
Seha Dialysis Services - Al Mafraq HospitalAbu Dhabi02-4102900Al Mafraq Abudhabi
Seha Dialysis Services - Al Wagan HospitalAbu Dhabi02-5012925(Administration Offices 2Nd Floor
Seha Mobile Clinic 1-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8113811Abu Dhabi
Seha Mobile Clinic 2-SehaAbu Dhabi02-8113811Abu Dhabi
Seha Mobile Clinic 3Abu Dhabi02-6419733Abu Dhabi Island Auh
Sehaty Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6225566Al Dhafra Workers Village Icad 3-S 29 Musaffah South
Shah Al Hosn PlqAbu Dhabi02-6024518Onshore Onshore
Shah ClinicAbu Dhabi02-604424868 Km S/West Of Asab 165 Kms F 68 Km S/West Of Asab 165 Kms F Shah I Field
Shahama Health Center-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5632599Shahama Shahama Shahama
Shaheen Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6411345Ahmed Sultan Marta Al Halami 1St Floor Madina Zayed
Sheikh Khalifa Energy Clinic-Adnoc-SkecAbu Dhabi02-6023882Sheikh Khalifa Energy Complex Abudhabi
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Dialysis-SehaAbu Dhabi02-5012925Karama Street Abu Dhabi City
Shrouq Al Sabah Medical CenterAbu Dhabi03-7801233209 Baladiya Street Al Ameriya
Sir Baniyas Clinic - SehaAbu Dhabi02-8070000Bani Yas Abu Dhabi
South Island Clinic (Zadco)Abu Dhabi02-6023882Abu Dhabi South Island Oilfeild
Star Al Ahalia Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-8119119Build. No:- C76 Near To Gayathi Market Tariff Road,Gayathi
Star Key Hearing Rehab CenterAbu Dhabi600-502039Villa 151 Opposite Al Fursan Village Khalifa City
Star Medical Center Llc Branch-Abu Dhabi02-5558081Muhammad Ali Samad Bldg 26 Musaffah ,Sanayya Near Marqab Ph
Swat Medical Poly ClinicAbu Dhabi02-5550038Swat Pharmacy Bldg Near Gulf Garden Restaurant Sanaiya
Swedish Medical Centre W.L.LAbu Dhabi02-6811122Villa #1 Opp. Of Spinneys Behind Al Hilal Bank Corniche Street #9, Khalidiya
Tabibak Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-5851006Habshan, Shop No 2, Block 291, Habshan Abu Hassa Road, Wahda Suhail,Al Mazrouei Transport Corporation
Tabibak Medical Clinic (Golden Health)Abu Dhabi02-6225566Campco Properties Hameem Road Hameem Area
Tajmeel Kids Park Medical Centre L.L.C.Abu Dhabi02-5646500G Floor Fun Zone Emirates Park Near Emirates Park Zoo Al Shahama
Tajmeel Specialized Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-3047999Al Dar Hq Building Shahama Road Al Dar Area
Tawam Rehabilitation Center - SehaAbu Dhabi02-7642075Eastern Al Ain Region Cornor Of Khalifa Street
The Doctors Medical Center LlcAbu Dhabi02-6663378Villa 106 Opp Seha Auh Health Bateen St, Khalidiyah Corniche Road
The Specialist Diabetes TreatmentAbu Dhabi02-040800Healthpoint Hospital,Zayed Sports City,Saif Ghobash Street
Top Care Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-5500620Near Fresh & More Hypermarket Industrial City Icad Residential City
Umm Al Dalkh Clinic (Zadco)Abu Dhabi02-7071271Off Shore Umm Al Dakh Oilfield
Umm Al Lulu Clinic (Adnoc)Abu Dhabi056-5247381Off Shore Off Shore
Umm Shaif Super Complex (Ussc)/ Umm ShaiAbu Dhabi02-6024518Das Island Das Island
Unique Health Care Clinic L.L.C.Abu Dhabi02-5755333Al-Sarab Building Near Ubl Bank Mussaffah Mussaffah
Universal Specialty Medical Center L.L.CAbu Dhabi02-5524425Gf Bldg C150 Shabiya Mohammed Bin Zayed City Abu Dhabi
Upper Zakum ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6023882Abu Dhabi
Vista Care Specialized ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6263649Near Madinatzayd Al Danah
Wazirustan Clinic LlcAbu Dhabi02-87414003Rd Floor` Market Area Ghayathi
Well Care Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6766000Electra Street Al Hamra Plaza Blk A-01
Well Health Medical CenterAbu Dhabi02-6429393Al Nahyan Camp Villa Mohd Al Minhal Defense Road
West Island ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6023882West Island Oil Field
Western Towers Al Ahlia Medical CentreAbu Dhabi02-8840522Shop No 10 Near Al Maya Super Market Mze19,Sanaya,Madinath Zayed
Yas Healthcare L.L.CAbu Dhabi02-3336907Flr 2, Dusit Thani Complex Opp: Al Jazira Stadium Muroor Street
Zakum Clinic (Zadco)Abu Dhabi02-6054200Off Shore
Zakum West Super Complex ClinicAbu Dhabi02-6024518Das Island Das Island
Zia Medical Centre (Zia)Abu Dhabi02-5522201Above Uae Exchange Sector Me12 Shabiya Khalifa Shabiyah
Zirku Clinic (Zadco)Abu Dhabi02-6023882Off Shore Zirku Island
Aaliyah Medical CenterAjman06-7475599Shop # 209-210, 2Nd Floor, Cit Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Nuaim Bustan
Abdul Aziz Medical CentreAjman06-7310722Al Salam Building F Block Al Hamidiya
Access Medical Centre (Aster)Ajman06-7404778Near Nesto Hypermarket Al Hamrain Souq Ajman Industrial Area 1
Access Medical Centre (Aster)Ajman06-7404778Near Nesto Hypermarket Al Hamrain Souq Ajman Industrial Area 1
Advanced Medical Centre - Ajman-KmcAjman06-7459969Flat # 202,2Nd F,Citymart Buil Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Stree Bustan
Ajman Medical Centre LlcAjman06-7430088Al Zahra Bldg 1St Floor, New Industrial 1 Ar Ajman
Al Bustan Medical ClinicAjman06-748822Uaeexchangebuilding Near China Mall, Jurf
Al Dhuha Medical CentreAjman06-740-5633Nearby Nissan Showroom, Opposite Ajman One Towers, Shaikh Rashid Bin Humaid St Rumailah
Al Gharafa Medical CentreAjman06-74483223Rd Flooral Karama Plaz Abank Sheikh Abdullah Bin Rashid Nua Bustan
Al Helal PolyclinicAjman06-7446359Flat # 5 & 61St Floor Hamid Bu Usman Bin Alfan Road Karama
Al Hemaya General Clinic L.L.CAjman06-74988111St Floor Al Hemaya General Cl Near Lulu Exchange Al Jurf
Al Jurf Medical CenterAjman06-7499766Jurf 3 Bldg. 105 & 106 Beside Muroor Opp. Ajman Univ Al Jurf
Al Nahrain Medical CenterAjman06-7484778U Shop Sheik Maktoum Bin Rash St Al Helio 2
Al Nahrain Specialty Medical CenterAjman06-744-9144601-605 Sky Tower Building Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road Nuaimiya
Al Nuaimia Medical CenterAjman06-7432292New Industrial Area Above Baghdad Supermarket Ajman
Al Rafi ClinicAjman06-7432844Danemcomplex Near Mufleha Supermarket Jurf Industrial Area 2
Al Rukn Medical CenterAjman06-7482005Ajman Bank Bldg. , Al Rashidiya 3 Room 101-106 Al Zaheer Street Al Rashediya3
Al Sanaiya ClinicAjman06-7484078Al Jerf Above Metro Restaurant Opp Ajm Korea Factory
Al Shrooq PolyclinicAjman06-7455688Al Karama Plazafloor 1Flat 104 Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Nuaim Bustan
Alain Medical CenterAjman06-7406661Alainsupermarketbuilding Al Nuimia Al Nuimia
Amina Medical Center LlcAjman06-7033778Amina Medical Centre Blgd Behind Ajman University Al Jurf 1
Aster Medical Center( Moopens) AjmanAjman06-7314799Opp Adnoc Petrol Station Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street Nuaimiyah
Aster Medical Center( Moopens) AjmanAjman06-7314799Opp Adnoc Petrol Station Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Stree Nuaimiyah
Aster Specialist Medical CenterAjman06-5308057Al Manar Tower Sheikh Rashid Bin Humeed Strt Al Swan, Rashidia-3, Ajman
Aster Specialist Medical CenterAjman06-5308057Al Manar Tower Sheikh Rashid Bin Humeed Strt Al Swan, Rashidia-3, Ajman
Aura Medical Center L.L.CAjman06-5265455Behind Ajman Jurf Jail Jurf 2 Industrail Area Ajman Jurf
City Medical CentreAjman06-7441882101; F-1 Bin Ladin Building Mafood Street Bustan
Clinica Medical Center LlcAjman06-561960713 Flamingo Villas Al Ehihad Road Al Zora
Dent Care Medical CenterAjman06-7478910Al Andalus Bldg 2 5Th Floor Sheik Khalifa Street Al Rashidya 3
Dr. Shyams Ayurveda - AjmanAjman06-7441423Rumailah 3
Elaj Medical CentreAjman06-7418880Ajman Fort Building Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Stree Rumailah
Emirates Private Medical CenterAjman06-7486177Nuimiya Building,Emirates Gas Road,New Industrial Area,Ajman
Eve Medical Center L.L.CAjman06-7498042Jasmin Building Opp New Immigration Office Al Jurf
Family Medical Clinic (Aah)Ajman06-7434800Office # 04 & 05, Ground Floor Muctam Street Hamidiya Main Ro Zahra
Fammed Medical CenterAjman06-74221272Nd Flr Nesto Hypermarket Al Rashidiya 2
Golden Star Childrens ClinicAjman06-5544478Noor Building Beside Ajman One Tower Rashediya 3
Hala Medical CenterAjman06-7709000Alnayfah Tower P5 Al Itthihad Industrial Area 2
Huda Al Alousi Specialised Medical CentrAjman06-7487776Flamingo Villa No.41 Etihad Street Al Zorah
Ibn Sina Medical Centre (Aah)Ajman06-7457755Near Nbd Bldg Quds Street Sawan
International Specialists Medical CentreAjman06-7463400Shafiq Building Kuwait Street Nuaimiyah
Khalid Lala Medical Clinic LlcAjman06-7483485Camp Salam Ground Jeddah Street Jurf
Khalid Medical Clinic (Khalid General)Ajman06-5556303Rawabi 2 Bldg Shk Kfa Bin Za Nuaimia 3
Llh Specialist Medical CenterAjman06-7486747Mariam Tower King Faisal Street Al Nuaimiya 2
Maple Medical Center LlcAjman06-7481778Al Salam Street Rawda-3
Mariam Dental CenterAjman06-74456969; F-2 Abdul Amin Building Quds Street Sawan
Metro Medical Centre AjmanAjman06-7469694Flat 3&4 Badar Building Shaik Khalifa Bin Zayed Nuaimiyah
National Clinic (Sanaiya)Ajman06-7480780New Industrial Area Lucky Mart Bldg Near Lucky Roundabout
New Ibin Sina Medical Centre (Aah)Ajman06-74133302Nd Flr Near Trafic&Lic Depart Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid St Al Juruf
Nmc Medical Centre Ajman Llc(Nmc)Ajman06-7147666Near Safeer Hypermarket Samha Plaza Opp Al Khor Tower, Rashidiya
Northern Al Ahliah Medical Centre - AjmaAjman06-7404941Al Wakf Building Gf Al Bustan Street Al Bustan Area
Prime Medical Center AjmanAjman04-7070999Grand Mall Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St Al Rashidyah
Rashid Center For Diabetes And ResearchAjman06-7117777Sheikh Khalifa Medical City University Street
Red Maple Medical Center LlcAjman06-7481778Al Jurf Ind.Area-3 Bahiya
Right Health Clinic Jurf LlcAjman06-7494969Shopno1 Ext To Al Roayah Al Naqyah Gen Jurf Industrial Zone 2
Right Health Clinic Jurf2 LlcAjman06-7404141Shop No 2 Jurf Industrial Zone 2 Ajman
Seha Medical CenterAjman067-404045Emirate Bldg 101-103 Al Ittihad Street Al Nuamiya 1
Shifa Al Jazeerah Medical Centre LlcAjman06-7444830Muhdda Near Nesto Hyper Market New Sanaya
Skin And Teeth Medical Center LlcAjman06-7444560Flamingo Villa Opp Shk Zd Msq Al - Zorah
Advanced Medical CenterAl Ain050-6297801Above General A/C Showroom, Cl Ain Main Street Rubainah
Al Ain Ahili Medical Centre (Ahalia Grp)Al Ain03-7559990Villaopposite Al Sahir Cafeter Sheikh Khalifa Street Tub Alouda Area
Al Ain Cromwell Medical Ctr-Hayar (Ubc)Al Ain03-7321119Bldg 2 Street 22, Ramlath Al Hayar
Al Ain Cromwell Medical Ctr-Yahar (Ubc)Al Ain03-7817778Bldg 46 Street 1, Al Riffa Al Yahar
Al Ain Specialized Medical Center- L L CAl Ain03-7646788Mubarak Nasser Al Mansoori Opposite To Lulu Center Al Sarooj Area
Al Andalus Medical CenterAl Ain03-75544221St Floor And 3Rd Floor Beside Adib Ladies Bank Oud Al Al Ain
Al Basheer Medical Center LlcAl Ain03-7665561Hayat Centre Building M1 & M2 Above Hayat Centre, Main Street Central District
Al Faqa Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7331122Al Faqa Al Faqa Al Faqa
Al Farabi Medical Center LlcAl Ain03-7515383Office # 03, 1St Floor, Omeir Main Street Industrial
Al Hayer Primary Health Care Center-SehaAl Ain03-7321511Al Hayer Al Hayer Al Hayer
Al Hilal Medical ClinicAl Ain03-7849290Building No.252 Above Lulu Exchange Town Centre
Al Hili Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7845328Al Hili Al Hili Al Hili
Al Jahli Medical Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7631900Al Jahil Al Jahil Al Jahil
Al Jimi Medical PolyclinicAl Ain03-7656269Toencentre Central District Alain
Al Jimi Medical Polyclinics Branch 1Al Ain03-7350404M Post Building Near Al Rayyan Pharmacy,Main Street Al Wagan
Al Mamoon Medical CentreAl Ain03-7666652Villa 38, Beside Marriage Fund Sheikh Khalifa Street Oud Bin Sag-Han
Al Maqam Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7684380Al Maqam Al Maqam Al Maqam
Al Masoudi Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7023134Al Baladiyya Street Al Baladiyya Street Al Baladiyya Street
Al Mukhtar Medical CenterAl Ain03-7552333Al Mukhtar Mc Bldg. Khalifa Bin Zayed St. Al Muwaiji
Al Muweiji Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7678864Al Muweji Al Muweji Al Muweji
Al Niyadat Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7686050Al Niyadat Al Niyadat Al Niyadat
Al Quaa Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7356115Al Quaa Al Quaa Al Quaa
Al Raneen Medical CenterAl Ain03-7655602Lucky Plaza Building, M2 Floor Town Center
Al Shifa Medical ClinicAl Ain03-7662172Al Otaiba Building Near Adnoc Petrol Town Centre, Clock Tower
Al Shueib Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7323302Al Shueib Al Shueib Al Shueib
Al Sultan Advanced PolyclinicAl Ain03-7806111Al Mohammed Sultan Balyazia Al Khalifa Bin Zayed Street Falaj Hazza
Al Towayya Children'S Spec Center-SehaAl Ain03-7462888111Th St. Al Towayya
Al Waqar Medical CentreAl Ain03-7664521Mohdsherifalkhuribldg Behind Omeir Travels Murraba
Al Yahar Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7826772Al Yahar Al Yahar Al Yahar
Al Zhoor Medical CenterAl Ain03-7857365Alneyadibuildingalainuae Aud Althoba Street
Almagd Medical Center Sole PropAl Ain050-2127301Behindalmahood Nahyan Strt Littaq
Alostora Medical CenterAl Ain03-7549966Road 15 Batha Al Hayer Sanaiya
Alpine Medical CentreAl Ain03-7857537Office 2,First Floor, Hayat Town Center, Zayed Bin Sultan Street Central District
American Center For Psychiatry And NeuroAl Ain03-7131700Villa 1, American Centre Bldg Khalifa Bin Zayed, The First Moatared Area
Bin Sulmeian Medical CenterAl Ain03-7221358Binsulaimanmedicalcentre Near Oasis Hospital Sanaiya Road
Burjeel Medical Centre Barari Llc (Vps)Al Ain03-7991551Usf-002 Barari Outlet Mall Barari
Classic Care Medical CentreAl Ain03-73464541535 Building,Flat 105,06 Sweihan Al Hayer Road Al Saad Street,Near Fab Bank
Clinics- Mediclinic Hospitals(Al Yahar)Al Ain03-7133401Sheik Salem Al Amri Bldg Al Yahar North Al Yahar
Clinics-Mediclinic Hospitals-(Al Madar)Al Ain03-7227090Near Dubai Islamic Bank Vimi Ameria Street Vimi Ameria Street
Clinics-Mediclinic Hospitals(Al Bawadi)Al Ain03-7667666Ground Al Bawadi Mall Bldg. Zayed Bin Sultan St Street 137
Clinics-Mediclinic Hospitalsc(Zakher)Al Ain03-7375558Zahker Street Al Ain Al Ain
Cure Plus Medical CenterAl Ain03-7655511Station Al Mharka Adnoc Petrol Al Khabisi
Diamond Medical CenterAl Ain03-7844689Bldg 160, Mohd Rasol Khori Near Hardees Khalifa St.
Disease Prev&Screening Ctr Sweihan-SehaAl Ain800-50And Screening Center-Alain And Screening Center-Alain And Screening Center-Alain
Dr. Nashaat ClinicAl Ain03-7668794Office # 20, 2Nd Floor, Panaso Street # 137 Centrdistrict
Emirates International PolyclinicAl Ain03-7669888Mahmoud Al Bloushi Building Al Ain Cooperative Society Town Center
Fatima Medical CentreAl Ain03-75138832Nd Floor, Himat Helal Jewellery Building, Opposite Omier Travel Agency Building Jaba Street Jaba Street
Gems Medical Clinic-LlcAl Ain03-7855575Flat No.8, Shk Mohd Al Shamsi Murabbah, Town Center Al Ain
Hanadi ClinicAl Ain03-7615100Villa 4 1St Street, Al Safra 1St, Al Sanaiya
Healing Touch Medical CenterAl Ain03-7850100Above Aati Laundry Baladiya Street Al Jimi
Health & Beauty Polyclinic LlcAl Ain03-7551130Near Al Ain Hospital Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Awwal St. Al Mowaiji
High Life Medical CenterAl Ain03-7681818Abdullahbinbldg Flat No. 202 Niyadat
Imperial College Diabetes Centre Llc BrAl Ain03-7464800Beside Tawam Hospital Khalifa Bin Zayed St Al Maqam
Infinity Health Care Medical CenterAl Ain03-7618824Bldg. No. 5 Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Awwal St. Al Kharais Al Jimi
Khyberwaziristan Medical ClinicAl Ain03-7665173Abdulla Ali Hamid,1St Floor Sanaiya Street Sanaiya Industrial Area
Mahboob Medical CenterAl Ain03-7654631Office 7 Mohammed Al Balousi Bldg. Plot 218 Al Mutawaa
Marbella Medical CenterAl Ain03-7639000Villa 2-10 10Th Street (Near Fatima Hm) Al Qattara
Marjan Medical CenterAl Ain03-7530110Office 1-6 Qala Shaheen Bldg 40 Sherikat Al Khair Wadi Al Ain
Medstar Clinics Sanaiya Alain LlcAl Ain03-7621007Al Ain Tower Strt Al Ain
Mezyad Primary Health Care Center-SehaAl Ain03-7821918Mezyad Mezyad Mezyad
Modern CentreAl Ain03-7664764Near Meena Bazarabove Atlas Je Meena Road Meena Road
Mubarak Medical CentreAl Ain03-7642978Near K.M. Trading Zayed Bin Sultan Street Central District
Neima Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7556775Neima District Neima District Neima District
Noor Alahli Medical CenterAl Ain02-8119119Building 243 Near Old Police Station Sanaya
Orthoplus Bone And Joint CenterAl Ain03-3780378Alfardanbuilding Same Building Of Al Fardan Exchange Central District
Oud Al Toba Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7023159Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street
Pride Medical CenterAl Ain03-7998920Al Said Mohammad Bl Abid,Flat1 To 6 Near Abdullah Pharmacy Street 15 Th
Remah Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7372211Remah Remah Remah
Sama Tabrizi Dentistry L.L.C.Al Ain03-7661178Villa 5 Oud Bin Saghan Street Building 320,Al Muwaiji
Spectrum Medical CenterAl Ain03-78007781St Floor Shobra Building, Etihad Aiways Office Main Street Town Center
Sun Medical ClinicAl Ain03-7803177Gulf Sun Hyper Market Building Street 7 Al Ain Industrial Area
Sun Medical ClinicAl Ain03-7215434Mahmoud Al Baloushi Building End Of Street4 Al Ain Industrail Area
Sweihan Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7347318Sweihan Sweihan Sweihan
Tajmeel Cosmo Clinic L.L.CAl Ain02-6107809Barari Outlet Mall Al Dhaher
Tawam Ivf Center - SehaAl Ain03-7075313Tawam Roundabout Al Ain
The Heart Medical Center LlcAl Ain03-7511122Bldg. 26 2Nd Street Opp. Al Ain Hospital Al Mutaredh
Ultra Medical CenterAl Ain03-7625552Bldg 20 Jimi Mall Al Jimi Mall Al Ain
Urgent Care Medical CenterAl Ain03-7811008Fine Travel Bldg Near Clocktower Roundabout Zayed Bin Sultan Street.
Zakher Primary Health Care Ctr-SehaAl Ain03-7828042Zaker Zaker Zaker
Abeer Al Noor Poly Clinic Llc-DeiraDubai04-2343017Afra Al Shaikh Majren Building Behind Al Futtaim Masjid Deira
Abeer Al Noor Poly Clinic Llc-MuhaisinaDubai04-2729966Musthafa Mall ,Suite No.6 & 31 Same Building Of Grand Hyperma Muhaisnah -2
Abeer Al Noor PolyclinicDubai04-2612248Bu Hussain Building. Doha Road. Qusais
Abris Medical Center L.L.C.Dubai04-3535356Meena Bazaar Building 29, 50B Street Bur Dubai
Absolute Wellness Medical CentreDubai04-3368101Salman Ibrahim Bldg. Latifa Bin Hamdan St. Al Qouz 4
Abu Hail Clinic (Dha)Dubai800-342Opposite To Habib Bakery Alrasheed Road Abu Hail Area
Access Clinic - Dip (Aster)Dubai04-8800408Mezannine Floor, Unit No 2 & 3 Ramla Street Dip
Access Clinic - Dip (Aster)Dubai04-8800408Mezannine Floor, Unit No 2 & 3 Ramla Street Dip
Access Clinic Al Quoz Br. (Aster)Dubai04-3217544Ground Flr Al Arif Bldg Near Uae Exchange Al Quoz 3
Access Clinic Al Quoz Br. (Aster)Dubai04-3217544Ground Flr Al Arif Bldg Near Uae Exchange Al Quoz 3
Access Clinic Bur Dubai (Aster)Dubai04-3527300Souq Al Kabeer Next To Al Ghubaiba Bus Burdubai
Access Clinic Dic Br Dm Healthcare LlcDubai04-5896619First Floor, Shop # 39 -42, Saih Shuaib 2, Al Madeena Hype Sapphire Mall,Dxb Indust Park
Access Clinic Dic Br Dm Healthcare LlcDubai04-5896619First Floor, Shop # 39 -42, Saih Shuaib 2, Al Madeena Hype Sapphire Mall,Dxb Indust Park
Access Clinic Dip 2 (Aster)Dubai04-8833028Shop 7 Grnd Flr Kadris Mall Majelan Al Madena Supermarket Dip 2 Jabel Ali
Access Clinic Dip 2 (Aster)Dubai04-8833028Shop 7 Grnd Flr Kadris Mall Majelan Al Madena Supermarket Dip 2 Jabel Ali
Access Clinic International City (Aster)Dubai04-3606587I -11 Morroco Cluster International City
Access Clinic International City (Aster)Dubai04-3606587I -11 Morroco Cluster International City
Access Clinic Jafza (Aster)Dubai04-8806577Food Court 3 Jafza
Access Clinic Jafza (Aster)Dubai04-8806577Food Court 3 Jafza
Access Clinic Persia Cluster (Aster)Dubai04-5520139Shop 10 Ground Persia N04 International City Persia Zone
Access Clinic Persia Cluster (Aster)Dubai04-5520139Shop 10 Ground Persia N04 International City Persia Zone
Access Clinic Sonapur (Aster)Dubai04-2510266Sameya Khalifa Mohd Alfuqaei 24Th Street Sonapur
Access Clinic Sonapur (Aster)Dubai04-2510266Sameya Khalifa Mohd Alfuqaei 24Th Street Sonapur
Access Clinic Sonapur 2 (Aster)Dubai04-26372791St Fl Shop4,Dxb Municipality Near Al Qusais Bus Stn Muhaisina 2, Sonapur
Access Clinic Sonapur 2 (Aster)Dubai04-26372791St Fl Shop4,Dxb Municipality Near Al Qusais Bus Stn Muhaisina 2, Sonapur
Access Clinic-Al Shaab Clinic (Aster)Dubai04-22698281St Floor, Above Migna¿S Jewwl Opp. Gold Souq Bus Station Deira
Ace Medical Centres (Br Of Medi CentresDubai04-4560880Dubai Land Residence Comp Skycourts Tower D, Ground Flr Dxb-Aln Rd,Dubai Academic City
Advanced Care Med Ctr (Advanced Grp)Dubai04-3397664Near By Al Ahalia Exchange Industrial Area 3 Qouz
Advanced Care Med Ctr Br(Advanced Grp)Dubai04-8850788Dip Phase 2 Jebel Ali
Advanced Care Medical Cente Jebel ADubai04-3807807Crown Mall Ground Floor Shop No 30 Jebal Ali Industrial Area 1
Advanced Care Medical Center - BranchDubai04-3807807Shop Number : 4 & 5 Seihshoweb 4, Labour City 3,, Dubai Industrail Area
Advanced Care Medical Center -(Branch)Dubai04-2355200Pasons Shopping Centre Buildin Irat Floor Alquoz 2
Advanced Care Medical Center BranchDubai04-3807807Shaklan Hypermarket 2 Muhaisnah 2 Sonapur
Advanced Care Medical Center DipDubai04-3463099Alico Al Madina Hypermarket Street 44 Dubai Investment Park 1
Airport Medical Center (Dha)Dubai04-2164953Concourse C Airport Terminal 1 Dubai International Airport
Airport Medical Centre (Dha)Dubai800-342Al Maktoum International Airpo Jebal Ali Jebal Ali
Al Abrah ClinicDubai04-2263299Office 1011St Floorshaikha Lat Gold Souq Street Ras Area,Deira
Al Amal PolyclinicDubai04-3329833Al Shamsi Opp.Emirates Nbd Bank Satwa
Al Aman Medical Centre (Bhatia)Dubai04-2288490Flat 301, Pearl Bldg Above Jesco Supermarket Baniyas Square,Deira
Al Azhar Clinic - Branch (Sanaiya)Dubai04-8800545Industrial Area 1 Jebel Ali Nr Madina Supermrkt
Al Azhar Clinic - Branch 2 (Sanaiya)Dubai04-8895306Dubai Investment Park 2 Emirates Park Bldg Nr Parco Supermarket
Al Azhar Clinic (Sanaiya)Dubai04-8859596Dubai Investment Park 1 Shop No 4, Ali Mesmar Bldg Behind Remco Supermarket
Al Azhar Clinic 4 (Br Of Al Azhar ClinicDubai06-7432292Xpo Mall Near Madinat Hypermarket Jabel Ali Industrial-3
Al Azhar Clinic Branch3Dubai04-2230244Shop No 12 Nearvegetable And Fruit Market Ras Al Khor
Al Badaa Health Centre (Dha)Dubai800-342Trade Center 1 Shk Zayed Road Al Badae
Al Barshaalnoor Polyclinic L.L.CDubai04-2218122Elite Business Center Floor Infront Of Lulu Centre Al Barsha
Al Bayan Medical CentreDubai04-271900858 B Street Opposite White Hou Naif Road Naif,Deira
Al Diyafa Modern Med CentreDubai04-3454945211 Sheikrashid Bin Khalifa Al Dhiyafa Road Satwa
Al Falah Medical ClinicDubai04-2717223Abbasy Building Naif Deira
Al Khail Medical CenterDubai04-3306745Ground Flooralqouz Mall Alqouz Mall Street Qouz 3
Al Khail Medical Center - DipDubai04-3306745Fida Al Madina Building Dubai Investment Park 2 Dubai Investment Park
Al Lubnani Medical Centre Llc- Dubai BrDubai04-2288766Elite Business Center 605 Behind Mall Of Emirates Al Barsha
Al Majid ClinicDubai04-2292030Next To Tara Hotel, Nad Furnit Al Maktoum Road Baniyas Square
Al Munira ClinicDubai04-3522813Royal Pharmacy Buildingopposit Khalid Bin Waleed Road Al Souk,Bur Dubai
Al Murjan Medical CenterDubai04-3395575102 Brashy Building, Near Scan 3Rd Interchange Sheikh Zayed Road
Al Noor Polyclinic (Amber-Ghi)Dubai04-2233324F-1; Saif Center, Opp. Alfutta Naif Road Naif,Deira
Al Noor Polyclinic-Satwa (Amber-Ghi)Dubai04-3498100Al Bakhita Building Opp Lal'S Hudaiba Street Satwa,Bur Dubai
Al Qasais Star PolyclinicDubai04-2580411Abduallah Al Saed Building,Fir Damascus Street Qusais,Deira
Al Quoz City Star PolyclinicDubai04-3285130Al Rostamani Building 1St Floor, Flat No.105 Al Quoz
Al Raas Private Medical ClinicDubai04-3354041Flat 207 2Nd Floor Karama Center Building Kuwait Street Al Karama
Al Rafa Polyc Br Healthcare (Aster)A+Dubai04-4534830G/F, Icon Tower, Near Byblos H Tecom Barsha
Al Rafa Polyclinic - Intl City (Aster)Dubai04-4227944V-20 Russian Cluster Building Russian Cluster International City
Al Raha Medical ClinicDubai04-3517272Al Abbas Building # 1, Next To Khalid Bin Waleed Road Burjuman,Bur Dubai
Al Rashidiya Al Noor PolyclinicDubai04-2862410Al Noor Polyclinic Building, B Bin Sougath Centre Street Al Rashidiya
Al Rashidiya Private PolyclinicDubai04-3939383Rta Parking Bldg, Opp: Ambassador Hotel Al Falah Street, Bur Dubai
Al Sanaiya Medical Clinic - Br (Sanaiya)Dubai04-3407548Al Qouz 4 Al Gemzi Bldg Above Sahat Al Madina Suprmrkt
Al Sanaiya Medical Clinic (Sanaiya)Dubai04-2543500Muhaisnah 2, Sonapur Grnd Flr Bel Rasheed Bldg Near Medical Fitness Centr
Al Shaab Medical Centre (Aster)Dubai04-2970870Nearby Talal Supermarket 21 C Street, Al Shaab Colony Hor Anz
Al Shaab Medical Centre (Aster)Dubai04-2970870Nearby Talal Supermarket 21 C Street, Al Shaab Colony Hor Anz
Al Shifa Al Uropi Medical Center DwcDubai04-4759111B3 The Pulse Res. Park Podium Dubai World Trade Center Dubai South
Al Shifa International ClinicDubai04-3519199Al Shamali Building Al Faheedi Street Bur Dubai
Al Tadawi Medical Centre BranchDubai04-2038888Residency And Fireign Affairs 36Th Street Jafflya
Al Taif Medical CentreDubai04-2222383#104, Haji Mohammad Mubarak Bl Opp: West Hotel Naif Road, Deira
Al Waha Clinic Bur DubaiDubai04-3514150Flat No. 104 & 105, Next To Ro Khalid Bin Waleed Road Burjuman,Bur Dubai
Al Warqa Medical Centre (Aster)Dubai04-2800899Mass Supermarket Building Mass Super Market Street Warqa 2,Bur Dubai
Al-Barsha Health Centre (Dha)Dubai800-342Al Barsha 3 Al Barsha Al Barsha
Alhana Modren Medical CenterDubai04-3244034Inside Al Hana Cente Near Satwa R/A Al Jafiliya
Alliance Medical CenterDubai04-3863366201 Al Hudaiba Awards Bldg. Jumeirah Big Flag Jumeirah Beach Rd.
Allied Medical And Diagnostic Center DxbDubai04-3328111Allied Diagnostic Center Build Dhiyafa Road Satwa
Almezhar Health Center (Dha)Dubai800-34242 C Street Almezher Almezhar
Alpha Medical LaboratoryDubai04-5143255101-103 Al Ameri Bldg., Al Barsha Heights
Amala Medical Center LlcDubai04-33067272Nd Floor Al Khail Mall Moh Bint Latheefa Road Al Quoz 4
Amber Clinics (Amber-Ghi)Dubai04-2309100Al Rigga Busniess Center Rigga Street Rigga
American Center For Psychiatry & NeuroDubai04-3141000Sunset Malll Office S01 & S02 2Nd Floor Jumeirah
American Heart Center Fz LlcDubai04-4370640Bldg 64 Al Razi Complex Dubai Healthcare City
American Hosp Clinics Dubai Media CityDubai04-3776394Business Central Towers Dubai Media City Al Safouf
American Hospital Clinics Alkhawaneej BrDubai04-5261200Last Exit Al Khawaneej
American Hospital Clinics Dubai AlbarshaDubai04-5261201Galleria Mall Unit 8 Al Barsha Mall
American Hospital Clinics Dubai HillsDubai04-3775937Dubai Hills Mall Dubai Hills Umm Suqeim 1
American Hospital Clinics MiraDubai04-3776024Al Yalayis 1 Mira Town Centre Mira Oaisis 1
American Hospital Clinics Nad Al ShebaDubai04-3774010Gf Avenue Mall Nad Al Sheba Nad Al Sheba 2
American Hospital Clinics-JumeirahDubai04-3776835Galleria Mall Al Wasl Rd Jumeriah-1
American Medical And Dental CenterDubai04-3748428Al Razi Bldg 64 Block 1 1St Floor Rm 1002 Dubai Healthcare City
American Spine CenterDubai04-4541131Building No 64, Block E/F Suite 1020 To 1026 Dubai Healthcare City
American Wellness Centre Fz LlcDubai04-5144042Ibn Sina Building 26Th Street Dubai Healthcare City
Amsa Renal Care Fz - LlcDubai04-4542626Al Razi Medical Complex Dubai Health Care City Dubai
Anaya Medical CenterDubai04-3441615Latifa Bint Hamdan St Flat 104, Farnek Bldg Behind Alkhail Mall, Al Quoz 3
Anaya Medical Center L.L.C (Branch)Dubai04-2341479Crystal Mall Jabel Ali Jabel Ali, Industrial Area 1
Angel Wings Medical Center LlcDubai04-3936211Pinnacle Building Near To Ibis Hotel, Sheikh Zay Al Barsha 1
Apex Medical Clinics L.L.CDubai04-3608881Apex Atrium Bldg Room 303-304 3Rd Floor Motor City
Apple Clinic FzcoDubai04-4227533Shop No S6/S8 France Cluster France Cluster International City
Apple International Polyclinic LlcDubai04-2776211Bldg-K14, G-Floor, Greece Cluster International City
Aqua Medical Center L.L.CDubai04-2204005Al Fattan Building, 3 A Street 6, Al Qusais 1, Dubai
Armada Medical CentreDubai04-3990022Armada Tower 2 Opp Dubai Marina Mall Al Sarayat, Jlt
Ashokan Medical ClinicDubai04-2730220302 Al Lootha Bldg Naif Road, Deira Dubai
Ashtree Clinic LlcDubai04-3533414208; F-2; A.Rehman M.Sh Buildi Fahidi Street Fahidi Street
Asma Medical Clnic (Durraiya)Dubai04-2285838206 Al Gaz Bld, 2Nd Floor Next Baniyas Square Area Deria
Aster Al Nahda Medical Center (Moopens)Dubai04-2399119Opposite Nmc Specialty Hospita Amman Street Nahda
Aster HomecareDubai04-3853750Al Asmawi Bldg Villa 119 Umm Al Sheif
Aster Jabal Ali Mc(Br Md)Dubai04-8841161Near Nesto Supermarket Jebel Ali Industrial Area Jebel Ali Industrial Area
Aster Jabal Ali Mc(Br Md)Dubai04-8841161-04-4400500Near Nesto Supermarket Jebel Ali Industrial Area Jebel Ali Industrial Area
Aster Jubilee Medical ComplexDubai04-5090300Grnd Flr Al Futtaim Bldg. Khalid Bin Waleed Sts. Burjuman
Aster Medical Center - Ras Al KhorDubai04-3425354Shop No. 16-17 Gf Marhaba Mall Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 3
Aster Medical Center - Ras Al KhorDubai04-3425354Shop No. 16-17 Gf Marhaba Mall Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 3
Aster Medical CenterDubai04-2576333Al Fattan Building Damascus Street Qusais
Aster Medical Center Al MuhaisnaDubai04-2592154Muhaisnah Plaza,Beirut St. Near Al Madeena Mall Al Muhaisnah
Aster Medical Center Al MuhaisnaDubai04-2592154Muhaisnah Plaza,Beirut St. Near Al Madeena Mall Al Muhaisnah
Aster Medical Center AlqusaisDubai04-2632202Aqu Building Near Dubai Airport Fz Metro St Al Qusais 1
Aster Medical Center AlqusaisDubai04-2632202Aqu Building Near Dubai Airport Fz Metro St Al Qusais 1
Aster Medical Center ArjanDubai04-5643776Al Sayyah Res. Gf 13-16 Arjan Al Barsha South 3
Aster Medical Center JltDubai04-4204069Near Carrefour Express And Dam Street No.5 Jlt
Aster Medical Center-RemraamDubai04-3333423Remraam Community Center Ground Flr Retail 08 Remraam
Aster Medical Centre Abu HailDubai04-2692785Grnd Flr Sheikh Suhail Bldg. 24 Street Hor Al Anz
Aster Medical Centre Abu HailDubai04-2692785Grnd Flr Sheikh Suhail Bldg. 24 Street Hor Al Anz
Aster Medical Centre Al BarshaDubai04-3472420Grnd Flr Arenco Bldg. Shop 1 & 13 Al Barsha 1
Aster Medical Centre Al QuozDubai04-4400500Grnd Flr Abdulla Asmawi Bldg Latifa Bint Hamdan St. Al Quoz 4
Aster Medical Centre Aswaaq MallDubai04-3471540Ground Aswaaq Aswaaq Al Barsha South Community Centre
Aster Medical Centre Business BayDubai04-4400500Busniess Bay Avenue Empower Pl Busniess Bay Busniess Bay
Aster Medical Centre DeiraDubai04-2945095202 & 204 Sheikha Rajaa Majed Opp Al Futtaim Mosque Naif Road, Deira
Aster Medical Centre DeiraDubai04-2945095202 & 204 Sheikha Rajaa Majed Opp Al Futtaim Mosque Naif Road, Deira
Aster Medical Centre Dubai LandDubai04-3435645Skycourts Tower D Ground Floor, R 7B Wadi Al Safa - 5, Dubai Land
Aster Medical Centre Dubai LandDubai04-3435645Skycourts Tower D Ground Floor, R 7B Wadi Al Safa - 5, Dubai Land
Aster Medical Centre International CityDubai04-4312273V-19 Russia Cluster International City
Aster Medical Centre Jabal AliDubai04-8800629Cig Central Mall Mezzanine Floor Jabal Ali Industrial Area - 1
Aster Medical Centre JvcDubai04-5547194108 G Flr Damac Towers Lazuward Sw St. Barsha South, Jvc
Aster Medical Centre Shiekh Zayed RoadDubai04-3200438Al Manal Tower Trade Center 1
Aster Medical Centre Silicon OasisDubai04-3332122Silicon Gate 1 Opp. Choitram Dubai Silicon Oasis
Aster Medical Centre Sports CityDubai04-3092888Spanish Bldg. Shop 3 Al Hebiah 4Th Dubai Sports City
Aster Medical Ctr Arabian RanchesDubai04-45604851St Flr Arabian Ranches 2 Mall The Village Mall Arabian Ranch Community Centre
Aster Orthopedics And Physiotherapy CentDubai04-2831026Hanbal Al Madani Building Ground Floornear Dubai Library Al Warqa-1
Aster PharmacyDubai04-5477218Expo Village Residences 4 Expo Village Madinat Al Matar
Aster Specialist Centre For Ortho&PhysioDubai04-3311006Grnd Flr Al Ahbabi Bldg Damascus Street Al Qusais 2
Aster Specialist Medical Cntre Int'LcityDubai04-4279554Grnd Flr The Pavilion Mall Opp To Kfc, France Cluster International City
Atlanta Vision ClinicDubai04-3486233Next To Umm Suqeim Rd. Opp Dubai Police 1185B Al Wasl,Um Suqeim3
Axon Medic Poly ClinicDubai04-4599904The Gardens- Bld -8 Near To Bubbles And Giggles The Gardens
Axon Medica Polyclinic Br Of Amled InvDubai04-2859880Rashidiya Central Market Bldg Union Cooperative Society Rashidiya
Axon Medica Polyclinic-Silicon OasisDubai04-3484992No: 7,8,9, Lynx Building Silicon Oasis
Badr Al Samaa Medical CenterDubai04-3578681Near Burjuman,Oriental House 2 Bank Street Burjuman
Bayti Home Health Care Center L.L.CDubai04-4574433Behind Mall Of Emirates Suite No. 904, 9Th Floor Al Barsha 1,
Behaviour Enrichm Child Therapy CenterDubai04-3947475102-105 Barsha Business Square Al Barsha First Barsha
Beijin Tong Ren Tang Gulf Fz-LlcDubai04-4356905Office #9, Ground Floor, Build Oud Metha Road Dhcc
Bella Vita Medical CenterDubai04-2613301Mirdiff 35 Mall Op-Arabian Center Mirdiff
Best Health Medical CentreDubai04-2396363West Hotel, Hamidiya Complex 1St Flr, Naif Road Naif,Deira
Better Life Clinic L.L.C.Dubai04-3592255Al Tawheedi Building 2, Floor Makhool Road Mankhool
Bettercare Medical Center LlcDubai04-3743338Groundfloor Morroco Cluster, J7, S1,S2,S3& International City
Bissan Dental Center LlcDubai04-3743388Tameem House Al Thanyah Barsha Heights
Blue Tree Clinics Branch LlcDubai04-3282686Villa 805, Umm Suqeim 3 Jumeirah Beach Road
Blue Tree Clinics LlcDubai04-3488262Villa 967,J3 Mall Umm Suqeim 2 Al Wasl Road
Bluebell Medical CenterDubai04-3426565Al Attar Business Centre Opp.Union Co-Operative Society Karama
Booster Medical CentreDubai04-2683331Shop 2 Oud Metha Metro Ext 1 Al Nasr Sports Club Oud Metha
Boston Diabetes &Endocrine CenterDubai04-3805555115, Mardoof Building Opposite Sheikh Zayed Road 2Nd Intercha Safa 1
Bright Life Medical Center LlcDubai04-8833000Zabeel Catering Services Build Above Landmark Restaurant Dip2
Camali Clinic C&A Mental Health DhccDubai04-2766064Phase 1 Ibn Sina Bldg. 27 Block A Dubai Healthcare City
Camali Clinic C&A Mental Health JltDubai04-2766064Unit 401, 402 Hds Business Cnt Cluster M Jumeirah Lake Towers
Cambridge Medical CenterDubai04-5543245Unit 303-304 Dhcc Bldg 47 Dubai Healthcare City
Canadian Wellness CentreDubai04-3217646Sheikh Suhail B Al Marabea Street Al Quoz
Care And Cure Medical Center L.L.CDubai04-3399162Opposite Belhasa Driving Schoo Near Al Khail Mall Al Waha Street, Al Qouz 3
Care One PolyclinicDubai04-8836656Al Ramla Hyper Market Bldg. Ground Floor Dubai Investment Park 1
Care Plus Med CtrDubai04-8829333Awqaf Building Above Uae Excha Industrial Area 1 Industrial Area 1
Central PolyclinicDubai04-2280009641A; F-6; Al Ghurair Center Rigga Street Muraqqabat,Deira
Clinica Sabah LlcDubai04-3388055Villa 780 Near Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Beach Road Umm Suqueim
Clinicare (Imara)Dubai04-2617175Ahmed Plaza Building Opposite To Al Futtaim Mosque Naif Road, Deira
Clinicare SamariDubai04-3322682Samari Retail Mall, Next To Samari Residence Oman/Hatta Road, Ras Al Khor
Community Healthcare LlcDubai04-8806111Nuzul Accommodation 839 Parco Hypermarket Industrial Area 1, Jebel Ali
Community Medical CenterDubai04-3985328174 Villa Mankhool Street Satwa
Cooper Health Clinic BrDubai04-35088001St Flr J3 Mall Al Wasl Rd Al Manara
Core Care PolyclinicDubai04-3242004Block A, 1St Flr, The Sustainable City Al Qudra Road
Cosmesure Clinics Llc Branch - MarinaDubai04-520070927Th Floor, Al Habtoor Busines Sufouh Road Dubai Marina
Cosmesurge Clinics Llc BranchDubai04-3855333Conrad Business Towers Shaikh Zayed Road Shaikh Zayed
Cosmopolitan Medical CenterDubai04-3257457Abdukka Al Fahlani Building, M Fahidi Street Bur Dubai
Crystal Smile Medical CenterDubai04-2977566City Bay Business 3Rd Floor/No.313 Abu Hail
Dermamed ClinicDubai04-3852222Unit342-345 Wafi Mall Health Care City Metro Stn Oud Metha
Digestive Health & Endoscopy ConsultantsDubai04-5520496Al Razi Medical Complex Bldg No. 64 Suite 2012 Dubai Healthcare City
Digital PolyclinicDubai04-3355011Officecourtbuilding Suite 11, First Floor Oud Metha
Diversified & Integrated Sports ClinicDubai04-2156888304 Ibn Sina Bldg 27 Blk B, Dubai Healthcare City
Diversified And Integrated Sports ClinicDubai04-2156888Swiss Tower Unit 1304 Cluster Y Jumeirah Lake Towers
Docib Clinic Llc (Lulu)Dubai04-2544123Lulu Village Building, 13-20 Amman Street Muhaisnah
Doctor Rachida Sabrane ClinicDubai04-3587566Emirayes Islamic Bank Building Dhiyafa Road Hudaiba
Doctors Clinic (Avivo)Dubai04-2246688Office # 2062Nd Floor, Al Owai Baniyas Road Baniyas Square
Doctors Clinic & Diagnostic CentreDubai04-457911103R1-R3 Ground Floor 64 Al Razi Bldg Dubai Healthcare City
Doha Pharmacy Express ClinicDubai04-5610000Al Attar Tower Sheikh Zayed Road Difc
Dr Hassan Fayek PolyclinicDubai04-2666411Opp-Al Kabyl Center Abubakker Siddique Road Deira
Dr Ismail Polyclinic Gate Mall BranchDubai04-3474537Shop 22 M Jebel Ali Gate Mall Jebel Ali Industrial 1
Dr Majdi El Halik PediatricDubai04-4392339Bldg 64, Ground Floor Block E Dubai Healthcare City
Dr Sai Ganesh Medical CentreDubai04-2560866Sapphire Tower Near Dnata Deira
Dr Sai Ganesh Medical Centre LlcDubai04-2500017Abdulla Al Fahedi Building Above Liitle Hut Restaurant Al Qusais
Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical CenterDubai04-4297777Indigo Central 1 Plot 357-0709 Al Safa 2, Sheikh Zayed Road
Dr Sunny Medical CentreDubai04-2529966Salem Mall Near Etisalat Tower Jebel Ali Industrial Area
Dr, Shyams Ayurveda - KaramaDubai04-3578644Karama
Dr. Abdulla S Clinic LlcDubai04-2388778Opposite To Dubai Ambulance Lulu Village Al Qusais
Dr. Humeira Badsha Medical CenterDubai04-385600927Th Flr Al Habtoor Business Tower Jumeirah Beach Res Dubai Marina
Dr. John Clinic (Imara)Dubai04-2617176Mozna Building, Near Al Nahda Station Doha Street, Al Nahda
Dr. Joseph'S Polyclinic(Ghi)Dubai04-3378828Near Al Karama Metro Station,A Shaik Khalifa Bin Zayed Street Hudaiba,Bur Dubai
Dr. K Medical Center DmccDubai04-3949877Unit 101 The Dome Tower Cluster Jlt
Dr. Koyas Clinic-AsterDubai04-2225854Behind Naif Police Station Deira
Dr. Koyas Clinic-AsterDubai04-2225854Behind Naif Police Station Deira
Dr. Mansoori ClinicDubai04-2989995Zeena Building Port Saeed Port Saeed Area
Dr. Moopen'S Al Qouz Medical CtrDubai04-3387871Grand Mall Grand Mall Qouz 1,Bur Dubai
Dr. Moopen'S Al Qouz Medical CtrDubai04-3387871Grand Mall Grand Mall Qouz 1,Bur Dubai
Dr. Moopen'S Polyclinic (Aster)Dubai04-2979000Shop 2&3, Al Ghurair Real Bldg Near Dubai Palm Hotel Al Muteena
Dr. Moopens M C Karama (Aster)Dubai04-3374767Ground Floor, Al Shorouq Build Zabeel Road Karama
Dr. Moopens M C Karama (Aster)Dubai04-3374767Ground Floor, Al Shorouq Build Zabeel Road Karama
Dr. Radhakrishnan Medical CentreDubai04-2659270Hor Al Anz Aboobacker Al Siddique Rd Flat No.1 M/F Al Falasi Bldg
Dr. Radhi Al-Hilou Ent ClinicDubai04-3370333Zabeel Building, 1St Floor, Fl Umm Hurair Road Karama,Bur Dubai
Dr. Salah Al Rubaie ClinicDubai04-2977716206, F-2, Abv.Alia Pharmacy Murrakkabat Street Rigga,Deira
Dr. Shanil Medical Center L.L.CDubai04-4308384C-12,Shp.1 G/F China Cluster International City
Dr. Shyams Ayurvbeda - JumeiraDubai04-3443354Jumeira
Dr. Shyams Ayurveda - - DhccDubai04-4431467Dhcc
Dr. Shyams Ayurveda - NahdaDubai04-2207003Nahda 02
Dr. Zuhair Sikafi ClinicDubai04-3522331Al Ain Centre, Suite 115 Mankhool Road Burjuman
Dr.Azzam Abdulrazzak ClinicDubai04-3988055Office # 2062Nd Floordubai Isl Dhiyafa Road Satwa
Dr.Ismail Medical Center Al QouzDubai04-3381550Awqaf Building 1 Al Khail Gate Industrial Area 2
Dr.Ismail Medical Center Al QsaisDubai04-2646529Al Awqaf Building 1 Sonapur Street Mohaisanah 2
Dr.Ismail Medical Center Jebel AliDubai04-449408706-07-Discovery Grand 12 Build Discovery Gardens,Zen Cluster3 Discovery Gardens
Dr.Ismail PolyclinicDubai04-3378585Opp. New Sindh Punjab Restaura Lulu Hyber Market Street Karama,Bur Dubai
Dr.Ismail Polyclinic-Branch, Jebal AliDubai04-8877750Awqaf Building Near Grand Mini Mall Jebal Ali Ind-1
Dr.Joseph'S Qusais PolyclinicDubai04-2636767Clinic # 3 & 4Ground Floorqusa Street # 32A Qusais 1
Dr.Madiha Al Haddad ClinicDubai04-3254484Office # 312, 3Rd Floor, Yousuf Al Otaiba Building 2Nd December Street Diyafah
Dr.Reena Beegum ClinicDubai04-2240060Omar Bin Al Khatab Bld Omar Bin Khatab Street Muteena
Dr.Sanjay Medical CenterDubai04-3285999Al Khail Mall Latifa Bint Hamdan Road Qouz 4
Droncall Home Healthcare LlcDubai050-6474488Burdubai
Drs. Nicolas & Asp CentreDubai04-3609977Lvl 1 Mesk Tower Emaar Above Marina Pharmacy Dubai Marina Walk
Drs. Nicolas & Asp CentreDubai04-3609977Lvl 1 Mesk Tower Emaar Above Marina Pharmacy Dubai Marina Walk
Drs. Nicolas & Asp CentreDubai04-5572949Nspv-Ff-27 The New Springs Village Emirates Hills
Drs. Nicolas & Asp CentreDubai04-5572949Nspv-Ff-27 The New Springs Village Emirates Hills
Drs. Nicolas & Asp Centre BrDubai04-4511777Grnd Flr Souk Al Manzil Next To Al Manzil Hotel Burj Khalifa Downtown
Drs. Nicolas & Asp Centre BrDubai04-4511777Grnd Flr Souk Al Manzil Next To Al Manzil Hotel Burj Khalifa Downtown
Dubai Community Health CenterDubai04-5078079Oud Metha Bldg. 1St Flor Near Al Naser Sports Club Oud Metha
Dubai Dental Hospital Fz LlcDubai04-3838993Bldg 34 First Floor Dubai Healthcare City
Dubai London Clinic - Dental CenterDubai04-3782921Villa 440A Al Wasl Road Jumeirah 2
Dubai London Clinic - The VillaDubai04-3782821The Villa Centro Mall Near Spinnys Wadi Al Safa 5
Dubai London Clinic & Specialty HospitalDubai04-3782814Al Thanyah Centre Al Thanyah Street Umm Al Sheif
Dubai London Clinic And Speciality HospiDubai04-3782843Lower Ground Level B-1001A, 02, 03A,Nakheel Mall Palm Jumeirah
Dubai London Clinic- Garhoud BranchDubai04-2325751Dubai Festival City Mall Groun Garhoud Road Garhoud
Dubai Physio & Rehab Center (Dha)Dubai800-342Street 29B Alsafa 2 Jumaira
Dulsco Medical Clinic BranchDubai04-4219354Souqno4Gateno2 Labor Village No 1 Dubai Industrial City
Dulsco Medical ServicesDubai04-3232442Dulsco Village Premises Behind New Grand City Mall Quoz Industrial Area 4
Durraiya Kamal Medical ClinicDubai04-2238612Al Ghaz Building, Apt 105, Nea Al Maktoum Hospital Road Baniyas Square,Deria
Dx Bone Bone And Joint Excellence -BrDubai04-2407204Building 1A, Floor 2 Dubai Design District
Dxbone Excellence Center LlcDubai800-39266361 A Street Al Gharhoud
Ebsaar Eye Surgery CenterDubai04-3440122Villa 32 A Behind Village Mall Jumeirah Beach Road
Emirates Hospitalclinics-Nad Al ShebaDubai04-5285800Near Aswak Mall Nad Ala Sheba
Emirates Hospitals & Clinics Llc BranchDubai04-520050020Th Floor Al Habtourbusiness Dubai Marina
Emirates Hospitals &Clinics Llc -ConradDubai04-3855333Conrad Business Towers Shaikh Zayed Road Shaikh Zayed
Emirates Hospitals And Clinics Llc BrancDubai04-447177727Th Floor, Al Habtoor Busines Sufouh Road Dubai Marina
Emirates Hospitals And Clinics Llc PalmDubai04-2428663Mezzanine, Building 9 Golden Mile Galleria, Palm Jumeirah
Emirates Hospitals Clinics Business BayDubai04-3250034Business Bay Avenue Shop: F54 Business Bay
Emirates Integra Medical & Surgery CntrDubai04-4343966Building 64 Al Razi Medical Complex Dhcc
Emirates Star Medical Center BranchDubai04-8844446Jafza Medical Next To Village Hypermarket Jafzanrth
Empire Dental Clinic LlcDubai04-2766577Empire Height Tower Al Abraj Street Dubai
Enhance By MediclinicDubai04-4495137Fashion Parking Level 7 Dubai Mall Downtown
Excellency Physiotherapy Center LlcDubai04-4533377Al Saah Offices Block D 406 Souk Al Bahar Downtown
Exeter Mc For Bone & Joint Health-DxbDubai04-3801015Villa # 30, Behind Village Mal Street 4 A Jumeirah
Eye ConsultantsDubai04-42112991017 Al Razi Bldg. Block C Dubai Healthcare City
Falcon Medical ClinicDubai04-3554352Al Rustamani Bldg. Khalid Bin Waleed Rd Al Fahidi
Family Clinic (Nmc)Dubai04-3451145Albadaoasisbuilding Al Hudeiba Street Al Bada, Satwa
Family Gathering (Dha)Dubai04-5022801Al Mamzar Al Mamzar Al Mamzar
Feto Maternal&Genetyx CenterDubai04-3604040Flat#211-212,Al Fais Bldg District 8, Dubai Health Care City
First Medical CentreDubai04-2976868Bu Haleeba Bldg., Above Dominos Pizza Al Muraqqabat
First Response ClinicDubai04-5836887Flat 109 Reem Emaar Bldg Al Barsha South 3Rd Street Nord Anglia School
Frontline Medical CenterDubai04-3979702106 B Block Al Attar Center Near Park Regis Al Karama
Fullcare Medical CenterDubai04-2885522Adel Nori Bld Al Warqa 1
Galinus Center For Physiotherapy And RehDubai04-2277700Gate81Stfloorhamaraincenter Near Al Murraqabat Police Stat Abu Baker Al Siddique Road
Gardens Medical Centre (Aster)A+Dubai04-4489151No.9 G Floor,Behind Chelsea Ho Zen Cluster Discovery Gardens
Gardens Speciality Clinic (Aster)A+Dubai04-2767512Ground Flr Zen Cluster Near Sunrise Supermarket Discovery Gardens
General Medical Centre (Gmc)Dubai04-3494880Magrudy'S Mall, 1St Floor Jumeirah Road, Jumeriah 1 Dubai, Uae
General Medical Centre Branch (Gmc)Dubai04-33135441St Floor, World Trade Centre Appts - Block A Dubai
General Medical Centre Tecom (Gmc )Dubai04-5676808Tameem House, 3Rd Flr Suite,301, Tecom Dubai
German Heart Centre Bremen Fz-LlcDubai04-36247972Nd Floor, Al Fasil Building Oud Metha Road Dhcc
German Medical Centre Fz-Dhcc (Avivo)Dubai04-3622929Buildingb 302 Oud Metha Road Dhcc
German Neuroscience CenterDubai04-4298578Flat 2006, Al Razi Bldg Dubai Health Care City Dubai
German Neuroscience Center Fz-LlcDubai04-4298578Jlt Cluster 1 Platinum Tower 2806 Jumeirah Lake Towers
Get On Track Physio And Rehab CenterDubai04-3805569Villa 94/11 15C St. Al Wasl Road Umm Suqueim 3
Getwell Medical CentreDubai04-3595935Getwell Building, F-2, 203 Khalid Bin Waleed Road Mankhool,Bur Dubai
Ghussais Clinic (Dha)Dubai800-34211Th St, Near Police Station Al Qusais 2 55.389347 Qusais
Globehealth General Clinic Llc(Ghg)Dubai04-8747450American Hospital Karamanear L Albada Street Karama,Satwa
Glucare Integrated Diabetes CenterDubai04-2201570Villa 1 Al Wasl Road 268 Jumeirah 1
Golden Heart Medical Services LlcDubai04-3447004Unit 1405 Prime Tower Building Business Bay
Good Living Medical CentreDubai04-3546060Sheikh Hamdan Award Complex, B Al Mina Road, Jumeirah 1
Goodhealth PolyclinicDubai04-2612000Office # 102 & 102, 1St Floor, Damascus Street Qusais 1,Deira
Goodwill Clinic LlcDubai04-8848777Al Bateel Mall Talaal Plaza Hypermarket Jebal Ali 1
Grand Infinity Medical CenterDubai04-2515458Alqasserbuilding Madina Mall Muhaisina-4
Grand Infinity Medical Center Llc BranchDubai04-2621791Shop 4 Next To Excelsior Hotel Muteena St Deira
Green Community (Gmc Healthcare Llc)Dubai04-8853225The Market Shopping Mall 1St Flr Green Comm Dubai Investment Park
Gsm Medical CenterDubai04-8831002Europeanbusinesscenter Behind Nmc Hospital Dip1
Gulf Medical Centre (Llc)Dubai04-2626000Shop 5,Al Rouhani Building Al Ittihad Road Deira
Hala Pharmacy 13 Express ClinicDubai04-5610000Shop 22-24 S6 Bldg. Spain Cluster International City
Harley International Medical ClinicDubai04-3989988Naswan Bidg Next To Maxim Supe Satwa Road Satwa,Bur Dubai
Harley International Medical Clinic BranDubai04-3986677Nashwan Building Near Dubai Public Library Al Mankhool ,Burdubai
Harley International Medical Clinic LlcDubai04-39866772Nd Floor - 202, Al Attar Businees Centre Al Barsha
Health Bay Polyclinic JumeirahDubai04-3487140Villa # 1-6 Verve Villas Jumeirah Umm Suqeim 3
Health Bay Polyclinic Motor CityDubai04-3487140Unit G04 Gf Detroit House Motot City
Health Call Fz LlcDubai04-3635343502 Ibn Sina Building, Dubai Oud Metha Road Dhcc
Health Connect ClinicDubai04-5547335G05 Villanova Community Mall Wadi Al Safa 5
Health Family ClinicDubai04-3960034Flat 3093Rd Flooravenue Showro Khalid Bin Waleed Road Khalid Bin Waleed Road
Health Hub -Br 6 KaramaDubai04-5967120Al Kifaf Mansion Building Ground Floor Karama
Health Hub Clinic-Al Nahda 2Dubai04-5967355Essa Saleh Al Gurg Amman Street Al Nahda2
Health Hub-Al WarqaDubai04-2186222Mashroom Building No-3 Al Warqa Street Al Warqa 1
Health Hub-Discovery GardenDubai04-3645200Zen Clustr, Discovery Garden, Jebel Ali
Health Hub-Festival CityDubai04-2085953Festival City Basement Festivalcity
Health Hub-International CityDubai04-5714100Warsan 77 Near To Dragon Mart International City
Health Hub-Silicon OasisDubai04-3057300Lynx Tower Near Green Park Supermarket Silicon Oasis
Healthbay Polyclinic Women CareDubai04-3487140Healthbay Women Care Bldg. Al Wasl Road Umm Al Sheif
Healthhub Clinic Festival Plaza MallDubai04-5967350Festival Plaza Mall Jebel Ali 1St Jebel Ali
Healthhub-MuteenaDubai04-5967366Al Muteena 1084 Next To Viva Supermarket Al Muteena
Healthhub-TecomDubai04-5967374Al Thanayah 1St Art Heights 4-6 Al Barsha Heights Tecom
Heart First Medical Centre DhccDubai04-4298298Flat 206, 2Nd Floor, Ibn Sina Oud Metha Road Dhcc
Hmc Medical Center LlcDubai04-5668336Detroit House Detroit Street Motor City
Hopecare Polyclinic L.L.CDubai04-226888126 Street 5 Hamad Khalfan 1 Hor Al Anz
Houston Medical Clinic L.L.C BranchDubai04-3887456No.101, 1St Floor Rna Resourse Bldg Al Quoz 3
Houston Medical Clinic LlcDubai04-3850603Opp .Lulu Al Barsha Near Mall Of Emirates Al Barsha
Ibrahim Abbara ClinicDubai04-3988853Office # 212, 2Nd Floor, Ibn S 2Nd December Street Diyafah,Bur Dubai
Imc Medical Center LlcDubai04-3320007Flat F43 , Al Barsha Mall Al Barsha 3 Dubai
Imperial Healthcare InstituteDubai04-4393737Ibn Sina Building, (#27) Above Oud Metha Road Dhcc
Index Medical Center LlcDubai04-449545427,Ibn Sina Medical Complex Office 101,1St Floor,Block B Dhcc
Infinity Plus Medical CenterDubai04-2945499Centurionstarbuilding Opposite Deira City Center Port Saeed
Islamabad Medical Clinic L.L.CDubai055-3358623Residence 0943 Retail No 4 Hor Al Anz
Jadaf Life Pharamcy Express ClinicDubai04-5610000Retail 1 Riah Tower Culture Village Al Jadaf
Janson Medical CenterDubai04-3939011Mezanine Floor, Kassim Mohd. B Rafa Road Rafa,Bur Dubai
Jehad International Medical ClinicDubai04-3311773Flat 706, 7/F Crown Plaza Building, Crown Plaza Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road Sheikh Zayed Road
Jts Medical Centre LlcDubai04-3799954Flat 107, First Floor, Jumeria 2Nd December Street Diyafah,Jumeria
Jumeira Prime Medical CenterDubai04-7070999Al Ferdous 1 Al Wasl Road Al Wasl
Jupiter Al Nahda PolyclinicDubai04-2344429Ground Flr, Trio 3 Building Behind Sahara Mall Al Nahda 2
Jupiter Al Qusais Polyclinic LlcDubai04-2630987#207, Al Mazoon Building Opp: Grand Hotel Al Qusais
Jupiter Specialty Medical CenterDubai04-3866330Next To Al Karama Metro Statio Karama Metro Footbridge Mankhool
Kamilia Poly ClinicDubai04-4508900Clinic # 909, 9Th Floor, Damac Executive Heights Time Oak Hotel & Suites Street Tecom
Karama Medical Center (Al Qouz)-KmcDubai04-34136451St Floor, Grand City Mall,Nea Marabea Road Qouz 4
Karama Medical Center (Dip)-KmcDubai04-88483681St Floor, The Parks Shopping Dip Dip
Karama Medical Centre Br BurjumanDubai04-3533008Al Yateem Building, Near Burjuman Metro Station, Karama
Karama Medical Centre Br. Jumeirah-KmcDubai04-4229867Atlantis Staff Accomodation Am Khail Road Jumeirah Village
Karama Medical Centre Br.Al Khail GateDubai04-4533584New West Zone Mall Al Khail Gate Al Quoz
Karama Medical Centre Br.Alquoz Mall-KmcDubai04-3388227Al Quoz Mall Al Quoz
Karama Medical Centre Muhaisnah BrDubai04-2630341Blk 19, Jiwin Staff Accom Bldg Sonapur Muhaisna 2
Karama Medical Clinic-KmcDubai04-3366889306; F-3; Ibrahim Khalifa Buil Opp. Fish Market Karama,Bur Dubai
Kaul ClinicDubai04-3596800Level 8 Al Rais Center Bur Dubai
Keerthi Medical CenterDubai04-3344256Next To Karama Ctr Kuwait Street Bur Dubai
Khalidha Medical Centre LlcDubai04-3381947103&104 1St Karachi Resto Bldg Al Khail Mall,Latifa Hamdan St Al Quoz 3
Khawaneej Health Centre (Dha)Dubai800-342Opp Hamdan Bin Rashid High Sch Amardhi St, Khawaneej Rd Al Khawaneej
Kids Neuro Clinic & Rehab CenterDubai04-5570326Al Razi Medical Complex Building 64 Block D Unit 1015 Dhcc
Kidsheart Medical Center Fz-LlcDubai04-4529970Building # 27,Near Subway Dhcc
Kims Medical CentreDubai04-2624500Al Dossari Building,G&Ist Flr Next To Abu Baker Al Siddique Salah Al Din Street,Hor Al Anz
Kings College Aesthetic CenterDubai04-5199791Gf Near Spinney'S Dubai Marina Walk Dubai Marina
Kings College Hospital London McDubai04-3789555Al Kharbash Building,2Nd Floor Billqetair Street Umm Suqeim 1
Kings College Hospital London, McDubai04-2477777The Residences At Marina Gate Dubai Marina Marina District1
Kings Medical Center LlcDubai04-25520204Th Floor Al Rigga Business Center Al Riqqa
Klinika Maharlika LlcDubai04-3683813Al Hana Center Al Mankhool Road Jafiliya
Kuur Physiotherapy CenterDubai04-42533188Th Flr Office 802 Sidra Tower Sheikh Zayed Road Al Sufouh 1
Lafamilia Medical Center LlcDubai04-443070010Th Flr,I Rise Tower E1,Corner Hessa Street Al Khail
Lakeshore Medical CenterDubai04-5915411Ground Floor Al Bustan Centre Al Qusais
Lavie Clinic L.L.C.Dubai04-3947190Villa No 1027 Al Wasl Road Jumeirah 3
Life Al Qusais Pharmacy Express ClinicDubai04-4566737Al Huraiz Building Near Icare Clinic Damascus Street
Life Barsha South Fourth Exprs ClinicDubai04-4566737The Manhattan Al Barsha South
Life Clinic 1 Discovery GardensDubai04-5610000Zen 4 1A Street Discovery Gardens
Life Clinic 2 Al QusaisDubai04-5610000Gf Bin Dhahi Bldg. Damascus Street Al Qusais
Life Clinic DsoDubai04-5610000Palace Tower 1 Dso Main Road Dubai Silicon Oasis
Life Clinic JvcDubai04-5610000Gf The Circle Mall Hessa St Jumeirah Village Circle
Life Dwtc Pharmacy Express ClinicDubai04-5610000Concourse 1 Dubai World Trade Center Trade Center
Life Medical Centre 3 Al WarqaDubai04-5610000Raja And Sister Bldg. Al Warqa Street Al Warqa 1
Life Muraqabat Pharmacy Express ClinicDubai04-5610000Shop 1 Wasl Trio Bldg. Block A Al Muraqqabat Deira
Life Pearl Pharmacy Express ClinicDubai04-5610000Shop No 9 Marina Pearl Bldg Dubai Marina
Life Pharmacy 74 Express ClinicDubai04-4566737Shop No 3 Elite Residence Dubai Marina
Life Pharmacy 77 Express ClinicDubai04-5610000Manila Bldg. Al Hudaibah Road Al Badaa
Life Pharmacy Express ClinicDubai04-5610000Mezz. Flr White Swan Bldg. Trade Center Szr Trade Center 1
Lifeguard General ClinicDubai056-1619127Suhail Saleem Saed Building Shop Num-8 Jebal Ali Industrial Area
Lifenity International Advanced-Al NahdaDubai04-3216964Jms Bldg. Shop 2 19A St. Al Nahda 2
Lifenity International Advanced-BarshaDubai04-3216964Elite Business Center Shop 5 Opp. Lulu Al Barsha Al Barsha 1
Lifeworks Holistic Counselling CentreDubai04-2245736Villa 1230, Bahwan Villas Al Wasl Road Umm Sequim2
Live Care ClinicDubai04-8848848Shoppers Mall New Mini Parco-Shoppers Mall 13Th Street
Liverpool Medical ClinicDubai04-3599066Mohammed Amin Falaknaz Buildin Mez Floor Khalid Bin Waleed Road
Lotus Medical Center LlcDubai04-3465380Al Rostamani Bldg Latifa Bin Hamdan Road Al Quoz 3
Lusaily Clinic (Dha)Dubai800-342Near Lisaili Park Opp Lusaily Commercial Center Al Lisaili
M S M Pro Derma Poly ClinicDubai04-3386683Al Ferdous Complex 4 Block 2 1St Floor Office 115 Al Safa 1
Mag ClinicDubai04-3794444Near Ibis Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road Sheikh Zayed Road
Magnum Gulf Medical CenterDubai04-3973738Sit Tower 2Nd Floor Office # 201, 216 Choithram Supermarket
Maissan Medical ClinicDubai04-2977995202; F-2; Sultan Lootah Buildi Murrakkabat Street Rigga,Deira
Mamzar Health Centre (Dha)Dubai800-342Near Al Ittihad Private School Al Rasheed Rd Cairo St Al Mamzar
Manhal Medical CenterDubai04-3284560Smj 1 Bldg Rm 101 A22 Street Al Safa 1
Mankhool Health Centre (Dha)Dubai800-342Behind New Public Library Al Mankhool Road Bur Dubai
Manzil Home Health Services LlcDubai04-5573360Empire Heights Tower A Office Marasi Drive Business Bay
Marhaba Medical CentreDubai04-2224844Mezzanine Floor, Bin Jash Buil Al Maktoum Hospital Road Deira
Marina Medical CenterDubai06-5625234Shop 1, Botanica Tower Bldg Behind Al Habtoor Hotel Dubai Marina
Med Scope Medical Center LlcDubai03-7210242Flat 101 Medscope Medical Center Bldg. Al Mutarad
Medcare Dr Saeed Al Shaikh Gastro ObesDubai04-44079175Al Matloub Bldg Al Safa 1St
Medcare Medical Center - Br MirdifDubai04-2847199Al Barajeel Oasis Building, Algeria Street Uptown Mirdif
Medcare Medical Center - Marina BrDubai04-5586467Sukoon Towers Al Emreef Street Dubai Marina
Medcare Medical Center Discovery GardensDubai04-4079220Discovery Pavillion Bldg Rd 7, Beside Geant Supermarket Discovery Gardens
Medcare Medical Center Maf City CenterDubai04-2840722Inside Mirdif City Center 1St Mirdiff Shopping Mall Mirdif
Medcare Medical Centre Al Barsha (Br OfDubai04-3255015Trio Building Near Grandiose Stores Al Barsha
Medcare Medical Centre Al KhawaneejDubai04-2803954Dakakin Centre Near Al Khawaneej Mosque Al Khawaneej
Medcare Medical Centre JbrDubai04-4539450Sadaf Cluster Plaza Level, Sho Jumeirha Beach Road Jbr
Medcare Medical Centre Motor City BrDubai04-5147969Flat 3 The Ribbon Mall Motor City Motor City
Medcare Medical Centre Rashidiya BrDubai04-2885881Bin Sougat Centre Airport Road Rashidiya
Medcare Medical Centre Town SquareDubai04-44079175Town Square Zahra Breeze 4A Town Square
Medcare Physio & Rehab CenterDubai04-4079100Smj 1 Building Sheikh Zayed Road
Medcare Specialist Pediatric ClinicDubai04-3136666Al Kous St And 3A St, Jumeira Near Jumeira Beach Park, And H Jumeirah
Medcare Specialty Centre MirdiffDubai04-407920047 Street Al Barjeel Oasis Complex Uptown Mirdiff
Medi Centers PolyclinicDubai04-3608866Fox Hill Building 6,Opposite D Dubai Motor City Dubai Motor City
Medi Centres Polyclinic Jumeirah BranchDubai04-5516311Jpv-Rtl-12, Ground Floor Jumeirah Park Pavillion Comm Jumeirah Village
Medi Centres Polyclinic Llc BranchDubai04-2432672Frjp - R25 & 26 Furjan Pavillion Shopping Cent Al Furjan Villas, Furjan
Medi Family Polyclinic FzeDubai04-3922267115 Flr Sit Tower Nadd Hessa St, Free Zone Area Dubai Silicon Oasis
Medi Sense ClinicDubai04-3809803The Curve Bldg. Level 1 Sheik Zayed Road Al Qouz 3
Medica Zone ClinicDubai04-3383100Villa No. 18 Al Wasl Rd. Al Wasl Rd.
Medical Specialist'S Ctr-Al Barsha(Msc)Dubai04-3409495Near Holiday Inn Hotel, Mohamm Sheikh Zayed Road, 4Th Interch Barsha
Medical Specialists Centre (Msc)Dubai04-34094951St Floor, Dubai Real Estate C Mina Road Mina
Mediclinic Al Barsha Dialysis CentreDubai04-5216301Mediclinic Dialysis Bldg. Al Barsha South 1
Mediclinic Al QusaisDubai04-2586466Dubai Residential Oasis, Near Damascus Street Qusais 2,Deira
Mediclinic Al SufouhDubai04-3661030Block 10,Next To Welcare Hospi Sufouh Road Dubai Knowledge Village
Mediclinic Al Tawar Dialysis CentreDubai04-5216444Mediclinic Dialysis Center Bld Al Tawar 3
Mediclinic Arabian Ranches LlcDubai04-4495111Arabian Ranches Community Cent Arabian Ranches Arabian Ranches
Mediclinic Meadows ClinicDubai04-4534040Meadows Community Centre,Near Meadows Street Meadows
Mediclinic MeaisemDubai04-2478333G044, Me'Aisem City Centre Intl Media Production Zone Sheikh Mohd Bin Zayed Rd
Mediclinic MirdifDubai04-2881302Uptown Mirdif, G F, Shop 13 Algeria Street Mirdif
Mediclinic Springs ClinicDubai04-5103222Meadows Al Sohool,Meadown Town Meadows
Mediclinic Welcare Outpatient CtrDubai04-28277882Nd Street Al Garhoud Block F Qarhoud Build Aprt Welcare Hospital
Medicorp Gulf Medical ClinicDubai04-3121000Room 101, 1St Floor, Al Shafar Building 7 Al Wasl Road Al Badaa
Medicure Poly Clinic Branch (Dso)Dubai04-3793931Palace Towers Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai Silicon Oasis
Medicure PolyclinicDubai04-3984866Next To Mina Plaza Hotel Villa Mankhool Street Mankhool Street
Medicure Polyclinic-Um SuqeimDubai04-3984866Villa 1166 Opp J3 Mall, Al Wasl Rd Jumeirah
Medilife PolyclinicDubai04-4321955Alameedplaza 318 Street Al Quoz
Medline Medical CenterDubai04-3542777Jumeirah Terrace Building 2Nd December Road Jumeirah 1
Medlite Medical CentreDubai04-4585859Groundfloor Cbd-2 International City
Medstar Healthcare LlcDubai04-3577877Grnd Flr Gulf Tower Bldg. Opp: Dhcc Oud Metha Rd
Medze Clinic (Br Of Medze Healthcare L.L.C)Dubai04-2663393Shop No 1 And 2 Al Mulla Building Deira
Medze Starmed Poly Clinic LlcDubai04-2620660K5 Building Flat No 104 Al Muraqabat St Al Muraqabat
Mercato Family ClinicDubai04-3448844Villa-1,322 Near Mercato Shopping Center Jumeirah Beach Road
Mid East Polyclinic (Bhatia)Dubai04-2216888M Floor, Otaiba Bldg Next To Al Maya Supermarket Al Rigga, Deira
Minal Medical CentreDubai04-3420913Villa 25 Jumeira Beach Road Jumeirah 1
Mini Vm PolyclinicDubai04-2639995Office # 2021, 2Nd Floor, Sunr Damascus Street Quasis 2
Miracure Medical CenterDubai04-3202500Rashid Buset Building Opposite Dubai Harbor Project Ras Al Khor
Mirdif Physiotherapy & Rehab CenterDubai04-2559297Shop #10 Algeria Street Uptown Mirdif
Mmc Millennium Medical CenterDubai04-52821111St Flr Wafi Residence Bldg. 26Th Street Dubai Healthcare City
Mmc Skin ClinicDubai04-2665418204 Platinum Business Center 7Th Bagdhad St Al Nahda 2
MMI Dental CenterDubai04-3467677202 Al Wadi Bldg. Al Badaa Road Al Wasl
Modern Family ClinicDubai04-3343263Umm Hurair Buildingopp To Civi Zabeel Road Karama,Bur Dubai
Monroe Medical CenterDubai04-338085Al Wadi Bldg. Level 2 Sheikh Zayed Collector Rd Al Wasl
Montreal International Clinics LlcDubai04-3441132Villa No. 345 Jumeira Beach Road Jumeirah 2
Move Freely Physiotherapy CentreDubai04-2821004Ground Floor At The Aviation Club Al Garhoud
Muhaisna Specialist Medical CtrDubai04-2644034Sulthan Muhaisna Old Muhaisna 2 Old Muhaisna 2
Multi Care Medical CenterDubai04-4245863Al Khail Gate Community Latifa Bin Street Al Qouz Residential Area
Multi Specialty HealthcareDubai04-3857888948, Ground Floor Abraj Al Mamzar Bldg Al Mamzar
Munich Medical And Rehabilitation CenterDubai03-7638001Plot No 43,Road No 35 Opposite Falaj Hazza Police St Al Mnaizlah
Mustafa Alqaysu Medical CentreDubai04-8868823Mai Tower Ground Floor .Amman Street Al Qusais
Mvr Cancer CentreDubai04-2327111Flora Inn Hotel Bldg Shop # 1, Ground Floor Al Garhoud
My Doc Specialist Medical Center DmccDubai04-360708914 Flr Fortune Executive Tower Cluster T Jumeirah Lake Towers
My Pedia Clinic Fz-LlcDubai04-4305926Flat 1011 Al Razi Bldg 64 Dhcc Oud Metha
Myo Medical CentreDubai056-58671741004 The One Tower Tecom Dubai Internet City
Nad Alhamar Health Center (Dha)Dubai800-342Opp Nad Al Hamar Primary Sch Nadd Al Hamar Rd Al Rashidiya
Nadd Al Shiba Clinic (Dha)Dubai800-342Behind Nad Alshiba Police Stat Near Tashkeel Nadd Al Shiba 1 Road
Nagem Dental Diet & Laser Center LlcDubai04-4564090Cbd E05 Shop 1 Opposite Chick Bait Restaurant International City
Naif Medical CenterDubai04-2716224Al Lootah Building,Near Rashid Naif Road Naif
Nanom Healthcare L.L.C (Emirates)Dubai04-2428663Nakhlat Jumeira 381 Dubai Palm Dubai
Nasser Clinic L.L.CDubai04-2631316Unit # 10201St Floorsunrise Su Damascus Street Qusais 2,Deira
Natures Life Express ClinicDubai04-561000020 D Al Wasl Al Wasl Road Al Badaa
Netcare ClinicDubai04-3988838Office # 107, 1St Floor, Dubai Dhiyafa Road Satwa,Bur Dubai
Neuropedia Childrens Neuroscience CenterDubai04-3431113Villa 136B/24 Bldg Opp Dubai Old Zoo Beach Rd, Jumeirah 1
New Al Kanz Pharamcy Branch Express ClinDubai04-5610000J2 Tower Cluster J Jumeirah Lake Towers
New Al Musalla Medical Center BranchDubai04-3333450Obroy Building Firstfloor,Alquoz Industrial Area4
New Al- Musalla Medical Centre- MusallaDubai04-2641449Shaklan Supermarket Building Muhaisna-2 St. Sonapoor
New Apollo PolyclinicDubai04-3379040Office # 101, 1St Floor, Karam Kuwait Street Hudaiba,Bur Dubai
New Emirates Medical CentreDubai04-2283555202; F-2; Alhawai Building, Nr Rigga Street Rigga,Deira
New Fathima Medical CenterDubai04-3528428Office # 101, 1St Floor, Al Sh Musalla Road Bur Dubai
New Lotus Medical CenterDubai04-2619795201 Dubai Coop Society Buildin Damascus Street Qusais
New Medical CentreDubai04-88088561St Floor Nesto Hypermarket, N New West Accommodation Jafza
New Medical Centre LlcDubai04-2689800Mezzanine Floor, New Safiya Bu Salahuddin Street Hor Anz,Deira
New Medilife Medical Center LlcDubai04-2888315Building Material Market Al Warsan Grnd Floor Ras Al Khor
New Sanaiya Clinic - BrDubai800-74002Insideakmartdubaiinvestmentpa Dip
New Sanaiya ClinicDubai04-2648101Muhaisnah 2, Sonapur Gnd Flr Al Abaar Complex Nxt To Madina Supermarket
New Sanaiya Clinic-Br HoralanzDubai04-2681333Hor Al Anz Ali Mesmar Bldg Nr Emirates Driving Inst
New Vision Eye Center Fz-LlcDubai04-45195953008, 3Rd Flr Al Razi 64, Near Emirates Nbd Dubai Healthcare City
Nightingale Health Services CoDubai04-32038471801 Al Ameri Tower 18Th Flr Sheikh Zayed Road Al Barsha Heights
Nmc Dic Clinic And Pharmacy WarsanDubai04-8108808Shop No 11820 China Cluster Warsan
Nmc Polyclinics (Dp World)Dubai04-8896399Dp World Clinic Dp World Port Jebal Ali Freezone
Noor Al Shefa ClinicDubai04-88781551St Floor Jebel Ali Mall, Indu Zayed Ibn Sultan Street Jebel Ali
Noor Al Shefa ClinicDubai04-8817530Jafza Mall Jafza South Jafza
Noor Al Shefa Clinic Al Quoz BranchDubai04-3807636107, Al Ghurair Intl Exchange Al Quoz Industrial 3
Noor Al Shefa Clinic AweerDubai04-3886601Union Co-Op Society Ras Al Khor Aweer
Noor Al Shefa Clinic BranchDubai04-8844666Meena Retail Building Jafza West
Noora PolyclinicDubai04-2246364Flat No. 5 Building No. 14 Opp Maktoum Hospit Street Deira
Northwest Clinic For Diabetes&EndocrinoDubai04-3307117Villa 935, G+1, Near J3 Mall, Umm Suqeim 2 Al Wasl Road
Novitas Clinic LlcDubai04-5693389Prime Residence 2 Near V Fitness Gym Al Warsan
Novomed Allergy & AsthmaDubai04-2473100Marinaplazafloor#3 Marina
Novomed Integretive MedicineDubai04-3215222Sunsetmallfloor#2 Jumairah
Novomed Specialized ClinicsDubai04-2473100Marinaplazafloor#3 Marina
Nucleus Clinic L.L.CDubai04-3437900Al Fattan Marine Tower Opposite Rixos Hotel Jbr Walk
Occupational Health IntlDubai04-2306410Rigga Business Center Rigga Street Rigga
Okare Physiotherapy CenterDubai04-2323332Uptown Mirdiff Mirdiff Uptown
Onyx Medical CenterDubai04-5669920Vincitore Boulevard Al Barsha South Arjan
Open Minds Psychiatry Counselling And NeDubai04-8761444The One Tower Suite 904, 905 9Th Floor Tecom,Al Barsha
Optimal FitnessDubai04-3445417Gf Commercial Bldg. 3 Al Qudra Rd. Dubai Studio City
Optimum Diagnostic Clinic DmccDubai04-3605222Flat806/807 X3 Tower Near Damac Metro Stn Jlt, X Cluster
Orthocure Medical CenterDubai04-28888129002-A Ground Al Barajeel Uptown Mirdif Algeria 47 Uptown Mirdif
Orthosports Medical CenterDubai04-3450601Flat 9, Opp Union House, Jumeirah Beach Road St #5, Jumeirah
Oxford Medical CenterDubai04-2850185Room 603 6Th Floor Al Rais Center Bldg Al Raffa
Panacea Medical & Wellness CenterDubai04-3582020#Name? Tariq Bin Ziyad Road Umm Hurair
Paradise Plus Poly ClinicDubai04-8848270Ritaj Community Centre 1St F Alyalais Street Dubia Investment Park 2
Pearls PolyclinicDubai04-2387788Al Khalafy Building, Near Tele Wuheida Road Mamzar
Physio Plus Physiotheraphy & RehabDubai056-60394001086, Al Ansari Villas Al Wasl Road Umm Suqeim 2
Physiocare Fz LlcDubai04-4298560Flat 2027, Building, 24, Al Ra Oud Metha Road Dhcc
Physioveda Medical CenterDubai04-3328081Villa 181B Near Al Ghazal Mall Al Wasl Road
Physiowell Chiropractic & PhysiotherapyDubai04-2692121Villa 947 Physiwell N Al Wasl Road Al Manara
Premier Diagnostic&Medical Center(Prime)Dubai04-7070999Opp. Reef Mall Salahuddin Street Hor Anz
Primacare Speciality Clinics LlcDubai04-3705080Musalla Tower And Mall Musalla Road Al Hamriya,Bur Dubai
Primacare Speciality Clinics Llc BranchDubai04-3966123M Floor,Musalla Towr Khalid Bin Alwaleed Road Bur Dubai
Prime Medical Center - RtaDubai04-7070999Block C, Ground Floor Rta Headquarters, Um Ramool
Prime Medical Center (Mizhar Branch)Dubai04-7070999Arabian Center Building Khawaneej Road Mizhar
Prime Medical Center (Sheikh Zayed Road)Dubai04-7070999Opposite Noor Islamic Bank Met 3Rd Interchange Sheikh Zayed Road
Prime Medical Center Al QusaisDubai04-7070999Inside Al Qusais Plaza Damascus Street Al Qusais
Prime Medical Center Al WarqaDubai04-7070999Al Warqa City Mall Tipoli Street Al Warqa
Prime Medical Center Barsha Heights BrDubai04-7070999The Onyx Tower 1 Ground Floor Sheikh Zayed Road
Prime Medical Center Bur DubaiDubai04-70709993Rd Floor Burjuman Center Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road
Prime Medical Center Dubai AirportDubai04-7070999Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 Arrival
Prime Medical Center Motor City(Prime)Dubai04-7070999Motorcity
Prime Medical Center Reef MallDubai04-70709993Rd Floor, Reef Mall Near Babyshop, Opp: Gold'S Gym Salahuddin, Deira
Primecorp Medical Center Al QouzDubai04-7070999Mezzanine Flr Of Ibri House Sheikh Zayed Road Al Qouz Industrial Area 1
Primecorp Medical Center Al QusaisDubai04-7070999Al Qusais Industrial Area 2
Primecorp Medical Center Al WarsanDubai04-7070999Dubai Muncipality Labour Accomadation Al Warsan
Primecorp Medical Center DeiraDubai04-7070999Shk Saud Al Qassimi Bldg, M Floor, Opposite Reef Mall, Salahuddin Rd
Primecorp Medical Center Dip - BrDubai04-7070999Bldg33 Al Futtaim Accomodation Dubai Investment Park 2 Dip
Primecorp Medical Center DwcDubai04-7070999Dubai Aviation Engr Project Al Maktoum Int'L Airport Al Maktoum
Primecorp Medical Center Llc Jabal Ali BDubai04-7070999Alec Camp 12 Jabal Ali Industrial First G0 Jabal Ali
Priory Wellbeing CentreDubai04-2453800Ground Flr, Block F Al Razi Building Dubai Healthcare City
Professor Al Samarrai Center Fz-LlcDubai04-42336692/F Al Razi Building, Oud Meth Oud Metha Road Dhcc
Ramada Life Express ClinicDubai04-5610000Near To Ramada Hotel Khalid Bin Waleed Rd 7 St Al Mankool
Rashid Trauma Center (Dha)Dubai04-2192000Rashid Hospital
Royal Life Express ClinicDubai04-5610000Unit 1 Old Home Needs Sm Al Warqa Dubai
Royal Saba Medical ClinicDubai04-5807092Shop 10 Gf Greece Cluster L02 International City
Ruby Clinic (Sanaiya)Dubai04-4226899International City China Cluster H6 Grnd Flr Dragon Mart
Safa Health Centre (Dha)Dubai800-342Near Al Safa Park Al Attar Road Al Safa
Saleem Polyclinic (Aster)Dubai04-3495353Al Morjana Plaza,112,1St Floor Satwa Road Satwa,Bur Dubai
Saleem Polyclinic (Aster)Dubai04-3495353Al Morjana Plaza,112,1St Floor Satwa Road Satwa,Bur Dubai
Saudi German ClinicsDubai04-3890000The Mall Opp Jumeirah Beach Resort Umm Suqeim 3
Saudi German Clinics AkoyaDubai04-3890045D2 Community Mall Damac Hills 2 Damac Hills
Saudi German Clinics Damac Hills 2Dubai04-3890000Gf Artesia Tower Akoya Community Damac Hills 2
Sekher Medical ClinicDubai04-3387749Near Old Grand Mall, Flat No-1 Madina Road Industrial Area 3
Seven Dental CentreDubai04-3952177Villa 506/B Beach Road Jumeirah 3
Shams Al Assil PolyclinicDubai04-2955881Zeenah Bldg. Room 104 Opp. Deira City Center Port Saeed
Sharif Eye CenterDubai04-4233664Ibn Sina Bldg 27 Block D Unit 1 Dubai Healthcare City
Sheikh Manaa Bin Hasher Almaktoum PcDubai04-3420642Al Shafar Building 7 Al Wasl Road ,Al Safa Opp Emirates Petrol Station
Shine And Smile Dental Clinic BrDubaiShop 4 Ground Floor Reef Residence Jumeirah Village Circle
Sirajudeen Medical CentreDubai04-3345955First Flr Jumbo Building,Opp V Street # 20B Karama
Spanish Centre Lasik & Eyes & Cosmetic LDubai04-3434634Villa No 262 Jumeriah Beach Road Jumierah
Specialized Medical And Dental CenterDubai04-3278111Al Hudaiba Awards Building 118, First Floor Jumeirah
Sultan Al Olama Medical CenterDubai04-2845778Mirdif Central Bldg., Showroom1 Behind Rak Bank
Sultan Al Olama Medical Center BarshaDubai04-3244446Barsha Mall Al Asayel Street Al Barsha Second
Sultan Al Olama Medical Center BranchDubai04-2565550Etihad Mall F07, First Floor Alkhawaneej Road, Muhaisanah 1
Sultan Al Olama Medical Center L.L.C (BrDubai04-3464446Aswaaq Mall First Floor Al Qoze
Sultan Al Olama Medical Center- BrDubai04-3468686Indigo Central 7 Opposite Times Square Mall Al Manara
Sultan Alolama Medical Center Branch IcpDubai04-24452321The Pavilion International City France Cluster
Sunrise Care Medical Centre Llc (Imh)Dubai04-2222271208-209; F-2; Sh.Rashid Buildi Maktoum Street Deira
Syed Sadiq General Practitioner ClinicDubai04-3306781Al Rostamani Building Lattifa Binhamdan Strt Alqouz Ind 3
Symbiosis Medical CentreDubai04-3925577Gf Unit 31-36 Cedre Villas Dubai Silicon Oasis
Tajmeel Royal Clinic LlcDubai04-5091010Tajmeel Royal Clinic, Near Metropolitan Hotel, Umm Al Sheif, Sheikh Zayid Rd Po. Box. 34085
Thb Home Health Care LlcDubai04-2951445Onyx Tower 1 The Greens Near Emaar Business Park
The Childrens Medical CentreDubai04-31211111064 Al Wasl Road Umm Suqeim 2
The Clinic By MedcareDubai04-44079175The Meadows Village Al Thanayah 4 The Meadows
The Dubai Diabetes Center (Dha)Dubai800-3421 Flr, Hudaiba Awards Bldg Block C, Near Union House 2Nd Of December St,
Top Medical Center LlcDubai04-3485452Grosvenor House Gf Tower 1 Dubai Marina
Toronto Medical Center LlcDubai055-4693469Flat 101 Al Adeem Bldg., Al Khail Mall Al Quoz
Total Care Clinic -HealthhubDubai04-5967201Jabal Ali Industrail 1St Grand Hyper Market Bldg Jebel Ali
Total Care Clinic (Healthhub)Dubai058-8461678Mezzanine Floor Galadhari Bro. Co Bldg. Al Muhaisnah 2
Total Care Clinic (Healthhub)- Al QouzDubai058-8461678Salman Ebrahim Building Mezzanine Flr-101-105 Alqouz-3
Towar Health Centre (Dha)Dubai800-342Near Ministry Of Culture Youth 17 A St Al Nahda Road Al Twar 1
Transform Specialist Medical Centre LlcDubai04-3449997218 Al Shafar Bldg 7 Al Wasl Rd., Al Badaa Jumeirah 1
True Smile Works Dental NetworkDubai04-2222866Dfc Northwing Marsa Plaza Intercontinental Hotel Area Dubai Festival City
Ultra Care Medical Group LlcDubai04-22300332Nd December Street Al Otaiba Building Dubai
Ultralasik Eye CenterDubai04-5572472Bldg. 27 Room 602-604 Dubai Healthcare City
Unicare Medical Center-Mankhool Br (Umc)Dubai04-3980880Villa 172 Mankhool Street Jafiliya
Unicare Medical Centre (Umc)Dubai04-3529292Burjuman Centre Ground Level N Burjuman Centre Burjuman,Bur Dubai
Union Medical Centre (Aster)Dubai04-3978828Wall Street Exchange Center Iranian Scho0L Road Karama,Bur Dubai
Up And Running Medical Center L.L.CDubai04-5185400Villa # 675 Near Spinneys Al Wasl,Al Safa 1
Up And Running Medical Center Llc DifcDubai04-5185400Podium 2, Happiness Street, Opposite Mercte Cafe,Difc
Up And Running Rehabilitation Center LlcDubai04-5185400Emirates Golf Club Near Nakheel Metro Emirates Hills
Uptodate Medicare CentreDubai04-3986608Flat # 116, 1St Floor, Ahmed A Dhiyafah Road Hudaiba,Bur Dubai
Vcare Polyclinic LlcDubai04-2654400Nasmah Tower Al Ittihad Road Al Nahdah 1
Vida Clinics L.L.C (Branch)Dubai04-3283333Al Madina Hypermarket Bldg 6A ,Street 10 Muhaisanah/1
Vida Clinics LlcDubai04-3252525Al Rais Shopping Centre,39 B M Mezzanine Floor, Nearby Khaleej Centre,Burdubai
Vitalite Health And Wellness Center LlcDubai04-58971101St Floor Mudon Community Centre, Dubailand
We Care Medical Center LlcDubai04-2611061Hamsah Building,Ground Floor Karama Ansar Gallery Khalid Bin Waleed Road, Karama
Wellbeing Medical CenterDubai04-3484406Villa 1130 Al Manara Al Wasl Road Umm Suquim 2
Westminster Ortho Med Clinic Fz-Llc DhccDubai04-2765606Health Care City Block A Ibn Sina Building 27 Dubai Healthcare City
Xie He Medical CenterDubai04-4233055A12 Building China Cluster International City
Yugen Care By Dr GehadDubai04-3498000Full 2 Story Bldg. Opp. Sunset Mall Jumeirah Road Jumeirah 3
Zaabeel Health Center (Dha)Dubai800-342Near Club Roundabout Zabeel 2
Zahrat Al Shefa Medical CentreDubai04-2646218Al Ghaith Building Near Jubily Supermarket Muhaisnah
Zee Dent PolyclinicDubai04-2687456133-1312 13Th Flr Sit Tower Dubai Silicon Oasis
Zulekha Medical CenterDubai04-2613004163 Hammad Bin Sougath 149 Damascus St. Al Qusais 2
Zulekha Medical Centre BrDubai04-221919105 Sheik Rashid Bldg Baniyas (Near Metro Stn) Deira
Al Hashmi Medical CenterFujairah09-2386795Office # 105 & 106, 1St Floor, Khorfakkan Main Street Khorfakkan Main Street
Al Hayl Medical CentreFujairah09-2221920Al Hayl Medical Centre Building Opposite Fujairah Plastic Factory Al Hayl
Al Rabi Medical CenterFujairah09-2372222Khalifa Mattar Building
Al Sharq Medical Center - Al EtihadFujairah09-2222444Near Safeer Supermarket Sharqi Street Etihad
Al Sharq Medical Center - DibbaFujairah09-2059554Dibba Murabah Street Dibba Murabah Street Dibba
Al Sharq Medical Centre Cosmo MedFujairah09-2059756Al Faseel
Al Shifa Medical CenterFujairah09-2384288Opposite Masjid Omar Sheikh Khalid Road Sheikh Khalid Road
Alahli Medical Centre LlcFujairah09-2220228Hsbc Bank Building All 1St Floor Hamad Bin Abdull Fujairah
Alfa Clinical LlcFujairah09-2222932Hm Beauty Center Bldg Al Basara Road Near Fujairah Al Faseel
Aster Medical Center Fujairah BranchFujairah09-2234912Hamad Bin Abdullah Street Hamad Bin Abdullah Street Town Centre
Aster Medical Center Fujairah BranchFujairah09-2234912Hamad Bin Abdullah Street Hamad Bin Abdullah Street Town Centre
Emirates Medical CentreFujairah09-2233199Nasser Ali Khammas Building Op Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Road Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Road
Fujairah Port Medical CenterFujairah09-2059756Fujairah Port
Life Care Medical Clinic LlcFujairah09-2283336Al Hail Bldg. Room101 Kalba Industrial Area Al Gurfa
Lifecare Medical CenterFujairah09-2445722Near Federal Authority Identity And Citizenship Gurfa Dibba
Makkah Medical CenterFujairah09-2225051Barakt Building Eid Musallah : Mahhata
National Medical Centre (Natfuj)Fujairah09-2232850Saeed Samsoon Building,Near Fo Ghurfah Street Gurfa Street
Northern Al Ahliah Medical Centre - FujaFujairah02-6262666Northern Al Ahliah Medical Com Hamad Bin Abdullah Road Al Gurfa
Al Afia Medical Center LlcRas Al Khaimah07-2431297Al Hamra Real Estate Bldg Gf Port Road Al Jazeerah
Al Ahlia Medical Centre_RakRas Al Khaimah07-2331533Creek Plaza Building Al Jazah Road
Al Amal Specialist ClinicRas Al Khaimah07-2228366Office # 02, 1St Floor, Sheikh Oman Street Seer
Al Farabi Specialist ClinicRas Al Khaimah07-2276699Office # 402, 4Th Floor, Dubai Muntaser Street Nakheel
Al Ghail Medical Centre(Shams)Ras Al Khaimah07-2589464Al Ghail Shopping Centre Mohd.Shaams Rashid Almazrooi B Al Ghail
Al Jazeerah Medical CentreRas Al Khaimah07-2446899Building # 92, Al Jazeerah Al Rak Main Market Street
Al Rafidain Medical Center LlcRas Al Khaimah07-2335550Al Musafri Building Ground Floor Al Kharran 1
Al Shifa General Medical ClinicRas Al Khaimah07-2222167Ayahath Ali Saif Bldg Al Ghail Main Road Al Ghain Main Road
Alya Medical CenterRas Al Khaimah07-2441235Adil Al Nuami Prop Lamp R/A Al Qasimi St. Al Quisaidat
Arafa Medical CenterRas Al Khaimah07-2337898Office # 105, 1St Floor, Al Ji Nakheel Nakheel
Aster Medical Centre Rak Br.Ras Al Khaimah07-2338866Groun Flr Muntasir Bldg Muntasir Road Al Nakheel
Aster Medical Centre Rak Br.Ras Al Khaimah07-2338866Groun Flr Muntasir Bldg Muntasir Road Al Nakheel
Care Point Medical CenterRas Al Khaimah07-2333370Blk 2, Ground Flr Opposite Naeem Mall Al Nakheel
Corniche Medical CentreRas Al Khaimah07-2228456Ministry Of Information Buildi Oman Street Nakheel
Cosmetic Dermatology ClinicRas Al Khaimah07-2800040Office # 102, 1St Floor, Inter Muntaser Street Nakheel
Crown Medical Center L.L.CRas Al Khaimah07-2359722Near Naeem Center Sheikh Rashed Bin Saed Road Al Dhait
Dr. Murtada ClinicRas Al Khaimah07-2289655Office # 3, 2Nd Floor, Sheikh Zagir Bin Khalid Building, Near Al Nakheel Hotel Muntasir Road Seer
Emirates Cardiology ClinicRas Al Khaimah07-2222649Ns Tower 303 Near Mangrove Hotel Dafan
Emirates Hospitals And Clinics-RakRas Al Khaimah07-2037777Julphar Towers Near To Cbi Bank Alnakheel
European Medical CenterRas Al Khaimah07-2338832Corniche Al Qawassim, N.S Tower Building 1St Floor- Room 102 Dafan Al Khor
Health Medical CenterRas Al Khaimah07-2334041Villa Number 7 Ground Floor Khuzam
Hudaibah Medical CentreRas Al Khaimah07-22221881St Floor, Al Hudaibah Buildin Sheikh Saqr Bin Mohammed Qassi Seer
International Medical Center RakRas Al Khaimah07-2365366Villa 5 (Opp. Rak Hotel) Al Warqaa Al Khuzam
Marhaba Medical CenterRas Al Khaimah07-2364667Gf 02 Nakheel Bldg. Near Al Hooth Supermarket Al Nakheel
Maxcare Medical CenterRas Al Khaimah07-2285758Al Kulaib Building 1St Floor Al Rams Club,Oman Street
National Medical Clinic (Rak)Ras Al Khaimah07-23342321St Floor, Ibn Sina Pharmacy B Faisstreet Sidroh
Nexus Medical CenterRas Al Khaimah07-2332134Al Jazeera Bldg. Shop 13,14,15 Al Jazeera Al Hamra Street Al Jazeera Al Hamra Area
Nmc Royal Medical CenterRas Al Khaimah07-2028000Ground Floor, Sultan Fadel Bui Qawasim Corniche Road Sidroh
Rak Medical Center GalilahRas Al Khaimah07-2279994Ahmed Laha Bldg Oman Road Shaam Galilah
Rak Medical CentreRas Al Khaimah07-2432226Ground Floor, G+11 B-01 Backsi Jazeera Hamra
Ras Al Khaimah Medical Centre Al HamraRas Al Khaimah07-2432226Al Hamra Village Near Gate No 6 Jazeera
Retaj Medical Centre LlcRas Al Khaimah07-2359818United Insurance Building Sheikh Mohammed Bin Salem Rd Al Dhait
Rose Dental CenterRas Al Khaimah07-2287711Dubai Islamic Bank Bldg Rm 104 Al Muntasir Road Nakheel
Shifa Al Jazeerah Medical Centre RakRas Al Khaimah07-2211218Fathima Supermarket Building,M Oman Street Al Nakheel
Specialist'S Medical CentreRas Al Khaimah07-2332255Sheikh Mohammed Bin Salem Road Sheikh Mohammed Bin Salem Road Hamriya
The American Medical Clinic RakRas Al Khaimah07-2359818Bldg. 6 Lagoon Walk Mina Al Arab Al Riffa
Union Medical And Dental Center LlcRas Al Khaimah07-2272402Above Video Rafa Behind Sony Bldg Nakheel
Abdul Ghani Medical CentreSharjah06-562727Al Fardan Center, Block A 208, Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road
Abrahams Medical CentreSharjah06-5612737Rolla Tower, Near Rolla Square Al Zahra Street Rolla Square
Access Abutina Medical CentreSharjah06-5537240Shop No.7 Ground Moh. Al Rehma Near Police Stn Al Zahara Sts, Butina
Access Al Rolla Medical CenterSharjah06-5612050Flat 1,2,3 Adnic Tower Ibrahim Mohamad Al Medfa'A Um Al Tarafa Rolla
Access Al Rolla Medical CenterSharjah06-5612050Flat 1,2,3 Adnic Tower Ibrahim Mohamad Al Medfa'A Um Al Tarafa Rolla
Access Al Sajaa ClinicSharjah06-7678795Shop 25-26 Al Sajaa Mall Al Sajah Industrial Area Al Sajaa
Access Clinic MuwailiahSharjah06-5359933Mubarak Building University Road Muwailiah
Access Clinic MuwailiahSharjah06-5359933Mubarak Building University Road Muwailiah
Advanced Medical CenterSharjah050-6297801Al Fardan Center, Block A 207, Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road
Ahlan Medical CenterSharjah06-5305882114 Al Jabri Bldg. Opposite Sahara Centre S115, Al Nahda
Al Afdal Medical CenterSharjah06-5590007Shop No 2&3 Al Tawoos Building Al Mahattah
Al Ahalia Regional Medical CentreSharjah06-5621700Opp. Etisalat Building, Near K Ibrahim Mohammed Al Madfa Stre Al Mussalla
Al Amanah Medical CentreSharjah06-5615545308, 3Rd Floor, Opp. Lulu Cent Al Sharq Street Al Naba'Ah
Al Azhar Medical ClinicSharjah04-3791311Sajjah Industrial Area Sharjah
Al Banna Medical CentreSharjah06-5327228Al Nukhailah Building, Flat 10 King Abdul Aziz Street Al Qasimia
Al Buhairah Medical CentreSharjah06-5599699Aster Al Majaz Pharmacy Buildi Jamal Abdulnaser Street Jamal Abdulnaser Street
Al Bustan Medical CenterSharjah06-8829924Ali Ahmed Saif Building,Invest Fallaj Muallah Street Dhaid
Al Dawli Medical Cosmetic CenterSharjah06-5257711Sarh Al Emarat T Al Buhaira Corniche Street Al Majaz
Al Dunia Medical CentrellcSharjah06-5546644Al Shamsi Building Third Industrial Street Industrial Area No-12
Al Emarat National Medical CenterSharjah06-5772058Al Walled Building, Flat 101-102,Al Etihad Road, New Al Taawun Al Khan
Al Faiez Medical CenterSharjah06-8861202Howaidhen Building, Floor 1, F Hatta Road Al Madam
Al Furqan Medical CenterSharjah06-5353868Salem Saeed Omai Aljaberi Bldg M-2179 Floor 1 Industrial Area 11
Al Kanary Medical CentreSharjah06-5352118Ground & Mezzanine Floor, Fath Maliha Road Muwaileh Commercial
Al Madar Medical CenterSharjah06-5548558Al Bassam Tower, Office # 102, Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road
Al Maher Specialty Medical ClinicSharjah06-5613843Above Joy Alukkas Ctr, Near Ro Al Arouba Street Rolla Square
Al Maliha Medical CentreSharjah06-8823334Office # 201, 2Nd Floor Dhaid, Dhaid Main Street Dhaid
Al Manarah Medical CenterSharjah06-5266060Flatnumber:21&22 Buhaira Corniche Al Majaz 3
Al Mansour Medical CenterSharjah06-5372050City Compass Tower, 1St Floor,Corniche Street,Buhaira Corniche Road
Al Minha Medical CentreSharjah06-5599541Mosque End Of Abu Shagara Park Abu Shaghara Park Road Abu Shaghara
Al Nahda Medical CenterSharjah06-5384466Al Daghaya Tower Bukhara Street No13 Al Nahda
Al Nawras Dental CentreSharjah06-8826400Al Obaid Bldg. 107 & 108 1St Floor Falaj Al Muala Road Al Dhaid Al Dhaid
Al Rabee Clinic (Liberty)Sharjah06-5391222Baghlaf Al Zafer Building Near Sharjah College Signal Al Khan Street
Al Rahah Medical Centre LlcSharjah06-5425260Ind Area @, Sharjah Ind. Area
Al Rasha Medical CenterSharjah06-5627223205, Humaid Al Owais Building, Al Zahra Street Maysaloon
Al Sabah Medical CentreSharjah06-5315001Al Bhakith Bldg Near National Paint Muwailah
Al Safi Medical CenterSharjah06-5551973Office 2, First Floor, Al Sajaa Mussafah Industrial Area
Al Salam Medical Centre (Salam)Sharjah06-5614262208-210 Sheikh Khaled Bldg Al Arouba Rolla
Al Saraf Medical CentreSharjah06-5538787Opp. Al Majaz Park, Al Majaz B Jamal Abdulnaser Street Al Majaz Park
Al Shams Al Jadeed Medical Centre-ShamsSharjah06-5397539Near Lacnor, Tuba Center Double Cola Road Industrial 4
Al Shams Medical And Diagnostic CentreSharjah06-5353004Sheikh Faisal Al Qasimi Bldg Suit 113-116,Maliha Road Industrial Area 15 Muweilah
Al Shams Medical Centre-Shams GroupSharjah06-5352118Near Caterpillar Roundabout Maliha Road Industrial 15
Al Shifa Al Uropi Medical CenterSharjah06-5376969Near Sahara Centre Al Nadha Street Sharjah
Al Siddiq ClinicSharjah06-8822046Mohamed Sultan Building, Floor Al Dhaid Main Road Al Dhaid
Al Soor Specialist ClinicSharjah06-5512913503,Mina Road Shk Khalid Abdulaziz Bin Mohd Al Soor Area
Al Wahda Medical CentreSharjah06-5244660Tami Building 1St Floor Al Nahda Area Near To Al Nahda Park
Al Yamamah Medical CentreSharjah06-53521601St Flr Enpi Bldg Near Bin Ladin Signal Dubai Rd Industrial Area 10
Al Zeyarat Medical Centre LlcSharjah06-5668966Sheikh Zayed Street,Samnan
Alwidad Gynacology Obspetrice InfertilitSharjah06-5749666Cornishplazaii Near Marbella Resort Corniche Street
Amala Medical CenterSharjah06-5333789Aqeel Falaknas Building, Al Za Al Butina
Antony Medical CentreSharjah06-5630555204-206, Opp. Lulu Centre, Al Al Sharq Street Al Naba'Ah
Arab Doctors Specialist CenterSharjah06-5544414Almansoori Tower, Alqasba R/O Al Taawun St Al Majaz
Arabian Medical CentreSharjah06-5731066Opposite To Masjid Al Noor,103 Al Majaz 1 Buhaira Corniche Road
Aster Abu Shagharah Medical CenterSharjah06-5568225Grnd Flr Aster Bldg. Near Abu Shagara Park Abu Shagara
Aster Abu Shagharah Medical CenterSharjah06-5568225Grnd Flr Aster Bldg. Near Abu Shagara Park Abu Shagara
Aster Al Butina Medical CenterSharjah06-5619045Shaikh Majid Bin Saud Bldg Al Sharq St No. 103 Al Butina
Aster Al Butina Medical CenterSharjah06-5619045Shaikh Majid Bin Saud Bldg Al Sharq St No. 103 Al Butina
Aster Al Nahda Medical CenterSharjah06-5958792Al Shaiba Building Ground Floor, Opp. Carrefour E Al Nahda
Aster Al Nahda Medical CenterSharjah06-5958792Al Shaiba Building Ground Floor, Opp. Carrefour E Al Nahda
Aster Al Nahda Medical CentreSharjah06-5267111Showroom 1, Ground Floor Golden Sands Tower Al Nahda
Aster Al Suwaihat Medical CenterSharjah06-5210102Sharjah Coop Bldg Gf Wasit Street Al Sweihat
Aster Medical Center - ShjSharjah06-5509006Next To Adnoc Station G Floor King Faisal Street Al Majaz 1
Aster Medical Centre-MuwailehSharjah06-5358027Bin Tharyem 8, Ground Floor New Muwaileh
Bissan Medical CentreSharjah06-5737005Golden Tower Building Opposite Of Marbella Resort Al Majaz
Bristol Medical Centre LlcSharjah06-5266615Ground Floor Flat No. 3 14 Juma Al Majid Residential C Al Nahda
Bushra Specialist Medical Centre LlSharjah06-5511551Al Reem Tower Buhaira Corniche Al Majaz
Central Medical PolyclinicSharjah09-2387649Sul Al Markazi Next To Al Safeer Centre Khofakkan
Central Poly ClinicSharjah06-5353858101, Block D, Al Gaddah Buildi Maliha Road Muwaileh Commercial
Class Medical CentreSharjah06-5652332Al Saud Tower, Opp: Sharjah Ro Al Arouba Street Gulf Square
Cosmo Health Medical Center LlcSharjah06-5669910Villa No B568 Roundatal Ramla Al Ramla
Crystal Dental ClinicSharjah06-5623224Crystal Plaza B King Faisal Street Buhaira
Cure Medical Center Physiotherapy LlcSharjah06-5303999Asastower Al Khan Corniche St Al Tawuun
Dar Al Salam Medical Center LlcSharjah06-5213535Al Mubarak Hypermarket Buildin Sharjah Industrial Area 3 Sharjah
Deepa ClinicSharjah06-5686424Ali Al Gargash Building Rolla Street Al Mareja Area
Doctors Medical CentreSharjah06-5632100Opposite Manama Supermarket, A Al Arouba Street Um Altaraffa
Dooa Medical ClinicSharjah06-5260188Merashid Fujairah Al Hamriya Free Zone
Dr. Afif Medical CenterSharjah06-5740091United Bank Building, 2Nd Floo King Faissal Street King Faissal Street
Dr. Ali S. Hindi ClinicSharjah06-5746006Opposite Nissan Showroom, Al T Al Wahda Street Al Wahda Street
Dr. Amal Alqedrah Specialist ClinicSharjah06-5238883Al Abar Building, 1St Floor, A Wasit Road Al Abar
Dr. Raad Al Qaisi ClinicSharjah06-5744677Crystal Plaza Block C, 601, 6T Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road
Dr. Sanjay Medical CentreSharjah06-5626525201, Opp. Lulu Centre, Al Muba Al Sharq Street Al Naba'Ah
Dr. Sunny M CSharjah06-5388966Dana Plaza, Shaba Complex, 6; Wasit Road Samnan
Dr. Tigani Shaib Medical ClinicSharjah06-5561126Al Fardan Center, Block A 206, Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road
Dr.Sabaa Medical Centre LlcSharjah06-5530092Majaz Building Jamal Abdulnaser Street Al Majaz Park
Emirates Hospitals & Clinics SharjahSharjah800-444444Al Fardan Centre G Flr Shop 2 Buhaira Corniche Road Al Majaz 3
Emirates International Medical Center L.L.CSharjah06-5226107Bl966 Al Sharq St Al Riffah And Al Mirgab Sharjah Al Riffah
Emirates Medical Center LlcSharjah06-5551666Rashid Sultan Bldg M Floor King Faisal Street Abu Shagarah
Eve Medical Centre L.L.C.Sharjah06-7498042Villa -159 Al Fayhaa- East Dis Maysaloon
Faheem Tadros Medical CenterSharjah06-5566077Aldanatower Buhairah Corniche Al Majaz
First Gulf Medical CenterSharjah06-5347573Advanced Care Group Al Reem Bldg Maliha Roud Shj-Kalba Roud
Galal Medical Centre LlcSharjah06-5432211Asas Tower Al Taawun Street Alkhan
Ganin Medical CentreSharjah06-5315553Sarah Al Emarat Al Buhaira Corniche Opposite Al Majaz Atage
Goodhealth Specialized Medical CenterSharjah06-5466160101, Al Mansoor (Tiger Bldg), Beside Lulu Supermarket Near Al Nahda Park,
Habib Medical CenterSharjah06-5727767Corniche Plaza 2 Building, Opp Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road
Hannover Medical CenterSharjah06-5433226Sarah Al Emarat Tower Al Buhaira Corniche Al Majaz 3
Healers Medical CentreSharjah06-5539851Behind Emax, Sunrise Supermark King Faisal Street Abu Shaghara
Helal Kalba Medical CenterSharjah09-2776886Maryam Rashid Muhham Bldg. Kalba Industrial Area Kalba
Ideal Medical CentreSharjah06-5623844Sh. Khalid Building, 102; F-1, Al Arouba Street Um Altaraffa
Ishaq Bin Omran Medical Center LlcSharjah06-5180800Family Health Promotion Center Shk Salem Al Qasimi Street Al Qarayen Area
Kkt International Medical CenterSharjah06-56588801047 Al Batha Tower 283 Corniche St. Al Majaz 1
Laika Medical CenterSharjah06-5627667Al Owans Building, 102, 1St Bl Al Zahra Street Al Naba'Ah
Lamasat Medical CentreSharjah06-5591619Alshamtower Oppsite Sharjah Expo Center Al Taawun
Lebanon Medical CenterSharjah06-56529297Th Flr Majestic Tower Opp Al Nahda Bridge Al Tawoun St
Liberty Medical CenterSharjah06-5599379Shop# 2, Nayeli-3 Bldg King Abdul Aziz Street Abu Shaghara
Life Way Specialized Medical CentreSharjah06-5304900First Floor, 105 Opp Ansar Ml Al Mamzar
Lifecare Medical CenterSharjah09-2445722Sama 2 Bldg. Kind Faisal Road Abu Shagarah
Limar Medical CentreSharjah06-5744245Alshamsibuilding Buhairah Corniche Al Majaz 1
Mampilly Medical CentreSharjah06-5616464Sheikh Faizal Building, 3Rd Fl Al Arouba Street Um Altaraffa
Marina Medical CenterSharjah06-5625234Mezzanine Floor, Al Soor Build Ibrahim Mohd Al Medfa Street Above Lifeline Ph,Al Soor Area
Medcare Medical Centre - SharjahSharjah06-5257497Jawhara Building Al Taawun Mall Taawun Street
Metawi Medical CenterSharjah06-5742999Opposite Nissan Showroom, Al T Al Wahda Street Al Wahda Street
Mgm Medical Centre LlcSharjah06-5741444Rm 205, Above Suzuki Showroom King Faisal St. King Faisal Area
Mulk Physiotherapy CentreSharjah06-5253756Crescent House Al Majaz-3
Nadeem Medical CentreSharjah06-53879791St Flr, Al Talaa Bldg Al Wasit Street Shahba Area
New Dr. Sunny M C- Rolla (Nmc)Sharjah06-5639966Above Joy Alukkas Ctr, 3Rd Flo Al Arouba Street Rolla Square
New M C (Shj) (Nmc)Sharjah06-5758000Belresheed Tower,1St &2Nd Flr, Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road
Noor Al Madinah Medical CenterSharjah06-5358605Above Pak Ghazi Restaurant,Opp National Paint Maliha Street Sharjah Industrial Area 11
Noor ClinicSharjah06-5684974Yousuf Hamza Alashams Bldg. Arabian Gulf Street Shwaihean
Perfect Medical CenterSharjah06-5630009Dana Tower,M Flr, Above Damas Al Arouba Street Rolla
Peshawar Medical CentreSharjah06-5633755Rolla Mall 309,309,310 3Rd Floor Rolla
Premier Medical Centre LlcSharjah06-5616188Al Guwair Post Office Bldg. Al Arouba Street Al Guwair Rolla
Prime Medical Center Al NahdaSharjah04-7070999Shop 7, Ground Flr, Al Roda To Malaka Street Al Nahda
Prime Medical Center Al QasimiaSharjah04-7070999Near Mashreq Bank, Al Qasimia King Abdul Aziz Street Al Qasimia
Prime Spec Medical Centre (Majaz Branch)Sharjah04-70709992Nd Floor, Safeer Market Bldg, King Faisal Street Al Majaz 1
Prime Specialist Medical Centre 1Sharjah04-7070999Ground Floor, Zero 6 Mall University City Road Al Jurainah
Primecorp Medical Center Shj 1Sharjah04-7070999Shop 1 Al Roda Towe 2 Makala St Al Nahda
Ravi Medical Centre LlcSharjah06-5437455Alsalehibldg Industrial Area 6 Maliha
Reem Al Nahda Med Diagnostic CtrSharjah06-5304864Al Nahda Next To Al Nahda Park
Reem Medical Diagnostic CenterSharjah06-5620831Old Uae Exchange Building Al Arouba Street Al Ghuwair
Reem Specialist Medical CentreSharjah06-5625422Old Uae Exchange Building Al Arouba Street Al Ghuwair
Regal Medical CentreSharjah06-5354175Alwadibuilding Near National Paints Kalba Road
Riaz Medical CenterSharjah06-5583351Bldg Next To Dr. Sunny Medical Wasit Road Samnan
Right Medical CentreSharjah06-5551575Office # 101-104, Ground Floor King Faisal Street Abu Shaghara
Sabah Al Noor Medical CentreSharjah06-5558441Jumbo Sony Building, Mezzanine King Faisal Street Abu Shaghara
Sahar Medical CentreSharjah06-5420843Baba Hassan Building 2Nd Industrial Street Indus Area3
Sahara Medical CentreSharjah06-5318887Al Shaiba Al Nahda Park Al Nahda
Sai Ganesh Pillai Medical CentreSharjah06-5687831Bank Saderat Iran Building Opposite To Uae Exchange Sharjah Rolla
Saifzone Medical Centre (Fzc)Sharjah06-5578471Clinicf2-42A Ground Floor Saifzone
Sam Specialized Medical CenterSharjah06-5744664Beside Burger King, Union Nati Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road
Sana Habib Medical CentreSharjah06-5396566Flat 405/406 Al Marzouqi Tower King Faisal Street Al Qassimiya
Sara Medical CentreSharjah06-5568888Sara Tower Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road
Sharjah Corniche Medical Centre LlSharjah06-5751222Corniche Plaza 2 Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road
Sharjah Int'L Holistic Health CenterSharjah06-5720088Opp . City Bank Near Dubai National Bank King Abdul Aziz St. Al Qasimia
Shifa Al Jazeera Medical CentreSharjah06-5218889Shaikh Abdullah Ali Al Mahmoud Al Zahra Street Rolla
Siyad Specialist Medical CenterSharjah06-5358305Shop 1 Al Wadi Bldg Maliha Road Muwaileh Commercial
Specialized Medical Centre -Sharjah06-5736800Salem Tower Building, Opp: Al Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road
Starcare Medical Center LlcSharjah06-5611099Opp. Rolla Park Al Ghuwair Rolla
Sunny Al Buhairah Medical CentreSharjah06-5566689Kakooli Bldg Al Majaz Street Al Majaz
Sunny Al Nahda Medical CentreSharjah06-5305252Al Shaiba Bldg Al Nahda Park Street Al Nahda
Sunny Halwan Speciality Medical Centre LSharjah06-5061666Opposite Al Qasmia Hospital Wasit Street Shahba,
Sunny Maysloon Speciality Medical CentreSharjah06-5014777Near Lulu Hypermarket Kuwait Strt May Saloon
Sunny Sharqan Medical Centre LlcSharjah06-5667996Al Sharqan Ext. Al Arouba St Towards Ajman Sharjah Sharjah
Sunny Speciality Medical CentreSharjah06-5688707Habib Bank Ag Zurich Building Bank Street Rolla
Sunrise Medical Center LlcSharjah06-5757003Al Sour Bldg, Opp Sata Office 7Th St, Mina Road Sharjah
Unicare Medical CentreSharjah06-5632100Alshamsi Building, 101-104; F- Clock Tower Al Ghuwair
Union Medical CentreSharjah06-5562546Mirage Residence 2 Geco Signal 3 Industrial Street 3
Venniyil Medical CentreSharjah06-5682258Above Paris House Hold F 1& 2 Corniche Street Shuwaiheen
Zaferulla Medical CentreSharjah06-5352160Grnd Flr Tiger Bldg Mahliha Road Industrial Area 11
Zulekha Medical Center Al KhanSharjah06-5060499The Gate Tower 1St Floor Expo Center Sharjah Al Khan
Al Khaleej Medical CentreUmm Al Quwain06-7651212Ground Floor, Sheikh Ibrahim B King Faizal Road Raas
Dr. Sunny Medical Centre LlcUmm Al Quwain06-7666933Shop No 1 Next To Nissan Showroom King Faisal Road
Yasmed Medical Center UaqUmm Al Quwain06-5299064Yasmed Bldg. Hot Pack R/A New Industrial Area

List of Day Care Centres

Day Care Centre nameEmiratesAddressPhone
Advanced Center For Day Care SurgeryAbu DhabiJasmine Tower Near Rak Bank Abu Dhabu Airport Road02-6227700
Al Abeer Medical Center Day Surgery UnitAbu Dhabi200; F-2; Hypermarket Building Najda Street Najda Street02-6330440
Al Hosn One Day Surgery Center (Al Hosn)Abu DhabiMezzanine Floor, Obaid Gaber B Nasr Street Khalidiya02-6215159
Al Mazroui Med Med Ctr Day SurgeryAbu DhabiNext To Nissan Showroom, Oppos Najda Street, Passport Road Najda Street02-6723232
Burjeel Day Surgery Center L.L.CAbu DhabiAl Reem Island Al Reem Island Al Reem Island02-3079999
Burjeel Medical Center Al ShamkhaAbu Dhabi1St Flr Makani Mall Al Shamkha Abu Dhabi02-5085511
Burjeel Medical CentreAbu DhabiGround Flr, Deerfields Mall Dubai-Abu Dhabi Highway Al Bahiya02-5821555
Cosmesurge & Emirates Hospital – AuhAbu DhabiSt.13, Delma & Karama Intersec Opp Public Works Dept. Delma & Karama Intersection02-4466422
Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center LlcAbu DhabiVilla 329 Bainunah Street Al Bateen02-5664222
Harley Street Medical CentreAbu DhabiMarina Mall 18Th Street Break Water Corniche Street02-6133868
Health Shield Medical CenterAbu DhabiOpp. The Main Fountain Corniche Road Corniche Road02-6989999
Healthline Day Care Surgery L.L.C.Abu Dhabi26Th Street Baniyas East 11 Baniyas02-5668600
Heart Beat Mc & One Day Surg(Consultant)Abu DhabiMrs.Mariam Khalifa Al Yousef 5+6/Plot 103, Airport Rd Mushrif, W902-4449494
Magrhabi Eye & Ear Center (Daycare Surg)Abu DhabiF-4,Al-Nakheel Tower,Sanaa B Baniyas Street Baniyas Street02-6345000
Magrhabi Eye & Ear Center BranchAbu DhabiKhaleej Arabi Street Khaleej Arabi Street Mushrif02-4446565
Marina Health Promotion Center LlcAbu DhabiMarina Mall Next To Mercedes Showroom Marina02-3338333
Medical Park Consultants One Day SurgeryAbu Dhabi140 W11 Beside Bnp Paribas Al Bateen St., Al Falah St., Khalidiya02-3028888
Prince Medical Centr Oneday SurgeryAbu DhabiBakhit Al Mansouri Bldg Fatima Bint Mubarak Sts Hazza Bin Zayed Sts Al Dhafra02-6415533
Unique Alahalia Ophthalmology One Day SuAbu DhabiDelma Street Airport Road02-6262666
Wellness One Day Surgery Centre LlcAbu DhabiBldg111,Near Sheikh Khalifa Arab Pak School Dihan St, Muroor02-6422424
Yas Clinic One Day SurgeryAbu Dhabi1St Floor, Shop No: A 1-5A-M412G2F2E2D2C Airport Road02-2086201
Cleveland Clinc Abu Dhabi L L C- Br 1Al AinGround Floor Tawam Hospital Campus Tawam Hospital Mosque03-7041752
Magrabi Eye Center Al AinAl AinMagrabi Eye Center Bldg Airport Road Almarkhanya03-7612424
Advanced Care Oncology Center LlcDubaiAl Furjan Jebal Ali Jebal Ali104-5656300
Al Mousa Day Surgery CenterDubaiVilla 34 , Near Iranian Hospit 5 B Street Wasl Street,Bur Dubai04-3450745
Al Tadawi Medical CentreDubaiAl Masaood Building Port Saeed Road Deira04-2038888
Armada One Day Surgical Center JltDubaiArmada Tower 2 Opp Dubai Marina Mall Al Sarayat, Jlt04-3990022
Aster Day Surgery CentreDubaiAl Raffa, Kuwait Street Kuwait Street Bur Dubai04-3814948
Charme Day SurgeryDubaiVilla 1035 Al Wasl Road Al Manara04-3808889
Dr Ismail Day Surgical CentreDubai41 A Street, Karama04-3378585
Emirates Hospital Day Surgery & MedicalDubaiHonsho Street Opp. To Dubai Kartdrome Motor City04-8716900
Fakih Ivf Llc. (Nmc)DubaiVilla 37, 65B St, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 104-3497600
Health Bay Day Surgery Centre LlcDubaiOpposite Choithram Wasl Road Jumeirah04-3487140
Health Hub-Al Qusais 1DubaiManazel Deira Bldg. Gf Next To Fortune Hotel Al Quisais 104-2040400
Healthhub Day Care Dfc MallDubaiGf Dfc Mall Dubai Festival City04-5967350
Healthhub Day Care Dfc MallDubaiGf Dfc Mall Dubai Festival City04-5967350
Magrabi Eye Hospital – Outpatient SurgDubaiAl Razi Building, # 64 Block E Oud Metha Road Dhcc04-4370606
Mawi Day Surgical CenterDubaiGf Villa No. 3 7B Street Umm Suqeim 1 Jumeirah 304-3855566
Medcare Eye CentreDubai103, Matloob Building Next To Mosh Hospital Shk Zayed Road04-4079104
Medcare Med Centre Jumeirah-DaysurgDubaiUmm Suqeim 1, G Floor Jumeirah Beach Road Umm Suqeim 104-43953115
Mediclinic Deira Clinic Br Of MediclinicDubaiDeira City Centre Gnd &3Rd Flr Citycentre Office Near Pullman Hotel, Deira04-2052777
Mediclinic Dubai Mall Med CtrDubaiLevel 2 Parking 3 Dubai Mall04-4495246
Mediclinic Ibn BattutaDubaiChina Courtg F142 Shop Ibn Batuta Mall Discovery Gardens04-4409000
My Health Day Surgery Center Llc(AlsalamDubai336 Al Ghurair Tower 2 Al Ghurair Mall, Al Rigga St. Deira04-2522100
North American Lasik And Eye Surgery CenDubaiVilla No :1 Near To Iranian Hospital Al Wasl Road,Jumeira 104-3447766
Professor Sakla Spanish Eye Clinic L.L.CDubaiOffice No. 119 Sheikh Zayed Street Umm Alsheif04-3243244
Shamma Clinic L.L.C.DubaiVilla 41 10C Street Jumeirah 104-3498800
Al Saha Wa Al Shifa One Day Surgery HospSharjahOffice # 307, 3Rd Floor Rolla Mall, Al Arouba Street06-5632618
Dar Al Oyoun Hospital For One Day SurgerSharjahBuhaira Corniche Al Majaz Al Majaz06-5750015
Enjab Hospital For Fertility & Day CareSharjahAl Durrah Building, 6Th Floor, Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road06-5563433
Oriana Hospital One Day SurgicalSharjahManazil Tower2 Building Al Taawun Street Al Taawun06-5251000
W. Wilson Specialized HospitalSharjahAl Burj Building , 1St Floor, Al Taawun Street Al Taawun06-5771757

List of Pharmacies in UAE

Pharmacy NameEmiratesAddressPhone
Al Corniche Hospital Ph-SehaAbu DhabiE. Corniche E. Corniche E. Corniche02-8117572
Al Dhannah Hospital PharmacyAbu DhabiY-249 Ruwais Housing Ruwais02-6027749
Al Gharbia Hospitals Central Medicine StoreAbu DhabiAl Gharbia Hospitals Administration Old Hospital Building Mohamed Kalaf Street02-8070000
Al Rahba Hospital In Ph-SehaAbu DhabiAl Rahba Al Rahba Al Rahba02-5064120
Al Rahba Hospital Out Ph-SehaAbu DhabiAl Rahba Al Rahba Al Rahba02-5064444
Al Reem Hospital PharmacyAbu DhabiOpp Sorbone University Jazeerath Reem Island02-8152000
Burjeel Hospital Pharmacy - Br1Abu DhabiBurjeel Hospital Al Najda Street Defence St.02-5085235
Burjeel Hospital PharmacyAbu DhabiNext To Dar Al Shifa Hospital Najda Street Najda Street02-2222332
Ch Inpatient Pharmacy-SehaAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi02-5632599
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi In-Patient PhAbu Dhabi13Flr Al Maqam Tower Abu Dhabi Global Market Square Al Falah St Al Maryah Island02-5019000
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Pharmacy LlcAbu Dhabi13Flr Al Maqam Tower Abu Dhabi Global Market Square Al Falah St Al Maryah Island02-5019000
Corniche Hospital Pharmacy-Outpt-SehaAbu DhabiExecutive Bldg,9 Flr,Das Tower Sultan Bin Zayed Str(32 Str), Khalidia02-6724900
Cosmesurge & Emirates Hospital PharmacyAbu DhabiSt.13, Delma & Karama Intersec Opp Public Works Dept. Delma & Karama Intersection04-3445915
Danat Al Emarat Hospital Inpt PharmacyAbu Dhabi3Rd Street Abu Dhabi Gate City Abu Dhabi02-6149999
Danat Al Emarat Hospital Pharmacy LlcAbu Dhabi3Rd Street Abu Dhabi Gate City Abu Dhabi02-6149999
Delma Hospital O.P.D Ph-SehaAbu DhabiWestern Region Western Region Western Region02-8839140
Gayathy Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy-SehaAbu DhabiAl Gharbia Hospitals Admin Mohd Kalaf Almazrouei St Madinat Zayed, Gharbia02-8070000
Ghiathy Hospital O.P.D Ph-SehaAbu DhabiWestern Region Western Region Western Region02-8721555
Health Point Hospital Llc Outpt PharmacyAbu DhabiHealth Point Hospital Opp Zayed Stadium Inside Zayed Sports City, Airport Rd02-4929000
Lifeline Hospital Ph (Llh Brand)Abu DhabiAl Marwatowers Muroor Road Muroor Road02-6335522
Liwa Hospital O.P.D Ph-SehaAbu DhabiWestern Region Western Region Western Region02-8835000
Madinat Zayed Hospital Inpatient Ph-SehaAbu DhabiWestern Region Western Region Western Region02-8942000
Mafraq Hospital Inpt Ph-SehaAbu DhabiBanyas Area, Al Mafraq Banyas Area, Al Mafraq Banyas Area, Al Mafraq02-5011853
Marfa Hospital O.P.D Ph-SehaAbu DhabiWestern Region Western Region Western Region02-8741666
Phoenix Hospital Pharmacy L.L.CAbu DhabiAl Bustan Hospital Building Al Ain -Tariff Road Shabia,Musaffah02-8119119
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City In-P-Ph-SehaAbu DhabiAl Karama St Al Karama St Al Karama St02-8192154
Sila Hospital In Patient Pharmacy-SehaAbu DhabiAl Gharbia Hospitals Old Hosp Bldg, Mohd Kalaf Almazrouei St Madinat Zayed02-8070000
Sila Hospital O.P.D Ph-SehaAbu DhabiWestern Region Western Region Western Region02-8844444
Abu Al-Abyad Clinic O.P. Ph-SehaAbu DhabiWestern Region02-8839140
Abu Sharia PharmacyAbu DhabiOpposite Blood Bank, Behind Kh Khalidiya Street Khalidiya02-6670181
Adco Medical Centre PharmacyAbu DhabiAdco Medical Centre, Near Adco Operations Al Khalidiya02-6023882
Adnoc Technical Institute PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Shawamekh, Near Schlumberge Abudhabi02-6023882
Advance Cure PharmacyAbu DhabiAdvanced Cure Diagnostic Bldg. Nbad Bank Al Bateen Al Khaleej Al Arabi02-4100934
Ah Care PharmacyAbu DhabiNear Doha Bank Al Najda Street Al Najda02-5465599
Al Abeer PharmacyAbu DhabiHypermarket Building Najda Street Najda Street02-6314400
Al Ahalia National Pharmacy Llc Branch1Abu DhabiAhalia Hospital Building Near To Bmw Showroom Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road,Musaffa02-5595441
Al Ahlia National Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiAfter The Bmw Showroom Sanaya, Tariff Road Mussafah02-8119119
Al Bateen Pharmacy (Landmark)Abu DhabiPink Building Near Eldorado Ci Electra Street Electra Street02-6766610
Al Daman PharmacyAbu DhabiOnaid Humid Al Mazroui Buildin Najda St Electra Street02-6320909
Al Dharfa Family Medicine Center Ph-SehaAbu DhabiWestern Region Western Region Western Region02-8822204
Al Falah Healthcare Center Pharmacy-SehaAbu DhabiSweihan Road, Fa802-7115072
Al Furqan PharmacyAbu DhabiMafraq Centre Near Emirates General Market Al Mafraq Workers City 202-6316831
Al Haneen Pharmacy -Yas GrpAbu DhabiCwrc- Al Rayan Al Mafraq Workers City02-5463531
Al Hosn Pharmacy-MedicinaAbu DhabiAl Hosn Medical Centre Al Hilal Bank Bldg Corniche Road02-6662739
Al Inmaa PharmacyAbu DhabiObaid Khalifa Al Jaber Bldg Al Nasr Street Khalidiya02-6213911
Al Kamal PharmacyAbu DhabiJermaim Tower Khalidia Street Khalidiya02-6669281
Al Khazna Primary Healthcare Ctr Ph-SehaAbu DhabiAl Khaznah Al Khaznah Al Khaznah02-5661350
Al Maared PharmacyAbu DhabiGrnd Floor Musaffahindustrial Mussafah02-5558810
Al Mafraq Pharmacy-MedicinaAbu DhabiOld Balidya Market Corner Mafraq Hospital Mafraq02-5833550
Al Manara Global PharmacyAbu DhabiMina Mall Mina Street Mina Street02-6734777
Al Manara Pharmacy-Marina MallAbu DhabiNew Extension Near Paris Galle Marina Mall Break Water Corniche Street02-6817977
Al Maqam PharmacyAbu DhabiGf Hamad Suhail Creak Outlet Zayed Bin Sultan Street Town Centre03-7681188
Al Maqtaa Health Ctr Ph-SehaAbu DhabiAl Maqtaa Al Maqtaa Al Maqtaa02-5584611
Al Marina Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiNajda Street02-6343454
Al Marina Pharmacy Llc Branch 1Abu DhabiNear Old Fresh Bangla Supermarket Musaffah 37 Industrial Area02-5503115
Al Mazroui PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Mazroui Hospital,Clock Tower,Sana Fashions Bld Najda Street Najda Street02-6714006
Al Mushrif Healthcare Center PharmacyAbu DhabiSeha02-5632599
Al Razi Pharmacy Co.Abu DhabiGdc Hospital Building Khaleej Arabi Street Al Bateen02-6675938
Al Rowdha Family Medicine Clinic Ph-SehaAbu DhabiAl Karama Road Al Karama Road Al Karama Road02-8191567
Al Saada PharmacyAbu DhabiShop No 4, Al Akkavi Bldg Near Lulu Exchange Hamdan St 1602-6278313
Al Sadiq PharmacyAbu DhabiBuilding 54 Nr Al Noor Hosp,Nmc Spec Hosp Main Mussafah Bridge Musaffah02-5530036
Al Salama One Day Surgery Ph-MedicinaAbu Dhabi43Rd St. Baniyas East02-5047999
Al Samha Health Ctr Ph-SehaAbu DhabiAl Samha Al Samha Al Samha02-5620048
Al Shamkha Healthcare Ctr Pharmacy-SehaAbu DhabiAl Shamkah02-8191273
Al Sila PharmacyAbu DhabiUae Exchange Bldg. Al Sila Western Region02-8722087
Al Tadawi PharmacyAbu DhabiKhyber Clinic Building Liwa Street,Near Of Kmh Super Mark Al Dhafra04-2943266
Al Thurayya PharmacyAbu DhabiOpposite Shabiya Police Statio Najda Street Najda Street02-6427827
Al Wathba PharmacyAbu DhabiBeside Coop Society Baniyas Street Baniyas Street02-5831368
Alfalah Land Mark PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Falah Street Al Hayer Road Sweihan02-6783777
Alpha Care PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Firdous Center, Ground Floor,Sanayya M3 17Th Street Saniaya Mussafah02-5558383
Alpha PharmacyAbu DhabiTourist Club Area Opposite City Terminal Al Salam St.02-6440044
American Center PharmacyAbu DhabiAmerican Center Psy&Neuro Bldg Mubarak Bin Mohamed Al Rawda02-4433114
Apollo Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiPlot C-128, Sector 3 Hamdan Street Al Markaziya02-6344747
Arab Al Jazeera PharmacyAbu DhabiAman Hussain Ali Khuri Building Main Shabiya Street Main Shabiya Street02-5527070
Arafat Pharmacy W LlAbu DhabiGrnd Flrhamad Cntr Electra Street Electra02-5506906
Asab PharmacyAbu DhabiWestern Region, Al Dhafrah Abudhabi02-6023882
Aster Pharmacies Auh Br 11Abu DhabiShop 2 Bldg 193 Sector E18 01 Next To Adnoc Petrol Stn Airport Road02-6274688
Aster Pharmacies Auh Br 9Abu DhabiSgop 2 Bldg. 139 Al Wathiq St. Sultan Bin Zayed Muroor Road02-8869464
Aster Pharmacies Br Abu Dhabi 10Abu DhabiHeirs Of Darwish Bin Ahmed Bld Zayed 1St Electra Street02-8868770
Aster Pharmacies Group L.L.CAbu DhabiAl Shaheen Complex Near Chothram Super Market Khalidiya02-6395140
Aster Pharmacies Group LlcAbu DhabiGrnd Flr Bodebis Bldg Deyyar, Defense Road Abu Dhabi02-4478482
Aster Pharmacies GrpAbu DhabiGrnd Flr Al Hamed Bldg. Behind Jumbo Electronics Al Falah Sts,Blue Diamond Area02-6437625
Aster Pharmacies GrpAbu DhabiShop2 Grnd Flr Unt 259081 Behind Al Muhairy Centre Dar Al Thalmiya, Khalidiya02-6280582
Aster Pharmacies GrpAbu DhabiGrnd Flr Bldg No. Ec-C-19 Near To Lulu Int'L Exchange Hamdan Sts02-6229870
Aster PharmacyAbu Dhabi721 Meraiki Trading Bldg. Hamdan Bin Mohammed St Al Danah02-6350204
Aster PharmacyAbu DhabiShop 3 C57 Darwish Bldg Al Fala St Al Dana East02-5858396
Aster PharmacyAbu DhabiBuilding No 7 Zayed Street Electra02-4489240
Aster PharmacyAbu DhabiNear To Joy Alukas Jewelry Shabiya Musaffah02-5502429
Aster PharmacyAbu DhabiCanon Building, Next To Cbi Bank Electra St02-6711831
Bab Al Madina PharmacyAbu DhabiGround Flr, Moosa Al Ajban Building Mussafah 2602-6422464
Babil PharmacyAbu DhabiBin Saqar Building Near Oman B Najda Street Najda Street02-6349500
Bain Al Qasrain Pharmacy-MedicinaAbu DhabiInside I Mall Adnec Street02-4469301
Bangash PharmacyAbu DhabiHamad Mubarak Hamad Al Khaili Near Furture International Sch Baniyas East02-5834217
Baniyas Health CenterAbu DhabiBaniyas Baniyas Baniyas02-5835599
Bareen PharmacyAbu DhabiOpp Fatima Bent Mubarak Mosque Mohammad Bin Zayed Road Abu Dhabi02-5545555
Bateen Family Medicine ClinicAbu DhabiBateen District Bateen District Bateen District02-8191866
Beneficial PharmacyAbu DhabiFlat Number 25, Ground, Opra Real Estate Building, African Eastern, M 37, Km Trading, K.M Trading Street Musaffah Sanaiya02-5513334
Best Health Care Pharmacy L.L.C.Abu DhabiAl-Sarab Building Near Ubl Bank Mussaffah Mussaffah02-5755333
Better Life Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiAl Shereif Tower Near Union National Bank Corniche Road02-5595441
Bida Mutawa Clinic O.PAbu DhabiWestern Region Western Region Western Region02-8777175
Bin Sina Al Muroor PhAbu DhabiUnit No. 4 Near Abu Dhabi Coop Muroor Road Muroor Road02-4498140
Bin Sina Dana PlazaAbu DhabiDana Plaza Khalidiya02-6669240
Bin Sina Pharmacy-Marina MallAbu DhabiMarina Mall Marina Mall Break Water Corniche Street02-6815630
Blue Ocean PharmacyAbu DhabiGround Floor C 344 Mohammed Bin Zayed Street, Me10 Mussaffah02-5532323
Bright & Shine Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiPlot No: S3 Ground Fr Baniyas East Mafreq Baniyas East02-6426212
Bright Point Pharmacy Llc - NmcAbu DhabiJazira Sports & Culture Club Plot No 36 Murour Road E/22/0202-5558825
Bsp Pharmacy-Inpatient-Abu DhabiAirport Road Airport Road Airport Road02-8194189
Bsp Pharmacy-OutpatientAbu DhabiAirport Road Airport Road Airport Road02-8194189
Bu Hasa PharmacyAbu DhabiWestern Region Al Dhafrah Abudhabi02-6023882
Burjeel Al Reem Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiGate And Are Tower Shams Boutik Reem Island02-3079998
Burjeel Pharmacy (Vps)Abu DhabiGround Flr, Deerfields Mall Dubai-Abu Dhabi Highway Al Bahiya02-5821555
Burjeel Pharmacy Al Dhafra MallAbu DhabiAl Sara St. Ugf Al Dhafra Mall Al Dhafra West Region02-8848989
Burjeel Pharmacy Al Marina LlcAbu DhabiMarina Mall West Entrance Corniche Road02-3338340
Burjeel Pharmacy Al Shamkha LlcAbu Dhabi1St Flr Makani Mall Al Shamkha Abu Dhabi02-2051303
Burjeel Pharmacy L.L.CAbu DhabiShabia-9 Near Llh Mc Musaffah02-2051433
Burjeel Pharmacy L.L.CAbu DhabiGrnd Flr Khalifa City Coop Society Khalifa City A02-5562421
Burjeel Pharmacy L.L.CAbu DhabiEmpost Building Nr Super Mar Khalifa City02-2051433
Burjeel Pharmacy L.L.CAbu DhabiAl Wahda Mall- Ext. Building, Near Abu Dhabi Bus Station02-2051433
Burjeel Pharmacy L.L.CAbu DhabiMazyad Mall Shop 13 Mussaffah02-5534848
Burjeel Pharmacy L.L.CAbu DhabiBakhit Al Mansouri Bldg Fatima Bint Mubarak Sts Hazza Bin Zayed Sts Al Dhafra02-6415533
Clinix PharmacyAbu DhabiLazat Rest Street 1 Mussafah02-5530240
Daar Al Misbah PharmacyAbu DhabiDaar Al Misbah Medical Center Bldg.,Ground Floor,Nearby Bengali Masjid02-5522399
Dabbayia PharmacyAbu DhabiWestern Region Al Dafra Abu Dhabi02-6023882
Dana Medical Center Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiFlat Num1 Shakboot City Shakboot02-6661551
Dar Al Shifaa PharmacyAbu DhabiDalma Mall Tarif Highway Mussafah02-6900816
Das Medical Center PharmacyAbu DhabiDas Island Das Island02-6023882
Dawn PharmacyAbu DhabiMouzafat Elammpi Flats Shitalta Street Baniyas City02-5831929
Diabetic Clinic Ph-SehaAbu DhabiAl Manhal St 9Th Al Manhal St 9Th Al Manhal St 9Th02-8190722
Dpsc Pharmacy Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAl Karamah Street Abu Dhabi02-7114000
Eastern Al Ahlia PharmacyAbu DhabiWorkers City 2-China Baniyas West Baniyas Street Mafraq02-5856008
Ehg Emirates Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiPodium 2,Shining Towers Zayed The First Street Khalidiyah02-5014000
Elite Modern PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Sager Building, Nr. Carrefour Sh Rashid Bin Saeed Maktoom Street Sh Rashid Bin Saeed Maktoom St02-4494209
Elyazia PharmacyAbu DhabiMariam Salam Building Near Ala Muroor Road Muroor Road02-4493700
Elyzee PharmacyAbu DhabiVilla 329 King Abdulla Bin Abdulaziz St Al Bateen02-5664299
Emerald PharmacyAbu DhabiShop No. 5,6,7,8, M37 16Th Street Industrial City Of Abu Dhabi02-5554164
Emirates Jordanian PharmacyAbu DhabiGround To 2 Near Baniyas Court Exit 40 Baniyas West02-5836999
Extra Care PharmacyAbu DhabiShop#10, Mohd Al Mazroui Bldg Beside Nat'L Bank Of Oman Al Najdah, Al Danah02-6716665
Fanar Pharmacy - BranchAbu DhabiNear Mazjoub Optics Khalifa Street Abu Dhabi02-4441811
Farmacia Home HealthcareAbu DhabiSafeer Center Musaffah02-5529395
Firas Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiMajeen Mohammed Tamer Al Mansouri Bldg Tourist Club02-5551626
Future PharmacyAbu DhabiNear Tourist Club Area ,Future Pharmacy Building Old Mazda Road Old Mazda Road02-6740090
Ghiathy PharmacyAbu DhabiOpposite Adc Bank Nr Rahma Med Ghiathy District02-8741797
Giant Pharmacy L.L.C.Abu DhabiAuh Industrial Area M-17 Musaffah02-5517211
Golden Care PharmacyAbu DhabiFlat No8 Grdflr Corner 13Th Street And 14 Street Mussafah02-4499886
Golden Health PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Salam Living City Hameem Road Al Salam Living City02-5855550
Good Care Pharmacy -Yas GrpAbu DhabiVillage Inn 2 Al Mafraq Workers City02-5500806
Green Care Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiGround Floor Nearal Madina Hyper Market Shabiya02-26670852
Green City PharmacyAbu DhabiGround Floor, Oppo. Parco Supermarket Old Passport Road02-6279184
Green Hills PharmacyAbu Dhabi#5, Bldg 187, Fresh & More Super Market 28Th St, Mussafah02-5549080
Habshan PharmacyAbu DhabiWestern Region, Al Dhafrah Abudhabi02-6023882
Hameem PharmacyAbu DhabiAdcp Building Behind Suzuki Showroom, Al Salam Street02-5535544
Harley Street PharmacyAbu DhabiNext To Marina Mall, Villa No.A21,Gate2 18Th Street Break Water Corniche Street02-6133999
Healing Pharmacy -Yas GrpAbu DhabiDhabi Hameem Camp Hameem Worker City02-5500806
Health First PharmacyAbu DhabiR-G-Ls-07 St. Regis Hotel Abu Dhabi02-6277883
Health First PharmacyAbu DhabiNpcc Bldg, Mussafah West 5 Section No.15 A Mussafah St02-5588006
Health First PharmacyAbu DhabiShop # G12 Alfalah Village 1 Al Falah City02-6793939
Health First PharmacyAbu DhabiShop # 417 Deerfield Mall Albahia St, Abu Dhabi02-5631801
Health First PharmacyAbu DhabiShop # G12 Opp Almaya Supermarket Village Centre 1, 3B Al Falah02-5854583
Health First PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Rahba Hospital Ground Floor Al Shahama, Al Rahba02-5643948
Health Line PharmacyAbu DhabiFlat Num 579 Baniyas East Baniyas02-5668600
Health Plus Pharmacy L L CAbu DhabiSheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Strt Abu Dhabi02-6655422
Health Plus Pharmacy L L CAbu DhabiHaza Binzayed Al Karama02-4434450
Health Point PharmacyAbu DhabiShop 1, Groud Floor C-25 Sadiaqa (Near Baskin Robin Bldg) Shabiya Street Me 9 Mussaffah02-5590203
Health Time PharmacyAbu DhabiBldg. 08, Plot F2C4-8, 1St Flo Al-Mafraq Industrial 2 Baniyas West02-5554006
Heart Beat Pharmacy LlcAbu Dhabi5+6/Plot 103, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saee Mushrif Area02-4449494
Hope PharmacyAbu DhabiGcc New Office Building,Ground Floor Baniyas02-5552687
Ibn Rushid PharmacyAbu DhabiNr American Eurp Mc Mohamad Na Airport Road Airport Road02-4457727
Ibn Sina Pharmacy Al CornicheAbu DhabiP1 Etihad Towers A Corniche West Street Etihad Towers02-6210405
Ibn Sina PharmacyAbu Dhabi1St Flr Hili Mall Baniyas St. Hili Mall03-7843975
Ibn Sina PharmacyAbu DhabiGf Paragon Bay Mall Bin Zayed 1St Jazeerat Al Reem02-6585203
Ibn Sina PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Falah Village 2 Al Falah Dr Al Khouwtha St. Al Falah02-5669135
Ibn Sina PharmacyAbu DhabiGf Dalma Mall Al Wazn St Abu Dhabi Industial City-Icad02-5512385
Ibn Sina PharmacyAbu Dhabi2Nd Flr Dalma Mall Al Wazn St. Abu Dhabi Industrial City-Icad02-5512138
Ibn Sina PharmacyAbu DhabiSpar Supermrkt Al Ahalia Tower Zayed 1St St. Al Khalidiyah02-6395246
Ibn Sina PharmacyAbu DhabiNpcc Private Area Near Fab Bank Mussafa-Icad 102-5550302
Ideal PharmacyAbu DhabiGround Floor Al Jimi Workers Village Apollo Medical Centre,Musaffah02-5511786
Judy PharmacyAbu DhabiBhnd Lebanese Rst Daerat Al Miyah Near Royal Spec Med Cntr Khalidiya Street Khalidiya02-6668798
Junaid PharmacyAbu DhabiNearby Al Ahdhara Restaurant Muzairah Street Liwa02-8822844
Khalid Bin Al Waleed PharmacyAbu DhabiBehind Honda Showrm Mohamed Ra Electra Street Electra Street02-6744661
Khalifa A Health CtrAbu DhabiKhalifa A Khalifa A Khalifa A02-5561695
Khyber PharmacyAbu DhabiDepartment Of Transport Biuldi Nearby : Old Taxi Stand Baniyas West02-5836800
Knights Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiPink Bldg Near Royal Rose Hotel Al Salam St, Elektra St.02-6767366
Kohat PharmacyAbu Dhabi110Industrail Area Main Street: - 110Industrail A Mussafah02-5531924
Kohat Pharmacy Branch 1Abu DhabiStreet No.10 Industrial Area Musaffah02-5620488
Lahore Pharmacy (Zia)Abu DhabiMadeena Building, Ground Floor (Near By Pathan Taxi Stand ) 28 Street Saniaya Mussafah02-5508987
Landmark Plaza PharmacyAbu DhabiNext To Salama Hosp Hamdan Street Hamdan Street02-6783777
Lara PharmacyAbu DhabiNear Next Tower Bet Hamdan Road Hamdan Street02-6392282
Leaders PharmacyAbu DhabiShop2, Building 8, (Beside Pizza Hut And Emirates Nbd Bank Musaffah) 8Th Street Mussaffah02-5529957
Life Care International Pharmacy Llc.BrAbu DhabiWorkers City, Razeen Razeen Al Watba02-5826812
Life Care Intl Pharmacy Llc - Br 1 (Vps)Abu DhabiVillage Mall Mussafah Llh Group02-5557747
Life Pharmacy Abu DhabiAbu DhabiShop S002 Meena Area Plot C 51 Silverwave Tower Al Zahiyah04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Abu DhabiAbu DhabiUnit 1 View Tower Sultan Bin Zayed 1St St04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Abu DhabiAbu DhabiUnit 3 And 4 Mermaid Tower Al Khalidiya04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Abu DhabiAbu DhabiUnit Dt-R3 Al Reef 1 Community Retail Al Reef Down Town04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Abu DhabiAbu DhabiShowroom 1 Sea Face Tower Al Reem Island04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Airport RoadAbu DhabiGf-Sh5 Al Hamra Bldg. Airport Road04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Al Falah VillageAbu DhabiShop V3 Al Falah Village Neighbourhod Center04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiS2 P C22 Darwish Bin Ahmed Bld Electra Street04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop 1 Al Baloushi Tower E16 Al Zahiyah04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop 3 Al Falah Plaza E18-02 Al Jidaf St04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop No: 01, 02, & 03, C10 Building04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiGf Shop 1 Plot C29-C42 Al Jimi Avenue Al Bateen04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop 1 Adcp Bldg Al Salam St. Al Zahiya04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop 2 Mina Center Al Suhiliyah St. Al Mina04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop 1 Adcp Bldg. Farah Tower E16-01 Al Zahiya04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop No 1,Plot C161,Sector Me-9,Abdulla Ali Yateem Bilding,Old Royal Bite04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop No: Ff027, 028, & Ff Ds07 B, Dalma Mall, (Opposite Mussafah Community, Icad 1),04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiC-20 Building (Middle East Optical Building), Navy Gate Area04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiC172 Building ( P/1236 Adcp),Shop No 7&8,Me 9 Mussafah04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiAl Nahyan, Oasis Super Market04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop 1 Plot C12 Bldg. 266 Al Zahiyah04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop No Mu 06,Muroor Complex,Al Saadah04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop No: 07, Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society, Spar04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiC88 Building, Aradah Street, Al Nahyan04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop No 2,C13 Building,Zeina Community,Al Raha Beach04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop No#2&3,Souk Street,Al Shahama Street04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop No#4,C15,Al Zahiya,Tourist Club04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiUnit No G25,Ground Floor,Mazyad Mall04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiRetail 3B Gf Bloom Garden Khalifa Bin Zayed St. E6 Al Dana04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiUnit F05 1St Floor Armed Forces Coop Society Al Maqta04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop 14 Bait Al Sanan Muqanab St. Bait Al Sanan04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiShop No. 2 G02 W 14-2 Bldg. Near Emirates Discount Market Al Danah04-5610000
Life Pharmacy BrAbu DhabiSheikha Salama Bldg.Shop 1 Near Discount Al Danah04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Br Baniyas TowerAbu DhabiShop No 1 ,Baniyas Tower, Khalidiya Area04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Llc - Branch 33Abu DhabiShop No. B08/09- Basement Floor, Opposite To Carrefour Hypermarket, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Llc Br31 Branch Of 6 AuhAbu DhabiUnit No. G124 Madinat Zayed Shopping Center04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Llc Branch 42Abu DhabiShop 2, Adnoc Service Stn Officer City 950 Rabdan04-5610000
Lifecare Intl PharmacyAbu DhabiLifecare Hospital Building Al Raha Worker Village Baniyas City02-5557611
Lifeline Ph AlmusaffahAbu DhabiNear Musaffah Police Station 4 Musaffah02-5557611
Lifeline PharmacyAbu DhabiOscar Building, Madinat Zayed02-6335522
Llh Pharmacy Almusaffah L.L.CAbu DhabiGround Flr, Km Trading 16 Street Mussafah, Sanaiya02-4116450
Llh Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiMarina Plaza Electra Street Electra Street02-6263080
Lotus Pharmacy Llc NmcAbu DhabiPrestige Tower 79 St- Near Capital Mall Mohammad Bin Zayed City02-5552325
Lulu Al Ain Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiLulu Hypermarket, Ground Floor Sanaiyah03-7212330
Lulu Alfoah Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiGround Flr Lulu Hypermarket Al Foah03-7843221
Lulu Raha Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiGrnd Flr Channel Stret Al Raha Area02-5562607
M 26 PharmacyAbu DhabiPlot 94 Kada Rest. Street 1 Mussafah02-8867789
M37 PharmacyAbu DhabiAli Hassan Super Market M37 Musaffah Mussafah02-2465436
Madina Zayed Al Ahlia PharmacyAbu DhabiSalama Aali Salam Building Near To Old Market Madinat Zayed02-8847177
Madinat Moh Bin Zayed Healthcare Ph-SehaAbu DhabiMmbz Abu Dhabi Mmbz Abu Dhabi Maqta'A050-6738070
Madinat Zayed Hos Op-SehaAbu DhabiWestern Region Western Region Western Region02-8942296
Mafraq New Dialysis Center Pharamcy-SehaAbu DhabiAcross From Mafraq Hospital Baniyas Area Al Mafraq02-5011111
Mansour PharmacyAbu DhabiAhmed Sultan Marta Al Halami 1St Floor Madina Zayed02-6411345
Mansour Pharmacy Br 1Abu DhabiM-37 Opposite Al-Miraj Supermarket Mussaffah02-5500753
Mariam Pharmacy (Al Wahda)Abu DhabiAl Wahda Mall Hazza Bin Zayed Street Hazza Bin Zayed Street02-6421043
Marina Pharmacy Alcorniche -Llc(Marina)Abu DhabiGround Flr Entral Market (The Souk) Khaleefa Street04-3466889
Marqab PharmacyAbu DhabiGround Floor M26 Musaffah Sanayya02-5552291
Med Care PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Dhafra Workers Village Musaffah South Icad 3-S 2902-5519169
Medeor 24X7 Pharmacy - AuhAbu DhabiOpp: Auh Central Post Office Muroor Road Madinat Zayed02-6900500
Medeor Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiRetail B1, Al Zeina Bldg, Beside Nandos Resto, Al Zeina, Al Raha Beach02-6900600
Medi Cure PharmacyAbu Dhabi1St Floor, Al Madina Hypermark Mafraq Workers City 1 Street Baniyas West02-6228383
Medi Life PharmacyAbu DhabiGround Floor Binsaed Strt Airort Road02-4455668
Medical Park PharmacyAbu DhabiFlat 140 W11 Medical Park One Day Surgery Center Al Bateen Street Al Bateen02-3048888
Medical Services Admin Auh Police Ghq PhAbu Dhabi27Th St Al Muroor Road Police Academy Area02-5128043
Medicina Al Falah PharmacyAbu DhabiI Mall Al Falah Village Centre5 V5,Vc Street02-5846880
Medicina Al Muneera PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Raha Beach Almuneera Island02-5513004
Medicina Gulf PharmacyAbu DhabiNear Emke Trading Muroor Street02-4483454
Medicina International PharmacyAbu DhabiNear Alam Supermarket Muroor Street02-4496744
Medicina PharmacyAbu DhabiOpp Al Noor Hospital Butti Bi Khalifa Street Khalifa City02-6264041
Medicina Pharmacy - Branch ( Ghayathi)Abu DhabiArada Ghayathi Ruwais Rd Ghiyathi Ghayathi Housing Proj Abu Dhabi02-3091688
Medicina Pharmacy - Branch 9Abu DhabiArizona Medical Dental Centre Al Zaab Area Al Zaab Area02-6815025
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 1Abu DhabiCapital House Bldg Al Khaleej Al Arabi St Abu Dhabi02-4416232
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 10Abu DhabiCentral Mall, Khalifa City A02-5571195
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 11Abu DhabiKhalifa City A02-6415691
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 13Abu DhabiShop No. 1 Sari Helal Ahmed Ei Airport Road Airport Road02-6783216
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 14Abu DhabiGround Floor Retail 14 Bloom M Al Bateen Al Bateen02-6711706
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 15Abu DhabiNear Skmc Hospital Airport Road Airport Road02-6785127
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 16Abu DhabiRoyal Gulf Hypermarket Khalifa City B Khalifa City B02-6736525
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 17Abu DhabiShop B2 Al Ghabat, Baniyas East Baniyas04-3450503
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 18Abu DhabiShop No. 16 West Yas Plaza Yas Island Yas Island02-5651144
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 19Abu DhabiWr-04 Al Ghadeer Waha 1 Buildi Seih Al Sedeirah 4 Al Jarf02-5837989
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 2Abu DhabiImall Baniyas West02-5501800
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 3Abu DhabiI Mall Al Murror.St.Al Falahi Buildin Al Murror Street02-6440615
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 4Abu DhabiImall Building Al Reem Island Amaya Tower02-6500168
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 5Abu DhabiNear Majed Shaikh Hamdan Bain Al Jessrain02-5840477
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 6Abu DhabiAlfalah Villege Centre 402-584414
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 7Abu DhabiGate City Gate City02-6678701
Medicina Pharmacy-Br( Alfalah Area )Abu DhabiShop No. 8 Fa5 Al Khayr St. Al Abu Dhabi02-4441715
Medicina Phbain Al Jasrain-Sole PropAbu Dhabi6Th Street Al Maqta Bain Al Jazrain Near Nahyan Mosque02-5840477
Medicine House Pharmacy(Goldenhealthgrp)Abu DhabiAl Rayan Workers Village Al Rayan Workers Village Baniyas02-6225566
Medicine Mart Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiGround Floor Opp. Armenian Church Musaffah02-5541847
Medicine Shoppe Al Murur Pharmacy (Vps)Abu DhabiYtower Building Murur Road Murur Road02-6438330
Medicine Shoppe Al Wahda Mall(Llh)(Vps)Abu DhabiAl Wahda Mall Airport Road Airport Road02-4437788
Medicine Shoppe Madeena Zayed Ph (Vps)Abu DhabiMadeena Zayed Shopping Center Electra Street Electra Street02-6588918
Medicine Shoppe Mushrif Mall Ph (Vps)Abu DhabiAirport Rd., Mushrif Mall Mushrif Mall02-4470407
Mediclinic Pharmacy - Al MamouraAbu DhabiAl Mamoura Mamoura Area Abu Dhabi02-6728229
Mediclinic Pharmacy - AlnoorAbu DhabiKhalifa Street Khalifa Street Khalifa City02-6139109
Mediclinic Pharmacy - Alnoor - Branch 1Abu DhabiNear Carrefour ,Al Noor Hosp B Airport Road Airport Road02-4944590
Mediclinic Pharmacy - BaniyasAbu DhabiVilla #170 St 25 Sector 19 Zone 321 Baniyas East - 902-5668800
Mediclinic Pharmacy - Khalifa CityAbu Dhabi284, Near Khalifa City Police Station, Khalifa City Abu Dhabi02-8856700
Mediclinic Pharmacy - Madinat Zayed 2Abu DhabiAl Dhafra Building Western Region Madinat Zayed02-8848276
Mediclinic Pharmacy - MarawahAbu DhabiAl Noor Marawah Clinic Baraka Western Region Abu Dhabi02-6193271
Mediclinic Pharmacy- Al Musaffah 2Abu DhabiBilal Mustafa Al Khaled Buildi Westren R 10 Shabiyah02-4496140
Medline PharmacyAbu DhabiBuild 16 Industrial Area Mussaffah02-5530577
Medlux Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiNear Medlux Medical Centre Mafraq Indutrial Area Zone02-6229722
Medmax Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiGround Floor Al Dhafra Workers Village I Cad 302-4469386
Medstar Hamdan Pharmacy L.L.CAbu Dhabi. . Hamdan Street02-4066809
Medstar Pharmacy Icad Residintal L.L.CAbu DhabiMusaffah Musaffah Musaffah02-4066809
Modern Dar Al Shifa Pharmacy (Aster)Abu DhabiBehind Dana Hotel Zayed 2Nd Street Zayed Street02-6446100
Modern Dar Al Shifa Pharmacy Mus (Aster)Abu DhabiMoopens Polyclinic Building , Industriarea 9 Industriarea 902-5557939
Modern Pharmacy (Auh)Abu DhabiNr.Bank Saderat Iran Airport Road Airport Road02-6226646
Mubarak Pharmacy - Branch 1Abu DhabiMmc Branch 1 Bldg Al Eshoush Village, Baniyas Al Mafraq Workers City-202-7642914
N M C Pharmacy - Branch 1Abu DhabiNmc Hospital Electra Street02-6179143
Nahdi Pharmacy Dalma MallAbu DhabiShop 70 Dalma Mall Mussafah050-1273314
Nahdi Pharmacy Yas MallAbu DhabiShop 108 Gf Yas Mall Yas Island050-1062070
Natural Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeAbu DhabiDalma Mall, Second Floor Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi02-5535528
New Abu Dhabi Pharmacy (Ahalia Grp)Abu DhabiApco Building,Nearby Adnoc Petrol Bunk Falah Street Falah Street02-6777625
New Al Daman PharmacyAbu DhabiHamdan Centre Hamdan Road Hamdan Street02-6216700
New Al Wathba Pharmacy (Julphar Grp)Abu DhabiBeside Commercial Bank Of Abu Dhabi Baniyas Street Baniyas Street02-5823656
New Amrita PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Naser Street Villa No 4, Corniche Garden Zayed Street Zayed Street02-6661555
New Bin Sina Pharmacy (Alphamed)Abu DhabiNear Mexican City Khalifa City02-5562140
New Land Mark PharmacyAbu DhabiDalma Center Building Nr Uae Exhange Ctr Hamdan Road Hamdan Street02-6316886
New National Medical Center Ph (Avivo)Abu DhabiBuilding No 37 Sector 10 Musaffah02-5520100
New Pharmacy Co. Wll (Nmc)Abu DhabiNmc Tower Electra Street Electra Street02-6322379
New Pharmacy Company W L L- Branch 8Abu DhabiNmc Royal Mc Bldg Opp. Deerfields Mall Shamamah02-8859403
New Pharmacy Company Wll - Br 1 (Nmc)Abu DhabiNmc Royal Hospital Bldg Near Intl School Of Choueifat 16Th St, Khalifa City02-2035000
New Pharmacy Company Wll Branch 2Abu DhabiNmc Royal Hospital - Main Entr 16Th Street Khalifa City02-2035021
New Pharmacy Company Wll- Branch 7Abu DhabiNear International Community S Nmc Royal Medical Centre Bldg Al Karama02-6144951
Nexthealth PharmacyAbu Dhabi205, F Floor, Hameem Mall Al Salam City Area Al Dhafra Region02-5555369
Nidham Ghayathy PharmacyAbu DhabiGroud Floor P 74 Main Street Al Ghayahthi02-8741791
Nmc Day Care Surgery Center Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiPrestige Tower Near Capital Ma Mohammad Bin Zayed Area02-6911500
Nmc Pharmacy (Nmc)Abu DhabiNmc Speciality Hospital Buildi Airport Road Airport Road02-6324488
Nmc Pharmacy Mz (Nmc)Abu DhabiMadinat Zayed Madinat Zayed02-6341134
Noor Al Shifa PharmacyAbu DhabiSector 41 Plot No C57,Ground Floor Muroor Road050-3255663
Noor Alahli Pharmacy - Branch 2Abu DhabiM-9, Shabiya Near Safeer Mall, Musaffah02-5530368
Noor Alahli Pharmacy - Branch 3Abu DhabiGround Flr Near Ahalia Hospital, Sector 6 Abu Dhabi02-5530368
Noor Alahli Pharmacy - Branch 4Abu DhabiNoor Alahlimc Near Baniyas Court, Baniyas West02-5530368
Noor Alahli Pharmacy - Branch 5Abu DhabiBaniyas West Near Dar-Al-Uloom School, Baniyas,02-5530368
Noor Alahli Pharmacy - Branch 6Abu DhabiNoor Alahli Mc Opposite Home Center, Hamdan St02-5530368
Noor Alahli Pharmacy - Branch 7Abu DhabiGround Floor Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi02-5530368
Noor Alahli Pharmacy Branch1(Ahalia GrpAbu DhabiMadina Mall Icad Rescidential City Musaffah02-8119119
Olive PharmacyAbu DhabiBehind Dubai Islamic Bank Al Dhafeer St02-6742589
Oxford PharmacyAbu DhabiMohammed Saeed Al Mehair Build Muroor Road Muroor Road02-4489191
Pattaya PharmacyAbu DhabiRashid Khadm Al Muhayri Icad Mussafa Industrial Area Mussafah 3702-5551335
Pharmacy The Specialist DiabetesAbu DhabiHealthpoint Hospital Zayed Sports City Saif Ghobash Street02-4040800
Planet Pharmacy-Bandar Mall-JulpharAbu DhabiBandar Mall Raha Beach Road Raha Beach Road02-5577611
Prestige PharmacyAbu DhabiShop 5 Building 272 9Th Street Baniyas West02-5858588
Pride PharmacyAbu DhabiGround Floor,Ubaid Thani Gumma Near K M Trading,Street No. 6 Sanaiya03-7998706
Prime Cure Pharmacy AuhAbu DhabiNo. C-35 Mezar Salem Building Falah Street Falah Street02-6280380
Public Health Pharmacy L.L.CAbu DhabiHop No 2B Plot No F2C4_1 Magenta Pearl Village Al Mafraq Industrial 2 Chinacp02-6678668
Rainbow City PharmacyAbu DhabiSector M4 Plot P11 Sector M402-5542322
Real 7 Pharmacy Dmcc (Branch)Abu DhabiUnit No. M032 Groundfloor Masdar City04-5610000
Royal International PharmacyAbu DhabiElenco Building Beside Lulu Exchange Al Mafraq02-5833735
Royal Pharmacy - Auh (Julphar Grp Of PhyAbu DhabiBhd.Choithram Zayed El Awstreet Khalidiya02-6666427
Saad Pharmacy-AuhAbu DhabiAl Yousuf Centre Pizza Hut Building Najda Rd, Hamdan St02-6277332
Saba Pharmacy LlcAbu Dhabi14Th St. M37 Industrial Area Mussafah02-5523300
Sahara Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiM44 Musaffah Industrial Area Musaffah02-5556392
Sama Al Shamkha PharmacyAbu Dhabi42,43 Floor, Near Al Qima School Al Shamkha02-5566449
Sands Pharmacy - AuhAbu DhabiGolden Sands Ctr Building Falah Street Falah Street02-6425688
Sarhad PharmacyAbu DhabiSheikh Hamdan Building Shop No 17 Street Saniaya Mussafah02-5544887
Sas Al Nakhl PharmacyAbu DhabiInternational Airport Road Abudhabi02-6023882
Sea City PharmacyAbu DhabiGolden Choice Medical Building M/17 Musafah Sanayya Sanayya055-7217122
Sea City Pharmacy - MusafahAbu DhabiNoor Al Shifa Medical Center Bldg. Dubai - Mafraq Road New New Shahama02-5528801
Seha Emirates Pharmacy (Dublin)Abu DhabiVilla 1,2,3,Block No 37East Emirates School ,Delma Street Nahyan Camp02-4451669
Select PharmacyAbu DhabiNear Lal Market Zone M10 Mussafah Industrial Area02-5540446
Shahama Health Ctr Ph-SehaAbu DhabiShahama Shahama Shahama02-5632599
Sheikh Khalifa Energy Clinic PharmacyAbu DhabiSheikh Khalifa Energy Complex Abudhabi02-6023882
Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City OutpatientAbu DhabiAl Mafraq Al Mafraq800-50
Sir Baniyas Clinic PharmacyAbu DhabiBani Yas Abu Dhabi02-8070000
Skmc Drug Store-SehaAbu DhabiKarama St Karama St Karama St02-6104491
Sky Community Pharmacy (Chs)Abu DhabiGround Flr Sun &Sky Tower Boutik Mall Al Reem Island02-6760880
Smart Health PharmacyAbu DhabiG03 Near Parco Hyper Market, Labor Camp 2, Mafraq Baniyas West02-5851800
Smart PharmacyAbu DhabiGf C31 55Th Street Mussafah02-5592460
Star Al Ahalia PharmacyAbu DhabiBuild. No:- C76 Near To Gayathi Market Tariff Road,Gayathi02-8119119
Super Care Al Salam PharmacyAbu DhabiC 231 Mussaffah, Commercial East Mussaffah02-5528119
Supercare Pharmacy Al MuneeraAbu DhabiShop-B106 Al Rahah St. Al Muneera Island04-3504500
Supercare Pharmacy Br 4 Abu Dhabi MallAbu DhabiGf Abu Dhabi Mall Al Zahiya04-3504500
Supercare Pharmacy Br Abu Dhabi 5Abu DhabiAl Wahda Mall Al Wahda Mall Area Al Asalah Street04-3504500
Supercare Pharmacy Yas MallAbu DhabiShop G039 Yas Mall Al Atahri St Yas Island02-6220988
Supercare Pharmacy-Branch Of Abu Dhabi 1Abu DhabiYas Mall Al Shhama02-5651654
Supercare Pharmacy-Branch Of Abu Dhabi 2Abu DhabiDalma Mall Al Mussaffah02-6653350
Supercare Pharmacy-Branch Of Abu Dhabi 3Abu DhabiAl Reef Community Al Shhama02-5821044
Swat PharmacyAbu DhabiNear Gulf Garden M40 Sanaiya02-5546799
Swedish Medical Center Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiVilla # 1 Op Khalidia Khalid02-6811122
Taha PharmacyAbu DhabiFatima Supermarket Central Alfalah Street Falah Street02-6343447
The Chemist Shop Pharmacy- Sole Proprietorship L.L.C.Abu DhabiVilla836 Opp Embasy China Almaharbah02-4430440
Thuhfa Al Andalus Pharmacy (Rayyan)Abu DhabiBuilding P1291 Mussafah-Shabiyah 1102-5522262
Top Care PharmacyAbu DhabiBlock 13,Nearby Topcare Medica Industtricity Icad Residenticity02-5500625
Top Care Pharmacy Branch 1Abu DhabiAl Madina Hypermarket Bldg Icad Residential City Abu Dhabi02-5500620
Town Life Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiUnit No Ra18 Opp. Abu Dhabi Coop04-5610000
True Wish PharmacyAbu DhabiMbz City, Shabiya 1002-5466861
Ultra Care PharmacyAbu DhabiNear Khalifa Hospital Karama Street Karama02-4434700
Unique Al Ahalia PharmacyAbu DhabiSalah Alamri Building Near To Red Cresent Me-10,Musaffah02-5595441
Unique Al Ahalia Pharmacy - Branch 1Abu DhabiRashid Al Hamili Building Near To Red Cresent Hamdan Street02-5595441
Unique Al Ahalia Pharmacy - Branch 2Abu DhabiDelma Street Airport Road02-6410039
Unique Care PharmacyAbu DhabiAhmed Hamd Hameed Alsuwaidi Bldg Ground Floor 10 Street (M13) Mussaffah Industrial Area02-5535582
Venus PharmacyAbu DhabiGf Bldg C150 Shabiya Mohammed Bin Zayed City Abu Dhabi02-5524429
Vita Care PharmacyAbu Dhabi35 Al Hudaiba Strt Al Hudaiba Strt04-3425556
Vivid Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiShk Fatima Bint Mubarak Shop 4 Mbz Shabia Khalifa Musaffah02-5546259
Well Care Pharmacy-MedicinaAbu DhabiBehind Honda Show Room Electra Road02-6779888
Wellness Pharmacy LlcAbu DhabiBldg111,Near Sheikh Khalifa Arab Pak School Dihan St, Muroor02-6422424
Western Towers Al Ahalia PharmacyAbu DhabiShop No 10 Tarif Liva Road Madina Zayed02-5595441
White PharmacyAbu DhabiAl Shurk Mosque Al Qunout 2 St M16 Mussaffah02-5464365
Yas Pharmacy -Yas GrpAbu DhabiVilla No. 25 Madinat Zayed02-2086000
Zafaranah Family Medicine Clinic Ph-SehaAbu DhabiAl Karama Road Al Karama Road Al Karama Road02-8191108
Zanbaq Al Madina Pharmacy L.L.C(Nmcauh)Abu DhabiOpp Icad Residential2 Icad Area40 Mussafah02-5504333
Zia Pharmacy (Zia)Abu DhabiOpp. Shabia Khalifa Bridge Nea Shabiya Khalifa Shabiyah02-5529220
Zirku PharmacyAbu DhabiZirku Island Zirku Island02-6023882
Ajman Speciality Hospital PharmacyAjmanAjman Speciality Hospital Near New Veg And Fruit Market Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Makt06-7484999
Amina Hospital PharmacyAjmanBehind Dreamsea Discount Centr Al Quds Ajman06-7114444
Rashid Center For Diabetes & R PharmacAjmanAl Jurf 1 University Street06-7117777
Saudi German Hospital Pharmacy - AjmanAjmanSaudi German Hospital ¿ Ajman Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Street Al Tallah04-3890000
Sheikh Khalifa Hospital Masfout PharmacyAjmanMasfout04-8099999
Sheikh Khalifa Hospital Pharmacy - AjmanAjmanAl Jurf 1 University Street06-7117777
Sheikh Khalifa Maternity And Pediatric HAjmanAl Jurf 1 University Street06-7117777
Access Pharmacy - Ajman (Aster)AjmanHaramain Souk Near To Emirates Gas Industrial Area06-7462011
Al Adil Pharmacy LlcAjmanGround Floor Beside Ajman Muroor Al Jurf06-7450755
Al Biruni Pharmacy LlcAjmanGrand Mall Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Strt Rashidiya 306-7432133
Al Bustan Pharmacy Ajman (Gharafa)AjmanAl Bustan Building Opposite Ma Shk Rashid Street Shk Rashid Street06-7447969
Al Elaj PharmacyAjmanG Floor Rumaila Building 01 01,Ajman06-7033888
Al Gharafa Pharmacy - L.L.CAjmanAbove Garafa Clinic Al Musalla Souq Al Bustan06-7410313
Al Hekmah PharmacyAjmanShafiq Mohammed Building Kuwait Road Nuaimiyah06-7466689
Al Hemaya PharmacyAjman1St Floor Al Hemaya General Cl Near Lulu Exchange Al Jurf06-7498811
Al Khaleej Pharmacy Ajman (Aah)AjmanFayaz Hamid Eyad Building Near Al Quds Street Swan06-7444189
Al Musalla Pharmacy Ajman (Shrooq)AjmanNear Mashreq Bank Musalla Souq Bustan06-7421271
Al Nahrain PharmacyAjman601-605 Sky Tower Bldg Shk Khalifa Bin Zayed Rd Nuaimiya06-744-9144
Al Nuaimia PharmacyAjmanGroundfloor Al Nuaimia Street Al Nuaimia06-7467849
Al Omair PharmacyAjmanTuraz Building Shikh Rashid Bin Abdul Strt Rashidiya-306-7651477
Al Raafi PharmacyAjmanDanemcomplex Near Mufleha Supermarket Jurf Industrial Area 206-7432844
Al Raha Pharmacy AjmanAjmanAldurahbuilding New Industrial Area Nuaima06-7407560
Al Sanaiya PharmacyAjmanShop No 8 & 9, Ground Floor Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Street Jurf04-3335502
Al Saqer PharmacyAjmanMusallasouq Al Bustan06-7488329
Al Seha PharmacyAjmanIbrahim Khalifa Building Near Amina Hospital And Ibin S Al Quds Street, Alsuwan06-7457887
Al Shifa Pharmacy (Aah)Ajman202/203, Sheik Faizal Bldg Al Haramain Perfumes Factory Al Zahra St, New Industrial06-7481477
Alain Pharmacy Center -LlcAjmanAlainsupermarketbuilding Al Nuimia Al Nuimia06-7442542
Alfatah Phamacy-L.L.C.AjmanRawdha Bldg. 3 Near Oxygen Burger Sheikh Ammar Street06-7467975
Aliya PharmacyAjmanSultan Building Rawdha-3 Rawdha06-7317878
Arabian Pharmacy (Aah)Ajman101, Near Traffic&Licence Dept Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid St Al Juruf06-7417887
Aster Ph - Ajman - Aster(Moopens)AjmanCooperative Society Shop No 1 Rashidiya Rashidiya06-7496363
Aster Pharmacy 154AjmanAl Aqar Tower 3 Shop No -27, Rumaila-3 Ajman Corniche06-7314840
Aster Pharmacy 159AjmanShop No.5, Al Manar Tower, Opposite Hyundai Showroom Corniche Road,Rashediya06-7453226
Aster Pharmacy163 Br Of Aster PharmaciesAjmanShop No.7, Nesto Hypermarket Al Imam Al Shafee Street Hamidiya 106-5461822
Aura Pharmacy LlcAjmanBldg. 1St Behind Ajman Jurf Jail Al Jurf 2 Industrial Jurf06-5265455
Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy Llc Branch 1AjmanOasis Tower Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street Al Rashidiya 106-5462162
Bin Bakheet PharmacyAjmanShop Num3,Danat Building Near Fewa New Industrial Area06-7314111
Doctor Salim PharmacyAjmanBin Ladin Building Next To Ajm Masfoot Street Masfoot Street06-7474588
Elaj Medical Centre Pharmacy LlAjmanRamilah 3 Opposite Ajman One Tower Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Strt06-7418880
Emirates Pharmacy - Ajman (Aah)AjmanAl Shaab Building,Opp Kuwaiti Sh. Rashid Nuaimi Street Sh. Rashid Nuaimi Street06-7474900
Eve PharmacyAjmanPp. Immigration Offiec Backsid Seaflash,Jurf 2 Jurf06-7498042
First Care PharmacyAjmanUsama Bin Zaid Street Usama Bin Zaid Street Nuaimiyah06-7469831
Galaxy Pharmacy LlcAjmanShop No.3 - Horizon Tower D Sheikh Rashid Bin Abdul Aziz S Rashediya06-7441886
Grand Emirates Pharmacy (Aah)Ajman101, Majelan Al Madeena Hyper Market, Collage St Al Nuamia06-7479711
Grand Pharmacy - Ajman (Aster)AjmanDana Plaza Ajman Street Ajman Street06-7444840
Hala Pharmacy 54-LifeAjmanShop No: 4 & 5 Emarats Market04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Llc - Branch 01AjmanUnit No:58 Groundfloor Entrance D050-1898905
Hala Pharmacy Llc - Branch 49AjmanShop No. 3 Rumaila Al Shorafa Tower 204-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Llc - Branch 50AjmanPlot No: 1133, Marwa Building, Rawda 2, Southern Sector, Al Zahra Area, Ajman04-5610000
Khalid Lala Pharmacy LlcAjmanCamp Salam Jeddah Street Jurf06-7403227
Khalida PharmacyAjmanKhalidbuilding Shaik Ammar Street Al Mowaihat - 26-5442661
Life Pharmacy 28AjmanShop No. 1 & 2 Shamekha Bldg. Plot No. 0024 Al Nuaimeya 304-5610000
Life Pharmacy 32AjmanShop Gf 5&6 Nesto Hypermarket Al Tallah04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Llc Branch 62AjmanShop No; 1, 2 & 4, Al Aryam Tower Plot No: 0191, Nueimia04-5610000
Life Pharmacy-LifeAjmanAl Manama Hypermarket Ajman Shop# 108 Al Ramila Rd06-7452188
Lulu Pharmacy (Ajman)(Lulu)AjmanLulu Hypermarket Bustan Bustan06-7457771
Maple Pharmacy LlcAjmanAl Jurf Ind.Area-3 Bahiya06-5955921
Medi Prime Pharmacy AjmanAjmanGrand Mall Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St Al Rashidyah04-7070999
Medicare Pharmacy L.L.CAjmanAin Al Madina Building Hasn Bin Haitm St New Industrial Area06-7646539
Medicina 29 PharmacyAjmanGrnd Flr Ajman Union Coop Al Rumailah Ajman06-7472207
Medicina Pharmacy 37AjmanAl Hamidiya 1 Near To Abdulla Al-Rumaithi M Ajman06-7494978
Medicine Home Pharmacy LlcAjmanAl Zahra Bldg. Shop No. 6 Gf Industrial Area Mohwiyat Round About06-7485290
Medicom Ph 18 (Al Alam Phar)(Aster)AjmanSafeer Mall, Nuaimiyah06-7461356
Medicom Pharmacy27 (Aster)AjmanAbdullah Abu Shihab Building Sheik Kaleefa Street Nuaimiyah06-7412013
Metro Meds PharmacyAjmanBelow Metro Medical Centre Sh. Khalifa Bin Zayed Street Nuaimiyah06-7469692
Modern Pharmacy (Ajman)AjmanAjman City Center Sheikh Zayed Street Jurf06-7480066
New Grand Pharmacy (Aster)AjmanNear Ajman University Of Scien King Faisroad Nuaimiyah06-7412588
New Medical Centre Pharmacy BrAjmanNmc Medical Centre Ajman Bldg Near Safeer Hypermarket Samha Plaza, Opp Al Khor Towe06-5639966
New Sanaiya Pharmacy Ajman (Sanaiya)AjmanNew Industrial Area Nxt Bagdad Supermarket Ajman06-7434034
Northern Al Ahliah Pharmacy-AjmanAjmanGround Floor, Al Wakf Building Behind Ajman General Post Office & Nbad Al Bustan06-7404941
Pristine Pharmacy LlcAjmanAjman Bank Property Building Al Bader Street Rashidiya 306-7497547
Right Health Pharmacy Jurf LlcAjmanExttoalroayahalnaqyahgeneraltr Jurf06-7494969
Right Health Pharmacy Jurf2AjmanGrnd Floor Jurf Industrial Area Jurf06-7404141
Sana Pharmacy Llc (Ajman)AjmanShop No:10 Groundfloor Black Square06-7316973
Shams PharmacyAjmanAl Nuimiya Emirates Gas Road Industrial Area06-7486177
Shifa Al Jazeerah Centre PharmacyAjmanMuhdda Near Nesto Hyper Market New Sanaya06-7444830
Supercare Pharmacy AjmanAjmanSafeer Hypermarket Rashidiya Rashidiya06-7497255
Supercare Pharmacy Llc Branch 1AjmanAjman City Centre Ajman06-7408410
Ain Al Khaleej Hospital PharmacyAl AinNext To Al Jimi Mall Hamdan Street Jimi03-7133334
Al Ain Hospital Drug Store-SehaAl AinShakboot Bin Sultan Street Shakboot Bin Sultan Street Shakboot Bin Sultan Street03-7023627
Al Ain Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy -SehaAl AinShakboot Bin Sultan Street Shakboot Bin Sultan Street Shakboot Bin Sultan Street03-7022283
Al Ain Hospital Pharmacy-SehaAl AinShakboot Bin Sultan Street Shakboot Bin Sultan Street Shakboot Bin Sultan Street03-7022716
Al Wagan Hospital Ph-SehaAl AinAl Wagan Al Wagan Al Wagan03-7017718
Care Hospital Pharmacy (Smch)Al AinSmch Hospital Al Jahili03-7552291
Emirates International Hospital PharmacyAl AinEmirates Intr'L Hospital Ain City Khabisi03-7637777
Oasis Hospital Outpatient PharmacyAl AinOasis Hospital Clock Tower Sanayah03-7221251
Abdullah PharmacyAl AinAbdulla Building Street # 7 Sanaeyah03-7216444
Advanced Al Ain Pharmacy (Ainp)Al AinHilton Street Sarooj Area03-7227626
Al Ain Al Ahalia Pharmacy (Ahalia Grp)Al AinAl Qafr Central Opp Hsbc Bank 2Nd Street Shabiya Khalil Area03-7557979
Al Ain Central Pharmacy Llc (Ainp)Al AinAl Safeer Mall Al Masoudi Area03-7227515
Al Ain Cromwell Pharmacy-Hayar (Ubc)Al AinBldg 2 Street 22, Ramlath Al Hayar03-7321119
Al Ain Cromwell Pharmacy-Yahar (Ubc)Al AinBldg 46 Street 1, Al Riffa Al Yahar03-7817778
Al Ain Modern Pharmacy Llc (Ainp)Al AinBeside Al Safa Supermarket Opp. Of Imigration Dep¿T Al Jimi Area03-7628919
Al Ain Pharmacy Bawadi Mall Llc (Ainp)Al AinBawadi Mall Mezyad Al Ain03-7840410
Al Ain Pharmacy Llc (Ainp)Al AinAl Ain Pharmacy Building Khalifa Street03-7655120
Al Faqa Primary Health Care Ctr Ph-SehaAl AinAl Faqa Al Faqa Al Faqa03-7331122
Al Hayer Primary Halth Care Ctr Ph-SehaAl AinAl Hayer Al Hayer Al Hayer03-7321511
Al Hili Primary Health Care Ctr Ph-SehaAl AinAl Hili Al Hili Al Hili03-7321511
Al Jahili Ph-SehaAl AinAl Jahil Al Jahil Al Jahil03-7553201
Al Khatim Health Care Ctr Ph-SehaAl AinAl Khatim Al Khatim Al Khatim03-7845328
Al Madar Medical Center Pharmacy L.L.CAl AinNear Johara Dubai Islamic Bank Flat 6 Bldg 9 Al Khbisi03-7621414
Al Magd Center Pharmacy L.L.C - Sole Proprietorship L.L.C.Al AinBehindalmasood Nahyan Strt Saniy03-7216406
Al Maqam Primary Health Care Ctr Ph-SehaAl AinAl Maqam Al Maqam Al Maqam03-7684380
Al Muweiji Primary Healthcare Ph-SehaAl AinAl Muweiji Al Muweiji Al Muweiji03-7678864
Al Nasar PharmacyAl AinNr. Hyatt Ctr Dept Near Muraba Main Street Centrdistrict03-7655771
Al Noorain PharmacyAl AinNear To Al Taj Medical Lab, Al Murabba Town Center03-7650909
Al Quaa Ambulatory Health Care Ph-SehaAl AinAl Quaa Al Quaa Al Quaa03-7356115
Al Rafa Pharmacy - Al Ain (Aster)Al AinRafa Building Nr.Hardess & Gol Khalifa Street Khalifa Street03-7657006
Al Roda Pharmacy Llc (Ainp)Al AinAl Ain Khreis Building Mariam Yahya Al-Ansari Area Beside Al Noor Bakery03-7633770
Al Shueib Ambulatory Healthcare Ph-SehaAl AinAl Shueib Al Shueib Al Shueib03-7323302
Al Towayya Pharmacy-SehaAl AinAl Towayya 111Th Street02-2104000
Al Wagan Outpatient Ph-SehaAl AinAl Wagan Al Wagan Al Wagan03-7017718
Al Yahar Ambulatory Healthcare Ph-SehaAl AinAl Yahar Al Yahar Al Yahar03-7826772
Amazon PharmacyAl AinGround Floor Batha Al Hayar Sanaya 103-7544886
Aster Pharmacy 12 Central DistricAl AinShop 118 Al Mazroou Bldg. Abu Baker Al Siddiq Central District03-7620142
Bin Sina Pharmacy-Alain (Alphamed)Al AinJimmy Mall Jimmy Mall Jimi03-7620605
Burjeel Farha PharmacyAl AinAsharej Commercial&Residential Asharej Area Bida Bin Ammar03-7099000
Burjeel Pharmacy - Barari Mall Llc (Vps)Al AinUsf-002 Barari Outlet Mall Barari03-7991555
Burjeel Royal Pharmacy L.L.C.Al AinBurjeel Royal Hospital Near Al Falah Plaza Khaleefa St, Town Centre03-7991111
City Light PharmacyAl AinFlat 06, Sheikh Sultan Al Zahir, Opposite Mubarak Hyper Market Musaffah Sanaiya03-7803929
Classic Care PharmacyAl AinBuildng 12,Ground Floor Abu Dhabi Sweihan Alhayer Road Near Sweihan Policestation03-7346110
Cooperative Al Ain Pharmacy Co Llc(Ainp)Al AinAl Ain Coop. Manaseer03-7675073
Cure Plus PharmacyAl AinNearadnoc Petrol Station Shakhboot Bin Sultan St. Al Khabisi03-7655511
Dpsc Pharmacy Al-AinAl AinShakhboot Bin Sultan Street (#131) Opposite Al Ain Hospital03-7627777
Farah PharmacyAl AinMassa Hotel Al Gemi03-7630120
Golden Life Pharmacy-LifeAl AinShop G578, Ground Floor, Al Ain Mall Al Ain03-7221676
Health First Pharmacy Br 11-JulpharAl AinPremises 10 Ground Floor Souq Extra Al Bateen Al Ain03-7820779
Health First Pharmacy Br 14-JulpharAl AinShop # F14, 1St Floor Barari Outlet Mall Zayed Bin Sultan St03-7611163
Health Mart PharmacyAl AinFlat No: 5, Ateeq Sultan Abdullah Afreet Al Kuwaiti Al Salam Street, Zayed Bin Sultan Street Niyadat03-7648901
Imperial College Diabetes Centre Ph BrAl AinBeside Tawam Hospital Khalifa Bin Zayed St Al Maqam03-7464800
Irvine PharmacyAl AinShaikh Saeed Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan Building Main Street (Behind) Town Center03-7661516
Life Pharmacy 57Al AinShop 4 Gf Othman Bin Affan St. Al Ain Mall04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Br 28Al AinShop No: 11, Al Waha Mall Al Falah Street - Abu Obaida Bin Al Jarrah Street, Al Ain, Abudhabi04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Br 35Al AinCarefour Super Market Othman Bin Affan St Al Ain Mall04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Br 41 Al Jimi MallAl AinCarefour Supermarket Al Jimi Mall Al Jimi04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Br 61Al AinShop No: 01, Mubarak Al Khaily Al Hawash Building, Town Center04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Br 95Al AinShop No. 3 Property 136 Khalifa Bin Zayed St.04-5610000
Lulu Al Ain Pharmacy Llc Branch (Docib GAl AinLulu Hypermarket,Bld Near Braini Border Kuwaitat Area03-7640677
Majid PharmacyAl AinMeena Bazar Building Dabat Street Dabat Street03-7641117
Marjan Medical Center Pharmacy BranchAl AinQala Shaheen Bldg. Ak Khair Wadi 40 Sherikat03-7530110
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 12Al AinAl Jimi Al Jimi03-7555957
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 20Al AinShop No. 4 Road 28 Al Mnaizlah Falaj Hazzaa District Al Ain03-7668913
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 8Al AinInside Afcoop Shab Al Ashkar03-7664715
Medicina Pharmacy-Br( ( Ghanima Area))Al AinGhanima Ghanima03-7612770
Mediclinic Pharmacy - AlainAl AinAl Ain Al Massa Hotel Building Main Street City Center03-7514370
Mediclinic Pharmacy - Alain - Branch 1Al AinHamad Saif Mohd Al Amri Buildi St No 92 Yahar North03-7819060
Mediclinic Pharmacy - Alain - Branch 3Al AinCivic Center Civic Center Al Ain03-7051781
Mediclinic Pharmacy - Alain - Branch 4Al AinAl Mada Complex Khalifa Street Khalifa Street03-7655111
Mediclinic Pharmacy - Alain - Branch 5Al AinNear Al Ain Paradise Park Zakher Al Ain03-7621414
Medstar Pharmacy Sanaiya Alain L.L.CAl Ain. Al Ain Tower Al Ain03-7060460
Mezyad Ambulatory Healthcare Ph-SehaAl AinMezyad Mezyad Mezyad03-7821918
Mubarak PharmacyAl AinAl Mubarak Building Main Street Main Street03-7642978
Munich Medical Center Pharmacy LlcAl AinPlot No 43,Road No 35 Opp. Falaj Hazza Police Street Al Mnaizlah03-7638001
Nahel Al Ain Pharmacy Llc (Ainp)Al AinBeside Cooperative Society Nahel Village03-7340488
National Al Ain Pharmacy-Llc (Ainp)Al AinAl Safa Commercial Center Hili03-7627116
Neima Clinic Ph-SehaAl AinNeima District Neima District Neima District03-7096669
New Al Ain Pharmacy-Llc (Ainp)Al AinAl Safa Commercial Center Near Al Khawarzmi Inst Al Muwaiji,03-7554440
New Medical Center Ph Al Ain (Nmc)Al AinInside Nmc Hospital Al Ain Ain03-7555999
Noor Alahli PharmacyAl AinBuilding 243,Ground Floor Near To Old Police Stn Sanaya02-5595441
Oud Al Toba Pharmacy -SehaAl AinHamdan Bin Mohammed Street Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street03-7023137
Pharmacy - Mediclinic Hospitals LlcAl AinAl Khrair, Al Ain- Bawadi Mall Zayed Bin Sultan Street03-7012509
Remah Ambulatory Health Care Ctr Ph-SehaAl AinRemah Remah Remah03-7372211
Sama Al Ain Pharmacy Llc (Ainp)Al AinAyla Hotel03-7619858
Sofitel Pharmacy Llc (Ainp)Al AinAbela Supermarket Building Al Maqam03-7676439
Specialized Medical Care H Pharmacy(SmchAl AinSpec. Med. Care Hospital Bldg Nr.Private Dept & Public Park Al Jahli03-7552291
Sweihan Ambulatory Healthcare Ph-SehaAl AinSweihan Sweihan Sweihan03-7347318
Taibah Al Ain Pharmacy-Llc (Ainp)Al AinAbela Supermarket Building Near Al Ain Hospital Al Jimi,03-7544088
Tawam Dialysis Center Ph- SehaAl AinTawam Near Abela Supermarket03-7677444
Ultra Medical Center PharmacyAl AinBldg 20 Jimi Mall Al Jimi Mall Al Ain03-7625552
Watania Pharmacy - Al Ain (Julphar Grp)Al AinNear Snow White Main Street Main Street03-7662131
West Polyclinics Pharmacy-SehaAl AinShakboot Bin Sultan Street Shakboot Bin Sultan Street Shakboot Bin Sultan Street03-7023752
Zakher Ambulatory Healthcare Ph-SehaAl AinZakher Zakher Zakher03-7828042
Zam Zam PharmacyAl AinHelal Muhammad Hilal Al Kuwaity, Sanaiya Zayed The First Street Saniaya Mussafah06-5357141
Adam Vital Ortus Hospital PharmacyDubaiAl Waleed Building Ggico Metro Station Al Garhoud04-42068999
Al Garhoud Private Hospital (Llc) PharmaDubaiNear Dhl Offices, Garhoud Road Garhoud04-4545000
Al Jalila Children'S Speciality Hos PhDubaiAl Jalila Children'S Spec Hosp Oud Metha Street Al Jadaf, Dhcc04-2811537
Al Zahra Hospital Dubai Ph (Zahra Dxb)DubaiBarsha04-3786666
American Hospital Pharmacy 1DubaiAmerican Hospital Karama, Near Lamcy, Enoc.04-3367777
Aster Cedars Pharmacy Jebel AliDubaiAster Cedar Hospital Dugas Road Jebel Ali056-502-2715
Aster Day Surgery Centre Pharmacy LlcDubaiAster Day Surgerhospital Kuwaiti Street Burdubai056-5022715
Aster Hospital Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiBur Dubai Al Mankhool Al Rafa St, Near Sharaf Dg04-4546001
Aster Hospital Pharmacy Br Of Aster DmDubaiOpp To Madina Mall 9A Street Al Qusais Ind Area04-3766888
Aster Hospital Pharmacy Sonapur LlcDubaiAlgeria Street Muhaisina Sonapur056-5022715
Burjeel Hospital For Advanced Surgery PhDubaiBurjeel Hospital Adv Surgery Near Times Square Al Quoz 104-4070100
Canadian Specialist Hospital PharmacyDubaiBehind Ramada Hotel Abu Hail Area, Hor Al Anz Deira04-7072222
Clemenceau Medical Center- PharmacyDubaiPlot 22 Cmc Bldg Al Jadaf04-2481111
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital PharmacyDubaiOud Metha Dhcc Dhcc04-4297777
Emirates Hospital Day Surgery And MedicaDubaiHonsho Street Opp. To Dubai Kartdrome Motor City04-8716900
Emirates Hospital PharmacyDubaiJumeirah Beach Road Opp. Jumeirah Beach Park Jumeirah Beach Road,Bur Dubai04-3496666
Emirates Speciality Hospital Fz Llc (Ph)DubaiEmirates Speciality Hospital Opp Al Razi Medical Complex Dhcc04-2484500
Fakeeh University Hospital PharmacyDubaiFakeeh Hospital Bldg. Flat 15006 Dubai Silicon Oasis04-4144444
Gargash Hospital PharmacyDubaiGargash Hospital Bldg Umm Suqeim St Umm Al Sheif04-7030000
International Modern Hospital PharmacyDubaiOpposite Emirates Petrol Stn N Sheik Rashid Street Sheik Rashid Street04-4063013
Kings College Hospital London PharmacyDubaiAl Marabea Street Al Khail Road Dubai Hills04-5199999
Medcare Hospital Mosh PharmacyDubaiSheikh Zayed Road After 2Nd Interchange Al Safa Dubai, Opp Pepsi04-3768400
Medcare Hospital PharmacyDubaiJumeirah Opp Safa Park Gate No. 1 Jumeirah04-4079100
Medcare Women&Children Hospital PharmacyDubaiBeside Manara Services Center, Sheikh Zayed Road04-3010888
Medeor 24X7 PharmacyDubaiBurjuman Center Embassy District Umm Hurair - 104-3500600
Mediclinic Parkview Hospital Llc PhDubaiMediclinic Park View Bldg. Al Barsha South Al Barsha 3800-1999
Medstar Healthcare Pharmacy LlcDubaiGrnd Flr Gulf Tower Bldg. Oud Metha Oud Metha04-3577877
Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai PharmacyDubai64, Al Razi Medical Complex Oud Metha Road Dhcc04-4297853
Neuro Spinal Hospital PharmacyDubaiJumeirah04-3420000
New Medical Centre Hospital PharmacyDubaiNew Medical Centre Hosp (Dxb) Nr.Galadari R/A Galadari R/A,Deira04-2689800
Nmc Royal Hospital PharmacyDubaiDubai Investments Park Bldg Adjacent To Green Community Dubai Investments Park 104-8108868
Nmc Speciality Hospital-Ph (Nmcd Grp)DubaiAl Qusais, Bet Sahara Centre And Lulu Hypermarket,Deira04-2679999
Nmc Specialty Hospital Pharmacy DipDubaiAl Zarouni Bldg. West Gate 1 Green Comm. Vill. Dubai Investment Park 104-8108800
Prime Hospital Pharmacy Llc (Prime)DubaiDubai Airport Rd Casablanca St Al Garhoud04-2929724
Saudi German Hospital PharmacyDubaiHessa Street 331,Off Exit 36 3,Opp American Barsha04-3890583
The City Hospital Pharmacy (Mediclinic)DubaiDubai Healthcare City Bldg 3704-4359999
Welcare Hospital Pharmacy (Mediclinic)DubaiWelcare Hospital Nr.Indian High School Garhood,Deira04-2827788
Zulekha Hospital Pharmacy, DubaiDubaiZulekha Hospital, Dubai Nearby Al Mulla Plaza Al Nahda Street,Deira06-2678866
800 Pharmacy Llc (Marina Ph)DubaiMarina Walk Dubai Marina Dubai04-3663430
DubaiPark Bldg., Ground F Opp. Cordova Residence Knowledge Village04-3663430
Abeer Al Noor Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No. 11 & 12 Ground Floor Rashidiyat Mahala Al Rashidiya04-2362053
Abeer PharmacyDubaiOpposite Telal Supermarket Nakheel Street Naif,Deira04-2273411
Abris Pharmacy LlcDubaiSouq Al Kabeer Building,Cosmos Lane 50 B Street Al Fahidi04-43535357
Access Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiAl Arif Bldg Al Quoze 3 Al Quoze04-3807218
Access Pharmacy 2 (Aster)DubaiAccess Clinic Bldg Near To Bus Station Muhaisna 2, Sonapur04-2672946
Access Pharmacy 3 (Aster)DubaiShop 8 Grnd Flr 550 Sqft.At Near To Access Clinic Dip Dubai Investment Park04-8833862
Advanced Care Pharmacy(Advanced Grp)DubaiOpp. Khaleej Times Near Al Aha Qouz 3 Qouz 304-3307120
Advanced Star Pharmacy(Advanced Grp)DubaiDip Phase 2 Jebel Ali04-8850788
Advancedcare Plus Pharmacy(Advanced Grp)DubaiAwqaf & Minors Building Dip Dip04-8829700
Ajmal PharmacyDubaiKarama Bus Staion Karama Main Street Karama Main Street04-3360801
Al Afdhal PharmacyDubaiOppossite Baniyas Metro Stn Al Maktoum Street Baniyas04-2283357
Al Ameen PharmacyDubaiSaca Accesories Frij Murar Street Deira04-2713695
Al Anqood PharmacyDubaiGf Cbd Bldg. Al Manana Al Nakheel02-8845355
Al Asheera PharmacyDubaiFathi Emara Building; Opp.Sher Mateena Road Deira04-2681115
Al Azhar Al Jadeeda Pharmacy (Sanaiya)DubaiJebel Ali Industrial Area 1 Nxt To Madina Supermarket04-8800703
Al Azhar Pharmacy (Sanaiya)DubaiDubai Investment Park 1 Grd Flr Ali Mesmar Complex Behind Remco Hypermarket04-8859598
Al Bairooni PharmacyDubaiShop 3 Ground Floor Bin Himaidan Bldg, Al Karama Street Al Karama04-3709179
Al Baraka Pharmacy-Sana GrpDubaiBehind Al Maktom Hospital Deira04-2230500
Al Corniche Pharmacy-Sana GrpDubaiBeach Centre Complex Jumeirah 1 Jumeirah 104-3447220
Al Dorra Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiVilla 351 Beach Road Jumeirah04-3478481
Al Ehsan Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiAl Shab Colony Salah El Deen Road Abu Hail,Deira04-2975986
Al Faisal Pharmacy-Aster GrpDubaiChoitram Complex Wasl Road Umm Sequim 2,Bur Dubai04-3485102
Al Fanar Pharmacy(Julphar Grp Of Phy)DubaiChicago Beach Resort Jebel Ali Road Jebel Ali04-3486120
Al Fardoos Pharmacy-Aster GrpDubaiQ4 France Cluster Internation City International City04-4410590
Al Fehaidi PharmacyDubaiOpposite Novo Hotel, Al Fahidi Street Bur Dubai04-3535335
Al Ghubaiba PharmacyDubaiIce Factory Bldg Al Ghubaiba Bus Station Bur Dubai04-3266042
Al Hawi Pharmacy L.L.C -LifeDubaiNaser Square Deira04-2221445
Al Jameiya Al Tawaniya Pharmacy-Sana GrpDubaiUnion Co-Op Building Trade Center Road, Opposite Ad Karama04-3986302
Al Jazeerah PharmacyDubaiGrand Al Khaleej Shop 5 Baniyas04-2272089
Al Juma Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiNr. Golden Fork Rest, Nr. Al R Opp. Old Lulu Supermarket Karama,Bur Dubai04-3348981
Al Kanz Pharmacy Br-LifeDubaiLakeshore Tower (Bojwani) Dubai Cluster Y Jlt04-5521649
Al Kanz Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiNear United Hypermarket Abu Baker Sidq Road Muraqqabat,Deira04-2690684
Al Khair Community Pharmacy (Chs)DubaiUnit 14 City Bay Business Cntr Near Canadian Hospital Hor Al Anz East04-2505768
Al Khawaneej PharmacyDubaiKhalaf Alwan, Shop No. 9, Al Khawaneej Street Al Khawaneej 204-2892210
Al Madina Al Sanaiya Pharmacy (Sanaiya)DubaiAl Qouz 4 Gemzi Complex Nxt To Sahat Al Madina Suprmkt04-3406761
Al Malak PharmacyDubaiNoor Masjid Doha Road Al Qusais04-263889
Al Manara Garden Pharmacy- Batuta MallDubaiIbn Batuta Mall Tunissian Cour Ibn Batuta Mall Discovery Gardens04-3669940
Al Mankhool Pharmacy (Jupiter)DubaiTrio3 Building Behind Sahara Mall Al Nahda 204-3377329
Al Manzil Al Jadeed Pharmacy LlcDubaiGrnd Floor Near Vegitable Market Al Aweer04-2230244
Al Manzil Pharmacy (Sanaiya)DubaiDubai Investment Park Nxt To Royal Parco Supermarket Dip 204-8841441
Al Moosa Day Surgery Center PharmacyDubaiVilla 34 , Near Iranian Hospit 5 B Street Wasl Street,Bur Dubai04-3450745
Al Musalla Pharmacy - Dxb (Aster)DubaiKharbash Building Jumeirah Road Umm Suqeim 104-3971291
Al Neem Star Pharmacy Llc(Al Neem)DubaiAl Ameed Mall 318 Street Al Quoze 404-3282121
Al Omara Pharmacy Llc (Novo)DubaiPyramid Building,Ground Floor 13 A Strt,Neararchies Bookshop Burdubai04-3969221
Al Qoze Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiNr Khaleefa Supermrkt Ubaid Bi Najma Street Qouz,Bur Dubai04-3384401
Al Rafah PharmacyDubaiRta Multistory Car Parking Bld Al Falah Street Bur Dubai04-3939402
Al Raha Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiNear York International Hotel Khalid Bin Waleed Road Khalid Bin Waleed Road04-3253383
Al Rais PharmacyDubaiAl Rais Shopping Centre Near C Mankhool Road Bur Dubai04-3519581
Al Rasheed Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop # 7-8, Ground Floor Al Maktoum Building Al Baraha04-2721108
Al Rayan Pharmacy-KmcDubaiStar Of Karama Building Bus Stand Karama04-3347476
Al Sanaiya Pharmacy (Sanaiya)DubaiMuhaisnah 2, Sonapur Bin Rashid Bldg Near Medical Fitness Center04-2543500
Al Seha Al Kubra Pharmacy Dxb (Nmc)DubaiNr Sanjay Clinic,Al Khail Mall Al Quoz 4, Al Quoz Dubai04-3219926
Al Shifa Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiIranian School Wall Street Karama04-3969469
Al Shifa Uropi Pharmacy Al NahdaDubaiAnanas Bldg. Gf Shop No. 8 204Th Street Al Nahda 204-8529529
Al Shifa Uropi Pharmacy DwcDubaiB3 The Pulse Res. Podium Gf Dubai World Trade Center Dubai South04-4759111
Al Shindagha Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiCarrerfour Shindagha Road Shindagha,Bur Dubai04-3933889
Al Tadawi PharmacyDubaiAl Masaood Building Port Saeed Road Deira04-2943266
Al Wadi Pharmacy LlcDubaiRamla Mall Dip Dip04-8849363
Al Warqa Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiNext To Mars Supermarket Warqa 2 Bur Dubai04-2801691
Al Wasel Community Pharmacy (Chs)DubaiBehind Shangrila Hotel Al Wase Sheikh Zayed Road Bur Dubai04-3212062
Al Woqaya PharmacyDubaiKarama Centre Kuwait Street Karama,Bur Dubai04-3348348
Al Zahra Pharmacy-LifeDubaiOpposite Uae City Exchange Karama Karama04-3373045
Alexis Pharmacy Qusais Dubai (Zulekha)DubaiBin Sougat Al Qusais 204-2630521
Alfa Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiAl Fattan Building Shop No A9 11Th Street Qusais04-2806714
Alico Advanced CarepharmacyDubaiAlico Al Madina Hypermarket Street 44 Dubai Investment Park 106-5333553
Alquoz Advanced Care Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiPasons Building 1St Floor Alquoz 204-2355222
Amaan Pharmacy (Lulu)DubaiAmman Road Amman Road Qusais04-2647264
Amber Clinic Llc Community (Outpatient)Dubai2Nd Floor, Amber Clinic Al Rigga Business Center Al Rigga04-2325109
American Center PharmacyDubaiOffice 39 2Nd Floor Sunset Mall Jumeirah 304-2379100
American Hospital Clinics Ph AlkhawneejDubaiLast Exit Al Khawaneej04-2741013
American Hospital Clinics Pharmacy DubaiDubaiDubai Knowledge Park Al Sufouh 2 Dubai Media City04-2741018
Amsa PharmacyDubaiG06 6A Business Avenue Bldg 29A St. Port Saeed04-2325161
Apotec Grand Pharmacy MuteenaDubaiNear J Mart Supermarket Al Rasheed Road Al Muteena04-2227786
Apotec Hudaiba PharmacyDubaiShop 6 Al Hudaibah Mall Al Mina St Al Hudaibah04-5476981
Apotec Pharmacy Br 1 Oud MethaDubaiReem 4 Bldg. 10Th St Near Al Nasr Club Oud Metha04-5476981
Apotec Pharmacy LlcDubaiAbdulla Al Romathi Bldg Al Jaddaf Near Belhasa Driving Beside Mosque Jaddaf04-2340411
Apple Care PharmacyDubaiFrance Cluster P04 Near Apple Clinic04-2463063
Apple Care Pharmacy L. L. C. BrDubaiIcare Blue Building No.Wa02O01 Jafza Jebal Ali04-8876483
Apple Care Pharmacy Llc BranchDubaiBldg-K14, G-Floor Greece Cluster International City04-4322568
Arabella Pharmacy Br-SupercareDubaiSpinney'S Bldg Jumeirah 1 Beach Road04-3430188
Arabella Pharmacy Llc BrDubaiLower Ground Floor Opposite Waitrose Supermarket Dubai Mall04-5915141
Arabella Pharmacy- (Super Care Grp)DubaiSpinney'S Umm Sequim Bur Dubai04-3941519
Ardh Al Naseem Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop 2 Floor Ground Floor , Al Magrudy Residence, Carrefor Express, Amman Street Al Nahda 204-2809240
Arifa Pharmacy LlcDubaiAl Ahli Building Near Shaikha Cafeteria Hor Al Anz East04-2389696
Armada PharmacyDubaiArmada Tower 2 Opp Dubai Marina Mall Al Sarayat, Jlt04-3990022
Asma Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiOpp Souq Al Wasl Gate Number 8 Naif Road Naif,Deira04-2222786
Aster 104 PharmacyDubaiL-11 Greece Cluster International City04-2775973
Aster 111 PharmacyDubaiMuhaisinah Plaza Building Muhaisanah 4 Lulu Village04-2593195
Aster Al Hayat PharmacyDubaiEasa Saleh Al Gurg Building Near Adil Supermarket,Rolla St Bur Dubai04-3552633
Aster Dcc Pharmacy LlcDubaiGrnd Flr Opposite Carrefour Hypermarket Deira04-2672946
Aster Dip PharmacyDubaiEmirates Road Ramala Hyper Market Dip04-8800966
Aster Grand Ph - Aster(Moopens)DubaiOpp. Nmc Hospital Aman St., Ab Plaza Bldg 9, Ground Floor Nahda 104-2505712
Aster Healthcare Hyper Market (Aster)DubaiGrnd Flr Al Raffa Bldg Opp Aster Hospital Mankhool Road04-3399523
Aster Jbr Ph-Aster(Moopens)DubaiP42, Sadaf4, Near Movenpick The Walk Jumirah Beach The Walk Jumirah Beach04-4471127
Aster Jebelali Ph - Aster(Moopens)DubaiNesto Hypermarket Ja Industrial Area 1 Jebel Ali04-8840237
Aster Jlt PharmacyDubaiRed Diamond Building Saryat Street Jlt04-3697728
Aster Mc Pharmacy Arabian RachesDubaiEmar Mall 1St Floor The Ranches Souk Arabian Ranches 204-3092900
Aster Medical Center Pharmacy Al MuhaisnDubaiShop No1, Zaraa Residence 1 Muhaisnah 4 Lulu Village04-5479070
Aster Ph Tecom (Aster)(Moopens)DubaiTecom Icon Tower Tecom Barsha04-4534540
Aster Pharmacy 1DubaiAster Complex Building Near Al Khalid Bin Waleed Road Khalid Bin Waleed Road04-3863800
Aster Pharmacy 100DubaiAl Razi Building No 64 D Block Dhcc04-4343922
Aster Pharmacy 101DubaiAqu Bldg Sheikh Colony St., Al Qusais 104-2382342
Aster Pharmacy 102 (Moopens)DubaiGrnd Flr Saeed Hamad Musleh Jamhour Al Ahbabi Bldg Al Qusais04-2610833
Aster Pharmacy 103DubaiPersia Cluster Building N4 International City04-2765802
Aster Pharmacy 104 (Br Of Aster PharmaciDubaiShop No.1 , Hanbal Shafie Al M Near Aster Ortho Clinic Al Warqa04-2829440
Aster Pharmacy 105DubaiBuilding I 11 Morocco Cluster International City04-2275972
Aster Pharmacy 109DubaiGrnd Flr Ghuroob Community Near To Dubai Geant Supermarkt Al Ghuroob, Mirdiff04-4582727
Aster Pharmacy 110DubaiMandarin Bldg Street 13A Oud Metha04-3963158
Aster Pharmacy 112 (Moopens)DubaiMohamed Khalifa Al Khalafi Bld Rolla Street Al Raffa Burdubai04-3252920
Aster Pharmacy 113 (Moopens)DubaiMirdif Mall Near To Medcare Clinic Uptown Mirdif04-2839542
Aster Pharmacy 114 (Moopens)DubaiAswaq Mall Aswaq Mall, Barsha South 1 Al Barsha04-3851455
Aster Pharmacy 115 (Moopens)DubaiDiscovery Pavilion Street 7 Discovery Garden04-2672946
Aster Pharmacy 116DubaiMirdif Commercial Complex Near Westzone Super Market Mirdif04-2884190
Aster Pharmacy 117 (Moopens)DubaiBait Al Waleed Al Souq Al Kabeer, Mankhool Bur Dubai04-3252882
Aster Pharmacy 118 (Moopens)DubaiObs Bldg Near To Nmc Hospital Amman Road, Al Nahda04-2393397
Aster Pharmacy 119 (Moopens)DubaiEnoc 1086 Shop No. 7, Meadows Emirates Hills 304-2672946
Aster Pharmacy 120 (Moopens)DubaiAbdul Raouf Moh. Alavi Bldg Near Aswaq Mall Al Warqa 104-2803995
Aster Pharmacy 123 (Moopens)DubaiAl Ghurair Real Estate Bldg Near Dubai Palm Hotel Al Muteena Street, Deira04-2731282
Aster Pharmacy 124 (Moopens)DubaiSukoon Tower Marina Dubai04-2672946
Aster Pharmacy 126 (Moopens)DubaiNear Medcare Clinic Umm Suqeim 1 Jumeirah04-3952213
Aster Pharmacy 127 (Moopens)DubaiRoyal Oceanic 1 Near Le Meridien, Marsa Dubai Dubai Marina04-2672946
Aster Pharmacy 128 (Moopens)DubaiShop 1, New Enoc Umm Suqeim Street Al Barsha04-4405945
Aster Pharmacy 129 (Moopens)DubaiMarjana Plaza Bldg Al Bada Satwa04-2672946
Aster Pharmacy 130 (Moopens)DubaiDuja Tower, Trade Centre First Next Sheraton Grand Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road04-3866768
Aster Pharmacy 131 Brof Aster PharmaciesDubaiShop No 17 Trio Building Al Barsha First04-3475733
Aster Pharmacy 132 (Moopens)DubaiSheikh Suhail Bldg Mamzar Centre Hor Al Anz East, Abu Hail04-2692835
Aster Pharmacy 134 (Moopens)DubaiGrnd Flr Golden Sands Bldg. Near To Lulu Barsha 1St Al Barsha04-3271483
Aster Pharmacy 135 (Moopens)DubaiGround Flr Rushia V19 Russia Cluster Sts International City04-4511674
Aster Pharmacy 136DubaiShop No Ffa01, Al Khail Mall, Latifat Bin Hamdan Street, Ind Al Qouz04-3806940
Aster Pharmacy 137 (Aster)DubaiGround Flr Nakheel Mall International City Pavilion International City04-2672946
Aster Pharmacy 138 (Aster)DubaiGround Flr, Aljabar Bldg Near Sunrise Supermarket Al Karama04-3377329
Aster Pharmacy 141 (Aster)DubaiShop No 021, Grnd Floor Dubai Festival City Mall Dubai04-2365418
Aster Pharmacy 142 (Aster)DubaiShop No. 4 Ground Floor Al Fattan Bldg. Al Qusais04-2205966
Aster Pharmacy 143DubaiThe Ribbon Building 2 Plot 94-0, Al Hebiah First Motor City04-4430474
Aster Pharmacy 144DubaiGrnd Flr Al Maalik Bldg Near Talal Supermarket Al Shab St. Hor Al Anz04-2212250
Aster Pharmacy 145DubaiShop 1 Al Waleed Bldg Union Medical Center Iranian School Road04-3547745
Aster Pharmacy 146 (Aster)DubaiShop 32 Souk Al Kabeer Bldg Nr Ghubaiba Bus Station Shindagha, Bur Dubai04-3271059
Aster Pharmacy 147DubaiAster Jubilee Med Comp Bldg. Near Al Fahidi Metro Stn Khalid Bin Al Waleed St04-3254026
Aster Pharmacy 148DubaiShop# 5, Jamal Omar Bin Hyder Bldg, 4B Street, Karama Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Rd04-3404005
Aster Pharmacy 149DubaiAl Wasl Building Behind Lulu Hypermarket Karama, Bur Dubai04-3969469
Aster Pharmacy 150 Brof Aster PharmaciesDubaiGrnd Flr, Pinnacle Tower Marsa04-3019616
Aster Pharmacy 152DubaiCommercial Center Near Access Clinic Jafza Jafza South, Jebel Ali04-8809102
Aster Pharmacy 155 Brof Aster PharmaciesDubaiGrnd Flor Buisness Centre Al Rigga04-3019616
Aster Pharmacy 156 (Br Of Aster PharmaciDubaiShop No. 6, Sapphire Mall Dubai Industrial City Near Al Maktm It Airport04-5877191
Aster Pharmacy 157DubaiDar Al Wasl Building Near Safa Al Wasl Road04-3867820
Aster Pharmacy 158Dubai1St Floor Talal Supermarket Bldg. Dubai Investment Park 204-2438618
Aster Pharmacy 160 (Br Of Aster PharmaciDubaiUnit No:M11, Jabal Ali Shoppin Near To Ramla Market, 86 Stret Dip04-8847176
Aster Pharmacy 161 (Br Of Aster PharmaciDubaiMarhaba Mall Samari Residence Ras Al Khor Al Aweer04-3424262
Aster Pharmacy 162DubaiShop 6 Masjid Bldg. District 10 Jumeirah Village Circle04-4580678
Aster Pharmacy 164 (Br Of Aster PharmaciDubaiShop No. E-7B Gf Sky Courts Tower D Sky Cour Al Ain Road Dubai Land04-3263688
Aster Pharmacy 165DubaiSway Res. Shop 3 Hadaeq Sheik Mohamed Bin Rashid Dubai Hills04-7187190
Aster Pharmacy 167 The Dubai MallDubaiShop 041 2N Flr Metro Bay Link The Dubai Mall04-3341829
Aster Pharmacy 168DubaiIbs Gf Tunisian Court Ibn Batuta Mall Jebel Ali 1St04-5543519
Aster Pharmacy 169DubaiNext To Healthcbat Women'S 19A Street Al Wasl Road Umm Al Sheif04-3250365
Aster Pharmacy 170DubaiShop Gf Bldg 1 Shobha Heartland Al Merkadh Greens04-2588717
Aster Pharmacy 172DubaiShop 12 As Sayyah Res. C Arjan Dubailand Al Barsha South 204-5786364
Aster Pharmacy 173 Al SafaDubaiShop No. 9 Union Coop Society Al Safa Jumeirah 304-3325595
Aster Pharmacy 175DubaiShop 11 Damac Towers 108 Jumeirah Village Circle Al Barsha South04-5579564
Aster Pharmacy 2 BrDubaiUnit No 4&5, Ground Floor Dubai Investment Park04-8858044
Aster Pharmacy 200 (Aster)DubaiBldg No. 241-487 Grnd Floor Opp Led World Amman Street, Al Qusais04-2362839
Aster Pharmacy 201DubaiShop No3, Al Manal Tower Next To Crown Plaza Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road04-3209481
Aster Pharmacy 202DubaiBin Sougat Center Near Metro Station, Airport Rd, Al Rashidiya04-2540474
Aster Pharmacy 204DubaiAl Qusais Building Near Grand Hotel Damascus St, Al Qusais04-2203889
Aster Pharmacy 205DubaiPve-G-02 Palm Views East Bldg Palm Jumeirah04-4221521
Aster Pharmacy 206DubaiShaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard,Dubai Fountain View, Next To Address Fountain View Hotel. Shop No: Bf02,Burj Dubai04-5475036
Aster Pharmacy 3DubaiOutlet Mall Al Ain Road04-4437250
Aster Pharmacy 5 BrDubaiShop No 02, Cbd 29 Al Warsan 1St St International City04-4473169
Aster Pharmacy 6DubaiGate 1 - Building Dubai Silicon Silicon Oasis04-3262600
Aster Pharmacy 98 -Aster PharmacyDubaiSameya Kahalifa Building Sonapur Sonapur Street Sonapur04-2521711
Aster Pharmacy Auh 15DubaiMufleh Aayd Hamed Bldg. 37 Al Rawnaq St Al Nahyan02-6431619
Aster Pharmacy DmccDubaiUnit G1 Armada Tower 3 Al Thanyah 5Th Jumeirah Lake Towers04-3092900
Aster Pharmacy Expo 2020DubaiGf1 Sustainability Pavilion Exhibition Boulevard Expo 202004-5477218
Aster Pharmacy-DubalDubaiNear Ibn Battuta Inside Dubalfactory Sheikh Zayed Road Exit #2504-8022684
Avenue Pharmacy - Aster(Moopens)DubaiBay Avenue Aspect Towers Business Bay Street Business Bay04-4357450
Aweer Society Pharmacy-Aster GrpDubaiUnion Co-Op Building, Near Fruit & Veg Market Aweer Ras Al Khor Aweer04-3201900
Axon Medica Pharmacy LlcDubaiGround Floor,Gf8 Near To Bubbles And Giggles Nu Street 1,The Gardens04-4599904
Axon Pharma LlcDubaiRashidiya Central Market Bldg Union Cooperative Society Rashidiya04-2975462
Axon Pharma Llc-Silicon OasisDubai7,8,9 Lynx Bldg Ground Floor Silicon Oasis04-3484992
Ba Nafea Pharmacy CareDubaiFlat 5, Ground, Bulding S04, Madina Supermarket, Spain Cluster International City04-4508350
Bab Al Hayat Pharmacy (Al Khail)DubaiDubai Investment Park 2 Madeena Supermarket Buildin Dip04-3966123
Bab Al Noor PharmacyDubaiGround Floor ,Musthafa Mall Muhaisinah 2 Sonapur04-3444293
Bader PharmacyDubaiKifaf Building Kuwait Street Karama,Bur Dubai04-3348129
Badr Al Samaa PharmacyDubaiNear Barclays Bank Abu Baker Siddique Street, Ban Abu Baker Siddique Street04-3578681
Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy DxbDubaiArabilla Bldg. 15 C St. Hor Al Anz East, Deira04-2667211
Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy Llc (Branch)DubaiTower 1, Casablanca Street, Al Garhoud, Dubai, Uae04-2381514
Bait Al Shifa Pharmacy Br DubaiDubaiGround Floor Dp World Clinic Jebal Ali Freezone04-8896399
Bait Al Shifaa New Pharmacy (Nmc)DubaiNew Al Safiya Building Opp.Abu Salahuddin Street Hor Anz,Deira04-2666464
Balsam Al Garhoud PharmacyDubaiChoithram S/M Building Garhood Garhoud04-2827288
Balsam Al Hadeetha PharmacyDubaiFaraj Bin Butti Almuhairbi Bld Jumeira Main Road Jumeirah,Bur Dubai04-3488507
Balsam Al Jadeeda PharmacyDubaiMohd Alamri Mosque Building Jumeira Main Road Jumeirah,Bur Dubai04-3491669
Baniyas Life Pharmacy Br-LifeDubaiAl Ashrfiah Building Clock Tower Deira04-2550173
Barsha Rose Gardens Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop#1, Rose Gardens Hotel Apartment Bldg Al Barsha 1,04-3792990
Bay Square Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiUnit G-03, Bldg # Bb11 Next To Choitram Supermarket, Bay Square, Dubai04-5515344
Beta Pharmacy (Aster)(Moopens)DubaiMirdif City Center Mirdif City Center Mirdif04-2840678
Better Life Pharmacy-KmcDubaiShop No. 8 Ground Floor Grand Industreal Iiv Qouz 104-3414626
Bin Seray Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiNear Lamcy Plaza Oud Mehta Road Oud Mehta04-3355446
Bin Sina (Dubai Tower) (Alphamed)DubaiDubai Tower Jamabdul Nasser Street Jamabdul Nasser Street04-2221071
Bin Sina 21 Pharmacy (Dubai) (Alphamed)DubaiDubai Festival City Umm Ramool Umm Ramool04-2329757
Bin Sina 29 Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiDubai Mall Doha Street Down Town Dubai04-3398918
Bin Sina 44 Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiJumeira Tower Shaikh Zayed Road Nr.Zaroob Resturant04-3513249
Bin Sina Emirates Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiMall Of Emirates Sheikh Zayed Road Barsha 1,Bur Dubai04-3410345
Bin Sina Grand Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiOpp.Wimpey'S Riqqa Street Riqqah,Deira04-8105493
Bin Sina Scientific Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiAl Wahdeh Building Near City Port Saeed Street Deira04-2958820
Bin Sina Twenty Five Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiOpp Umm Sequim Medical Center Jumeira Beach Road Umm Sequim04-3940934
Binsina - Asqaq LqouzDubaiAl Khail St. Aswaaq Supermarket Al Qouz800-2467462
Binsina - BoxparkDubaiBoxpark By Meeras Alwasl Rd.800-2467462
Binsina - Discovery Park PavilionDubaiBin Sina Pharmacy Discovery Pavilions.055-6961300
Binsina 43 Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiAl Barsha Boutique Building Basrha 1, Beside Azaya Bldg Barsha 104-3950305
Binsina- Matrix TowerDubaiMatrix Tower Sport City800-2467462
Binsina- Westzone - MizharDubaiShop 13 West Zone Mall Mizher 1800-2467462
Binsina-Al Barajeel Oasis ComplexDubaiBarajeel Oasis Complex Mirdiff055-6961300
Binsina-Al Warqaa First (Full Care Mc)DubaiNear Fullcare Mc Al Warqa800-2467462
Binsina-Amwaj Jbr2DubaiAmwaj Walk Amwaj Walk800-2467462
Binsina-Arabian RanchesDubaiAl Qudra Street -Arabian Ranches 2 Ranches Souk800-2467462
Binsina-Emaar SquareDubaiEmaar Square Building 1 Shop Number G-R4 Burjkhalifa800-2467462
Binsina-Emirates TowerDubaiShop 52, First Floor, Trade Center 2800-2467462
Binsina-First Avenue Mall Motor CityDubaiFirst Avenue Mall Al Hebiah First800-2467462
Binsina-I-Rise TowerDubaiShop No. 2 I- Rise Tower, Al Barsha Heights800-2467462
Binsina-Jumeirah Park PavilionDubaiShop Number 4 Jumeirah Park Pavillion800-2467462
Binsina-Manazel AlkhourDubaiShop #20 , Manazel Al Khor Llc Bur Dubai055-6961300
Binsina-Mudon Community CentreDubaiAl Salam Town Center Dubai Land-Mudon800-2467462
Binsina-New Spring VillageDubaiAl Thanyah Fourth The New Springs055-6961300
Binsina-NovotelDubaiAl Barsha First- Sheikh Zayed Road Commercial Tower800-2467462
Binsina-Silicon OaisisDubaiLa Presidium Bld Silicon Oasis800-2467462
Binsina-Union Coop (Um Suqaim)DubaiUnion Coop Al Wasl Street Umm Suqeim 2800-2467462
Blubell Pharmacy Llc (Bhatia)DubaiCrystal Business Centre Bldg Adcb Metro Stn Karama04-3231366
Blue Life Pharmacy Br MeenaDubaiMeena Bldg Al Fahidi Street Al Fahidi04-2639995
Blue Life Pharmacy It CenterDubaiIt Center Bldg Al Raffa Street Al Fahidi8007257
Booster Clinic PharmacyDubaiShop 2 Oud Metha Metro Ext Al Nasr Sports Club Oud Metha04-2683331
Burjeel Al Hayyat PharmacyDubaiWater Front Omran Orange Camp Jabelali04-3519199
Burjuman PharmacyDubaiBurjuman Centre Burjuman Bur Dubai04-2944116
C C M Life Pharmacy Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiUnit No. D006A Ground Floor Midriff City Centre04-5610000
C C S Life Pharmacy Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiUnit No. 2 Shindagha City Centre Bur Dubai,04-5610000
Care & Cure Pharmacy-Sana GrpDubaiCluster Zen 02, Building 15 Discovery Gardens Discovery Gardens04-4390384
Care Well Pharmacy (Al Khail)DubaiAl Quoz Industrial 3 Al Quoz Mall Al Quoz04-3419008
Central Market Pharmacy- AsterDubaiSheikh Colony Building Dubai Freezone Tawar 104-2613451
Central United PharmacyDubaiShop 1 Mirdif City Center Mirdif04-5610000
City Land Life Pharmacy Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. 260 Citylandthema Wadi Al Safa04-5610000
City Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiShop #2, City Tower 1, Near To Crown Plaza Sheikh Zayed Road04-3410072
City Pharmacy DubaiDubaiShop No. 1 Saif Al Otaiba Bldg Al Rigga04-2240566
City Relief PharmacyDubaiAhmed Plaza Building,Naif Road,Deira Dubai04-2242951
City Sun Pharmacy (Avivo)DubaiBin Ghalitah Bldg Industrial Area Al Quoz 104-3400373
Co-Operative Pharmacy-LifeDubaiMurshid Bazar Market Soor Street Naif04-2269283
Country Pharmacy (Dxb)DubaiMohebi Aviation Building Near Souq Kabeer Bur Dubai04-3536689
Creek Life Pharmacy Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiUnit No. Dcr-A001-Gfr-04 Grnd Flor Dubai Creek Residence04-5610000
Creek Line Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop 3/4/5 Ground Floor Al Mul Baniyas Road Creek Baniyas04-2288740
Dar Al Noor Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No 1,2 - Shaiban Building -Naif Deira04-2322080
Dar Al Wafaa Pharmacy LlcDubai8Th Street Frij Murar, Deira Dubai Frij Murar04-2971844
Dehan Pharmacy(Julphar Grp Of Phy)DubaiMaktoum Street Maktoum Deira04-2287027
Deira Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiShop #2, State 1 Bldg, Alrigga Deira Dubai04-2380116
Diamond 3 Pharmacy-LifeDubaiNear Marina Metro Station Diamond 3 Dubai Marina04-4537217
Docib Pharmacy Llc (Docib Grp)DubaiGround Floor Nr Oud Mehtha Metro Station Oud Mehtha04-3962270
Doha Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiAl Attar Tower Sheikh Zayed Road Sheikh Zayed Road04-3430603
Dr Abdulla S PharmacyDubaiMoha Residence Amman Street Al Qusais Industrial Area 504-2388778
Dr.Joseph Polyclinic Br Of Gulf HealthcaDubaiInside Joseph Clinic Near Sunrise Supermarket Al Karama04-3541663
Dragon Mart Pharmacy-Aster GrpDubaiDragon Mart Aweer Area04-3687450
Dragon Pharmacy - Aster GrpDubaiDragon Mart Inside Dragon Mart, Ban 05-06 Aweer04-3687409
Dragon Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiShop 9 Azizi Farista Bldg. Near Green Bridge Jebel Ali 1St04-5693614
Dream Pharmacy-LifeDubaiNr. Jlt Metro Station Dream Tower, Al Maya Supermarket Dubai Marina04-4227844
Dubai Life Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiDubai World Trade Centre Hall No.5 Dubai World Trade Centre 2Nd Zabeel Road04-3291162
Dulsco Pharmacy Br Of Dulsco LlcDubaiBacksidenewgrandcitymall Dulsco Village Al Quoz Industrial Area 404-4219354
Dulsco Pharmacy LlcDubaiBacksidenewgrandcitymall Dulsco Village Al Quoz Industrial Area 404-4219354
East Hill Pharmacy (Dr.Ismail)DubaiAwqaf Building Near Grand Mini Mall Jebal Ali Ind-104-8877752
Elaj Pharmacy-LifeDubaiCentury 21 Building Abu Baker Siddique Street Abu Baker Siddique Street04-2683377
Emirates Pharmacy L.L.C (Discovery GardeDubaiBuilding 18- Ground Floor Street One Zen Cluster Discovery Garden04-5573905
Emirates Pharmacy L.L.C (Motor City)DubaiEmirates Hospital Clinic Bl Nadal Sheba Area Motor City04-8716900
Emirates Pharmacy Llc (Al Karama)DubaiBuilding R364 Building No R364, Al Karama Ar Al Karama04-2372111
Emirates Pharmacy Llc (Emirates Hosp G)DubaiBotanica Tower,Grand Habtoor- -Hotel,Dubai Marina,04-3792136
Euro Health Pharmacy (L.L.C) (Ainp)DubaiBlue Tower Sheik Zayed Road04-3342333
Expert PharmacyDubaiGround Floor Al Khail Mall, Al Quoz04-3307808
Experts PharmacyDubaiGround Floor Al Khail Mall Latifa Bin Hamdan St. Al Qouz04-3307808
Extra Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiNr. Choithram And Carrefour Ewan Residence, Extra Souq, Shop #2 Dubai Investment Park04-8855122
Fajar Alsatwa Pharmacy (Nmc)DubaiBldg 96 Al Bada Oasis Opp. Al Hudaibah St. (Iranian Hosp) Al Satwa04-2981526
Fajar Mirdif PharmacyDubaiShop No. 5 Ground Floor Deira04-3437636
Fajr Al Madina Pharmacy L.L.C (Branch)DubaiCrystal Mall Jebal Ali Jebal Ali Industrial Area104-2974494
Fajr Al Madina Pharmacy LlcDubaiFlat 7 Farnek Bldg. Behind Alkhail Mall Al Quoze Industrial Area 304-3410401
Farmax PharmacyDubaiSiah Shuaib 3 Kanoo Enginerring, Dubai Industrial City04-8748355
Fawagee Pharmacy-LifeDubaiNear Fatima Mosque 24B Street Nad Hamar04-2894111
Fawagee Scientific Pharmacy -LifeDubaiNear Jadeed Bakery 26 B Street Mirdif04-2881800
Festival Life Pharmacy Br Of Life PharmaDubaiUnit No. - Su108 & Su109 Ground Floor Festival Plaza04-5610000
Fit For Life PharmacyDubaiJebal Ali04-8836865
Galleria United PharmacyDubaiShop 13 Galleria Mall Al Wasl Road Jumeirah 104-5610000
Gate Better Life PharmacyDubaiNew West Zone Mall Al Khail Gate Al Quoz04-5586281
Ghaleelah Pharmacy(Julphar Grp Of Phy)DubaiHamarain Centre Abu Baker Sideeq Road Deira04-2693618
Ghazal Al Jabal PharmacyDubaiJiwin Bldg Sonapur Al Quasis04-2540460
Ghazal Jumairah PharmacyDubaiNear Grand Satwa Mosque Al Satwa Road Al Satwa04-3494882
Globehealth Pharmacy LlcDubaiPrime Residency-2 Spain Cluster International City04-8747450
Glucare Integrated Diabetes PharmacyDubaiVilla 1 Al Wasl Road 268 Jumeirah 1050-7559523
Gmc Pharmacy LlcDubaiShowrm 10, Najoum Bldg Opp Nissan Showroom Port Saeed, Deira04-2624211
Gold Life Pharmacy Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiUnit No. Gdp-5-G-R5-004 Gold And Diamond Park Dubai04-3410243
Golden Life Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiMurooj Complex Shk.Zayed Road Sheikh Zayed Road04-3430077
Golden Sands Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiAl Ain Centre Building Opp Al Mankhool Road Bur Dubai04-3511444
Golf Community Pharmacy(Chs)DubaiThe Market Place Jumeirah Gof Estate Jumeirah Gof Estate04-2771814
Goodwill Pharmacy LlcDubaiAl Bateel Mall Talaal Plaza Hypermarket Jebal Ali 104-8805790
Grand Infinity PharmacyDubaiAlqasserbuilding Madina Mall Muhaisina-404-2515458
Grand Infinity Pharmacy Llc BranchDubaiShop 4 Next To Excelsior Hotel Muteena St Deira04-2621791
Grand Life Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiLulu Hypermarket Building Muteena Street Muteena Street050-4513790
Grand Royal Pharmacy-LifeDubaiAl Jamal Building,Opp. Ibrahim Khalil Masjid Rolla Street Rolla Street04-3593445
Grand United PharmacyDubaiGf01 Near Fashion Parking The Dubai Mall Down Town04-5610000
Green Community Pharmacy (Chs)DubaiGreen Community Shopping Ctr , Emirates Road Green Community,Bur Dubai04-8853636
Hafsa PharmacyDubai06-07,Zen Cluster 3 Discovery Gardens Discovery Gardens04-4377548
Haji PharmacyDubaiNear Al Badea Mosque, Al Satwa Street Al Satwa04-3319192
Hala Pharmacy 14-LifeDubaiShop #1, Marina Diamond 5, Dubai Marina Dubai04-4305460
Hala Pharmacy 15-LifeDubaiFlat 5-6 Zen 2 Marina Marina04-2766318
Hala Pharmacy 19-LifeDubaiS-16, P 17 Bldg France Cluster, International City, Dubai04-4307323
Hala Pharmacy Br 13-LifeDubaiS-6 Building, Spain Cluster International City04-4307562
Hala Pharmacy Br 16-LifeDubaiBldg # N07 Persia Cluster International City04-4306947
Hala Pharmacy Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiShop No. 13 & 14, Water’S Edge, Business Bay, Dubai, Uae.04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShops Nos. 13 & 14,Ground Floo Water Edge Damac Maison Cana Business Bay04-5610000
Hamriya Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiGround Floor, Union Coop Hamriya Shopping Center Deira Hor Al Anz04-3205128
Happy Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No 2, Al Fayrouz Building Reqqa East ,Opp Al Maktom Hosp Deira04-2271781
Hatta Pharmacy-Viva Ph GroupDubaiOpp.Emirates Co.Building Hatta Oman Street Hatta04-8521794
Health Expert PharmacyDubaiShop No 8 Apricot Tower Dubai Silicon04-3925158
Health First Pharmacy 1 (Julphar)DubaiTamim House Bldg Tecom Al Barsha, Bur Dubai04-4377533
Health First Pharmacy 11 (Julphar)DubaiBldg 3, Bay Square Al Asayel Street Business Bay04-4560100
Health First Pharmacy 25-JulpharDubaiShop # S6, Ground Floor Souq Extra Barsha Next To Barsha Park 304-7016008
Health First Pharmacy 27 (Julphar)DubaiThe Crescent Tower B Bldg Meaisem First Community Impz04-4253020
Health First Pharmacy 33 (Julphar)DubaiShop G/A7, Al Kifaf Residential Bldg Al Karama04-3963068
Health First Pharmacy 34-JulpharDubaiShop # 3, Ground Floor Ibrahim Bin Abdulrahim Qassem Bldg, Musalla Road04-7016004
Health First Pharmacy 35-JulpharDubaiShop # 3, Ground Floor Bin Kalaib Bldg, Al Barsha 1 Near The Stables Rent A Car04-7016008
Health First Pharmacy 36-JulpharDubaiTuscan Residences Arezzo 2 Ground Floor Jumeirah Village04-7016004
Health First Pharmacy 37 (Julphar)DubaiMediterranean Bldg Canal Residence West Hessa St, Dubai Sports City04-3606023
Health First Pharmacy 38 (Julphar)DubaiShop No:4&5, Saleh Ben Lahej Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha04-3960695
Health First Pharmacy 39 (Julphar)DubaiShop No:4, Maryam Amana Bldg, Near Danat Al Khair Cafeteria Hor Al Anz04-2691012
Health First Pharmacy 40-JulpharDubaiShop # 10 & 11, Ground Floor Al Badri 17A, Al Quoz 4 Near Eros Labour Camp04-7016008
Health First Pharmacy 41 (Julphar)DubaiShop No:6, Uptown Mirdiff Mall Near Ningxia Chinese Restauran Algeria Street04-2882296
Health First Pharmacy 42-JulpharDubaiShop # 2, Ground Floor Al Sheebani Bdlg, Dubai Marina Near Choitram04-7016008
Health First Pharmacy 43-JulpharDubaiNesto Carawan Bldg Ground Floor Dubai Investment Park04-7016008
Health First Pharmacy 45 (Julphar)DubaiShop 4, Al Rawba Bldg, Opp: Lulu, Halim Street Al Barsha04-3965891
Health First Pharmacy 47-JulpharDubaiShop # S03, Ground Floor Hadia Tower, 11Th St Al Barsha 1, Barsha04-7016008
Health First Pharmacy 48 (Julphar)DubaiShop 5, Opp: Spinney'S Jumeirah 1 Jumeirah04-3430616
Health First Pharmacy 5-JulpharDubaiUnit 4, Skycourt Towers D Medi Centres Polyclinic Motor City04-3620858
Health First Pharmacy 52 (Julphar)DubaiWhite Crown Bldg, Near Kfc Sheikh Zayed Street 3404-3253056
Health First Pharmacy 7-JulpharDubaiShop # G02, Ground Floor Sama Tower 2, Cluster Q Jumeirah Lake Towers04-7016004
Health First Pharmacy 8-JulpharDubaiShop # 8, Behind Bowling Centr Souq Extra Al Quoz Al Quoz 104-7016008
Health First Pharmacy 9 (Julphar)DubaiSummer 2 Al Barsha South Jumeirah Village04-4233733
Health Hub Ph-Al QusaisDubaiManazel Deira Bldg. Gf Next To Fortune Hotel Al Quisais 104-2040454
Health Hub Ph-AlquozDubaiNext To Al Khail Mall Behind Enoc Petrol Pump Al Quoz04-2082127
Health Hub Ph-Discovery GardenDubaiZen Clustr, Discovery Garden, Jebel Ali04-2040499
Health Hub Ph-International CityDubaiWarsan 77 Near To Dragon Mart International City04-3057655
Health Hub Ph-KaramaDubaiAl Kifaf Manison Building Ground Floor 11Th Street ,Karama04-2085945
Health Hub Ph-Silicon OasisDubaiLynx Tower Near Green Park Supermarket Silicon Oasis04-3057333
Health Hub Pharmacy Nahda 2DubaiEssa Saleh Al Gurg Amman Street Al Nahda 204-5967358
Health Point Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. 2 & 3 Chaimaa Premiere, Jvc Al Barsha South Fourth04-5610000
Health Sign Pharmacy LlcDubaiAl Wasl Ruby Building Behind Hotel Ramee Royal Karama04-3300301
Healthcare Pharmacy LlcDubaiGround Floor Copsocietybld Sharah Aboobacker Strt09-2772394
Healthhub Pharmacy Dfc MallDubaiGf Dfc Mall Dubai Festival City04-5967100
Healthhub Pharmacy-Al MuteenaDubaiAl Muteena 1084 Next To Viva Sipermarket Al Muteena04-5967368
Healthhub Pharmacy-Festival Plaza MallDubaiFestival Plaza Mezzanine Floor Jebal Ali04-2085952
Healthhub Pharmacy-Jebel AliDubaiJabal Ali Industrail 1St Grand Hyper Market Jebel Ali04-5967201
Healthhub Pharmacy-TecomDubaiAl Thanayah 1St Art Heights 4-6 Al Barsha Heights Tecom04-5963080
Healthub Ph-Al WarqaDubaiMashroom Building No-3 Al Warqa-1 Al Warqa Street04-2186276
Healthy Life Pharmacy-LifeDubaiNear Abobacker Sidique Mosque Abobacker Sidique Mosque Street Barsha04-3416801
High Way Pharmacy-Aster GrpDubaiEnoc Station Oud Mehtha Road Zabeel04-3375552
Hill Life Pharmacy L L CDubai41 A Street Karama04-3378585
Hills Community Pharmacy (Chs)DubaiMeadows 6, Emirates Hills Springs 14, Springs Town Cente Meadows 6,Bur Dubai04-3617575
Horizon Pharmacy LlcDubaiGround Floor Althurayatowr Opp Time Hotel04-4541225
Htk PharmacyDubaiDoha Center, Htk Medical Ctr Near Deira Etisalat & Nbd, Muraqqabat, Al Maktoum04-2957776
Ibn Al Azwar Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiRashid Salim Magdy Buld ,Near Ras Al Khor 1 Aweer04-3933033
Ibn Roshd Modern Pharmacy (Msc)DubaiOpposite Emirates Mall Sheikh Zayed Road Barsha04-3408786
Ibn Roshd Pharmacy - Dxb (Msc)DubaiReal Estate Building Meena Road Bur Dubai04-3454518
Ibn Sina 100 Pharmacy-NshamaDubaiTown Square Bldg. 2 Jenna Apartments Al Qudra04-3202302
Ibn Sina 30 Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiAswaaq Building Near Fatma Mos Nad Hamar Deira04-2845165
Ibn Sina 31 Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiAswaq Mall Shop 14 Kartoum Street Deira04-2845875
Ibn Sina 32 Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiIbn Batuta Mall Discovery Gardens Discovery Gardens04-4233895
Ibn Sina 33 Dcc Carrefour (Alphamed)DubaiDeira City Center Baniyas Street Port Saeed04-2943179
Ibn Sina 34 Al Warqaa (Alphamed)DubaiAswaaq Al Warqaa Building Warqa04-2804340
Ibn Sina 35 Ph Br Gr Llc(Alphamed)DubaiMirdif City Centre Mirdif City Centre Mirdif04-2845522
Ibn Sina 36 PharmacyDubaiWasl 51 Al Wasl Street Jumeirah 104-3854224
Ibn Sina 38 Ph Br Gr Llc (Alphamed)DubaiMirdif City Centre Mirdif City Centre Mirdif04-2843057
Ibn Sina 39 PharmacyDubaiAswaaq Supermart Al Barsha Al Barsha South 204-3543210
Ibn Sina 40 Dubai Mall (Alphamed)DubaiDubai Mall Doha Street Down Town Dubai04-3253410
Ibn Sina 41 PharmacyDubaiMeydan Heights Nad Al Sheba Nad Al Sheba 104-3271417
Ibn Sina 45 PharmacyDubaiCenter Of Palm Dubai Nakheel Mall Palm Jumeirah04-5686691
Ibn Sina 63 PharmacyDubaiIbn Batuta Mall Sheik Zayed Road Ibn Batuta04-5754893
Ibn Sina 64 PharmacyDubaiGalleria Mall Al Barsha 37 23Rd Street Al Barsha 204-3205132
Ibn Sina 67 PharmacyDubaiDubai Hills Estate Gate 1 Gf Dubai Hills Mall Dubai Hills04-3200253
Ibn Sina 72 PharmacyDubaiPanorama Tower 6Th Street The Greens04-4242065
Ibn Sina 80 PharmacyDubaiGate 1 Al Khayay St. Dubai Marina04-5897405
Ibn Sina 81 PharmacyDubaiLamer 45 2 A Street Jumeirah 104-3855578
Ibn Sina 83 PharmacyDubaiSofitel Hotel Crescent Road Palm Jumeirah04-2445750
Ibn Sina 85 PharmacyDubai7Th Heaven Al Barari Firm Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd Al Barari04-3854225
Ibn Sina 89 PharmacyDubaiLast Exit Beside Geant Hyper M Al Khawaneej Mall Al Khawaneej 104-5464606
Ibn Sina 90 PharmacyDubaiCity Land Mall Beside Global Village Wadi Al Safa 404-8786435
Ibn Sina 91 PharmacyDubaiBusiness Central Tower Al Sufouh Al Sufouh 204-2967916
Ibn Sina 92 PharmacyDubaiAl Moosa Tower Sheik Zayed Road Trade Center04-2506121
Ibn Sina 94 PharmacyDubaiDubai Airport Terminal 2 Ar Al Quds St. Dubai Airport Terminal 204-3928373
Ibn Sina 95 PharmacyDubaiSouq Extra Mall Dubai Silicon Oasis04-3201644
Ibn Sina 96 PharmacyDubaiSouq Extra Al Qouz 17 10A Street Al Qouz 104-2640718
Ibn Sina 97 PharmacyDubaiDubai Design District 3 Dubai Design District04-8761001
Ibn Sina 98 PharmacyDubaiMark & Spencer Gate Dubai Festival City Mall Dubai Festival City04-2325234
Ibn Sina 99 PharmacyDubaiMercato Shopping Mall Gf Jumeirah Beach Road Jumeirah 104-3400296
Ibn Sina Pharmacy 66DubaiAl Razi Bldg. 64-59 Street Umm Hurair 2 Dubai Healthcare City04-4228832
Ibn Sina Scientific PharmacyDubaiSpinney'S Gf Layan Community Layan04-4580211
Iqra Pharmacy Llc (Aster)DubaiMoopens Polyclinic Building Op Naif Road Naif,Deira04-2289164
Ivy Line Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiG10 Ground Floor The Market, Green Community Dubai Investment Park04-882090
J.B.R Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiJumeirah Beach Residence Tower Shop No.14 Jumeirah Beach Road Jbr04-4281432
Jabal Ali Gardens Pharmacy-Aster GrpDubaiNear Ibn Batuta Mall Enoc Stn Building Discovery Gardens Discovery Gardens04-8820808
Jadaf Life Pharmacy Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiRetail#1 Riah Towers, Culture Village Al Jeddaf04-5610000
Jansons Pharmacy Musalla GrpDubaiKhyber Bldg Al Raffah Police Station, Al Souq Al Kabeer.Bur Dubai04-3514118
Jbr Bahar Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop P25,Bahar Tower4, Near To Al Maya Supermarket,Bahar Cluster Jumeirah Beach Road Jbr04-3659920
Jbr Life Pharmacy 2 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No 2406 Ground Floor The Beach ¿ Jbr04-5610000
Jbr Murjan Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop P57,Murjan Tower 2 Jumeirah Beach Road Jbr04-4517202
Jbr Sedaf Pharmacy-LifeDubaiSadaf Cluster,Shop P32,Sadaf T Jumeirah Beach Road Jbr04-3659925
Jbr Shams Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShams Cluster,Shop P24,Shams Tower 1 Near Al Maya Super Market Jumeirah Beach Road Jbr04-4253592
Jebal Ali Advanced Care Pharmacy LlcDubaiCrown Mall Gf Shop No. 26 Jebel Ali Industial Area Jebel Ali04-5693777
Jumeira Better Life Pharmacy-KmcDubaiAtlantis Staff Accomodation Am Khail Road Jumeirah Village04-4472086
Jvc Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiShop# Gs3,Opposite To Bluemart Supermarket, Emirates Garden Ii-Mulberry, Jvc04-5578841
Jvt Life Pharmacy-LifeDubaiNear Milestone Supermarket Imperial Residence Tower Jvt04-5511914
Karama Life Pharmacy Br-LifeDubaiShop No. 1 & 2, Al Karama Building Karama04-3450875
Karama One Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop 2-3 Sheikh Mohammed Buildin Karama Bus Station Street Karama04-3796632
Khalidha Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop 1 Karachi Resto Bldg Al Khail Mall,Latifa Hamdan St Al Quoz 304-3952885
Kims Pharmacy LlcDubaiAl Dossari Building Next To Abu Baker Al Siddique Salah Al Din Street,Hor Al Anz04-2209434
La Riviera Life Pharmacy Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit S02 In La Riviera Tower Dubai Marina Dubai04-5610000
Lamcy Pharmacy-AsterDubaiGround Floor Lamcy Plaza Oud Mehta,Bur Dubai04-3352727
Life Abu Hail Pharmacy-LifeDubaiAbu Hail Abu Hail04-3345553
Life Al Badaa Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop#1, Al Badaa Bldg, P78 Al Badaa Dubai04-3596837
Life Al Barsha Fourth 2 Br Of LifeDubaiShop No. 1, Prime Business Center A Al Barsha South Fourthplt24004-5610000
Life Al Barsha Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiEtihad Mall Etihad Mall Barsha04-2840898
Life Al Barsha South Fourth Br-LifeDubaiG01-B, Manhattan Building Near Choithram, Jvc Village Al Barsha South 4Th Community04-2417418
Life Al Hamriya Br-LifeDubaiUnit A, Fathima Hypermarket Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd Bur Dubai04-3571148
Life Al Karama Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiShop No.5 Al Attar Centre Attar Centre Karama04-3969774
Life Al Mizhar First Br-LifeDubaiUnit No. 2630, Arabian Center Al Mizhar04-2360046
Life Al Nahda Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiTwin Tower Bldg Al Nahda 2Nd Al Nahda04-2636919
Life Al Qusais Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiAl Huraiz Bldg Damascus St Al Qusais04-2633318
Life Al Riqqa Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop# F67, Opp: Carrefour Al Ghurair Center Al Riqqa04-2248362
Life Al Riqqa2 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No. Agc 30 Ground Floor Al Ghurair Centre04-5610000
Life Al Shab Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop 1 & 2, Malik Building Plot # 127-0422, Al Shaab Colony, Hor Al Anz04-3205629
Life Al Warqa 2 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No. 5 Groundfloor Al Jabri Building04-5610000
Life Al Warqa Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiShop# 1 & 2, Al Kendi Bldg Al Warqa Dubai04-2865244
Life Al Yalayis 1 Br Llc-LifeDubaiUnit # Mira - Gf-005, Mira Town Centre, Reem Community04-3683426
Life Dip Pharmacy-LifeDubaiNear Choithrams Supermarket Market Mall Dip, Greens04-8851933
Life Express Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiNear Welcare Hospital Beside Wch Garhoud04-2833422
Life Guard Pharmacy L.L.C.DubaiEiffel Accommodation-2 Belhasa Driving Center Al Quoz-304-3333785
Life Home Healthcare Fz L.L.C-LifeDubaiBld # 27 Block D Oud Metha Road Dhcc04-3624802
Life Island Pharmacy Br 3 Llc-LifeDubaiUnit #Ji-B5-Ri-05 D, Jumeirah Pavilion Master Community Dubai04-2434106
Life Mayfair Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiShop #02, Mayfair Residence Tower, Business Bay, Dubai Dubai04-5516840
Life More Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiNear Belal Mosque 83 Street Mirdif04-2882044
Life Muraqabat Pharmacy-LifeDubaiR471 Building Wasl Trio Block A Al Muraqabat Rd04-2979201
Life Pearl Pharmacy-LifeDubai#9, Marina Pearl Bldg Dubai Marina04-5516770
Life Pharamcy 106DubaiShop No: 01, Plot No: 360, Aurion Residence, Jumeirah Village Circle04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 10 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No:6 Ground Floor,Al Fattan Shopping Centre Jbr Walk04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 101DubaiEnoc Site 98, Shop 3, Beirut St, D 60, Near Madina Mall, Dubai, Uae04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 102DubaiEnoc Site 1005, Shop 5, Marrakech St, Umm Ramool, Near New Rta Complex, Dubai, Uae04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 103DubaiEnoc Site 1039, Shop 3, Dubai Sports City, Dubai, Uae04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 104DubaiEnoc Site 1060, Unit 4 (Rest4) Sheikh Zayed Road, Internet City, Dubai, Uae04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 105DubaiShop No: 01+M, Plot No: 232-113, Bin Dahi Building, (Sindabaad Bakery, 225 Damascus Street), Al Qusais 1,04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 107DubaiShop No 13, 14 Waters Edge Building, Business Bay04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 108DubaiUnit No. Dhm-Lg-007, Dubai Hills Mall,04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 109DubaiShop No: 4, 5 & 6 Plot 4620 Zen 4 Discovery Gardens Jebel Ali 104-5610000
Life Pharmacy 11 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No.2 Near Creative Minds Shop Barsha04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 110DubaiRetail Unit 16, Lago Vista-B Building, Me’Aisem 1, Impz, Dubai04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 116DubaiShop No: 04, Bayz By Danube, Business Bay, Dubai Uae04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 117DubaiPlot No: 278, Retail No: 6, Al Barsha South Third, Arjan, Dubai Uae04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 118DubaiPlot No: Afmu029A, Sawan Residency, Jebel Ali Village, Al Furjan,04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 12 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop 1, The Tower Financial Centre Sheikh Zayed Road04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 120DubaiPlot No: 2680435, Shop No. 7 (Ex Aqua Pharmacy), Madina Supermarket, Arab Mall, Oud Al Muteena,04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 121DubaiPlot No: 2823154, Shop No. 1, Q 1 Khawaneej Mall, Al Khawaneej 2,04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 122DubaiPlot No: 241-498, Shop No: 1, Abdulla Abdull Rasool Building, Al Nahda 2,04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 13 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No.1 Carrefour Al Hudaiba04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 15 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No.13 Bayat Complex Hor Al Anz East04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 16 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. R-18 Bluewaters Residence Marsa04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 17 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No Nc 03 Ground Floor Al Khawaneej Mall04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 18 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No. 6 Ground Floor City Walk 104-5610000
Life Pharmacy 19 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiInside Carrefour, Mirdiff City Centre Mirdiff04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 20 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiInside Carrefour Deira City Centre Deira04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 21 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No: .Lg 168 Lower Ground Floor, Waitrose Dubai Mall04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 22 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiInside Carrefour Mall Of The Emirates Mall Of The Emirates04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 23 Br Of Life Pharmcy LlcDubaiRetail Unit No. C-02, Ground Floor, Marina Diamond A1, Dubai Marina, Po Box 71246, Dubai, Uae04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 24 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiNit No. G-D-14 Dragonmart Complex 204-5610000
Life Pharmacy 25 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit 6 To 12, Ajsm Investment Building Karama04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 27 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. Ff01-1, First Floor Arabian Ranches Ii04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 29 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. G 030 City Centre Meaisem Meaisem04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 3 Br Llc-LifeDubaiLg01A, Next To Fitness First Deira City Centre Dubai04-2366021
Life Pharmacy 3 Llc-LifeDubaiShop Fa-19, Dragon Mart 2 International City Dubai04-5135355
Life Pharmacy 4-LifeDubaiShop Lf15, Metro Link Ibn Battuta04-2779199
Life Pharmacy 44 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiGround Floor - Unit No. 1009, Oasis Center, Dubai, Uae.04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 45DubaiShop No.2, Bfl Showroom (Ex Brands For Less)04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 45 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop 4 To 8, Raja & Sister Bui Opposite To Al Kabayal Al Warqa04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 46 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No: 2 Talal Tower, Plot 231-326 Al Nahda04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 47 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit 2 &3, Nshama Community Centre, Town Square Dubai, Uae04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 48 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. 1410 Ground Floor, Arabian Centre Al Mizhar04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 5 Llc-LifeDubaiShop #At040A, 1St Floor Dubai Festival City Mall Dubai04-2366623
Life Pharmacy 51 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. Gm2-B-7-Rt-23 B Golden Mile Galleria04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 53 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiPrime Residence 1, Al Warsan First04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 54 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiGfr04, Ground Floor Dubai Creek Residence South Po04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 56 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. B1-S1, Ground Floor, Al Safa Park Complex, Dubai, Uae.04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 58 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. 29, Vida The Hills Podium, Al Thanyah Third Dubai.04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 59DubaiG075B, The Circle Mall Jumeirah Village Circle Jumeirah04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 64DubaiAl Rayyana Center Al Rayyana Khalifa City04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 65DubaiShop No: 04 Gf Liwan Mall Liwan04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 68 Br Of Life Pharamcy LlcDubaiShop 02, Nesto Hypermarket Burj Nahar Mall Deira04-4566737
Life Pharmacy 69 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop 4-8 R&S Building Al Warqa04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 7 Llc-LifeDubaiAl Furqan South Unit # Frjp-R-24 Dubai04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 70DubaiShop No: 06 & 07, Ground Floor Ground Floor, Gmm Tower Jumeirah Village Circle04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 71DubaiRm 02 Milano Giovanni Boutique Suite Al Barsha South Fourth04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 72DubaiShop 29, 30 & 31 Avenue Mall Nad Al Shiba04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 73DubaiShop 5 Princess Tower Dubai Marisa Marsa04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 74DubaiShop No. 3 Elite Residence Dubai Marina04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 76DubaiShop Gf 05, Plot 124-523 Al Faraa Building Al Rigga04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 77DubaiShop 3-5 Plot 333-396 Manila Mall Beljafla Al Satwa04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 78DubaiShop 1 Souk Al Kabeer Bldg Plot No: 312-1040 Al Fahidi04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 79DubaiShop 3, Al Zarooni Bldg. Opposite Burjuman Center Al Karama04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 8 Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. F11H First Floor Mall Of Emirates04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 80DubaiShop 5 Dolphin Hotel Apt. Khalid Bin Waleed Rd04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 81DubaiShop R30 Plot 11 Fox Hill 5 New Motor City04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 82Dubai10C Bldg. Street 4 District 18 Jumeirah Village Circle04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 83DubaiUnit1&2 Plot 4 One Deira Plaza Deira Enrichment Project Al Khaleej St.04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 84DubaiUnit 2 Plot 1 Osha Bldg 1 Deira Enrichment Project Deira Al Sabkha04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 85DubaiUnit 02 Amsa 2 Jumeirah Village Circle Al Basha South 404-5610000
Life Pharmacy 87DubaiGf Cafe 1 The Arch Mall Nad Al Shiba 304-5610000
Life Pharmacy 88DubaiAndalusia Mall Marjan Marjan04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 94DubaiShop 3 Plot 362-1068 M Saeed Rashid Al Tayer Bldg. Umm Suquim 204-5610000
Life Pharmacy 95DubaiShop 9-10 Turtle Avenue Dubai Land Residence Complex04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 96DubaiShop 29, 30 &31 Geepas Commercial Center Al Warsan04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 97DubaiShop No. 13 Water Edge Business Bay04-5610000
Life Pharmacy 98DubaiAl Bukhash Bldg Rolla Street Al Raffa04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Barsha Heights Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No :8 Alshaibatower Barsha Heights ( Tecom)04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Br 86DubaiShop 1 Nesto Hypermarket Al Nahda 204-5610000
Life Pharmacy Br Lamcy-LifeDubaiUnit 134, Next To Icare Clinic Lamcy Plaza04-3966711
Life Pharmacy Damascus Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No.1 Alkabaylcentr Al Qusais 2 Bldng.04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Dfc Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. - Rc-021 Firstfloor Dubai Festival City04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Dip 2 Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiUnit No.6 Ramla Mall Dip04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Dusseldorf Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No. 4 Dusseldorfbsp Al Barsha-104-5610000
Life Pharmacy Dwtc Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No: R0202 Concourse1 Dubai World Trade Centre04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Fz-LlcDubaiUnit No. 09Ri, Build. No. 64 District 1, Block D, Ground Fl Dhcc04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Hills-LifeDubaiUnit No. Th-Gf-R29 Ground Floor The Hills04-5610000
DubaiUnit No.R29 Gf The Hills The Hills04-5610000
Life Pharmacy I B M 2 Br Of Life PharmacDubaiUnit No.Ibs-Gf-54 & Ibs-Gf-54A Court-S Ibn Battuta Mall04-5610000
Life Pharmacy I B M Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiUnit No. Ibs-Gf-078 Persia Court Ibn Battuta Mall04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Jvt 2 Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiShop No. R01 Nxt Triangle Supermarket Jvt04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Llc Branch-LifeDubaiShop # 1, Clover Bay Tower Business Bay Dubai04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Llc DmccDubaiGr02 Fortune Tower Jumeirah Lake Towers04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Llc Dmcc BrDubaiG11, Dubai Gate 1 Jumeirah Lakes Towers04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Marina Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiGround Floor Dec Dubai Marina Tower 2, Choitrams04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Marina Walk Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. Ga2 Groundfloor Dubai Marina Towers Retail04-5610000
Life Pharmacy N K Mall Br Of Life PharmaDubaiUnit No. Nkm-B-1010 Nkm-B-1011 Nakheel Mall04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Silicon CentralDubaiUnit A0005 Silicon Oasis Central Mall Dubai Silicon Oasis04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Village Mall Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No: 24 & 25 Thevillagemal Jumeirah First04-5610000
Life Plus Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiBehind Burjuman Near Families Super Market Bank Street Bank Street04-3513334
Life Rose Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop 10, E07 Bldg, Plot 67, China Cluster International City04-5521395
Life Silicon Pharmacy LlcDubaiShowroom G01, Palace Tower T1 , Opposite Choithram Supermarket , Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Uae04-5610000
Life Trident Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop # R01 Near Marina Hotel Appartment, Next To Blue Mart Supermarket,Marina Scape Tower04-5531092
Life Two Pharmacy Llc Br-LifeDubaiShop # G84 & G85, Bay Avenue Next To Whsmith Business Bay04-5520750
Life Two Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiAl Kawakeb Bldg A, 1St Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road04-3550057
Life Vision Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiShop G+1, Vision Tower, Business Bay, Dubai Dubai04-5543244
Live Care PharmacyDubaiGround Floor,Shoppers 13Th Street Free Right Turn Before Parco R04-8845562
Liverpool PharmacyDubaiAmin Falaknaz Bldg Khalid Bin Waleed Rd Al Raffa04-3379541
Liwa Pharmacy L.L.C -LifeDubaiVictoria Residence Mankhool04-3558898
Lotus Pharmacy LlcDubaiSaif Ali Rashid Buldg Near Kamat Resturant,Damascuss Al Qusais 104-3433134
Lulu Barsha Pharmacy LlcDubaiMall Of Emirates Lulu Hypermarket Al Barsha04-2848295
Lulu Centre Pharmacy (Lulu)DubaiLulu Hypermarket Qusais04-2988616
Lulu Karama Pharmacy Llc (Docib Grp)DubaiLulu Hypermarket Bldg Karama Al Karama04-3369971
Luqman PharmacyDubaiNr.Emirates Bank Satwa Main Road Satwa,Bur Dubai04-3312654
Madinat Al Qouz Pharmacy LlcDubaiFarnek Bulding Shop No : 3- Back Of Al Khailm Al Qouz Industrial Area04-3388522
Manchester Community Pharmacy (Chs)DubaiShop No.2 Manchester Tower 1 Opposite To Al Rahim Mosque Dubai Marina04-3957205
Mansion Pharmacy-LifeDubaiMarina Mansion Tower,Next To Marina Mall Dubai Marina Dubai Marina04-4537262
Marina Al Jumaira PharmacyDubaiEmirates Co-Op,Near Choueifat Umm Sequim Jumeriah,Bur Dubai04-3486700
Marina Care Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiIranian Hospital Old Bldg Satwa04-3466889
Marina Greens PharmacyDubaiChoitram Supermarket The Greens Bur Dubai04-3663150
Marina Life Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiMarina Height Tower Near To Ci Dubai Marina Dubai Marina04-4202447
Marina Pharmacy (L.L.C)DubaiPaloma Bldg. Jumeirah Beach Residence04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy (L.L.C) Marina Ph SouthDubaiOm Souqiem Road. B005 South My City Center Al Barsha04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Almustaqbal (Marina Ph)DubaiB# 5, Valeant Clinic Al Wasl Street04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Borj Station L.L.CDubaiBurj Khalifa Metro Station04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Care 3(Marina)DubaiAl Wasl Road Near To Iranian Hosp04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Care 5(Marinaph)DubaiAl Asayel St Near Iranian Hsptl04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Care Two(Marina)DubaiIranian Hospital New Bldg Satwa04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Care1 (Marina)DubaiAl Wasl Road Near Iranian Hsptl04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy City Center Station LlcDubaiDeira City Center Metro Statio04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy City Walk(Marinaph)DubaiAl Albaany St Next To Sh Zaid Road City Walk Phase 204-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Gate (Branch Of Marina PDubaiThe Gate Bldg Al Shaiba Towers, Shop No. 15 Al Barsha04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Golden Mile OneDubaiGolden Mile One Bldg Goiden Mile Souq Palm Jumeirah04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Golden Mile Two(Marina)DubaiGolden Mile Two Bldg Goiden Mile Souq Palm Jumeirah04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Old Town (L.L.C)DubaiSouk Al Bahar Store No Ff 052, Ground Floor Old Town, Down Town04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Palm FzcoDubaiPjsb Clubhouse 03 G02 Ground Floor Palm Jumeirah Shoreline04-3466889
Marina Pharmacy Shorooq(Marinaph)DubaiShop #: G07 Mirdiff04-3466889
Marina Star Pharmacy (L.L.C) Marina PhDubaiDifc The Gate Building Difc04-3466889
Marina View Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiMarina Heights Bldg Dubai Marina Dubai04-4479780
Marsa Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiShop #7, Mag 218 Dubai Marina Dubai04-4298431
Mas Life Pharmacy Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiUnit No. P1-08-1 Marsaalseef Dubai - Uae04-5610000
Meadows Life Pharmacy Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No. 5&6 Bldg No: Zen 2-020, Plot 169 Discovery Gardens04-5610000
Med Save Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiAl Barajeel Complex,Union Bank 47Th Street Mirdif04-2847600
Med X PharmacyDubaiAl Rebat Street, Nad Al Hamar Nad Al Hamar04-2854641
Medcare Medical Centre Pharmacy BarshaDubaiUnit 15 Union Coop Al Basha South Mall 58 Th Al Barsha South04-3254383
Medi Link PharmacyDubaiShop B14, Gr Flr, Village Communiy Centre Arabian Ranches04-3618218
Medi Prime Al Mizhar PharmacyDubaiMirdif City Centre Mirdif City Centre Mirdif04-2845522
Medi Prime PharmacyDubaiSheik Saud Building Opposite R Salahuddin Road Abu Hail,Deira04-2720720
Medi Prime Pharmacy Al QusaisDubaiInside Al Qusais Plaza Damascus Street Al Qusais04-6079876
Medi Prime Pharmacy Al WarqaDubaiAl Warqa City Mall Tipoli Street Al Warqa04-7070999
Medi Prime Pharmacy Jumeirah Branch L.L.DubaiAl Ferdous 1 Al Wasl Road Al Safa04-7070999
Medi Prime Pharmacy Motor City LlcDubai. . Motor City04-7070999
Medi Prime Pharmacy Reef MallDubai3Rd Floor, Reef Mall Near Babyshop, Opp: Gold'S Gym Salahuddin, Deira04-2720720
Medica Zone PharmacyDubaiVilla No. 18 Al Wasl Rd. Al Wasl Rd.04-3383100
Medicina 1 PharmacyDubaiSouq Al Wasl District Al Maktoum Hospital Road Bur Dubai04-2943248
Medicina 6 PharmacyDubaiGrnd Al Attar Business Center Near Ibis Hotel Shk Zayed Rd Al Barsha 104-3993370
Medicina Al Fahidi PharmacyDubaiShop No. G85 Nxt To Al Ansari Al Fahidi Area Bur Dubai04-3550552
Medicina Beach Road PharmacyDubaiBeach Road, Surf Cafe Building Jumeirah04-3214347
Medicina First PharmacyDubaiNear Barracuda Restaurant Beach Road Jumeirah04-3471266
Medicina Pharmacy 10DubaiDubai Science Park Al Barsha South04-4285505
Medicina Pharmacy 11DubaiBuilding 40 Dhcc04-4547696
Medicina Pharmacy 12DubaiDubai International Academic C All Day Shoping Centre04-4543123
Medicina Pharmacy 13DubaiMirdif 35, Al Khawaneej Road04-3214347
Medicina Pharmacy 14DubaiRegal Tower Saada Street Business Bay04-4425538
Medicina Pharmacy 15DubaiHessa Road Al Barsha1 Al Barsha04-8875072
Medicina Pharmacy 16DubaiPark Centre Mirdiff04-3456556
Medicina Pharmacy 18DubaiShop G1 Warqa Mall Al Warqa Sourt Al Warqa04-2710587
Medicina Pharmacy 19DubaiLevel 14 The Gate Building Difc04-5786945
Medicina Pharmacy 2DubaiMedicina Nad Al Hamar Avenues Nad Mall04-2898201
Medicina Pharmacy 3DubaiMedicina 3 The Mall,Jumeirah Road Dubai04-3219943
Medicina Pharmacy 39DubaiShop No. R5 Uptown Mirdif Reta Mirdiff04-2883898
Medicina Pharmacy 4DubaiAl Majarah Tower Dubai Marina Walk04-4563304
Medicina Pharmacy 5DubaiSheikh Zayed Road Al Barsha 1 Grand Midwest View Hotel Stree04-3794954
Medicina Pharmacy 7DubaiAl Khaleej Centre Al Mankhool Road Bur Dubai04-3526633
Medicina Pharmacy 8DubaiNear Mass Supermarket Al Warqaa 104-3794954
Medicina Pharmacy 9DubaiWasl Stadium Oud Metha Road04-3313152
Medicina Pharmacy Branch 17DubaiNova Building Dubai Silicon Oasis04-3450503
Medicina Pharmacy-DxbDubaiInternational House Opposite Marina Home Hessa Road, Al Barsha 204-3237202
Medicine Shoppe Micro Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiBeside Mall Of Emirates Behind Saratoga Bldg, Shop #15 Barsha 104-3237939
Mediclinic Al Sufouh PharmacyDubaiBlock 10,Next To Welcare Hosp Sufouh Road Dubai Knowledge Village04-3661030
Mediclinic Deira Clinic Br Of MediclinicDubaiDeira City Centre Gnd &3Rd Flr Citycentre Office Near Pullman Hotel, Deira04-2052777
Mediclinic Dubai Mall PharmacyDubaiLevel 2, Parking 3 Dubai Mall Downtown Dubai04-4495162
Mediclinic Ibn Battuta PharmacyDubaiChina Court F142 Shop Ibn Battuta Mall Discovery Gardens04-4409000
Medicom 5(Emirates Coop Phar)(Aster)DubaiEmirates Co-Op Society Tuwar Street Qusais,Deira04-2649929
Medicom Ph 10 (Al Saba Phar)(Aster)DubaiNear Uptown Mall Al Khaja Real Estate Uptown Mirdif,Deira04-2885995
Medicom Ph 11 (New Flame Phar)(Aster)DubaiNearby Eppco Petrol Pump Oppos Tuwar Street Qusais,Deira04-2611551
Medicom Ph 12 (Dubai Century)(Aster)DubaiBehind Bin Souqat Centre Rashidiya Deira04-2859110
Medicom Ph 13 (Home Phar)(Aster)DubaiOpp. Karama Centre Opp. Al Attar Shopping Mall Karama,Bur Dubai04-3977739
Medicom Ph 2 (Al Wasl Phar)(Aster)DubaiMercato Centre Jumeirah Beach Road Jumeirah 2,Bur Dubai04-3448333
Medicom Ph 6 (Mazaya Phar)(Aster)DubaiMazaya Centre Sheikh Zayed Road Bur Dubai04-3435522
Medicom Ph 8 (Century Mall)(Aster)DubaiCentury Mall Wuheida Street Hamriya,Deira04-2965040
Medicom Ph 9 (Qemma Phar)(Aster)DubaiOpp.Al Qusai Police Staion Qusais Bur Dubai04-2640818
Medicom Ph7 (Al Shoala -Flame )(Aster)DubaiAl Mizhar Mall Ground Floor, B Mizhar Ii Deira04-2876804
Medicom Pharmacy (Pharabi Phar)(Aster)DubaiZarwani Building Gold Market Deira04-2264844
Medicom Pharmacy 1 (Jameya Phar)(Aster)DubaiNr.Co-Op Society Tuwar Street Qusais,Deira04-2633677
Medicom Pharmacy 15DubaiAl Fahad Plaza Building Rigga Street Sabkha04-2297670
Medicom Pharmacy 16DubaiNear Sabkha Bus Station Al Buteena04-2263614
Medicom Pharmacy 33 LlcDubaiNear Al Saqa Plaza Supermarket04-2733237
Medicom Pharmacy 34DubaiCloud 8 Bldg, Near Al Nahda Metro Station04-2544001
Medicom Pharmacy 4 (Town Phar)(Aster)DubaiTown Centre Juemirah Beach Road Jumeirah,Bur Dubai04-3440077
Medicom14 (New Home Ph) (Aster)(Moopens)DubaiMadina Mall Madina Mall Qusais04-2558733
Medicure Pharmacy (Dso)DubaiGrnd Floor Near Choitram Dubai Silicon Oasis04-3793931
Medicure Pharmacy Branch-MankhoolDubaiGrnd Floor Street 2 Mankhool04-3984866
Medicure Pharmacy-Branch (Qusais)DubaiGround Floor Damascus Street Qusais04-2216595
Medilife Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop #1, Choithram Bldg Plot B/1416, Opp: Safa Park Al Wasl04-3237223
Medilove Pharmacy DwcDubaiR 7-8 Sakay Retails Dubai Logistics City Dubai South052-5011365
Mediprime Pharmacy Barsha Heights BrDubaiThe Onyx Tower 1 Ground Floor Sheikh Zayed Road04-7070999
Mediprime Pharmacy RtaDubaiBlock C, Ground Floor Rta Headquarters, Um Ramool04-2720720
Medshop Garden Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiZen Building Near Chelsea Garden Hotel Discovery Gardens Discovery Gardens04-4329596
Medze Pharmacy (Br Of Medze Healthcare LDubaiSunshine 2 Bldg Gr Flr Al Ghurair Center. Oma Deira04-2223393
Mercato Family PharmacyDubaiMercato Shopingmall Jumeirahroad Jumeirah04-3584401
Mezhar Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiEmirates Co-Operative Society Mezhar Ii04-2571177
Mirdif PharmacyDubaiNr. Abu Hanifa Mosque Algeria Street Mirdif,Deira04-2885481
Modern Bin Sina Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiAl Diyafa Building 2Nd December Street Diyafah,Bur Dubai04-3986026
Modern Family PharmacyDubaiUmm Hurair Building Opp To Civ Zaabeel Road Karama,Bur Dubai04-3885633
Modern Life Pharmacy-LifeDubaiBehind Uae Exchange Inside Vegetables And Fruits Market Aweer050-5589967
Modern Medi Prime PharmacyDubaiIbri House Building Next To Nissan Showroom Sheikh Zayed Road Sheikh Zayed Road04-3387387
Modern Pharmacy (Dxb)DubaiAl Maktoum Street Maktoum Street Deira04-2223879
Mother PharmacyDubaiAbu Bakeir Siddique Road Deira04-2974329
Motor Community Pharmacy (Chs)DubaiAl Arab Resto Motor City Ground Floor Green Community04-4541527
Muhaisna Star Pharmacy (Avivo)DubaiSulthan Muhaisna Old Muhaisna 2 Old Muhaisna 204-2644034
Multi Care Pharmacy LlcDubaiAlhghailgate Community Latifabinstreet Al Quoz Residential04-4245863
Murshid Pharmacy -LifeDubaiMurshid Bazar Market Bank Iran Street Deira04-2252774
Musalah Al Quoze Pharmacy (Al Khail)DubaiAl Quoz 4 Al Khail Mall Al Quoz04-3285928
Musalla Sonapur Pharmacy (Musalla)DubaiShaklan Supermarket Building Muhaisna-2 St. Sonapoor04-2544461
Musalla Tower Pharmacy (Musalla)DubaiMusalla Tower Mall Musalla Road Al Hamriya,Bur Dubai04-3964118
Mvr PharmacyDubaiFlora Inn Hotel Bldg Shop # 1, Ground Floor Al Garhoud04-2327111
Nad Shamma Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No:3 Oldkadooliblg Near Fire Station04-2514107
Naeem PharmacyDubaiRajadhani Rest Nakheel Street Naif,Deira04-2212310
Nahda Al Naseem Pharmacy LlcDubaiGround Floor Al Nahda Building, Baghadad St Al Nahda04-3859219
Nahdi Pharmacy Br 1 Dubai HillsDubaiPark Heights 2 Dubai Hills Estate Dubai Hills050-4548628
Nahdi Pharmacy Br 2DubaiGhalia Tower Shop 16 Al Barsha South Al Barsha 4050-2825807
Nahdi Pharmacy Br 3DubaiShop 161 Dubai Hills Mall Dubai Hills Estate050-1988079
Nahdi Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop E35 2Nd Floor Nakheel Mall Palm Jumeirah04-3368400
Nahdi Pharmacy- Al WaslDubaiUnion Coop Al Wasl Road Jumeirah 1054-9961652
Nahdi Pharmacy- PalmDubaiShop 035 Nakheel Mall The Palm Palm Jumeirah052-2054189
Najma Al Musallah Pharmacy L L CDubaiOberoi Properties Shop No. 1 Ground Floor, Al Waha Street Al Qouz 304-3381967
Najmat Al Shams Pharmacy LlcDubaiGrnd Flr Near Abidos Hotel Apartment Du Dubai Land04-2544123
Nakheel Pharmacy Fz-LlcDubaiNo.26 Al Baker Building Next T Oud Metha Road Dhcc04-4370530
Nature'S Life Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiOpp. Emirates Nbd Wasl Road Jumeirah04-3441122
New Advanced Care Pharmacy LlcDubaiSeihshoweb 4 Labour City 2 Dubai Industrail Area04-3807807
New Al Hadiga Pharmacy-LifeDubaiWasl Square Building Hadiqa Street Jumeirah04-3791553
New Al Kanz Pharmacy Br J-LifeDubaiJ2 Tower Cluster J Jlt04-3929669
New Al Kanz Pharmacy Br R-LifeDubaiShop Mag 214, Jlt Cluster R Dubai04-5521830
New Al Nahda Pharmacy-LifeDubaiLootha Bld Baghdad Street Nahda 204-2672855
New Al Qouz Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiOld Grand Mall Building Nr. Dr Qouz 1 Bur Dubai04-3385854
New Al Shifa Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiNr Dragon Mar Building No. V-2 Internation City International City04-4227474
New Al Suwaidi Pharmacy LlcDubaiNaema Ali Buamim Building Near Al Satwa Round About Satwa04-3859219
New Better Life Pharmacy-KmcDubaiNext Al Karma Medical Center Industrial Area 3 Qouz 104-3466097
New Bin Sina Ph, Dhcc (Alphamed)DubaiHmc Building # C/P 55 Oud Metha Road Dhcc04-4298242
New Cosmopolitan PharmacyDubaiNear Nasser Masjid Al Nakhal Road Deira04-2293561
New Doha Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiNear Crown Plaza, Nbd Building Sheikh Zayed Road Sheikh Zayed Road04-3328385
New Grand 1 Pharmacy-LifeDubaiMankhool Bldg Khalid Bin Walid St Bur Dubai04-3518474
New Grand Murqabat Pharmacy-LifeDubaiAl Muraqabat Building Muraqabat Street Muraqqabat04-2552275
New Health Sign Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiShop #2, Bookash Building Near Astoria Hotel Burdubai04-3208755
New Ibn Sina Pharmacy (Alphamed)DubaiDeira City Center Baniyas Street Port Saeed,Deira04-8105493
New Mamzar Pharmacy -LifeDubaiNr. Al Mahab School Century Shopping Mall Bldg Mamzar Area04-2967710
New Mankhool Pharmacy (Jupiter)DubaiVilla 108 Khalid Bin Walid Street Khalid Bin Walid Street04-3858580
New Mazaya Pharmacy-LifeDubaiMazaya Center Sheikh Zayed Road04-3284862
New Medi Prime PharmacyDubai3Rd Floor Burjuman Center Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road04-3979636
New Medicina PharmacyDubaiApi 1000 Al Wasl Road04-3853313
New Medilife Pharmacy LlcDubaiBuilding Material Market Al Warsan Grnd Floor Ras Al Khor04-2888315
New Motor City Pharmacy-LifeDubaiBlock B Uptown Motor City Motor City04-4474022
New Planet Pharmacy South Ridge-JulpharDubaiNear Burj Khalifa And Dubai Mall South Ridge Tower 1 Down Town04-4329158
New Rashed PharmacyDubaiRashid Hospital , Shop No. 5 Oud Medha Dubai Oud Medha04-3338796
New Salahaldin Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop# G-3 Al Waha Mosque-Rs Dubai Silicon Oasis04-3335822
New Sanaiya Pharmacy (Sanaiya)DubaiMuhaisnah 2, Sonapur Al Abbar Complex Nxt To Madina Supermarket04-2648202
New Silicon Pharmacy Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiRetail 01 Le Presidium Tower Silicon Oasis04-3204410
New Smile Pharmacy Al QouzDubaiAlawqaf Building 1 Khail Gate Qouz04-3381330
New Spring Pharmacy (Br Of Life Pharmacy Llc)DubaiUnit No. Nspv-Ff-26 The New Spring Village04-5610000
New Supercare Pharmacy- Media CityDubaiNr. Nakheel Metro Station And Cnbc Bldg #7 Media City,Bur Dubai04-3902445
Nice Life Pharmacy(Br Of Aster PharmacDubaiGround Floor, Shop No:Ag 12, Al Hudaiba Awar Jumeirah 104-5467076
Nile Pharmacy LlcDubaiAl Shaab Colony,Beside Al Shaab Supermarket Hor Al Anz04-2660132
Nmc Dic Clinic An Pharmacy Br-Al WarsanDubaiGround Floor China Cluster Al Warsan04-8108808
Noof Pharmacy (Madinah)DubaiMushairah Howaidan Bldg Below Sara Clinic Mushairah04-8522988
Noor Al Ahalia PharmacyDubaiG-01, Ground Floor / Al Littihad Road, Al Mulla Plaza Signal Mamzar Centre04-2526880
Noor Al Iman Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop #1, Plot # 356-257 Jumeirah 3 Sheikh Zayed Road04-3861263
Noor Al Mamzar Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop # 18, Ab Plaza 1 Near Canadian Specialist Hosp Al Mamzar04-2669299
Noor Al Shefaa Pharmacy-LifeDubaiOpp: Naif Park Naif Road Deira04-2396897
Noor Almadina Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiFnc Camp Building No: 101, Ground Floor Al Quoz 304-3306606
Nova Advanced Care Pharmacy LlcDubaiShaklan Hypermarket Bldng 32A Street Muhaisnah 204-3807807
Novitas PharmacyDubaiGs4, Prime Residence Ii International City04-5693389
Novo Pharmacy BranchDubaiGallaria Shoping Mall, Hayat Deira04-2391516
Novo Pharmacy Llc MurraqabatDubaiAl Bafta Grand Deira, G-Floor,Al Muraqabat Deira04-5474214
Novo Pharmacy Llc(Novo)DubaiShop 2, Ground Floor, Maysoon Building Oud Metha04-2517434
Novomed Pharmacy LlcDubaiAl Yahoom Street Ground Gloor Marina Plaza04-5576235
Oasis Life Pharmacy-LifeDubaiDubai Residential Oasis Attached Welcare Dubai Residentioasis Qusais04-2586774
Oasis Pharmacy LlcDubaiBlock -A Worldtrhotel Opposite Metro Station04-3313391
Oman PharmacyDubaiAl Budoor Bldng Baniyas Square Baniyas04-2222071
Orbit Star Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop ¿ 5 -Al Attar Business Av Near Muhaisnah Madina Mal Al Barsha04-2348918
Our Life Guard Pharmacy LlcDubai05 Gf Suhail Salem Saeed Storage 70 Street Jebal Ali056-1619127
Outlet By Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiBelselah Bldg Next To Marina Furniture04-3413745
Palace Pharmacy (Luqman Grp)DubaiAbu Hail Street Hor Al Anz, Hadeer Supermarket Deirah04-2690606
Palm Strip Pharmacy - Jumeirah -LifeDubaiOpp. Jumeira Grand Mosque Jumeira Beach Road, Dubai Palm Strip Mall Ground F Jumeirah04-3862335
Panacea Pharmacy AsterDubaiMadinat Al Jumeira Jumeirah Beach Road Bur Dubai04-3686123
Panacea Pharmacy Reef (Aster)DubaiReef Mall Nr To Ansar Gallery Salah Al Din Road Deira04-2239805
Panorama Rx Pharmacy (Imara)DubaiPanorama Building Next To Regent Intl School Al Thanyah 304-4557256
Paradise Plus Pharmacy LlcDubaiRitaj Community Centre 1St F Alyalais Street Dubia Investment Park 204-8848270
Park Better Life Pharmacy-KmcDubaiPark Shopping Center Rta Bus Terminals Street Dip04-8858574
Pharma Choice Pharmacy Br2DubaiBuilding 55 Sulaiman Hospital Dhcc04-4297777
Pharma One Pharmacy Dxb (Bait Al Maqdes)DubaiFathima Bldg. Close To Eppco Petrol Stn Beirut St., Muhaisna 404-2631107
Pharma Zone Pharmacy Dip L L CDubaiSouq Extra Mall Opp. Al Maya Supermarket Dip04-8800001
Pharmachoice Pharmacy -Br Sulaiman HabibDubaiBuilding No. 57 Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospita Dubai Healthcare City04-4297777
Pharmachoice Pharmacy Owned By Dr SulaimDubaiIndigo Central 1 Plot 357-0709 Al Safa 2,Sheikh Zayed Road04-5813333
Pic Pax Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiAl Ghurair Center, Al Rigga Road, Deira, Dubai04-4197225
Premier Pharmacy-LifeDubaiHamarain Center Hamarain Center Deira04-2699215
Primacare Pharmacy (Primacare)DubaiMusalla Tower Bank St Khalid Bin Al Walid Al Hamriya, Bur Dubai04-3705080
Primecorp Medical Center Al Warsan PhDubaiDubai Muncipality Labour Accomadation Al Warsan 304-7070999
Pristine Pharmacy-LifeDubaiNr. Mediclinic City Hospital And Dhcc Metro Station Wafi Mall Ground Floor Dhcc04-3852248
Raheq Alazhar Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiXpo Mall Madinat Hypermarket Apt 10 Mall Jebel Ali Industrial Area06-7432292
Rak Pharmacy LlcDubaiVilla 1165 Rak Pharmacy Bldg Next To Enoc Petrol Stn Al Wasl Rd, Jumeirah04-3805080
Rals PharmacyDubaiBin Shabib Mall Gf Opp Mohre Baghdad Street Al Qusais 104-2102900
Ramada Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiNear Hotel Ramada Fahidi Street Fahidi Street04-3528104
Ramada PharmacyDubaiHor Al Naz No.4 Abuhail Hor Al Anz East04-2661842
Rand Pharmacy (Zahra Dxb)DubaiAl Safaa Tower Near Al Moosa T Sheikh Zayed Road Sheikh Zayed Road04-3315780
Rashid Pharmacy - Aster(Moopens)DubaiNear Guest Line Hotel Rigga Road Rigga04-2211739
Real 10 Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop 1, Elite Bldg, Opp: Lulu Hypermarket Al Barsha04-3479744
Real 3 Pharmacy-LifeDubaiHamariah Palace 2 Umm Hurair Bur Dubai04-3575446
Real 4 Pharmacy-LifeDubai483, Shop 3, Escape Tower, Near Business Bay Metro Business Bay04-3881558;
Real 5 Pharmacy-LifeDubaiNext To Carrefour Express Aman Road Al Nadha04-2577545
Real 6 Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop # 1, Al Salaam Tower Sheikh Zayed Road Chelsea04-3529988
Real 7 Pharmacy Dmcc Branch(Life)DubaiShop Pl-7, Lake Terrace Cluster D Jumeirah Lakes Tower04-5610000
Real 7 Pharmacy Jlt Br-LifeDubaiUnit # Gs03, Plot # Jlt Phase 1-A3 Lake Side Res Tower Jlt, Dubai04-5516506
Real 7 Pharmacy-LifeDubaiGround Floor, E3, Sabah Tower1 Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai04-4391776
Real One Pharmacy-LifeDubaiAl Balooch Building Rafah Street Rafah Street04-3887704
Relief PharmacyDubaiOpp Futtaim Mosq Haj Murar Naif Road Naif,Deira04-2285462
Right Health PharmacyDubaiShop No. 1 & 2 Back Of Bonanza Near Burjuman Metro Stn04-3488818
Right Health Pharmacy LlcDubaiGf Sumaiyah Ahmad Yousuf Mohamad Bldg. Muhaisanah 2050-7754630
Riviera Life Pharmacy-LifeDubaiRiviera Dreams Bldg Cbd Cluster International City04-4564220
Rock Star Pharmacy (Noor Phy)DubaiFlat 10&11, Ya Creek Hotel Near Rta Parking, Bur Dubai Deira04-2348277
Roken Alkhalej Pharmacy-JulpharDubaiExecutive Tower Business Bay04-4587004
Rotana Pharmacy LlcDubaiGround Flr Al Murr Saeed Hor Al Anz04-2387546
Royal Grand Pharmacy-LifeDubaiShop No10 Block P 13,France Cl Internation City International City04-4474078
Royal Life Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiMankhool Towers Mankhool Street Mankhool04-3529229
Royal Marina Pharmacy-LifeDubaiOpp Le Royal Meridien Hotel Dubai Marina Dubai Marina04-4579134
Royal Memzar Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiAl Mamzar Center Ground Floor Opp. Al Mullah Plaza Mamzar04-2659552
Royal Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiOpp. Hotel Ascot Khalid Bin Waleed Road Khalid Bin Waleed Road04-3522426
Royal Ruby PharmacyDubaiInsideakmart Dip4-3791311
Ruby Pharmacy (Sanaiya)DubaiDubai International City Grnd Flr Dragonmart China Cluster H604-4226899
Rx Pharmacy (Imara)DubaiAbdul Waheed Fikree Building Al Ghubaiba Bus Station Burdubai04-3555129
Rxnow PharmacyDubaiShop 12 1St Floor The Wings Bldg. Al Barsha South 3Rd Arjan04-5820999
S Z R Life Pharmacy Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiShowroom No. 2 Al Kawakeb Sheikh Zayed Road04-5610000
Safa Society Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiUnion Co-Op Building Wasl Road Safa04-3946618
Safe Way PharmacyDubaiAl Khalil Street, Jumeirah Village Circle Dubai Jumeirah Village Circle04-3638598
Sahara Star Pharmacy (Novo)DubaiHamriya Shopping Centre Ground Floor Abu Hail Road,Abu Hail06-5244660
Salah Aldin Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiAbu Hail Salah Din Road Abu Hail04-2728233
Samari Rx Pharmacy (Imara)DubaiSamari Retail Mall Next To Samari Residence Oman/Hatta Road, Ras Al Khor04-3330538
Samary PharmacyDubaiJebal Ali Industrial Area Near To Jebal Ali Mall Jebal Ali04-8878011
Samary Pharmacy Branch LlcDubaiJafza Mall Jafza Mall,Jebal Ali04-44817530
Samer Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiSheik Hamdan Colony Building Karama04-3971909
Sands Community Pharmacy (Chs)DubaiEmirates Crown Tower 1 Near Marriot Hotel Dubai Marina04-4243520
Sanjeevani PharmacyDubaiFlat 5 Gf Meena Bldg, Mussalla Road Al Fahidi04-3862999
Sara Pharmacy-Aster GrpDubaiNr.Spinneys Trade Centre Road Trade Centre,Bur Dubai04-3593330
Scientific Pharmacy (Julphar Grp Of Phy)DubaiOasis Hotel Dubai Marina Dubai Marina04-3999020
Seha Pharmacy LlcDubai#9, Wasl Onyx Bldg, Near Options Furniture Center Umm Hurair 104-3977769
Shefaa Al Madeena PharmacyDubaiShop 2, Near Mall Of Emirates Al Telal 11 Al Barsha 104-3475988
Shohob PharmacyDubaiAl Soor Road Al Soor Street Al Ras04-2255556
Smile Pharmacy (Dr. Ismail)DubaiAlawqaf Building 1 Sonapur Street Qusais04-2646529
Soukare Pharmacy LlcDubaiR2 Gf Damac Xl Tower Ubora Towers Marasi Drive Business Bay04-5750835
Stars PharmacyDubaiMushaba Ahmed Al Kahiji Buildi Somali Masjid Street Furj Murar,Deira04-2727223
Stay Well Pharmacy ( Br Of United MedicaDubai1St Floor Galleria Mall Al Barsha 204-5261228
Staywell Pharmacy JumeirahDubaiAmerican Hosp Clinic Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Jumeirah04-3773869
Staywell Pharmacy Souk AlkabeerDubaiAl Mulla Building 2 Souk Al Kabeer Meena Bazar04-3273122
Super Care Pharmacy Abu HailDubaiShop# 04, Ground Floor Union Coop Abu Hail04-3504500
Super Care Pharmacy Al BarshaDubaiShop 7 And 8 23Rd Street Al Barsha South04-3504500
Super Care Pharmacy Br-Al Barsha 3DubaiShop# G09 & G10 Union Co-Operative Hessa St. Al Barsha 304-3504500
Super Care Pharmacy Dubai MarinaDubaiShop# 03, Ground Floor Diamond 6A Building (Marsa) Dubai Marina04-3504500
Super Care Pharmacy JbrDubaiShop# 3102B, M3-B1 Marsa Jumeirah Beach Residence04-3504500
Super Care Pharmacy Llc BranchDubaiQ1 Mall Al Warqa 1 Al Warqa04-5488857
DubaiShop# F62,1St Floor Al Ghurair Mall Deira04-5488857
Super Care Pharmacy Llc Dubai MarinaDubaiShop# 2, Liv Residence Building Dubai Marina04-3504679
Super Care Pharmacy MirdifDubaiMirdif City Center Mirdif City Center Mirdif04-2839171
Super Care Pharmacy SzrDubaiShop 1 Aa Tower Bldg.Sheik Zayed Rd Trade Center 104-3504500
Super Care Pharmacy Wadi Al SafaDubaiShop# 14, Serena Market Serena Community Wadi Al Safa 704-5488819
Super Life Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiUnit No. Gf 32 New Meadows Village The Meadows04-3608800
Supercare Emirates PharmacyDubaiMall Of Emirates Sheikh Zayed Road Barsha,Bur Dubai04-3410871
Supercare Gardens PharmacyDubaiIbn Batuta Mall Persian Court Discovery Gardens Bur Dubai04-3669800
Supercare Jumeirah (Khayyam)PharmacyDubaiMagrudy'S Shopping Mall Jumeirah Beach Road Jumeirah,Bur Dubai04-3445246
Supercare Mankhool PharmacyDubaiNashwan Building Mankhool Road Bur Dubai04-3989092
Supercare PharmacyDubaiSafa Centre Next To Park N Sho Wasl Road Safa,Bur Dubai04-3943595
Supercare Pharmacy 26DubaiEmaar Boulevard Downtown04-4302731
Supercare Pharmacy 28DubaiAl Badia Golf Club Dubai Festival City04-2591134
Supercare Pharmacy 29DubaiSpinneys, The Villa Mall Dubai Land04-4561672
Supercare Pharmacy 31DubaiBurj Al Najoom Downtown04-4305839
Supercare Pharmacy 33 DmccDubaiClaster-C-Gold Crest Executive Jlt04-4539683
Supercare Pharmacy 38DubaiNear Spinney'S Uptown Mirdiff Mirdiff04-3504500
Supercare Pharmacy 39DubaiLe Grande Mall Dubai Marina04-4218806
Supercare Pharmacy 43DubaiBurjuman Mall Bur Dubai04-3504500
Supercare Pharmacy 44DubaiMotor City04-3504500
Supercare Pharmacy Al ThanyaDubaiWaitrose Building Thanya04-3504500
Supercare Pharmacy Arabian PlazaDubaiArabian Plaza Mall Khawaneej Street Mirdif04-2845540
Supercare Pharmacy ArjanDubaiShop 20 The Wings Podium Bldg. Umm Suquem Road Al Barsha South 304-5911650
Supercare Pharmacy Aswaaq Umm SuqeimDubaiAswaaq Building Umm Suqeim 3 Umm Suqeim 304-3306643
Supercare Pharmacy Br Etihad MallDubaiShop 25 Etihad Mall Al Khawaneej St Al Muhaisnah 1St04-2636186
Supercare Pharmacy Br JvcDubaiShop 2 Spica Res. Jumeirah Village Circle Al Barsha South 404-4581233
Supercare Pharmacy Br RtaDubaiShop 2 Rta Bldg. Umm Hurair St. Oud Metha04-5911617
Supercare Pharmacy Dcc (Supercare Gr)DubaiDeira City Center Baniyas Street Port Saeed04-2501211
Supercare Pharmacy DipDubaiDip 1 St Dubai Investment Park04-8854323
Supercare Pharmacy DmccDubaiEmirates Hill Fortune Executive Tower Cluster T, Jlt04-5525603
Supercare Pharmacy Dubai HillsDubaiShop G-074 Dubai Hills Mall Dubai Hills Estate Dubai Hills04-2523639
Supercare Pharmacy Dubai MallDubaiDubai Mall Doha Street Down Town Dubai04-4341687
Supercare Pharmacy Festival CityDubaiBelow Ikea Dubai Festival City Bldg, Grou Al Badiya,Bur Dubai04-2325577
Supercare Pharmacy JltDubaiAl Sheraa Tower Saryat Road Jlt04-4541157
Supercare Pharmacy Llc - BranchDubaiShop# R7-R8, Inside Spinney'S, Meydan,Nad Al Shiba04-3504679
Supercare Pharmacy Llc BranchDubaiRetail# 2, 7 Tower Complex Emirates Tower 4,Dso04-3886307
Supercare Pharmacy Llc DifcDubaiShop 7 Gate Precinct Bldg. 5 Zaabeel 2 Difc04-2358003
Supercare Pharmacy Llc Festival CityDubaiShop# 112, Ground Floor Festival City04-3504679
Supercare Pharmacy Llc Me¿AisemDubaiMeaisem City Center Meaisem City Center04-5897079
Supercare Pharmacy Llc-MotorcityDubaiShop# 5, Inside Waitrose, Motorcity04-3504679
Supercare Pharmacy MarsaDubaiSilverene Marina Dubai Marina Shaikh Zayed Road Sheikh Zayed Road04-4232850
Supercare Pharmacy Mirdif 2DubaiSpinneys Mirdif Community Cent 53Rd St. Uptown Uptown Mirdif04-2858222
Supercare Pharmacy O2 Res.DubaiShop S01 O2 Residence Al Thanya 5Th Jlt04-3504500
Supercare Pharmacy Oasis CentreDubaiOasis Centre Shaikh Zayed Road Sheikh Zayed Road04-3397683
Supercare Pharmacy Sheikh Zayed RoadDubaiOasis Centre Shaikh Zayed Road Sheikh Zayed Road04-3798802
Supercare Pharmacy Silicon BranchDubaiSpinneys Cedre Shopping Centre Silicon Oasis Silicon Oasis04-3423307
Supercare Pharmacy Umm SuqeimDubaiDubai London Clinic Building Umm Suqeim Umm Suqeim04-3306144
Supercare Pharmacy Umm Suqeim 2DubaiDubai London Speciality Clinic Jumeirah Beach Road Umm Suqeim 204-2618802
Supercare Pharmacy Wadi Al Safa 7DubaiGf-02 Resident Club Bldg. Wadi Al Safa Wadi Al Safa 704-4562014
Supercare Pharmacy Wasl SqDubaiOpp/Union Cooperative Society Wasl Road Wasl04-3884060
Sustainable Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiB-1, The Sustainable City, Al Wadi Al Safa 7, Dubai04-5610000
Taj Pharmacy-LifeDubaiTaj Palace Hotel Maktoom Street Maktoom Street04-2282849
Tajmeel Royal Pharmacy LlcDubaiTajmeel Royal Clinic, Near Metropolitan Hotel, Umm Al Sheif, Sheikh Zayid Rd Po. Box. 3408504-5091020
Tariq Pharmacy-LifeDubaiAl Bustan Centre Qusais04-2635020
The Pointe Life Pharmacy Br Of Life Pharmacy LlcDubaiNext To Reel Cinemas The Pointe Palm Jumeirah04-5610000
Town Community PharmacyDubaiOpp. Carrefour Sm Wafi Mall Wafi Mall04-3547374
Town Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiNear Welcare Clinic And Spinney'S Uptown Mirdif Center Uptown Mirdif04-2848355
Town Square Life Pharmacy Br Of Life PhDubaiUnit No. 4, Ground Floor Town Square04-5610000
Tracks Community Pharmacy (Chs)DubaiUptown Motor City04-4475828
Tram Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiAl Seef Tower 1 Behind Tamani Hotel Dubai04-5586744
Umm Hurair Pharmacy-AsterDubaiUmm Hurair Building Zabeel Road Bur Dubai04-3343206
Unicare Pharmacy Llc (Umc)DubaiBurjuman Centre Khalid Bin Waleed Road Khalid Bin Waleed Road04-3599523
Unicare Star Pharmacy (Umc)DubaiWasl Properties Mankhool Road Satwa04-3868811
Union Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiMohd. Noor Younis Khadir Build Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road Bur Dubai04-3935619
Unique Care Pharmacy LlcDubaiShop No-S14, X20 England Cluster International City04-5808675
United PharmacyDubaiShop K 2 Mall Of The Emirates Al Barsha 104-5610000
United Pharmacy 2DubaiShop No. 2 Al Barsha Mall Al Barsha 104-5610000
Uptown Community Pharmacy (Chs)DubaiGrnd Flr Geant Comm. Centre Remraam Dubailand04-5135160
Uptown Pharmacy-Aster GrpDubaiMirdiff Uptown Centre Mirdiff Uptown Centre Mirdif04-2888058
Valiant Healthcare PharmacyDubaiValiant Healthcare Bl 13 Street City Walk04-3872243
Vcare Pharmacy LlcDubaiNasmah Tower Al Ittihad Road Al Nahdah 104-2654400
Village Pharmacy Noor Al Shefa GrpDubaiVillage Hypermarket Building Near West Camp, Gate No:7 Jafza Jafza04-88339904
Vita Care PharmacyDubaiAl Noor Polyclinic Bldg Al Hudhaiba Street Satwa04-3425556
Vita United PharmacyDubaiShop 54 Wasl Vita Mall Al Wasl Road Jumeirah 104-5610000
Viva Pharmacy LlcDubaiVilla No:117B Alwaslroad Al Wasl04-3231317
Warsan Life Pharmacy Br Of Life PharmacyDubaiBuilding 28 France Cluster International City04-5610000
Wecare Erx Pharmacy LlcDubaiS15 Ground Floor Hamsah A Near Ansar Gallery Khalid Bin Walled Road Karama04-8804179
West Hill PharmacyDubaiOpp. Sind Punjab Restaurant, N Block A4, Sh Mohd Colony Build Karama,Bur Dubai04-3377131
Xie He PharmacyDubaiA12 Building China Cluster International City04-4233055
Yacoub Pharmacy (Aster)DubaiAlain Ctr, Computer Plaza Khalid Bin Waleed Road Bur Dubai04-3523332
Yara Pharmacy L.L.C-LifeDubaiNear Kfc Rigga Road Rigga04-2225503
Yassat Life Pharmacy (Life)DubaiShop No. 7 & 8 Ground Floor , Caliber Plaza Dubai Production City04-5610000
Yassat Life Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiShop 1, Yassat Gloria Hotel Tecom Dubai04-3792799
Zabeel Pharmacy LlcDubaiBlue Bay Tower Business Bay04-5897129
Zabeel Pharmacy-Aster GrpDubaiZabeel Building Karama Bur Dubai04-3377770
Zahrat Al Noor Pharmacy LlcDubaiZabeel Catering Servie Buildin Near Landmark Rest Dip-204-8814111
Zahrat Al Shefa Pharmacy L.L.CDubaiAl Gaith Building Near Golden Jubilee Buldg Muhaisina204-378888
Zamzam PharmacyDubaiBehind National Cement Factory Shaikh Zayed Road Bur Dubai04-3394395
Zayd Pharmacy Llc-LifeDubaiAl Rostamani Tower B Shaikh Zayed Road Sheikh Zayed Road04-3291325
Zulekha PharmacyDubaiAl Rafa Police Station Rafa Street Rafah,Bur Dubai04-3934757
Al Sharq Hospital PharmacyFujairahAl Fassel Road09-2059999,09-2059971
Al Hashmi Pharmacy (Natfuj)FujairahNear Etisalat Khorfakkan Main Street Khorfakkan Main Street09-2386508
Al Khan PharmacyFujairahBarkat Building Opp. Masjid Omar Al Khatab & Eid Musalla / Behind Adnoc Petrol Station Eid Mussalla Rd09-2225051
Al Nassar PharmacyFujairahOpposite Al Omar Mosque Sheikh Khalid Road Sheikh Khalid Road09-2384188
Al Sharq Family Pharmacy (Al Sharq)FujairahSafeer Market Round About Sharqi Road Dibba09-2227490
Al Sharq Modern PharmacyFujairahAfter Hilton Hotel-Fujairah Faseel Road Faseel Road09-2231442
Al Sharq PharmacyFujairahAl Sharq Medical Center Buildi Sharqi Road Dibba09-2059568
Aster Pharmacy 139FujairahKhorfakan Police Station R/O Opp Adnoc Petrol Station Sheikh Khalid Road09-2371301
Aster Pharmacy 8 (Moopens)FujairahCentury Mall Near Beach Motel Faseel Road09-2230701
Aster Pharmacy FujairahFujairahEmirates Spring Building Hamad Bin Abdulla Street Dibba09-2238322
Better Life PharmacyFujairah76 Hamed Bin Abdulla Road Hamed Bin Abdullah09-2227299
Country Pharmacy (Fuj)FujairahAli Mohd. Saleh Building Tariq Bin Ziad Street Tariq Bin Ziad Street09-2385435
East Coast Ahalia PharmacyFujairahNorthern Al Ahliah Medical Complex, Ground Floor / Fathima Round About, E89 (Hamad Bin Abdullah Road), Near Adnoc Petrol Station And Fab Bank Al Gurfa02-81191119
Fujairah Pharmacy (Julphar Grp Of Phy)FujairahOpp.Old Traffic Station Ahmed Bin Abdulla Street Rashidiya09-2229295
Fujairah Port PharmacyFujairahFujairah Port09-2059756
Health First Pharmacy 17-JulpharFujairahTrade Centre Building Main Street Main Street09-2223979
Health First Pharmacy 18-JulpharFujairahTrade Centre Building Sh. Zayed Road Sh. Zayed Road06-5394466
Health First Pharmacy 19-JulpharFujairahHamad Bin Abdulla Street Hamad Bin Abdulla Street Dibba09-2444376
Health First Pharmacy 20-JulpharFujairahDibba Market Dibba09-2447364
Health First Pharmacy 21-JulpharFujairahShop # 1 , Ground Floor Dana Plaza Cinema Al Madhab Street04-7016008
Health First Pharmacy 26-JulpharFujairahShop # 3, Ground Floor, Souq Extra Mirbah Next To Mirbah Ladies Center04-7016008
Health First Pharmacy Br 10-JulpharFujairahFujairah Mall Ground Floor Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road04-7016008
Life Pharmacy Fujairah Br 2FujairahShop No: 1, Sultan Al Shamsi Bldg- Al Fujairah 12304-5610000
Life Pharmacy Fujairah Br 3FujairahShop No#2,Saleh Bin Lahej Building,Sakakam Street04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Llc Fujairah Br 1FujairahUnit No. G 078, Ground Floor, City Centre Fujairah, Uae04-5610000
Lifecare PharmacyFujairahNear Federal Authority Identity And Citizenship Gurfa Dibba09-2445722
Lulu Dibba Pharmacy Llc (Docib Grp)FujairahGrnd Flr Lulu Hyper Market Dibba056-5018178
Medicina Pharmacy 20 Fuj BranchFujairahFuala Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Stree09-2235894
Medicina Pharmacy 28FujairahSafeer Market Next To Nbad Bank Dibba-Fujairah09-2441604
National Med Centre Pharmacy (Natfuj)FujairahMr.Saeed Samsoom Building Gurfa Street Gurfa Street09-2232850
New Central PharmacyFujairahKhorfakkan Main Street Khorfakkan Main Street Khorfakkan Main Street09-2386277
New Ibn Sina Pharmacy FujairahFujairah1St Floor City Center Fujairah City Center Fujairah09-2236647
Reaia PharmacyFujairahAl Hayl Medical Centre Building Opposite Fujairah Plastic Factory Al Hayl09-2221920
Thayba Pharmacy (Aster)FujairahNear Masafi Factory Thayba09-2564749
United Pharmacy Al Zahiah Br 2FujairahShop G01 Khalifa Khamis Al Matar Bldg Khorfakkan04-5718096
Al Zahrawi Hospital PharmacyRas Al KhaimahAl Zahrawi Hospital Pharmacy Alnakheel Rd07-2288544, 07-2289544
Ras Al Khaimah Hospital PharmacyRas Al KhaimahNearby Saqr Hospital Al Qusaidat Street07-2074444
Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital PharmaRas Al Khaimah119 Exit Sheikh Zayed Road Al Shohadaa Road Ras Al Khaimah07-2010370
Al Ahlia Pharmacy Rak BranchRas Al KhaimahGround Floor,Creek Plaza Opp Expo Centre And Near Gas,Al Jazah Road Ras Al Khaimah07-2275993
Al Aliya PharmacyRas Al KhaimahShop 5 Gf Muntasir Bldg. Munstansir St. Al Nakheel07-2274566
Al Aman PharmacyRas Al KhaimahAl Khalifa Building Behind Bank Of Baroda Oman Street - Al Nakheel07-2261139
Al Ghail PharmacyRas Al KhaimahAyahath Ali Saif Bldg Al Ghail Main Road Al Ghail07-2580010
Al Hsayat Pharmacy (Oraibi)Ras Al KhaimahAl Nakheel Al Muntasser St Opposite Home Centre07-2277002
Al Jisr Pharamcy (Indian)Ras Al KhaimahSalem Saeed Al Khathri Buildin Saba Street Corniche07-2337271
Al Lulu Rak Pharmacy Llc (Docib Grp)Ras Al KhaimahGround Floor Al Qurm Khuzam Rd06-5018175
Al Manar Pharmacy(Julphar Grp Of Phy)Ras Al KhaimahAl Manar Shopping Mall Ras Khaimah Road Ras Khaimah Road07-2274848
Al Nakheel Pharmacy (Rak)Ras Al KhaimahSh. Salem Bin Sultan Al Qasimi Nakheel Street Nakheel07-2226821
Al Noor PharmacyRas Al KhaimahAl Hudaibah Building Ground Floor, Oman Stree Al Nakheel07-2333729
Al Ola Pharmacy (Aster)Ras Al KhaimahShop 1 Bldg 0040 Al Muntasir Rd Al Nakheel07-2357563
Al Razi PharmacyRas Al KhaimahDahan Building, Opp Emirates P Sheik Mohd Bin Salem Road Dahan07-2331919
Al Shams Pharmacy(Shams)Ras Al KhaimahAl Ghail Shopping Centre Mohd.Shaams Rashid Almazrooi B Al Ghail07-2584244
Al Suwaidi PharmacyRas Al KhaimahSulthan Matar Building Oman Street Nakheel07-2228111
Alya PharmacyRas Al KhaimahAdil Alnuami Prop. Lamp R/A Al Qasimi St. Al Quisaidat07-2441235
Aster Pharmacies Group Llc - Rak BrRas Al KhaimahSafeer Mall Airport Road Ras Al Khaimah07-2352213
Aster Pharmacies Grp Llc Rak Br 1(Aster)Ras Al KhaimahAl Khaleej Supermarket Near Al Adaf Roundabout Al Mataf Road07-2681224
Aster Pharmacy Br Rak 2Ras Al KhaimahAli Sultan Ali Onwan Bldg Opp: Birla Institute Of Tech Al Dhait07-2361664
Balsam Pharmcy (Rak)Ras Al KhaimahOpp. Arab Bank; Nr.Choitram Oman Street Oman Street07-2222868
Care Point PharmacyRas Al KhaimahBlk 2, Ground Floor Opposite Naeem Mall Al Nakheel07-2333370
Emirates Dubai Pharmacy LlcRas Al KhaimahAvenue Building Julphar Towers Ras Al Khaimah07-2037777
Hala Pharmacy 21-LifeRas Al KhaimahOpp To Emirates Market, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Salem Road, Al Nadiyah07-2369729
Hala Pharmacy 22-LifeRas Al KhaimahSheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Road, Al Kharran,07-2433432
Hala Pharmacy 23(Life)Ras Al KhaimahUnit B11 My City Centre Al Dhaid07-2355984
Hala Pharmacy 25Ras Al KhaimahUnit No. 123 Ground Floor, Manar Mall Ras Al Khaimah - Uae04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy 34 LlcRas Al Khaimah(Opp) Manar Mall Alnakheelarea Ras Al Khaimah04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy 36 LlcRas Al KhaimahShop No.5 Block6 On Plot No. 40606002904-5610000
Health First 15 (Julphar Grp Of Phy)Ras Al KhaimahOpp. Fish Market Salem Bin Sultan Street Mairid07-2282991
Health First Pharmacy 13-JulpharRas Al KhaimahMuntaser Street Muntaser Street Nakheel07-2282255
Health First Pharmacy 14-JulpharRas Al KhaimahBeside Police Station Rams Street Rams Street07-2662295
Health First Pharmacy 50 (Julphar)Ras Al KhaimahAhmed Ben Sagar Bldg, Opp: Rak Bank,Sheikh Muhammad Bin Salem Rd, Al Nadiyah07-2358018
Health First Pharmacy 51-JulpharRas Al KhaimahShop # Gf34, Ground Floor Naeem Mall, Opp To Spinneys Al Jazah Road, Bin Daher St04-7016008
Ibn Sina Br 2 Groove VillageRas Al KhaimahGroove Villager Al Quawasim Cronich Rd Dafan Al Khor07-2353448
Ibn Sina Pharmacy Al Hamra MallRas Al KhaimahGf Al Hamra Mall Al Hamra Village Al Hamra Mall07-2434488
Ibn Sina Pharmacy Br 1 Al Naeem CityRas Al KhaimahShop 46 Al Naeem City Center Al Dhait North07-2362086
Ibn Sina Pharnacy Br 3Ras Al KhaimahManar Mall Al Mutansir Road Al Uraibi07-2463671
Indian PharmacyRas Al KhaimahSh.Omer Bin Saqr Alqasimi Buil Ras Khaimah Road Ras Khaimah Road07-2333951
Life Pharmacy RakRas Al KhaimahShop 5 & 6, Nesto Hypermarket Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed Rd Al Qusaidat04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Rak Br 1Ras Al KhaimahShop No: 01, Gulf Hypermarket Llc, Al Muntasir Road, Nakheel Street, Ras Al Khaima04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Rak Br 2Ras Al KhaimahShop No: 01, Unit: 1, Venice Avenue, Rak Al Dhait South,04-5610000
Medical Centre PharmacyRas Al KhaimahOpp.Shop & Save Faisal Street Faisal Street07-2337544
Medicina Pharmacy 27Ras Al KhaimahSafeer Market Cornichae Al Qawasim07-2332580
Medicina Pharmacy 32Ras Al KhaimahArmed Forces Cooperative Socie Al Hamham Al Hamham07-2585587
Medicina Pharmacy 34Ras Al KhaimahEmirates National School Al Dhait South Al Dhait South07-2284785
Medicina Pharmacy 35Ras Al KhaimahRamez Hyper Mall Al Dhait South Northern Rak07-2218376
Medicom - 23 (Al Enaya Ph) (Aster)Ras Al KhaimahOpp. Bin Daher School Kharran Road Kharran07-2441433
Nexus PharmacyRas Al KhaimahShop No: 16, Al Jazeera Building Beside Madina Super Market Jazeera Al Hamra07-172447348
Nmc Royal Pharmacy(Nmc)Ras Al KhaimahSultan Fadel Bldg Qawasim Corniche07-2332832
Rak Al Jazira Al Hamra PharmacyRas Al KhaimahJazeera Hamra Street Jazeera Hamra Street Jazeera Hamra07-2432249
Ras Al Khaimah Ghalila PharmacyRas Al KhaimahGhalila07-2432115
Ras Al Khaimah Pharmacy Al HamraRas Al KhaimahAl Jazeera Al Hamra07-2273637
Retaj Pharmacy L.L.CRas Al KhaimahGrnd Floor,United Insurance Opposit To Kfc Al Dhaith07-2277776
Supercare Pharmacy Manar MallRas Al KhaimahShop 87 Gf Manar Mall Al Muntasir Road Ras Al Khaimah07-2082728
U M D C PharmacyRas Al KhaimahFlat 198 Gf Al Wadi Bldg Al Dhafra Road Sanaiya Industrial Area07-2272757
Al Zahra Prvt Hospital Pharmacy(Zahra)SharjahAl Zahra Hospital Alzahra (Clock Tower) Square Clock Tower06-5619999
Aster Hospital PharmacySharjahBehind Megal Mall Sheik Saqr Khalid Al Qasimi Al Bu Daniq04-4400500
Burjeel Specialty Hospital PharmacySharjahOpp Lulu Hyper Market Al Fayha Sharjah06-5075000
Central Private Hospital PharmacySharjahClock Tower, Zahra Square Sheikh Zayed St Maysaloon06-5639900
Emirates European Hospital PharmacySharjahGto5Thfloor Al Sharj Street Al Qulaya Area06-5619444
Enjab Hospital Day Care PharmacySharjahAl Durrah Building, 6Th Floor, Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche Road06-5553717
Medcare Hospital Pharmacy - Shj BrSharjahMedcare Hospital Llc - Shj Br Splash Fashion Outlet King Faisal Street06-5949705
Saudi German Hospital Pharmacy - SharjahSharjahOppalqudsmosque Intersection Sharjah04-3890045
University Hospital Pharmacy SharjahSharjahNr American Univ Sharjah University City Road University Area06-5058555
W. Wilson Specialized Hospital PharmacySharjahOpp. Al Taawon Shopping Center Taawan Street Opp. Taawon Mall06-5771757
Zulekha Hospital PharmacySharjahNasseriya Street Al Zahra Street (Side St) Near Al Nassiriya Driving Sch06-5060183
Abaq Al Nahda PharmacySharjahKairali Building Al Ghuwair Street Rolla06-5541077
Abwab Bait Al Maqdes PharmacySharjahAli Salim Al Tamimi Opposite Arcadia Hotel Suite Al Khan St., Al Majaz06-5565363
Aknaf Bait Al Maqdes PharmacySharjahAl Baker 5 Tower Al Khan Corniche Street Al Khan06-5500602
Al Ahsan PharmacySharjahKhalid Booti Building Muwalih Street Muwailih06-5449393
Al Aman PharmacySharjahRolla Park Ghurair Street Rolla Square06-5233991
Al Azhar PharmacySharjahHarjah Cooperative Society Building Sajja Industrial Area 106-5352323
Al Barsha Pharmacy-LifeSharjahManama Centre Al Zahra St. Sharjah06-5754046
Al Bashar Pharmacy LlcSharjahShop No 2, Ground, Al Shamsi Bldg, Opposite Panoor Rest Muwailah06-5561596
Al Bassam PharmacySharjahGround Floor Bassam Tower Corniche Street Al Majaz 306-5379446
Al Burhan Pharmacy LlcSharjahBlue Building,Industrial Area Near Family Restaurant - Muwaileh06-5320585
Al Bustan Pharmacy (Bait Al Maqdes)SharjahNear Al Nahda Mall Backside Of Nahda Nahda06-5309963
Al Corniche Pharmacy (Anglo ArabSharjahGround Floor, Corniche Plaza I Buhaira Corniche Street Buhaira Corniche06-5751222
Al Dhaid PharmacySharjahMohd.Rashid Building Opp Veget Falaj Road Dhaid06-8822177
Al Dhia Pharmacy Llc(Docib Grp)SharjahGround Floor Udday Bin Hatem Mosque Muwaileh06-5771561
Al Dunia Pharmacy Llc(Liberty)SharjahAl Shamsi- Buil Near Geco Signal King Faizal Street06-5620406
Al Elaj Pharmacy (Bait Al Maqdes)SharjahAl Shabah Plaza Wasit St Wasit06-5583058
Al Fajer Pharmacy - ShjSharjahOpp.Dubai Islamic Bank Immigration Road Immigration Road06-5735233
Al Falah PharmacySharjahNr.Etisalat Kuwait Road Kuwait Road06-5664841
Al Farah Al Haditha PharmacySharjahNova Park Hotel, Al Nad Al Qasimmia 306-5746066
Al Fardan Centre Pharmacy Llc-LifeSharjahAl Fardan Centre Buhaira Corniche Buhaira06-5752809
Al Fares Pharmacy (Bait Al Maqdes)SharjahZakher Building Tawaam Road Mamzar06-5304212
Al Furqan Pharmacy(Shams)SharjahShop 9,Ground Floor,Mattar Bld Al Madam06-8861030
Al Hala Pharmacy (Bait Al Maqdes)SharjahAl Khan 5 New Al Taawun St. Al Khan06-5523663
Al Inaya Al Mutaqadimah Ph (Advanced)SharjahAl Reem Building I Near National Paints Muwailah, Maliha Road06-5345663
Al Ithihad PharmacySharjahGround Floor,Union Pharmacy Building Jamal Abdulnaser Street Al Majaz 206-5594767
Al Jamhoor PharmacySharjahMohammad Bin Sultan Building Al-Dhaid Main Street Al Dhaid06-8822671
Al Kanary Pharmacy (Madinah)SharjahOpposite National Paint Round Ajman Road Ajman Road06-5344479
Al Karaz PharmacySharjahR & S Building Al Itthihad Street,Behind Kfc Al Nahda06-5668225
Al Madeena Al Mushrqa PharmacySharjahAbdul Aziz Al Majid Near Hsbc Bank King Faisal Street06-5303355
Al Madinah PharmacySharjahHoydan Building Hatta Dubai Street Madam06-8861018
Al Majaz Pharmacy (Aster)SharjahNear Al Buhaira Medical Center Jamabdul Nasser Street Jamal Abdul Nasser Street06-5599799
Al Maliha PharmacySharjahOpposite Etisalat Main Road Dhaid06-8823334
Al Manara Pharmacy (Aster)SharjahAl Sham Tower Near W.Wilson Me Taawun Street Taawun Area06-5774665
Al Mansoor Pharmacy-LifeSharjahOpp. Sharjah City Centre Wahda Street Wahda Street06-5591700
Al Mashreq PharmacySharjahHsbc Building; Nr.Giant S/M King Faissal Street King Faissal Street06-5592500
Al Mawadah Pharmacy (Aster)SharjahNear Emirates Islamic Bank Emigration Road Qassemiya06-5744878
Al Moaalaj Pharmacy LlcSharjahShop 3 Ground Floor City Emba Saad Bin Zayed St. Abu Shagarah06-5214865
Al Musalla Pharmacy SharjahSharjahAl Zahra Street, Rolla Sharjah Rolla06-5616136
Al Mustaqbal Pharmacy (Noora Group)SharjahSharjah Insurance Building Bin Laden Street Industrial Area No 1106-5349500
Al Nabaa Pharmacy LlcSharjahPlot 406 Al Mubarak Center Al Arooba Street Al Nabaa Area06-5635229
Al Nadia Pharmacy LlcSharjah2 Suhail Bin Hunaif Street Al Qasimiya06-5759745
Al Nahda PharmacySharjahShop # 10 & 11, Ground Floor Al Kakooli Building Al Khan06-5561122
Al Noor Al Saate PharmacySharjahShop 1 Sabah Al Noor Mc Bldg. King Faisal Road Abu Shagrara06-7424144
Al Nuzha Pharmacy (Chs)SharjahGrnd Floor Buhaira Main Rd, Next To Ajman Bank Buheira Corniche06-5454282
Al Orooba PharmacySharjahF-G, Bsd.Al Rustomani Exchange Arouba Street Ghuwair06-5623355
Al Qasimiah Pharmacy LlcSharjahAli Moosa & Songs Building Sajaa06-5310177
Al Rabiee PharamcySharjahShop No 3 Mirage Bldg 2 Industrial Area No 306-5437455
Al Rahmah PharmacySharjahKhan Saheb Building King Faisstreet Abu Shaghara06-5551782
Al Rawi PharmacySharjahIndustrial Area 6 Geco Signal Sharjah65437455
Al Rayah Pharmacy Llc (Novo)SharjahBuhaira Insurance Building Al Nahda Street Al Nahda06-5244660
Al Ruayah Pharmacy Llc (Novo)SharjahGround Floor Safari Mall Muwailleh06-5244660
Al Sadiq Pharmacy LlcSharjahBehind Adnoc Petrol Pump Bukhara Street Al Nahda06-5549947
Al Safi PharmacySharjahOffice 2, First Floor, Al Sajaa Industrial Area06-5551973
Al Saha Pharmacy-LifeSharjahNear Big Masjid Fire Station Road Muwalieh Commercial06-5426630
Al Saif Pharmacy(Liberty)SharjahNear Liberty Signal King Abdul Azeez Street Abushagara06-5533811
Al Sajaa Pharmacy LlcSharjahMuhammad Saleh Al Hamadi Building - Near Sharjah Cement Factory Al Sajaa06-5310199
Al Sama Pharmacy Sana GrpSharjahCity Bank Building Qassemiya Street Qassemiya06-5508820
Al Samah PharmacySharjahShaikh Saqr Bin Khalid Al Qassimi Street Al Ghubaibah06-5660366
Al Samha Pharmacy LlcSharjahAl Amira Residence Radission Blu Hotel Abu Shagara Street056-6465225
Al Sana Pharmacy LlcSharjahShop No:2&3 Syedplazabldg Al Mahatta06-5731610
Al Seha Al Kubra Pharmacy Llc (Nmc)SharjahMariyam Abdulrehman Bldg Dana Plaza,Shj Cricket Stadium Al Wasit Street06-5721213
Al Shifa Uropi PharmacySharjahGrnd Flr C Block Qadissiya Near Sahara Center Al Nahda Street06-5394609
Al Shualla Pharmacy (Aster)SharjahShop No. 30 Groun Floor Zawaya Walk University Road06-5316487
Al Sundos PharmacySharjahAl Mina Road Sana Bldg 2Nd Dec Strt06-5650905
Al Taif Pharmacy-LifeSharjahFlat 2-3 Nesto Supermarket Muwailah Sharjah06-5505411
Al Taj Al Thahabi Pharmacy LlcSharjahGolden Crown Al Khan Street Al Khan06-5540707
Al Taj Pharmacy (Bait Al Maqdes)SharjahDanat Al Khan Bldg. Back Side Of Sharjah Expo Cntr Al Khan06-5444322
Al Tamam Pharmacy LlcSharjahShop No:1 Maryamplazabl Abushagara06-5505995
Al Tamimi Pharmacy LlcSharjahShop No - 2, Al Ghuwair Area Behind Km Trading Rolla06-5624990
Al Taqwap Pharmacy (Bait Al Maqdes)SharjahFlat 02 Abdul Aziz Al Majed Near Zahara Center Al Nahda St.06-5319211
Al Ufuq PharmacySharjahStreet: Al Muweilah Fire Station Road, National Paints06-5443771
Al Usrah Modern PharmacySharjahAl Zahra Street, Butina Sharjah Al Butina06-5656105
Al Wafaa Pharmacy (Noora)SharjahNo.501 Shop # 1 Near Lacnor Da Double Cola Road Industrial No 406-5331139
Al Yamama PharmacySharjahGrnd Flr Enpi Bldg Near Bin Ladin Signal Industrial Area 1006-5352160
Al Zaman PharmacySharjahAl Wafa Building Jamal Abdul Nasser Street Al Wahda06-5771990
Alexis PharmacySharjahMuweilah Commercial Muweilah06-5060397
Alexis Zulekha Pharmacy NasseryaSharjahAl Zahra St. Al Nasserya06-5060197
Alnajim Alazraq Pharmacy-LifeSharjahShop 1, Damas 57 Bldg Next To Ansar Mall Al Ittihad Rd, Al Nahda06-5288851
Anwar Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy LlcSharjahFlat 02, Mb-6 Bldg., Back Side Of Univ. City Road Muwaileh06-5426300
Arabian Home Health PharmacySharjahCentral Market King Faissal Street King Faissal Street06-5748588
Asia PharmacySharjahSharjah Industrial Area 206-5335970
Aster Al Buhairah PharmacySharjahCorniche Road Corniche Road Buhairah Corniche06-5444543
Aster Ph - Sharjah - Aster(Moopens)SharjahBeside Al Nahda Park Opposite To Carrefour Express Al Nahda06-5253663
Aster Pharmacies Group Llc -Shj Br -BrSharjahShop No.2, Bin Thareem Buildin Muwailah Commercial Road Muwailah06-5321063
Aster Pharmacies Group Llc- Shj Br - Br5SharjahRashid Building, Shop No:1 Near Al Madina Shopping Center Muwailiah06-5538496
Aster Pharmacies Group Llc- Shj Br- Br3SharjahSharjah City Centre Opp: Carrefour Al Wahda06-5950110
Aster Pharmacies KalbaSharjahP25 Sajidha Hypermarket Al Wahda St. Kalba09-6061832
Aster Pharmacies Shj Br 4SharjahShop 22 & 23 Sajah Mall Ali Moosa St. Sajah06-5466057
Aster Pharmacy 106 (Moopens)SharjahGoldensands Bldg Near To Shafeer Mall Al Ittihad Rd, Al Nahda06-5749669
Aster Pharmacy 107SharjahHassan Baba Hassan Building King Faisal Road Abu Shaghara06-5734704
Aster Pharmacy 108 (Moopens)SharjahGrnd Flr Next To Sata Ibrahim Mohd Al Medfaa Sts Um Al Tarafa Area06-5610012
Aster Pharmacy 121 (Moopens)SharjahSilver Sand Bldg Opp Juma Al Majid Bldg Al Nahda06-5544504
Aster Pharmacy 122SharjahShop 2 Aster Bldg Near Aster Clinic Abu Shagara Road06-5570996
Aster Pharmacy 125 (Moopens)SharjahGrnd Flr Al Deyar Bldg Near To Tawoun R/A Al Tawoun Sts06-5303016
Aster Pharmacy 133SharjahNext To Fine Fair Bldg Opp Sharjah Coop Society Al Sharq St, Butina06-5619322
Aster Pharmacy 140SharjahSultaco Building King Faisal Street Al Majaz06-5445001
Aster Pharmacy 151 (Aster)SharjahMamzar 1 Tower Opp Sharjah Palace Hotel Al Tawun04-2672946
Aster Pharmacy 153SharjahSuroor Building Beside City Exchange Al Nahda Park, Al Nahda06-5543020
Aster Pharmacy 203SharjahShop 1, Arab Doctor Building Al Taawun06-5396955
Aster Pharmacy SweihatSharjahShop No.3 Sharjah Co-Operative Society Sweihat06-5465240
Bab Al Hikma PharmacySharjahMosque Square Al Dhaid06-8823470
Bab Al Qassimiah Pharmacy LlcSharjahShop No.5,Nearby Hanna Hyper Market, Zaid Street Sajaa Industrial Area06-5221707
Bab Al Shifa PharmacySharjahKing Faisal Street, Al Majaz Sharjah Al Majaz06-5750060
Badar Pharmacy Llc (Salam)SharjahShop #578 Ahalya Exchange Bldg Al Arouba Rolla06-5614751
Bait Al Dawaa PharmacySharjahShop #2, Lootah Tower Behind Expo Near To Al Ansari Al Tawoun St06-5772511
Bait Al Maqdes Al Jadeedah PharmacySharjahOpp.Abu Shagarah Park Abu Shaghara Street Abu Shaghara06-5484270
Bait Al Maqdes PharmacySharjahNr.Pizza Hut Abdullah Al Dusar Wahda Street Wahda Street06-5534363
Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy Branch 1SharjahAl Nisir Behind Corniche Al Buhaira St. Al Khan06-5420520
Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy Llc-Branch 2SharjahAl Qubaisi Al Majaz Al Buheira Corniche St Al Majaz06-5537900
Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy Llc-Branch 3SharjahFuture Tower 2 Al Khan St Al Khan06-5540707
Bait Al Maqdes Pharmacy Llc-Branch 4SharjahAl Rund Tower L Khan Corniche St Al Khan06-5540707
Bin Khaldoon PharmacySharjahAl Khayal Building, Behind Meg Qassemiya06-5752124
Bin Sina Central (Sharjah)(Alphamed)SharjahSpinneys King Faissal Street King Faissal Street06-5748448
Bin Sina Grand Sharjah(Alphamed)SharjahAbdul Aziz Al Majid Building Near Al Massa Cinema Corniche Road Buhairah Corniche06-5567662
Bin Sina Pharmacy - Shj (Alphamed)SharjahCorniche Plaza Ii Corniche Road Buhairah Corniche06-5726885
Boorj Al Rolla PharmacySharjahShop No. 29 & 30 Rolla Square Tower Bldng. Opp. Rolla Park Rolla06-5217190
Burj Al Nahda PharmacySharjahAl Roda Tower 2, 1 G Floor - Malaka Street Al Nahda06-5590076
Bustan Al Rolla Pharmacy LlcSharjahShop No 14-15 Nawaf Global Foundation Buildi Rolla055-8319320
City Life Pharmacy Llc Branch SharjahSharjahShop 04 Al Mamzer Tower Al Taawun04-5610000
Crystal Pharmacy (Aster)SharjahAl Shamsi Building Tawoon Street Qusais06-5773100
Dar Al Hayat PharmacySharjahBin Madaeya Bldg. Flat No. 2 Al Zahrah Street Al Soor06-5643337
Dar Al Sajaa Pharmacy LlcSharjahAdbdel Rahman Sultan Ali Bin B Building Number : 4075 Sanayya Street - Sajja06-5659077
Delmon PharmacySharjahFaris Tower Buhairah Corniche Road Buhairah Corniche06-5504331
Doctors Pharmacy (Shj)SharjahDafco Building,Nr.Shj Rotana H Arabian Gulf Street Arabian Gulf Road06-5614813
Experts Pharmacy (Aster)SharjahNear Nassirya Police Station Zahra Street Nasseriya Street06-5654635
Fatima Al Zahra Pharmacy Llc(Novo)SharjahGround Floor Al Zahra Street Maysaloon04-5244660
Golden Life Pharmacy,Sharjah-LifeSharjahBin Jalawi Centre Next To Al Y Taawun Street Mamzar06-5775501
Grand Al Mafraq Pharmacy (Julphar Grp)SharjahKing Faisstreet King Faisstreet Mafraq06-5725313
Grand Hamad Pharmacy (Nmc)SharjahAsswailem Tower Al Ithihad Street Al Nahda06-5544050
Hadeqat Al Rola Pharmacy LlcSharjahGanga Building Shop No 1 Rolla Street06-5748283
Hala Pharmacy 43-LifeSharjahUnit 1 & 2 Muweliah Commercial Muweliah04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy 55SharjahShop 01, Ground Floor Al Shamsi Building Muweliah Commercial Area04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy 56SharjahShowroom 1 Al Gharfi Building Al Buhairah Corniche04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Br 10-LifeSharjahShowroom No 1 Bldg # 997 Al Nasserya06-5239833
Hala Pharmacy Br 12-LifeSharjahManazil Tower 1 Plot 89 Al Qassimiya06-7409740
Hala Pharmacy Br 19-LifeSharjahAl Alami Centre, Near Spinneys King Faisal Street06-5560640
Hala Pharmacy Br 37SharjahShop 20 Gf Al Sharq Complex Al Buteena04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Br 45-LifeSharjahShop 9 Juma Al Majid Building Al Nahda04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Br 47-LifeSharjahUnit No. G 01 & 02 Lulu Hypermarket Al Muweilah04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Br 48-LifeSharjahShop 3 & 4 Ground Floor Diamond Plaza 2 Al Majaz04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Br 5-LifeSharjahShop No 1,2 &14 Rolla Building Rolla06-5218353
Hala Pharmacy Br 52SharjahShop 13 & 14, Plot No. 3088 Muweliah Bldg. Muweliah Commercial Area04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Br 8-LifeSharjahShop No 4 Zubaidi Building Al Majaz06-5516022
Hala Pharmacy Br 9-LifeSharjahAl Arouba St Al Arouba St Sharjah06-5519865
Hala Pharmacy Ll Branch 11-LifeSharjahChoithram Bldg, Buf Year 222 Plot 374 Al Qassimiya06-5454123
Hala Pharmacy Llc - Branch 28SharjahShop 1 Unit No. 1006, Oasis Malls Sharjah04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Llc - Branch 42SharjahUnit # 14 & 15 Groundfloor Nesto Hypermarket04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Llc - Branch 44SharjahUnit 162 Groundfloor Sahara Centre04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Llc - Branch 46Sharjah- Shop No. 3 Al Shaam Tower Al Tawun04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Llc - Branch 51SharjahShowroom No: 1 Plot 236-236 Al Buhaira Insurance Tower04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Llc -Br 38-LifeSharjahUnit No. G-025 Ground Floor Al Zahia City Centre04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Llc Br 1-LifeSharjahKm Trading Abu Shaghara Abu Shaghara06-5485898
Hala Pharmacy Llc Br 2-LifeSharjahAbushaghara Abushaghara Sharjah06-5759287
Hala Pharmacy Llc Br 3-LifeSharjahShop 02, Bufyeer 222 Bldg, Near Al Bustan Hotel Al Qassimiya, Sharjah06-5501340
Hala Pharmacy Llc Br 4-LifeSharjahArabian Gulf Street Sharjah Sharjah06-5627128
Hala Pharmacy Llc Br 40- LifeSharjahUnit No. G07 To G 13 Al Ameer Tower, Ground Floor Al Nahda04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Llc Br 6-LifeSharjahBuhaira Corniche Buhaira Sharjah06-5372761
Hala Pharmacy Llc Br 7-LifeSharjahZa'Abi Bldg. Jamal Abdul Nassar St Sharjah06-5506126
Hala Pharmacy Llc Br18-LifeSharjahShop G2, Salem Tower Plot 430 Near United Arab Bank, Opp To Al Noor Mosque Al Majaz06-5561718
Hala Pharmacy Llc Branch 27SharjahUnit No. J-040 Ground Floor Matajer Al Juraina06-5526718
Hala Pharmacy Llc Branch 33SharjahShop Unit No. 1 & 2 Golden Tower Buheirah Corniche04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Llc Branch 35SharjahShop No.1 Arab Drs Specilst Bldg Al Taawun04-5610000
Hala Pharmacy Llc-Branch 20SharjahUnit B051 Sharjah City Centre Sharjah06-5226348
Hala Pharmacy Llc-Branch 26 (Life)SharjahG09 & G10, My City Centre Al Nasseriya06-5220367
Hala Pharmacy-LifeSharjahAl Qassimia06-5515213
Hamad Al Ihterafeya Pharmacy LlcSharjahSunny Maysloon Speciality Medi Near Lulu Hypermarket May Saloon, Kuwait Strt06-5014700
Hamad Al Mumayazah Pharmacy LlcSharjahSunny Sharqan Medical Centre B Al Sharqan Extension Al Arouba Street,Towards Ajman06-5238054
Hamad Al Oula Pharmacy Llc(Nmc)SharjahSunny Halwan Speciality Medica Opposite Al Qasmia Hospital Wasit Street, Shahba06-5061600
Hamad Pharmacy (Nmc)SharjahShaba Complex Building Shahba Basid Road Shahba06-5582800
Haramain Pharmacy (Aster)SharjahAl Nahda Tower Below Al Nahda Nahda Street Nahda06-5316779
Health First Pharmacy Br 6-JulpharSharjahShop # 1, Ground Floor Sharjah Cooperative Al Sharq St04-7016008
Health First Pharmacy Shj (Julphar)SharjahShop 4-2A, Corniche Next To Subway Restaurant Al Majaz 206-5643275
Helal Kalba PharmacySharjahMaryam Rashid Muhham Bldg. Kalba Industrial Area Kalba09-2776886
Hind PharmacySharjahNear: Al Niyadat Main Traffic Lights Abu Shagarah06-5370121
Hussain PharmacySharjahNr.Giant S/M King Faisroad Abu Shaghara06-5551804
Ibn Sina Al Rahmaniah PharmacySharjahRahmania Mall Kshishah 606-5300039
Ibn Sina Al Zahiah PharmacySharjahAl Zahia City Center Mall Al Zahia06-5550534
Ibn Sina Pharamcy Br 1 Kalba MallSharjahKalba Mall Kwar Kalba09-2341273
Ibn Sina Pharmacy 37SharjahZero 6 Mall University City Road Al Juraina06-5420283
Ibn Sina Pharmacy Br ShcSharjahSharjah Healtcare City Al Rahmaniya06-5388357
Ibn Zohr PharmacySharjahAl Fardaan Centre Nearby Al Du Buhairah Corniche Road Buhairah Corniche06-5567796
Ishaq Bin Omran Pharmacy LlcSharjahSheikh Salem Al Qassimi St Al Qarayyen Area 206-5180800
Jabal Jais Pharmacy LlcSharjahAl Burqan Bldg Shop 3 Sheik Saqr Al Qasmi St Sharjah Industrial Area 406-5244292
Janah PharmacySharjahGround Floor,Fine Fair Building Al Majaz06-5643980
Jesr Al Shifa PharmacySharjahQadesia Tiger Bldg. Al Nahda Street Al Nahda 106-5242042
Khalid Pharmacy - SharjahSharjahMusabbeh Ahmed R/A Nr Juma Mas Fujairah Road Dhaid06-8822677
Lamia Pharmacy ,Shj (Bhatia)SharjahGround Flr,Corniche Postoffice Shuwaiheen Area06-5680781
Life Pharmacy Br SharjahSharjahShop No. 3-5 Nesto Hypermarket Al Khan04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Llc Shj Branch 7SharjahShop 4&5 Al Abar Bldg. Halwan Street Al Abar04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Shj Br 3SharjahUnit No: M21, M22, & M23, Misk 1, Aljada.Sharjah,Uae04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Shj Br 6SharjahShop No: 04, Malik Fisal Building, Plot No: 336, King Fisal Street,Sharjah04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Shj Br Branch 1SharjahShop 1 Al Madina Shopping Center Muweilah Commercial Area04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Shj Br Branch 2SharjahShop 7 Plot 17/696 Bukhatir Square One Bldg Muweliah Commerical Area04-5610000
Lulu Al Buhaira Pharmacy Llc(Docibgr)SharjahLulu Hypermarket Al Intifada Street Al Majaz 3056-5018161
Lulu Al Falah Pharmacy LlcSharjahIndustrial Area Al Wahda Street Al Senaiya04-2544123
Lulu Al Nahda Pharmacy LlcSharjahGr Flr Lulu Hypermarket, Al Hazana056-5018178
Majid Pharmacy-SharjahSharjahBehind National Bank Of Aud Arouba Street Ghuwair06-5683422
Masafi Pharmacy (Julphar Grp Of Phy)SharjahNext To City Bank Wahda Street Wahda Street06-5721805
Medi Prime Al Majaz Pharmacy Llc -Br 1SharjahGround Floor, Zero 6 Mall University City Road Al Jurainah04-7070999
Medi Prime Al Nahda Pharmacy LlcSharjahGround Floor Al Roda Tower Al Etihad Street Al Nahda04-6079928
Medi Prime Al Qasimiah Phar (In PrimeshjSharjahNear Mashreq Bank Al Qasimia B King Faissal Street King Faissal Street06-5752200
Medi Prime Pharmacy-MajazSharjah2Nd Floor, Safeer Market King Faisal Street Al Majaz-106-504044
Medicina 25 PharmacySharjahNear Riad Medical Center Wasit Street Al Shabha06-5660741
Medicina Pharmacy 22SharjahSafeer Market ,Next To Kalba Health Complex Kalba09-2770371
Medicina Pharmacy 23SharjahSafeer Market, Maliha Road-Sharjah06-5303980
Medicina Pharmacy 24SharjahAl Qasimiya, Al Nad Street06-5723255
Medicina Pharmacy 31SharjahCity Centre Sharjah Al Ittihad Road Industrial Area 106-5246525
Medicina Pharmacy 33SharjahEmirates National Schools Al Rahmaniyah 106-7448476
Medicom 17(Al Ansar Ph)(Aster)SharjahAnsar Mall Ansar Mall Nahda06-5313256
Modern Al Riqqa Pharmacy LlcSharjahCooperative Society Al Riqqa Sharjah06-5243214
Modern Bait Al Maqdes PharmacySharjahBefore Al Khan, Wahda Street Wahda Street06-5552070
Mother Care Pharmacy LlcSharjahSharjahcharityinternationalbuilding Sajaa Industrial Area Sajjah06-5360122
Mubarak Center PharmacySharjahAl Mubarak Center Rolla Street Rolla Square06-5638034
Nadeem PharmacySharjah1St Flr, Nadeem Pharmacy Bldg Al Wasit Street Shahaba Area06-5387979
Nadeen PharmacySharjahAl Fahad Building - Next To Pi Opp.Traditional Coffee Buhaira Corniche06-5733311
Nahda Sahara Pharmacy Llc (Novo)SharjahGround Floor Behind Zulekha Hospital Dubai Al Nahda06-5244660
Najmat Abu Shagara PharmacySharjahOpposite City Tower Building Near Dr.Ashok Menon Clinic Abushagara06-5424044
Najmat Al Rolla Pharmacy LlcSharjahGround Floor , Shop - 1,2 Pardha House Building- Rolla S Rolla06-5559550
Najmat Muwaileh Pharmacy LlcSharjahShop No. 1 Bldgno2986 Al Watanyah06-5220260
Najmat Sahara Al Jadeeda Pharmacy (Novo)SharjahAl Baha Building,Ground Floor Al Nahda Street Opposite Al Nahda Park06-5244660
Nassif PharmacySharjahOpp.Madina Market Arouba Street Ghuwair06-5626780
New Al Wafa Pharmacy (Noora Group)SharjahAl Qassemi Building 17Th St. Kalba Road Sh Faisal Industrialno. 1506-5353580
New Bin Sina Ph-Mega Mall (Alphamed)SharjahMega Mall Estiqlal Qassemiya06-5744066
New City PharmacySharjahG Floor City Pharmact Bldg Opposite Al Buhairah Police Stn Al Majaz 106-5593636
New Medical Centre Ph (Nmc)SharjahNext To Crystal Towers Bel Ras Corniche Buhairah Road Buhairah Corniche06-5974180
Nmc Pharmacy Ltd Br1SharjahKakooli Tower Nmc Clinic Buhaira Police Stn Al Majaz06-7410907
Noora Al Jadeeda PharmacySharjahNo.15, Shop # 8 National Paint University Road Industrial No. 1506-5427878
Noora PharmacySharjahCaterpillar R/A, Ind Area #3 O Yarmook Yarmook06-5422188
Orchid Al Rgayeb Pharmacy - L.L.CSharjahNesto Hypermarket Al Raqayib Hamadiya06-5559337
Orchid Pharmacy Alkhan LlcSharjahAl Khan Palace Building Near By Petrofac Al Khan06-5559337
Orchid Pharmacy LlcSharjahNesto Hypermarket Rashidiya Rashidiya06-7453030
Oriana PharmacySharjahManazil Tower 2 Al Khan Street Al Taawun06-5525770
Palmyra PharmacySharjahBaker 4 New Al Tawuun Rd. Al Tawuun06-5362100
Peshawar PharmacySharjah2Nd Floor Rolla Mall Rolla06-5643300
Pharmacy One LlcSharjahAl Sharq Street, Al Mirgab Sharjah Al Mirgab06-5557040
Planet Pharmacy-Matajer Mall-JulpherSharjahMatajer Mall Waist Matajer Mall Matajer Mall06-5534225
Rasha PharmacySharjahAl Ghwair Post Office Tariq Bin Ziyad Street Rolla06-5625889
Rawabina Pharmacy (Bait Al Maqdes)SharjahAmman Bin Yasir St Nad Street Qassemiya06-5519654
Razan PharmacySharjahNear Al Qassimi Hospital Al Khazmiya Street Al Khazmiya06-5388800
Reem Al Nahda PharmacySharjahBin Ham Bilding Malaka Street Nahda06-5255825
Reem PharmacySharjahDeyaar Building , Shop No.5 Near Abu Shagara Par King Faisal Rd06-5594194
Rukn Abushagharah PharmacySharjahGroundflooralsarkal Near City Centre Supermarket Abushangara054-3247136
Rukn Al Salam PharmacySharjahMubarak Building Sharjah Industrial Area06-5213535
Rukn Al Ufuq PharmacySharjahWediyan Building Near To Umiman Majid, Back Sid Muweilah06-5500363
Rukn Al Yasmeen PharmacySharjahFlat 33 Rolla Mall Al Ghuwair Street Rolla06-5632618
Sahara Al Jazeera Pharmacy Llc(Novo)SharjahGround Floor Industrial Area 10 Industrial Area06-5244660
Sahara Life Pharmacy-LifeSharjahB-04, Next To Spinneys Sahara Centre06-5566349
Saif Al Khan Pharmacy LlcSharjahNear Al Durrah Internationalsc Al Khan Street - Industrial Area206-5391300
Saifzone PharmacySharjahGroud Floor, F2-42A Bldg. Opp. Saif Zone06-5578471
Salalah PharmacySharjahAl Awadi Building 61147 Rolla06-5742007
Salem Pharmacy (Aster)SharjahOpp.Salem Tower; Corniche Near Buhairah Corniche Road Buhairah Corniche06-5736262
Sands Pharmacy -Shj (Julphar Grp Of Phy)SharjahCristal Plaza Building Wahda Street Khan06-5336128
Scientific Pharmacy Llc (Novo)SharjahScientific Builidng Zayed Bin Hareth Street Al Yarmook Area06-5244660
Shams Al Nahda PharmacySharjahShop No. 2 Gf Diamond Tower 3 Malacca St Al Nahda055-8432279
Sharjah Pharmacy (Nmc)SharjahAl Ghwair Building Arouba Street Ghuwair06-5623850
Sharqan PharmacySharjahGroundfloor Near Al Madeena Supermarket Al Buteena06-5613505
Starcare Pharmacy LlcSharjahNear By Rolla Park Al Arowba Street Rolla06-5611099
Super Care Pharmacy Br 2 Al MajazSharjahShop 5 Sarh Emarat Tower Corniche Al Majaz 104-3504500
Super Care Pharmacy Llc BranchSharjahAl Fahidi, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road Central Mall04-5488857
Super Care Pharmacy Nad Al ShibaSharjahNad Al Shiba Pavillion Nad Al Shiba 304-3504500
Super Care Pharmacy Shj Br 3SharjahGround Floor, Entrance B City Center Al Zahia Al Zahia06-5463247
Supercare Pharmacy Sharjah 1SharjahSahara Centre Al Nahda06-5320383
Supercare Pharmacy- SharjahSharjahSharjah City Centre Wahda Street Wahda Street06-5396211
United Pharmacy Al ZahiahSharjahShop 2 Level 2 Zahia City Cnt Zahiah City Center Muweilah04-5610000
United Pharmacy Al Zahiah Br 1SharjahUnit J0001 Matajer Al Juraina Centre University City Road04-5610000
Wajeat Al Khoor Pharmacy-LifeSharjahRiviera Tower Next To Grand Ci Grand Cinema Street Grand Cinema Street06-5373883
Waseem Pharmacy (Aster)SharjahDahaco Building Taawan Street Taawun Area06-5770930
Yafa Pharmacy LlcSharjahDream Tower Altawonstreet Al Mamzar06-5771720
Yas PharmacySharjahFirst Class Building,Gf,Near B Sajah Industrial Area06-5361256
Yasmin Pharmacy - Sharjah (Noora)SharjahBuilding #4, Yasmin Pharmacy O Sharjah Cricket Stedium Industrial No. 606-5584662
Zahrat Al Madinah Pharmacy LlcSharjahFathima Safe Building Near Kanary Clinic Heikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road06-5327075
Zahrat Alrabie PharmacySharjahWafeqa Bldg, Nissan Show Room Al Oroba Street Al Khan06-5546800
Zam Zam PharmacySharjahJamal Abdulla Building Nationpaints Street Industrial No. 1506-5357141
Zulekha Pharmacy Al KhanSharjahThe Gate Tower 1St Floor Expo Center Sharjah Al Khan06-5060499
Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital PharmacyUmm Al QuwainOop.Ministry Of Social Affairs Al Salama Street Umm Al Quwain06-7061111
Al Mulla Pharmacy-LifeUmm Al QuwainCarrefour Express, Shop# 6 King Faizal Road King Faizal Road06-7647364
Al Safa PharmacyUmm Al QuwainCity Mall Al Salama Street Industrial Area06-5231834
Health First Pharmacy 28-JulpharUmm Al QuwainSaeed Muhamed Al Masafri Bldg Near Old Souq King Faisal St06-7656180
Life Pharmacy Branch 1 NccUmm Al QuwainShop 1&2 New Commercial Complex Al Salama St.04-5610000
Life Pharmacy Llc Br 2Umm Al QuwainUae Exchage Showroom King Faisal St Al Raas 204-5610000
Lulu Center Pharmacy LlcUmm Al QuwainNear National Bank Of Uaq Mall Of Uaq King Fiazal Street050-1073671
Medicina Pharmacy 38Umm Al QuwainSafeer Hypermarket Al Salamah06-5725689
Medicom 33 UaqUmm Al QuwainAl Salama Roundabout ,Umm Al Quwain06-7650014
Medicom Pharmacy - 26 (Aster)(Moopens)Umm Al QuwainAl Manama Mall King Faizal Road King Faizal Road06-7649734
Salma Pharmacy (Nakheel Group)Umm Al QuwainAl Salamah A Building Rak-Dubai Road Rak-Dubai Road06-7671162
Tajeran Pharmacy - Al KhaleejUmm Al QuwainKing Faisal Street Al Khaleej Med. Bldg Near Uaq Hospital06-7652291
Umm Al Quwain Pharmacy(Julphar Grp)Umm Al QuwainMiddle East Bank Building Uaq Main Road Uaq Main Road06-7656180
Yasmed Pharmacy UaqUmm Al QuwainYasmed Bldg. Hot Pack R/A New Industrial Area06-5299064
Aster Pharmacy Uaq BrUmm Al QwainShop 1 Al Masa Tower King Faisal St Al Makta Area06-5275126
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