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Jobs at Apple UAE – Apply Now

I am a huge fan of Apple and their products. I myself use their products. 

When the news came that Apple is going to open their store in UAEOpens in a new tab., I was ecstatic. Further, knowing that there will be job openings at Apple made me feel that there will be some exciting roles for suitable candidates. However, jobs at Apple mean a ‘Gold Rush’. There will be thousands of applicants vying for 13 jobsthat are advertised at Apple website.

Apple has advertised 13 jobs currently in UAE. This does not mean 13 positions. They merely mean job titles. Given the fact that UAE Apple store will the world’s largest, I am sure they will not be able to manage with 13 people. There will definitely be multiple positions of nearly 300+. So why wait. Apply today.Opens in a new tab. I believe, this is a great opportunity for fresh graduates or those who have 1 to year’s of experience to get ‘Apple’ on their CV.


Strategies to get a job at Apple

Forbes Magazine sometime back carried an article on How to get job at AppleOpens in a new tab.. Read the article and understand what kind of qualities Apple looks for in a candidate. This might just help.

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