How to apply for family visa in Abu Dhabi?

How to apply for family visa in Abu Dhabi?

If you have an employment visa or businessman visa, you can apply for residency visa for your family, that is your wife and children.

The minimum salary required to apply for family status is AED 5,000 + Accommodation or AED 6,000.

UPDATE: From 02-05-2014, the minimum salary required to sponsor family visa is AED 10,000 (Ten Thousand Dirhams)

UPDATE: As per news reports in Gulf News and Emirates 24/7 the requirement of minimum AED 10000 salary has been reversed.

how to apply for family visa in abu dhabi documents required

The procedure for application throughout all the UAE is similar.

However, it is the time taken and the documents required that make the difference.

Document required to apply for wife and children visa in Abu Dhabi:

  • Original passports.
  • Take original and a copy of Marriage certificate translated into Arabic by a Legal Translation firm. The original should be attested by the respective authorities like UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attestation by UAE embassy in your respective country and so on.
  • Take original marriage certificate and a copy for the file.
  • Take original and a copy of Arabic birth certificate for your children. Legal translation and attestation if the certificate was not issued in UAE.
  • Copies of the dependents’ passports.
  • 2 photograph each for the dependents with white background.
  • Your original passport (sponsor’s passport).
  • Your original labour contract and salary certificate in Arabic from your Employer.
  • UPDATE: Your Tenancy contract with a stamp from Baladiya (Municipality) is to be provided at the time of stamping.  If you are a Dubai Resident, you will need to take the original DEWA bill of the previous month. It is better to also get your tenancy contract attested at Land Department Dubai through Ejari.Opens in a new tab. UPDATE(08-04-2015): Ejari is mandatory. 

Procedure to apply for family visa in Abu Dhabi:

Residence Permit (Entry Permit is required for those outside UAE):

-First, go to an authorised typing centre and request them to for family visa application.
-The Charges for Urgent visa (same day) are AED 260 and Normal (2-3 working days) are AED 160. The costs include typing charges as well.
-Once the typing is done go to the Naturalisation and Expatriate Affairs Department and wait for your turn with the token.
-The officer will verify the documents and upon satisfaction will issue the residency permit to your family. There you will receive the ‘Pink visa.’

If your family is in the country you will have to change the status for which you will again approach the typing centre and request them for application for status change. The charges for this are AED 550 each.

If there are any fines that you have to pay may be for overstaying if the visa was cancelled, you have to pay it now. Per day charges for overstay are AED 25. Inform the typist to type the fine payment application as well, if you have any fines.

Once this is done, go the immigration counter and submit the documents.

Once the application is approved, you now have legal right to stay in the UAE.

The Medical Test:

After this, you will need to carry out medical test at authorised medical centre. Go to the SEHA centre near Al Wahda Mall Abu Dhabi, take the token and wait for your turn.
The medical examination contains blood test and x-ray of the chest and will cost AED 290. There is no medical examination for ages below 18 years.

After the successful Medical Test, you will receive you Fitness certificate in 48 hours. At this time you will also receive an SMS notifying you of the test results.

Health Insurance:

Health Insurance has been made mandatory in Abu Dhabi and you will be required to take insurance for the family, once the medical tests are done.

Emirates ID:

You will then need to apply for Emirates ID if you already do not have. Go to EIDA (Emirates ID) centre and wait for your turn. You should already be having application typed at an authorised typing centre for Emirates ID. Emirates ID will cost you AED 270 per applicant and is mandatory.

The Residence Visa stamping process

While you Emirates ID is under process take your Medical Fitness certificate and approach typing centre for typing to stamp the residence visa on your passport.

Once the typing is completed, visit the immigration department and present the typed form. Take the original passports for this purpose. The officer at the counter will stamp the passports with UAE residence visa. The visas will be stamped immediately for Urgent applications. For normal applications, you will have to collect the passports the following day.

Incase of failed medical examination you will be required to exit the country with immediate effect if you are found unfit post the medical examination.

Location Map to the Abu Dhabi Immigration Department:

View Larger MapOpens in a new tab.

NOTE: The rules and regulations regarding the residency permit change from time to time. You are requested to keep yourselves updated.


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  1. When your visa is approved, you will receive what is called an ‘Entry Permit’
    once issued, this is valid for 60 days within which you must come here and process Emirates Id, Insurance and Medical.
    If you do not enter within 60 days, the entry permit is automatically cancelled and need to apply again.
    My suggestion is to apply for Visa in mid July, so you have 60 days to enter UAE and do the procedures.
    Further reading: Visas

  2. Hello, I need to get resident visa for my 6 year old daughter from my first marriage. Could you please let me know the documents required?


  3. if I am previously staying sharjha do they accept my contract for al ain visa

  4. hi, my company has got the insurance for my family, but they are not giving me medical cards, rather asking for money. is there any possibility i can apply for visa pasting, as insurance has been done, only issue is i dont have cards. please reply.

  5. hai ,

    my visa abu dhabi , am working in al ain , i can take visa for wife in al ain

  6. hello, i have jabel ali free zone visa, my basic salary is less than 3000 but with allowances its 5000. now i eligible for family visa ? means immigration look basic salary or total salary ?
    if not is it possible to get changes in labor contract ? i just completed 1 month in dubai. what is the cost for getting amendment is labor contract ?

  7. Hi Deepak,

    I am working as Sous Chef in Dubai with 8000 AED salary without accomodation. I want to apply for dependent visa for my wife and 5 year old son. Am I eligible to do so as I have a single visa status as Cook and if yes what document required to apply ? How long will it take ?

  8. Dear Sir,

    I Just want to ask I have new residence visa for my Son issued on 30.08.2016 how many days i have to enter my Son in UAE, and my wife went to Pakistan on 05.05.2016 till which date she can came back uae, she still have valid residence visa.


  9. Hi,
    My company Head Office located in Dubai. They given a Abu Dhabi Visa and send to work in Ras Al Khaimah.No I am working in Ras Al Khaimah and having the tenancy contract in Abu Dhabi.Now I want to bring y wife and Kid.Is there any Issue with ras ala khaimah tenancy contract.

  10. i need abu dhabi health insurance for my wife, my wife visa abu dhabi visa, i had visa sponsor for my wife. how to get adu dhabi health insurance?

    1. As far as I know, your employer should arrange the medical insurance for your wife as per Abu Dhabi residency Laws.

  11. Hi Sir!

    Based on your article and what I understand from others I have read, there is no need for tenancy contract to get me an entry visa? My wife is currently working as a Staff Nurse in Al Ain. Emirate of Abu Dhabi with 8000AED excluding accommodation. She is currently staying at the employer’s accommodation but will get our own place when I arrive there.

    Question 1. Does she need to provide tenancy contract to get me visa?

    Question 2. Can the attestation or Marraige contract be done in Abu Dhabi or the UAE embassy here in the Philippines?

    Thank you very much. Your article is very helpful.

  12. Dear Deepak,

    I want to apply for my wife’s visa. I have a Dubai visa and I reside in Abu Dhabi with my brother.
    I have the my name included as a tenant in Tawtheeq, Can I apply for my wife’s visa with the tenancy contract.


  13. Hi,
    I am offered job as Manager in a Bank @ Abu Dhabi and will be joining shortly. My family consists of my wife (39 yrs, employed currently with a Bank in India), children (13 yrs & 8 yrs), Father (71 yrs) and Mother (70 yrs). My salary 22000 AED Plus accommodation. Please guide me whether all my family members are eligible for VISA ? As my wife would like to work for another 3 years, initially can I shift with other members of my family ?

  14. Hi Deepak, how much need salary for family visa in abu dhabi I am working in the petroleum Institute by the company overall my salary is 5569 it ok I have a accommodation and car

  15. hi Deepak,
    Good After Noon!

    i am working in Abu Dhabi in contraction company, my salary is 4000 Aed and i my wife is working also in uae her salary is 3000 Aed and my wife born one daughter last month and i ant to apply residence visa for my daughter and my company is not giving salary certificate. please advise me what should i do for my daughter and also i am living with sharing accommodation in flat with other person.

    please advise me as soon as coz i am to much worried bout her visa.

    1. They should provide you with Salary certificate or you can call Ministry of Labour toll free number to ask their support on (800665). Or the least you can do is to ask your (labour contract copy) with your employer and they can’t regret it for sure.

  16. Hi,

    Deepak, your forum is really helpful covering almost all the informations.

    I have one question, if you can please clarify

    My visa is from Dubai & so are the visas for my family members. Now, I am changing a job with the Semi Govt organisation in Abudhabi. Do I need to cancell my famiy visa also & apply for new visa from Abudhabi OR I can retain my family visa, issued from Dubai, with me as sponsor with my visa from Abudhabi & the same can be changed to Abudhabi visa on renewal.

    Pl advise.

    1. Hi,
      you need to cancel your family visa as your present visa issued from other emirates. after cancellation your family visa you have one month to change family visa status. after stamping your new visa. you can change your family visa.
      wife passport copy
      kids passport copy (if any)
      white background color photo 2 copies each
      visa permit application
      salary certificate (in Arabic – (original + Copy))
      contract (original)
      Tenancy contract (original + Copy)
      attested marriage certificate – translation in arabic(original + Copy)
      attested birth certificate (original + Copy)
      have to make file also ask to typing center they will make file

  17. Sir, My salary is 3000 Aed. I want to family April 2016 I m going. Co give me free bachelor accommodation. free food.

  18. hi,Deepak, I have situation here is ,my wife and i worked in the same company here in abu dhabi, since she got pregant, we moved out of company provided accomodation, taking the housing allowance, I checked the document requirement already from MOI website, I found that tawtheeq is the only thing I don’t have it with me, but we have our own property in dubai under my wife’s name , can we use this (ejari) to apply for our newbies family visa ? thank you very much

  19. hi deepak, may i ask if i can sponsor my husband under my visa as ” wife visa” my salary drawn Aed 5000/- as Follow up Reception clerk. My husband resigned from his company is it possible for me to sponsor him as a wife visa?

  20. hi deepak, may i ask if i can sponsor my husband under my visa as ” wife visa” my salary drawn Aed 5000/- as Follow up Reception clerk. My husband resigned from his company is it possible for me to sponsor him as a wife visa?

  21. Hi Mr.Deepak Machado,

    Good Day!

    i just want to know how to apply for daughter visa because i am heaving resident vise and also my wife is heaving resident visa and i am getting 4000AED salary and my wife is getting 3000 is it possible to apply for my daughter is new born here in Abu Dhabi and we are living with other family sharing flat and we don’t have contract of flat please give me advise what should i do and what what documents required?
    also i want fully information about insurance can i apply from any insurance company or same i should require from our company.

  22. Hi Deepak,

    I live in Abu Dhabi but my Visa is Dubai (Consultancy) , the company I’m working for is in Abu Dhabi.
    I want to apply for my wife as a sponsor visa. My salary is 11000 AED per month and designation COMPUTER ENGINEER.
    Do I need to goto Dubai for complete visa process or can it be done in Abu Dhabi also ?
    Is it possible for me to apply for Dubai visa while staying in Abu Dhabi (tennancy contract ) terms ?

    Thanks for your help.

  23. Hi Deepak,
    Good Morning.
    My salary is 10000 dirhams.My company based in abu dhabi.I am sharing a room with a bachelor from last 2 months.
    I want to apply for family visa for wife. I gone through the emirates diary website and came to know that as per new rules I have to produce tenancy contract.
    My wife is in india and I will apply visa from India so is it acceptable if I produce tenancy contract of bachelor’s accommodation.
    B. How long it will take to apply for a visa from India.
    It would be really helpful if you guide me against above points.
    Kind Regards,

  24. Hi Deepak,
    Good Evening.
    My salary is 10000 dirhams.My company based in abu dhabi.I am sharing a room with a bachelor from last 2 months.
    I want to apply for family visa for wife. I gone through the emirates diary website and came to know that as per new rules I have to produce tenancy contract.
    My wife is in india and I will apply visa from India so is it acceptable if I produce tenancy contract of bachelor’s accommodation.
    B. How long it will take to apply for a visa from India.
    It would be really helpful if you guide me against above points.
    Kind Regards,

  25. Dear Mr Deepak,

    I would like to know, that the documents required for apply family visa in Abu Dhabi.
    Coz my visa in Abu Dhabi, I’m working in Sharjah and my flat also in Sharjah.
    I hve labor contract and my salary AED 4300 ( 2500 basic,1000 accomadation, 800 other allowance as per labor contract) so can I apply for family visa for my wife and child?

    1. Dear Nuhas

      Abudhabi visa holders can use sharjah tennancy contract (plus your SEWA registration copy) for applying family visa.
      Required documents:

      1. Your Original passport
      2. Copy of passport (Wife and children)
      3. Tennancy contract (Any emirates) + Sharjah (SEWA Registered copy) + Dubai (DEWA bills + Ejari)
      4. Your contract Paper – Very important Note (Before applying for visa go to nearest Tasheel Centre and show your ID to the counter and tell them I need to apply family visa for that I need my contract paper. They will print from the system and stamp on each page and give you. Will cost you 100 Dhs).
      4. Passport size photos for wife and children (White background) – Will give you back after submitting online application.
      5. Your emirates ID
      6. Marriage certificate (All attested from your home country – (MOFA home country + Secretariate + MOEA home country) + MOFA attestation in UAE + Legal translation in arabic is mandatory if your certificate is not in arabic)
      7. Birth certificate in case of children (Attestation & Translation same as point No. 6)
      8. Company no objection certificate in arabic (If you request in your company for applying family visa they will provide the arabic certificate by mentioning your salary details etc in that).
      9. Your email ID & Contact Number.

      Note: My suggestion take all the above documents in one set colour print out and go to any nearest typing centres in abudhabi. I will take time for the staff in the typing centre to do the process. He will request you each and every document one by one for uploading directly in to the system. He will scan all the documents and return you back.

      Some time if there is no file opened under your name. First they will open file for you (You will get message), then for each application (wife and child) one submitted to the system confirmation message will be received in your registered mobile number.

      Thats all… (all work will be done at the typing centres only)

      Relax and wait for 2 working days (may be the next day also) you will receive the message whether your application is approved or modification required). Once you receive approved message dont worry, go to your email and print the E-visa (this is enough to enter UAE for your family from India. I dont know about other countries, kindly check).

      If any modification required, go to the same typing centre and check with them any issues. If the issues that you can solve like photos not clear, passport copy not clear its ok you can resubmit there itself)

      If Some issues you cannot solve, just go to the main office in abudhabi and meet any officers to resolve it.

      (The above details as per my own experience and if you have all the documents with attestation, translation everything, All will go smooth and you will receive your visa quickly through email)

      Note: May be while typing I may miss any other details, kindly check once again with the typing centre people also. Also the rules were subject to change. kindly update yourself too..

      Best of luck….


      Mohamad Nasar.

  26. Good day Deepak,

    I just want to ask if there is particular requirement for flat in applying resident visa in Abu Dhabi for my wife and daughter (my daughter is 1year old)? What I mean is if they are requiring to have 1bR flat for small family or is it okay in studio type flat? Thank you in advance:)

  27. Hai Deepak
    I Need to know I am a general cook can sponsore visa to my wife i am in Dubai
    I having salary above 5000 can you tell me details

  28. Dear Deepak,
    I am staying in sharjah and my employment visa is issued from Abudhabi.My wife and my son. ‘ s visa is visit visa issued from dubai which need not want an exit for changing the status as residence.will you pls give me details regarding changing their visa to abudhabi residence visa .

  29. Hi Deepak,

    I would like to be under my husbands visa, he met all
    The requirements but it is just that name of
    The flat we are staying is under his brother’s name, he is single, and me and my husband not having children, can we use his tenancy contract?

  30. Good day. Just I want to know and ask. Is original marriege certificate from home country which is outside uae can be accepted for the requirements to apply in sponsoring wife under husband visa?

  31. Hi,

    My husband has worker visa because he couldnt find university certificates. He has high enough sallary.
    Can he be supponser for me (wife).

    Thank you.

      1. But he says because he has worker visa ( kind a visa, a waitress has ) , he can not sponsor for anybody.

        You mean it is rubbish ?

        I just dont understand Abu Dhabi, he says there are interesting rules.

        Thank you for helping.

  32. Hi i want to apply for family visa to sponsor my wife.
    What can be the duration to get visa if all documents are there.
    My wife does not have my name in her passport as we are recently married.however we have marriage certificate attested by indian govt.will that be enough and should that be translated in arabic as it is in english.
    Once medical is done what is procedure to apply fr emirates she suppose to b in uae for that.and is medical mandate at Seha because her medical is done in India.

    1. Afaque,
      After the entry permit is approved, it is up to you to get the medical and emirates ID.
      It is possible within couple of days.

  33. Hi, i am living in DXB almost from 2years, currently in AD work permit residency, i always stayed in apart-hotel as facilities regarding my job.
    (high salary and position within global company -westerner)
    I am now, freshly married and want sponsor visa for my wife; all documents are collected except Tenancy contract:
    – Is an Apart Hotel can provide the compliant document for application?
    – If, Yes – what is the name and the content of it?
    – What should it states in terms of duration and guaranty?
    – Is that any restriction from the law that state the tenancy contrat is restricted to a flat?
    Thank you for your kind reply and advice.

    1. Alex,
      1. Yes, hotel can provide the agreement letter.
      2. It is a normal long term agreement that you have with the hotel that can be showed.
      3. Yes, it should mention the duration of the agreement.
      4. I don’t think it is a problem. I know few people who stay long term in a hotel.

  34. Hi,
    i would like to sponsor my wife and Son , my salary is 6500.00 and studio flat , studio flat provided by company, just want to know if company providing room tendency contract matotary or not

  35. i want to make family visa for my wife .my salary is visa general cook ,can i apply residence visa for my wife

  36. How much is the fine amount for late visa stamping after a grace period of 60 days for my wife and child she is less than two years.

  37. I want to ask as my husband lives in abu dhabi and he has Tenancy contract, and his salary and evythng is accordng to the requirements, but he just told me that for spsnorng my visa he needs water and electricity bill, which he hasnt them. Accordng to him it is a new law.
    So my question is can he sponsr me for visit visa? I.e 90 days and living there can I extend it everytime when it is abt to expire?…
    Your advice is much appreicated

    1. No you cannot renewal your visit visa after finishing 90 days time limit and yes there is new law for documentation of visit visa which you can see on ministry’s website .

  38. I have just been offered a job as PA to the CEO – in Abu Dhabi. I have two daughters schooling in Dubai ages 18 & 10. I have lost my husband five years ago and my daughters are on my sponsorship.
    The company has offered me a salary of AED 20,000/- , I am renting a two bhk in Dubai so can I sponsor my two daughters.

    Kindly assist., as we have no house in India and nobody to take care of my children we have always lived in Dubai.

  39. Sir, my designation is ac technician. My basic salary is 2600, house alowance- 1500 total 4100 salary,can I get family visa. Please inform me sir

    1. Senthil,
      Provided all the documents are in order, I think you can sponsor.
      But due to the latest rules, please check with immigration.

  40. Dear Deepak,

    I brought my family (Wife & 2 Children) on a 90 days tourist visa. If my wife got a job less than 5000 is it possible to sponsor our children. Since my salary also less than 4000.

    1. Amviney,
      If husband is in the country on employment visa, the wife may not be able to sponsor children.
      Please speak with immigration.

  41. Good Day Mr. Deepak,

    I would like to ask on how to sponsor my wife who is currently working in dubai. The thing is she is resigning now from her job in dubai. Can i apply for her a visa under my sponsorship. What would be the requirements from my side. Our problem is I don’t have accommodation here in ABu DHabi because I am working in offshore.

    1. Dindo,
      Accommodation need not be in Abu Dhabi. It could be in any emirates in UAE.
      As long as you have all the documents required, there should be no problem.

  42. dear Deepak
    your suggestions are quite impressive & helpful. let me introduce my situation
    I would like to know whether I can sponsor my wife & kid.
    I am having a Visa- COOK General (Dubai) with a basic salary of aed 3200/-
    plus company accommodation 2 person sharing 2 BHK apartment.
    how is the possibility of applying a spouse visa.
    your advise are highly appreciated. thanks

    1. Augustine,
      You should get letter from your company that the accommodation is provided by the company.
      However, I doubt whether your salary will suffice the requirement.

  43. Dear Deepak,
    I am working in Dubai and my salary is above 5000AED.I married recently and I have attested my marriage certificate from Pak foreign office.One of my college told me that now I have to go to PAK embassy in Abu Dhabi and attest marriage certificate there and then translate it into Arabic and attest from UAE foreign office.
    Is it correct that instead of attestation from PAK ,I can do all the attestation here in UAE????

    1. Roaf,
      If you have money to spend for attestation through professional institutes, you should get that done instead of running around to embassies.
      I am not too sure about the process for Pakistan certificates.

  44. Dear thanks for your kind information..
    I have one question more..
    1) if I bring my family on visit visa for 90 days again tenancy contract is required for visit visa 90 days?
    2) can my wife apply for job in the this visa?

  45. Dear Deepak,

    I want to know that Howlong family needs to stay in UAE after they arrived in UAE & got Emirate ID/family visa? I come to know that minimum 06 months stay is required else your family visa will get cancelled.

    Your reply will be appreciated.


    1. Ketan,
      Once you get your visa stamped, you can travel. If you stay out of UAE for 6 months continuously, your visa gets cancelled automatically.

  46. I have been here recently for last three months…I have tenancy contract from tawteeq and salary certifcate from arabic…do I need attestation for this…

    This is for Abu Dhabi….Family entry permit

  47. I have been here recently for last three months…I have tenancy contract from tawteeq and salary certifcate from arabic…do I need attestation for this…

    1. Prashanth,
      What do you mean by here?
      If in Abu Dhabi, you may need attestation from Baladiya.
      I think salary certificate is fine if it is in Arabic.

      1. It was very helpful.
        Got entry permit…03/August/2015

        List of documents for Abu Dhabi

        1. Passport copy of dependent.
        2. One passport size photo with white background…no spectacles.
        3. copy of Tenancy contract from Tawhteeq.
        4. copy of Labour contract.
        5. Salary certificate in Arabic.
        6. Marriage certificate, birth certificates translation in Arabic.
        7. copy of Electricity Bill – not mandatory but recommended.
        8. copy of Resident visa of sponsor.
        9. Open file – in case of first time dependent visa permit…can be obtained from typing center.

        if there are three dependent carry three sets of above documents…
        Go to the counter and wait for token…the officer verifies all the documents and ask you to open the file if it is first time…once it is done…you get the entry permit same day.

        1. Prashanth,
          recommend to you to post this useful info on community:

  48. Hi dear
    I am engineer in private company and my salary is 3500 basic and 1500 house allowance total is 5000. I want to bring my wife and one kid of 2 visa stamped in dubai and I m working and living in abu dhabi.
    I want to apply for my wife and one kid.
    My questions are as:
    1)now I am living as bachelor with my friends in abu dhabi how I get the tenancy contract while my family is in pakistan if I want to get the tenancy contract before my family visa? I think I m losing money before family visa. Or its mandatory to get first the tenancy contact.?what will be the procedure of tenancy contract?

    1. Jh,
      1. You will have to rent a new apartment and get the tenancy contract before apply for the visa.
      For tenancy, when you rent an apartment, they will provide you with the contract which you will have to attest at the Ejari.

  49. hi,

    Do I need marriage certificate to get 3 months visiting visa to Dubai?


    1. Avantika,
      If it is Visit Visa yes. But if it is tourist visa, you do not require marriage certificate.

  50. Hi,

    What is the minimum salary required for family visa in Dubai and also the designation?. Is the position of “business development officer” who has AED 5500 has eligibility to apply for family status? he is working under Immigration Visa..


    1. Aditya,
      I think salary and designation is OK. But remember you will need supporting documents.

  51. Hi
    I’m divorced from a uae national on my son sponsorship. (Son is local)
    I have a first child from an other husband abroad that i would like to bring her in AD to live with us.
    Can my ex husband or her brother sponsor her? She is 14.
    Your reply will be highly appreciated.

    1. Alza,
      I don’t think your ex husband or his brother can sponsor your daughter.

  52. Hi Deepak,

    With all thousand comments that you need to reply here I salute you for giving so much of your time to answer all if possible for everyone. I thank you for that! But I have a question regarding to my wife. I would like to apply a husband visa for her. Problem is she is still using her maiden name and changing her surname would be very complicated task. Is it possible for me to apply a husband visa for her despite of using her maiden name? Will it cause a huge problem for my application? I would appreciate if you will reply on this. Thanks Deepak!


    1. Erison,
      There is not problem with names to apply for visa for wife. You will need marriage certificate attested and translated into Arabic along with other documents.

      1. I have asked a query for an HOTEL APPARTMENT where I wish to stay and produce the contract agreement for family visa .
        Question- The agreement provided by your end should meet all requirements for getting my family visa as per country law.
        Answer by Hotel :
        We shall provide Tenancy Contrcat, Thawtheeq, electiricty and water bill. However the utility payments will be done by hotel owner as per contract
        Pls be informed that we do not deal with MUNCIPALITY; as we are dealing with ADTA ( Abudhabi Tourism Authority.

        My query is this attested tenancy agreement from Hotel Apartment is OK for applying family visa for Abu dhabi location.

        1. Saptagiri,
          I think this will be enough to apply for your family visa.
          Let the hotel provide official letter mentioning the above.

  53. Dear sir
    Thank yu so much for your reply
    I have one more doubt, we approched some travel agency, then they were replied, we are not abl to apply for famile visa because of designation(waiter).
    1. Can’t we apply for family visa?
    2. How can apply?
    3. Where will can apply?
    pls give me your valuable advise
    Thank you
    pls a advise me

  54. Dear sir,
    My husband is a waiter in a 5 star hotel, dubai.and salary is 3700 plus accommodation.can he apply for family visa to me and daughter. Pls give me reply

    Thank you

    1. Vs,
      you will also require accommodation 1 bedroom attested besides other documentation.

  55. Hi Deepak!

    Does my husband and children need to have background checks for a visa? Or at all for entry?

    1. Quin,
      I don’t think that husband and children need background checks.
      However, it is up to immigration to request this!

  56. Dear Deepak,

    My wife is in Abu Dhabi now, her travel visa will expire on July 25, I want to apply family visa for her and my rental lease will be ready by mid August. (because of insufficient funds now for paying a full year rent) I have read through your article, and still a bit confused.
    Is it possible for her to extend her travel visa or do a visa run, and then when it is time to submit the family residence visa application in August, she just need to pay extra and change her status?
    Or she need to extend her travel visa for another month, when the rental lease is ready by mid August, then apply for the Entry Permit, re-enter the country and then apply the Residence Visa.

    I really don’t understand the Entry Permit part, if my wife is already in Abu Dhabi on tourist visa, does she need to apply for entry permit?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Kelvin,
      I think nowadays, you can extend the visit visa. I am not sure about tourist visa!!
      There is a fine for not exiting tourist visa: around 125 dirhams per day.
      It is better to exit the country as status on tourist visa can not be changed.
      Yes, entry permit is what is issued when the visa is first approved. Then she will need to do do medical and emirates id.

  57. Hi Deepak,

    I have received a fully funded PhD scholarship from a university in Abu dhabi. How can I can I sponsor my wife by the obtained student visa. The monthly stipend will be at least 4000 AED plus accommodation.


    1. Raouf,
      I am not too sure about this!
      I am facing this question for the first time.
      You could contact your university’s HR and also seek info from immigration.
      Once you obtain details, do let me know.

  58. I hav my family here, i cam to know that there s no 6 months ban for family i-e for re-entry to uae, is this is true r not, i think that there is some amount of fee, which we will deposite for immigration. Plz let me know.Regards

  59. Hi! Good day! Sir, how can we bring our baby here in uae and have residence visa? What are the options for us? My wife and I is working here in uae. Our baby is in the philippines. We are planning to take him here in abu dhabi once his passport is available. Thank you!

    1. Diddy,
      You could sponsor your child if you have minimum 4K salary (sponsor). Also you will need your marriage certificate(attested and translated), birth certificate(attested and translated), Valid tenancy contract and other documents.

  60. Dear,

    I would like to esthablish visa for my wife. Now we are living with my brother in the same appartment in Dubai. I don’t have any Tenancy contract on my name. Is it possible to make the visa for wife in this situation? if yes how?

    Thanks in advance.

  61. Please check this official requirements. Hope it will help.

  62. Dear Deepak.
    My Job designation is store keeper and my salary is AED 7000. can i get wife visa in my same designation. please advise

    1. Harish,
      The salary will suffice; but with regard to designation, you need to ask your HR or MOL.
      You should also have all other documents in order.

  63. Hi Deepak,

    I’m looking for some specific information that I can’t find. Perhaps you can help me.

    I have my UAE residence visa from my job. I am a teacher and my salary fulfills the requirement. My husband entered the UAE 3 weeks ago and I am trying to get his residency. The HR department of my job is helping me and they are telling me I have a problem.

    When I first came to Abu Dhabi, I got a 6-month contract in a studio in an apartment hotel. I came alone and I figured a studio was the cheapest option. However, after that 6 month term finished, I upgraded to a 1-bedroom, because my husband would be coming and the studio was simply too small. I am in the same apartment hotel, but with a new 6-month contract for a different unit. HR is telling me I need to provide a 1-year contact for my accommodations and the apartment hotel management is telling me they cannot provide a 1-year tenancy letter because I had a 6-month contract that finished and they can only provide a 6-month tenancy letter for my current contract. Neither side is giving me any alternatives and my husband’s 30-day visitor visa is about to expire.

    I haven’t found any information about this 1-year tenancy requirement anywhere. Do you have any insider knowledge you could share with me? I would greatly appreciate it.


    1. Halle,
      The Immigration department will insist on 1 year contract.
      I recommend you to visit the department and inquire as that is the best option fof you. I too am not sure about this.
      The hotel could give an accompanying letter that you have stayed in a studio for 6 months and have now shifted for another 6 months to 1 bedroom.
      The department is understanding and would consider your request.
      While there also inquire whether the same contract needs attestation from Municipality!

  64. Hi can i sponsor my son to come here in dubai?. My work is domestic helper. My sponsor said to me that he want my son to come here his in the Philippines 6yrs old. My sponsor is willing to pay all expenses. Is it possible? How?

  65. Dear Mr. Deepak,
    I would like to asked if I can apply a family/fathers or residence visa for my daughter without my wife, my daughter is 21 years old and not married. (CENOMAR) I’m a Filipino nationality.
    I already completed all the requirement for my daughter authenticated and translated in Arabic ( birth certificate, certificate of non-marriage and my marriage contract)but when I go to the typing center they asking about my wife which is not possible to come here in Abu Dhabi because of some medical treatment.
    Kindly advise me please…. Thank you

    1. Gioo,
      Your information is not clear to me.
      The Authorities are concerned as to where your daughter will be staying as she is no more a child.

      1. Dear Deepak,
        Good morning, I have all the requirement like tenancy contract, electricity and water bills as a co-owner of the flat that I was stay.
        My questions is it is possible that I can apply for fathers/family,
        residence visa for my daughter?
        Thank you and have a good day,

        1. Gino,
          I am not sure since you are the co-owner. I don’t think there will be problem.

          1. Mr. Deepak,
            Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate your response and I hope that this will help me for sponsor my daughter.

  66. Hi Deepak,

    I recently got a job offer in Abu Dhabhi and salary offered is 17000 AED Per Month, I have two kids and my wife in India. I need to apply for Family VISA however i am very much confused by reading the online blogs and no conclusion at all. They offered me Electronic Technecian VISA and i am still in India.please guide me am i good to apply for Family VISA?


    1. Deva,
      Once you obtain your residence visa, you can apply for your family visa.
      Note that you should have all the documents in order like, Attested tenancy, attested and translated marriage certificate, attested and translated birth certificate for your kids and other related documents.
      I don’t see any issues.

  67. Hai Deepak,
    Just a quick clarification, I applied residence visa for my wife and daughter in abudhabi, I got visa for my daughter, unfortunately my wife visa got rejected, is there any reason for this, no explanation given by immigration. Please advise.

  68. dEar Deepak,

    Thanks for your valuable answers…
    here i have some more doubts to clear..
    i have newly joined in my company as Material engineer. but due to some visa issues they have send me visa as land surveyor.. yesterday i came and joined in the new company ..i have a salary of 7000 aed. now after stamping my visa i have planned to sponsor my wife also.. is this land surveyor profession eligible for family status hence all the other requirements are meeting.

    1. Muneer,
      I guess it will be fine as long as you have other required documents.

  69. hi Deepak,

    my wife already has our marriage certificate ( red ribboned and with embassy seal) with her… what is the next step she should do to process it? she is already working there for 9 months.

    1. Oliver,
      she must approach an authorised typing centre to get the application typed and then submit it to authorities.

  70. hi Deepak,

    what kind of visa my wife should apply for me and our daughter to be permanently live in abu dhabi/ she is working in a hospital for 9 months now. she is confused on how to bring us in abu dhabi with her. could you please give me the best and quick way of getting there?


    1. Olver,
      She should apply for residence visa entry permit.
      Once you are here, that could be converted to residence visa. This is in case you want to stay here.
      If you want to come for a visit, you will need visit/tourist visa.

  71. Dear Deepak, how are you?
    I really appreciat your feedback for everybody. wish u all the best.

    I have 3 questions.
    1) Waiter can apply for wife residence visa, having a salary of 5000?
    2) How long does it take to get the residence visa, normally time?
    3) If I enter on visit visa can I look for a job and apply for residence visa?

    Thank you
    All the best

    1. Bia,
      1. Yes, I guess so as long as all the documentary requirements are fulfilled along with valid ejari (tenancy contract).
      2. I am not sure whether there is a security clearance. The actual stamping will not take more than a day after all the requirements are completed.
      3. Yes.

  72. Dear Deepak,

    I work here in abu dhabi together with my wife whose her visa is under my sponsorship. Since we both have jobs, we’re planning to bring our children (1 girl & 1 boy) here in abu dhabi. What are the requirements do I need to sponsor them? Our salaries combined is 9800 aed. I’m from Philippines. Thanks and more power to you!


    1. Abdulla,
      You can not combine salaries to sponsor family visa.
      Please read the post and understand the documentation part.
      Also call up the immigration authorities for more clarity.

  73. Dear Deepak
    I visa designation is Store keeper and my salary is 6 can i get family visa for the same. if i staying in villa thr is any problem for wife visa. in the rental agreement they mention water & electricity bill belongs to building owner. please advise.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Harish,
      If you have Ejari for the villa, then there will be no problem.
      Without ejari, you can not apply for wife visa.

  74. Hi Deepak,

    What are the rules in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for getting the permanent residency visa for Parents?


  75. hi deepak, i want to apply my wife and daughter’s family in Dubai, i have copy of attested marriage certificate but i lost original one , can i apply for it , they are already in Dubai on visit visa and i wanted to apply for familly visa and visa status change. please help me regarding this.

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Zubair,
      I think you will need the original attested marriage certificate for the authorities to verify.

  76. Hi Deepak,

    Recently I resigned to my job in Qatar, subsequently they cancelled my Qatar RP visa .Now i got some other offer from Abu Dhabi.where im joining soon. The question is

    1) Previously i attested my education certificates from Ministry of foreign Affairs in India and Qatar ministry tio get Engineer visa in qatar. Do i need to attest my certificates again to get engineer visa in UAE?

    2)I have a kid Do I need to attest his birth certificate from UAE embassy to get family visa?, My name already mentioned in his passport.

    3) Do i need to attest my marriage certificate to get family visa? my name already mentioned in my spouse passport already.

    1. Reddy,
      1. Yes, you will need attest from UAE Embassy in India and Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE.
      2. Yes.
      3. Yes.

  77. hii deepak ,i got a job in Fujairah im getting 4500 dhms without accomadation will i be able to bring my family here

    1. Ashik,
      Your designation will matter and also you will need a rented or owned apartment and satisfy all the conditions of the immigration authorities.

  78. How long does it take to get a husband’s visa? We’ve send all the necessary docucuments last MAY 5,2015 and its been 13 days and yet we haven’t heard anything from the company who did all the processing. They told us that they are still waiting for the local person to get the tenancy contract. Do u think I can get the visa within this month?

    1. Juzjenny,
      I am not clear about your situation.
      You say, it is waiting with local person for tenancy contract.
      Has you application been submitted to immigration??

  79. Dear Deepak,

    Please help me in finding the correct procedure. I am working in Jebel Ali Free Zone. I have been offered a job in Abu Dhabi. I need to know the procedure to transfer my visa. Also note that i have my wife on my sponsorship. Do i need to cancel her visa as well or i can put it on Hold.


    1. Shaik,
      I do not think you could transfer visa. You will need to cancel your current visa and apply for new visa.
      Yes, you will have to cancel your wife’s visa first. I don’t think you can put it on hold.

  80. Currently I am in abu dhabi. About some reason in passport my father is I want to correct it .If I change father name in my country here it will change .

  81. Hi Deepak, Thanks for your great work…
    I have attested (Regional Authentication Centre (RAC)/HRD from issued State or Mantralaya Mumbai, Ministry of External Affairs-New Delhi, India and UAE Embassy-New Delhi, India/ UAE Consulate-Mumbai, India) my Marriage certificate (English) and my son Birth Certificate (English) in India, but I dont have Arabic translated copies of these.
    1) Is it mandatory to translate these certificates to Arabic?
    2) If yes, can it be done in any of the Emirates (Abu Dhabi/ Dubai/ Sharjah) authorised typing centre?
    3) Will the same translated certificates acceptable in any of the emirates (Abu Dhabi/ Dubai/ Sharjah)?
    4) Again, is it required to attest the Arabic translated copies of these certificates (Marriage and Birth certificate)

    1. Harsha,
      1. YES. It should be from an authorised legal translator based in UAE.
      2. Yes, can be done in any emirates as long as the translator is authorised.
      3. Yes.
      4. No, that is not required.

  82. My husband got a job as a faculty member in a Abu Dhabi university. We just came to know that I can’t go with him. How long will it take to get my residence visa process?

    1. Khanum,
      That will depend on the residency procedures.
      Can not really put a timeframe on this!

  83. Dear Deepak
    You are doing great job provinding the information, that is very helpful to us.
    Rescently i bring my family (wife + 2 kids) in Abu Dhabi by company visa. In india i have my big family members they like to visit abu dhabi summer vacation. I have company flat 3 bk. can i apply for them visit visa and at a time how many memeber can get visit visa. is there is any resctriction?

    1. Dipsai,
      Yes, you could apply for visit visa for your relatives and friends.
      If there is any problem, you could apply Tourist Visa.

  84. Dear sir,
    iam from abudhabi, i bring my wife in my visa and finish her medical and emirates id procedures my visa belongs to my company and my company is not giving medical insurance to my wife , dear sir is it possible to stamp visa in passsport ,
    regards ,
    varun kumar

  85. Hi deepak can you please tell me is this possible to get visa for my wife if i am working in abudhabi and have employment visa getting salary 4,100 basic 500 monthly allowance + accommodation.

    1. Rafi,
      Depends on your visa designation, valid tenancy contract and other valid documents.
      But I am not sure whether your salary is sufficient!

  86. Hi Deepak,

    I am a female, holding UAE residency issued in Abu Dhabi and want to sponsor my son and husband for a residency visa. All the documents are ready and attested, I do meet all salary & accommodation requirements, however, I was told that being a female, it will be hard for me to get this sponsorship. They say, in Dubai this wouldn’t be a problem, but in Abu Dhabi they will refuse me…is this true?
    Also, can I apply for the sponsorship in Dubai Immigration since we live in Dubai even if my residency is issued in Abu Dhabi?

    Thank you

    1. Marie,
      The eligibility may differ from emirate to emirate slightly depending on the dynamics.
      If you are a professional like doctor, nurse, engineer, Managers, I do not foresee any problems.
      But yes, if your designation is something else, there may be challenges.

  87. hi,
    My husband is a doctor, can all our visas be processed simultaneously? Or does he have to go to Abu Dhabi first and then apply for our visa?

    Appreciate a response…

    1. Lara,
      No. First your husband’s visa needs to be stamped. After that all your family visas could be processed.

      1. Hi Deepak,

        I am working in Abu Dhabi and recently got my residence visa stamped. My wife is here with me on a 30 day tourist visa holding a Pakistani Passport. I have all the documentation complete for the family visa process except for the following 2 questions that are hindering my progress/action:
        1) Since she is in the country, what exact steps need i follow from here on?
        2) Do you have any insight as to if i can get my pakistani marriage certificate attested from the pak embassy here rather than the uae embassy in Islamabad?


        1. Omar,
          1. You will have to go to typing centre and explain that your wife is in the country on tourist visa and you’d like to apply for residence visa. Once the initial visa (entry permit) is approved, your wife needs to exit the country for residence visa to be stamped.
          2. No, UAE embassy attestation is a must. No exceptions.

    2. Clerk designations has any restriction for applying family visa?.
      Also would like to know nowadays is it required to open a file by paying Dhs 250 before apply for family visa?

      1. Zahir,
        I don’t think there is a restriction. Also not sure about file opening for family visa!

  88. I have Abu Dhabi Resident Visa and working in Sharjah Etisalat as a (Manpower) part time employee, my profession is Technician. I want to apply for Family Visa to stay in Sharjah. Am I eligible to get family visa? because my salary is 4750 including accommodation. Kindly reply me.

    1. Ishaque,
      I am not entirely sure. But seems negative to me.
      In addition to salary, you must have tenancy and other documents.

  89. Hello Deepak,

    I am working in Abu Dhabi in a private firm. I got married recently to a girl who was a devorcee with a girl kid of 5 years. Now I want to get them here applying for a residence visa. I have a NOC from her Ex husband for the kid and its attested as well.
    I have all the required documents attested. My salary is 12,500 plus company accommodation. But the profession in my visa is Archives Clerk.
    Am I eligible to sponcer my wife and kid. Since I have company accommodation my name doesn’t appear in the tenancy contract nor water & electricity bills.
    Kindly advice.



    1. Raj,
      I guess, you will be eligible for family visa.
      Please directly check with immigration as the rules keep changing.

  90. They are saying that there is a new rules upon applying a family Visa ….according to my source only doctors,engineers ,accountant ,managers can only apply a family visa how about for the dental assistant though they are working in government salary also covered to the minimum of 6k..

    1. Meera,
      Oh…this is news to me.
      The rules keep changing. You need to be careful.

  91. hI,


  92. I hold Abu Dhabi work permit & residency and work for a private firm. Now I am planning to bring in my family. If I get a apartment with tenancy contract in Sharjah, can I get Abu dhabi family visa? I know many proivate firm employees who live in Dubai and have visa from Abu Dhabi. But dont know anyone living in sharjah with abu dhabi visa for family. Your advice will be appreciated.

    1. Ashu,
      Yes, you can get Abu Dhabi visa but make sure that all the documents required are in order.

  93. Hi Deepak,

    My company changed license and have to renew all our visa. I am processing my new visa now with the new company. My position is deputy customer service manager with 10k salary. Filipina.

    1. Can i immediately apply For a family visa for mu husband and kid after i get my emirates id? I already have a tenancy contract and necessary documents.
    2. Would my salary suffice?

    Thank you for your answers. It’s helping a lot of people.

    All the best,

    1. Rose,
      1. Yes, you could apply immediately for their visas.
      2. I am not sure about this. However, this depends on your designation. I guess there should not be any problem. But only immigration could confirm your query.

  94. Dear sir,
    My res. visa expiry month of August 15. i have all related doc. i want to bring my family in Abudhabi with company visa. can i apply for visa?

  95. Dear Deepak,

    I am from Pakistan and my wife is on tourist visa here fro a month right now. Is it necessary to have a husband name on passport rather than her fathers name.

    I have all other documents with me.

    Best regards,

    1. Omer,
      Not necessary, but recommended.
      You should however, have marriage certificate.

  96. sir please answer
    I am Bangladesh passport holder
    My father Muslim and her profession IMAM
    My brother and Mother go to dubai 07 September 2014
    this time I don’t interest to go UAE
    But Now I want to go UAE
    how to add family visa
    or how to I got my visa
    And MY old now 17 years

  97. please tell sir
    I am Bangladeshi
    My father lives in dubai 20 years ago
    My birth country UAE
    But after 12 years I come Bangladesh
    and now My father sponsor my mother and my big brother sponsor dubai. he got visa
    but now I want to go dubai

    1. Munna,
      I am not sure whether the visas for Bangladeshis are allowed as of now. Only immigration authority will be able to inform you.

  98. how can i get a tanancy contract to brib my wife,pls someone help me with this.thanks

    1. Janaka,
      You will have to rent an apartment to get tenancy contract. The tenancy contract should be attested by Ejari.

  99. Dear Deepak,

    My work visa is from Abudhabi but I work in my other office in Dubai and I live in Dubai.

    I want to sponsor alongwith my company my family visa for wife and 2 small childrens less than 04 years age.

    Kindly let me know the list of all the documents required to apply for their visa.

    Thanking you

    With Regards

    Pankaj Borole

  100. My ex-wife had new husband with children already and I have second wife both resident in UAE with complete legal documents.

    I would like to ask, How can I get the family visa for my children from my ex-wife. My ex-wife willing to stay with me our children together my second wife. Any required documents from my ex-wife? Do I need to submit the first wife marriage contract for immigration requirements. We are not annulled yet.


    1. Jake,
      Very peculiar situation!!
      Please get in touch with immigration authorities for your issue.

  101. Dear Deepack I want to confirm just my children age 11, 9, and 7 don’t require medical test for residence permit?

    1. Lasha,
      Children below 15 years of age do not require medical test for visa purpose.

  102. dear Mr deepark,

    i’m working in a hotel and holding a FOREIGN FOOD COOK visa, with the 3400 basic + 2000 accommodation
    kindly let me know about the possibility of applying visa for my wife,
    thanks and regards

    1. Sanjeewa,
      Yes, i think you are eligible.
      Please also check with immigration department.

  103. Hi Deepak,

    i understand that tencancy contract is required for applying family visa. My question is, what if i have the attested tenancy conract under my name but the utility bill is under the landlords name, is it still possible to provide a utility for applying the visa?

  104. hello. i am currently working in abu dhabi and my parents want to visit me for few weeks. what are the procedures?

    1. Tim,
      You will need all normal documentation along with Tenancy contract, passport copies, 1 photograph each, your original passport+copies.

  105. Dear Deepak,
    Thanks in advance for your valuable replies.

    I had Abu Dhabi visa and my profession in visa is ‘Tele Maint Elect Specialist’ and my salary is 5000 without accomodation. Is it possible that i can apply for family visa with this designation and salary.
    Please give me a reply.

  106. good day!
    sir i want to asked , is it possible to sponsor my baby and husband if i will be getting 8 thou plus salary? because above you mentioned husband is the one sponsoring, how about if the wife will sponsor

    1. Fazal,
      You can not apply for family visa without valid rental agreement.

  107. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    Is the requirements for family Visa in Abu Dhabi Immigration is the same documents in Western Region Immigration?

    1. Kate,
      Each department has their own rules depending on their policies.
      Although the immigration is one at the backend, different emirates have different rules.

  108. Dear Deepak,

    I heard that the UAE family visa procedure is going to done throgh online from 1st April 2015. Is this correct?

  109. Dear Sir,
    Today I apply residence visa for my wife and right after 1 hour I received a message from MOL that your application is rejected then I went again in jawazat office they told we do not have answer for this case so please tell me how can I know that why my application rejected and what was objection.>???

    1. Syed,
      You will need to approach the department manager who will surely help.

  110. Dear Deepak,

    What is the fee for visa stamping on passport for spouse in Al Ain? i work for a semi govt company so my visa is for three years. Do i have to get my spouse visa for three years or i can apply for two years too? n what are the charges applied.

  111. Hi Deepak.
    Thanks for yoru helpful reply when I was applying for my visa. I am here now and my family has also joined me recently. Please guide me what are the next steps for my family now

    Emirates ID, Medical, Visa stamping on passport? Anything else I would need to do and in which order please?



    1. Dr.Muhammad,
      First you will need to complete medicals at SEHA and at the same time register for Emirates ID.
      Emirates ID can be typed in any authorised typing centres.
      Once the results from medical are received(you most probably will receive SMS), you will need to go to the authorised typing centre and get the typing for residency visa done.
      Once typing is done, go to the respective department in immigration to get the visa stamped.

  112. Hi Deepak. My husband is working in semi-government company. His visa is in Abu Dhabi with 3k salary in his contract but earning 5k instead. His profession is archive clerk with attested tenancy contract in sharjah since they have branch in sharjah and working there. Can he sponsor a wife and child? Thanks for your response in advance.

    1. Dhey,
      Yes, your husband can sponsor his family provided you have all valid documentation.

  113. Hi Deepak,

    First of all many thanks for your valuable and very informative info!

    I am from philppines and single parent and have not been married. Will it be possible to sponsor my dependent son 5 years old ? I do not have marriage cert. to submit.. What must i do???

    1. Rusty,
      In cases where you do not have a marriage certificate, I don’t think you could sponsor your child here in UAE.
      However, there have been instances where the visas have been approved exceptionally.
      You will have to approach the immigration humanitarian department.

  114. Hi mr Deepak
    Thank you for your assistance with the medical,my husband is currently sharing accomodation with a friend and when he tried to get his lease attested they found out that the landlord had not registered the accomodation with the correct facilties,so he is planning to move out and stay in a hotel,we had decided we would move into a studio apartment once I arrive in abu dhabi which was scheduled for march 30th,the question I have is,is it possible for him to still try and apply for a spousal visa with temporary accomodation he would fall in the bracket of earning 5000aed excluding accomodation as appose to 3000aed including accomodation. Or should he attempt to get the studio apartment before I arrive then wait a month for the utillity bill before applying and if so how does the application work if you pay the rental upfront because the studio we have seen want to rent is a yearly rental plan not a monthly one will that affect the visa application process at all?
    Thank you deepak your advice is greatly treasured

    1. Jade,
      No, our husband will need proper accommodation to apply for residence visa.
      however, you could come on tourist visa.
      If you find studio, you will need to attest rental contract with Abu Dhabi municipality. You don’t need to wait for utility bill.

  115. Dear Deepak,

    I appreciate your helping informations. Sir, Can you please tell me that for marriage and child birth certification, Do we need to have arabic translation there in home country (pakistan) or after foriegn affairs in dubai.

    I shall be really thankfull to you for answer!

    1. Shahzad,
      I am not sure whether Arabic translation in Pakistan is accepted here.
      In any case the certificates need to be attested by Ministry of Foreign affairs.

  116. Hi Deepak, I really appreciate your work. I got married recently and my wife came with me to Abu Dhabi in tourist visa. Now I need to apply for family visa for her. She will exit the country after 20 days. Can I apply for her visa when she is here? (Do I need to wait for her to exit the country for the visa application?) Is it mandatory to exit to the home country? (Can she exit to Oman and come back in family visa?)

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Shibin,
      Yes, you could apply for her visa here and she will need to exit the country to change her status since she is on tourist visa.

      1. Hi Deepak,I have a query. Currently me and kid is on husband visa in Dubai. I got a offer in Abu Dhabi ,we are planning to shift to Abu Dhabi .
        1.So can I sponsor my husband and kid (my salary is aprox 7K).
        2.We have attested documents like marriage certificate and kids birth certificate also attested(UAE attested),I need any Arabic translation for this.
        3.First I have to apply for kids visa alone as my husbands visa is expiring by October 15 only.

        Kindly guide me on above what and how to do things in a proper manner.


        1. Lilly,
          1. What is your profession. If you are a nurse, engineer and professional designation holder with Managerial designation, you could sponsor your family. Otherwise, it is not possible.
          2. OK.
          3. Yes, apply for kid’s visa first.

      2. Hi Deepak,

        Thanks for the reply. Do you know if it is still possible to exit to Oman and come back? I just asked one travel agent and he said it is not possible to travel to Oman unless I she get a UAE visa on her hand and some others said its possible to travel. I have made all paperwork for her residency and made typing for urgent visa but I need her to exit the country to submit it.


  117. Hello Deepak,

    First of all, great blog and highly appreciate you replying to everyone.

    My question is thati have my family in Dubai and i have visa from dubai. I am changing job to abu dhabi now. Earlier i used to put family visa on hold for deposit ohf 5k and change my visa. Can this be done if changing visa between emirates?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Shoeb,
      The rules change constantly. Earlier this was possible. I am not entirely sure whether this is possible these days.
      I recommend you talk directly to immigration authority and enquire.
      Requesting you to report if this is possible later once you find out, so it helps others.

  118. Dr mr deepak
    Thank you so much for the amazing job you are doing on this blog it is provinf to be very helpful. My question is my husband is currently located in abu dhabi and we are in the process of the spousal visa he qualifies and all of our documents are complete,I am from south africa and the south african uae embassy told me that a medical and xrays are not required from your home country as they will be done in the uae I am so confused because moste internet sites claim I need a full medical done in my home country,can you please assist with this??
    Thanx jade

    1. Jade,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      You do not need to do any medical examination in your country.
      Medical tests will be conducted here in UAE prior to stamping of visa.
      On the other hand, if you want to carry on medical test in your country for your satisfaction, it is up to you!

  119. Dear Deepak,

    Hope you doing great, i need your advise in few key questions here.

    1. My Abu Dhabi employment visa is cancelled 10 days before and my company is forcing me to exit country immediately, i kind of get daily calls for same (I took termination instead of resignation to avail gratuity under unlimited contract, i completed 1 year 3 months), inspite of me telling them about 30 days timeframe i get to exit. they are threatening me, of complaining labor department of my absconding also they didnt return my passport mentioning that, it will be given at airport. what shall i do here?
    2. As i am arranging for my new employment and attending interviews here, can i change my status to visitor visa without exiting the country, reason my wife is working here with salary of 16K AED.

    3. If i have to exit, can i come on visit visa to attend few interviews here ? instead of tourist visa ? and what are formalities for same, which my wife has to go through?

    4. We are staying in Abu Dhabi and tenancy contract is on my name, but my wife is on dubai visa, what are the complications if there are? for my visitor visa arrangement for 1 or 2 months.

    Would kindly request your answer on above all points, this will help me out a lot rather than hearing different versions outside. Appreciate your help here.

    1. Aditya,
      1. You have limited choice but to exit the country. Companies could insist this.
      2. You can not change to visitor without exiting.
      3. Yes, you could come on visit visa later.
      4. I don’t see any complications.

      1. Deepak,

        Thanks for your response, again want to take you back to your reply of my last two questions. i wanted to know what is the process for visitor visa for 1 or 3 months? (it is bit confusing, from various information available on websites). As i mentioned, you tenancy contract is on my name, so can my wife take the same document to arrange for my visitor visa along with other document, which i need to know from you. Which visa (Tourist or visitor) is better for me to stay for couple of months to arrange my new employment, considering fact that i have working spouse here.


        1. Aditya,
          If the tenancy contract is in your name, it is better to take tourist visa as immigration won’t accept visit visa application from your wife when the tenancy contract is in your name.
          But, visit visa may be possible at times. It really depends on the current rules and regulations.
          Procedure is simple: your wife will need to go to a travel agency for tourist visa with documents such as passport copies, photographs, her original passport and fees.

  120. Hi,
    I work in Abudhabi and my salary is Dh 5000/- per month.
    I have a studio flat and planning to get married this year.
    Can I ask my company or relative to apply for my wife visa on my behalf while I am in India for vacation (wedding), provided I can send them the marriage certificate, rent agreement, passport copy. Can the company or relative apply visa for my wife on my sponsership as I will not be in abudhabi.
    The reason being, i want to return back with my wife after wedding along with her with her visa done.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Christopher,
      I don’t think that is possible.
      You should be in person while applying for these things.
      Moreover, you will need to attest and translate your marriage certificate.
      You could ask your company to apply for a visit visa for your wife and change it later to residence visa.

  121. I work for infosys on employment visa in Abudhabi. When I’m coming to Abudhabi, I brought my family here on 3 months visiting visa( processed by Asian Gulf). Now i’m going to process dependent visa for my family. From visa sponsor ( Asian Gulf) , I came to know that they have to exit from country (to get 3k refundable money which I paid apart from visa fees). Is there any way to take exit with out flight journey ? Please suggest.

    1. Krishna,
      Are you sure they are on VISIT VISA? Please check, because if they are on visit visa, they need not exit. But if they are on TOURIST VISA, they have to exit the country.
      If they are on tourist visa they will have to go to their home country.

  122. Hello Deepak,
    I just got recruited to hotel in Abu Dhabi. I need to know if I can bring my wife on my visa. I am on a single status visa at the moment. My salary as per contract is 2200 DHR. Can you please explain me what will be minimum salary required and what will be the procedure. I really appreciate your help. Thanks.

    1. Amit,
      I don’t think for your salary you will be able to get your wife on residence visa.
      Besides, you will also require apartment with valid tenancy contract.

  123. Hi, goodmorning! 🙂 I just want to ask, my husband is transferring to a new company and I am in husband visa, and we are living with my father in law. We have the housing contract but it is under my father’s name. Can we use that for processing my visa? Thank you and have a good day.

    1. Tere,
      I am not entirely sure about this. But this should be possible and you should have at least 2 bedroom apartment or villa.

  124. Hi ,

    I got new job in Abu dhabi but I am living in al ain , Before my visa from Dubai and for visa processing for family I have go to Dubai its not allowed to do it from Al Ain immigration.

    I just want to know while having Abu Dhabi resident visa is it allowed to process family resident visa from Al Ain or I have to go abu dhabi immigration every time ?

  125. Hi Sir,
    I’m processing my wife and daughters residence visa from sharjah to Abu Dhabi since I got new work in Abu Dhabi. Is it allowed to use my existing tenancy contract from sharjah, and what should be the validity? Is it OK also for my wife o undergo medical in sharjah since we live near there rather than go to Abu Dhabi, I asked some typing center and told me it is allowed. What is the real process, is it really alowed.?

    Thank you.

    1. Lheandro,
      Yes, Sharjah tenancy is ok as long as it is attested and you have utility bill with you.
      For medical, you will have to visit Abu Dhabi SEHA.

  126. Hi,

    I have recently got a job in a bank in Abu dhabi. My wife has come with me on a tourist visa. We intend to convert her visa to Residential (dependant) visa asap.

    for the purpose of my wife’s spouse visa, we understand that the tenancy contract would also be required. Please advise if the agreement can be of a studio apt? or does it have to be 1 bhk or 2bhk? we are intending to move into a studio apt and hence the question.

    Also, for Tawtheeq, is it mandatory to pay 6 months rent in advance? Is it not possible to go ahead with houses having quarterly payment structure? need to know this so i can proceed with the spouse visa application

    1. Clive,
      First of all congrats on your new job.
      Note that since your wife is on tourist visa, she will have t exit country before a residency visa could be stamped.
      I think a studio would do for a couple.
      Not sure about Tawtheeq!

  127. Hi! I have a question.

    If my visa in the company is “single” status, is the company still required to get a medical insurance for my dependents or will i be the one to pay?

    Thank you!

  128. Hi Deepak,
    Really appreciate your efforts.

    I am IT Eng. working in Abu Dhabi, my visa will be renewing next month in March 15.

    – I intend to bring my family (wife, 2 kids) on visit visa and then further want to transfer my wife’s visa as an Investor (Existing company in Dubai.)

    – I don’t want to let my family go out the country as i heard it is required to change the visa.

    – Can my wife sponsor my kids and get visa?
    – What documents would require in this case?

    I might change my job further and don’t want to interrupt my family’s visas.

    thanking u in advance and stay blessed.

    1. Bob,
      -It is possible to get your family here on visit visa. Please note, visit visa is different from tourist visa. In case of tourist visa, the person will need to exit the country in order to process residency visa.
      -In this case you need to sponsor Visit Visa under your name and not tourist visa.
      -Yes, your wife can sponsor the visas for your kids as long as all the documents are in place: tenancy contract(ejari) should be in her name.
      -You will require the following documents: tenancy contract in your wife’s name, valid residence visa stamped on passport, Utility bill, Birth certificate attested(legally translated in Arabic), Marriage certificate attested(legally translated in Arabic), Emirates ID for your wife(application form in case of under process), income proof (company registration documents – Pleas check with authorised typing centres)
      ALso please note that the document requirements change as per the policies of the DNRD. I request you to check with the authorities.

  129. Hello Deepak,

    I want to apply for family visa. Please let me know the required documents. As far as i am aware we need the following for abu dhabi visa if i am missing on something let me know

    copy and original attested marriage certificate
    copy and original attested birth certificate
    passport copies
    my original passport
    employment contract
    2 passport photo graphs each

    1. Gagandeep,
      Make sure employment contract is in Arabic and do not forget attested tenancy contract.

      1. Hi Deepak,

        I am on Abu Dhabi visa working as computer engineer in Abu Dhabi but my accommodation is in Ajman. Is Ajman tenancy contract and electricity bill accepted for family visa (Abu Dhabi).Please assist me as i am new to UAE

        1. Fahad,

          Did u get the Visa for your wife from Abudhabi?..kindly update the status..

  130. Hi

    Is it possible to keep family visa( wife, kids and maid) on hold in Abu dhabi while changing jobs? If yes, do you know what is the requirements in terms of paperwork and financial?


    1. Mo,
      You will have to provide AED 5K each deposit per family member.
      Paperwork is similar: Passport Copy, visa copy, photograph and proceed to authorised typing centre.
      They will guide you.
      After that once your new visa is stamped, you may transfer their visas under you again and get refund of 5K.

      1. Hi Deepak

        I called the immigration department and they aid that it is not allowed to put the family visa on hold. I have to cancel and then redo the visa process again. However I have spoken to someone else who has said that they have managed to put the visa on hold. I am confused now

        1. Mo,
          What do you mean on hold?
          I think you could place a deposit of 5K per person in order not to cancel the visas.

          1. Hi Deepak

            By hold I mean not cancelling.

            Abu Dhabi immigration have said that it is not possible to put 5k deposit in order not to cancel the visa.

            1. Mo,
              So, you must now listen to the immigration authorities.
              You see, these rules change very often.
              Now you will have to cancel your dependents’ visa and re-apply.

  131. Dear Deepak,

    I have abudhabi visa but i have residence in dubai & i have all necessary documents such as Ejari, marriage certificate attested.
    In this case can i apply residence visa for my wife in abudhabi.

    I heard from few of my friends that you need to have accomodation in Abudhabi. Is it mandatory?


    1. Sathish,
      For Abu Dhabi Federal government employees it is mandatory to have a residence in Abu Dhabi to obtain visa.
      If you are working for a private company, there is no issue.

  132. Hi Deepak,

    great job done. all your posts are having valuable information.
    I would like to sponsor my mother for her residency visa in Abudhabi.
    I heard that in AD is very difficult to get her residency permit.
    Please can you throw some guideline. My salary is +25K & mother age is 60 as she is widowed. my visa is Abudhabi. i have tenancy contract from Dubai. your valuable suggestion is required.

    1. Chanda,
      I don’t think you are right.
      The laws are same throughout UAE.

  133. Hi Deepak,

    I need to sponser my wife– my accomodation tenancy contract is in my company’s name, can I sponser my wife with the same residence.
    its not a shared accomodation, I am the only person who lives there.

    Please advise.

    1. Ashutosh,
      Yes you could do that. You will need the tenancy contract(attested by Baladiya) and a letter from company that you are staying at this accommodation.

      1. Thanks Deepak.
        The tenancy contract in the company name if I get attested by baldiya and get a letter from the company that am staying in the relevant accomodation– I can sponser my wife. Thats what i get from your reply.
        I hope we are in the same line.

        Please advise regarding electricity bill?

        1. Ashitosh,
          I don’t think electricity bill is required.
          But better to take it.

  134. Hi Deepak

    Can you tell me if it usual for a CID clearance to be done for a family visa… ?

    I am on a married contract and my employer processing.

    1. This is actually requirement by authorities these days and required in all cases.

    2. Hi Mr. Deepak!

      I want to to ask you if you have idea what is the requirement for a wife to sponsor husband and child residence visa. I have read somewhere that for the wives the requirements and profession have different criteria. Please advise. Thank you and God bless!

      1. Cates,
        The requirement for a wife to sponsor her husband+children are as follows:
        1. Minimum salary of AED 15K with managerial designation. Professionals like Engineers, doctors, nurses can sponsor even with lower salary.
        2. Tenancy contract in wife’s name. Ejari.
        3. Attested labour contract.
        4. Attested marriage certificate, birth certificate.
        Rest of the documents are common like passport copies, photos
        Note that the requirement by AUthorities change frequently and hence you need to be ready with additional requirements.

  135. Hi Deepak

    My husband and I are South African. He currently has a working visa in UAE since July 2014 – he started out in Dubai but is now working and residing in Abu Dhabi for same company. He is in management position earning around 15K.

    I am wanting to join him and be open to be able to work in the UAE. What will be the simplest way to do this without incurring too many restrictions in the long run:
    a) He brings me over on a sponsor/resident visa as a spouse (not sure what its called), then I job hunt
    b) I apply for jobs from South Africa and get my own working visa in that manner prior to coming.

    I dont know the implications of each eg. i have read that if i am sponsored by him, and should i change jobs, i am unlikely to be banned from companies. Or if i am employed by a company for which i applied from here, should I decide to not work out the 2 year period, I may incur a working ban.

    I just want the easiest way to get over there and find work without too many complications.

    1. Melanie,
      I would suggest your husband apply for your visa as a housewife, so you could enter UAE and live with your husband. This is the simplest way.
      a. This is possible for you.
      b. I don’t recommend this. It is better to come here and hunt for jobs.

  136. Hi Deepak,

    I’ve already received my papers last January 5, 2015 attested by UAE embassy here in Philippines. I would like to ask If it has expiration? I am planning to go to Abu Dhabi on March 2015.

    Thank you,

  137. my wifes company says they wont provide insurance for kid and husband.deepak any recomandations.they said they will give insurance letter for visa purpose,pls advice

  138. Hi Deepak,
    We all are proud of you. you are doing great Job.
    I have one question that terrant gave me the ternary contract but not attested to the municipality. I also dont have any tautique paper…. so can you guide me in this regards. all other labor contract, salary certificated and other required documents.
    I want to bring my suppose and my child here in abu dhabi from monthly salary is 15K.

    Please suggest for this Terrance papers.

    1. Nilesh,
      You will need attestation of the tenancy contract by the Abu Dhabi Municipality(Baladiya)


  140. iam working in abudhbai more than 15 years family and kids with me. now iam going to change my job a Dubai baised my visa mustbe change. how can I protect my family samw visa in abudhabi? kids going to school in abudhbaipls give me the help as soon as fast

    1. Nair,
      You will have to keep a deposit of 5K each per family member till your new visa is processed.
      Once your visa is done, you will have to transfer your family to under your new visa.

  141. HI deepak, in addition to my question below, I would like to also ask you 1 more— My company has given me visa issued from Dubai but I’ll be working and living in abu dhabi, with my accomodation in abu dhabi I need to apply for family visa of my wife from Abu dhabi or Dubai? If dubai, will they accept tenancy contract and utility bills attested from baldiya?? please advise.

    1. Ashutosh,
      you will have to apply family visa in Dubai as your visa is from Dubai.

  142. Hi,
    My profession mentioned in my Visa is Urban Planning engineer with monthly salary as 13750 AED.
    Can I sponser my wife with this designation and salary

  143. Hi,
    I have Abu Dhabi Visa and I work offshore 28/28 on off job. I want to keep my family Ajman or Sharjah. Is it possible to get fmily visa with a tenancy contract from Ajman/Sharjah.

  144. am going to apply family visa for my wife and son.Is it mandatory to get attested the Birth Certificate of my son.i got attested my marriage certificate from India.what abt birth certificate,is it compulsory to make attestation from India.

    1. Shamnaz,
      If the child was born in UAE, the certificates need not be attested.
      Otherwise, yes you will need attestation and legal translation.

  145. Hi deepak, may you please inform that visa for family can be applied online also in abu dhabi or it mandatorily needs to be done through typing centre only?

  146. Hi. I am a single parent and have not yet been married. Can I sponsor my dependent child for permanent residence or with long term visit visa?

  147. Hi Deepak,

    I’m currently living in Dubai and my new company will process my visa in Abu Dhabi but i will be base here in Dubai. Will it be alright to process the visa for my daughter under my sponsorship here in Dubai and not in Abu Dhabi once i got my new Abu Dhabi visa?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  148. Hi
    I am with family in Dubai working for a government company since 2 years and have resigned & joining next month in one of the Adnoc company Abu Dhabi but I would like to keep my family in Dubai due to kids schools and planned to shuttle weekends for couple of years.
    Should I need to cancel my family visa? or I can retain them in Dubai and proceed my cancellation and new visa processing? what is the procedure? To take them on my new visa, should I need tenancy contract in Abu Dhabi or my existing Dubai tenancy contract (3 bedroom flat) would do? If Abu Dhabi tenancy contract is mandatory to sponsor family visa, is studio or one bedroom at AD is enough to sponsor as I have 3 kids? Please advise.

    1. Sridhar,
      You could keep a deposit of 5K each and you need not cancel family visa. You will have to inform this to your existing company.
      Once your ADNOC visa is done you could transfer your family under you without cancelling their current visa.
      Government entities do require you to stay in Abu Dhabi if they provide you HRA. Check with them clearly.

      1. Hi, Deepak!!
        Wish you happy new year and let me know if I can sponsor my son age 21+ and one daughter 19 yrs??? and wife + 11 yrs daughter
        8K salary with Accommodation + Transport from company
        I’m with Abu Dhabi visa

        1. Tuwan,
          You may sponsor unmarried daughters.
          But for son who is above 18 years, you will not be able to sponsor.

  149. Hi Deepak,
    Do I need to produce any bank statements in order to sponser my spouse for a family visa for abudhabi or dubai
    Please consider and suggest

    1. Ashutosh,
      No. Only incase of parents visa, bank statements are required.

  150. Dear Mr. Deeply,

    Trust you are doing good today. My visa status is civil engineer. Iam an indian. My salary package is 5000 aed. Is it possible to take my wife. ? What are the basic required documents for this.

  151. Hi Deepak,

    I’m planning to resign from my company, can i apply for a wife’s visa?
    My wife ‘s salary is around 10k. Also , is it possible for me to be on my wife’s visa when i transfer to a new company?

    Thank you…

    1. Zeke,
      I am confused!!
      Will you bring your wife under your sponsorship?
      Yes, you can be on your wife’s visa.

  152. Hey deepak..really proud of u..
    I have a question to ask, my wife holds a Abu Dhabi residence visa and she is currently in India and im plamning to bring her back by end of jan 2015 as we are blessed with a baby on september, but the problem is that on this december 9th the visa gets cancelled automatically as it will be six months she is outside the jan end it will be seven there any solution that i can bring her without applying new visa?

    1. Tahir,

  153. hii deepak,im working in abudhabi in a visa stamped job title as laborer basic salary is 2300 dhs +1800 housing allowance. so total of 4100 dhs plus others all together come nearly 4300-4500 dhs. i am taking an apartment. tenancy in my name. is that i am eligible to bring my wife here on my visa?? Please, i am waiting for a reply.Thanks

    1. Kiran,
      Yes. But please also check with immigration authorities as rules keep changing.

  154. Hi good day deepak. I ask a question.
    Is it possible to get my wife a husband visa. She is here now with visit visa and our marriage contract original is with me. My salary is 6100aed. I have utility bill. Tenancy no. How can I get Tenancy contract? What else needed requirements?

    1. Boy,
      yes possible.
      Tenancy contract which is provided by Landlord, should be attested by Baladiya in Abu Dhabi or EJARI is Dubai.

  155. my husband earns 2900AED as basic salary + cost of living adjustment of 300 AED + overtime. he is living in accomodation near the working site.

    Does these meet the requirements of getting a husband visa for me?

    thank u for the response deepak!

    1. Chel,
      I think NO.
      But you could directly check with immigration department.

  156. Hi Deepak,
    You are doing a great job. My wife is staying in abudhabi with me on her student visa from dubai. I have abudhabi resident visa as a quality controller. My total salary is aed 4900 including all allowances. Company will not give accomodation. Can I sponser my wife?.

    1. Anoop,
      You will need a lease contract for apartment in your name which is attested by Baladiya, besides other documents.

      1. Hi Deepak,

        Keep up the good work.

        I am moving from the UK to AD. My sponsor is processing my visa and my salary will be 25k+. Any chance I can move with my family (wife + kid) at once ? Or I have to go first and then apply for their visas, as per the process you have listed?

        I am not British National but will be moving directly from UK to AD.



        1. Dr.Tariq,
          Welcome to UAE.
          You could request your company to process visit visa for your family so that they could arrive along with you to UAE.
          Once your visa is done, you may apply for their residence visas here.
          Think this will be the best solution.
          Note to get them on VISIT visa and not TOURIST visa.
          If you get them on Tourist visa, they will have to exit the country prior to stamping the residence visa.
          No problem with the nationality.
          All the best.

  157. Dear Deepak..u r doing a great thing…..may god bless u…i am abid from abudhabi…..i need to bring my wife and son here in abudhabi…my designation is follow up clerk and salary is 5500.wat al things reqiured to get the visa? Pls guide me….Also our mariage certificate not yet wife’s name in mariage certificate is sulfa p.c and in Her pasport it is sulfa abid…will it become a problem during attestation?waiting for your valuable replyyyy

  158. Good day Mr. Deepak

    I want to sponsor my wife residence visa here in abu dhabi my documents are ready such as:
    *marriage contract attested and translated from MOFA
    *tenancy contract (studio type)
    *passport size picture of my wife
    *my wife copy of passport
    *my passport
    but my problem is my labour contract i keep on sending request to the company HR head office from where i am working to update my labour contract but their always telling they’re lost my request 6 months passed already my salary before is 2000 + accomodation and transport now i’m getting 5,000 + accomodation and transport. is there any alternative option such as i will submit my old contract and attached my pay slip since my updated salary showing there. please give me advise. and thank you in advance.

    1. Gian,
      You can take Arabic salary certificate which mentions all these along with the copy of the labour contract.

  159. Dear Deepak,

    May I know the cost of Family visa and expiry? I’m planning to bring my wife and daughter.

    Thank you.

    1. Emmanuelle,
      The costs per person will be around 2K approximately.
      You will get 2 or 3 year visa depending on your visa status.

  160. dear deepak
    am an indian and my salary is 4000 and my HRA is 1500. i would like to bring my wife here in abudhabi. my visa is stamped as quality controller. first i thought of bringing her on a tourist visa and then transfer to permanant visa. but since after one mnth of tourist visa even though permanant visa is granted exit has to be done and again has to enter in the uae i plan to take the permant visa and then bring her here.
    since am new here pls tel me wat all r the procedures to apply for the spouse visa, time duration to get the visa, wat al r the documents which i should collect from my company and documents which i should keep as personal etc
    best regards

    1. Roshan,
      walk into any authorised typing centre and they will guide you with the documents and expenses.
      Mainly you require:
      Attested Marriage certificate
      Passport copy , yours and your wife’s
      Photograph with white background
      salary certificate in Arabic.

      1. Hi Deepak,

        My wife is in here already in abu dhabi. And she resigned from her job and got a six month banned from labor office. I have a 4k salary. Is it possible that i can process a husband visa for her? Where is you office sir?

        Thank you.


        1. Jefferson,
          I have no office.
          You could, depending on your designation, valid tenancy contract and other required documents.

  161. Hi Sir,

    I am a Filipino and my designation in my work is an Accountant Clerk. My salary in my laboe contract is AED 3,600.00 but i am receiving an extra commission from my company. My wife and son is currently on Visit Visa and i want them to apply for Residency Visa. Is it possible? Thank you!

    1. Raizel,
      I am not sure. Minimum salary required is 4.5K.
      Take latest salary certificate with latest salary with commission mentioned separately.
      I don’t think commission income will be applicable in calculation of salary.

  162. Dear Deepak,
    I’m an Indian national working in Abu Dhabi emirate.I want to bring my wife and son to uae on family visa.My profession in visa is mentioned as ‘Follow Up Clerk’.My salary is Aed.10000/-.I have tenancy contract,attested & translated marriage & birth certificates, my salary certificate,photos of my wife and son,passport copies of my wife and son.Can i bring my family to uae on family visa.

  163. Hi very good morning Dear Deepak,

    i am working in Gasco. I want to bring my family here, having family accommodation from company but my wife age is now 16.5 years can i get her residence visa. please reply.


    1. Shabbir,
      Out of curiosity, is it legal to marry a minor?
      I am not sure about this!!

  164. Hi Deepak

    My husband will be starting working in Abu Dhabi in Feb next year. My son (age10) and I hope to follow him shortly afterwards. I plan to work once in Abu Dhabi. Should my son & I come via sponsorship through my husband (will I be able to work?) or would I need to apply for my own visa as I would like to work? If my husband and I have seperate visa’s, who would be best to sponsor our son?We are all UK citizens.
    Many thanks.

    1. Sam,
      It is better and convenient for you to come on your husband’s sponsorship in UAE. You may work while still on your husband’s visa. The company where you are employed will need to obtain work permit.
      UAE requires that Father of the child sponsor the visa. So, your husband will need to sponsor your son.
      All the best.

  165. Dear Deepak,

    I am non European Union citizen who is married to European Union citizen. My husband is working in Abu Dhabi and has residence visa. I would like to visit him and stay 4 months . Therefor, I would like to ask you how can I get the permit for this stay. Is it possible to combine for instance tourist (30 days visa) plus family visa (90 days) because I do not plan to stay longer as I have full-time contract in my country? Or do I have to apply for residence visa? If I have to, how much would the health insurance cost for me?

    Thank you in advance for your prompt answer!


    1. Dragana,
      To stay 4 months I guess you will have to apply for long term visa which is valid for 90 days. I am not sure about 4 month visa though. Why don’t your husband apply for your residence visa?

    2. Dragama,
      under vist/tourist visa, you may stay in UAE for a maximum of 3 months at a stretch.
      Other option is for your husband to apply for residency visa for you.

  166. Hi Deepak,
    My status is showing single in my offer letter from a company for a job in abu Dhabi.
    My salary and all is OK and within range for sponsoring my wife.
    Can I sponser my wife with Single Status also?.

    1. Ashutosh,
      In such case, you will have to bear the cost of family sponsorship.

  167. Hi Deepak,

    My Designation is Computer Assembler and my salary is 8000 AED per month, can I get my Wife and Daughter?

    I have the following,

    Marriage Certificate
    Birth Certificate
    I have Tenancy Agreement in my name
    I have my Wife’s Passport copy and Daughter’s Passport copy
    Salary certificate
    2 copies of Photos with white background

    Does my Designation affect?

  168. Hi Deepak,

    My Designation is Computer Assembler and my salary is 8000 AED per month, can I get my Wife and Daughter?

    I have the following,

    Marriage Certificate
    Birth Certificate
    I have Tenancy Agreement in my name
    I have my Wife’s Passport copy and Daughter’s Passport copy
    Salary certificate
    2 copies of Photos with white background

    1. Shivanna,
      Looks good.
      But make sure the documents such as marriage and birth certificates are attested and then translated to arabic.

  169. Dear Deepak,
    I would like to sponsor my wife on resident visa, could you tell me do i call on visist visa 1st and then transfer the visa or can call on different entry permit and convert the visa? could you let me know the charges for the health insurance & the entore cost?

    Thank you

    1. Akshay,
      Yes possible.
      For health insurance, there are different varieties depending on what you need.

  170. Dear Deepak

    i am staying in Villa , villa owner provide me tenancy contract green paper and separate baladya(muncipality) stamped paper.
    my salary is 5600 AED.

    can i apply for family visa.


  171. Pls educate me in this query. how many times a abu dhabi resident visa can be cancelled for a wife who is unemployed and sponsored by her husband. can i come again to abu dhabi with resident visa.

    1. Thank you deepak… but my visa we cancelled twice due to personal reason and i came back to india. now before getting emirates id i returned india for emergency cancelling the resident visa of abu dhabi. pls let me know now its possible or not for the third time…any time limit

      1. Priya,
        It is better to directly get in touch with the immigration authorities.

  172. hello deepak,

    I would like to know if there will be a problem for my wife’s family visa application if i reside in a studio apartment? I have the tenancy contract and salary of 9000 monthly. I am here in Ras Al Khaimah.

    1. Jerome,
      There will be no problem as you have the apartment lease in your name.

  173. Dear Deepak,

    I am working in Private firm in Abu Dhabi, with a salary of AED 4000 and having Dubai Visa. After 6 months i will be getting married. Is it possible to apply for spouse or family visa for me. What all are the formalities for that. Looking for your valuable suggestion.


    1. UK,
      depends on your designation. You will need accommodation in your name.

  174. Dear Deepak,

    I have been recently transferred from my company in India to UAE. I want to take family Visa fro my Husband till he finds a suitable job. My salary is AED 7450 and my designation mentioned in the VISA `is client service clerk. Please advice

    1. Priya,
      I don’t think it is possible for you to sponsor your husband with this designation.
      In addition, you will require house in your name(EJARI), Utility bill, Attested marriage certificate and other documents as per law.

  175. Hi Deepak,

    I am from Philippines. My Aunt will sponsor my Visit Visa in Abu Dhabi ,probably February next year. My boyfriend and I will be getting married this December 2014. If I am going to find a job in Abu Dhabi next year, is it possible that I can sponsor my boyfriends/ fiance Visa?how long is the processing of Spouse Visa?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Charmaine,
      You can not sponsor residence visa for your boyfriend/fiance. You need to be legally married.
      Entry permit is issued the same day for urgent request. Then he will have to undergo Medical fitness test, Emirates ID.
      Visa can be stamped within 1 week if all the documents are OK.

  176. Hi Deepak,

    My husband got a new job in Abu Dhabi, his old visa is from Ajman, and he sponsored me and my daughter. Now that we need to shift to abu dhabi can he put mine and our daughter’s visa on hold while he gets is new visa stamp and then remove the hold and we can continue with the same old visa till it expires or we too need to put on the new visa.

    And if it can be done how to go about it and what is the procedure?
    And to apply for residence visa for family in abu dhabi is water n electricity bill along with the tenancy contract and other documents enough? What if the owner is not giving tasweeq paper what is the replacement for that?



    1. Maria,
      Your husband can keep a deposit ot AED 5000 each for your visas so that you need not cancel them.
      I am not sure what is tasweeq!!
      Tenancy contract needs to be attested and latest utility bill is required along with other documents, if you are applying for a new visa.

  177. Dear
    What is required for family sponsor visa I have below documents I am eligible to sponsor?
    Marriage certificate attested/birth certificate
    Salary certificate
    Wife’s passport photocopy and photograph’s
    Emirate’s id
    Original contract
    Salary is 3.7k
    Designation waiter
    Can provide tenancy contract

    Please advise

    1. Krishna,
      Please contact respective immigration department as the rules change very often.

  178. Dear Sir,

    I planned to sponsor for my wife. Please clarify the followings.

    – My total salary is AED 9,992/-, basic is AED 3,000/-; am i eligible. I am working as Sr. Key Account Engineer, but designation on my visa is General Electrical Engineer.

    – I have Abu Dhabi employment visa, but, can i apply my wife’s visa (family visa) in Dubai.

    – If i have to make Abu Dhabi visa for my wife, do i need to translate the marriage certificate to Arabic; it is already attested by the concerned authorities.

    – I am planning to stay in Ras Al Khaimah and i will be having the tenancy contract, will they consider it. And from where i have to get it attested; Baladiya or local RAK authority.

    – And is it compulsory provide the electricity and water bills (as i have not moved in yet and the electricity and water is supplied by a private company).

    – Labor contract alone is not sufficient, do i need to provide the salary certificate in Arabic too.

    – Apart from passport copies (mine original or copy???), labor contract, attested marriage certificate, tenancy contract, wife’s photograph with white background (how many???), my emirates id and labor card copy, what other documents are required to get the visa.

    Will be waiting for your prompt response.

    Thanks in advance.

    With best regards,
    Muralidhara Rao U

    1. Muralidhara,
      1. Designation looks OK and salary too.
      2. No you need to apply family visa in Abu Dhabi including Medical in Abu Dhabi.
      3. Yes, you will need Arabic marriage certificate translated by legal translator in UAE. The original should have been attested by respective authorities.
      4. I don’t think RAK tenancy will be an issue. Get it attested by RAK authorities.
      5. Also take latest utility bill.
      6. Labour contract is sufficient if it is attested by MOL.
      7. Looks good.
      All the best

      1. Dear Sir,

        Thanks for the swift response.

        Just one clarification required. “Arabic marriage certificate translated by legal translator in UAE”, this original should be attested or marriage certificate which i have from India should be attested by concerned authority.

        Waiting for your prompt response.

        Thanks in advance.

        With best regards,
        Muralidhara Rao U

          1. Thanks Sir.

            Visa (Abu Dhabi – Residence) has been done. She arrived U.A.E. (Dubai Airport) on 25th December, 2014. SEHA medical examination has been done. Reports will be ready for collection today. Also Emirates ID application has been processed.

            I would like to know the followings:

            – Within how many days she has to get the health insurance card. I have given the necessary documents to my company to issue the medical insurance (my company will provide the medical insurance for my wife). Is there any penalty, in case of delay?

            – Also for visa stamping, do I need to provide the health insurance card copy.

            – Is there any time limit to collect the SEHA medical examination reports. As, i am working in Dubai, if health insurance is required (my company told me the card will be ready within next 7 days), after 7 days only i will collect the report and submit it to the typing center along with health insurance card copy for visa stamping. I will not be able to make multiple visits to Abu Dhabi. Is this acceptable?

            Will be waiting for your earliest response.

            With best regards,
            Muralidhara Rao U

            1. Muralidhara,
              -You have 60 days from the day of entry to complete the visa stamping procedures. You need to get insurance within this time. If you delay stamping the entry permit will expire.
              -Yes. That is fine.

  179. Hi Mr Deepak Gie,

    I would like to ask some inquiry, We married here @ consulate / Embassy, do i need to attest my married certificate in my hometown country? Im Planning to sponsor my child his outside of the country, my status can sponsor my child? Im working a private company in abu dhabi, My salary Gross 9,000aed, my designation is storekeeper? we staying with my wife in sharjah, how about my tenancy contract belong in sharjah can i used for one the requirement?

    Many Tnx,

    Abdul jakol

    1. Abdul,
      If you are married here, you do not need to attest any certificate as the court documents would suffice.
      I think there will be no problem with Sharjah tenancy as long as it is attested and you have latest SEWA bill in your name.

  180. Hi Deepak,
    I planned to sponsor for my wife, i have following documents with me,

    1. Attested marriage certificate,
    2. Translated legal certificate of marriage,
    3. Salary certificate in arabic,
    4. My original passport,
    5. Original employment contract,
    6. My emirates id application receipt,
    7. Wife’s passport copy,
    8. Tenancy contract for one year,
    9. passport size photo of my wife with white background.

    Profession:- Project Engineer from private company
    Salary:- AED.14000

    Please clarify me, any other document required and how much the fees.

    1. Gandhi,
      Good set of documents.
      Make sure the Tenancy contract is attested by Baladiya in Abu Dhabi or Ejari in Dubai.
      All Fees will be around 1100 – 1400.

  181. Greetings Deepak !!

    My Employment visa from Fujairah and can I apply family visa in Abu Dhabi.

  182. Hi Deepak. Do you know if there have been any changes to the Abu Dhabi visa regulations regarding the renewal of visas for Dubai residents working in the private sector in Abu Dhabi. The reason I ask is because my own and my wife and childrens visas become due for renewal in December. all best wishes. Stuart

  183. Hi Deepak, do you know if there have been any changes to the visa renewal regulations in Abu Dhabi. I live in Dubai and work in Abu Dhabi – in the private sector – and have my wife and two children under my sponsorship. The reason I ask is because my visa and indeed my families visas are due for renewal in December 2014. Thanks and best regards. Stuart

    1. Stuart,
      There are no any drastic changes in visa renewal.
      However, it is better to check with immigration call centre officers who will guide you well.
      As far as the documents required, they are the same as when you applied for the first time.

  184. Hello Deepak. My boyfriend and I just got married and my surname is not yet changed same to his. So my passport is still on my maiden name. Do i have to change surname on my passport so he can apply for a husband sponsorship for me? Thanks!

    1. Michelle,
      You don’t need to change surname or name in the passport to apply for husband sponsorship.
      However, your passport name should match the name in your marriage certificate.

  185. Dear Deepak,
    i am from pakistan, i have the following documents

    1. marriage certificate Attested
    2. birth certificate Attested (my kids) salary is 5000 + free food and Accommodation

    can i apply for family visa in abu dhabi or not?

    1. Kamran,
      What is your designation?
      Does your company have Ejari and will they provide letter that your accommodation for family is taken care of?
      Your information is not sufficient.

      1. Designation: purchase Assistant
        work in Polo Club
        company will gave me letter for my family accommodation
        still i need tendency contract or not?

        1. Kamran,
          I don’t think you need tenancy contract.
          But company should provide proper letter mentioning they provide accommodation.

          1. Dear Deepak,
            i have marriage certificate & birth certificate Attested from pakistan, both from pakistani foreign office and UAE embassy, in Urdu and in English my question is weather i have to translate it into Arabic before attesting it from pakistani consulate and UAE foreign office from UAE or in english is enough, & which document i need to attest from here original or translated one???



            1. Kamran,
              No need to translate.
              First get all attestations on English certificates done and then go to a legal translator in UAE and get it translated.
              Attest only original.

          2. Dear Sir,
            Can you please tell me i need to attest marriage certificate & birth certificate from the UAE foreign office as i am in abu dhabi but Dubai is very near to me can i attest them from Dubai or i have to attaest from Abu Dhabi…

          3. dear sir,
            first of all thanks for your kind replies to my questions, following your guideline i submit my family document,on 1st dec 2014 i want to know when i will get visa for my family, and is there any probability that immigration still refuse to gave visa to my family, after they take my documents???

            1. Kamran,
              If your documentation is clear, there will be no rejections. However, it completely depends on immigration and I can not comment on this.
              For family entry visa, can be obtained the same day as of application.

  186. Hi Deepak,

    First of all thanks for helping all of us by sharing the information.
    I am planning to sponsor my wife. If I sponsor her for visit visa only , I still need to take a baldiya approved tenancy contract?
    Even for a visit visa , attested marriage certificate required?
    Incase if I plan to change her visa status after arrival to residence visa, what will be the procedure ? will she have to exit the country?

    Thanks in Advance.


    1. Vineet,
      Yes, you need Ejari and Marriage certificate.
      The alternative is tourist visa.
      If you bring her in visit visa, the status of the visa can be changed inside UAE itself. She does not need to exit the country.
      But if she is here on tourist visa, she will have t o exit UAE to apply for residence visa.

  187. Marriage registered in UAE. My wife was under mother’s visa and now she want to take husband’s visa. Do i need to change her name in passport. The name in current passport and marriage certificate is same.
    Muhammad Aqeel Nationality Pakistan
    Wife’s Nationality is also Pakistan

    1. Muhammad,
      To sponsor your wife, she does not need to change her name. You need to make sure other documents are in place and that you are eligible.

      1. Dear Deepak
        My husbund got job at abudhabi. he is working in a school as librarian. school now provide visit visa for him. after three months he will get job visa. now school provide free single accomadation in villa. his salary is aed 5000. so i am eligible to apply for family visa.

        1. Saranya,
          You will need independently leased house in Abu Dhabi to obtain family visa along with other requirements.

  188. Dear Deepak,
    I am working in Abu Dhabi and I am from Pakistan. I have every document available; however, my marriage certificate is not attested from UAE embassy. Is it possible it can be attested through some agency here in UAE? If yes how much i have to pay and how much time it will take? I heard that after attestation by UAE embassy it needs to go to foreign affairs for attestation. Is this right?

    1. Laila,
      Yes there are agencies which can attest your marriage certificate. I don’t endorse any one agency. Do a Google search.
      The cost will be around 500 dirhams. The agency will handle everything on your behalf.

  189. HI, do i need to attest marriage certificate and child birth certificate from India, or can i do all the attestation from UAE

    1. Rajeev,
      You can attest certificates in UAE through various agencies.
      However, costs are much higher in UAE.

  190. hi,

    my husband got job in abudhabi and he will come on employment visa. and I want to bring my daughter on tourist visa. is it possible she can come with my husband on tourist visa. I am already in uae.

    please let me know if it is possible

    1. Sara,
      Yes, your daughter can come on tourist visa.
      However, if you want to change her visa later to UAE residency, she will have to exit the country.
      This may be a problem for you.
      Better to apply for visit visa than tourist visa.

      1. Dear,

        I want to apply visa for my baby boy. My wife is already a resident. What are the required documents for the baby visa only. I have the birth certificate done

        1. -Attested birth certificate if baby born outside UAE or Arabic birth certificate issued by UAE authorities.
          -Attested Labour contract / salary certificate.
          -Fees as applicable

  191. Hi Deepak! Will there be an issue if applying entry permit/residence for the child (9 months old) if the husband is holding Dubai residence visa but working and residing in Al Ain and wife is holding Al Ain residence visa – wife is the Applicant Sponsor for their child. – If it’s an issue what will be the procedure or what will be the steps to proceed.

    In dire need your help/comments/suggestions. Thanks a lot!

    1. Eian,
      Why can’t your husband sponsor your child?
      Authorities will always request the husband to be sponsor for children. However, there may be exceptions.
      You will need to approach immigration department and seek advise as to your situation.

      1. Thank you for your comments Mr. Deepak, unfortunately his salary isn’t enough to sponsor our child. We already approach Dubai immigration to and fro Al Ain immigration, yet nothing happens and we’re still trying to look for any alternative options. Anyhow, have u got by chance knew any person same on my situation. Highly appreciate your response.

  192. Hi Deepak,

    I’ll be moving to Abu Dhabi from Muscat next month. My plan is that I will travel on employment visa & my wife & child on visit visas at the same time. I intend to do a status change from their visit visa to residency.

    Now, as part of required documentation; I do not have attestations of the UAE Embassy in India / UAE Foreign Affairs; but both my wifes & my passports have each others names on it. Would that suffice for family visa?

    Also, my child was born in Muscat. Would his birth certificate require attestation as well?

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. Jason,
      You will need attested marriage certificates and birth certificates (ARABIC) to apply for your family visa.

  193. Dear Deepak. Thanks for sharing valuable information. My family and I arrived in Alain on tourist visa and I got my employment visa after exiting. They say that my family has to do the same to apply for entry permit and cannot be done while they are inside UAE. Is it true that the rules have changed?

    1. Dr.Ali,
      Yes, your family will need to exit since they are on Tourist visa. If they were on visit visa, the status could be changed here.

  194. Thanks for your detailed information Deepak.
    Is it mandatory to have the electricity bill on my name to get the family visa? Or tenancy contract is sufficient?


  195. Hi Deepak- really a great job. One question, my marriage certificate has a small correction in my wife’s name. Actually during typing back in 2003, typer writer had made a mistake and he put whitner to correct it. As per Guajarat Marriage law, megistrate asked to sign on the correction and he had put the stamp. After that same has been attested by UAE Embassy , New Delhi. I am going to apply for my family VISA. Is it going to create any problem to get her resience VISA in UAE? Her name is mentioned everywhere : in my passport, my daughter’s birth certificate and in fact my name is there at her passport. I am little worried. Please revert and suggest me what remedial actions might be needed .

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Manash,
      I dont think it will create any issue since you have her name in your passport and birth certificate. Dont worry.

  196. I am working in Al Ain and staying in Al Ain. Is it required that i need to have a original tenancy contract? Because one of the agent at the typing center told me that if you are working and staying in Al Ain original is not required (I have the tenancy contract which is green in colour) and told me to get a salary certificate saying i am based in Al Ain, will that do? and they did not advise me to get it stamped from baladiya or ejari??? My visa is Abu Dhabi.

    1. I believe, you will need Ejari. However, I am not sure about Al Ain rules. It is better to get clarification.

      1. Dear Deepak

        I would like to sponsorize my wife daughter (I’m not the biological Father) as a dependant, You think is possible? Or maybe for student visa? My wife she’s housewife but she will go to work soon and me i’m a chef earning 18.000 aed

        Please advise

      2. Dear Deepak,

        I am staying in Abu dhabi but my visa is stamped in dubai, So for my family visa, What are all the documnets required related to my accomodation? Ejari or Tenancy contrat and electricity bill?

        1. Senthil,
          You will need Original Ejari for 1 bedroom apartment, Marriage certificate – Arabic attested, Birth certificate for your kids in Arabic(attested).

  197. i want to apply for family visa in Abu Dhabi.

    My profession is “follow up clerk”.

    Please advice is it eligible to apply for family visa.

  198. Good day sir,
    i want to take my wife on family visa but my labor contract is not updated is it possible to use my payslip?
    thanks in advance…

  199. Hi My visa is From Dubai but i am working in Abu Dhabi Office & i have Tawtheeq Tenancy Contract & Water & EB are included in contract. Can i sponser my Wife. Some sayno. What is the solution? please leave a reply. Thanks

  200. Hi Deepak!

    Thanks for the time taken in sharing such an information. I would like to know whether this proess is for entire UAE or for the AD Emirate only?
    I’m working for a pvt. company in Dubai. And want to take house in Sharjah. So, to sponsor my wife and kid, the certificate attestation from home country is completed. Now, my doubt is about the procedure in UAE. If translation of the certificates is mandatory, how would I know about the translators?

  201. Hi Deepak,

    Is it possible for me to sponsor my son, if the tenancy contract is on my wife’s name. We were living in Dubai and the tenancy was on my name. But now I’m joining a co in abu dhabi and i can’t get rental assistance. However my wife will get it.

    Will it help uf the tenance contract says XYZ wife of Rakesh, if I have to sponsor my son.

    Please guide.


  202. hi mr. deepak

    im wonderin because yesterday my collegues told me about to how to sponsor my daughetr 5yeras old. just want to ask today august 1, is theres a new rule for sponsoring my baby it says if you have a 3,000 aed for deposit in te immigration you can apply visa to her, my salary is 4,250 but i dont have a tenancy contract. is there is a possible to bring her here and to apply a residence visa for her? pls advice me..thanks a lot :0

  203. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    Our company give us new family accommodation 3BR flat for 3 family total of 9 person including our children’s, tenancy contract & ADDC bill is in company name. we are working at the same company for more than 10 years.

    Is there any possibility to get visa for my son? since that tenancy and the bill is not in my name.

    Please advice

    Thanks and regards,


  204. Hello there,

    Need your help

    I am woking here as a restaurant manager in abu dhabi and the accomodation is by the company { where as the accomodation is rented by my boss from his elder brother who is shifted to dubai for good, however there is no legal tenancy contract being made by the brothers } however my boss is ready ready to provide accomodation for me and my wife, whom i m planning to call on a dependent visa perhaps wanted to ask you still the tenancy contract would be required for the same or i can call my wife on the NOC letter by the company

    I have
    Marriage certificate attested
    Salary certificate
    Wife’s passport photocopy and photograph’s
    Emirate’s id
    Original contract letter
    Insurance and labour card
    Salary is 5k
    Please advise still i need to have accomodation on my name or that is gonna be allright

    Please advise


  205. Hello there,

    Need your help

    I am woking here as a restaurant manager in abu dhabi and the accomodation is by the company { where as the accomodation is rented by my boss from his elder brother who is shifted to dubai for good, however there is no legal tenancy contract being made by the brothers } however my boss is ready ready to provide accomodation for me and my wife, whom i m planning to call on a dependent visa perhaps wanted to ask you still the tenancy contract would be required for the same or i can call my wife on the NOC letter by the company

    I have
    Marriage certificate attested
    Salary certificate
    Wife’s passport photocopy and photograph’s
    Emirate’s id
    Original contract letter
    Insurance and labour card

    Please advise still i need to have accomodation on my name or that is gonna be allright

    Please advise


  206. Hi Deepak
    I am Working in Abu Dhabi in the Same company since July 2003, My Current Salary is AED,8000/- + Company Accommodation But my Labour Contract is AED,4500/- Am I Eligible to Apply for My Wife and a 5 Year Son residence Visa, Is Tenancy contract & Water & Electricity bill are Mandatory??? Pls Reply.

  207. Dear Deepak,

    I’m holding an Abu Dhabi Visa
    I have a 2 moths old Son who is out of the country. I am applying for his residency visa. Is Insurance necessary in order to get the visa stamped as i would be cancelling my visa soon and getting a visa from Dubai.


    1. Hi

      My husband is working in UAE. We need to get a dependant visa for me and my kids. Is it mandatory for me to be present during the visa stamping applicaiton/process. I know that I will have to undergo medical test. But after the medical test, Can I return to India and can my husband apply for the residence visa on my behalf if he has my passport? What is the time limit between taking medical test and applying for the dependant visa?

  208. Hi,
    Can you please clarify my below queries,
    1. Still in Abu Dhabi, Tenancy Contract required for family visa (Changing the status).
    2. My salary is 12K+ whether i am eligible to apply a visit visa for my cousin brother.

    Please advice…

    1. yes you need you show the tenancy contract

      yes you can sponsor your cousin brother on visit visa

  209. Hi,
    I got married here in Abu Dhabi,
    and delivered a baby boy on Philippines,
    I am planning to bring my son here in UAE, my monthly salary AED. 5000 can i have a chance to apply him a residence visa.

    please do reply.

    1. Mr. Deepak,

      Further waiting for your advise… I really wanna know the procedure so I can bring my son here in Abu Dhabi.

      Sincerely Yours,

      1. If you have all documents which is required by immigration for sure you can sponsor your kid

  210. Hi Deepak,

    I am planning to take a studio apartment for rent. Can I get my wife on dependent visa or is it mandatory to have a 1BHK to get a dependent visa.?

    Appreciate your help on this.

    1. I think you get get you wife on dependent visa. there is no mandatory to have 1 bhk apt

  211. Dear Mr.Deepak,
    I am staying in Sharjah, I have complete document except SEWA Bill, It will take one more month extra. but I have deposit bill. With this bill can I go for family visa in AUH.

    1. You can try but i am not sure will they be able to issue you the fly visa since you dont have SEWA BILL

  212. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I’m planning to sponsor my son in mothers visa. In getting pink visa is it required to submit the original Birth Certificate attested by UAE Embassy abroad or it’s fine to submit copy first then original can be shown after his arrival? or can be submitted for changing the status?

  213. i am newly employed in private company can i transfer my visa from employment to father’s visa? or i will be banned in Immigration?

  214. Hi!

    I have 5 yr old daughter, sooner I’m planning to get her. But my question is, Can I petition her even if her last name is under her father’s surname? which means she’s illegitimate child.

    Please help me. Thank you.

    1. if you have all documents which is required by immigration you can sponsor sponsor your daughter no issue

  215. Hi Deepak,
    Thanks for your valuable info.
    Qn : My Visa is going to Expire in October. Can i sponsor my Family now? or do i need to renew my Visa first?

    Waiting your Reply


    1. you may apply the visa for your family considering you have all the requirements

    1. You will have to check with the immiigration. Probably you need to have NOC from her mother

  216. i m working sharjah electric and water authority my salary 4300 my post is asst mechanical technician can i eligible for family visa

  217. Hi. For the tenancy contract, are there specific rule/s on how many bedrooms should be rented on visa renewal for family (wife + 2 kids)? Currently we are renting 2 bedrooms but plans to get a 1 bedroom flat. Thank you.

  218. Dear Sir,
    i have a doubt also my visa status is ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN is there any problem for this visa to sponsor my wife? Please advise asap.

    1. You need to go to the Auh immigration with all your necessary documents.

      For information pls visit

      1. Dear Deepak….

        My name is John , am working here in AUH,and now i plan to take my family here. I have all papers with me For example

        1) Copy of my passport
        2) Copy of my wife and Kid Passport
        3)Attested copy of marriage and birth certificates. Arabic Translation also
        4) Passport Size photo ( wife and kid )
        5) Tences Contract also with me
        6) my emirates ID copy
        7) Salary contract ( arabic )
        8) Salary Certificate ( 6000 AED+ Accommodation )
        Please check these document is enough for family visa…?

        and i have a doubt also my visa status is CEMENT BRICK MECHAN COMPRE OPR ( Operator ) is there any problem for this visa ?plsss replay

  219. hi mr deepak good day!

    i just want to ask my salary only 3700 and my wife is 2000 we can do combined and get our son here as my sponsor as well?


  220. Hi deepak.
    I took visa for my family last week,my query is i got a new offer from other company and i wish to family still in india. is it required to cancel their entry visa?is there any problem if am applying on their visa after i signed new employment?

  221. I have followed all the steps mentioned by you in the blog for my family visa, but the sequence which I followed is different. I have the new entry permit, paid overstay fine and have not yet applied for status change application. In such case, Will I still have to pay fine. Its been 13 days since the new permit is issued.

    1. Hi Deepak….

      am try to bring my family here,i have enough salary and having tense contract,baby birth certificate attested copy. Deepak i have a doubt is there any problem if my name is not added to wife pasport or wife name is not added to my pasport ?pls replay very urgent ….plssssssssssssss

  222. sir can u advice me what i have to do
    iam working in uae since 2006 in the same company my position is sales executive my salary is 4,200 mothly. i just want to know if i can bring my daugetr here as a residence visa under my sponsorsip but we dont have a tenancy contract,
    and my husband hes here also is working the private company but hes salary is 2,300 only. we want to bring our daughetr here because in our country no one to take care of her there because i dont have a mother already.


    1. hi She, i think it is possible if you have tenancy contract. Original labour contract stating 4,200 will do and just back up it with salary certificate if you got increase. You can try to check this link

  223. Hi Deepak,
    I am working as HR Coordinator in Hilton Abu Dhabi under ADNH and i am earning AED 6,925 my husband is earning AED 2,600 as Chef in Hyatt Hotel as General Cook under ADNH as well and we do have tenancy contract under my name. Is it possible to apply for our daughter a residence visa?

  224. Hi!
    I would like to ask if the original labour contract is really needed in applying for my husband’s visa under my sponsorship. I have all the other requirements, including the salary certificate but I only have a photocopy of my labour contract. Will I be able to apply for his visa?
    Hoping for your reply.

    Best regards,

  225. Is there any time frame within which I have to register with Emirates Id or apply for Visa stamping for residence visa.. eg. within 30 Days or 60 days of arrival, post which fine would be incurred ?? Thanks

  226. Hi Deepak,

    I am working as a secretary and earning 10K monthly. Is it possible for me to sponsor my kids? I was told that my category is nor eligible to sponsor is this correct? My profession in the labor contract is secretary.


  227. Hello Mr. Deepak.

    I want to clarify that I have a dubai visa but working in abu dhabi.i am planning to bring my wife here in is it possible to sponsor her here in Aud.
    2ndly she is from different nationality and we have marriage cert. Made from her country .so will the cert. Be valid to sponsor her here.
    3rdly could you please confirm about the minimum salary required to sponsor .as my salary is between 5k to 6k ?


  228. Hi, I am from Abu Dhabi and I’m trying to have my kids visa stamped on their passport.
    I just came back from Daman Insurance and said I cannot get an insurance for my 2 children ages 14 & 10. They said I need to get it from my company where my insurance is. But I am on a Single Contract as per our HR and dependents are not covered in my contract.
    Do I have any other options?
    Thanks and your response will be much appreciated.

  229. Hi, I am from Abu Dhabi and I’m trying to have my kids visa stamped on their passport.

    I just came back from Daman Insurance and said I cannot get an insurance for my 2 children ages 14 & 10. They said I need to get it from my company where my insurance is. But I am on a Single Contract as per our HR and dependents are not covered in my contract.

    Do I have any other options?

    Thanks and your response will be much appreciated.

  230. Hi Deepak,
    This is Farid from Pakistan and working here as an engineer in an Oil company with a valid resident visa. I have two wives and I have marriage certificates for both. Residency visa of 1st one is in-progrss. I want also second one to be here on family visa.
    Is it possible that I will get visa for both of them.

  231. Dear Deepak,
    I am currently staying with my parents in a 2 bedroom apartment in dubai. the apartment is under my fathers name. My montly salary is 9000 aed, If I get an authorisation letter from my father and use his tenacy contract, is it possible to get visa for my wife. or is it compulsary to have a separate tenacy contract and utility bill under my name. kindly advise.

  232. gooday mr. deepak

    sir can u advice me what i have to do
    iam working in uae since 2006 in the same company my position is sales executive my salary is 4,200 mothly. i just want to know if i can bring my daugetr here as a residence visa under my sponsorsip but we dont have a tenancy contract,
    and my husband hes here also is working the private company but hes salary is 2,300 only. we want to bring our daughetr here because in our country no one to take care of her there because i dont have a mother already. thnaks mr. deepak