Health Insurance Law of Dubai – Issued by Dubai Health Authority

Download Health Insurance Law of Dubai – 2014 – PDF

In the beginning of the year 2014 the Government of Dubai announced that health Insurance will be made mandatoryOpens in a new tab.. The framework for the health insurance Law has been issued by Dubai Health Authority. Under this scheme, an employer is mandated to provide Health Insurance coverage to its employees.

I received a copy of the Health Insurance Law 2014 and in this post, you may download the copy of the document.

Health Insurance Law dubai 2014

What is covered inthe Health Insurance Law of Dubai 2014?

The Health Insurance Law covers a vast area of issues and provides clear cut clarifications.

Below are the major headings covered under Health Insurance Law

  1. Objectives
  2. Who will pay for Health Coverage?
  3. What type of health insurance plan must an employer or other sponsor provide?
  4. Reporting requirements for employers
  5. Who can provide health insurance cover?
  6. Costs of providing cover
  7. Existing arrangements
  8. Where can employers buy health insurance?

I am sure the law will evolve over time. 

If you are interested to know about Insurance Companies in Dubai, you may read the article here.

Download Health Insurance Law 2014


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8 thoughts on “Health Insurance Law of Dubai – Issued by Dubai Health Authority

  1. hello, hope you all are doing well. i want to know health card labour law for employment in Sharjah? Is health card or health insurance is mandatory on employer to provide to his employees?

  2. Hi admin. Im working in my company for more than 3 years. From the begining. May medical card is in category b. This year they change it to category c. Is there a law with regards to downgrading the medical card.

  3. Hi,
    If an employee, that joined in 2012 and wasn’t insured until 2014.
    After which the employee was insured throughout 2014-2015…
    So, my question is… now when she is leaving the organisation, can she can take the employer to court for not Providing her insurance cover for the period 2012-2014???? what is lawfully correct??

  4. Hiyya! I just want to ask about the issue when your company doesnt provide you a health insurance, can I demand feom them or can i report the company and complain to the authority? Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Ayen,
      In Abu Dhabi health insurance is mandatory. In Dubai, recently Government has implemented mandatory health insurance:
      This is not yet fully implemented.

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