Gulf News Classifieds – A good strategy for job hunting!

A cost effective way to Advertise your availability for a Job!

Due to the tough competition for jobs, getting a job is easier said than done. You could have uploaded your profile on many job sites, contacted recruitment agencies and many other strategies.
But there is one strategy that you may not know or would have overlooked and that is:

“Your Job ad on Gulf News Classifieds”

You see, not all companies have the budget to tie up with recruitment agencies or job sites. Even if they have the budget, looking for candidates for Free beats every other strategy. And classified ads do just this thing. It saves companies loads of money.
Many people I know of have had success with the Gulf News Classifieds in finding a job. If you are serious about finding a job in UAE, you should and must try Gulf News Classifieds to search for a job. This is one of the effective ways to let the employers know that you are available and are seeking a job. You are given a limited amount of words (like a Tweet) to summarise your profile and get your message across.

How to place ad on Gulf News Classifieds (newspaper supplement)?

Gulf News Classifieds is issued 7 days a week where you could place your “Job Wanted” ad. They also have an online presence at gnclassifieds.comOpens in a new tab. 
To place ad in the physical Classifieds newspaper, you will have to visit the Gulf News offices in various locations and request them to place a “Situations Wanted” advertisement for your profile.
They will request you to mention your message, your contact details like mobile number and email address. This service is chargeable both online and on the Classifieds magazine.

How to place your ‘Job Wanted’ ad online?

Placing your Job Wanted ad online is quite easy through

Step 1: Register for a free account.

You will be sent a verification code to  your mobile number to verify the number; so please use a real phone number to register.
placing job ad online on gulfnews gnclassifieds 0

Step 2: Click on Place an Ad

placing job ad online on gulfnews gnclassifieds 1

Step 3: Search for Job Wanted

placing job ad online on gulfnews gnclassifieds 2

Step 4: Buy the package that you would like to go for.

placing job ad online on gulfnews gnclassifieds 3
Once you make the payment, your ad will be reviewed and published. I believe it is the most cost effective way to get your message across on a platform that is accessible to all individuals. For companies and employers, this is a Free channel to source CVs and candidates.
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