Gulf News Classifieds – A good strategy for job hunting!

A cost effective way to Advertise your availability for a Job!

Due to the tough competition for jobs, getting a job is easier said than done. You could have uploaded your profile on many job sites, contacted recruitment agencies and many other strategies.
But there is one strategy that you may not know or would have overlooked and that is:

“Your Job ad on Gulf News Classifieds”

You see, not all companies have the budget to tie up with recruitment agencies or job sites. Even if they have the budget, looking for candidates for Free beats every other strategy. And classified ads do just this thing. It saves companies loads of money.
Many people I know of have had success with the Gulf News Classifieds in finding a job. If you are serious about finding a job in UAE, you should and must try Gulf News Classifieds to search for a job. This is one of the effective ways to let the employers know that you are available and are seeking a job. You are given a limited amount of words (like a Tweet) to summarise your profile and get your message across.

How to place ad on Gulf News Classifieds (newspaper supplement)?

Gulf News Classifieds is issued 7 days a week where you could place your “Job Wanted” ad. They also have an online presence at gnclassifieds.comOpens in a new tab. 
To place ad in the physical Classifieds newspaper, you will have to visit the Gulf News offices in various locations and request them to place a “Situations Wanted” advertisement for your profile.
They will request you to mention your message, your contact details like mobile number and email address. This service is chargeable both online and on the Classifieds magazine.

How to place your ‘Job Wanted’ ad online?

Placing your Job Wanted ad online is quite easy through

Step 1: Register for a free account.

You will be sent a verification code to  your mobile number to verify the number; so please use a real phone number to register.
placing job ad online on gulfnews gnclassifieds 0

Step 2: Click on Place an Ad

placing job ad online on gulfnews gnclassifieds 1

Step 3: Search for Job Wanted

placing job ad online on gulfnews gnclassifieds 2

Step 4: Buy the package that you would like to go for.

placing job ad online on gulfnews gnclassifieds 3
Once you make the payment, your ad will be reviewed and published. I believe it is the most cost effective way to get your message across on a platform that is accessible to all individuals. For companies and employers, this is a Free channel to source CVs and candidates.


Deepak is a passionate blogger with interests in bitcoin, online marketing, and writing.

29 thoughts on “Gulf News Classifieds – A good strategy for job hunting!

  1. I have done bachelor in Architecture, having 3 years experience as an Architect in Pakistan. Currently i live in Dubai Ajman have a visit visa and I would like to apply for any suitable job in good organization.
    Muhammad Fahad

  2. Dear Deepak
    I am an MBA Professional with More than 14 years of experience in Customer Service Management, General Administration, Business Development, Retail Operations, Financial Management and AML compliance Role and 7 years of GCC experience. Currently, I am in Sharjah, UAE.My experience comprises of Administration, Marketing, Finance and Customer Service. I have good exposure of using different types software Packages including MS Office.
    Please find the attachment my Resume for your review. I am sure my qualifications, and my personnel attributes like my positive attitude and enthusiasm will match your requirements for the position and I would be thankful if offered the opportunity to meet for an interview, I am expecting a positive reply from you.
    Email: [email protected]

  3. Hi Sir,
    Iam Anu Thomas from India. I had been working as a payroll associate with 2 years experience in NGA human resources and 1 year experience as HR executive with Anaan foods and beverages. Currently i live in Dubai in husband visa and looking for a job in HR sector.


  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and too informative post with us. I am also from Dubai and want to grow my online shopping business by joining hands with some of the best re sellers based out in Dubai.

  5. Dear sir
    Iam Nijas from india i need job for hr assistant or document controller i have two years experience in this field
    My uae no.0567858258
    [email protected]
    Whatsapp +919526333607

  6. Dear Sir Depak M,
    I am happy to see your guiding mail.i am from pakistan. Recently Doing job in OIL & GAS EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION company as Process Engineer.i have total 6.3 years Experience in ( power Plant, OIL & GAS)
    Please its humble request to you to adjuxt me in Oil & Gas Sector (UAE).Please Give your id in which i send you my Updated Resume.


    M.Shoaib Khalid
    Process Engineer
    00923236094880 (WHUTSAPP)
    [email protected]

  7. Hi Deepak,

    Good Day!

    I am MBA graduate with 2.6 years experience in Banking and Finance and i would like to apply for any suitable job in good organisation

    Also i am residing in Dubai on residence visa which is valid through November 2019.
    Last Employment with Standard Chartered Bank as Credit operations officer in India.

    Please let me know for any job opening and thanks for your help

    Kind Regards,
    Usha GP

  8. Dear Sir / Madam
    Good day
    I would like to apply for any suitable opportunities with the organization.
    I’m a Engineering Bachelor’s degree major in Civil having 9 years of experience in Material Control for Piping, Structural, Mechanical and E&I and also have experience in Quantity surveying, Planning, Cost control. I have a good exposure in the following sectors Maintenance, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Oil & Gas, Ship building and ship repair
    Herewith I have attached my resume for your kind perusal. Please review and let me know if there is any suitable opportunities. Willing to go for walk in interview
    Thank you for your time to read this mail & eagerly waiting for your kind response.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ranier Banta +97455231132 [email protected]

  9. Hai deepak,
    I want to know one thing. Currently i am working in saudi arabia and came here in uae for visit visa. There is any problem for getting employment visa in uae without cancelling my saudi visa.

    1. Deepak,
      Not that I know of.
      But I recommend to cancel the saudi visa, so yo don’t face problems in the future.

  10. Hi Deepak
    Sorry for disturbing you. Your blog has been quit useful for me. This time i am looking for a new job. I have done some internationally recognized courses and i believe i can make it through the interview. But my problem is experience. No company now our days want to recruit someone without experience. Now i have to lie on my resume that i have experience in this role in my previous company. Please tell me if this can work or if companies in UAE do background check of experience. Can they also check my Visa.

    Thanks for all your Help so far.
    Best regards

    1. Joel,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  11. Hi! my contract is under unlimited contract. My visa issue is on May 20, 2015, I’m just about 2 months in the company and I decided to resign because they don’t want to give me my 1 hour lunch break, they just allow me to eat and after that work again because they said I’m just sitting and no need to have a break. my position is general clerk but I do everything, I clean the whole office, the toilet and I carry heavy product on our stock because were selling food online. so I believe this is not right for me. Now my concern is because I am Locally hired here in Dubai, I go here first with a tourist visa. during the expiration of my tourist visa I need to go for an exit and also to change my visa into working visa. My company is the one who shoulder everything for my exit my Ticket going to kish island, My food and hotel allowance. My question is can the company ask me to pay back all the money that they give me for the expenses of my exit? can they deduct it on my salary since I already give them my 1 month notice? or would it be right if they will deduct everything on m Salary? in my contract it not stated there that I need to pay them anything if I leave. hopefully you can give me a clarification. thank you so much.

    1. Grace,
      a break after 5 hours of work is mandatory as per labour law.
      If it is written in your contract that you should pay, then you should.

  12. I don’t know where to go or who to ask, maybe you can help me Mr. Deepak. My husband has been employed from a coffee shop here in Dubai. The problem came when he was asked for another test for MEdical examination, they ask for his phlegm for 2 days. Now the company called saying that my husband is positive for TB and they need his resignation letter, and that he will be deported. They cannot show us any proof of the medical result. His Employment visa will expire on Aug 3. Can you give us an advise on this.

    1. Jorie,
      They have to show you the proof. They can not hide it from you.
      How was the visa processed if you had TB and how old is your visa?
      If you are proven positive on TB, the authorities would directly call you and take you to a new facility.
      I smell something fishy here!

  13. Dear Sir/ Madam

    I have more than ten years of diversified experience in office administration as Sr. Administrator, Document Controller, Bilingual Secretary, for industrial plant / major projects in the oil and gas industry of UAE (SNC-Lavalin, Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC), Gasco, Fluor Middleast, Takreer)



    1. Mohamed,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  14. Hai,

    Am working as admin for a company, joined the company during the period of my visit visa. I went back to my home country and rejoined before a month since then am asked to do the job of receptionist also, and until today i have not signed my labour contract since am not asked to.

    1. Can i resign my job now, will i get any ban
    2. Can i ask for extra pay since am doing the work of 2 persons
    3. We are given only 1hour less for Ramadam to our usual timing were shud v complain

    1. Malik,
      1. If you have labour approval and if you have not completed your contract, you will face labour ban.
      2. That will depend on the job description.
      3. You could file complaint with MOL.

  15. Hi Deepak,

    The last link you provided ..submit your cvresume..
    Unable to upload it on ur site as there is no submit button ..
    Further, I’m from india and since I have an Indian mobile number +91-98**… How do u put the number in it

    1. Robin,
      Use this link:
      Please clear your browser cache before proceding. I can clearly see submit button.
      Enter your phone number as you have it.

  16. Hi , i am an experienced and educated job seeker working as salesman cum tally data entry in uae.
    I am looking for a appropriate job for me which set best with my past experience and skills.

    1. Malkit,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

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