GoGodeal.ae is ready to disrupt the online discount deal industry in UAE

Press Release: GoGodeal.ae launched in UAE

Dubai, UAEGoGodeal.aeOpens in a new tab. is the first online deal-auction start-up in the UAE with its headquarters in Dubai which aims to renew the way discount vouchers are being sold online by letting customers interact with merchants and each other through a unique auction model and have them place bids on their favorite leisure deals and getaways such as hotel, restaurant, beauty, spa and travel vouchers.

GoGodeal.aeOpens in a new tab., as a performance-based, strategic marketing and distribution channel, says their intention from a merchant perspective is to offer a unique marketing tool that helps the merchant to quickly and easily reach sales and marketing targets by reaching out to as many new clients their business can handle.

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On the consumer side, the auction website offers a one-in-a-kind shopping experience that is completely different than what is available to them now in the middle east online eCommerce landscape but mostly to bring fun and excitement to the way discount vouchers are being bought online. The customer is now in control of the amount they want to pay for any deal put up by the merchants. Co-founder and Managing Director Michael Lavoo says: “On the one side we empower our customers by providing them with a tool to place bids in competition with each other and enjoy the thrill and excitement of the auction experience. On the other side we are significantly increasing the flow of customers to our merchants helping them utilizing their non used or over-capacity. One of our competitive advantages is that all our deals start from AED 0.”

The company is founded by two entrepreneurs Mr. Michael Lavoo and Mr. Kent Wissink. Together with their dedicated and compact team they have their headquarters in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Mr. Michael Lavoo was among the first to spot a change in the online deal market in the Middle East. “The online deal market has been maturing for the last 4 years through the older fixed-price discount models such as Groupon and Cobone. After looking at 18 active deal sites that all imitate the Groupon model, we agreed that the time looks right to offer the customer and the merchant something new and different. The model will open up a new performance-based, strategic marketing and distribution channel to merchants in the UAE and provides a totally unique online shopping experience for the UAE online customers.

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eCommerce revenue in the Middle East is estimated a $15 billion industry in 2015 and will continue to grow at a significant rate in the years to come analytical experts predict. As a tech-savvy internet enthusiast, Lavoo realized that the online deal market in the United Arab Emirates has plenty of regular deal portals, however no one was offering a platform where people could use the hugely popular and effective auction model to purchase discounted leisure and travel vouchers. This is where the idea of GoGodeal.aeOpens in a new tab. was born.

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The company says that its unique concept has brought a lot of enthusiasm and excitement among headliners in the UAE e-commerce industry and received a huge interest and enquiries by merchants in all categories, such as beauty, restaurant, hotels, tourism and travel merchants to name a few. The brand new company has received seed capital by an independent investor from Dubai who is convinced this new model is “The next big thing in the UAE online voucher industry”.

GoGodeal.aeOpens in a new tab. has currently launched its operations in Dubai and has a large drive to move the online auction model forward into new markets and GCC countries in the Middle East region. The website is available in English and Arabic on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, making the model accessible for people from the Middle East to bid on their deals.

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GoGodeal.ae is a Dubai-based strategic marketing and distribution channel. It specializes in leisure and travel deals and is committed to provide a one-in-a-kind shopping experience in the Middle East e-commerce market through their unique auction platform where customers can place bids on a variety of deals. For more information please visit www.GoGodeal.aeOpens in a new tab.


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      Penalty for not providing notice period is that you should compensate the employer for the notice period.

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      If you have paid annual leave as per your contract, you should receive your full salary.

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