How to get faster check in at airports in UAE

Traveling by air has become a regular affair for most of us and the last thing you want while on tour is the stress of not being ready for the unexpected. But with a little preparation, tips and checklist traveling by air can be fun. Many of the tips are the things that you do normally; but you may forget these small things, the process will be smoother:

  1. Check the luggage-The customs officer might want you to open the luggage that you have secured with plastic cover. Point is that, if you are asked to open the luggage, this might prove to be a tedious task. Check the weight of your luggage prior to setting off to the airport. The rule in UAE is one bag should not weigh more than 30KG.
  2. Incase you forget, print your ticket the previous night. If you have a smart-phone,   carry a copy of your ticket in the phone itself. Have your PNR recorded in your phone or a piece of paper. Tripit is a good app to carry your travel details.
  3. Wearing easily wearable shoes will ensure that you will not require to fuss about the process of removing your shoes if you are asked to.
  4. Put coins, watch, belts and other metallic things in your hand baggage.
  5. Do not carry your phone, iPod in your pockets. Having them will slow you down in the process.
  6. Wearing overcoats having zippers will make you slower in the check in process. If at all you need to carry an overcoat, carry the one without the zippers.
  7. While checking in, make sure to glance around for the shortest and the quickest line.
  8. Get an E-gate card. This reduces the check in time by almost 15-20 minutes at peak times.

Happy check in at the Airports.

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