Employment Law of DIFC – Download PDF

Download DIFC Employment Law

Dubai International Financial Centre or DIFC, is one of the leading financials centres in the Middle East and hope to be the best in the world. DIFC is also a Free Zone and generates lot of employment. You could apply for various jobs through the websites of the companies based in DIFCOpens in a new tab..

difc labour employment law

Employment Law of DIFC

I get lot of enquiries with regard to both UAE Labour Law and DIFC Employment Laws. Although I am very much familiar with the UAE Labour Laws, I did not make any effort to learn DIFC Laws of Employment.

DIFC has laid out a clear cut and concise Laws of Employment and it is a must read for all the employees as well as employers within DIFC. I am familiarising  myself with these laws. The best thing about the DIFC Employment Law is that it is written in very simple English which is easily understandable and to the point.

Download DIFC Employment Law PDF

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  1. Dear sir

    Good evening

    This is kamalakar I have one problem sir I join one facilities management company 3 months before as per my contract 8 hrs duty but they given me 12 hrs duty I am asked to my employer they said we don’t have now 8 hrs duty if I reigne I need to pay my visa expenses are not this is my second company in UAE if I am resigne I am getting ban are not

    Please give sujetion for this problem.



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