Economic Vision 2030 of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi 2030 vision

The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 was developed by Abu Dhabi Department of Economic DevelopmentOpens in a new tab., the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic DevelopmentOpens in a new tab., and the General Secretarial of the Executive CouncilOpens in a new tab..

Its overall aim is to encourage all stakeholders in the economy to contribute to a transition to a more balanced ‘knowledge‘ economy, and away from too much emphasis on oil and gas.

In summary, Abu Dhabi’s Government has identified Nine Pillars likely to mould the emirate’s social, political and economic future:

  1. A large empowered private sector.
  2. A sustainable knowledge-based economy.
  3. An optimal, transparent regulatory environment.
  4. The enhancement of strong and diverse international relationships.
  5. The optimization of the emirate’s resources.
  6. The development of premium education, health and infrastructure assets.
  7. A high level of international and domestic security.
  8. The maintenance of Abu Dhabi’s values, inherent in its culture and heritage.
  9. A significant and ongoing contribution to the Federation of the UAE.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development is responsible for formulating the economic and commercial policy of Abu Dhabi emirate and for preparing the plans and programs required for implementing this policy. The Department provides commercial licensing and trade name registration and conducts the necessary studies to encourage and promote the private sector. It also holds conferences to promote Abu Dhabi as an investment destination, and conducts seminars designed to train prospective exporters.

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Download Abu Dhabi 2030 Economic vision PDF-1Opens in a new tab.

Download Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision booklet PDFOpens in a new tab. – 2

Source: Morison MenonOpens in a new tab.

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