Eagles concert tour in Dubai 2012 – What songs are you waiting for?

Well, it is now the waiting time till I see The Eagles in Dubai!

Having heard their songs throughout my teen years, and till today, I am waiting to see them perform live here in Dubai. I must thank Done Events for the wonderful concerts they have been organising in the UAE. But this one is gonna be special.

I would never have gotten an opportunity if it were not for Dubai, to see Eagles  live!

There are songs and there are those songs that keeps us alive. Below embedded is my personal favorite from the Eagles.

Once again following are the vital statistics for the Eagles concert in Dubai 2012:

Date, Day: April 12th 2012, Thrusday (Time not announced yet. But I reckon it will start around 9PM and run upto the midnight)

Venue: 7he Sevens Stadium, Dubai-Al Ain Road.

Crowd expected: 25,000-Biggest ever in the UAE in a single day for a concert!

Information is awaited on the ticket pricing.

Pre-register for information on www.eaglesdubai.com

Dying to hear this song: Love will keep alive!

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