Dubizzle Jobs – Is Dubizzle.com a holy grail for job seekers in UAE ?

Dubizzle JobsOpens in a new tab. – A must visit for Job Seekers

I have been in UAE for longer than 8 years now and it has been a fantastic journey.

One site that I am constantly hooked onto is DUBIZZLE.comOpens in a new tab.


The website provides you with numerous ways to Buy/sell a house, Rent a house, Sell/buy a car and most importantly Find Job in Dubai.

The last function that I mentioned is the most important one as Dubizzle has helped a lot of individuals to post, search and apply for jobs on their website. By becoming such a catalyst, Dubizzle has proved to be a force to reckon with when it comes to searching and applying for jobs.

How can you apply for jobs posted at Dubizzle?

Dubizzle has made it very user friendly to apply for jobs that have been advertised.

Dubizzle has following categories under their website:

  • Motors
  • Classifieds
  • Property for Sale
  • Property for Rent
  • Jobs
  • Community

The above categories have a lot of sub categories for you to serach for a suitable item that you are looking for.

Jobs on Dubizzle – Why do companies advertise jobs on Dubizzle?

The main motivation for advertising jobs or any other thing on Dubizzle is that it is completely FREE site unless you want to Feature your ad on the top of the listings. For companies with limited budget for recruitment, this is a huge advantage. There is no limit of how many jobs or classifieds that you can publish on Dubizzle.

How to apply for Jobs posted at Dubizzle.com?

Here is a short video on how to apply for Jobs posted at Dubizzle.com:

I am looking for a job. Can I post my requirements at Dubizzle.com?

Watch the short tutorial on how to post your job requirement.

Dubizzle has been a boon for job seekers in the UAE and other neighbouring countries. It provides you with ample opportunities to look for job openings.

I know a lot of individuals who have found jobs just through Dubizzle.com. Hence, I encourage job seekers to make full of this free tool available to their disposal. Wish you all the best. Apply for your job at Dubizzle.comOpens in a new tab.. With its vast choice of jobs posted and ease of applying, Dubizzle.com indeed can prove to be a strategic tool for your job search. 

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