Dubai Tram Fines – Violations and Penalties

Dubai Tram – Offences and Fines

Dubai Tram will be launched on 11-11-2014. Read more about Dubai Tram here.


Dubai Tram will run on the ground throughout its route. RTA has been updating the residents through various campaigns on how to take care while driving in the areas where Dubai Tram is operating. If you have read newspapers, you would have definitely come across the information leaflets.

There are some severe penalties for those who do not adhere by the rules of Dubai Tram. Being a surface transport system, it is all the more important for everyone to be aware of the fines and penalties that are imposed on the offenders.

Below are the list of offences and fines being imposed on violators.

Causing an accident leading to deathUp To AED 30000 + Withdrawal of driving license for up to 1 year
Causing an accident leading to bodily injuryUp To AED 15000 + Withdrawal of driving license for up to 6 months
Driving through red light without causing an accidentUp To AED 5000 + Withdrawal of driving license for up to 3 months
Throwing or causing the thrwowing of waste on Tram tracksAED 500
Crossing the tracks anywhere other than the designated areasAED 1000
Un authorised access to prohibited zonesAED 1000
Interfacing with or attempting to interfere with the operation of TramAED 2000
Unauthorised interception of the Tram on the tracksAED 3000

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