Dubai to have new under-water hotel

Magnificent hotels are not new to Dubai! We already have Burj Al Arab, Atlantis Hotel and many other masterpieces. But the latest plan will sweep you out of your feet.

The news is that Dubai will have an underwater hotel built! And it’s not one but many of them across the region.

If the reports are to be believed, Drydocks WorldOpens in a new tab. has signed a contract with a swiss firm called BIG Invest ConsultOpens in a new tab. to develop under-water hotels across the region. This also includes what is called a “water Discus Hotel“; called so because of its shape matching a discus.

The plans for the Water Discus Hotels will include two spaceship-like buildings, an underwater and above-water one connected by three legs and a vertical shaft containing an elevator and stairway. The hotel is designed with 21 rooms, a dive center and a bar, all 32 feet below the surface of the ocean. Each guest room will feature special lighting, creating optimal light for guests to photograph the sea life around them,as reported.

To get the real sea experience, guests will be able to operate miniature vehicles from inside their rooms that will take blown-up photographs of the surrounding sea creatures. Deep Ocean Technology is the company behind the technology.

Here are the concept pictures of Dubai underwater Hotel: (Click on the slideshow for bigger images)


For more information visit Official Website.Opens in a new tab.


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