Dubai Schools rating in 2011-2012 – Outstanding, Good, Acceptable, Unsatisfactory – The List

KHDA(Knowledge and Human Development Authority) conducts an annual survey of schools to rank the schools on various criteria. The recently concluded study has rated schools between Outstanding, Good, Acceptable and Unsatisfactory. The 2 broad categories are Indian and Pakistani Schools.

There definitely are more schools in Dubai. However, they do not feature in this list of KHDA school rating.

There are a total of 60,560 students in the schools under study. Most of them, around 58.5% study in Good and Outstanding schools.


List of Outstanding Schools 2011-2012 – These schools moved from Good in 2010-11 to outstanding in 2011-12.

Dubai Modern High School – ICSE
The Indian High School – CBSE

List of Good Schools 2011-2012

Delhi Private School – CBSE
Our own English High School – CBSE
Our own High School – CBSE
Our own Indian School – CBSE
Rajagiri International School – CBSE
The Indian High School-Branch – CBSE
The Millennium School – CBSE

List of Acceptable Schools 2011-2012

Crescent English High School – CBSE
Emirates English Speaking School – CBSE
Global Indian International School – ICSE
Gulf Indian High School – CBSE
Gulf Model School – CBSE
JSS International School – ICSE
New Indian Model School – CBSE
The Central School – CBSE
The Elite English School – CBSE
The Kindergarten Starters – CBSE

List of Unsatisfactory Schools 2011-2012

Buds Public School – CBSE
Little Flowers English School – CBSE


List of Unsatisfactory Schools 2011-2012

HH Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School – Pakistani
Al Farooq Pakistani Islamic School – Pakistani
Pakistan Education Academy – Pakistani

 It is to be seen how many of these schools move up in ranking in the coming year.

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