DEWA – Dubai bill problems: Solution!

I think I figured out the problem!

For the past 6 months, I have observed an increase in the DEWA bill. Most of the people have been complaining over at the online forums with regard to the increased DEWA bill.

Even I have vented my frustration.

Here is an explanation that I have come to know of through personal experience:

This problem exists for the people who are used to paying the DEWA bill online through their banks or through DEWA website. The problem is with the reconciliation department. The bills that get paid online, have not been reconciled properly by the department. The result is an accumulation of the bill over a lot of months which falsely indicate a higher consumption and higher cumulative DEWA bill.

My connection was cut off due to non-payment. I was surprised!! I regularly pay my bills and on time! Today my connection was cut off and I panicked. I immediately dialed 04-6019999 the customer care phone and headed of to Emergency section.

The officer insisted that the ‘system’ does automatic payment receipts. But I insisted to check against the Receipt number that I was mailed by DEWA upon payment.

And LO….DEWA has been doing this for months. My payments were not reconciled for the past 5 months. Finally the friendly officer obliged and informed me that the reconciliation department has not been doing their duties!

The DEWA customer care officer informed me that it was a mistake and my connection will be restored within 4 hours.

Thank Heavens!

If your connection has been terminated by DEWA or you have a more than regular bill, check with DEWA whether the online payments have been reconciled!

I trust DEWA in taking care of what they do best.

Happy at end!

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