Currency of United Arab Emirates (UAE)

UAE Dirham: UAE Currency

Most of us expats, if not all are in UAE to earn money and save money! It is also true that most of us earn our salaries / income in Dirhams. In this post, I will be covering various UAE currencies that are currently under circulation.


History of UAE Currency:

Dirham as a word is derived from Greek word Drachmae, which means ‘HANDFUL’ through Latin. UAE Dirham was officially launched on May 19th 1973 as UAE Currency. Prior to that UAE used different currenciesOpens in a new tab. like Dubai Riyal, Dinar, Saudi Riyal, Gulf Rupee etc. Indian Rupee for most part prior to 1970’s was commonly used in trade due to the large contingent of Indian traders.  UAE Currency is referred to as Emirate Dirham, AED, DHS, DH and in Arabic ‘د.إ’

Official sign (symbol) of Dirham :

UAE Dirham has no official symbol like US$ or UK Pound. In English the amount of currency is preceded by ‘AED’ or ‘د.إ’ in Arabic. UAE Dirhams are officially issued by Central Bank of UAE.

Various Denominations of Currencies:

UAE Dirham currently has coins and paper notes in circulation.

UAE CurrencyCoin / Note
25 FilsCoin
50 FilsCoin
1 DirhamCoin
5 DirhamNote
10 DirhamNote
20 DirhamNote
50 DirhamNote
100 DirhamNote
200 DirhamNote
500 DirhamNote
1000 DirhamNote

The UAE Dirham has following coins: 25 Fils, 50 Fils and 1 Dirham

The UAE Dirham has following notes currently in circulation: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000

Below you will find images of various coins and paper notes of UAE Dirhams.

UAE Dirham Currency Coins:

25 Fils

UAE 25 fils coin front

UAE 25 fils coin back

50 Fils

UAE 50 fils coin front

UAE 50 fils coin back

1 Dirham Coin:

UAE 1 dirham coin front

UAE 1 dirham coin back

Dirham Paper Notes:

5 Dirham Note

UAE 5 dirham note front

UAE 5 dirham note back

AED 10 Note

UAE 10 dirham note front

UAE 10 dirham note back

AED 20 Note

UAE 20 dirham note front

UAE 20 dirham note back

AED 50 Note

UAE 50 dirham note front

UAE 50 dirham note back

AED 100 Note

UAE 100 dirham note front

UAE 100 dirham note back

AED 200 Note

UAE 200 dirham note front

UAE 200 dirham note back

AED 500 Note

UAE 500 dirham note front

UAE 500 dirham note back

AED 1000 Note

UAE 1000 dirham note front

UAE 1000 dirham note back

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