Why is Construction sector ‘HOT’ in UAE ?

ConstructionOpens in a new tab. Sector in UAE

When it comes to listing some of the flourishing economies in the world, one just can’t ignore the United Arab Emirates. As per a statistical data, UAE has an economic freedom score of 71.4, placing it on the 28th position in a list of free economies in the 2014 index. The country offers a better labor freedom, business freedom, and monetary freedom. This freedom quotient is completely free from the declines in the control of government spending and freedom from corruption.


The wealthier Oil & Gas sector and economic diversification initiatives to promote non-oil sectors or the private companies have been on a roll and thereby the idea has pulled in a lot of foreign investors. These investors have incurred in a lot of money in building up the private sectors and giving rise to a better employment market.

Apart from the regular Oil & Gas sectorOpens in a new tab., there is Construction & Real Estate sector that has led to heavy revenue generation and a source of better job prospects for both expats and nationals. Let us discuss the prosperity factor of the industrial sector:

Global Reports & News Pieces on UAE Construction sector

A recent newsOpens in a new tab. published on a portal catering to market intelligence service provider, the construction industry in the UAE is set to flourish at a good pace in the upcoming quarters of 2014. The government of UAE has inked several treaties and has come up with a number of projects that will catapult the infrastructural facet of UAE, completely.  

The same news piece also revealed that the construction industry has left behind other flourishing sectors like Oil & Gas and Power with total construction projects reaching a whopping $38 billion in 2013. The good news here is that the number of projects is likely to increase by good number in the coming quarters of 2014 as well.

Government Policies on Construction sector

The government of the UAEOpens in a new tab. has dished out favorable policies that have given permission to the non-UAE national freeholds. This has in turn paved a way for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the construction sector and the investors are showing interest in signing projects with UAE and thereby acquiring properties across the country, thereby contributing to the growth of the construction sector.

UAE Employment Market: Is It the Next Big Thing?

Apart from the fact that foreign investors taking interest, it’s the high migration rate that has pushed the construction domain to new heights. The city is experiencing infrastructural makeover at a very high pace. This has created a lot of employment opportunities for site engineers, workers and shop-floor employees.

Another contributing factor that will create a plethora of jobs in here is the World Expo Bid win by Dubai. In order to make the event successful, the construction domain is ‘burning the midnight oil’ to structure better infrastructure, roads and housing facilities for the guests of honor from different countries who will be visiting Dubai, UAE to participate in the mega event.

As per a reportOpens in a new tab. published in favor of the upcoming world expo on a global recruitment consultancy website, the bid is expected open doors to welcome some of the excellent employment opportunities in UAE in the construction industry. Moreover, the report also reveals that these upcoming favorable jobs in construction domain will offer seekers a salary surged by 20%.

The Verdict

If you are a job seeker with engineering or designing background and are ready to relocate to any country; then UAE is the best deal here. The construction industry is surely going to offer some of the high-paying jobs in UAEOpens in a new tab. and that too with revised and surged salary slabs.

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Vineeta TiwariOpens in a new tab. is a professional writer and blogger, who closely follows the global employment markets and economies. Currently, she is focusing on of GCC and Middle East job market. Her articles offer insights to readers who are set for a career change or switch in such regions and provide them researched information on how to achieve that.


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  1. Dear Sir,
    A friend of mine is new to Dubai, recruited from India, he is a civil engineer by profession. As of now he is in 6month probation by this company in some freezing sharjah or Ajman. He is not getting his salary only little pocket money, till the probation is over. Is the right under the law of Uae? Isn’t he entitled for his full salary… Do let me know thank you… Tina

  2. Thanks dear Mr.Deepak and good morning,

    i have 1 request here, sir i want to ask regarding my visa changing proceedure which one illigible for year 2014.
    i have one offer from another company and is there my salary is upto AED5000/- and viza status( profession ) sales supervisor. but where i am working i did not completed my 6 months still i am in probation this is my 4 month. so how i can get another job. my qualification is S.S.C. i saw in attachment is there mentioned if your qualification is S.S.C. and your are getting job from another company with salary AED5000/- with good position then you can change your visa without any ban ? when i get offer letter then i can resign from current job or i will request for NOC and if they did not issue NOC for me so what i will do can i get new job without NOC and ban will be lifted please sir reply me and this law is implement for year 2014? please clarify God bless you and whole your kind family in this ramadan.

    with best regards
    Muhammad Akmal

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