How to cancel dependent’s residence visa in Abu Dhabi UAE?

Cancelling dependent’s UAE Residence Visa

Such situations might arise when you find a new job or when you want to leave UAE.

The procedure visa cancellation for dependents like you wife, children is very simple.

Steps to take to cancel UAE Residence visa:

  • Go to a typing centre and tell them that you would like to cancel residence visa for dependents-Wife, Children.
  • Once they type the visa cancellation form, you will go to the Immigration department.(First floor in Abu Dhabi)
  • Take the token for the cancellation services and wait for your turn.
  • Once your turn comes, inform the officer why you are there and submit the documents.

That’s it. The Officer will put a ‘cancelled’ stamp on the visa and handover the original passport back to you.

abu dhabi immigration location

Documents required for visa cancellation

  • Original passport of the Sponsor for typing purpose
  • Original passports of your wife, children dependents
  • Copy of Sponsor’s passport for each application
  • Copy of dependent’s passport.
  • Original Emirates ID

Charges for dependent visa cancellation

In Abu Dhabi the charges are AED 50 per application which are paid to the typing centre.

These procedures are for dependent visa cancellation Abu Dhabi. However, they may be similar in other emirates as well.


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15 thoughts on “How to cancel dependent’s residence visa in Abu Dhabi UAE?


    1. Tripti, As per the latest information the visa would be valid till December 2020.

  2. Sorry, the process was not this easy and it costs money to cancel visas. Make sure to bring cash. Also, do not expect to get your nanny deposit back since immigration is famous for finding ways to keep it.

  3. I want my visa to be transferred from Abu dhabi to Dubai, UAE. But i need to cancel the abu dhabi visa of my Son which is my dependent, before my company will proceed for visa transfer. can you please advise me with this issue? and what are the steps that i need to do.

  4. Hello Sir,

    I need to cancel dependent visa issued at AbuDhabi for spouse from Dubai. Please let me know the process.
    Please confirm if AbuDhabi visa can be cancelled from Dubai.

    Vamsi Mohan

  5. dear sir,

    currently am in abudhabi I want to cancel my family visa (wife & child) which is issued from Dubai . is it possible to cancel from abudhabi itself

  6. This process is either misleading or out of date.
    The typing centre fee is 100aed. You can use any certified typing centre, I used the Marina Mall one.
    If the visa is for a dependant, you go to the post office in Abu Dhabi, not the General directorate of residence and foreign affairs. If you make this mistake, you will circle for ages and be unable to park your car, then they will turn you away anyway… Typical UAE.

    1. Hi Wazza..thanks for the right info.. could you please advice.. I need to cancel my family visa but they are not in country!!

  7. Hi, my spouse visa is sponsored by me and it is issued in Ras Al Khaimah. Is that possible to cancel her visa in Abu Dhabi as I’m residing in Abu Dhabi city.


  8. Dear hello please give me some information how can company cancel me with any I sigh …… I wontet do go from this job I make 1 paper I right I don’t won’t to work any more in this company … can the company cancel me only with this paper is this possible with awt I been to any office and with awt sign my cancellation ?

  9. are the defendants original passport mandatory? What if they are already out of UAE?

    1. Winrico,
      I am not sure whether this is possible now. Pleas inquire with immigration.

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