Best route to drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi!

Dubai to Abu Dhabi-Best Route!

If you are one of those people driving daily from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and vice versa, you already know the pains of driving up and down daily. I have also been driving to work from Dubai to Abu Dhabi on a daily basis and I must admit that a bit of planning will avoid a lot of hassles on your drive.

My route: Dubai to Abu Dhabi

I live in Ras Al Khor and I take Emirates Road in the morning. Once on Emirates Road, I drive till the exit which leads me to the road going to Emirates Hills, Greens, Barsha crossing the Al Khail Road. There is only one signal on this road. Lately there is also a radar being installed with a speed limit of 80KM/HR.

I join the Sheikh Zayed Road and from there it is pretty straight forward route on the SZR to Abu Dhabi. On this road I maintain a speed of 130-140KM/HR. I prefer the 2nd lane.

On route to Abu Dhabi, I take Yas Island to make a quick entry into Abu Dhabi. The speed limit here is 100KM/HR and drive at around 120KM/Hr. This is the most relaxing part of the journey as this road is not congested.

My workplace in Abu Dhabi is at Al Bateen, so I end up at Mina Zayed(port) and take the Corniche Road towards Emirates Palace and take left at Emirates Palace. The whole journey takes around 1 hour 30 minutes for me. If  I start at around 6:30AM, I am at office at around 8:00AM.

 Dubai to Abu Dhabi route map

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Returning from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

In the evening I prefer to take the behind road in the Al Bateen area which leads me to the Abu Dhabi to Dubai road via Airport road. On the is the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The traffic in the evening is a bit thick and I am cautious. I am on the same route as in the morning leading to Emirates Road or Al Khail Road depending on my mood.

 Abu Dhabi To Dubai Route Map

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At the end of it, I am a tired man and now I need rest.

See You!

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