Automate your Tasks and Find More Time!

Everyone I meet these days is complaining that they do not have enough time to do their work. A friend yesterday mentioned to me that he did not have time to meet me as he had to pay his DEWA(Electricity and Water bill)!!

I said which age is he living in? And this incident prompted me to write this piece of advice or rather time saving strategies.

Here are my chore busting principles:

1. Automate everything that can be:

First and foremost comes the bill payment for electricity, or internet or satellite. Nowadays, bills can be paid right here at home with the help of online bill payment services. Most of us are aware of it. Skip the line at the customer service or the payment machine and pay with the click of a button. You might need credit card or online banking facility for this. It is such a convenience. Ask me. Dubai Government is quite tech savvy and believe me fine payment has also been completely made available online.

2. Do things in batches:

Well, there is no hiding the fact that doing your tasks in batches saves a lot of your precious time. Be it cooking, sorting out finances and whatever you say. For example, I set aside time dedicated to my writing related activities in a batch. So when I sit down to write I concentrate on writing related tasks such as reading, listening to music and so on. Set specific time for your activities or better have a daily calendar which sets out specific time for specific activities. Like cleaning in the morning, cooking after that, washing clothes after that and so. This would save you that precious time.

3. Multi-tasking is the Key:

Have you gone for an appointment with the doctor and still are waiting for your turn? Carry that book you were reading at home. You could do a good amount  of reading while you are waiting for your turn or are waiting for the Metro or a bus. You could also fold your clothes while you watch your favorite TV show. Folding clothes anyway does not require your attention, does it? So, multi-task and use your idle time for best use.

4. Ask for help:

So that heap of laundry is giving you a headache. Calculate the opportunity cost of outsourcing the task versus doing it yourself. Are you better off with doing the task  yourself or you would rather spend the time productively by doing a more important task? Think and do what is preferred.

5. Create a time table and stick to it:

I understand that you are a ‘busy’ person. But does creating a time table hurt you? For an organised life, you may need to have a time table set. Once you create a time table, stick to it as much as you can. This helps you in allocating right amount of time for particular tasks.

I have found these steps good enough to save a lot of my time by channeling right amount of time to specific tasks. I believe this helps everyone.

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Deepak is a passionate blogger with interests in bitcoin, online marketing, and writing.

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