Arrest in Dubai for Anna Hazare supporters!

I am neither surprised nor do I regret what has been done to the individuals who flouted the local laws of Dubai, UAE. There was recently an anti-graft movement in India against corruption by Anna Hazare in India.

Dubai has one of the largest concentration of Indians abroad. It was not a surprise that the spirits went high in Dubai in support of Anna Hazare. But, the individuals who took to support Anna Hazare by organising a solidarity march in Dubai were in for a surprise. They were arrested and now have to be in the prison for 12 days. NO SURPRISES here.

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Here are my simple rules for expatriates in UAE:

  • You are in a foreign country as guest workers. Do not involve yourselves in activities that are viewed as cliche in the UAE.
  • UAE offers one of the best opportunities for professionals. Do your work and be happy with what you have.
  • Official complaints can be lodged with respective departments.
  • If you are not satisfied with the facilities that are provided, please plan to relocate.
  • UAE offers world class facilities for law abiding. Do not exploit it.
  • UAE is not a democracy. Observe rule of Law and respect the country and its rulers.
Hence, if you observe the law of the land, there won’t be any problems. Be Happy!


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