What is the Working Hours as per UAE Labour Law (Updated 2021)

What are the working hours as per UAE Labour Law?

Working in the UAE you must understand the number of hours you are expected to put in a at work. UAE Labour Law sets out clear guidelines for the maximum amount of work employee can legally be asked to do depending on their occupation, sector as well as the position they hold within an organisation.

As per the UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab. (Chapter 4, Section 1, Article 65 to 73)  working hours must not exceed eight hours per day, or forty-eight hours per week, over a six-day week. It is also stated that working hours can be increased to nine hours per day for some business.  During the Islamic month of Ramadan the working hours are reduced by two hours per day.

As an employee you may have the following queries on working hours:

  • What are normal working hours required to work in private and public sector in Dubai?
  • What are the position do not fall under the provisions of the working hours article in the UAE Labour Law?
  • Is working 12 hours or more per day legal in UAE?
  • Is lunch break included in working hours in UAE?
  • What are the Ramadan Working Hours?
  • What is midday break?

Working hours in UAE Labour Law:

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Article 65: Number of working hours

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Private sector employees are required to work eight hours a day or 48 hours a week, as per Article 65 of the UAE Labour Law.

The maximum normal working hours for adult employees shall be eight hours per day or forty eight hours per week. However, working hours for the employees of commercial establishments, hotels, restaurants, watchmen and similar operations may be increased to nine hours per day as determined by the Minister of Labour. Likewise, working hours per day in respect of hazardous work or work detrimental to health, may be decreased by decision of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. During the month of Ramadan, normal working hours shall be reduced by two hours.

Public sector employees, are required to work seven hours a day. (Government entities are not governed by the Labour Law)

The travel time spent by the employees from the place of residence to work site is not considered in working hours. This is as per Article 65 of the Labour Law, which states: “The commutation periods spent by the worker from the place of residence to the work site thereof shall not be calculated within the working hours.”

Ramadan working hours

As per article 65 of the UAE Labour Law, ordinary working hours are reduced by two hours during Ramadan.

Working hours followed in difficult work conditions

Working for more than 7 hours a day is prohibited in arduous or unhealthy works and industries.

Article 66: Consecutive working hours

Employees are allowed to take a break after a maximum of five consecutive hours of work. The break, which should not be less than an hour, can be used for rest, meals or prayer, according to Article 66 of the UAE Labour Law. However, it is important to note that the break is not part of the total number of working hours the employee is expected to work each day.

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Daily working hours shall be regulated in a way that no employee shall work over five hours consecutively without break times for rest, food and prayer with a total not less than one hour, provided that such times shall not be counted in working hours. In factories and workshops where work is rotated on night and day shift basis, or in places of business where technical and economic reasons necessitate round the clock work, break times for rest, food and prayer shall be determined by the Minister.

Article 67: Overtime

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If circumstances of work necessitate that an employee works more than the normal working hours, the extra time shall be considered overtimeOpens in a new tab., for which the employee shall receive a remuneration equal to that corresponding to his normal working hours plus an extra of at least 25 percent of such remuneration.

Article 68: Night Shift work hours

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If circumstance of work necessitate that an employee works overtime between 9.00 p.m and 4.00 a.m., he shall be entitled to normal working hours pay plus an increase equal to at least 50% of such pay.

Article 69: Actual OvertimeOpens in a new tab.

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Actual overtime may not exceed two hours per day unless work in necessary to prevent substantial loss or serious accident or to eliminate or alleviate its effects.

Article 70: Work on Friday

article 70

Friday is the normal weekly holiday for all employees except for those on daily wage basis.

If the employee is required to work on Friday he shall be granted one day off for rest or be paid the basic pay for normal working hours plus 50% increase at least of such pay.

Article 71: Working on consecutive Fridays

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Except for labourers on daily wage an employee may not work on more than two Fridays successively.

Article 72: For who overtimeOpens in a new tab. is not applicable?

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The provisions of this Section shall not apply to the following categories:

  1. Persons holding responsible senior posts in the management or supervision if holders of such titles are vested with the authorities or employers over employees, and such category is to be determined by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.
  2. Ship crews and sea men who work under special service conditions due to the nature of their work, excluding Sea Port workers who are engaged in loading and off-loading and related works.

Article 73: Display of working hours

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A Notice Board showing the weekly closing day, working hours and rest times for all categories of employees must be fixed at conspicuous place on the main gate used as entrance by employees and in the premises of work and a copy of the notice should be submitted to the competent Labour Department.

If the weekly closure system is not applied by the place of business, a notice showing the weekly rest day for each category of employees shall be fixed by the employer at the places referred to in the preceding paragraph.

Overtime Calculation: How to calculate overtime?

OvertimeOpens in a new tab. must not exceed two hours per day, unless the work is necessary to prevent substantial loss or serious accident or to reduce its effects. The normal overtimeOpens in a new tab. pay amounts shall be 125% of an employee’s normal remuneration for the period of overtime he worked.

In case, if an employee worked between 9.00 pm to 4.00 am, the overtime pay amount shall be 150% of his normal remuneration.

Friday is the normal weekly holiday for all employees except those who works on a daily wage basis. If an employee is required to work on a Friday, he will be granted one day leave in lieu, or paid 150% of his normal remuneration for the Friday worked. It is also stated that no employees can work more than two consecutive Fridays except labourers.

Note that the above said provision do not apply to certain employees working in a senior or managerial capacity, or ship crews and seamen who work under special service conditions due to the nature of their work.

What are the position considered to be entitled to overtime?

An overtime is considered if the nature of job demands working beyond normal working hours and it will entitle the employee for a pay equal to normal working hours’ remuneration, plus 25 per cent of that pay. It could increase to 50 per cent if overtime is done between 9 pm and 4 am. Again, it is important to note that these provisions exclude employees in high-ranking positions, as mentioned earlier.

Midday Break

According to MOHRE, a three-month midday break is provided to workers who work outdoors, during peak summer months. The break period typically starts in June and ends in September, preventing any sort of duty in open areas between 12.30pm and 3pm.

Flexible working hours for government employees

As per the the circular issued by the Dubai Government Human Resources Department to all government entities employees may start working between 6.30am-8.30am, provided that they complete the number of official working hours as determined by the government entity that they work for.

There is an exception made to the rule for the flexible working hours arrangement. This rule does not apply to certain employees including those whose job requires continuous communication with the public as well as those working in shifts – unless that specific entity decides to apply flexible hours without affecting its services.


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149 thoughts on “What is the Working Hours as per UAE Labour Law (Updated 2021)

  1. HI
    Would like to know the legal framework applied to Staff working in SPA? Are they come under Shops? are there maximum nos hours they should work and nos holidays?

    Can the employer ask them to work 24 hrs, if they are live in the same shop ?

    1. Staff working in SPAs are typically considered employees under the UAE Labor Law. The standard working hours are 8 hours per day or 48 hours per week, with at least one rest day per week. Please refer to your employment contract for the working hours. Employers cannot ask employees to work 24 hours continuously, and live-in staff must be provided with adequate rest and fair treatment. For the most current information, refer to the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation or consult legal experts.

  2. Hi What is the rest period between two shifts according to UAE labor law ?

    1. Hi
      The worker has the right to have one or more breaks, if he works five consecutive hours. These breaks must not be less than one hour. Breaks are not calculated within the working hours.

  3. Greetings,
    I would like to understand how a normal labor contract will be applied on off-shore rotation leave.
    The rotation is as such: 42 days on duty and 21 days off of duty. The 21 days are paid as normal monthly wages.
    Labor law considers always 2 days per month, but never considers cases such as the one described.
    Could you kindly explain how it should be considered and considered as per UAE law?
    The 21 days off of duty should be considered paid or unpaid?

    Thanks in davance

  4. I am working for a technical services company close to construction, our contact says 8 working hours but most times we work between 12 to fifteen hours on daily basis without any off. The time to begin work is not illustrated, sometimes we go to site at 7.30am and come back at 11pm, some times we go at 11am with no prior information.

    Everyone is complaining about back ache, waist pain, joint pains, etc. Is this acceptable, I need help.

  5. Hi!Im working in a healthcare facility and I was forced to do 6 consecutive nights and 1 day off in a week for 3 months now(12hours shift in a day) . I know it is not right and it is illegal. I suffered physical and mental stress and even my time and relationship with my family was already affected. What should i supposed to do? Can I file a complaint in uae ministry of labour? What are my chances? Thank you!

    1. You could approach MOL. I would also suggest you to refer your employment contract on the working hour clause.

      1. The UAE Labour Law in English is on the internet – simple enough to look it up.
        The address of the UAE Labour Office is posted on the Internet – simple enough to look it up – but if you go to the Labour Office make sure you have an Arabic speaking friend with you or they will say that they cannot speak English, cannot understand English, and there is no-one who can help you. Which is simply not true – ALL UAE government employee Emiratis under 50 speak English fluently.

  6. Hi! I was forced to do 6 consecutive nights and 1 day off only (12hours shift in a day) in a week 3 months now. I know it is not right and it is illegal. I suffered physical and mental stress and even my time and relationship with my family was already affected. What should i supposed to do? Can I file a complaint in uae ministry of labour? What are my chances? Thank you!

  7. Is it possible to complain alone in labor for working 12 hours and is there possble for me to be acknowledged by the labor for I am the only one who is brave enough to do so.

  8. Hello Mr. Deepak
    We are opening a restaurant in Dubai and i was told that split shifts of 8 hours (11to3 and 8to12) are not legal here, can you please give me your advice on this?
    Thanks in advace

  9. Hello,

    I work in a project that has (normally) 5 days work week, our contract is 48 hours week, what’s the maximum amount of daily hours we most do without overtime.
    ( sport training job)

    Thank you

  10. Hi,

    I am working part time for 4 hours a day. Will Ramadan timing be applied to me?

  11. I have a fixed over time company forcing me to work on Friday and government holidays . Is there applicable fixed over time Friday and government holidays .please reply me on mail [email protected]

    1. Mr. Noel D Mello
      No, there is no fix overtime. You can deny to work overtime on every second Friday. And if you work on your week off you should benefit with 50%extra on your basic salary.
      And if you work on public holiday you should benefit with 50% of bonus on your basic salary + one day off on any other day. If employer unable to give you day off they should give 150%bonus + basic salary on your public holiday.

  12. Hi, my work involves working 12 hours a day/night shifts minimum 5 days a week/maximum 6 days with no lunch breaks or prayer breaks or any other breaks . Also some times i get to work on all Fridays of the month (including Sep 2017) & the worst part is i don’t get to go for Eid prayers cos i am working on those days i,e since i joined the company (3 years) including the one coming up on the 1st of September 2017 in spite of asking permission from my boss to attend the prayers and come back to work, he strictly told me NO you cannot.

  13. Hi I just to know we’ve been working from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm with no Overtime pay nor saturday off since March 2017. We only have Friday. Our Working hours is from 6:30 am to 6:30pm. I just want to know if this is acceptable? And if we can complain this?

    1. From what you say, No, not acceptable.
      You should first amicably discuss with the HR and company and if there is no response, you could inform MOL / MOHRE.
      Please note, not all profiles have this facility.

      1. It becomes worst our timings was changed from 6:30am to 7:00pm.. is there any way we could complain this? Is there any site where we can complain this or do we really have to go to the MOL office? Please help this is too much.

  14. Is there any maximum number of hours that can be filed as OT? I am eligible for a Friday and saturday off, but since the nature of the project is a fas track (we are working at site). Company doesnt want to change my contract as requested so that my salary can be fixed, but instead they asked me to claim as regular OT for a 10 hours per Saturday that I will be working. On a daily basis, Sunday to Thurs, I have also a 2 hours OT. Pls confirm if there is any limit on filing OT hours. Thanks.

  15. Good morning
    I want to know about teravling time rules. If traveling time is more than 1:30 hour daily. There is any rule which help me out of this or not

  16. Good Day!

    Just want to ask, I’m working for 10hrs (1pm-11pm) including a 1hr break. we have free transportation but our company did not provide the bus that will pick up us on time. Our bus always came 12md or 12:30am, it will cause us waiting for an hour to go home. they said there is no overtime for this. Can you please help me what to do for this matter. thank you.

  17. I am dieing here in dubai I work in a coffee shop as a shisha man but I have to clean ground make coffee and all of that more also I work 13 to 14 hours every day and I work 7 days a week no off day most painfully after work I have to walk 2.5km home daily which is killing me and my boss pay on 14th or 15th of every new month for the old month….I have work 3months now and I have a two year contract I am dieing if I continue I might die before I finish my contract pls I need help ungently pls save am soul….

  18. Hi

    My company works 9 to 6pm 5 times a week with friday and saturday closed. We are entitled for 30 calendar days paid leave. I want to know if i take leave from sun to thu and resume work the following sunday, the days deducted shoule be 5 or 7?


  19. Good afternoon!
    May i ask please if there is an specific numbers of hours for household workers?
    Or are household workers intitled to the eight working hours only?

  20. Good day sir. Im working in advertising company a fabrication such as signboard branding. I sign the contract as 8hours per day but the management insist us to work 9 hours. What shall I do. Do I have a power if I dont follow the company hours. What about they reject the 8 hours labor law. What should I do. Please give me a guide sir. Thanks

  21. Hi Deepak
    I am working on weekends but company doesn’t want to pay me overtime with an excuse of the probation period of 3 month no overtime will be paid, what I should do??

  22. I am working in hotel my employer say as per UAE law working hours are 9 plu 1 hour break so total 10 hours,
    Is it correct???
    Bcoz I have 652 extra hours in last 1.5years and nw I am leaving the company they dnt want me to pay.

  23. Dear Mr. Depak,

    I am working in a Construction Company as Accounting Manager. Recently, I am a bit confused for the HR Department leave calculation. First of all, we are working daily from 08:00 to 18:00 with 1 hour lunch break and 6 days in a week. Fridays are off. We made our annual leaves as 30 Calender days.

    According to our HR department, if one employee uses 15 days of his annual leave, they will count all Fridays in the period of 15 days.

    However, lots of employee coming to me and insisting that the leave calculation which was made by Hr is wrong. I actually look for it and in my opinion, if we were working 5 days in a week and Friday and Saturday off this HR policy may be correct. But with 6 days work we shouldn’t count Fridays as annual leave days.

    What is your professional opinion regarding this issue. I don’t want to be part of a bad procedure that affects our Company’s reputation. Please reply.

  24. Hi!

    My company/employer do not pay our overtime they give offset instead but we employees preferred get something monetarily than an extra off. Another thing is that during holidays we are working more than 12hrs a day sometimes it may reach 14-16hrs. Is the number of hours like exceeding to 3hrs a day overtime still considerable? What can we do with this situation? I also have a query about the treatment of the Manager to the employees must be, cause our manager is yelling/shouting on us most of the time and whenever someone would say that he/she doesn’t need to scream his/her response is that he/she will do what he/she wants because he/she is the manager…

    Looking forward for addressing these concerns

  25. I am doing 12hrs duty.So normally I am getting 4on and 3 off. Last week I took one sick leave.So I am eligible for how many off on that week?

  26. Hi,

    If the employee denies to work and request for a termination instead of resignation, what has to be done? Is it possible to avoid paying him the ESB?

  27. Hi Sir, During Ramadan i have been working for 9 hrs now my company does not need us to take our weekly off. What should i do coz my off day is this Tuesday. What is the best step to take? Thank you

  28. Hi,,i want to ask if what action can apply to my employer.because everyday im working 12hrs.in restaurant,then during ramadan we work more than 8hrs.thus the overtime pay didnt pay for 3consecutives months

  29. Dear Mr.Deepak,

    ive been working for my company as a publication graphic designer since 2015, about 1 year and 3 months now. I used my annual leave last May 1 2016 and started working again last June 1 2016. But my company did not give me ticket and until now they are not giving my annual leave payment(23days delayed now since june 1 2016).

    I have many problems with my company.
    -delayed salary
    -no health insurance
    -working 8hrs in ramadan.straight with no break
    -working 9hrs on regular days without overtime payment
    -not giving plane ticket

    so i decided to give a resignation letter last june 13 2016.stating there that i will resign in the company effective july 14 2016 and will start my one month notice period june 14 2016 until july 14 2016. But my boss doesnt want to sign my resignation.

    i really dont know what to do. Please help. I need your advice.


  30. Sir,

    Is 9 hours included 1 hour for a break (so as to make 8 working hours? bcoz I work 10 hours a day, minus 1 hour break. I work as a cashier in a cafe.

  31. Hi Deepak,
    I’m going to start a new job as a Sales assistant in a mall and my job location is very far from where I live my question is it necessary to work in splits like if my company calls me back after some time and I do not agree to go back. Also no where in my limited contract it is written I have to work in splits guide me what should I do.

  32. Hi I just want to know I’m working I’m resturant
    The agreement I sign the duty yime is 9 hour per day but the owner want to we should work 12 hour per day without overtime
    Did this is leagle ?

  33. Hai,

    I want to ask you, is it allowed to work 34 Hours (day-night-day continuously) ?
    Company is ready to pay overtime for this, but my worry is about their Health and Safety..

    Please advise..

  34. Im working as sales. I work 55 hours per week, sometime 48, sometimes my store incharge give me 55 to 59 hours per week. What should i do? I dont want complain my company. My problem only my store incharge she give 9 to 10 hours to work. My store incharge she knew that i have health problem in my abdomin and my doctor advice me not to carry heavy boxes. My store incharge what she did to me she give more split. I came in work 8am to 2pm then i have to come at work 6pm till 10pm. During my off i have overnight i have to come 10pm until 5am in the morning. What should i do?

  35. Hello sir, is this working hours law was applicable for the nurses working in home care? What about the break is it really need to deduct from our working hours where impact we stayed in the patients all the time…and our working hours was 208hrs per month. Is this legal?

  36. my employer is making me work on two jobs. i am a professional software engineer but my employer is making me work in IT support as well. i now have to configure pc’s to have them carry and install it to user’s place.

    please advise

  37. my name iz nazakat and iam work in sharja as a sandwich maker in cafeteria and ai will perzfome 14 hour duty and no vication no leave and my owner not be paid overtime what am i do? give suggetion

  38. The Labour Law says it does NOT cover domestic staff – like drivers, housemaids, cooks, caregivers.

    Is there a limit to the number of hours that a driver, housemaid, cook, caregiver can be required to work each day and/or each week?

    Is a day off allowed for domestic staff? Is a day off mandated for domestic staff?

    If in the case of a caregiver, the service has to be provided almost round the clock due the the nature of the problems with the person being looked after, is that allowable and are there any rules/regs applicable?

    Asked on behalf of a caregiver working on a Housemaid visas in Dubai

  39. hi bro
    i am tax accounting cleark and i signed an unlimited contract stated my duty hours must be 8.but now the company force me to work more than 8 hours without any overtime
    please guide me what can i do??

  40. Salim Ullah
    Hi Good Evening Sir,
    I would like to know that I am working in a company with a limited contract of two years, since 23/06/2014 to 02/07/2016( Eighteen Months). If i will give the Resign to the Company so Can you let me know please that What the Post bearing Dues which I have to pay to the company, and What about the ban, i mean that the ban will be apply for six month or one year?
    waiting for your Kind |Response

  41. My company is building materials trading CO LLC and my working hours is 8.00 am to 6.30 pm our lunch break is 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm. From the past 8 years i am working in this company with this timing. But they not providing me the over time salary till now. Am i eligible to get Over time for this.And my Visa status is Limited Contract, my designation is archive Clerk. Is my work timing is eligible for this trading CO LLC ?

    Your immediate response will be highly appreciate.

  42. hi goodmorning. we are working as a registered nurse. is it allowed that we work 12hours per day for 6x a week with 1 off per week?

  43. can your employer make you work for more than one jobs ? My contract is of a software developer but now i had to work in IT support as well.

  44. hi i am working as a waitress in a restaurant 9 hours a day during weekdays and 10 hours during weekends without breaktime and overtime pay, also my working hours until 4am without night dif pay, i need to know my rights and what to do about it thanks

  45. Hi Deepak,

    When I joined this company, I initially signed a my contract having 1.5 days off, and then the company amended it and they gave 2 days off for all employees.

    After a few months, an opportunity came to transfer to a non-profit organization which is owned by the same company.

    I applied for the position and was able to transfer, with a transfer letter that all terms and conditions of my employment will remain the same. Meaning, 8 hours of work per day, 2 days (weekends) off.

    The job description that was provided to me, although it states that we are required to work for 48 hours, was not official. There is no management approval or anything that would make it official at the time of my transfer. So I thought that I would still be having the same working hours and 2 days weekends off, as that is what was written in my contract and transfer letter.

    But a few days ago, we received news that our working hours will be increased to 48 hours, meaning, we are now required to work during weekends, 48 hours spread over 6 days a week, having only one day off.

    My queries are as follows:

    1. Can the employer just amend the working hours stipulated in the contract? Is this possible?
    2. I read somewhere that some companies can increase working hours but it is only for some type of business. If the business does not fall on those categories (those that can increase their hours), how can they increase the working hours? (Please note that it is a non-profit foundation / organization and am not sure if a foundation can increase working hours just like that)
    3. Is there anything that we can do to have a work around and not honor the increase in working hours that they would like to impose?

    I hope I have explained the situation correctly and hoping for a response as well.

    Thank you so much.

  46. Hi,
    I am a computer engineer. I work for a big company here in uae as a contact staff. The company gives 2 days off in a week.
    However my off days would never come on Fridays. Is it fine to work like that without off days on Fridays?

  47. My query is that i paid 7000 dirhams to my employer for my residence and now they want to terminate me and cancel my residence , my visa expires in january 2016 , is there any way that i don’t work with them without cancellation because i have time till january to find another job
    Manager and supervisor are not behaving well , manager has some grudgr , due to which i am unable to go there and work and if i don’t go for 7 days they might case Absconding about
    please help me out

  48. Hi sir,
    I would like to know if how many hours per month are we allowed to work? So that we know when to start to count the hours for the overtime.
    And if that applies for the 30 and 31 days per month.
    Thank you

    1. Tristan,
      Please read article carefully.
      Also read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/number-of-days-in-a-month-as-per-uae-labour-law

  49. The company I work for refuses to give me a break during my working days and I work 7 and half hours with no break. I’ve as a result gotten health problems. What should I do? Thanks

  50. Hi, good day! I just wanted to ask regarding the day off. I am working in sales, and we are working 48 hours a week with 1 day off. But since two months ago this was not being followed. In the first month I started to work extra hours and in the 2nd week of the month I was cancelled off and the next few weeks I was getting 2 splits a week. My Manager said my extra hours and pending off will be paid so all my pending was cleared but I didn’t received extra money to my salary. And things came worst, this month of september we started to just get halfday off which is useless because we are working from 9-2 which is 5 hours without break and working more than 48 hours a week. What are the laws regarding the day off? Do I have the rights to complain inspite that they are giving us half day off? I really feel so tired, the thing is my colleague just came from vacation so for him it doesn’t really matter to just get half day off a week.
    Hoping for your quick response. Thanks!

    1. Gem,
      companies can infact decide the way the shifts are split. However, for any work beyond the law, employees should be paid.
      You could file a complaint with MOL for this.

  51. Hi, I’m working in a restaurant and in our offer letter is says 9 hours duty and we also have oral agreement before we open our store about the working hours. At first we work 9 hours but when the Ramadan comes we started working 12 hrs from 5pm to 5am then after Ramadan we are open 24 hours. Morning shift is 8:30am to 8:30pm then night shift is 8:30pm to 8:30am. We’re not receiving any overtime pays and no night differential. Do we have the rights to say that they are not fair and they should pay us, we are afraid that we might get terminated If we tell them. Thank you in advance for the help sir.

  52. hi .
    bro I am working as a sales executive in a mobile company . I work here 11 or 12 hours per day . no weekly off. bro I need weekly off. many time I ask my company to provide me off they are giving not just saying there is few employees how can we give.
    bro I fear to complain because this is my first job I don’t want to go back home country. but think we are human beings we need refreshments . daily daily work make us sick. so please tell me if there is any other way to complain without discloses my identity names. through mail .

    1. Deepak,
      You could approach MOL. However, weekly off is a right of every employee.

  53. Our company is a European MNC and has a 5-day working week for office staff.
    Friday- Saturday is weekly off.
    What is the maximum working hours per day as per Labor Law?
    How much time is allowed for lunch break per day?
    Is the lunch break included in total working hours per day?

    1. Bala,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. I was out of station for couple weeks.
      You need to pay attention and read the article as it is clearly mentioned there.

      1. actually it is not clear on the article, we still get confuse. 9 hour shift with 1 hour break and 2 days off. is it considered 48 working hours?

  54. Good day sir! I am a registered nurse and my employer assigned me 1 patient.. Because we have a split shift working hours, my schedule in the morning is from 8am to 12 nn and in the afternoon 5pm – 10pm. But he assigned me a patient for insulin injection and the driver of the company that fetches me and drives me to patient’s home picks me up at 7am. I am already at the patient’s house before 7:30am and I get back to our facility even before 8am. Do they have to pay from the time that I board the company car? because my duty is still until 12nn. I hope you reply. Thank you

    1. Kat,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. I was out of station for couple weeks.
      No. Travel/Commute to and from work is not considered in working hours.

  55. Please i need some advice… I’m working with this horrible construction company (painting work) first my the man charged me for visa money paying with four months with out salary, I agreed on the terms due to my visit visa will was about to expire and i can’t go.. the man start using me as a slave, forcing me to work over as over time that’s 11 hours now currently his using the desperate contract i sign with him as an advantage, agreement salary 800, overtime 5aed.. now reduce to 3aed… i’ve been working for three months without salary and it doesn’t seems i’ve paid the half and am tired to continue with it, since i’ve been working with the man I can’t even take care of myself, not even cutting my hair nor shave… please help me with this slavery contract I sign due to frustration, please here is my number 0557320358… thanks

  56. hi.. im working in one shop since may and untill now idnt hve any labour card and i have only employment visa copy.. and i didnt even sign any contract. now i want to resign but my boss dnt want give m my passport what should i do??

  57. i work more than 9hours or more…with out overtime fee..our working place consume more of our time in working…how can i stop this abuse?

  58. Hi Mr. Deepak , I have worked here in Mussafah , as Secretary of Rent a Car and since i came here i worked 10 and half hours from Saturday to Thursday.. And the last 2days before the ramadan ends i worked from 9am until 1am straight (even i have break time but the shop not close so i still on the duty) but my boss not pay for my overtime. And also i don’t have contract that proves that i was working here,my boss not give me even i always remind him. Only offer letter he gave to me. I’ve been here for 3 months. What should i do?

      1. I haven’t labour card, only employment visa (photocopy) as a COOK . not as secretary. And also he not pay slip.

  59. _goodafternoon sir.. i am working as sales in mall.. just wanna ask.. what are the holidays that the company should double pay the employees ?
    _last may 16,2015 saturday and this month of june ramadan days.. they didnt pay us the holiday..thank you

    1. CJ,
      -Overtime must be paid. however, I am not sure what is written in your contract.
      -There are some exceptions to this like those working in retail, hotel etc

  60. Hi,

    I am under in a outsourcing company and in my labour contract it was stated that my working hours are 9 hrs only, and shall not exceed forty eight hours a week. But, in the company where i was assigned we are working for 10 hrs (including the breaktime) in 6 days a week so, basically i am working for about 54 hrs a week.

    my question now, am i entitled for 2 days off based on my contract? or can my assigned company pay my excess hrs?

    1. Marichu,
      As per UAE Labour law, you need to work minimum of 48 hours per week. However, there are exceptions.
      If you are in that list this may not be applicable to you.
      You should speak to your HR with this regard.

  61. We have no day off for 2 months now with no payment and force us to work for 10 hours every day can you call this number 06 5319933 and tell them it’s not good and it’s ramadan

  62. Hello our company is forcing us to work 12 hours in Ramadan and they will pay us for the 5 hours overtime and we complaint it to our Human Resources Dept. but they favor our manager and supervisor we only want or agree for 3 hours overtime and not 5 hours is there anything we can do to avoid working 5 hours overtime instead of 3 hours only?

  63. Hi, my work is a technician working 8 hours a day. Now its ramadan and our manager instructs us to work from 9am to 3 pm which is fine but 9am should be at site (1hour travel to and from site) so it from 8am we will start to travel going to site then from 3pm start to travel going back to dubai. Was it right?

  64. Hi I’m working in a restaurant from last three years working hours start from 11 am to 12 am without rest without overtime plz what to do?

  65. Good day I’am cleaner in hair care center i just want to ask that in my offer letter I start my work at 8:30am until 7pm but in my labor contract it stated only 9 hours included my breaktime. Is there any overtime I need to ask in my company.

  66. Hi I want to know as per my company for Ramadan we still have to work 9 hours without getting back extra hours or overtime plz assist me

      1. I am working as a doctor in a private clinic and my employer pays salary of 30 days only every month ( February included), so I work 4 days extra every year for free. Is this legal? And I also want to know if overtime is by employee’s choice or the employer can compel me to work for extra hours?

        1. Laila,
          monthly salary is calculated per month and not per day if unless you have signed daily contract.
          Overtime can only be after the employee has agreed and up to certain time period.

  67. Iam working in a construction company and our labour camp is in sonapur . From camp to ware house distance is 1.30 hour and up&down will be 3+ hours . Then total time starting 5.30 am and return to camp after 5.30 pm . means 12 hours + duty including travel per day. my question is As per uae law how much over time will get for us or is there any over time allowed for us. Please answer

  68. Helo my name is tintu.im working for a construction cum piling company.our main brnch is in dubai.since nw 7 mnths i started wrking,starting few mnth i ws in office and rest time was in sharjah site wirkshop til nw.my working time was 8 to 5, which is written n offer letter also.now they telling to work from 7 to 7 and they wont pay for any over tym also..wt should i do,?

  69. hi
    im working for two months now.no day off and we are working for 9 hours and no proper lunch break..we will have break but only for 5 or 10 mins..my company holds our passport..i really need advice..thank you

  70. hi. I work as a Nurse. My work schedule runs a 12 hour shift daily with dayoffs depending on staffing arrangement. But, in a span of 1 week usually i spend 4-5 days CONTINUOUS rotating DAY or NIGHT shifts. Thus spending 48-60 hours in a week (O.T.) Though its paid, but is it still LAWFUL to continually MANDATE over time making 240 hours in a month?

    1. Norj,
      That seems like inhumane to me.
      You could file a complaint with the authorities.

  71. Hello, I am working in Gold and Diamond park, my company is a FZCO company. My visa is under JAFZA. I am working since 3 months and I don’t find good. I work for 12 hours a day. At times it is more than 12.(in contract it is written 8 hours). They pay me salary by cash, which is 2900 dhs.(and in contract only 1500 dhs is shown). And also there is no holiday. Friday there’s half day. That’s it. Rest all days you gave to do 12 hours duty. I want 2 change my job. Is there any way I can change job. Do i need to pay visa cost if I resign. Can they import any ban on me for such?. Do I need to do in and out when I change job. Please help. I am falling sick working like this.

    1. Pradeep,
      I do not see any issue for you to change your job.
      Exiting country may depend on the company.

      Kindly register your CV on the following links:
      1. http://emiratesdiary.com/gulftalent
      2. http://emiratesdiary.com/baytcv
      3. http://emiratesdiary.com/submit-your-cvresume

  72. hi i am working in construction site in dubai, my company duty time is 7.am to 6.pm and 2 hours break,so working 9 hours,but they dont want pay 1 hour over time for me.

    1. Yasin,
      You should file a complaint with your HR and if that does not help, you should approach MOL.

  73. _hi just want to ask. How many minutes or hours break we have, if our duty is 9hours? Thankd you..

    1. Cheezer,
      Depends on how many days a week you work.
      Please read the article: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/making-employees-work-9-hours-day

  74. Hi, I joined a co. in Feb 21 2015, i have signed a limited period contract, mine medical, ID & Visa Stamping is done. In contract working is for 8 hours, but my employer tells me to work till 12 hrs daily & makes me to sit till more than 12 hrs. I want to know that if i resigns in my probation i.e in six month will i get ban. currently my salary in contract is 1250 basic & he said he will give cash allowance 1000. Please reply me .asap

    1. deepak,
      yes, you will have ban.
      read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

      1. If i get job in other co. or in free zone co. still the ban will be implemented

  75. Hi.
    My employer force me to work in cctv installation but my contract is computer assembler and shopkeeper or computer technician and working more than 13 hrs. A day without proper safety gears and no breaktimes to eat. Now I refuse to work outside bcs my contract is a comp tech not cctv instaler. And i get sick, still in pain of these numbness for more than 6 months. What is the legal rigths for me to file a case against my employer in labor

  76. kindly advise an employee can work 48 hours in a week + 12 hours overtime in a week (in 6 days ) this is legal. AS per law an employyee can work 2 hours a day as overtime which can be 12 hours ot in a week.

    1. Harsh,
      Please read: http://emiratesdiary.com/job-tips/calculate-overtime-per-uae-labour-law

  77. Hi. I just want to ask for an advise. I’m working 8 months now in my company. And the working hours is from 10am-10pm. No day off. And everytime I asked my boss for my off its very hard for her to say “yes”. And even for holidays and overtime she’s not paying. What I will do now? If I will complain to MOL regarding about my day off, do I need to continue to come for work? Please kindly reply. Thank you.

  78. Hi deepak
    I I’m in fixed contract and i came on emergency again I do not want go back, since my employer forced me to work which are not as per the agreement and Fridays also even I am muslim.

    Forced me to come on holidays also

    what will be the consequences .

  79. thanks for that, also my boss is asking for my original passport. he said its for processing my visa,,does it have to be the original or they just need a copy of it to process my employment visa?

    1. Mae,
      For processing visa initially, they do no passport for entry permit. Also the original passport is required when stamping.

  80. hi i just started working in a rent a car business as customer service agent..my working hours starts from 8 am until 8 pm. saturday until thursday with 1 hour luch break..would the reamaining 3 hrs should be conidered as an OT?

    1. Mae,
      Working times in many sectors are dependent on the nature of business.
      I am not sure about rent a car companies.

  81. Hi there,

    Thank you very much for keeping us educated.

    My present employer who owns a Security and Cleaning company belongs to an Indian national utilizes us for ten (10) hours. Our working time 08.00hrs. to 18.00hrs. This time includes one (1) hour lunch break. Addition to that some days they get us involved in meetings after working hours. But in the mornings if any one late for five minutes, they deduct from the salary.

    Please let me know legality of such act and how light UAE labor authorities look in to such cases. Regularly staffs complaint irregularity acts of the company to UAE labor ministry, but there is no effective result.

    Addition to that they hold two months’ salary. No medical insurance, etc.

    We are so surprised why the authorities def, blind and speechless.

  82. I am working as asistant accountant in audit firm, my contract is limited for 2 years and my probation period is 6 months. can i able to change job without any ban risk because my current employer forces me to work 66 hour per week. Please reply me i am in so much stress. I am graduate and ACCA qualified.
    thanks in advance.
    plz reply

    1. You may get a ban. But if you get new job with higher salary then you may avoid ban

  83. I am working as asistant accountant in audit firm, my contract is limited for 2 years and my probation period is 6 months. can i able to change job without any ban risk because my current employer forces me to work 66 hour per week. Please reply me i am in so much stress. I am graduate and ACCA qualified.
    thanks in advance.

  84. its good that the UAE has stipulated its flaws to guide workers ands employers.though some employers stiil contravein this good laws.and i dont know why.or are they above the laws.only the state of dubai can help those suffering in the hands of those wicked employer

  85. Hi Mr. Deepak .

    I am working in Abudhabi, I am MBA graduate , i am working for trading company as a customer service representative ,I completed my probationary period . Now my company management are telling me to work in shop not in staff . Its really hell like to me . Please tell me , i dont like working environment not at all , I am not all happy. can i complaint to MOL ? i dont want to work here ? they told me that , iam office staff , but i am working shop

    can i leave job ? is there any ban ? i can file case on company ?

    Please help me , what i want to do ?

  86. I really appreciate your quick responses to the queries which people ask you about visa’s. My query is am working as a Sales executive at sharjah with (IT Reseller) since past 7 months. Am graduate and don’t like the work environment of this shop, and salary too. All fake promises done by my boss at the time of interveiw. But till know I didn’t see any development in the work environment except work pressure (like lifting weight, 13 hours working time, behaving rude etc). Kindly let me know if I change the company, how can I face the Labour Ban Rule.

    1. If you leave your job you may get an automatic labour ban for six months. If you get a job in freezone then you may try to switch your job

  87. I have worked in sharjah…i came 8 months…i not interest in our field …how to change another company…i have completed M.sc Software engg, i don’t know my visa degree attested how to check it possible.. i worked in another field change the procedure…i got first visa does here come to ban…how to solve ban in uae..pls help me my email [email protected]

  88. Can i transfer to the other salon, using freezone visa? What if my maddame dont alow me to transfer?

    1. No it is not your problem. If she has agreed to pay then she has to pay your OT

    2. There is nothing like transfer. You need to cancel your visa before you join other saloon or company

  89. Hi were workin 12 hrs per day. May maddame said she will pay our ot if she get the amount she pay for the salon, is it our problem?

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