UAE Labour Law to be revised!

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Minister of Labour Saqr Gobash Saeed Gobash has told Federal National Council that a new and revised UAE Labour Law has been drafted. The UAE Labour Law has remained more or less at its original form since its inception in the year 1986. Whereas the market and dynamics have changed, UAE Labour Law has more or less remained same. This is a very good step taken by the Ministry of Labour, considering the current market conditions that we live in. The draft has been under preparation since 2009, when it was proposed to be changed.

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Why changes to UAE Labour Law?

UAE Government has been pushing for Emiratisation in the private sector which is hard due to the fact that there is less motivation for UAE Nationals to join private entities as the employment benefits are much better in the Public sector than Private sector. 

What changes will be brought under the New UAE Labour Law?

Below are the major changes that are being proposed to be revised:

  • More Clarity on Free Zones: The UAE Labour Law though formed in UAE may not be applicable in Free Zone areas. However, companies in Free zones have been following UAE Labour Law, they need not; as this is not explicitly mentioned in the UAE Labour Law and Free Zone entities do not come under the purview of Ministry of Labour. Saqr Gobash Saeed Gobash mentioned that this will be explicitly mentioned in the revised Labour Law.
  • Subsidising UAE Nationals’ wages in the private sector – UAE Nationals are well paid in the Public sector and this may prove as a hindrance for them to join private sector companies. 
  • Boosting the job security for UAE Nationals.
  • Two(2) day weekend for UAE Nationals in private sector.
  • Reduction of Annual Leave from 30 days to 21 days. I am not sure whether the Ministry is talking about working days or calendar days.
  • Changes to the maternity leave Opens in a new tab.– Currently new mothers are allowed 45 days maternity leave. This is not on par with the international standards. I expect that there will be a major change here as Ministry of Labour wants to bring in the best policies for the empowerment of women.

In brief, UAE Government has now become serious on increasing the participation of UAE Nationals in the private sector through initiatives like this.

I will be writing more as and when I come across more news on revised UAE Labour Law. 


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247 thoughts on “UAE Labour Law to be revised!

  1. Your employer should have proper proof of your absence. If the case is false, they will face fines.
    Please update MOL/MOHRE about your situation.

  2. sir I’m in alain my wife is pregnant so company not leave me my wife in hospital I’m already send mail in my company office but it’s not leave me.

  3. Dear sir I worked daily 12 hours daily but they paid only basic salary Iam asking in you. dubai working hours 12 hour for a day

  4. Sir Deepak.
    I am working in construction compny 1200 month but I am very warried I want change the compny

  5. Hello Sir,i just want to ask something, because i heard some other people they say that in January 2016 there will be no more ban for bachelor degree. I am hoping that is true.

  6. Hy! Deepak
    I am glad to see your helping hands towards the public aware of UAE. Dear Deepak I am working in dubai since 1 month in a company. But it is not as I mentioned while facing the interview Now i just want to change the company and I am scared of ban. Is there any way to escape out form here and to join the new company. Because the current company will terminate me if i request them to cancel and if i had the ban than i would not be able to work here and i may be lifted over 6 months to 1 year ban. pls give the perfect solution.

    Thanks and Regards….

  7. Hi sir .my contract two years. But I am now only 5 month .me tall my company I am after 6 month finish me go my country. My company tall u will pay 4700

  8. One more query I have is am I allowed to look for another job as I am not comfortable working here. (2monthd since I joined package 4ish) In terms of the bosses behavior and unhappiness with work. I am used to the 9 to 6 hard work thing..than sitting in a store and working like a lets not mention it. At times I am supposed to do his kids homework presentation.. I mean really it’s allowed?

      1. Hi Deepak,

        I want to ask u if what should I do on my situation.
        I want to resign on my work because of a family problem, I want to go home in my country, I pass my Resignation Letter already (Oct. 08,2015) and just when I follow-up my Letter on Oct. 14, 2015. The management told me that It’s not allowed to resign.

        The reason is because my fellow worker go home in his country and didn’t comeback, he didn’t inform the management. My question is; Is that my problem? I mean should I suffer for my fellow worker of not coming back.
        The situation in my home is emergency that’s why I need to resign ASAP.

  9. Hello Deepak,

    I have too much to ask. Hope that’s ok.

    My query is that I have joined my company as a supervisor (designer store), but in my visa it is stamped as “sales executive”. I don’t know my contract category, but it was 2 years. I have not yet received the copy of it. It’s been 2 months now that I am here, and the company has also made me the unofficial HR as I was heading a HR team in India. So what I wish to know is that I work for 9 hours in the store, but working for the other offices as well (for the same company). Is this allowed? Also, if I hunt for a different job will that lead to a ban? I like to work religiously but in one field not in various at the same time until it is a genuine pay for the amount I work for. Also about the holidays, I am not informed till the previous day if I am entitled for a leave or not even if the same is announced in Gulf news. For instance, I did not get a 3day off for Eid last month, I informed him that as per law it is 3 days so he told me that I can take the 3rd off on some other day. When I am informing/requesting when I need the off, he is avoiding.

    I really need your help so that I understand what’s correct and what’s not.

    Ms. Anonymous

    1. Ms.Anonymous,
      These other offices, are they branches? If yes, then it is allowed.
      Usually retail staff have a slightly different role and they must be provided with compensatory off if worked during holidays.

  10. Hi depak I hope you are good, I joined company before 5 months and now I have to go my home for my marriage,, and my company asking me for any guarantee in case i will not come back that person will be responsible,, and I have nobody here for my guarantee and now i have only one option and that is my resignation and they are asking me 3000 aed if I want to resign according to labour law,, please tell me it is necessary to pay 3000 ?

    1. Abubakar,
      It is up to company, since you are employed, to allow you for annual leave as you have joined recently.

  11. Hello Deepak,

    I got terminated by a company for unknown reason.Now they are cancelling my visa its been just two months I joined there company.Upon request they gave me time but now they are cancelling on this septemeber 30.Moreover I dont know rues here about ticket or other salary should be given by company to me or not.Tellme about Ban cause I hav heard there is no ban on masters.


  12. Dear Sir,
    i have completed one year & two months on unlimited contact, my company is going to terminate me without any specific reason, actually my manager verbally told me that they don’t need my services anymore they want to fire me. kindly tell me on termination they have to give me 3 months salary with ticket ? or what benefits i will get on termination ?
    thank you
    waiting for reply.

    1. John,

  13. Dear sir ,
    am from india i am working in company from last 14 months in 3 months before i went home to my family problem.becase of my committment in company i went back in 21 days . now again i got problem i have to leave this company i already given the notice perioud also to my company as per my employeer discussion he was not ready to leave my limited agreement i did not signed and my vissa is enggineering vissa
    if i will goto labour is company will againist me a case in labour on me .
    becase i need to go urgent .if complaint on labour in how many days it will take to my cancelation and how many months bann i will get.

      1. Dear sir ,
        is there any chance to if i will goto MOL. company will aganist me a case on me for refusing of my cancelation .i will goto put case on company now in our company no time to salary still on this date also i pending of last 2 months salary and in my agreement sign is not myne and no timing of duty for company if i will go by these reasons to MOL is my canccelation will agreed . and any chance to company will case me again on me .plz help me if need one company will ready to give me a 5000 offer to me know in my company my sal is 2200
        i have to go because i have problem in my home .for me ban of 6months or 1 year no problem

  14. I paid EIGHT THOUSAND DIRAHM just to get a company visa and the offer letter they gave me was nine hours but when the gave me the visa they change it to 12 hours and there is no over time or off day i work from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. I work as a security and they pay me only one thousand dirahm, please this is too much on me even since they gave me the visa they have not given me my emirate ID. They gave me the visa but i stayed two months before they give me a job but now i worked one month on the company they posted me to but still no emirate ID PLEASE what will i do for this kind of problem please because i know if i cancel they will ban me and how can i recover the money which i sent? The worst is that i borrowed this money from a person in my country so tell me is it one thousand job that i will use to pay this money back? oh my God i just need help please.

    1. Okeke,
      There are exceptions to certain categories when it comes to hours of duty!!

  15. Hi Deepak

    My problem is that after completion of my limited contract my employer is not cancelling my visa. In this case how can I get visa in other company. Please guide me.

  16. i came here in labore visa but i have qualification and now i got a chance in another company at ( 4000 ) per month but i just here from one year, so i want to change my visa please help me anyone .

  17. Hi Deepak

    Can you tell me will there be labour ban in the following scenario:

    1. I’m planning to quit the current job under unlimited contract with Abu Dhabi labour after working for 1 yr 2 months with sal more than 20k. I’m a master’s holder. New job will have better designation with more salary or equal salary.
    2. Is NOC must from current employer to join another company despite meeting salary criteria? What will happen if the employer disowns to provide NOC?

    Thank you!

    1. Krishna,
      1. I don’t think you could face labour ban as salary is above 12k.
      2. You could take it. But I don’t think you would require it.

      1. Hi Deepak,

        Was good going through your post – read extensively on UAE Labour Laws. Just a quick question for a friend – she joined a Trading / LLC in Dubai exactly 6 months back, as a Manager Administration, on an Unlimited Contract. Her current salary is 7500 AED. She now wants to take up another assignment (getting an NOC from the current employer would not be a problem). If she has to avoid labour ban or lift it, what exactly should she do / what are the requirements?

        1. Read:

  18. Dear, Deepak

    I only want to know that i have to go to back home.I joined company before 3 months but there is a problem at home and that is way i want cancellation. but my employer demanded 3000 dhr from me.

    have i to pay my employer?

    thanks in advance…

    1. Numan,
      Why is the 3000 for? If it is visa fees, you don’t have to provide those.

  19. Dear Sir, Deepak
    I am from Pakistan. My younger brother has gone to Sharjah on Hand Presser employment visa 1 and half month ago. He is 19.5 years old.
    But unfortunately his employer made his all commitments failed. His employer is from Bangladash. His employer was not pasting visa , not giving any leave even of gazzitted holiday, not giving his salary because his shop was started newly and said to my brother that when my shop will be run then I will give you only 500 dhr, inspite of that 1000 dhr was decided by him first. Therefore my brother demanded cancelation for coming back, but his employer not agreed. Then at last my bro got cancellation from MOL after appealing case against him. Now he came back safely.
    At leaving on airport of Sharjah his employer “threaten” my bro that after you have gone I will make an FIR in Sharjah police station against you that you have stolen my 50,000 dhr. In this way you will be blacklist here and you cannot get entry in UAE in future. In reality my bro not committed any action like this.

    Can in this way my bro will be blacklisted?????

    Plz reply we are much worried.

    1. Manzar,
      There must be proper proof for these allegations.
      If they are wrong, he himself will be in trouble.

  20. Dear sir mr deepak i greet you ,iwould like to know if am completing 2years and i dont want to reniew like my work permit is expiring in 10th/09/2015 can submmit my resignation latter bofere that date and and if i submmit it can i face aban
    Warmly Joseph maate

    1. Joseph,
      You will have to provide a notice to the company before one month and resign.

      1. my work permit is expering on 10/09/2015 please help tell me when am i suposed to submmit my resignation if i want to stop working on that date of my expiration or notice period and if i submmit it on 10th August will not face aban

          1. Thanks sir mr Deepak Now am going write alatter and i give it to my Hr and Manager then i will serve one month

      2. Thanks sir mr deepak,,,So make me understand clear I want to stop working with my labour workpertim how can i do that ,,After workpermit expire i want to stop wrking should i write allatter to the company to inform them or i wait at the date of expiration how is it

  21. I am employed with an organization as systems analyst for the past three months with a salary of 4000/- and now I got another job offer with 8000 aed salary. I am really interested in this job as my current company work environment is very slog and the promoter isn’t interested in the company affair.

    I holds a bachelors degree in engineering from India and is on unlimited visa. Recently, I came to know that bachelors should get a salary of above 7000 AED for avoid getting banned. If the news is correct then I can change the current company without NOC otherwise, I may have to request for NOC (which is 40:60).

  22. Sir,
    I am working as Civil Engineer in a construction company for 1 year and 2 months under unlimited contract. Another company wants to hire me for a higher position and higher compensation. Now since I am only working for more than a year, do I have a labour ban and what is the best thing to do in order to lift the ban? Sir, your immediate response will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  23. Hi
    Until what time of period are warning letters valid in labour office. And how long approximately do u think it takes in labour office to resolve the complain.
    My employer is trying to escare me out with my five months old warning letter when i filed complain on him for trying to fire me un officaily with out my benefits. And i am limited contract.

    1. Siham,
      THere is nothing like validity of warning letters.
      They are valid as long as you are employed.
      But under limited contract if you are terminated without proper justification, the company must pay 3 month compensation.

  24. hi sir i want know about visa release sir am working in ll c in shariah my profession is messenger now am completed only 14 month now company saying i will give you release and find the job so am already found one job they offered 3500 salary so if i get cancel visa i will get ban know so i want go that company in release what is proceder for release sir please explain me thank you

  25. I’d like to confirm if i am entitled to have a Maternity Leave. I am due on January 15, 2016. My employment in my current company will be 2 years on November.
    If i am entitled, will my Maternity Leave get paid as well?
    Thank you so much!

  26. Hello!

    Can a company extend an employee’s probation period from 3 to 6 months after the contract gets signed by both parties? If not, what’s most likely to happen if the employee wants to complain about it?!

    Type of contract: unlimited


  27. Hi,

    Situation is my sister just got a visa in this pharmaceutical company somewhere in Al Quoz whereas she works as an office clerk. She just started 2weeks ago and now she does not want to report anymore as her immediate supervisor harass her, physically and verbally. The company said they will just cancel the visa of my sister as she is not interested anymore for the position. My question is, what will be the best step we could do so she can avoid being ban here in Dubai? We would like also to report the said incident to Dubai police. Will the ministry of labour charge any case against my sister? I mean absconding?deportation? Or anything? Appreciate if you could advise and give some point of view regarding this matter the soonest. Thanks and more power!

    1. Hazel,
      IF you have face any physical or verbal harassment, you should immediately report to Dubai Police/ MOL before quitting.
      Once your visa is cancelled, there may not be much that you could do.
      There must be a real reason for companies to report your absconding or to deport you.
      However, the company can insist that your sister exit UAE once cancellation is done.

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  28. Currently im working in a LLC company in dubai and i have completed my two years contract and also i have renew my contact in the same company,i did not take my paid annual leave during my first contract period, 

      I would like to clarify that if i resign from the company am i entitled to get that previous paid two month annual leave amount with my settlement or not? and if it yes could you please tell me it’s written in below which article in UAE Labour law.  

  29. Hi deepak ji… i jst want know that if if i change the job without complete first contract n the new company giving me double basic salary then the previous company then there wil labour baan or no ???

    1. Kumar,
      Depends on your new salary and qualifications.

      1. hello deepak,

        i like to ask some questions, my husband is working as a marketing for a company for the past 10 years. now he likes to leave the company. so is a resignation letter for 30 days is enough? or need i wait for his permission?he never allows, also he don’t want to go for a dispute, also the salary is very late for the past 1 year and that too in 2 parts.
        can he join with competitor also? please reply

  30. Dear Deepak
    Please help me.
    I am working in Abudhabi as sales executive. This the second visa in the same company (expires Nov. 2015). If I cancel my job now, Will i get labour ban???. My basic salary is 1500.00 (through the bank). Can I fly back in visit visa for searching job on labour ban.

    Please help.

  31. I am working with a company from ten years continuously now I resign with one month notice can u tell me how to calculation gratuity. Is there any fixed bonuses are including wtih gratuity?

    1. Fazal,
      Please submit request to calculate gratuity:

  32. hi sir mera name majeed hai or main ne 1 compny main kam kya family problem k waja sey main ne 4months he kam kya mera 1 year ka ban hai ye ban konse visa pa khatam ho skta hai or kya ban ko check kya jaa skta hai k kitna baqi hai ? 🙂

  33. Dear Sir,

    I have an employment visa for dubai which expires on the 15th jul. I was supposed to travel to dubai onn 4th jul to join the company but since my passport was ecr stamped couldnot board. I have applied for re issue of my passport (ECR Deleted and validity for 10 yrs) which should be with me by 12th dec. The re issued passport will have new passport number and the old passport number will be mentioned on the last page of passport. I have received back cancelled old pasport from the passport office while applying.

    My question to you is whether i can thravel with my new passport with new passpot number and the visa with old passport number mentioned in it.

    I spoke to UAE consulate and they say I need to get new visa where as when i spoke to airport immigration they say i can travel. Please advise what is correct.


    1. Prashanth,
      I think you should be able to travel.
      But I am not entirely sure about this!

  34. Hi sir before i work in dubai now iam in india my passport expires on 30/07/2017 ,but page finish so i apply additional booklet but in passport office they cancel my old passport and they give new passport but my new company in abudhabi i give them my old passport number so my visa will come on next two days so i travel with my old and new passport there any imigiration problem will come pls give me any sugestion iam now job less …

    1. Prashanth,
      You will have to carry both the passports. I don’t think there will be any problems.

  35. Hi
    Any idea when they will enforce the revised labour law? I am due beginning December and hoping they will revise the maternity leave by then
    Thanks 🙂

  36. Hello Deepak – I’m trying to find out the specifics of what the Labor Law provides when it comes to annual airfares (in connection with annual vacations). I tried a word search on the PDF download and could only find details of annual vacation entitlements, not sure where the airfare entitlements are covered?
    Also, does this provision differ in any way for people employed by LLC entities and those employed by FZE entities?
    Many thanks

  37. Hi I’m working in a security from last year but now i want to change company is there rule that ban will become automatically or it’s depends on the company where I’m working

  38. Dear Deepak,
    actually i am in a confusion of that i am on visit visa but i am holding a masters electronics engineering degree in case of joining as a security guard or some how in some other work……and if i sign a 2 years contract so incase if i want to leave it in the half of the contract for getting a better job………so can i leave or not?per UAE labour law.

  39. Hi I would like to ask what will be my consequences if I resign? I have 2 years cntract, and Ive been working more than 1 year now, and Im thinking to resign the way I’m a private nurse from a local family. and someone told me I dont belong to labor instead to immigration.thank you.Hope you could help me.cause im planning to resign ASAP.

  40. Hello Sir,

    I have joined this company before 6 months and i paid amount to agency rupees 50000 nc. now after joining the job my company is asking for visa expenses 2100 AED. so I would like to know is there any rule in UAE that the employees has to bear the visa expenses.

    1. Sonal,
      You are not required to pay any visa expenses. It is the company’s responsibility.

      1. Thanks for your suggestion.

        Sir, this company has started to deduct visa amount from my salary. so what should I do now. I don,t have any idea about this so please give me suggestion. I am waiting for your response

          1. Hello Sir,
            First Thanks for the suggestion. Now I just want to ask u a question that the place where I am working is not suitable for me and if I want to change the job then can I change the job after complete 1 year and I am working with Abu Dhabi labour visa. So please give me a helpful suggestion. Thanks

  41. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I hope your doing good.

    I need your kind advise. right now i am holding 2 years contract in logistics field. suppose if i am not able to continue my 2nd year and without intimation if i am leave the job means. is there any life band in UAE or in the GCC.

  42. There are some question in my mind, please answer for my clarification.
    In Terms of a employee with limited contract what is the notice period and EOSB?

    What are the maximum number of hours an employee can work as per UAE Law?
    Under which article can an employer terminate an employee without notification?reasons ?
    Waiting for your reply.

    1. Kashan,
      My answers:

  43. Hi sir , iam working in a llc compaly last 4 years my visa is limited and i finish my last contract on june 4 2015 but company didnt cancel my visa, they r telling i want to renewal the vusa i already give the nitice before one month but they r nit cancelling my vusa expire so i go to the tasheel and gave a complaint about my company but still now tgere is no response i have some personal problems in india when the process will finish pls rply sirrrr ……

  44. I have almost finished one and half year of the two year contact but I have master degree to apply for another job.well there will be ban on me ?

    1. Noor,
      In most cases, you would be able to avoid labour ban.
      But it is best to check with MOL.

  45. Dear Deepak, One of my friends joined a company as secretary on a 2 year contract almost one and half year year ago. He has done a serious financial crime though without knowing its seriousness. Now he is under suspension for 10 days for further investigation. I would like to know what could be the legal actions taken against him. How can we avoid it. Thanks in advance for the reply.

    1. Lakshmi,
      Yes, if it is proven there will be consequences.
      I think the company may file a police complaint and the case will heard in the court.
      I guess, the employee needs to come clear on his wrongdoings with the company officials.

  46. i am with unlimited salary is paying 2 months later and not through bank is it possible to cancell visa without labour ban

    1. Mohamad,
      First of all it is better to file a complaint with MOL.
      Then you could cite the reasons for resignations and MOL may consider not banning you.

  47. Greetings,
    Sir I would like to know if I will be ban for resigning from work I am on probation period of 3 months and signed contract for 2 years. Will I be ban if i resign within probation period if i get NOC from my employer and my degree certi. also attested.

    Thanks & Regards

  48. Dear Sir,

    i had join company in Sept 2013 in Abu dhabi my visa is still valid till september 2015 and i got better package from other company, i want to change company still i will get bane from company / from Government even i have not yet completed one visa?


  49. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    one of my female cousin joined one ladies salon last june in Sharjah.
    This is her first job in UAE. Her one year will be completed in upcoming June. Need to ask that if she want to join another company, after completion of one year in this salon, will there be any ban? The salon is in Sharjah

    Nabeel Shahzad

      1. Hi Sir,

        I am working under unlimited contract for 1 yr and 5months.
        Now,i recently applied my resignation due to the low situation of our company and critical economic crisis also.
        we have so many issues for delayed salary for almost 2 months and not giving leave salary or even taking vacation laeave.
        I would like to know if we still have ban even we have noc?.
        If the company will shutdown also, still there is ban to the employee under 2yrs contract?

        1. Maritess,
          IF you have an NOC, there may be no ban.
          Please speak to MOL about your situations.

          1. Thank you sir for the idea.

            would like to ask,should we go to the labour for this situation?

            because not only me is suffering in our company.

            If we will complain Sir,there will be no problem from our side for applying new job.

            THANKS YOU SO MUCH

            1. Maritess,
              I can not guarantee on the outcome of your complaint with MOL.
              At least you should try.

  50. hi

    i recently changed my job almost 4-5 months now because of economic crisis in my company they decided to terminate all new is limited contract and they ready to give noc also,i would like to ask about ban

  51. Hi,
    I’m working in architectural consultancy company. Its been one month since i have joined them. My visa (from abu dhabi) is stamped on my passport whereas, i am working on my family visa. their entry permits are issued from immigration (abu dhabi). I’m working on the rest of the documents to process for stamping visas on passport. My probation period will be completed after one and half month.

    Now after joining them i came to know that they are asking me to work on something else that is not my profile and the timmings are odd. during this time I have received a call from another good company, they are offering a good post, salary and family visa etc.

    Please tell me how much notice period is required whilst I’m still in probation period. and will there be a ban or do i have to work for at least one year for this company?

    Thank you

  52. Hi sir iam working in llc last four years now my visa will finish on june 4th so now i dont want to renewal my visa so any chance to ban i got a job from another company

      1. Hello sir, pls am in UAE for about onee month now and I came in with housemaid working visa and it’s a 2years. Contract. I was not inform of the hardship in the job and I was not told that I won’t see my family for 2years. I was told before leaving nigeria that I will get holiday off work to see my family at least 2weeks in every year ” that when I wish to go” and also onece in a week holiday to visit round UAE. But now is d other way round. I told my agent that I want to change work and he said I have to pay 6000drh so he will collect myy passport from my sponsor and let me go look for another job, but I don’t ave such money and I did not collect money from them. They also collected 4000drh from me before coming to UAE. Please what can I do, cause am so confuse.

  53. I’m have unlimited contract with my company and joined it recently on 28th of Feb 2015. My salary is only 2500 AED per month and I’m thinking to move to another company. I’ve gone through the Dubai Labour Lay and according to the law I’m under 6 months probation period in which I can cancel my current contract without providing any valid reason or valid reason. Is it right or not? If I cancel the current contract within 6 months probation period will I get ban? And can I move to a different company if I get a good salary package? Thanks

  54. Hi deepak
    I would like to confirm this.
    I came to tobai in dec 2014.icame with one of the argents working as ahome maid.
    I am holding a diploma.certificate in sales and marketing.and also other cetificates
    Iam looking for a better pay job. I am asking what if i get ajob and i wanna change
    which steps should i follow?
    Is maid jobs also recognized in the labour laws?
    Will i have burn in this case?
    Am i surposed to give any money back to the argents or amployer.

    1. Maurine,
      I am not too sure whether maids come under UAE Labor Law.
      You could resign from your current job and look for better opportunity.
      I am not sure what agreement you have with the agent.

  55. Hello Deepak,
    I worked in a trading company as an accountant general , after 3 months company terminated me , There is any labour ban if i get another job?
    Please help me…

    1. Sherrif,
      Yes, you may get labour ban.
      Ask for NOC from your company to avoid a labour ban.

      1. If they give NOC letter, can avoid labour ban ?

        There is no other option for remove labour ban ?

        Thanks in advance

  56. Hi Sir,

    I just want to inquire.

    My limited contract is already expired last march 14, 2015. but I am still working until know, my residence visa will be expiring on May 11, 2015.

    I don’t want to renew my contract anymore.

    Should still I need to give notice to my employer at least 30 days? or do I just need formal letter that I will not be renewing my contract.

    And if I will get ban?

    Please help me with this matter.


  57. Hi, I got a query. I got selected to a FZC and they are saying orally that i have to work for min 3 or more years. Does Labour laws are valid for FZC’s.? If there is ban, would they implement only if there is a written contract?.

    Thanks is advance

      1. Hai sir I am Nasar from india.I want to know one thing I was worked at Abudhabi 2009 to 2010 may.Then i went my yearly vocation then i did not returnback to my same company.stil i did not cancel my old visa.Right now i am working in Qatar.If i will get any good offer in dubai i can able to enter inside uae or no.some of my friend told me i can not enter the uae.if u know uae labour law can u explain me sir.thank u

        1. Nasar,
          Your employer might have reported you as absconded.
          In that case, you will not be allowed to enter UAE.

          Be part of a community at Emirates Diary Forum. Browse, ask a question at the latest feature of Emirates Diary. Visit:

  58. Hi Sir,my cousin just renew his contract last december and this month of april he is planning to resign.i just want to ask what will be the consequences for this matter?does he get a ban for it or does he need to pay the employer some money?thanks

    1. Tonzy,

  59. Hi
    I just want to ask I’m three years in my company I wanted to resign is there any ban after completing 3 years?

  60. Hi Deepak,

    I need to ask a few questions:

    I joined a company on 24th April,2014 by signing a offer letter as a 2 year contract but as I am on Husband Visa my Employer kept on delaying in providing me the Labour card. Only Now after almost a year i got the labour contract on 8.04.2015 and it shows the expiry date 7.04.2017. So which contarct will be valid ? (My joining date or the labour card date)

    Also while issuing the labour card they dint ask for my attested degrees. I am a graduate so if I change the Job how much should be my salary to avoid any ban?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Rucy,
      your labour contract is valid.
      You will need 12K salary to avoid labour ban.

  61. Hi, Actually i’m in sales visa i have to change this company only 3 moths 1 workeing here can i change this company and the old company ready to provide NOC

    1. Sreekanth,

  62. There is strike on our project site. We allowed some staffers to proceed to avail their annual leave. The site not yet resume. Can we ask them to extend their leave. We do not have any other work to accommodate them and are not in a position to pay them idle. Will we have to pay for their extended leave which is not accrued. Please guide!

  63. Sir,
    I would like to ask advice from you sir and i am 13 months working in a cleaning company with 2 yrs contract and i want to resign. Do i have to pay my company for not finishing my contract?

  64. hi sir ,,,i thank you for the enlighting workers on here,,,,,I wnt to ask ,i have be working in a company for a year as machines operator/machnist ,,,now the agreement my employer agree on is not fit to it,,,,i want to resign ,,to seek another better offer ,am i to face labour ban ,and did i entile to any gratuity and wht document i need from my the company

    1. Sola,
      Please read:
      IF you have completed your contract, there will be no labour ban.
      If you complete at least a year, you will have gratuity.

  65. hi sir, thank u for the reply. I thought this thing don’t exist. Highly appreciated 🙂

  66. Hi Deepak,

    Just wanted to say that I salute you.
    Keep it up and you will be deeply appreciated

    I hope there are more of you out there helping other expats too

  67. hi sir I would like to ask,if its possible that my present company will give me labor ban..I am unlimited contact,my contract will be finish by June 2015,I wanted to resign by April 2015..I’m going to transfer in a company with out’s my case sir?thank u.

    1. Nadia,
      If you are at the fag end of your contract why are your resigning?
      You could complete the contract and resign with proper notice period.
      You will not get labour ban if you complete your contract.

  68. hai, This rafeek,
    i am working as a salesman( visa page stamped sales) last 4years in limited contract, already i have 1 renewel, mar20th/2015 is my labour contract end date, and visa 7th apr/2015, i got other job opertunity, how can i deal in this swicthvation ?

  69. Respected Mr Deepak,
    I’VE worked in duba in Security services last year i left from dubai and now after a period of month i again want to come in dubai on visit but the person who is taking process on my viza in dubai is stating that i cant work anymore or my visit viza application is denied because new labour law of dubai says those applicants who worked in dubai before on low vages or in security cleaner or clerk positions cannot come to dubai anymore because its new rule of dubai that immigration is not allowing them only if they are coming on higher post than only employer will be allowed so is it true and if its true is there any other alternate i can come to dubai on visit viza to continue and look for better opportunity ??

    thanks with regards

      1. Thanx sir i’ve been waiting since 1 week please update me ASAP….!!!
        Here’s my whatsapp 00918120027626

  70. Dear Deepak, You are doing a great job…

    I am working for a private firm for the last 3 years and 8 months.Now I resigned from there .And regarding my gratuity, they are quoting the Article 138 as per uae labor law mentioning that they are not ready to pay any money for me.
    Meantime i found your article listed below…
    “Scenario 2:
    If an employee employed for more than a year but less than five years under limited contract and complete his contract period he/she will be entitled for 21 days of Basic salary per year of service.
    Joining date 1-1-2008
    End date 30-12-2012
    Basic Salary 5,000/- per month
    Basic Salary per day =Basic SalaryX12/365=164.38
    Total no of days worked=Joining Date-End Date=1826
    Total no of years worked=Total no of days worked/365=5
    21 days’ Basic Salary=Basic Salary per dayX21 days=3452.05
    Gratuity Amount=Total no of years worked*21 days’ Basic Salary=17,269.73”

    where I can find this now ? official site ? I need your help on this.Please advise…..thanking you…

    1. Rihab,
      Submit requests here:

  71. Dear sir,
    I am graduate. I was working for one small trading company in dubai from September 2014. My 6months completes in this month 23. From the day I joined I have not received any offer letter, nor labour card. I m working as logistic executive but in my visa stamped S reception. No medical benefits not leave benefits. Morning 8 to daily working nearly 12 hours. Like slavery. Some time after office hours also carrying office phone and handling deliveries from home. I took one day leave in February. Next day I received warning letter from management. After dt they don’t assigned any job till next day. I went to boss and asked why he is not giving job. He said now you have done your post graduation you are not showing any interest. You find some other job once you find tell me I will cancel your visa. As he said I found job in jebelali. I got offer letter and went office to request boss to cancel visa but he demanded money . I was taken advance 3000 from boss and returned 500. 2500 was suppose to pay. Now for visa cancellation 3500 and advance 2500 totally 6000 he is demanding and I paid 3800 and I said rest amount I wil pay once I get my salary. After paying this also he is screwing me. He is telling he will cancel and send copy on Sunday or Monday and passport will be returned after this. I struggled lot to come dubai and I don’t have parents nor family to support me. My salary was 3000 here and in my new job also 3000 but freezone visa but new employer said I have to submit cancellation copy and passport asap. From feb 17 i m jobless and very difficultly I found this job. Now I Donno if boss delays to give my cancellation copy and passport I may lose this job. Kindly advice and guide me Sir pls.

    1. Bala,
      You do not have to pay anything to your company to cancel the visa.
      You will have to repay the advance you took from your company.
      It is appalling to know that you have not been given any offer letter,labour card etc.
      If your employer is insisting on payment, please speak to MOL at 800-MOL and file a complaint.

  72. hello, mr, deepak

    I just want to ask that i’m under probationary period and company terminate me there is any ban…? and also i’m here in back my country. i use to work in abu dhabi.also i need to come back it’s possible if i can apply for job dubai so there is stilled ban dubai or if i can come freezone visa for dubai or abu dhabi also if can apply visit visa…

    1. Ashan,
      You may have a ban depending on your company decision.
      You could apply with free zone companies where labour ban is not applicable.

      1. Mr deepak, thank you for your you mean any company who provide free zone visa so that mean i can come for work…

  73. Sir.. My frist contract for 2 years and company terminate me one month without any isssue so its ban happen to me Aur not….

    1. Afsar,
      if you have completed your contract, you will not receive any labour ban.

  74. Hello,
    My wife will give birth in September in Sharjah. We both work for a private school, as teachers. I heard from colleagues that the maternity leave given by the school will be only 2 weeks. Isn’t that illegal? What is the minimum maternity leave by law? Thank you in advance.

    1. Radu,
      As per the latest updates Maternity leave in Sharjah is increased to 60 days!

  75. hi mr.deepak im working in limited contract for 1 year and they terminate me for some reason they said.i just want to ask if i can have labor ban??because when i ask my boss he told me that i dont have labor ban,and some also telling i i dont have ban because i complete my 1 year in my it true or should i check to the mol about that?can you give me a contact number of mol?

  76. Hi
    I have worked for a company for 2 yrs. I have a ongoing contract not a fixed term one. The company has told me my position is being terminated due to restructuring. I have been told to work for one more month and then leave. They will pay me one extra month then as compensation plus gratuity and outstanding holiday pay. Is this fair or should I be entitled to more than one month pay? Thanks for advice

    1. Smith,
      Yes, under unlimited contract, you are entitled for what you company has mentioned.

  77. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    Good morning.

    Can you please kindly send me a link for the revised UAE LABOUR LAW (2015 the updated Labour Law).

    Your immediate response is highly appreciated.


    1. Jenalyn,
      The revised labour law is still not released by MOL.
      Once released, I will publish it.

      1. Hi,

        Can you tell me please, I am in probation period which will be finished on 23th April 2015. In this period if I want to resign :
        1. Should I have one month notice
        2. Can I file resignation with immediate effect
        3. Is there any Ban

        please advise,


        Parvez Aslam

        1. Parvez,
          1. No need for notice period. But read your contract.
          2. It is up to the company to honor this!
          3. Yes. there will be labour ban.

  78. My neice is in Dubai looking for a job. She is 19 years old. Lots of companies are saying they cannot hire her becoz she is too small.

    How old do you have to be to get work visa for ladies.

  79. Hey Deepak,

    Thanks for quick reply.

    I just wanted to know whether six months employment ban is calculated from date of exit or visa cancellation date.

  80. Hey,

    I resigned after 3 months on unlimited contract. I am joining same company. I hope there won’t be any visa or any other issue. I am an Indian national.

  81. Dear sir i greet you hope your fine,i would like to know if my two years contract finish and i renew again then after renwe again another job with another company can i have aban

  82. Dear sir is it allowed when the company looses jobs or contracts that awoker or labour can be forced Annuel leave,,,how is it sir thanks

  83. Dear sir how can i check ban ,,,my contract is unlimited as i told you i have worked for 1year and 6month but i have got another job tht give me 2500 thanks sir

    1. Joseph,
      You can check directly with MOL whether you have 6 month labour ban.
      If you do not complete your contract, you will have labour ban.

  84. Hello mr deepakcan you give me some advice what will happen if i go to MOL for my case . Beacuse the representative were im working didnt fulfil my contract , he forced me to do other work that is not written in my contract. And it was extremely dangerous for me to work.

    Can i get another job even if not a freezone ?
    Am my have a ban ?
    Is the company where i work pay me for some penalties?

    Im waiting for sir many thanks

    1. Jommel,
      Yes, you could approach MOL.
      If you join a free zone from LLC company, there will be no labour ban.
      You do not have to pay any penalties.

  85. Mr Deepak.
    I worked in a company 5 may 2005 to 18 coct 2014, then i resigned, after Nov 25th they canceled my vissa without giving my settlement. that time they promised me they will pay my money before leave. I have nearly 60000/aed as a settlement.Januray 2015 they paid only 15000/aed remaining 45000/aed still with them. Presently I am working under another sponsor. please advice me how i can get money back from my previous company. I can complaint to Labour.

  86. Need advice, 1 year and 6 mos. working in our company in AUH. any BAN if i transfer to other company with not more than 5,000AED salary?

    1. Dave,

  87. Hello sir i would like to know is it true that visa issuing for ugandan has been stoped

  88. Dear sir i have finish 1year and six month am getting basic salary 500 and allowance 400 but i have get another job for 2500 how can i do that to change from this company,,,thanks sir

    1. Joseph,
      You will have to resign and first check whether you have labour ban.

  89. hi sir,
    i”m working for more than 5yrs in our company we have unlimited contract,we have an application going to Europe and we are just waiting for our contract as well as the working it true that once we resign from our company our company will send us back to our country of origin while we are waiting for working visa.
    could it be possible when we received our visa that’s the time we will resign.
    thank you so much.

    1. Jenny,
      I think your employer would seek you just exiting UAE and not be specific on where you are headed whether Europe or home country.
      All the best.

  90. Deepak I want to know if annual leave will be 21 working days or calendar days

    How is a leave calculation done

    1. Kaveri,
      Depends on your company. Some companies have 21 working days.
      Usually calendar days will be 30 days.

  91. Mr. Deepak i just want to ask if the company terminate me because there are costing the company im working as a technician for 1 year and six months . Do i have a ban ?

    1. Jem,
      There will be ban, but ask for NOC as they are terminating you.

  92. Please we work with Roya pearl cleaning service in Abu Dhabi,we have been working for more than six months and others are working for more than five months now with our company but the didn’t give us any labour card or emirates ID or health insurance card and the also hold our international passport,and for them to pay us salary is very hard anytime we ask them our right the will tell us that the will ban us, and now the are turning us to construction company for us to work and become a construction workers, please sir we don’t know what to do because we tell them that we will not work in construction with them but the still tell us that the will ban us for six months if we dont work with them and we pay for our visa,five thousand dihram (5000) earch person and airticket ,and we are ten (10) in number please tell us what to do please.

    1. Please approach Ministry of Labour (MOL) with your queries.
      Call MOL at 800-665

  93. Mr Deepak
    I’m a limited contract in the company,and I’m 7 months only and they terminate i have ban?the ban will be payable in my case?how much it will be?

    1. Kumar,
      In case of termination, usually companies do not impose labour ban. However, this happens automatically at MOL.
      Read following on how to avoid ban:

  94. Mr Deepak
    I’m a unlimited contract in the company,and I’m 9 months only and they terminate i have ban?the ban will be payable in my case?how much it will be?

    1. Roy,
      Yes, there will be ban.

  95. mr deepak,

    i was terminated because of lay off. i had 1 yr and 3 months in my company and that is unlimited. do i have ban????

    1. Michelle,
      If you are terminated, you will not have a ban.
      Better also to take NOC from the company.

  96. i am working in labour visa and i get job in free zone visa so there is any band if i go free zone.

    1. Suman,
      No, if you are shifting to Free zone from Labour, labour ban is not applicable to you.

  97. hi sir. i just want ask that . is true that their a chnages from filipino visa? they said that its nit allowed now to get a visa for all filipino worker. thanks

    1. Mimi,
      That is not true. I think you are talking about hiring a filipino maid. Yes this has changed not from UAE’s side but from Philippines Government side.
      There have been some new rules and laws that have been implemented. I am not entirely sure what are the rules.

  98. Please sir we are up to ten in number in this company non of us have any documents like emirates ID card or labour card please sir what can we do because have called labour last time and the told us that the gave them one week to provide it for us,but since November till now nothing have been done and no salary for me to take treatment on my health I call them the didn’t pick my calls and I was hired by onather company please sir what can i do and we paid for our visa and some of us have receipt for our the visa given by the company please encourage us what we can do.

  99. Hello sir, am working in Abu Dhabi with cleaning company since december i never recieve salary for tow months now and am still working,no labour card no health insurance card no emirate card and i have work for mor than six months, they sign my contract out of my knowledge and we paid for our visa and air ticket please what can we do please tell us

  100. Hello sir, am working in Abu Dhabi with cleaning company since december i never recieve salary for tow months now and am still working,no labour card no health insurance card no emirate card and i have for work for mor than six months and we paid for my visa and air ticket please what can I do please tell me

    1. Nwachukwu,
      Are you working illegally? Without such documents, how are you working?
      WHat will you show to MOL when you approach to complain?

  101. Good day!

    I would like to ask Mr Deepak if I am allowed to work since I am currently holding wife’s visa?
    Do I need to get a permit?

    Thank you

    1. Arjay,
      You can work. But your company needs to apply for a labour card and you will need NOC from your wife.

  102. Dear sir, iam working in Palm beach hotel Burdubai since August 6 2014. But emirates I’d is from 30 September can you tell me probation period will be count.what ever fm told us in iterview we are not getting any facility no service charge 12 hours duty no medical facility 15 days one off so I want to change my company shall I give case to labour department for justice or what I will do pls give suggestion thank you

  103. sir,
    I am working in a LLC in Dubai from last Eight months, the company is not giving the benefits what all they made in the contract, so i am looking for a new job.
    My question is… if i resign is there any ban on me and whether i should pay the visa charges to them

    1. Anoop,
      Yes you will face labour ban for 6 months.

  104. Deepak gud pm my company terminate me and im only 10 months they will give me a NOC what do i do to lift the ban.

  105. Dear sir I want information about labour law.I have passed 5 year in company if now am give resign company will pay me all my service allowance and other bnifits??

  106. Hi MR. Deepak
    I am working in restaurent in Al Ain since APRIl 2014.
    I want to confirm that after 1 year if i got that job more than 3k so there will be ban on me ?
    or i have to visa expenses
    or no ?

    1. Yousuf,
      you will face labour ban.

  107. Hi deepak

    I am working in a company from sept 2014 and I am still in my probabtion period.
    But I don’t like my job profile anymore and im planning to go for mba from dubai.
    so if I will resign will there be any ban on me also if they put a ban then will it affect my student visa. Will I get a student visa when I am banned by MOL.

    1. Harpreet,
      You will have labour ban.
      Labour ban won’t have any effect on student visa.

  108. Deepak, first of all let me say you are doing fantastic work. I know this now because I have some problem and wanted to ask 🙂

    I am doing job in sharjah air port freezone as a software programmer and its been 2 months. My probation will be ending in end of January 2015 but I do not like the environment at all. So I want to resign. My contract (unlimited) says I will have to pay all recruitment expenses.

    Q#1 My question is how much that can be, any figure? They paid for my flight as well. I only want to know that how much it can be if we have to calculate,
    Job Visa, Residence visa
    Do I need to pay any cancellation fee?

    Q2# Should I resign now or after probation, what you suggest is best for me? I really want to resign though.

    Thanks alot Deepak!


    1. Khurram,
      1. Since you have signed, yes, you will have to bear.
      2. Can’t suggest this.

    2. i think you will be apple to pay for the the recruitment expenses, that depends on the company policies. it will be hard for you to transfer since you just only have 2 months work in the company. unless if the company terminate your contract or they will no longer need you.

      if you’re in a Freezone company, as per policy, you need to work at least 1 year before transferring or moving to another company.

      please bear in mind that the company pays for the visa for 8,000 AED or more depending on your work status.

      before you agree, or sign any contract, the company will give you a probationary period.

  109. Hi deepak!
    I just want to ask if im under probationary period and wants to terminate the agreement and i will transfer to a company that will provide me freezone visa.. will i have a ban? Can i start immediately to my new job? Thank you!

    1. Hannah,
      You will not have labour ban if you join free zone.

  110. Good day!

    I would like to ask if there is so called “Time Bank” as per Labor law regarding Overtime pay?

    I’m working in a Home Care for 2.5 months and Im expecting to get my overtime pay this month for my October’s overtime hours. Then, when Im getting my salary my manager doesn’t want to give it. He is telling that I cannot get my OT pay because he will put me on a “Time Bank” this December. It means instead of having my duty he will put me like an off set.. Im wondering if it is legal because according to him the reason why he’s doing that is because we don’t have enough patient as of today.. Besides, as far as my knowledge is concern and as per my contract even we don’t have patient or duty the employer should pay us the full salary regardless of having no duties. Because he cannot blame us why we dont have patients, it’s the company’s responsibility to find and to give us duty in order to complete our required duty hours per month.

    Next is he doesn’t give me my Holiday pay for Public Holidays last Oct 3, 4, 5, and 25. He put me on 24 hours duty for those dates. His reason is the same as he will put it on time bank. I’m very hopeful this month that I’ll get those overtime and holiday pay but unfortunately he keep insisting that he put me on Time Bank.

    When I questioned him about that time bank this is his answer. “As per labor law there are two types of Overtime, One is with pay (all OT’s will be pay) and the other type is “Time Bank” (all of OT’s will be compensated as off set).”

    It is not really clear to my mind about it. Because before we start to work here when we ask about the Overtime he answered that all hours exceeded to required duty hours will be paid. But now I think he is having different statement about it and denying our conversation before. The bad thing is that its not indicated or written in our offer letter and labor contract about overtime. And he just having this deal always on Verbal. He doesn’t want to put in written.

    Can you suggest anything about my dilemma. Im really feel sad about this because I’m expecting to be paid all of my hardworks and sleepless night during duties in patients home.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Julius,
      I have never heard of any concept like Time bank in UAE Labour Law.
      There is something called Compensatory Off which is applied when you work during a weekend or public holiday and the employer gives you leave during another working day.
      But nothing written in labour law.
      This is actually company policy.

  111. hey hi

    i would like to get a advice from Mr Deepak M,

    I was working for a company in Jumeirah Lake Towers under DMCC freezone. I got my visa stamped on 7th july 2014. Unlimited contract. I am under probition. I am not able to like the job and duty it as they want me to do it. I just wanna know if I resign will I have a ban ? or is there any rules apply to me which i should know ?

    1. Shah,
      If you join any other company within DMCC, there may be ban.
      But outside that you will not face any labour ban.

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