Switching jobs during Probation in UAE

How to switch jobs during probation!

It’s a usual dilemma many companies go through most of them are involved in recruitment of new employees in their organization to expand services and productive growth pertaining to the facts and figures of the organizational growth. Initially, most of the people get hired on the basis of 3 to 6 months of probation period or even more. Definitely, in developed countries, the scenario is different depending upon the country’s official law and order situation. Especially, in Middle Eastern countries, particularly UAE has a compelling market of jobs in Gulf states. Along with a wide range of international investment agencies working in the various states of UAE. Due to this, the Economic & Financial growth of UAE is expanding on daily basis.

Focusing on the demands of higher authoritarians and ministerial levels, significance of necessities revolves around individual growth of the people of the state, relating to entrepreneurship and job opportunities.  The nationals of UAE and other Arabian countries are preferred over the people holding varied nationality. However, it must be kept in mind, there is still a diversified marketplace for the emigrants seeking job opportunities in various regions of UAE, many expo events for emigrants are held in the state, and significant opportunities are depicted to look after suitable candidate for recruitment. However, the most important stage is to remember the detailed steps of official law and order act of UAE.  In this article, we have presented steps required for switching jobs during probation.

change jobs during probation period in dubai uae

  1. You Must Work On The Given Notice PeriodOpens in a new tab. And Take NOC From The Employer

It’s a widely accepted rule that an Employee of UAE must work under an approved notice period, even if they wish to resign during the initial probation period, they must take an approval of resignation with their employer. Remember probation period can of 3 months, 6 months or more depending upon the rules and regulations of the company. Thus, after the completion of a limited probation period, both parties, employer and employee are required to submit an approval of termination and non-renewal of the contract or probation time period. After successful decision, if both parties, you can easily get a no objection certification (NOC) from your current employer. It must also be kept in one’s mind that if any conflict arises with your current employer, your new employer can’t provide you any sort of help if a ban is imposed on you.

  1. No Ban Would Be Imposed After Successfully Completing Complete 2 Years Of Hiring Period

After the completion of your particular employment period decided between you and your employer, then the employment ban won’t be imposed. Moreover, you are permitted to receive your last salary for the couple of leaves provided to you by the company that you didn’t availed yet.

  1. Discontinuing The Job Within The Probation PeriodOpens in a new tab.

If you resign prior to the completing of your probation period of two years, then you’ll be responsible to reimburse with your employer within an amount not beyond 45 days of renumeration. Remember if an employer takes notice against you, then possibility of employment ban may be levied on you. It can be evaded in case if both parties, employee and employer have accepted the discontinuation of probation period.

More precisely, it must be kept in mind that an employee terminating his employment before completing his probation period won’t be imposed any employment ban if he has obtained salary on agreement made by the future employer based on the applicant’s professional qualifications. Further, it must be considered that professional employees including Software Developers, Web & Graphics Designers, Digital Marketers and other qualified professionals working in various multinational organizations and companies are excused from the hurdle of imposing labor ban to make transition from one company to another.

  1. Discontinuing The Job Within Two Year Of Probationary Employment Period

If both parties, employee and employer collaboratively agree to discontinue the working period within the completion of two years of employment period on probation, a no objection certification (NOC) would be provided to the employee. Based on the condition where your employer executes the ban for terminating of probation period, it would be legally responsible to reimburse the employer up to half remuneration of the employee for three months of time duration. However, if the employer has eradicated the probation period, he’ll be responsible to pay to the employee for remuneration period of three months or more.

For further information visit: No ban if you complete two years of employmentOpens in a new tab.

  1. Working On an Unlimited Probation

In rare cases, employees work with an organization on unlimited probation period. With the arousal of such circumstances, a notice period of one month would be sufficient prior to changing the job. The employer can also discontinue the services of its employee with a 30 days of notice period issued against the employee. Likewise, if both the parties couldn’t finish the notice period, then in such situation the liable person shall recompense the other person.

  1. Legal Ways To Transfer Sponsorship

People working in UAE as immigrants can switch jobs by exchanging their sponsorship from existing sponsor to a new sponsor. Furthermore, the modes of transfer must be undertaken by the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources. The documents required consists of sponsorship transfer application form which must be stamped and signed by the higher management of the recent and previous employment sponsorship. Yet, the new sponsor will be required to apply for residency visa for the employee. The Employees holding different nationalities will be allowed to transfer their sponsorship, if they have completed their professional qualifications and are working in various multinational organizations or companies as: Engineers, IT Professionals, Marketers, Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Accountants, HR Managers, Agriculturists, Chartered Accountants, Administrative Professionals and Licensed Drivers. Moreover, it must be kept in mind that labor bans associated by ministry are generally not valuable in most of the regions of UAE. In case, a labor ban gets obliged on you, it’s still possible to attain an employment visa sponsored by various states.

  1. Acquiring The New Job Offer While Having A Conflict With Your Ex-Boss

 If the employer is involved in a legal assault with his previous boss, he can avail a new employment opportunity. You may legally apply for a provisional working certificate, which will permit you to work with your subsequent employer for a time of six months awaiting trial.

  1. Important Tips That Must Be Undertaken

It would require important decision-making skill set to be undertaken, a good salary prospect, or the opportunity to gather information to work for leading sectors of UAE, the reasons to be well understood shall be entitled in a significant way to switch your job. Moreover, there are several ways that will assist you to understand the whole procedure without any hurdle.

  • To examine the productive career opportunities, accept the fact that you aren’t searching for jobs. You can consider all the advices gathered from people’s who have been through this stage.
  • Attain enough work experience can add value to your career prospect and make you the possible candidate for the job.
  • There is definitely sufficient amount of societies enclosed in teams relating to your situation in the UAE. You must possess capabilities, which makes you actively involved to gather proper guidelines for audiences to search a significant job.
  • Clearly describe all terms of previous business dealings to your new manager. Ciphering any reliable facts, lastly would result as a barrier within progressive situations.

Certainly, it’s a matter of fact to possibly assure the fundamentals of career growth and exchanging of jobs in the UAE should never be dealt as an issue. Keeping a one step forward strategy without any dilemma in the mind, would result in acquiring each genuine issue associated progressing positively to attain a prosperous work life in the Arab World, more specifically UAE.

  1. Rare Cases Should Be Dealt Effectively

 There might arise some unusual situation, where you’d be allowed to work progressively by assuring two years of commitment period.

During an offset, if you are offered another opportunity that relies on both primary, secondary and third categories of proceedings that are considered to be a reliable source of acquisition by Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD) having a pay offer that isn’t under Dh. 12000, Dh.7000 and Dh.5000 classified for one, two and three individuals.

In some circumstances, when you are having no job after the completion of your work period related with business dealings or if the work contract gets expired because of violation of rights, while you were working under lawful circumstances along with your worker, it’s applicable for the representative to switch jobs alongside without a committed business leadership.

However, it might require a prescribed procedure for transferring your employment services from a privately administered business to a government and semi-government organizations or vice versa.

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