What is Probation Period?

Probation Period – what does the law say?

A probation period is when your employer scrutinises your on the job performance. Usually, this period is in between 3-6 months. But as per UAE Labour Law, probation period is for 6 months. During the probation period you may be terminated from employment usually with a day’s notice. The labour law of UAE has a provision for employers to assess your performance and judge whether it is up to the standards expected.

Once you are confirmed in the employment, your employment is secured according to the Federal Labor Laws of the UAE and then you can only be terminated upon the expiry of your contract or as per Article 121 of UAE Labour Law.

Article 37 of the UAE Labour Law mentions the below:

The employee may be appointed for a probationary period not to exceed six months, and the employer may terminate the services of the employee during this period without giving a notice or end of service remuneration. Appointment of the employee on probation basis in the service of one particular employer may not be made more than once. However if the employee passed the probationary period satisfactorily, and remained in service, such period of service shall be computed in the period of his service.

What you need to know about Probation Period?

  • You can not be placed under probation more than once by the same employer.
  • Your employer can terminate your services at any time during the probationary period without notice or severance pay.
  • The probationary period is included in calculating your service years for purposes of gratuity calculation and other pay calculations.
  • You are not legally entitled to any paid sick leaves during the probationary period.
  • You are likely to incur a labour ban if you terminate your employment during this period. However, this will also depend on your skill levels and new job offer (Read: How to avoid labor ban?)

What happens if you resign during probation period?

I have written a separate article on what happens if you resign during probation period.

Note that Probation period may be the most important part of the start of your job in UAE. Wish you all the best.

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    • I am working on the basis of my Bsc degree and my probation is not yet completed. If I am being terminated by the company, I will face a ban for a 06 month. Kindly let me know whether the ban will be uplifted If I get an offer on my MS degree.

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  • Dear Mr.Deepak,

    Good Day to you!

    Thank you very much for your time for the Questionnaire !!


    My self Abhiram, i came from India on employment visa(company provided) now i am working with my employer since a month, i am not satisfy with this job and also some thing i don’t like in this company, so can i resign ? is there any labor ban ??

    Note:Company did not take me to Medical Checkup yet and also my visa(residence) is not stamped on my passport !

    Kindly advise me for the same!

    • Hi Abhiram, Yes you can move to the other company but make sure you dont have labour card or labour contract. Also company may ask you to pay the visa charges.

  • Dear sir, ive been working on our company for the past 4 and a half months… they just processed my visa, medical, emirates id, and labor contract few days ago.. that means my probation period will just start the moment my labor contract is approved? so i will have to start again for new 6months probation?

    i would also like to know how can i complain to the authorities with regards to this. not only my employer delayed my labor papers, but he also make us work 12-13hrs a day. without overtime pay

    • Hi, Your probation period will start from the date of joining.If you want to complain you need to go to the labour department.

  • Sir

    I hv 6 month prabation i finuahed but company extend my probation 3 month if i confirmed i am elligible for general increament june is our compny funantial budget and july increament so i loss my this increament i am not elligible for this and fear about my job was secure or not after 3month they are confirmed or not then wt to do ? Pls sir advice this 1st time in dubai job

    • My advise is to wait for the company response.But if you are still having any doubt regarding loss of job it is better to look for other job opportunity in market.

  • Hi Sir,
    I am a doctor on an unlimited contract with my hospital. I am still in my probation period. I am not happy with my current employer and have an opportunity in government hospital. My private contract (not Labour Contract) between me and the hospital mentions 3 months notice period, however there is no specific mention of notice period during probation.
    Am I liable to give notice period to my employer? If yes, how much should be the notice period? One month or three months?

  • Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I am currently under probation, my company has an excess of employees and is wanting to cut down on costs, 2 of my colleagues have already been terminated due to the fact that the company does not need them anymore. Now, since I have been performing well, the company wants to retain me but wants me transferred to Abu Dhabi. If I refuse, they would terminate me. If I choose to be terminated within the probation period, will I get a labor ban even if they provide me an NOC? Will I pay the cost for the Visa that they’ve used when they hired me? Thank you.

  • Hi Deepak, I have been with my company for just 2 weeks and have not offically started work yet am just training. I am working in a salon. I have not signed anything or done a medical. My visa has been stamped by immigration when entering. I am British national. I am unhappy with the company and would like to join another am I going to get a ban?

  • Hi, you can call me jazz. I want to ask if I can resign in my present job during probationary period. I seen in my limited contract that I have a 6months probationary period, so I want to ask if I can leave my present job. Is there a automatic ban if I leave? I have a problem with my employer that I think is too much to bear. Time of work are not good, sometimes he speak to me not good words that you can feel pitty for yourself. And also how many times he hit my left hand by the used of metal ruler. Please help me to know give me some advise. Thank you. i start working here feb.15, but in my contract start is march 25 so if you compute the months base in contract im turning to 5 months. so i have the right to leave this company without being ban or not?

    • Since your contract is limited for sure you will get automatic labour ban even though you are on probationary period.

      • Hi Mr Deepak,

        I Also have the same situation with jazz, i really want to resign because im not happy with my job, and also my time of work is too long. The reason why i’m still staying because some people telling me that i need to pay 15,000 dirhams for my visa, im in a limited contract, i just started to work last march 17 im still in my probationary peiod. But i checked my contract and it is not stated that if i will resign i need to pay for my visa and it is also not stated that i need to compensate them. I really dont know what to do. please help me, i need your advice. thank you!

        • if you are having a limited contract you need to complete your contract period . If you resign you may have to pay the company.

  • My nameAhmed, i came from India on employment visa(company provided- open contract) now i am working with my employer since a month, i am not satisfy with this job .i would like to resignation from present job.what is the notice period in uae labor law.

    • if you are on a probationary period you can leave the job at any time no need to give notice

  • Hi Deepak.

    I m Ali working in ——– company in F&B section.from 30/04/2013.

    Still on 6 month probation period I am getting lots and lots of pressure even I do my best but still at end of day its counted 0 % on my last review with trainee manager they told me that I have 1 week time to improve my performance.

    But every day I am getting so so much pressure which I never gone through in my pass 8 years in Dubai. I want to quite the job if I do I have ban on me.

    • If they terminate you then they should give you a NOC. If they give you a NOC then you can join other company without facing a problem of ban.

  • hey.i have just started a job in august. i am on a six month probation period. however, as im studying higher courses and the job location is one hour away from my house. it is very hectic for me everyday. my father also has a business. so for example if i resign from the job, and apply for residence from my fathers bussines. is that possible?

  • Hi Deepak.

    I am on my husband visa. I have been offered a job in Freezone Tecom in DIC area. There’s a non-competition clause in my agreement which says if I leave, i cannot join the competitor. I pushed the employer to chuck out this clause, but refrains to do so.

    So if I leave the job during probationary period, is the ban valid on me. Can I not work with the competitor. What to do?

  • Hi Deepak,

    I am working for a freight forwarding company as a Sales Manager from 25th Feb 2013, near completion of 6 months my company called me for a review and since my sales figures were not available they have extended my probation period by another month. They have asked me to sign a letter saying that probation terms are extended and to be reviewed after a month. Today without having any correct sales figures they are blaming me that i have not performed as per their expectations and on my offering to resign they are not accepting my resignation as well instead they are saying they will terminate me. I am under a Dubai Logistics City freezone visa and terms mentioned on my offer letter is that the notice period after the probation period is over is 3 months (which my employer does not want to honor) on basis of the signed letter taken from me at time of completion of 6 months of employment. Please advise your views if the company can do this? or else why would they not want to accept my resignation?

  • Hi Deepak,

    I am working for a freight forwarding company as a Sales Manager from 25th Feb 2013, near completion of 6 months my company called me for a review and since my sales figures were not available they have extended my probation period by another month. They have asked me to sign a letter saying that probation terms are extended and to be reviewed after a month. Today without having any correct sales figures they are blaming me that i have not performed as per their expectations and on my offering to resign they are not accepting my resignation as well instead they are saying they will terminate me. I am under a Dubai Logistics City freezone visa and terms mentioned on my offer letter is that the notice period after the probation period is over is 3 months (which my employer does not want to honor) on basis of the signed letter taken from me at time of completion of 6 months of employment. Please advise your views if the company can do this? or else why would they not want to accept my resignation?

    Await your advise

    Thanks & Regards,


    • If it is stated in your employment contract that your notice period is 3 months, and if you are a confirmed employee then if company terminates you, company should pay three months notice period salary. Same thing applies on the other hand too. If you are on probation period and then company wants to terminate you , company can give one day notice, same on the other hand too.

  • Sir Deepak, if an employee can resign during probationary period without giving reason and notice why some company can request a one-year ban? please enlighten me. thanks Sir 🙁 im on limited contract… i want to resign.

    • There is an automatic labour ban for six month if you resign before the contract period.Regarding one year ban if an employee committed any serious offense then only company can request one year ban.

  • Dear Sir Deepak,

    If probation period is the period when an employee can resign without giving notice, why employer can request a one-year ban in the Ministry of Labour? I am on limited contract. I want to resign and move to other company, I hope I wont get the one-year ban… Thanks Sir

  • Dear Sir,

    I am working in a company In Dubai.My visa is Unlimited. i am still under probation period (5 months now). unfortunately i have some problems at home. so that i need to leave his company. Do i need to pay any visa cost if i will leave this company under these period and is there will be Ban …?

    Please advice sir..

    • yes you will have an automatic labour ban for six months. Some companies ask for visa cost from the employees if they resign before the contract period.

  • Dear sir,
    Past two months am working for a LLC in unlimited contract now they terminated with one month notice period. I have only got emirates ID no labor card yesterday. if there is any band for me?

  • Dear sir, im under probation and my employer is terminating me because i they want me to go to sharjah for relocation, before they told me that i will be working only here in dubai but then they are forcing me to be in sharja but i refused and they told me that if i will not go there they will terminate me and will not report for work anymore. And they also said that i will be going to pay for all the expenses that they paid on me. Is that right and legal sir??? Please i need your advice because im just new hre in dubai. Thnks in advance.

  • Dear Mr Deepak,

    I just want to if I will be resigning in my present company and im on my probation period and I do no have my medicals and labour card yet and even my residence visa its that mean I will have my automatic 6 months ban? I have a better offer from other company and my current employer hold my cancellation papers. they said that they will only release me if they can find my replacement. I’m willing to pay all my expenses. How many days is the cancellation of visa? Thanks..

    • Cancellation can be done within one day. Since you have not done your medical and dont have labour card you will not have any ban.

  • Dear Deepak,

    I am currently under my probationary period and want to know whether I can terminate my employment within the probationary period by giving how many days/months of notice.
    Also, my contract specifies a notice period of 90 days which I believe is applicable only after the end of my probation period. Please guide me in the process.

    Thank you.

  • Dear Sir,

    I am currently working in a freezone company. I started last April, 2013 and as my visit visa expires I was asked by my boss to exit to our country while waiting for my employment visa.They paid for my Round trip ticket and overstaying.I stayed and waited for 2mos for my employment visa and return back to dubai this august. Everything was already completed medical, residence visa, emirates id and labour card. My probationary period will end on the month of january or february. What will happened if they cancelled my employment and residence visa after my probationary? Does my employer will pay for my ticket back to my country?is there a gratuity i need to recieve from them or any amount since I signed a 3years contract from them.? I got a lot of expenses already while here in dubai (rents, food allowance, etc)…many debts already that is why if my visa will be cancelled how can i pay my debts…is there any ban?Do I need to pay for the visa cost? What should i received after when my visa will be cancelled in my probationary period?please do reply. I am awaiting for your reply.

    • since you are working in freezone you will not have an automatic labour ban. yes if you are terminated then company should provide you with return air ticket. No you will not get any gratuity , to get gratuity you need to complete atleast one year in the company. Debts you need to settle. there is no other way. It is personal. Visa cost-it will be depends on company. You will receive only salary till your last working day.

      • Dear Sir,
        Thank you for your immediate reply to my concern.
        I thought there are some additional benefits that i will received if ever I will be terminated…but sad to say on return air ticket back to m country and my last salary …one thing more what if I was ask to pay for the visa cost…very bad! With this, for me If I will be terminated much better if I will just return to my country than start from the very beginning hunting for jobs in dubai as of today is very difficult and many companies are just giving lower salary ranges 1000-2000 only. If I will start at the very beginning then the result will be more additional expenses again that will result again to additional debts!very bad…maybe I am not lucky in Dubai…bad for me…soooo sad! well thanks Sir Deepak for your big help now I got my plan B that if ever I will be terminated I will just go home to my country….thanks a lot!

  • Hello Deepak,

    I joined a new company in Dubai last month. I am under 6 months probation period. They have got my entry permit issued but not yet changed my visa status. I have got a much better ofer from another company. Can I resign without notice period and can my current company refuse to cancel my visa? I am willing to pay for the visa expenses incurred.


    • Dear Deepak,

      I am still waiting for your reply on my problem. Kindly provide guidance. My main concern is whether the current employer can refuse to cancel my visa.

      I am awaiting for your reply.

      • Current employer cannot refuses to cancel your visa unless there is some work pending from your side

    • If you are on probation period you can leave the company by giving one day notice. Company cannot hold the cancellation.

  • hi sir,
    i just want to know if i will be automatic ban if i resign. Im on probitionary period. i only work with them for 3 weeks and i have not done any medical and no labour card. but i have employment visa good for 3months. im in limited contract. do i have to give one month notice? please help.

    • Since you are on probation period and your visa is not stamped at you may resign by giving one day notice. I think there wont be any ban.

  • I m working in Dubai from 22nd june 13. Now i have a better offer in Abu Dhabi. My current employer is not accepting my resignation. What steps I can take ?? Please Guide and what are the consequences of cancellation of my visa during probation.please guide..

    • if your current employer is not accepting your resignation then you can address this issue with labour department.

  • I working in trading company, but I terminated without any valid reason even though I worked very hard ,sincerity and professionally to get the best result for more than 5 months during the probation period. when I asked him the reason, he simply told this is the probationary period, so we terminate you.
    My question is, is he terminate any employee without any valid reason?

    • Yes during probation employer will see your job performance and If your performance is not upto the mark then the employer has the right to terminate you without notice.

  • I am started working in dubai from 01 june 2013.In my contract letter its mentioned as from 01 june 2013 to 30 may 2015. Now company told me i terminated form this company during this probtion period. so let me know when will finish my probation period (pls mention the correct date)

    • The normal probation period is 6 months starting from your joining date. If you are not performing then company has the right to terminate you without notice.

  • Will the employer will issue if I resign during the probationary period under Free Zone Visa

    • if you are not satisfied with work you can resign during probationary period. But you need to show the proper reason for resignation

  • Two months back, I have joined in a school as teacher and on probation period of 3 months. During school winter vacation of 2 weeks, does shool has right to consider that as unpaid leave for me?

  • I was offered a job by a private company in Dubai that is not in a free zone with a salary of 2500 DHS per month including food,accommodation & transportation. I have been here for almost 2 months,my probation is six months.I hold a Master’s degree in finance and two years experience.They took my visa not in my profession,before i came i asked to them why you took that trade to me.They told me that,its easy to get employment visa.
    So currently i am loosing my profession.I want to know can I resign from the company.
    They are asking visa cost and other expenses that are spend by them for me.I signed my contract because of my superior’s pressure.I am first time in dubai.I don’t know legal procedures in dubai.
    Is there any provision in law say,pay the visa expenses?I know i will get ban,if i resigned before 2 years contract period.Suggest me a better solution to resign from this company.

    • There are chances of getting an automatic labour ban for six months. There are No such provision for deducting visa cost… it will be depends upon company policy.

  • I’m on my probation period, my manager keep on telling us that our employment is not necessary and they do not need us in the company, I resigned but they want me to pay other expenses they used against my visa processing,, usually how much this,, and right now im still currently working with them for 1 month now,, can i request them to just deduct it with whatever days i have worked with

  • I am working in a construction company as a draughtman this is my probation period (6month probation).During this period i have got offer from another company.If i resign from my current employer.
    1) Is it possible to join new company,
    2) If they ban me new company can lift the ban or not.

  • Hello,
    I am working with a private company in dubai and my 6 months probation period will end in Jan19. My question is:
    1) Can i resign after this date (after my 6months) cos am really tired of the job.
    2) will i have to pay any fine to the company?
    3)will there be any ban on my visa/entry into uae.
    4) Whats the best procedure for me to resign.

    I hope you will be able to answer my questions and i await your soonest response.

    • If you resign after six months you need to serve notice as per employment agreement
      To pay fine would be depends on company policy
      You may have the chances of getting an automatic labour ban

  • hi Deepak,

    want to know if I can resign giving 1 month notice within probationary period in saif zone? but in my offer letter I need to serve 3 month notice…. im on 6 months probation period. do I need to pay anything? all the visa expenses they’ve spent on me? and the visa cancellation fee? please help deepak thank u so much…

  • Hi Deepak,

    I appreciate the time you took for the Service.
    My name is Satya. I came from India. I am working as waiter in a hotel since 16th Dec 2013 in Abu Dhabi with Entry Permit Visa (Provided by Company). I am in probation period. now I got a good opportunity ( IT) in another company in Abu Dhabi.. I want to resign from my current company and move to another company. Three weeks back they have taken medical checkup and applied for UAE id. But i didn’t Receive any UAE id. so can I resign? Is their any labor ban..?

    Once again Thank you for your assistance.

    Please Kindly Advise me sir,

    • You need to check whether your visa is stamped on your passport and issued UAE ID or not . If not you can decide to leave the job at your risk.

  • I am working in one of the company as a mechanical engineer from past 2 months. I want to leave the company. If I got another offer, shall I go?.. & There is no issues for a ban?.. Else I wants to pay to immigration?… Please reply me as soon as possible.

  • Dear Deepak,

    I am working in uae from past 2 months as a mechanical engineer. I want to leave the company bcoz of worst environment. Please advice me that if i got good offer & i resign there is any ban?… or else wants to pay for lift the ban?… please reply me as soon as possible..

    • There are chances of getting an automatic labour ban for six months.To avoid this you can try job in freezone or government companies.

  • Hi.
    I have been working here in Dubai as System Support PABX Engineer from 1st July 2013 & i have bought up in SALES VISA.
    In total with my Indian Experience i have around 1 year 4months in IT industry now Employer says they have no Use of keeping an Engineer as its a small firm with more of Technician work so if I resign now what about the BAN?

    I’m seeking for job now if any requirement please let me know .. I am good at Configuring PABX, routers, Digital Marketing also

  • Dear deepak
    i;m a mechanical engineer works in a trading company, im in probation period of six months is there any chance of termination since i got my employee id and my visa is stamped in the passport.please reply me.

  • Sir
    I have joined a company on 7th jan’14 in ras al khaimah free zone.
    I am not satisfied with the work environment in the company, so I offered my resignation on feb-22, 2014.
    Now the company hold my salary from 1st Feb and uptil now.(I am still working with them)
    They are warning me of permanent employment ban in uae.
    And also asking me to pay the visa charge, 2 months accomodation charge plus ticket money which they paid while I came here.
    Beside all this they are telling me that I have to work one and half month free for them.
    Sir, I am in too much tension please help me.

  • HI Sir,

    I joined an insurance company IN FEBRUARY as sales executive, in March i got an offer from bank with 5000 plus package, i resigned from insurance company in PROBATIONARY period without stamping visa on my ppt. My visa will be cancelled soon.

    For my new offer at bank, I need to submit cancelled visa details only then I will get new employment visa (BANK) with in 7-10 days.
    Question: After cancellation from first employer, can I stay in UAE to get new employment visa? or I need to make an exit for new employment visa ? I PREFER NOT TO MAKE AN EXIT.

  • Hi deepak…. i’m presently working as a production engineer in dubai (VISA of production engineer too). i’m in my probation period and am not happy with the work environment in this field…. i have decided to leave my job and search for a new job in some non technical field….. i already got my visa stamped and got my labour card and emirates id…. will i face a ban of 6 months if i change my job???? will getting an NOC from my present company avoid the ban????

  • Hi Deepak,

    I have joined the company in Dec 30th 2013. and visa stamped date is 22 jan 2014. However, in my contract my probation was ‘0’. And now I would like to break the contract as my salary is not paid on time, due to this my house owner is complaining me a lot for rent. I enquired for a salary advance and I was said that there is no cash currently to pay. I need to know whether if I need to break the contract do I need to pay the visa cost? and any ban will be made as this is a fault from company (article 121- non payment of salary on time)?.

    Thank you

      • Thanks Deep. I would also like to clarify with you that: As I have joined the company in Dec 30th 2013 and visa stamped date is 22 Jan 2014 and in my contract my probation was mentioned as ’0′.

        Is there a probation period for me now?….

        • Thanks Deep. I would also like to clarify with you that: As I have joined the company in Dec 30th 2013 and visa stamped date is 22 Jan 2014 and in my contract my probation was mentioned as ’0′.

          Is there a probation period for me now?….

          Please address…………….

        • It is better to check in your labour contract about your probation period clause. Normally it is mentioned 6 months probation period for all employees

      • Hi Mr. Deepak.

        This is jagadeesh from India , I completed MBA. I am working in Adudhabi as sales Co coordinator . I am not satisfied with work location, what they promised me interview , i am not getting that.
        They offered me 3.2 k for 6 months , later they will increase the salary. but they said it in verbally .
        Now they are saying we cannot increase the salary after 6 months .its against to company policy . After listening this my hopes gone, because i have lot of commitments .

        So i decide to leave this company , is there any Labour ban ? I am planing to go back to India.!

        Note : In offer letter they mentioned employee has to work with us minimum 1 year ,otherwise employee has to pay some visa chargers some other charges, what ever employeer invested on employee .
        i heard this is against UAE labour law. illegal. is it tru

        So please tell me help me with your valuable suggestion. because this 5th month.
        i start something now onward to take or search any other choices .

      • I came to uae on work permit visa for Asst. Manager on 11.9.2014 and joined work on same day.my visa stamping got delayed as their shop licence expired so visa stamping nd CONTRACT was done with effect from 5.11.2014.as per the CONTRACT I am in 3 months probation will this be calculated from 11.09 or 5.11 pls reply

        Also if i go to court how many sittings it shall take to settle the matter

        • Arun,
          Yes it will be calculated as you have joined work.
          Not sure whether I understand your second question.

  • Thanks Deep. I would also like to clarify with you that: As I have joined the company in Dec 30th 2013 and visa stamped date is 22 Jan 2014 and in my contract my probation was mentioned as ’0′.

    Is there a probation period for me now?….

  • I got an offer from Tecom FZ co as Admin Manager, in the offer letter they changed my job title as Sr admin Officer and processed my visa form Dubai Immigration, instead of Tecom FZ, and after six month they sent a termination letter saying my work is not up to their expectations (actual reason they want to appoint a guy from the company directors family)if the employer terminating me before 1 year do i get an employment ban if it on probationary period or after the probation period?

  • Hi mr deepak
    I m fired from my current job within probationary period . Will I face a labour ban ?

  • dear Mr. Deepak M
    ,please give me your professional advice. I joined one of the big private hospital in January and still on probation period( 6 month) till July. I am dreaming about othe job which is with etihad company( cabin crew). what are possible scenario for me if I resign on prob/ period or after/ is etihad a government company/ I know that it is national. but is it government((

  • Hi dear depak i would like to ask about my probation period.
    I have just complete my 2 months and my company fired me so plz tell me is there any ban that i will face from labour?
    Plz inform me i would be thanks full .