What is Skill Level 1, 2, 3 in MOHRE UAE Labour Law?

Skill Level 1, 2, 3 (explanation)

MOHRE has released the new Labour Law Resolutions starting 2016Opens in a new tab.. One of the things that is covered there is exemption of Labour Ban for Skill Levels 1, 2 and 3? In this post I will clear the air around the Skill Level 1, 2, 3.

skill category as per uae labor law

Skill Level 1 (First Skill Level):

These are the individuals who have a Bachelor’s degree (University Degree) or higher qualification; in short these are professionals. As per the new labour law resolution 765, employees belonging to this profession, will not face labour ban when changing the job provided they have served the notice period as set out in their labour contract.

Few of the examples for the designations/professions are:

  • Manager,
  • Engineer,
  • Doctor,
  • Teacher,
  • Accountant,
  • Accounts Clerk,
  • Marketing Specialist,
  • Quantity Surveyor,
  • Draughtsman,
  • Executive Secretary,
  • Pharmacist,
  • Administration Officer,
  • Reservation Officer,
  • Safety Officer,
  • Public Relations Officer,
  • Computer Operator,
  • Advertising Designer,
  • Graphic Arts Draughtsman and so on.

The salary level of these professions are above 12000 dirhams and they must have an attested degree certificate.

Skill Level 2 (Second Skill Level):

Individuals under this category are those who have completed their Diploma in any field. This category typically involves people who are typically mechanical and technical jobs such as Technicians (ITI Diploma holders from India for example), Mechanical workers etc. The minimum salary of this category of employees should be 7000 dirhams with Post secondary education attested certificate.

Skill Level 3 (Third Skill Level)

If you have high school or higher secondary qualification, then such individuals will are categorised as Skill Level 3. This category of employees of following profession:

  • Sales Executive,
  • Sales Representative,
  • Sales Supervisor,
  • Site Supervisor,
  • Administration Clerk,
  • Correspondence Clerk,
  • Customs Clearing Clerk,
  • Ticketing Clerk,
  • Cash Desk Clerk,
  • Receptionist,
  • Cashier,
  • Store Keeper,
  • Tourist Guide etc.

Employees under this category must have secondary education certificate with AED 5000 salary.

What are other Skill Levels ?

Other than Skill Levels 1, 2, 3 there are also skill level 4 & 5 who are primarily unskilled workers without any qualification. Examples of these professions include General labourers, house keepers, Construction Labourers, Helpers, Cleaners, Loading and Unloading workers, Office Boys etc.

Is salary still a criteria to Avoid Labour Ban?

After MOHRE released the latest UAE Labour Law resolutions, labour ban is not applicable to individuals belonging to Skill Level 1, 2 and 3. MOHRE is silent on requirement of minimum salary required to avoid labour ban. Previously, you needed AED 12000, AED 7000 and AED 5000 minimum salary respectively for Skill level 1, Skill level 2 and Skill Level 3 to avoid ban depending on your qualification. This requirement has been scrapped under the new UAE Labor Law Resolution.

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What is your skill level??

Do you know what your Skill Level is? Now, if you belong to any of the above Skill Level, you will not face any labour banOpens in a new tab. if you change jobs as per notice periodOpens in a new tab. mentioned in your contract. If you have any doubts, let me know through comments. Also talk to MOHREOpens in a new tab. officials for their update on Skill Levels.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions on Skill levels in UAE

What are the skill levels in UAE?

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), there are five skill levels, ranging from Skill Level 1 for highly skilled people to Skill Level 5 for the lower skilled.
Skill levels 1, 2 and 3 require attested educational certificates while jobs of skill levels 4 and 5 do not need attestation.

How do you know your skill level?

Your skill level is mentioned as the first digit of your job code. To know what your job code is, you can contact the MOHRE call centre on 600 69 0000.

Does your skill level affect any other aspect of life in the UAE?

Worker’s skill level does not affect the person’s ability to sponsor their families, as it has been removed from the list of criteria for applying for a family visa.
Any worker fulfilling the income criteria, which is a minimum salary of Dh4,000 or Dh3,000 plus accommodation, can sponsor family member’s visa, according to u.ae.

What is 4th or 5th skill level in UAE?

Skill Levels 4 and 5 include general labourers, house keepers, office boys, helpers, cleaners, construction laborers, loading and unloading workers and other positions.

What is 1st, 2nd and 3rd skill level in UAE?

Skill Level 1 include managers, engineers, safety officers, public relations officers, doctors, quantity surveyors and reservation officers.
Skill level 2 includes mechanical and technical jobs.
Professions in Skill Level 3 include sales executive, sales representative, site supervisor, ticketing clerk, cashiers, receptionist, cash desk clerk, sales supervisor, store keeper, tourist guide and others.

Who is considered as a skilled worker as per MOHRE?

Labour is classified as skilled work if it fulfils all the conditions listed below:
The worker must be at a professional level (one amongst first to fifth level mentioned above)
The worker has obtained a certificate higher than the secondary certificate or an equivalent certificate
The certificate must be attested by the competent authorities
The monthly salary (excluding commission) of the worker must not be less than AED 4,000.


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    1. Hi, The specific visa level for a “General Survey Engineer” in the UAE can vary, so it’s best to contact UAE immigration authorities or MOHRE for the most accurate information.

  1. I have received an offer letter from my company and I am plannig to join there. I am an Engineer basically but the academic Qualification in the visa application shows as “Read & Write” what does that mean? Am I getting an Engineering visa with this application?

    1. If your academic qualification in the visa application shows as Read & Write, there may be a chance that your application was not properly filled out. In this case you should contact the HR department to clarify the situation and ask them to give you the copy of the application submitted to verify. You need to ensure that your visa application reflects your actual academic qualifications to avoid any potential issues in the future.

  2. Hi dear,

    Can I ask, for the level 4 and 5 in Abu Dhabi, some of the PRO and typing center is asking for the attested diplomas or certificates. is it a new law this 2023?

    Thank you.

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  4. Um working in adnoc drilling as asst driller id like to know wich category em i belong

  5. i got visa from new company as light vehicle driver ,labour permit has been made and status is changed to new company now i don’t want to continue with them i will pay all the cost for visa but want to leave there company before even medical and all other process will there b ban on me for 6 month

  6. Hello .. i would know my visa is filing clerk and my contract is limited for 2 years .. and still remain 11 month pending the expiry my contract and i want to change the because of good opportunity in my same field so that any of the ban applicable for me !!!!!

  7. Sales should not be on skill 3. There are loads of good sales people whom not have any degree but they been sales all there life.sales should be under skill 4&5

  8. Hi Shoaib,

    I just want to ask you few questions regarding my labor card. I work as Sales Coordinator position and now my labor card has expired so my company created new one . They told that in this case normally they will mention the designation as filing Clerk (-4th & 5th level skills)on my labor card as there is no other position available for Indians as Sales Coordinator .So kindly advise me what to do I am confused. Will it be a problem in future ?

  9. Hi! I’m still confused with how the labour ban will get lifted. I’m on my probationary period on my first job in Dubai. They are not paying me in full salary and they are delaying it as well. I’m on a limited contract. I’ve been in the company for 2 months now but I haven’t done any medical and visa stamping but I already have a preapproval for the work permit. I am a college diploma holder but it’s not attested that’s why it appeared on my contract as an Archives Clerk.

    Now I received a job offer with 5,000aed+commissions for the position of Sales Executive. If I will resign in my current company now and will get an automatic ban will it get lifted?

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply

  10. Hi just another confuse expat 🙂

    Wondering what constraints a skill level 3 Emirates ID would have on my future prospects in Dubai. Left school as soon as I could work, so I can’t qualify for Skill level 1 (University Degree)

    For example, can I legally take on role as manager for example?

  11. I was employed by one company in Dubai after 3 months they fired many employers b4 out probation period bc they realised it’s not profitable .Now I have a one year Labour ban.How can I remove this ban?

  12. HI, I have a sales visa, and working as a accountant in Dubai. I think this visa fall in level 3, I want to quit my job but I yet not completed 6 months probation period. So is there any ban on me?

    1. Hi Shoaib,

      I just want to ask you few questions regarding work visa. I got an offer recently as accounts payable position but i didn’t attest my degree certificate yet. so they told that in this case normally they will mention the designation as sales on visa . Will it be a problem in future ? I am confused. As you already gone through same situation i believe you can answer my query.

      1. Its not a problem but if you need good salary and position try to be get attested all your qualified certificates .

  13. hi there. please is there available at the moment safety officer designation for Non Emiratis?? and also is there available HSE Eng, or HSE officer visas for expatriates,


  15. Hi I am physical therapy specialist under limited contract. I am still under probation period and want to change company..I want to know whether I will get a labour ban if I serve the notice period mentioned in contract..

  16. Hi i have been working with a security campany in dubai for 6months and i need to change to another security company will i face ban?

  17. Hi
    I have work for 5 months 3 weeks and my company lost her contract and I was terminated immediately. My company said is normal cancelation. Will i have a ban? My work was office boy.

  18. My company just terminated my limited contract for no cause and i have work only for 5 months 2 weeks. Will i have a ban.?

  19. hi my current visa is based on level 3 am changing my job i have a ghraphic desining cerificate from an instutue which is attested by KHD dubai can i get a profession of ghraphic desinger if yes then which skill level it will be ,
    thansk waiting for your response Urgent

  20. if i have a ghraphic designing certificate not a diploma from a institutes and ist attested by KHD dubai can i use that certificate for my visa

  21. Hi, I’m from the Philippines and about to go to Dubai to work as an assistant teacher. In my contract, it stated that I belongs to skill level 4 or 5. I’m a degree holder of bachelor in elementary education, but why is it that I belongs to this skill level worker?

  22. Hello Deepak,

    I have Dipolma certificates and my current post is Sales Excutive. this is my first contract with UAE and I am in probation period (finished 2 months and 15 days). I have got offered from other company as Sales Representative with good pay so I have given my resignation. Will i still get a ban?

  23. I have been workings a civil engineer for 9 months and I have resigned 1st of August with a 30day notice period. Do I get a ban if I want to work for another company after my visa is cancelled and I exit the country etc…

  24. Hi Deepak!

    I graduated from a college in Dubai with a B.E (hons.) degree and got a job in a company which is part of the DMCC, as ‘technical engineer’ in Dubai itself. Now my company had asked me to cancel my student visa as they would issue a new entry permit for me and get me the work visa. The sponsor applied for the visa and I was asked to exit Dubai and re-enter when the entry permit was issued. I didn’t have my degree certificate with me at that time so I applied for the permit using the provisional certificate and got it attested. But unfortunately my visa could not be processed as they’d asked for the actual degree certificate and not the provisional one. Since the company does not want to cancel the visa process, they’ve agreed on just changing the job title to some ‘sales title’ and get the visa issued using my 12th std. marksheet. They told I’ll be able to change the job title once I get back in Dubai.

    My question is, will there be any problem in future by getting the visa this way? Also how long will I have to wait until the job title changed as engineer?


  25. Hello I’m from Philippines. I’m know this is really irrelevant with the topic but I don’t get replies on other sites.
    I’m currently working as housemaid in Abu Dhabi for 15 days and I just found out that I can only have day off on my payday and that I have to clean the house before going out.I’m working for 13-14 hours a day and I’m really exhausted. I’m just wondering if I can change employer. I read in a discussion that their is a ban and that they can send me back and that I have to pay for my visa. I dont want to go back I just wanted to work for another employer because I think I’m gonna be sick if I continue to work for them. Please give me some advice on what will I do. Thank.you very much

  26. Thank you for this very helpful information you provide us.
    I just have a question. My profession belongs to level 1. I am working as a CLEANING WORKER FOR A COMPANY. If i have an attested credentials and i want to leave my job without completing 6 months and get a Shadows teaching job that offers higher salary than what i am getting now, is it possible that my ban will be lifted since shadow teacher job will only be given a Nanny or BABY SITTER visa? Do i have to get a job in line with my profession? Please let me know! Thank you very much!!

  27. Dear Sir/Madam, recently i finished my 1st contract of 2 yrs and renewed. After 6 months I got an offer from another company offering better salary package and facilities but Dealing in the same business as my current company. Will I get a ban if I resign for the new company? Will I get any gratitude? Am a site supervisor with a diploma

  28. hi, well I have Bachelor’s degree in chemestry.. and my package is 3000aed.. but i was given a a sheet to sign and give thumb impresion were it mentioned forth/fifth skill level……what does it mean??( during visa process)?

    1. Not sure what you are talking about.
      But I do feel, for your qualification, you should look for a better opportunity.

      1. It means you come under unskilled category, if you decide to leave employer before 6 months under this category, you could face a ban.
        As the article says
        Other than Skill Levels 1, 2, 3 there are also skill level 4 & 5 who are primarily unskilled workers without any qualification. Examples of these professions include General labourers, house keepers, Construction Labourers, Helpers, Cleaners, Loading and Unloading workers, Office Boys etc.

  29. Hi Deepak, the position in my visa is showing Secretary so I believe it belong to skill 1 but my salary is at 3,000 aed. If I switch job do I need to have higher rate given that my company belongs to free zone and I am in an unlimited contract. I’ve been employed for 15 months now.

  30. I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and statistics, but working as a security guard. what is my skill level?

  31. Archive clerk is my job profession if I change the visa.after cancel the visa can be six month ban

  32. Greetings !!!
    i wish to know if i need to attest my high school certificate in order to change my visa status from waiter to supervisor as in level 3 because i just had my promotion that coincided with my visa renewal so i am planning to tell me company to change my status from waiter to supervisor but i have doubt if labour will demand for attested high school certificate or not?Please kindly advice on this .Thanks

      1. Im working as a family driver. I will finish my contract august8. My boss ask me if i will renue my visa but i told for them i will finish my contract and i will not renew. But they not allowing me they want me to go home in my country with out finishing my contract they are violating my contract. And beside free lunch only free the rest is if for me..do i have right to this setuation.. And about for benifits they not giving they send contrat that we have graduity.. Pls need help.

  33. Dear Mr. Deepak, a company based out of Dubai had offered me a job with the designation as Manager in insurance sector (Operations department) and salary is 9K and is unlimited period contract. However they are providing labor contract under fourth/fifth level skill (where i am basically a doctor). As per the contract, article number 6, i cannot change the job unless i receive NOC from the employer. will i have a ban if i had to switch my job after sometime (if so, when can i) or, never i can switch?. Can you suggest me your views please.

      1. Just shut the f*ck up Deepak ch**iye…I see that you are annoying the bloggers here with your sadist comments…

  34. Hi I am from the Philippines..my employer ask me to work here in Dubai.. everything is good and i already have my emirates ID.. Good thing my employer really processed it..

    My concern is,
    the contract i signed when i was in the PH. only states that my salary will be 2,000aed..as an ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT.. i really wanted to come and work here so i signed even though i know it’s too small since i am an Accountant.. and i already have an attested Diploma but when i arrived here and my employer processed my papers he did not asked for it.. as i read this article i classify myself to Skill level 1.. but my salary is only 2,000Aed..

    can i demand for an increase since i already signed the limited contract for 2yrss..or if i want to resign after 6mos if he dont increase me what will happen?

    *i do not have the copy of my contract yet

    thank you..

  35. Hi Deepak, I would appreciate & obliged if you can guide on following queries.

    1. I fall in skill 3 with unlimited contract and have 3000 AED salary at the moment. Please confirm, will the ban be impose if i quit job before completion of 6 months (due to better opportunity).

    2. Education was asked high school/secondary education for Sales Executive position. I’m graduate and recently completed my MBA Executive. So, in this case i need to get job having minimum 12K AED or more than 5K AED or any.


  36. I’m on skill 1, and my visa is around 6 months. Will i be at risk for labour ban if I transfer company and the offer is below 12000?

  37. Hi Deepak, so labour ban will be waived off as per salary scale even though the new employer is a direct competitor?

  38. Hi Deepak,
    I’m on skill level 2, salary is above AED7K, under Dubai visa and I have just passed 1 yr of service. can my company still put ban on me?

  39. Hello,
    i joined in my office from 10th April 2017, and on my visa profession is Sales Executives but i am working as a Tour Consultant. My salary all included is AED 2500/- Per month. i want to change my job is it possible to change without any ban.

    thanks ….

      1. This is skill 3 mentioned by Blosy. I also fall under this skill. I’m sales executive and have 3000 AED monthly salary with unlimited contract. I want to switch my job and want to resign before completion of 6 months. Pls guide, will my current employer or MOHRE impose ban on me or not?

  40. I fall under the category of skill level 3 but my company has employed me as a general laborer and my salary is 1200 dirhams. Is there any way forward, thanks

      1. I highly appreciate the work you are doing to create awareness among us the employees in UAE. What I meant by way forward was just that may be you have can help me demand for an increment in my salary or help me get to a better job.

  41. Hello!
    Could you tell pls, the salary for the 2 level are above 7000 dirhams should be the TOTAL (basic, plus transportation, plus accommodation etc.) like: basic 3600+4000+2400 for an example
    ,,,or basic salary should be 7000 AED plus allowance? like: basic 7000 + transportation 2400 + 4300 accommodation?

  42. kindly advise if the position “Heavy Equipment Operator” requires attested certificate to obtain the entry permit

      1. hi Friends!
        i’m Kirubakaran.i completed Diploma computer Engineer and B.Sc Computer Science but i have only Provision certificate and overall mark sheet only.Degree Certificate till not get from my college i can apply skill 1 type visa? pls reply me.

  43. I have a unlimited contract with a company in jumeira Lake towers and I am a master student in hospitality from Ireland. I just joined 1 week before and my visa is not stamped in passport. I have a another job offer as well from different employer. Can I switch my job ?

    1. Yes, you could. You should request your company to stop any visa formalities.
      PLus, I am not too sure about DMCC laws.

  44. i have unlimited term contract with 3 category of skilled labor, and i am having Engineering attested degree. can i face any ban, if i resign the job with or without getting any other job offer.

  45. Dear, Can u share link of UAE Or Wolrd Wide Job website :
    At least we have to be got the response form sites that we selected or not

  46. Hi Deepak,
    I must salute you for patiently your answering all the comments, great JOB and they are of great help to expects.

    I have Query
    I’m working in SAIF Zone company, with VISA designation of Assistant manager drawing salary of AED 23K p/m, I hold attested B.Com degree but looks like PRO haven’t mentioned in VISA Application.
    pls advise which class I falls into.

    Would there be any labor ban if I Resign post probation period, its a limited Contract of 2 years,

    Appreciate you quick reply.

  47. Hi sir,
    please, i just want to ask, what can someone do incase one resigned during probation, the employer give full consent after extensive discussion and necessarry clearance has been made and attested by the employer but the employer continue to delay the cancellation (now up to 3 weeks after clearance) without given any particular reason. In attempt to ask, it is said that the passport is with immigration (more than one week now) and my current employer is bitterly complaining. Please, guide me

    1. You must approach the MOL/MOHRE to solve your problems.
      Immigration will not keep passports overnight these days, unless it is a special case.

  48. i have follow-up clerk as my designation in my visa. I work in a clinic in Al Ain, so what is my skill level and what would be the impact of having this. I work as a medical transcriptionist. In the previous organization i worked it was a receptionist. Please help me sir.

  49. Hi sir
    I am a heavy bus driver now came to light vehicle driver visa when I got interview they will told 8 hours duty but now I’ll to more then 15hours so I decide to no need this job I am came and working 25 days only work ,not put visa stamping &medical anything this situation in case I m going to cancel that time have ban or not, I have Ready to other job chance as heavy bus driver pls let me know sir what I do how I going ahead pls help me please give proper advice pls sir my english poor was poor so pls don’t mind pls give ur suggestions

  50. Dear, i am karthikeyan, i got a job as Logistics Assistant, i want to know in which category of skill does it comply. my educational qualification is engineering

  51. Hi Deepak,

    I would really appreciate your recommendation and views on my situation. I worked with company for 2 months and cancelled the contract. I was skilled 3 level but my company mentioned me as graduate with salary of 5000 in the application then submitted without taking any documents. What kind of job can I do to avoid ban and which skillsets.

    Your feedback would be appreciated.

    Shailendra Solomon

  52. Hi Deepak,

    I am Prakash, a computer engineer. I was given visa with a designation as Computer Engineer without attesting my certificates. Also I’m getting a salary exactly of 4K. I wonder under which skill category I fall into.

    Expecting your valuable feedback.

  53. I am a secondary school graduate and have some college years in engineering,may present contract state that i am a fourth and fifth skill.My present job designation is senior land surveyor, and i have some 20 years experience,can i request for visa category change?

  54. Dear Deepak,

    I have done ACCA from Pakistan but due to some reasons the HEC (education body in Pakistan) will not attest my degree. But my 1st and 2nd year degrees are verified. What category do I fall into?

  55. Hi,

    I have a Bachelor degree in Nursing and am working in sharjah as Nursery Nurse. I have a singed a 2year limited time contract with 6 months probation. I have 4 months completed in the company. My current salary is 3000 AeD and Now i have got a job offer with 8000 Aed . Kindly let me is there any labour ban will get if i change my Current job .


  56. Hello,
    I am Process Safety Engineer having Bachelor of Engineering Degree. I got job in Sharjah. The company told me that we have urgent requirement and attesation of degree will take time so we will process your visa under supervisour categeory.
    Please advise wheather it will create any problem for me?
    Alos my mother is fully depandent on me and I want her to take along with me. So it is possible with this categeory?
    Comapny offer me AED 25000 PM.
    Plz reply.

    1. Hi Alok,
      I believe, unless you are bothered with the designation on visa, there is no problem.
      But rules may be different, so please talk to MOL in Sharjah. Also, for parent visa, please consult with Sharjah immigration.

  57. Hi sir Good Evening
    I am a waiter.I been terminated from my company few days back and i got 1 year MoL labour ban.in this Condition I got offer from the Freezone company. Can i work in freezone evwn i have that ban????? Which category skilled is belong waiter???How can i join that job plz???How can i go Through it?????If i have UAE Lanour ban can i work in Freezone company or not???plz anyone know help me…What can i do for this situation.Plz let me know ???Thank you

  58. Hello

    I am an IT software Engineer, having 3 + years of experience in Application support, Linux ,I have worked with US and EU clients and currently working for Lufthansa airlines. I want to find a relevant job in UAE , Would you please suggest something of my benefit

  59. sir i am Mechanical Engineer i just started my job in UAE since last December 2016.but in my offer letter which i signed they mentioned 4th and 5th skill level.i just want to know if i gtt a new job regarding to my Qualification is their any issue?
    or any thing from my employer let me know please.

  60. sir i am Mechanical Engineer i just started my job in UAE since last December 2016.but in my offer letter which i signed they mentioned 4th and 5th skill level.i just want to know if i gtt a new job regarding to my Qualification is their any issue?
    or any thing from my employer let me know please.

  61. Dear sir, i am working is uae for last 5 years and today i got terminated for some wrong actions taken by me. I am wondering will i be eligible for my gratutity as i have completed 5 years. Please advise as this is very important.

    1. Dear Mr.John,

      Your gratuity is forfeited if you have been terminated under UAE Federal Law Article 120. then you will not be able to recieve gratuity under Article 139 and notice period salary will also be forfeited under Article 120 but you are eligible for the leave salary for the period you haven’t availed.

  62. I am having and average monthly salary of AED 24.000 (Twenty-four thousands)
    My employer ask me to sign a MOL paper today and I found my Sill Level is 5 to 6….

    Any idea? 🙂

  63. I am having and average monthly salary of AED 24.000 (Twenty-four thousands)
    My employer ask me to sign a MOL paper today and I found my Sill Level is 5 to 6….

    Any idea? 🙂 🙂

  64. Hello,

    I have visa as Mechanical maintenance Supervisor. But I am working as Customer Care Executive. I have completed the post graduation (Master degree). So kindly let me know, in which skill section…

    Is there any option for my company to ban me, even if I cancel the job before completing the contract or other job.

  65. I have a bachelor in education and have been teaching in a scholarship for closed to 2 years….all of a sudden a family issue raised which left me with no option that to stop working without given my employer 1 month notice, though I have been discussing with them that I will not resume with them after the spring break due to the issue.
    Now they have sent me email to pay 1 month salary for my labour card cancellation since I didn’t give a 1 month notice letter.
    My question is that I want to know what the law says about this issue, since am in husbands visa and my husband who gave an NOC has now said that I should not work anymore.

  66. Hi, Goodmorning! I just want to ask if what will be my action to lift my labor ban because my company cancelled us without any reason, we only have our entry permit and they didnt proceed with our visa stamping as well as our medical exam, our job title in the contract is ordinary laborer where in i am a degree holder ,professional. Our entry permit was just given to us on the 30th of November lasy year and they cancelled us on the 11th of january this year. of Please help me solve my problem if what will be my next step coz there are many opportunities for me here but when i open about the issue that i have a ban they are rejecting me.

  67. Dear Sir,
    I am working for a company for many years. Now I got the promotion as Head of the Davison (IT) and before it was senior manger. Can you tell me the Designation which is suitable for the Post.

  68. Dear Sir,

    I am in probation period, my employer wants to terminate me with no reason at all and neither any notice, i have received. I am working as cashier but i have stamped visa of follow-up clerk. I have bachelor degree,MAB attested certificate.Please suggest me what should I do?

  69. Hi. I recently spoke with an MOL official. He told me that your skill level is not a reflection of the education you have obtained. Rather, it is your job. In other words, you do not hold the rights granted to skill 1, 2, 3 simply because you have a certain degree. You hold the rights granted to skill 1, 2, 3 if you have been hired and are working in a job that is considered skill 1, 2, 3. For example, if you have a university degree but are working as a cleaner and are on a cleaning visa, then you are NOT considered skill 1, 2, or 3, and you do not have the rights granted to those who are.

    Please correct me if I did not understand correctly.

    1. Hi Lisa. I think I am baffled about this whole category game as well.

      I am not a University Graduate, yet have an attested High School Certificate. That being said, now working as a Sales Executive, I have an offer to work with a different employer as a Manager. Though they have realised, acknowledged and offered based on my personal skills and experience (which is the smartest thing for any employer to do really), the employer and myself are not sure whether they can give me the title of Manager due to my current education certificate.

      It should not be the case honestly. I wish officials could some how pick up the details of an individual’s employment experience while approving her/his new employment visa and designation. We all have experiences and it is sad to see most of us here in the forum to confirm their skill level based on only one factor which is education.

      (For a fresher, the rule should be mandatory and would make total sense).

  70. Hi sir Deepak,
    It’s nice to receive updates from u regarding the UAE law.
    I am a college graduate and currently working as a nanny,I think I belong to level 1 and 2 which means that if i will leave my work after 6mos the ban will not affect me,pls I need ur answer sir,I want to apply for another job which is teaching.

  71. hi i just want to ask I am a licensed Physical therapist here in the Philiipines will that job be catergorized as level 1 or 2??

  72. Hello,
    Sir please guide me i am about to sign as a sales associate in limited contract .so can i apply for another job after 6 months?.My qualification is Graduation, so please guide me and help me i am waiting your reply. Thanks

  73. Hi,

    I recently joined a company, they mentioned that the employee has to serve two months of notice period has to while leaving job. My question is, Is labor Law supersede these kind of causes employer put in the offer letter / contract?
    Further I am degree holder professional, my 2nd question is, During probation period of six month if I want to move to next job should I have to serve 30 days notice, while in the contract is mentioned that employer can terminate contract at any time without notice period during probation period. Are these causes for both employer and employee or only employer?


  74. Hello Deepak
    Dear DeepakI want to know know, what level is the Ordinary laborer b’coz in my Labor contract it’s indicate that I’m a Ordinary Laborer so i wanna know what level aim i so that i know my rights thank you and god blessed you. please reply me and inform me thanks

  75. Hi,

    I need to seek some clarification.

    My Sponsoring Company has offered me a Job with salary of 11,500 AED and mention a title of job/ profession as “Archive Clerk”. Can you kindly tell me in which skill level category, i belong to? Would there be any problem with this job title in future regarding sponsoring my parents/wife?

    I will appreciate your early response.

  76. Skill Level 1 includes: “the individuals who have a Bachelor’s degree (University Degree) or higher qualification; in short these are professionals. As per the new labour law resolution 765, employees belonging to this profession, will not face labour ban when changing the job provided they have served the notice period as set out in their labour contract.”

    What does “belonging to this profession” mean? Does one “belong” by simply being a university graduate, or does one only “belong” if one occupies a job or position that is reflective of that professional degree?

    For example, if one holds a university degree in geology but was duped into accepting an employment visa for cleaning, does one still “belong to” and is one still considered a professional? Or, does accepting the cleaning job waive the rights provided to those who would otherwise be considered professional?

    1. I believe I found the answer. Your skill level is a reflection of the work/job you have been hired to do; it is not a reflection of your education/degree. If you accepted a cleaning job, then your skill level is that of a cleaner.

      I do wish someone with more knowledge about laws could confirm this.

  77. Hello!

    I am on skill level 4 visa, and one company offers me a job on skill level 3. I have a diploma, but its not legalized by UAE, only by my country.
    Is it possible get a visa for skill level 3 without legalized diplom?


  78. Hello need advise…i done my high school diploma is enough to put on my Visa as SITE SUPERVISOR for fit out company,and what all the requirement..Please advise..


  79. Hello,

    I have the offer letter of a free zone company, but later the company said ill be working with their sister concern company and i have a llc visa, its been 4 months now am working for this llc company, I am an engineer graduate.
    the company is not paying my salary properly, previous to last month my salary was payed in instalment, and last months salary they have not payed me at all, hence i am planning to change my job.

    what can i do? how can i change the job? please help me out!!!

  80. Dear Sir/madam,

    I am Nadeem Tariq, working in Dubai from last 12 years with 3 different companies. unfortunately i stuck with my resent employer due to their false promises, misbehavior and many other things, i would like to change the job as i am on probation period, but same time i dont want to be banned in Dubai, please advise how to change my job if i have a good salary and good company offer letter is it possible to change the job within probation period.

    1-Recent company gave me 5th category visa with 3000 salary.
    2-new company offering my 6500 salary on the base of my |High school (attested) certificate and Draftsman (not attested as it is from a PVT academy) certificate.
    3-what should be my notice period for resign ???, can i submit a one day notice as i am on probation period.

    Please advise if can join the new job without any problem

    Thanks for your time, support and consideration.
    Feel free 2 contact me 4 any other detail or assistance.

    Your’s Sincerely,
    Nadeem Tariq,

    Cell _ +971524206700

  81. Dear sir,
    I am working in technical service company. My company not given the offer letter and they’re putting my signature and thumbprint without my permission. I joined before they’re saying 4000aed basic 1000aed allowance like this. They’re given the salary 4000aed. I go to check online MOL that time showing 1500basic and 1500 other allowance like this. (I can complaint against my company for they’re putting my signature and thumbprint without my permission like this) pls I need ur information how can I complaint against them.

  82. Hlw,
    I am in probation period, my employer wants to terminate me with no reason at all and neither any notice, i have recieved. I am working as accountant but i have stammped visa of archieves clerk. I have bachelor degree. Please suggest me what should I do

  83. hello deepak,

    i just wanted to know i was being fired on the spot by my employer..i am working as teacher assistant.they didnt give any noticed.and threatened to call a police if i will not leave the premises right away..reason they do that becoz they force me to sign a new contract stated false, even though i have already a labour contract.i refuse to sign it and thats why they told me to go right away.by this can i face a labour ban becoz they didnt provide me a termination letter..i have already filed a complaints to MOL ..plz advide ..thank you

  84. Hi Sir
    i need half from your side. i signed the limited contract nov-2015. my visa status Archive clerk. if i will resign the job be four completion of 2 year. i will get one year ban or not.

  85. Hi,

    I’d like to be clarified, can you be hired as EHS ADVICER under 4th or 5th Skill? Does this also mean that 4th / 5th Skill meant less educational attainment than 3rd Skill? I am hired as EHS ADVICER but I just reviewed my contract it says 4th 5TH Skill but in fact I have a DIPLOMA degree, is there anything I can do to change this?


  86. Hi Deepak,

    If an employee worked in a LLC company for more than a year like 1 yr and 7 months and will be terminated, aside from gratuity, can he or she still get her ticket which is mentioned in her contract? and if she still have remaining vacation leave like example she still have 14 days VL remaining, can she still get it? Gratuity + air ticket + remaining VL ??? And also I heard that there’s NO BAN in dubai rightnow, is it true?


    1. Hello Deepak,

      I am working for 3 years in UAE as IT manager but my visa is stamped as Supervisor. What is the process of changing the designation as IT manager during the renewal. I would Like to Know the Following

      1) What are the list of Documents to be Submitted for Change of Designation.
      2) Do the List of Documents submitted that has to be attested.
      3) Only University Certificate and other certification from Microsoft is also valid or not and weather it has to be attested.
      4) Is there any additional charges that has to be paid for the same apart from renewal.



  87. dear sir,

    i am an MBA&BCOM holder.i am working as an accountant in marine servicing company. joined recently and completed probation period. they have mentioned in the visa and contract as unskilled worker -Boat mechanic. if suppose i will change my job will there be any ban on me.

  88. I am mark,filipino, working in retail as sales rep,but as per my educational attaintment, bachelors degree and with red ribbon documents holder, should i fall under level 1?

  89. Good day sir I would like to know, what level is the Ordinary laborer b’coz in my Labor contract it’s indicate that I’m a Ordinary Laborer so i wanna know what level aim i so that i know my rights thank you and god blessed you

  90. Hi,
    I am working in an LLC company for 4 mos. and the visa description is SECRETARY and under limited contract.
    My boss asked me to work for another company ( different Trade license – same office, they are sharing ) so he can pay half of my salary and the other company half.

    Please advise if ever I decided to leave the company:
    1) Will I get a BAN
    2) If i complain on Labor, would they honor it and lift my BAn , If I have?
    3) What proof I need that they will honor so i can prove to them that I am working for 2 companies?

  91. I am working for 8 months now as a waitress/ cashier in a restaurant here in Marina Dubai, and for 5 months now, they’re deducting 900 aed from my salary they said it’s for the payment of my visa processing. I’m here in dubai for 8 months now. i really dont know the rules here, my questions are..
    please, help me.. i am so desperate to know the legal rights, and to add up, my employer is holding my passport. they refuse to give back to us..HELP ME PLEASE.. THANK YOU SO MUCH. GOD BLESS.

  92. Hi,

    I’d like to be clarified, can you be hired as SALES EXECUTIVE under 4th or 5th Skill? Does this also mean that 4th / 5th Skill meant less educational attainment than 3rd Skill? I am hired as Sales Executive but I just reviewed my contract it says 4th Skill but in fact I have a bachelor’s degree, is there anything I can do to change this?

  93. Hii sir,
    I’m in Dubai doing job as a civil helper my visa is helper visa I have completed my six months prohibition period
    Now I want to change my company because I got good job as a safety officer
    Can I change any issues
    Please help me.

  94. Hi,

    I am working for a private company, I came to UAE as a worker of Fourth/Fifth skill level, I am getting a promotion that needs me to be in First skill level, I do have a Bachelor degree, can this be happen and can we change my working level skill from 4/5 to first

  95. Hi My name is Mohammed Aslam and i have joined a company on Employment Visa issued on 16th June and i enter UAE on Aug 7th, 2016 and the Company have still not provided me with Emirates ID nor my medical has been done and at present the company situation is very bad and not in a state to get back to normal. in this case i need to change the Job. as i heard there will be ban for me if i not complete the tenure of 6 months as per MOL law…in this circumstances what steps and advise there for me to avoid the 6 months ban period as i am getting new offer for jobs as well…seeking kind assistance in this regards on urgent basis..

  96. Sir, I am Tunde I got a job with a company before leaving for exit, I did my thumb print some days before I left Dubai, want to know how I can track my employment visa and know when it’s gonna be out cos I just don’t wanna sit down here waiting and not see anything, thanks

  97. hai sir,
    i am working with unlimite contract,and also under skill level 3, salary 3700 only.i am new employs just finish one month.can i regin my job..?any ban for me….?

    1. This is Mr.Emad

      Hello, i sumbmit one qouta for archives clerk in logistic company,now result came that we have to change the

      profession to administrative clerk , just i want know why they reject this proffession ,and which kindy of proffession they will accept.
      waiting for your reply.
      Thank You

  98. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    I tried to get a job in UAE last year and came back to my motherland since all my efforts didn’t workout to find me a suitable job.

    I still have the hope to work in the field of Human Resources. Could it possible for you to help me on this please.

    Thank you.

  99. My name is Ejaz Ahmed Khan. I have done Masters of Business Administration (MBA). I am doing job in a Diesel Trading LLC as an Accounts Manager getting 2000 AED salary. The company issued me a “Loading Unloading Worker” visa due to their license issues. My question is that serving six months here and if in case I resign and switch over to some other company with better package above 5000 AED, will I have to face the six months ban or not????
    The company management have also promised me that they will change my visa status to Accounts Manager or Accountant according to my qualification but till now they are silent regarding the visa status.
    please update me in this case?????

  100. Dear Sir,

    My Visa is “Sales” Visa, I just want to know under which skill level it falls, & my visa cancelled only after 4 months of Job, So will there be any ban for the SALES visa before completing Six months? I need help on this. thank you

  101. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    You mentioned skill level depend on diploma qualification not in work, I am a computer graduate, a bachelor, but I’m working now here in Dubai as a butcher.

    Want to ask if I belong to 1,2,3 level?


  102. Hi, iam about to sign as a sales associate in limited contract .so can i apply for another job after 6 months?.I am a graduate.

  103. Hi
    Only one thing I want to ask
    Recently I am working in garments as a salesman
    As I’ve seen in my Labour contract my skill level is
    LIMITED SKILLED what does it mean?

  104. hi im kaye. my cousin was terminated by her employer before her probation period ended. She was able to find new job, but when they process the visa, they said that there was a ban. the previous employer already issued a NOC for her but still, visa was not issued. Kindly advise what to do for her ban to be lifted.
    Your reply will be highly appreciated.

  105. Sir,
    I’m sam mathai, from India. Now in Dubai. Now my visa renewal Time (2 nt vsa). Before my designation is clerk. But my work is joinery draughtsman. My certificates is SSLC,VHSE & ITC. How to change my designation?

    What is this for?
    As I got this from my employer and his signature were there as well. he wants me to sign and put my left thumb impression?
    I am doubtfull cause instead of Tas-Heel its written TASSHEEL BUSINESS CENTRE L.L.C ?
    A document number is written as ST161755304AE ?
    Please reply ASAP

    1. NO body is replying me. Is there a Labor BAN on replying what I asked?
      Any here used to be a consultant or every 1 just browse and Answers?

  107. Dear Sir,

    I got visa as a mechanical engineer on 31st March 2016. Now I want to leave my current job.
    Kindly let me know is there any ban if I leave current company.
    Profession on visa: Mechanical engineer
    Visa issued: 3 months
    Uae entry: 3 months

    Thanks in advance.

  108. Hi, I am working as tax accountant clerk in a maintenance company since 4 months only.Now am suffering from asthma and alergical problems.The doctor tells it’s better to look other job..my doubt ,will I face automatic ban of 6month if i resign the job?? ….and which level is my designation comes ??

  109. Hi,
    I need a simple assistance. Thanks in Advance.
    Actually, a Trading LLC hired me 1.5 months ago and I got a paper visa and even completed the medical examination and gave finger print for emirates ID. My medical reports have’t arrived yet but my boss fired me as in the offer contract I was stated that I will be in the 6 months probation period.
    So what will happen to me, can I apply to any other company?
    Or Will I be banned for 6 months for early termination?
    I have a Bachelor’s from NEPAL but the certificate has not been issued as I am a recent graduate, Will this help me waive the ban??

    Please do reply.

    With Regards

  110. I am working as a cashier/waitress in restaurant but in my visa it says archive clerk. What skilled i am in?

  111. Hi, i hope you can help me on this issues
    1. my labour card date is nov 24, 2015, while my contract date made on feb 2016 which date must be followed if i want to know how many months i am already working?
    2. I am under unlimited contract holding a position of archives clerk which falls to category 4-5 unskilled worker, may i know if there will be no problem if i will leave my job?

  112. How may I know the category of my Visa? Need your guidance and support please. In my Visa profession is written as Computer Programming while I have done Bachelors of Engineering (4 Years).

  113. Sir,
    PLEASE explain me Why? WhAt? My information details in labour contract does not exist I have my Labour Card ID? is this a fake that my boss given to me? Only receipt information if passport no. entered..
    That’s why I wanted to know because I can have a labour card ID but search information about my contract my name information does not exist?… why ? Only receipt information have shown…. I’m working in my company for more than 3months… what am I do? Can I have the rights to complaint about this matter?

  114. Sir I want to ask because I have friend working as Nanies that have problem. She is runaway to her employer, its a local. what she can do if she want to be legal here in u.a.e, She runaway to his local employer for 1year but but she is working 9 months before she left. What she will. Do

  115. Sir I want to ask because I have friend working as Babies that have problem. She is runaway to her employer, its a local. what she can do if she want to be legal here in u.a.e, She runaway to his local employer for 1year but but she is working 9 months before she left. What she will. Do

  116. Sir I want to ask bcuz I have friend have prob. She is runaway to her employer local ?what she can do if she want to be Lugar here in u.a.e,?when she runaway in the local she is 9 month but now she is more than 1 year runaway?what she will. Do

  117. I need an advise regarding my situation right now..I am so much confused.I am working here in Dubai for 8months and I want to leave my job.Legally I am documented as an office clerk general as shows in my employment visa labor card and or residence visa.Will i get an automic MOL ban if I resign?Or of my employer release me and or we mutualy agreed to cancel my visa

  118. hi deepak

    Sir, please help me advice me … I want to know what to do first regarding my work we are new here. In my contract I receive my basic salary is 1500 + food allowance 300 + free accommodation, transportation and laundry…with day off and overtime pay….
    But when we started at my work here I will receive 2000and only… all of a sudden we don’t have a good and comfortable accommodation, NO Day OFF, etc..
    Please if I have to complaint do I have a rights to resign my work , with no ban and no payment to pay for the labor or to the employer?
    Because my employer told me if I have to resign or quit my job I should pay double for my visa, ticket and for medical …how true it is? He told me if I’m going to quit he makes me blacklisted… is it true he will scared me, he is frighten me because he knew that I am new here in UAE… I needs help and equal rights…Please reply me Do I have receive NOC?

  119. hi deepak
    i just want to know that before completing my six months, can i change my job? For, the reasons, we don’t have proper accommodation, NO Day Off, and during regular days we work 12hrs. from Sunday to Wednesday..And for the week ends we work 13hrs.. every Thursday until Saturday… then there will be any ban. shall i get NOC? im working with the salary of 2000aed. i have no completed my six months here is there any ban? IS THERE ANY payment I have to pay?

  120. Dear Deepak,

    I am working as a interior designer (Mechanical Engineer-B.tech) in limited contract. The current company not paying salary since three months and they provide me NOC for changing company. My labour contract signed in Jan-11-2016 (probation period mentioned as may or may not 6 Months). My Offer letter was provided in Dec-2015 as per the offer letter probation period is THREE months. I would like to know is there any system generated ban if i cancel my labour contract within SIX months. My current company already provided NOC for visa transfer to any other company. When i called to MOL call center they are telling “as per system you are in Skilled Category so there will not be any system generated one year BAN. Please clarify my request.

  121. Our company im which were working as security guards is issuing us new new contracts that are prior different from ones we signed in 2012 with unclear parts of level 4,5 that were made to sign with teaching us what it means. Its until I searched on Google and got what it meant as per mol laws and regulations… Now my question is what.is the legal action I can take to have my qualifications valued by my employer cause calling me a category level 4,5 is deformation of my certified education transcripts I submitted to there office in dates of joining
    .thank you

  122. dear deepak, 1months form today my probation will expired. I have a degree in Business mgt. but working as a laborer (level 4/5). I intend to resign will I get a ban. if yes, what should I do if my employer refuse? thanks

  123. Hi sir;
    i m 60 old and i ve bachelor mathemaics+state ingeneer chemistry and technology+diploma management companys.Also more than 20 years in the field of industry(production manager,manager project and general manager);i speak french,arabic,english and serbian or croatian languages.Can i find a post in UAE?

  124. Dear sir,

    I have a Bachelor’s degree of Engineering. I got a Ministry of Labour form which requires my thumbprint as the worker of fourth/fifth skill level.”

    can you explain????

  125. Hello sir, I belong to skill level 1 and am still serving the probation period in my company. I want to quit before the 6 months probation period is over. What do I do? Do I go ahead and quit or I will be banned if I do that?

  126. Hi! My question is im in the skill 3 level. If i leave the company will i face a ban? Coz my visa was applied last year. My concern is, is my visa under the old law? Or the new law already implies with my visa applied last year. Thanks

  127. Dear sir,
    I have a degree in agricultural mechanization and irrigation engineering but now working as a cleaner at RAHA village and am four months in UAE will it be possible for me change my career before the end of two years because am not contented with the job of cleaning toilets and some people are telling us that the new changes in labour laws favour only people who have been in uae for more than two years?

  128. Hi Sir My name is sherin..
    I got one latter form Minister of Labour..that latter about twelfth article,Here they are mentioning “Thumb print of sherin…. for the worker of fourth/fifth skill level.as per your note forth/fifth level is unskilled workers or labour category,but am completed P.G an i submitted that time my degree and Higher secondary certificates also.Now am holding the post as Sales Coordinator and visa is Sales profession.As future if any problem for this category which means if am changing my job with in this agreement period?Am very new in UAE i don’t know much about rules and regulations kindly reply me needfully

  129. Dear sir,

    I have a Bachelor’s degree of Engineering. I got a Ministry of Labour form which requires my thumbprint as the worker of fourth/fifth skill level.”

    My question is, I fall in the category of 1st skill level, I have submitted my Original Degree certificate in my office for the process, why do I have to sign the form for 4th skill level?

    Please educate me on this on your earliest convenience.
    Thank you..

  130. Dear sir,

    I have a Bachelor’s degree of Engineering. I got a Ministry of Labour form which requires my thumbprint as the worker of fourth/fifth skill level.”

    My question is, I fall in the category of 1st skill level, I have submitted my Original Degree certificate in my office for the process, why do I have to sign the form for 4th skill level?

    Please educate me on this on your earliest convenience.
    Thank you..

  131. Dear Rey,

    You are entitled to have all the benefits the company can provide. Your contract will be terminated and no ban will be imposed. Find a new one and keep the worries away. 😊😊

  132. I have secondary school certificate but I’m working as an ordinary labourer and being paid 1000 AED, what should I do? Thanks

  133. Dear sir,

    My employer was giving me a 1 month notice stating that they are terminating my contract and the reason was below.
    As you are aware, our industries is in challenging time which forces me to implement a comprehensive restructuring of this organization.
    I want to thank for your years of hard work and dedication to company, you have been an exemplary of our organization and i value your time.
    With this letter i am serving you with a 30 day’s notice of your EMPLOYMENT CESSATION your last day of employment shall be on April 4, 2016 and you benefits will be calculate to this date.
    My question what are the benefits should i get aside from the gratuity? Do i get the 3 months compensation due to the termination? I been working in the company for 6 yrs and 3 month. Please advise..Thanks

  134. Hello.
    I am a BS Nursing graduate and licensed in our country. This is my 2nd job here in Abu Dhabi and they apply me for a Follow up clerk position… Which is really not my work. And in the paper is says I am classified as 4/5th category. What if I want to change job before my proba period ends, do you think I will still be banned? I have all my school documents with me.

  135. Hi, iam Ali. I am working as Agriculture Engineer at consulting company Abu Dhabi under limited contract. If i would like to change job should I have to salary greater than 12000 to weive off ban. As I checked than in new rules salary is not issue in professional level 1. Please advice. Thanks

  136. As I am master degree holder..but why me and most of us at innovation HR needs to provide thumb impression for 4 & 5 category skill labour ? Please clarify

    1. Sir, I have for a foreman catogary in a LLC company in UAE but on offer letter from MOL uae it was written that I have hired for 4th/5th skill level. sir I just want to know is this justice with me? I have all my important educational docs with me that proves that I do not come in 4th/5th category.kindly give your feedback on this serious issue please !!

  137. Dear sir,

    I have a Bachelor’s degree of Engineering. I got a Ministry of Labour form which requires my thumbprint as the worker of fourth/fifth skill level.”

    My question is, I fall in the category of 1st skill level, I have submitted my Original Degree certificate in my office for the process, why do I have to sign the form for 4th skill level?

    Please educate me on this on your earliest convenience.
    Thank you..

  138. Dear sir,
    I’m a bachelor of engineering graduate but my work right now is security guard… and I found out in my work permit that I belong to level 4 to 5 skill level worker so it means that I can have 6 months ban if I change company? Please give me clarification sir…. Thank you and God bless

  139. Hi,
    I am a new guy here and I have some doubts on labor ban.
    I am a master degree holder and I am working under a firm with low salary scale. Previously it was okay for me but now I have to do work like an office boy, some times more than 8 hrs of duty. They are not paying for extra. They don’t make any records for the same. Really I am fed up with this work.

    How can I get rid of it?

  140. Hello there, even though is pretty clear what you have stated above,still for my peace I need to ask. Accordingly to your article I am skill level 3. For the moment I am working at a company and I wish to resign after I finish my probabation. If I resign then, and only after that time I will begin to search for a new job, I will face the labour ban? If not, how much time I have available to search and find for a new job?

    Thank you in advance.

  141. Hi,i am bachelor graduated from university a degree of elementary education. Im working currently in shop a salary of 1800 all in with no other benefits. I was employed here since september 17,2015 (6months) base on my visa and emirates id. Now i need the legal advice if i will resign by the month of april it is posseble for me to lift the ban? Or only i need is NOC ftom my current employer?

  142. Hi Mr. Deepak first I wud like to thank u for the guidance and the help u r doing.
    Well my issues is I got hired for xyz company in Nov2015,cos of my father expired,I have to quit the job in 15days but I had paid d notice amount and took noc and exited the country.now in jan i got offer from other company.I signed the contract but my work permit got cancelled.as my status shows 6month ban.as per new firm HR and I fall in No Ban level. Hr said me to wait for 10 days as till now no reply.plz do the needful am helpless. And seriously need of job.

  143. Dear sir,

    I have a Bachelor’s degree of Engineering. I got a Ministry of Labour form which requires my thumbprint as the worker of fourth/fifth skill level.”

    My question is, I fall in the category of 1st skill level, I have submitted my Original Degree certificate in my office for the process, why do I have to sign the form for 4th skill level?

    Please educate me on this on your earliest convenience.

    1. Hi Deepak, read your article. thanks for it. But I have some doubts.
      I joined with my current employer on 17th Dec 2015 and Stamped my visa on 4th Jan 2016, I am Bachelor of Commerce Degree holder. Signed the contract agreement showing worker of skill level 4 or 5. Why the contract agreement shows skill level 4 or 5 in contract agreement? then my probation period shows 2 months, If I cancel my visa after my probation period, Am I eligible to work with another firm without ban?

  144. I have a secondary school certificate and I have worked with my company for 1yr 6months, can I change work without ban?

  145. Hi..

    I am Irshad khan i got the MOL employment contract for Security Officer but I was applied HSE OFFICER , there was mentioned on my contract about the 4th & 5th skill level that I have to put my thumbmark if I’m under that. They asked me for it. Does it mean I was categorized as unskilled worker without any qualification but i am hired for 1st level as per labour law. why did the change my actual designation and my category. what is the reason of behind that. I didn’t get the VISA before sign and thumb impression i would like to confirm for the same after signed and send contract copy to him VISA will be process.

    what would be mentioned my designation Security Officer or Safety Officer.

    Kindly revert for the same asap.

  146. Hi Deepak,

    I am joining as a HR assistant in UAE and I got the visa work permit and in that work permit it is mentioned that, visa is applying for fourth and fifth skills. I have university degree but I got this skills set visa.
    Company HR is saying he will change it once my documents attested in Abu Dhabi.

    Can pls let me know is there any problem in future to get the jobs in UAE and it is possbile to change the skill set category as per HR mentioned.

  147. First of all thank you very much deepak for updating my awareness level and knowledge about amendments. Dear i had been working as professional typist and steno(75+\minut speed .english. Arabic. Urdu) as well as graphic designer for more than 8 years. I got my hsc certificate. Deploma in computer. Certificates of boy scouts and of civil defence as well. End of all i m working now as labour here in uae. I cant understand my category . please guide me for taking right decision. I will be soo greatfull for your guidence. Thanks allot again. May you live a happy and blessed life..

  148. Hello Deepak,
    If you are under skill level one and still working under your probationary period, and the employer issued resident permit for you but you decided to resign (let’s say after 3 months) and ur probation period mentioned in your contract is 6 months.
    Would there will be ban in this case or you can join new employer easily?
    Thank you,

  149. Dear Deepak Sir,

    Thank you so much for your updates regarding skill categories. I came to know the level of skill but in my case i am confuse.i would like to request you to give solution. I did my bachelor degree in Art (humanities and sociology, major subjects are: Sociology and Anthoropology , Rural Development) but working in commi III(one of the lower post of kitchen cook). so what could be the my skill level? is my bachelor degree belongs to skill level 1 even i am not working to related work according to my academic history)

    Eagerly waiting your valuable solution.

    Best regards.

  150. hai i am shah, Working for a private company for 18 months in sharjah, is it compulsory to have NOC from the company to lift ban, please advise.

  151. i have Bachelor Degree in Commerce . but my current employor designation Sales representative. in salary agreement is (AED 1,200/-). now i want to move from here. let me know can i get another job easily.


  152. Hi,

    What if the person is a College graduate but he is working as a clerk, will he be considered as Level 3 worker?

  153. Hi Sir!

    I am an Engineer but my employer give me a Sales Representative visa, now I have been working for him for a year, he always promise me that he will change my visa after a few months. Now I have decided to resign. What will happen to me if we are not mutually agreed regarding my resignation? Will I get employer’s ban? Please explain to me, I will be waiting for your response.


  154. Hi Deepak,
    My designation on visa is computer programmer. What is my skill level. Is labour ban applicable to me?


      1. visa is on 4/5 skill level but i have a bachelor’s degree. If i resign during probationary period in limited contract. Do i will face ban?looking forward for ur reply @deepak

  155. I am a M.A., B.Ed., degree holder worked as a Vice Principal in delta English school, muwailiah, Sharjah, UAE. From June 28, 2013 to April 2015 even though when I gave notice to management not to renue for the next academic year, they stopped me for attending duties and I filed case in MOL but finally I faced 6 months BAN.

  156. Hi Deepak! I’m a BSc Psych graduate and currently working as a reservation agent. I have few questions… First, is reservation agent different from reservation officer? Second, my previous visa was archives clerk, now my new company applied the same thing and is now approved. In the future, how can I have a visa which is as per the designation that I’m hired for? Third, it was mentioned on my contract about the 4th & 5th skill level that I have to put my thumbmark if I’m under that. They asked me for it. Does it mean I was categorized as unskilled worker without any qualification? Hoping for your reply. Thanks!

  157. I resigned my recently with a notice period according to 121 but I chose 116 cos I don’t like court case, but now my employer want to robe me with abscond case, what can I do to escape this. I belong to level 2. My employer didn’t want to cancel me and also deactivated my bio-metric access to the office.

  158. ban law i understand but the expiation about the Salary required is complete. for what level what salary required to avoid the ban with what qualification.

  159. Im working as a store keeper now but my visa state that my job description is follow up clerk will i face problem when applying for other company?

  160. I am under unlimited contract and I have worked for this free zone company for 9 months now without signing any agreement and they loaned me out to another labour company. Now the manager said that he does not like my performance bcos I smiled and he suspended me for 1 month. I want to know, am I entitled to complete salary for those suspended days of no work? I want to know my right. Thank you

  161. Respected Sir,

    I am confused with my skill level, as i have Master degree in Commerce but profession in my visa is servant In this case which skill level fits to me and can i avoid labour ban? Please guide me. In ex law my visa was ban free.

  162. Yes sir I understand now the categories but what if you have that qualification of skill number 3 and you are working as a cleaner due to the fact that is not the preffession mention above. Can yo still have a ban.,? And can I also know if the labour law permit women to do certain hard jobs like cleaning with acid, or climbing tall ladders? But first I need the clerrifications of the ban if you have a Diploma but work as a cleaner.

  163. im on my 3rd contract for same company (1st contract limited, 2nd contract unlimited, 3rd contract limited) and will expire on end of Feb 2017 but planning to resign on April 2016 and will render 1 month notice (5yrs and 2months tenure). kindly advise if i have to pay the 45days and will i have a ban considering my contract is showing skilled level 1 worker?

  164. Dear Sir,
    I am confused with my skill level,as i have degree of Doctor of pharmacy(attested) but currently my designation is cash desk clerk in a private pharmacy. In this case which skill level fits to me and can i avoid labour ban? Please guide me.

  165. Hi I do not have any ban or what so ever,
    I was working in RAKFZ, my previous visa has been cancelled also.
    My visa application is getting rejected. Till now we have applied for 4 times sinceJune 2015.
    My employer has checked and all papers are clear in RAK, they are also trying desparately to get me in.
    We are struck and dont know how to proceed.

  166. i am jai, I working as accountant from last sep-15 in private sector, if i need to change the job will effect ban on me ( i am master degree holder)

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