Number of days in a month as per UAE Labour Law?

How many days are considered in a month as per UAE Labour Law?

Many have expressed their confusion as to how many days is considered a month as per UAE Labor Law.

Article 8 of the UAE Labour Law clearly mentions the following: “Dates and periods stipulated herein shall be construed according to the Gregorian Calendar. In the applications of the provisions of this Law, a calendar year is 365 days and month is 30 days unless stated otherwise in the employment contract.”

So it is clear that a month is considered as 30 days and a year is 365 days.

This may be useful in calculating gratuity, leave salary eligibility, advance salary payments etc.


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17 thoughts on “Number of days in a month as per UAE Labour Law?

  1. Hi, I have 22 working days leave per year and would like to know about my leave salary calculations. Kindly assit.

  2. Hello sir
    I am working combeny my combeny baisic salary calculated only 26 days i need clarification this is rulse under uae labour law

  3. Dear Deepak,

    Please confirm as per uae labour law Basic Salary is calculated on 26 days or Total number of days in a month 31,30 etc Or some company follows Standard Month As 365/12 = 30.41

    Please Clarify once more

  4. Hello,

    One of my co-staff gone for an emergency leave for 8 days in March.He took leave from March 23rd to March 30th.And joined back to work on 31st March.
    Company deducted his 8 days salary & paid 22 days.But he is asking where is the salary for the 31st day i joined?
    Could you please assist.


    Article (65) IN UAE LAW
    The employer determine the date of commencement of annual leave may, when necessary broken down into two periods
    Most retail and the rule applies to scheduled events leave.

  6. hai i am VISHNU working in school less than 2000 salary my supervisor make me work in friday and saturday . if didn’t come he black mails that he will fire me from the company

  7. If our company dont give a weekly off like 2 month continue 13 hours daily what can we do.if we complain what actions take in uae government

  8. One of our staff completed 1 year of his 2 year contract. he is entitled for 1 month [30days] leave as per contract. he is insisting that he wants it in December but since it is a cafe and since the business is high during the month of december and january we suggested that he take his annual leave in February. But the staff is adamant that he needs it in the month of December. Could you please enlighten on what can be done or is it right on our part to ask him to postpone his annual leave to feb 2016..please advise

  9. hi deepak ,,,, if I finish my 2years contract without going for vacation ,,, will my leave allowace and gratitude give to me if am not renewing with the company .

  10. In the month of January total 31 days, but I am leaving for vacation on 25th January, so what’s the salary calculated per day. Its divided by 31 days or 30 days

  11. I am working for more than 6 years in company inside JAFZA. What is the basis of BASIC SALARY. I am earning 4,200 monthly not including my accommodation and transportation, but as per my basic pay in my slip is 1400 only. In case I resign where my company base my gratuity and leave pay?

    1. Edge,
      There is not definition of basic salary in labour law.
      However, most companies do follow 60:40 ratio.

  12. Hi,
    I have completed my 2 yrs contract. My labour card has been expired on 22.7.15 and right now i m in 1 month grace period.

    Its already 10 days passed. I want to switch to another company. There is 30 day notice period.

    If i give notice to my company now afterbpassing 10 days what action my company will take against me as i have served a notice for less than 30 days.

    Wheather they can deduct the amount from my gratuity as compensation for 10 days (for short notice period).

    Please guide..

    Thanks in advance

    1. Ankit,
      First of all you need to make sure that your visa/contract is not renewed.
      Your notice period should be before you have finished the contract and not during the visa grace period.

  13. Is it true that if you are absent on the Thursdays of the month then the weekends shall be counted for deduction on your salary? For example, if I am absent only on Wednesday and Thursday they will count it as 4 days absences including the weekend?

    Please advise Mr. Deepak

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