How to File an Absconding Complaint against Domestic worker with MOHRE?

Filing Absconding Complaint against Domestic worker in UAE

For a smooth and secure hiring process of a domestic worker, it is crucial to go through a registered agency. This ensures that the entire procedure is streamlined, providing a reliable framework for both employers and workers.

When directly engaging with a domestic worker, obtaining a working permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) is imperative. This not only legitimizes the employment arrangement but also empowers employers to enforce their rights if the hired help fails to fulfill responsibilities or unexpectedly leaves the job.

Domestic worker in uae

Acquiring a working permit is more than just a formality—it’s a means to understand and assert your rights as an employer. In the event of non-compliance by the domestic worker, having this permit in place allows you to take appropriate actions to address the situation promptly and effectively.

To stay well-informed and proactive, keep an eye on MOHRE’s social media channels. These platforms provide valuable updates on what steps employers can take if their domestic worker is unexpectedly absent from work, ensuring that you are equipped with the necessary information to navigate any challenges that may arise in the employer-employee relationship.

How to file an absconding complaint against domestic worker?

In the unfortunate event of a worker absconding, it is essential to initiate a complaint process promptly. Within a timeframe of 5 days, utilize various accessible channels for filing a complaint:

  1. MOHRE’s Mobile App “MOHRE UAE”: Take advantage of the convenience offered by MOHRE’s mobile app to initiate the complaint process efficiently.
  2. Recruitment Offices: Visit recruitment offices to report the absconding worker, leveraging their assistance in addressing the situation.
  3. Tawseel Vehicle – Mobile Service Desk: Utilize the Tawseel vehicle, a mobile service desk, for a doorstep service experience, making the complaint process more accessible and convenient.
  4. MOHRE’s Website – Online accessibility is key. File a complaint through MOHRE’s official website to ensure a comprehensive and documented reporting process.

To navigate the complaint filing procedure effectively, adhere to these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Select the “Registering a Domestic Labour Complaint” Service: Begin the process by choosing this specific service, tailored for domestic labor complaints.
  2. Specify Applicant Type and Work Permit Number: Provide essential details such as applicant type and the pertinent work permit number for accurate documentation.
  3. Enter Complaint Details: Clearly outline the details of the complaint, ensuring a comprehensive and informative submission.
  4. Add Attachments if Needed: Include any relevant attachments that support and provide context to the filed complaint.
  5. Use the Labour Unified Number: This unique identifier is crucial for tracking and processing. Include the Labour Unified Number associated with the complaint.
  6. Expect Processing Within 14 Working Days: According to the MOHRE website, anticipate that the complaint will be processed within a reasonable timeframe of 14 working days, ensuring a timely resolution to the reported issue.

What are Your duties towards domestic workers in UAE?

Federal Law No. 10 of 2017 on Domestic WorkersOpens in a new tab. provides a detailed list of an employer’s responsibilities. Article 15 of the law states that the employer should:

1. Set Up Work Requirements: Furnish the necessary tools and conditions for the agreed-upon tasks.

2. Provide Adequate Accommodation: Ensure the worker has suitable living quarters.

3. Full-Time Employment Considerations: If employed full-time, supply daily meals and required work attire unless otherwise specified.

4. Cover Medical Expenses: Take responsibility for the worker’s medical treatments following UAE healthcare regulations.

5. Respect and Dignity: Treat the worker with dignity, respecting both their rights and physical well-being.

6. Legal Employment Conditions: Only engage workers with proper permits as per supervisory laws.

7. Compensation for Injuries or Diseases: Compensate the worker for work-related injuries or occupational diseases, as per labor relations laws.

8. Task Limitations: Refrain from assigning tasks beyond the agreed scope, unless mutually consented and within legal parameters.

9. Safeguard Personal Documents: Ensure the worker retains possession of their personal identification documents.

10. Compensation in Case of Worker’s Passing: – In case of the worker’s demise, pay the heir the full monthly wage and any outstanding dues.

11. Transparent Financial Transactions: – Abstain from receiving money from the worker or third parties, except as specified in the Unified Standard Contract.

12. Report Violations to the Ministry: – Report any worker violations of prevailing regulations to the Ministry.

For Additional Information: Contact MOHRE’s call center at 600 590000 to learn more about employee and domestic worker rights.

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