What Are The New Rules You Should Follow While Hiring a Domestic Worker from the Recruitment Agencies?

If you are planning to hire a domestic workers you should be aware of certain rules agencies should follow as per the new resolution and your responsibilities as an employer.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) issued a decree on licencing and regulating offices recruiting domestic workers across the country. The resolution is part of implementing the Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021 (the new UAE Labour Law).

MoHRE introduced Wages Protection System (WPS) for domestic workers to ensures that the salary of workers in the UAE is paid on time. Through WPS employers can pay the domestic worker’s wages via banks, exchange offices and other financial institutions authorised by UAE Central Bank.

What are the Requirements for recruitment agencies?

The licence for a domestic worker recruitment agency is issued upon approval by the Minister of Human Resources. The licence is renewed annually after paying the set fees if they meet the required conditions:

  1. Under the new resolution, domestic worker placement offices must provide a bank guarantee or insurance as an alternative to the bank guarantee.
  2. An applicant or individual owning an establishment or a group of partners must present a credit report proving their financial status.
  3. Recruitment offices can also open branches in other Emirates in which it is licenced, or any other emirate as long as they meet the requirements of local licensing authorities.
  4. Agencies are obliged to provide the appropriate accommodation and allowance for domestic workers. If the worker temporary employment contract, the agency must fulfil all the obligations stipulated by the law towards domestic workers.
  5. Licensed agencies are to provide the package of services under the prices approved by the ministry.

What are the Responsibilities for residents?

MoHRE highlighted the obligations for residents hiring domestic helpers:

  • Must provide a safe work environment, meeting all the health and safety requirements for domestic workers.
  • Not assigning a worker to any job or service outside the general framework of their agreed duties.
  • Domestic workers are to work only for the number of hours stated in the employment contract.
  • In case of any work injury or accident, the employer must inform MoHRE and the recruitment agency.
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