Is getting “Experience Certificate” your right?

Experience Certificate: Are your eligible?

I have received many emails with regard to companies refusing to provide experience certificate to their employees. This ends up in frustration for the employees who like to move to another company or move to another country for work or for family purposes.

UAE Labour Law, has clear Article mentioning the right of Experience Certificate for employees.

experience certificate dubai uae

Article 125 of UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab., mentions the below:

“The employer shall provide the employee at the end of his service and at the latter’s request with an end of service certificate free of charge. Said Certificate shall include date of appointment and date of termination, total period of service, nature of work performed by him and his last pay plus allowances, if any. Certificates or diplomas, papers and tools belonging to the employee shall be returned to him.”

The Article not only speaks about your right to get an Experience Certificate, it also mentions that the company should return any Certificates that you have lodged with your company, Diploma certificates in company’s possession, your tools and other papers that belong to you. Companies should realise that Experience Certificate for your employees who have been┬áterminated or who has resigned, is their right and is provided under Article 125 of the UAE Labour Law.


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9 thoughts on “Is getting “Experience Certificate” your right?

  1. Is there a specific format of experience letter as per UAE labour law? Does it only include tenure and title of the employee? What about the responsibilities?

    1. Hi, The UAE Labour Law doesn’t dictate a specific format for an experience letter, but it’s generally expected to include certain key details which includes:
      1. Your details (name, job title, dates).
      2. Company information (name, address).
      3. Brief job responsibilities.
      4. Key skills or achievements.


  2. hello
    Good morning
    i have completed 11 months in the current oranisation and i am on a notice period i requested my hr for the experience certificate and they have deny mentioning that i need to complete a year to get a experience certitifcate
    is it mandory for me complete a tensure of 1 year to get a cetificate

    1. Hi, I dont think it is mandatory however, you can request your HR to get the certificate.

  3. My company I have left in Oct 2017 and my company is not giving me experience certificate what should I do

  4. Is there anything in UAE law, whereby the employer cant give you a bad reference (or lie about you to future employers). My employer is refusing to give a good reference even though I was a good worker during my time at the company…

  5. An employee Completed 11 months and asking for experience certificate, is it okay in issuing an Experience certificate ??

  6. Dear Sir,

    2007-2009 period I am working here in Dubai.
    Still I am not received experience certificate.
    If I have any chance of getting my experience certificate?
    Pls give me a reply.

  7. If an employee hasn’t completed his probation period and after going on exit, if he request for a experience letter then employer is liable to do the needful or else up to the employer?

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