Can Employer Deduct my salary?

Salary Deductions – What does UAE Labour Law say?

I have received umpteen number of emails and comments asking me the questions regarding salary deductions. Certain employers take the lack of knowledge of part of employees to deduct the salaries claiming reasons that are not in line with the laws. Gullible employees who have lack of knowledge of UAE Labour Law, fall prey to this trap of continuous harassment by employers and companies.

Salary Deductions uae labour law

Salaries as per UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab., can not be reduced/deducted once agreed through a labour contract. UAE Labour Law clearly states in what cases salary can be deducted. Below you will find an extract from the UAE Labour Law Article 60, which states the scenarios in which the Salary can be deducted.

Article (60) – UAE Labour Law

Any amounts of money may not be deducted from the employee’s remuneration to recover particular rights, except in the following cases:

a. Repayment of advances or amounts of money paid to the employee in excess of his entitlement, provided that deduction in this case may not exceed 10% of the employee’s periodic pay.
b. Installments which are payable by law by the employees from their remuneration, such as social security and insurance schemes.
c. Subscriptions of the employees in the saving fund or advances due for payment to the fund.
d. Installments in respect of any social scheme or other privileges or services provided by the employer and approved by the Labour Department.
e. Fines imposed upon the employee due to offenses committed by him.
f. Any debts payable in execution of court judgment provided that not more than a quarter of the employee’s pay shall be deducted. In the event of numerous debts or creditors, half of the remuneration at the most may be deducted and the sums of money attached shall be divided pro-rata among beneficiaries after payment of any legal alimony amounting to one quarter of the remuneration.

As you can read, employers can not deduct any salary or remuneration from their employees’ salaries unless for the the above reasons. If you face any salary deductions other than the above reasons, you could file a complaint with MOL about this.

Has your salary been deducted? Let me know through comments below.


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  1. I joined a spare parts company in al quiz dubai. And i received a call from account that they will deduct 500 for my emirates id and visa status change fees which was not discussed before at time of signing of contract.

    1. Hi, If your employer informed you about a deduction for Emirates ID and visa status change fees that were not discussed during the contract signing, you should:
      1. Review your employment contract for any mention of these fees.
      2. Contact your employer or HR department to express your concerns and seek clarification.
      3. Consider seeking legal advice if the deduction appears unjustified or not in line with your contract.

  2. Im working in one dental company here in uae..i just wanna ask if it is legal the employer has made deduction due to i accidentaly drop the machine and it cause small cracke but no any serious damage deduction without notice or informing me i have deduction,second they failed to present a reciet after i finish to pay the 4,000 dirhams for repair and lastly is it right the company deduct me 4,000 but actually the cost of reoair is onlt 500 dirhams for that i questioned them and they refuse to return the rest of my money,,please i need some advice thanks

  3. I am working with a security company in dubai, while on duty my manager and supervisor check in and, as per client instructions I asked them to show me their PCR RESULTS , to them, I insulted them, and at the end of the month AED260 was deducted from my AED 1800 salary.

  4. I got a job as a waitress at a restaurant with salary 1200 including meal accomdation and transportation. So it is Okay for me so I agreed to sign the offer letter. While interview they told me to pay for my travel expenses and the rest other like changing to resident visa will be upon them. I agreed with that. Everything was fine until the HR assistant told me that there is a new condition at a company that I have to pay for security deposit AED 2000 which will be paid back after six months and also AED 1200 for visa . She said they will deduct AED 500 each month. She called me couple of days ago just before my flight. Honestly I don’t feel right about these deduction fees. I haven’t signed the contract yet. Any suggestions for me?? Thank u very much in advance.

  5. Hello
    UAE is 3th richer County in the world
    But my question is why labour’s in UAE are collecting poor salaries

  6. My employer has been deducting a lot from my salary since day 1, i have been with the same employer for almost 5 years now, they deduct from my salary and allowances because of missing minutes, is that legal ? And if not, can i complain ? Knowing that my contract is under dubai vreative authority free zone, i have all my pay slips to prove the deductions, over the past 5 years, they must have deduted at least 30000 aed

  7. Hi Deepak, I was absent for absent for one day but my company deducted salary for 02 days. Not just me for entire employ they did the same the same thing & they havent given any notice . Is it as per Uae law??
    Please Suggest..

  8. What about for damaged goods that I didn’t do. Just that I was assigned to be responsible for the items. And the damages happened way before I took the responsibility.

  9. Yes my has been deducted for several times reason is best known by my employer

  10. My company has make me signed for the deduction of 50%.It was do or die situation for me.

  11. Im working as retail sale .Can The employer Here in Dubai, May deduct my salary if my Performance in sale is down??

  12. I am working in a restaurant every month I get less payment and salary is deducted reason wil be even after I inform I’ll be late, 1 minute late for opening door, I didn’t inform quality of good even without problem with related good its been 8 month every month I have deuction company have right to do this ,if i try say anything boss torture me by saying he will an me he have friends in immigration,

  13. Yes, My company has make me signed for the deduction of 25%. It was do or die situation for me.As my sales are not decreased or drop.I want to know as per UAE law max. How much they can do deduction?

  14. if i took leave 2 days without information to the employer how much they can deduct my salary? as per UAE labor law? two days or more? please any one can help me?

  15. I need help guys… My employer deducted portion of my salary due to some missing invoices, is it right for the employer to do that? What can i do to get my money back from them.?

  16. Hello sir/ma’am
    I am working in a school and as the policy of the any school the school is spouse to pay the salary of 2 months vacation after completing the probation period. And I was also eligible for the same but school didn’t give my full salary of two months by saying that you have taken the leave without pay during the year. And they said that if you take leave without pay it reflects on your 2 month’s vacation salary. Is there any law which allow them to do so..?

  17. Good Day,

    I am working as a nurse, last month our owner suddenly came and reduced my salary. her reason is because of financial crisis that our clinic is suffering. She told me she reduced it to all the staffs. So I signed the contract because i have no choice. But I found out the next day, that it was only me she reduced salary. And the contract I have signed was my old contract paper, she just deleted the amount by pen and let me sign a new last page for the signature. is the contract valid? and her reason for deduction valid? And our clinic is not suffering any financial crisis, because i found out a new staff nurse will be joining us this month. thank you. will wait for your reply.

  18. Good Day!

    I resigned from limited contract which I need to pay base on my 45 days gross salary so it is (basic salary + allowance). I resigned recently August 20 and my notice period will be until September 20. I think that i still have the right to receive salary from month of July-August, but i did not receive anything. Is it valid? And I thought that i will only pay my compensation to the company the day before the end of my notice period. I am not sure if my company has the right to deduct my salary this August.

  19. Hi, i have some annual leave left over which i wont take as i want my organization to be ready for the next phase of our work. I have not asked to be paid for the days i have lost but i have been informed that my company will either deduct the monies for the days i have not taken or i can accrue them for next year! In which case i will simply be accruing leave until my contract ends. I understand that article 79 states i have this leave entitlement but under 60 there is no statement to say they can take money off me for not taking my leave. Any ideas?

  20. Hi,
    Good Day!
    I got a job in a company based in Dubai. In interview, AED 4000/- was discussed as basic salary and nothing was discussed about housing and travelling as i ll be staying with my sister and sharing apartment and travel will be obviously handled from my basic.
    Now my employer has conveniently made a salary structure like this on offer letter:
    Basic salary: 2500/-
    Housing: 1000/-
    Travel 500/-
    (May be he has done this because he could pay less gratuity n stuff)

    May I know, how will it be shown in labour contract.? Will housing and travel be shown in labour contract?

  21. Hi Everyone, I am currently working in a hotel. During my holiday I received a message from colleague that my company is asking everyone to choose between taking 21 unpaid leave or 25% salary deduction. So since I was on holiday I decided to go for 21 unpaid leave on August. When I came back to work, I received my salary with 25% deduction. So I went to HR to ask. They told me that since they did not receive a request form for 21 unpaid leave, the 25% salary deduction will automatically apply. They told me that the Manager of my department should communicated this to me. But unfortunately, I did not receive a proper information that I have to sign something. I did not receive any email. Now my questions are:

    – Does my employer has the right to deduct my salary for this month without my written consent?
    – What can I do to get the rest of my salary?
    – Can they force you to take unpaid leave?

    Your reply is appreciated. Thanks

    1. -Salary can not be deducted
      -You could first request your company and then approach MOL/MOHRE.
      -No, forced leaves are not possible.

  22. Hi, i am working in a construction company, they deduct my accomodation allowence because i am living in there accomodation, but now i am going to vacation and they are telling me that we will not give you transportation allownce also, as i am using my own transportation allownce. Is it possible that they have the right to deduct my transportation allownce as i am using my own.

  23. HI!

    May I ask also. I work here in a contracting company which produces glasses and metals. and i was tasked to release glass sizes for mass production (which by the way was not part of my job). and then here what happened.

    the sizes i released was wrong and got messed up which amounted to 13,000 aed (which they only said). now they wanted to deduct it to my salary via installment and they also delayed my salary 17 days already up to now.

    I tried to research the UAE Labor Law and it says there it is not allowed. please enlighten me and please give me answers regarding this one? Can I file a complain regarding this matter? I feel so small now because of this problem. I am so stressed out since the day i started with this company. and now this problem is totally out of my place now.

  24. Dear Deepak,

    Hope you are doing good.
    I don’t know if I am posting at the right place but without taking too much of your precious time I would like to ask some questions precisely, please try to answer all of them:

    1) My visa was stamped in August 2015 and I have completed around 15 months in My current employment. If I resign then will I attract a labor ban?
    2) My current company will not cancel my visa so easily. Is it okay if I give one month notice keeping CC to all the managers and directors and then after finish of my notice period I will discontinue the office. In such case is company obliged to cancel the visa once notice period is over?
    3) Is it okay and acceptable to leave the company immediately by paying the 45 days salary as a penalty?
    4) My passport is in my company’s custody and I am sure that they will handover it to me only at the airport. Is it okay if after collecting my passport at the airport I come out of the airport without catching a flight and then I try to stamp my visa with another company? or is it mandatory to fly after collecting the visa at airport?

    Please answer all my above questions.

    Thanks in advance.

  25. Dear Deepak,

    does the company have the right to deduct from my salary in case of coming late to work by 16 or 17min one time or 2 times a month . and what is the procedures the company has to fellow in order to respect the interest of employee and employer according to ministry of labor law ?.

    I am looking forward for you reply soon .

    Thank you

  26. Dear Deepak,

    I worked for a LLC company for the last 6 years. I was a senior sales person and brought in good business. The company’s internal policy is total mismanagement – no accountant, fully handled by one partner and other partner is dummy.

    Now, they always crib that they are in loss and kept crying for the last 6 years. I told them if they were not happy with me they can sack me from the job. They said that that they were happy with me. Hence i continued working. The gross salary shown in work permit was AED 8000 but in WPS the money was transfered only 3000,- the balance money was given in chits and bits.

    Now i have resigned from company which almost 45 days completed. The company has still not cancelled my visa. The company has not paid me salaries for the last 5 months – i have been under depression and did not knew what to do. I wanted to settle with him very peacefully and agreed to his all condition since he said that he was in finacially broke. He reduce my gratuity and my salary to 50% and very tricky way he took my signatures on a company letter head ( piece of paper) saying that he has cleared all my dues. He drafted post dated cheques which was dated from jan 2017 to august 2017. Smartly he did not handover the cheques to me. He just paid AED 10000.00 cash.

    He said that i should hadover all the clients details and introduce all the clients physically. I did that, inspite he is not cancelling my visa. I had to beg him to let me go as my future was seeing to vanish. I had no other option than to complain to ministry of labour. It is almost 10 working days completed i have not heard anything from MOL. I checkd on line the status it mentioned as ” Transaction under process in central unit”.

    I don’t have money to survive- iam getting good offers from other companies. kindly suggest mle to come over this situation. kindly suggest.

  27. I have been informed by my company that 20% of my salary would be reduced from next month as a part of Levelling initiative. Kindly advise if the same is legal please.

  28. i work in an sign making company. and our company is deducting 2 days from out pay for not going to work in one day. he also cut salary when theres a mistake in what we do is this legal in anyway?

  29. My company deducted 4 or more days salary from vacation leave pay. Their only excuse from doing that is because our company has no other projects that there are times we have to stay in the camp. Is there any legal basis for them on doing such practice?

  30. Hi sir company terminate me and they give one month notice period but they force to stop the work in between fifteen days and they give me only 15 days salary and i file a case and also i claim my job loss takaful plan and i need my original passport to show the al salama insurance than the insurance company will hand over me the cheque under this policy but my company is not giving my passport for 1 hour atleast i request the company to scan the passport and send email to al salama insurance for approach my takaful please help me.

  31. Dear Deepak

    I want to talk to get clarrity on few things please help as I scared to put my comments here

  32. Salam Deepak,

    I am currently working 7 months in a clinic in Abu Dhabi, due to issues about company income they will deduct salary with 10%. They said they will let us sign another contract. It will be from limited to unlimited. Is it true that I can refuse them and what if they terminate me if I refuse to sign?

  33. Hi,
    I am working in a firm since 7 month . Now I don’t want to carry anymore with this company when I m resiging they are putting alligation on me for taking commison from the supplier and they are asking my bank statement including Indian bank account or they are telling to give some money to the company so they will release me if I will not do the same they will take legal action . if I submitt the bank statement there is some deposit done here in UAE . But no deposit from my supplier country whats the probably they can do . They don’t have any proof agains taking any money from supplier . Please advise me they can take any legal action on this or not

  34. if we commit offenses related to work what is the maximum amount can an employer deduct from our salary

  35. Dear Sir
    i.m working in out door furniture company in dubai. the company provide us accommodation. last month the deduct from my salary 42 aed as a dewa bill is it legall . the management said the will provide water and dewa bill maxim 1000 aed. if more than 1000 aed . it will be deduct from all worker who stay in this accommodation. the already deduct. what should i do please Advice .

  36. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Company offer me salary 7000 AED , as per the consultancy contract also mentioned same salary.My question is that ,I accept my offer letter as per the company offer 7000 but I was delayed for 2 days to sign the contract 3rd day I went to consultancy to sign my contract but consultancy told that we will offer you 5000 not 7000 .I asked why? Consultancy reply me because of miscommunication they offer you 7000AED and client inform to consultancy revoke that offer and give the new offer 5,000AED in this issue how how you can help me sir.

  37. Hello,
    My company told me that my visa was under process and had my passport for 6 weeks before they told me that it had not been under process. Because of this I then had to pay 890AED in fines when I exited the country. The company then refused to pay my June 2016 salary and I have still not received it.
    Is there anything I can do?
    Kind Regards

  38. Dear Deepak ,
    I’m working in tourism company , they deduct 500 AED for accommodation from allowance as per contract . But they are also deducting charges for FEWA , which is not mentioned in my contract . Is it legal ? And do I have rights to get that deducted amount for FEWA back ?

  39. Dear Deepak ,
    I’m working in tourism company , they deduct 500 AED for accommodation from allowance as per contract . But they are also deducting charges for FEWA which is not mentioned in my contract . Is it legal ? And do I have rights to get that deducted amount for FEWA back ?

  40. HELLO,








  41. i had loan in the company. but the company deduct monthly in my salary half of it. is that legal? can u send me which that article, please. thank you

  42. Hello,
    I have a labor contract of AED 3000 that was signed when I joined the company. After that I got increments over the period of five years and my current salary is over AED 9000 but it is not updated in labor contract.
    Couple of months ago, company asked that they will reduce my salary to AED 7000 but i didnt agree. But they have still sent me 7000 through WPS. My question is, can I file a complaint in MOL against this unilateral decision although my agreement is not updated with MOL? But i can prove that i have been getting 9000 through bank statements.

  43. I have not received my salary from month of November 2015, December 2015 and up to present (January 21, 2016). I asked them what is the reason and they told me that I did not sign the paper change of salary which they asked me to sign last October 31, 2015. Let me just narrate my case:

    I was hired as a registered nurse since February 22, 2014 with a DHA License. Sometimes on January 2015 DHA sent me a letter CC to HR and Medical Officer that there was a problem in my documents and they have to put my license on suspension but not revoked until I rectify and submit a new document which will require another verification process. I complied with the requirements and was told it will take some time to re-verify the papers. Meanwhile, I was called by an HR officer (Ms. V) and was told to speak with the Chief of Nursing (Mrs. N). On my meeting with Mrs. N she told me to continue working with the hospital and that she will place me temporarily as a health care assistant in the ward while waiting for the result of the re-verification of my paper. At that time she never mentioned to me regarding change of salary or any such thing only that I will work temporarily as a health care assistant starting February. A month after I was receiving the same salary as I was previously 5,500 aed. Months have passed and still I kept on waiting and even followed up with dha regarding the result but still on the process. On October 29, 2015, Ms. V from HR called me and informed me that my salary will change to 3,850 aed and that I will have to sign a paper of salary change from February 2015. She told me that they will start to deduct my salary because of the excess (a total of 13,200 aed). I asked her why only now they told me that my salary will change and not from the start where they told me I will work as a health care assistant but simply she said that it has to be like that. I told Ms. V that if they have to change my salary it has to start November because it was only that day she told me my salary will change. I called the hotline of Ministry of Labor that day and asked for some advice and I was told by that they cannot do that. On October 31, I went to speak with HR and she told me to sign the paper which says my salary will change from February 2015 and I refused to sign so she told me to speak with the HR and since HR was not there I had to come several times in the month of November but was unable to speak with HR. I received my salary of 3,850 aed for the month of October a deduction of (1,100). I was bothered but I ignored it since I had too many problems and I didn’t want to deal it. The following month I did not received my salary and I went to HR to ask for payslip, I was told my salary was on hold because I did not yet sign the salary change document. I let it pass because I was busy preparing for my wedding and for my annual vacation. I had my annual vacation on December 24 – January 27. I did not again receive any salary for month of December. I am back in Dubai from my vacation and now I am filing a complaint against the Hospital.

    I have some evidences that prove I was still considered a staff nurse earning 5,500 because on the month of October 2015 I asked for an NOC and it clearly stated in the NOC that my salary is 5,500. The 13,200 excess showed as a personal loan deductible in 12 months (1,100 aed monthly). I have not signed any papers for personal load but they made it appear as personal loan. My complaint is that they hold my salary for almost 3 months now because I refuse to sign a paper change of salary from February. If they want to change salary it should start from November onwards and I should not be paying (13,200 aed) the burden of their mistake. If I was informed from the start I would have chosen to resign and now they are asking me to pay the 13,200 aed. My worry is that my contract will be finished on February 21, 2015 and where will I get the money to pay 13,200 aed. It was not my mistake that they did not inform me from the start and now I have to pay for it?

    Please I need some advice on what to do. I am currently on annual leave now and will resume work on January 28. I have evidences that shows my salary is still 5,500 from October and I have the printscreen of the 13,200 aed as personal loan for deduction 12 months which I have not signed anything to have a loan. I have one payslip for October showing they have already deducted (1,100) for month of October.

  44. Dear Deepak,

    I am working in Abu Dhabi, the company has provided me accommodation, as mentioned in my contract.
    What I want to know is:
    1. Has the employer the right to come and check my accommodation at any time? Like investigation.
    2. If in my contract is mentioned “Shared accommodation provided” (even though they have given me a studio all by myself), and my salary is 7000 AED, if I would want to live out, should they pay me accommodation allowance? And how much? Because the studio they provide is not in my standards of living and I would want to rent by myself, but they refuse to pay me allowance.

    BTW in this company, my visa was issued after 5 months of joining and still don’t have EID or insurance, which is complicating my life a lot.

    Thank you for always answering our concerns. 🙂

  45. HI There,

    I have a basic salary, housing allowance, car allowance and cell phone allowance. When I take leave my car allowance and cell phone allowance gets deducted for the days I am off. I just want to know if this is legal? It wasn’t stated in my contract so when I got back from vacation and saw I had money deducted I was very confused. Your help would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  46. Hi Deepak

    For the past two months my employer has deducted dhs1000/- from my total salary was 6000 but nw i am getting 5000 dhs only .the reason they are saying is due to non performance in sale,but i have done a nice figure last month still the same.Then i started searching a new job and got a new one.if i file a complaint in MOL court approx how long it will take to resolve the problem

  47. My salary have been deducted for visa fees and even more than 10% every month.

  48. Deepak,

    We are Housekeeping coordinator of a hotel, there is this one guest who said he lost his watch.. the watch is with our lost and found.. All logs and proper handling over was then but then suddenly the watch is missing.. my company deducts the amount of watch with the 3 of us without any paper sign and without prior investigation.. is it possible that we can complain at the labor? Coz we’re just earning a little and they almost took our one month salary because of it..

    Thank you,

    1. Elvie,
      I am not sure whether hotels have MOL approval.
      Whatever they are doing is illegal without proper proof.
      But it depends on the internal policies as well.

  49. Hello Deepark,
    i get a job as a cleaner in Abu Dhabi since now 7 months in one catering company, my contrat is limited. To my Offer letter is mentioned that Basic salary: 600 Aed, Accomodation: 400 Aed, Food: 300 Aed and Transportation : 250 Aed, Total salary: 1550 Aed. in my labour contract company hav write basic salary 600 Aed, Accomodation: Provided; Transportation: Provided. But since 6 months i never get any transportation because i stay to the same place of my duty. I have a bachelor degree and we are working in desert where i have to spend more than 3h to reach Abu Dhabi city. My question is:

    1- It is normally that my company deduct all this accomodation, food and transportation to my salary?

    2- I finish my probation period, can i resign and look for another job?

    3 – When i ask the company about my transportation allaowance, they say is not possible to give me because i dont need bus to go at my duty place.

    4- it is a sufficient argument to file a complaint to MOL?

    Best Regards

    1. Kevin,
      1. If the company provides accommodation, they could deduct it from your salary portion what is mentioned as housing allowance.
      2. Yes, but you may end up with a labour ban.
      However, starting Jan 2016, you may not face any labour ban.
      Read New Labour Law:
      3. They have to provide the transportation if it is mentioned in the labour contract.
      4. You need to discuss this with MOL officers for more clarity.

  50. hi
    How are you

    Im working here in Uae, my employer told me she will deduct my salary every month cost of 700 aed. I asked why, she replied me for my visa cost. She will give back my money if I finished the contract to them. I asked them also how much my visa cost , She told me ranging to 7000 to 8000 aed. Second is, Im the one who paid my Medical and emirates Id with same reason. Third, I almost working there for 11 to 12 hours per day. My question are : 1. Is this right that they will deduct my salary for my visa cost. 2. How much should be the total cost of visa here in uae. 3. What should be the best thing to do. Maybe this your personal email cause I doesnt know to post query in the forum.

    Hoping your peace of advice..

    Best Regard,


  51. can any employer revise the salary based on the internal polocies without changing the labour contract eg. employee’s basic salary in labour contract is AED 5000 accommodation and trasportation provided. company has revised their internal salary structure with 60 % basic and 40 % allowances remaining all the conditions same. Under this salary structure employee will recieve basic salary AED3000 and allowance AED 2000 to make gross salary AED 5000 unchanged. Is this against the UAE labour law ?

  52. Hello Deepak,
    I have been working in a company (LLC) in Dubai for 18 months now. The company have asked me to renew the contract for another 2 yrs, also they have asked me to sign a 6 year bond. I rejected the offer siting higher studies as reason. Few days before I was called to the office premises by the MD at night (around 9.00PM) after everyone have left the office. He & his relative who holds a big position in the company started shouting & abusing me for not renewing the contract & asked me to pay AED 40,000 if i am not willing to renew the contract since the company had given me NOC for obtaining driving license. They were threatening to kill me & trouble my family back in India if i dont do this. When i got out of this cabin & tried to call my friend, both these guys assaulted me physically & snatched my phone. One of my personal phones (with company sim) are still with them.
    Now I have filed a complaint with the Ministry of Labour at Tasheel. I have marks on my body which was a result of the assault. I got a confirmation message after 48 hours. Now it has been 8 days since I filed the complaint. The message shown in the MoL website is “Transaction under process in Central Unit”.

    Type of Contract: Limited
    Profession: Cashier (in labour contract) but works as Engineer
    Salary: Aed 2500/mth
    Accomodation was provided by company, but after the incident I have shifted to a friends place. All my belongings including clothes which was kept in the room (provided by company) were taken by them.

    1. Approximately how many days it takes for me to get date of hearing at MoL normally?

    2.Will I be granted immediate cancellation or how long it may take me to get back to my country?

    3.Will I be handed any labour ban or any penality?

    4.I have not yet received July & August Salary. Will i be able to claim that?

    5.Passport of all the employees including me are kept by the company. How can I get that back?

    1. Aravind,
      What bond? And that too 6 years?
      WHat is it that you do bro? Do you handle something that critical that your company needs you desperately??!!
      You must immediately file complaint with Police for threat to your life from your employer.

      1. Deepak,
        Nothing sensitive handled by me. What they are telling me specifically is that I cant leave the company since I have taken the driving license recently (all expenses for the License was spent myself).
        I had signed a paper earlier agreeing to work in the company for 2 years from the date I get my License else I would pay them AED 5000.
        This is not the case for me alone but everyone in the company. They say its the company policy which started a month before. It was myself who rejected it first.

        Infact I went to the police, but they are saying that I should have reported it on the same night with medical report if assaulted & not the next day. So I filed a complaint with the labour but ‘m still waiting to get a date for hearing.

        Can you help me in clearing my other doubts too..

        1. Approximately how many days it takes for me to get date of hearing at MoL normally?

        2.Will I be granted immediate cancellation or how long it may take me to get back to my country?

        3.Will I be handed any labour ban or any penality?

        4.I have not yet received July & August Salary. Will i be able to claim that?

        5.Passport of all the employees including me are kept by the company. How can I get that back?

        1. Deepak,
          For obtaining NOC for driving license (cash for license paid by myself) , I had signed a paper earlier agreeing to work in the company for 2 years from the date I get my License else I would pay them AED 5000.

            1. Dear guys i need your help ,
              My Company has been deducting my salary by 25% ever since i started working now i have 2 years on duty but what made matters worse in feb they deducted almost 50%. I need your help and guide my case isnt diffrent from Aravind

          1. Dear Aravind,
            I am reading about your problems and seems our are nothing in comparison for you.
            Deepak said it right that no employer can bond you for any point of time. Especially in your case the DL fees was paid by you and they are just asking for 5000 aed for a piece of paper that does not involve any gurantee on their part.

            Make sure you have a copy of such kind of agreement so that you can present it in the court.
            Better to bring these kind of employers to their knees. Keep us posted about the updates though.


        2. Aravind,
          Companies can not arbitrarily bring rules that are detrimental to employees.
          1. I can not say that.
          2. Also I can not comment about that.
          3. Labour ban is automatic.
          4. You should receive all the salaries.
          5. Companies can not keep passports.

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