Reader Mail Bag:Limited contract resignation, Air Tickets, Visa Cancellation

Resignation under Limited contract, Questions on Air Ticket, Visa Cancellation

Dates: 29-10-2013 to 30-10-2013

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Question 1:

I am employed under a limited period contract for 3 years and I have asked my employer not to renew the same…then who shall pay the costs of the return ticket? 

As per the ARTICLE (131) of UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab. Expenses for repatriation of an employee to his place of origin or any other place agreed upon by both parties shall be borne by the employer. If the employee after the end of his contract takes up employment somewhere else, repatriation expenses upon termination of his service shall be paid by the last employer subject to the provisions in the preceding clauses, and if the employer has failed to repatriate the employee and has not paid the repatriation expenses, the competent authorities shall do this at the employer’s expense by way of attachment. If the cause for termination of contract is attributed to the employee, his repatriation will be arranged at his own expense if he has the mean to pay.

 If you have completed your limited period contract and if you don’t want to renew the same  then the employer must be obliged to pay your return tickets. And if the worker has joined some other work, then his new employer should be obliged to pay his said return tickets.

Question 2:

If I worked under limited or unlimited period contract and submitted my resignation, shall I have the right to ask for return tickets?

If you work under limited or unlimited period contract and submitted your resignation , then you should bear the costs of the return tickets.

Question 3:

I have completed my labour contract, whereas there is a stipulation in such labour contract showing that my employer should bear the costs of my family return tickets in addition to the baggage shipping costs, have I the right to bound him to the same?

If there is any stipulation showing in your labour contract  that your employer should bear the costs of your family return tickets in addition to the baggage shipping costs, then yes you have the right to claim your said cost from employer.

Question 4:

As for the return tickets, shall my employer have the right to return me to the capital of my home country or to the place he has already brought me from?

Yes your employer has the right to return you to the place from where he brought from.

Question 5:

My employer has cancelled my labor card, and I am now present at the labor camp, but he asked me to leave this accommodation, What is your opinion about this?

In this case only after paying all your work dues your employer shall have the right to ask you to leave the accommodation.


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  1. Please I’m I entitled to return ticket to my home country when I cancel my contract after working for a year and some months with my company? Thanks

  2. hi sir
    I was working in a international company in dubai before one month they terminated me. after that in 10 days they gave me check for final settlement and my passport and ticket they did not give as i want to leave uae in 14 march 2017 i mention in my letter to give me ticket of 14 march but still they did not give my passport and
    ticket when i asked on reception they said they will give before one day of leaving. i want to ask that they are not responding my any question and if they will give before one day how i will arrange my everything what should i do plz suggest me.

  3. Hi Deepak,

    I was working in a company through an outsourcing agency Visa from February 2016. I have completed my probation period. Now the company is closing down and they have terminated almost every staff. Now I am waiting for the appointment for cancellation from the agency. I have 3 questions.
    1. Is the outsourcing agency liable to give me an air ticket back to my home country?
    2. As it was an immediate termination without notice period, am I eligible to get one month salary? The agency is saying to submit the timesheet from the company for the notice period signed by my manager. The company didn’t allow me to serve so the company won’t give the same.
    3. Do I have the right to not to sign the cancellation paper if the agency isis not fulfilling the above mentioned points. What should I do If else?

    Can you please advice me with this.


  4. Hi sir,

    Am working under 2 year limited contract on saif zone visa. My date of joining was 06 nov 2014.. But my company did my visa stamplong on 17 dec 2014.

    Now i want to go as per my joining as i have completed my 2 years according to joining date.

    Plz advise me m eligible for leave salary, gratuity or home country return ticket or nt???

  5. Hi, I work in my company for 6 years and I file my resignation, is my air ticket to return to my home country, will be provided by my company? I am under of unlimited Contract.

  6. Dear friends.

    Now I have resigned my job. Company also accepted my resignation they asked me to stay one month notice period. But that notice period is going finish with in 2 days but still now my company doest start my cancellation process. I need to agree India urgently. So if company didn’t do it on time means. What is the next legal step to cancel my visa. Pls give me some suggestion

    With regards

  7. Hi, my husband visa had expired on 12 August 2016.. Right now he is working with the same company in this grace period of one month… He has already handed over his passport to the company for the renewal on 16th… My question is what if all of sudden the company tell him that just few days before the end of grace period they are not going to renew it than what to do in this situation..

  8. Dear Mr Deepak,

    This is Asifa from Leopards Worldwide Express LLC. We renewed one of our staff visa 6 months back. All of a sudden she has resigned. Can we collect the visa and labour renewal charges from her.

    kindly advise

  9. Dear Deepak,

    I am under Husbands visa. My employer going to terminate my Unlimited Contract. I have already completed 2 Years service. Am I eligible to get amount for return ticket upon termination of contract though I have valid residence visa.

  10. i am working as accountant in Dubai can i eligible for due salary and air ticket to go home after 10 months

  11. I finished my 2 years contract (unlimited contract)
    I booked my ticked for myself already. They told me that they are entitled to give the ticket but the thing is i booked already. I cannot even reimburse. Is there any policy from labour that once the employee finished his or her contract ,he or she is entitled to give the ticket?please help. I just like to fight for my right.

  12. hi Deepak

    i have finished my two year contract and i have just renewed before two weeks for another new 2 year limited contract. but my visa and emirates id will be expire after 10 days only. i got a new offer. is it possible to leave from the company?. and do i need to pay anything to the company? please check below the second article which i could see in my contract.

    please please reply..

    Second Article

    Should either Party desire to terminate the renewed Contract, such Party shall notify the other Party of such desire within (3 Months) prior to the date of termination. Such period shall be similar for both Parties. Both Parties have agreed that the termination wage to be paid by the terminating Party to the other Party shall be equivalent to the value of the Worker’s total wage in (3 Months). Such wage shall be similar for both Parties.

  13. Hello sir, I have unlimited contract and my visa is going to be expire on January 2016. I would like to know, will I get any BAN or any amount to be paid against the cost of renwal, If I renew my visa & quit after 2 months. If so who shall bear the flight ticket to my native?

  14. Hi Mr.Deepak

    i’m here now in dubai. i am now 1year in my 2years contract and my basic salary is 1250 dhs. now i want to leave to my company, my question is…

    1. should i pay anything to my company ?
    2. they will give my annual leave payment ?
    3. they will give my gratuity ?

  15. Good morning sir…

    I am Prasanth from ras al khaimah, I just want to get an advise from you on my visa cancellation. I am working for the last 2.9yrs in a company in RAKIA under a limited contract of 3 yr. On 13
    .10.15, I signed the offer letter and work contract with government and my committed joining date is on 12.12.15. On the same day I put my resignation with one month notice period as mentioned in my current employer offer letter and Rakia contract showing according to use labour law. My resignation was accepted by general manager and forwarded to HR director, there they requested to stay till 19.11.15, one see more from the end of my notice period of 12.11.15, and they promised to cancel my visa before 19.11.15, but now when hr prepared my cancellation documents, the board of directors EVC and commercial director objected and informed hr that they will not release me or accept my cancellation. And two days before they forced me to sign on one competent clause mentioning letter, I signed bec its government and not at all a competitor to my present company & more over its government.

    Sir now I have only 26 days with me, shall I file a complaint on ministry of labour, I have all the documents like original resignation letter accepted by general manager, email copy of submission of resignation to hr, agreed last working day acceptance, my handing over note etc

    Kindly advise sir.

  16. Hi Deepak,
    I need some advice from you I am working here in Dubai with private company under limited contract and my labour card showing that my contract will expire 28 Dec 2015 but the thing I resigned my company last 8 August 2015 and company told that I need complete notice period of 3 month now my notice period over on 7 Nov. My question is when I ask my company about my leave salary graduty and ticket that time they ask me visa, medical and Emirates I’d cost in this case what should I do? Shall I need to pay every thing

  17. I start work in salon February 25,2015 my visa process March 08,2015 my employer ask me to signed some papers but not tell what it is.. She not give me a copy of my employment contract, my passport also is with her. I go labour office to ask a copy of my contract then I was found out that it’s unlimited contract stated there also that my working hours is only 8hrs but I work more than 8hours a day..
    I planned to quit my job after 1 year service..
    Can I get return ticket?
    Do I need to give them 1mos notice?
    Can I get any gratuiTy?
    Pls kindly reply me so that I know what to do.. Thanks

    1. My contract is limited and I’m already 1 year working in the company. Now I’m planning to quit my job because I’m not already happy, but do I need to pay back for the visa they spent to me or not? And How much will it cost? What about the gratuity, should I still receive it? And what about the return ticket, is the company still responsible for this for me to go home or I will be the one who will buy for it? And what if I can find a better job here, am I still able to apply or not? Please give advice what to do. Thanks.

  18. I start work in salon February 25 2015,my exit visa process Marc 08,2015 they ask me to signed some papers but they don’t tell me that is my contract,, in short I don’t have copy of my contract. Also my passport is with my employer.. But I go labour office to get the copy of my contract with out their knowledge.. I was found out that my contract is unlimited.. Also state there that working hours is 8 hours but I work more than 8 hours per day with out overtime pay… So I planned to resign after completion of 1 year.. Can I get my return ticket?
    Can I give them 1 month notice?
    Pls I need to know so that I can decide what to do… Thank you for your immediate response

  19. Hi, I have started job in UAE. It is limited contract for 2 years. its my third month in this company. I want to quit this job and want to go to my home country. My salary is 11000 Dhm.

    I am on probation for 6 months. Do i need to serve any notice period or do i need to pay anything to the company if i need to quit job during probation? My visa is Network Supervisor.

  20. Hello my visa expired this month on 21 october my contract was till 28 august but asked me to work till my visa expires which i did now it has been seven days company is not cancelling my visa …what shall i do as i have already joined new company please help

  21. Hi Deepak,
    Need a help, i have joined the company on 3rd oct 2015, the company as has beared all the expenses of visa, medical and emirate id expect my air ticket and my passport stamping have also done now, but due to emergency i have to go back to my home country by resigning the job.the company is telling to pay all the cost of visa and other expenses. kindly advice what to do now? And how much should i have to pay the company.

    1. Lathish,
      If it is mentioned in your contract, you will need to pay!
      How much? I am not sure! You could ask your company!

  22. hi Deepak sir I am diana cruz I’m working in uae in limited visa contract from last 5 month I don’t want to continue my job due to company harassment and torcher and my account is asking me the 3000drm for visa
    but I had have 1 drm also to pay company wht should I do plss advice me something.

  23. My employer decided to cancel me and I am not completed 2 year.Can I ask for the gratuity and Air ticket.Also not giving the notice period.

    Answer pls???

  24. hi.i want to contract wil be finish thia dec 2015 under limited visa.i want to question is if ever i renew can i resign anytime?

  25. I give resignation letter on 15/09/15.iam worked under limited contract 2 year work accept my resign and they give me a one month notice letter.and company ask me to work untill 15/1015.i have complete just 10 month on my question is
    1, if any chance to get my flight ticlet to home country.
    2,can i get my salary this period(15/9/15 to 15/10/15)

  26. Hi,

    I have resigned and did the clearance, I would like to know how many days it will take for the company to cancel the visa after an employee resigns.

    1. Rama,
      Visa cancellation does not take more than a day. You company should first of all apply for cancellation.

  27. Need help. Im working here in dubai for about 7 months. I signed a two year contract. I have a health problem and i want to go back to my country. Should i pay the remaining years of the visa that my company has giving me? Any idea how much it will cost? Or us there a chance that my company will let me go. I havent submit my resignation letter because im afraid that my company will refuse my letter and also i have no idea how much will i pay. Any info will help a lot. Tia..

    1. Emiliano,
      I am not sure what kind of contract you are on.
      Suggested reading:

  28. Hi Mr. Deepak!

    My husband is working in a freezone area and he got a new job offer, he is planning to resign now, but his boss told him that after his cancellation he will send him back to origin. Is it possible for him to be send back to origin country even if he was just employed by his boss here only in UAE? And what other option can he suggest to his boss just not to send him back to origin so he can transfer to the other company without hassle?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Helen,
      Companies can ask employees to exit once the visa is cancelled.
      You have little choice here.
      The new company can send him visa when he is outside UAE.

      1. Dear Deepak,

        I got cancellation documents,original passport from my employer. On the cancellation document they mentioned before 16-03-2016 I should leave the country.

        My employer booked airticket on 22-02-2016 (day after tomorrow), and they took sign on company letter head that ” I assure I will be traveling as per the air ticket confirmed date as required by the UAE law”.

        Is it any problem If I don’t travel on their ticket? Or Is it legally valid by that letter?

        Please give me feedback on this and thanks.

  29. gud morning sir.. my name is Shaik Ansari. i am working in a 5 star hotel. my contract is 2 yeas.. i worked 20 months. due to may family problems i given regin. my hr is saying to pay 2236 AED. i have 4 months left to finish my contract. my basic salary is 1050 aed.. i dont why my hr is asking these of money.. can u please help me

    1. Shaik,
      If it is mentioned in your contract that you have to pay, then yes, you will pay.
      Otherwise, no.

  30. Dear deepak sir
    I am currently employed in a limited 2 year contract (aug2014 – aug 2016)….without cancellation after 1 year I will go to vacation and not come dubai…I will go another gulf country…my qun is ?
    In my passport is it need cancellation like exit stamps….If need I will give resign letter after I will go to my home country….pls help me deepak sir…

    1. Hari,
      yes, your UAE visa will need to be cancelled.
      Better to cancel your visa and then go out of UAE!

  31. Dear Deepak,

    I want to resign from my current company because of many reasons. I just want to know if the employer does not accept my resignation and does not cancel my visa what should I do?? Can MOL help in this regard??

    Your detailed reply required here.

  32. I had came in UAE in work visa on Februry 8th , 2014 on two years visa , On June 15th 2015, I had resigned from the organization. should i get return ticket back to my home country..


  33. Hi sir Deepak
    I write to you because I need some informations about the resignation :
    My wife is under a limited contract of 2 years, she started to work in january 2015. She works in the SAIF ZONE, in Sharjah
    She would like to resign her contract in March 2016.
    -What are the conditions to be able to resign ?
    -If she resign, will she paid something ?

    Thank you very much for your reply

    1. Francis,
      1. Not sure what you mean!
      2. SAIF zone companies have their own laws; I am not aware of it.

  34. I came to Dubai on visit visa in October at the same time i found a job in a private company and my employer gave me the offer letter and asked me to start working on a visit visa on the offer letter it was mentioned that i am on a unlimited contract, I worked for a month than exited the city my visa was processed now am looking forward to change the job because i am getting more than 5000 aed package and i am a graduate but when i called the MOL to check about my contract they told me i am on a limited contract but my offer letter states unlimited i want to take up the new offer what can i do in this i was misrepresented about the contract..

    1. Ron,
      WHatever is mentioned in the labour contract is the final.
      I have said many times not to take offer letter as the final word. Under MOL, labour contract is the agreement.

  35. I signed two contract from y employer the time they hired me in my country home as a beautician but my visa Is office clerk the other contract from my country is two years contrasts a beautician but when I got here one year contract as a beautician what is the real one doing need to follow the 2 years contract or the 1 year contract?pls help!more power and God bless

  36. I’m a private beautician but my visa is office clerk.I want to resign for a lot of issues do i need to pay my visa or any charges?limited contract 1 year 4months working

  37. Good day to you employer hired me as a private beautician contract signing is 2 yrs but my working visa office cleark,when I got there they give me and sign a new contract for beautician and good for one yr but automatically renew after one yrs.on my contract I signed only beautician but when I got here I do house works at the same time beautician.I also work 14 hours or more.if I resign din need to pay any charges?like visa and ban? I only works 4 months now.pls help,more power and God bless

    1. Jerelyn,
      You will most probably have a labour ban.
      But, if you resign, you do not need to pay any charges to the company.

  38. Hi again,
    I already went to my previous employer to settle amicably, but, still, they don’t want to give my passport back and they still don’t accept my resignation even though I already served my 30 days notice period. they still do not want to let go of me. They also threatened me of a absconding (AGAIN!) and a lifetime ban if I continue with my decision. I feel that I am already being harass by my employer. BTW, I already filed a complaint request to the Ministry of Labor, but still waiting for their SMS.


  39. Hi,
    I am under a limited contract and will end on Dec 2015. (I started in the company August 2013) Recently I resigned (sent through e-mail because they didn’t want to accept my resignation and they replied to that email) because a better offer came and its a Freezone company plus double the salary. I already served my notice period to my last company. after that, I attended a training and ready to work for a new company (FZ) but my previous employer said that she will not cancel my visa and she will file an absconding case. Is that possible? By the way, they have my passport also.
    Need your advise.

    1. Alvin,
      To file absconding case, the company should prove that you have not informed and fled.
      You should keep in touch with the company officials through emails and phone calls and ask them to cancel the visa.
      Also make sure to keep MOL informed about the violation by your company.
      Your passport should be with you.

  40. Thnks for answering my questions previously. Can you advise me what to do? The new company is willing to take me in but they said i need to cancel my labour card from previous company. If in case i cancel my labor card , can they lift my labor ban by paying the fine? They said to retract my complaint from previous employer. Should i pursue my complaint from my previous employer? Please help.

    1. Joy,
      I am not too sure about lifting ban.
      You should do as guided by your new employer.

  41. Hi, i have additional question. What if my previous employer will not show on appointment with the labour, can i cancel my labour card by myself? How long will it take to cancel it?
    What happen if i just retract my complain?
    How long will it take before the case will finish if i continue the process? Because it just taking me so long every 2 weeks per appointment?
    Hope you can answer anll my questions.
    Thank you again.

    1. Joy,
      1. The MOL will decide what to do.
      2. Nothing.
      3. Depends on the department. I can not mention any timeframe.

  42. I am on husband visa and stop working after 14 mons because the company is not giving salary for 3 mons. I filed the complain and next appointment is on April 7. I cannot contact anymore the previous employer. I found a job that willing to take me in but they said i need to cancel the labor card from previous company before they can apply for a new one. My questions are:
    1. How and what i need to cancel my labor card?
    2. Can my ban be remove?
    3. What happen if the old employer will not show up on 2nd appointment?
    Please advice.

    1. Joy,
      1. You will have to get in touch with your previous employer to cancel you labour card.
      2. Depends on your salary and qualifications. Read:
      3. It will still delay the process.

  43. Quick And Urgent Help Reply.Please
    2/3 Answar i want to Know i shall be thankful to you if you reply quick and urgently because i have short time to decide.

    Limites contract for two years i have, 5 months pass and company not satiesfied with me i got an warning letter. now i found a job 5000. if i resign and will pay 45 days salary .then 5 thousand salary will remove my auto labour but what about 1 year ban … and if my new offer gross salary is 2700 plus accomodation transport and extra all is 5 thousand can i will be able to remove auto ban 6 months.

    1. Zain,
      Labour ban under limited contract can not be withdrawn

  44. Hi Deepak!

    I am currently employed in a limited 2 year contract (Dec 2013 – Dec 2015). I don’t want to renew so I’m planning to give a one month notice. The reason is I want to find a better opportunity.

    My questions are:
    1. Is one month notice applicable?
    2. Does my current employer will give me a ban?
    3. Am suppose to go back to my home country since I’m not renewing or I am free to look for another job and just need to wait for the cancellation of my employer?

    Thanking you in advance.

    1. Princess,
      1. Please read your contract, for notice period clause. If not mentioned, it is better to inform employer about your decision.
      2. No. If you complete your contract, there will be no labour ban.
      3. Once your visa is cancelled, you will have 30 days to exit the country.

      1. Thank you for the reply.

        I have following questions, I hope I will get a response again. 🙂

        1. My contract says that I should have a 1 month notice if I’m not going to renew but the HR in our office have told me that I should inform our company about it 5 months before it ends. Because if the company won’t find a new employee to take my place, they won’t allow me to resign. Is it acceptable?
        2. On that 30 days, can I look for another job or I really have to exit the country?
        3. My colleague was hired in Dubai when she was on visit visa. She don’t wanna renew and wants to go home once she finish the contract. Who will shoulder the air ticket for her? On her contract it is the company (from the point of origin).

        Awaiting for your reply 🙂

        1. Princess,
          1. Not acceptable. Your resignation is your choice. And what type of contract are you on?
          2. Depends on what your company wants to do. Some companies require employees to exit after cancellation of visa.
          3. It is again company policy to provide air ticket to employees who have resigned. However, air ticket is provide once in 2 years by many companies.

          1. Hello Deepak,

            1. I’m on a Limited Contract (2 years). I’ll finish it on Dec 2015.
            2. Meaning to say if they require me to go home since I’m not renewing my contract, I have no choice but to follow? What if I have found a new job and they’re willing to process my visa as soon as possible?

            1. Princess,
              1. OK.
              2. You need to inform your company on your intention not to renew and provide notice period as per contract. You could come back if you get a new job. If you complete your limited contract, you will have no ban.

          2. 1. Limited contract (2 years).
            2. If they require me to exit, I have no choice but to follow? For instance I have found a new job and they want to process my visa, they won’t be able to do so?

            Thank you for all the replies. 🙂

  45. I finished my two years under unlimited contract and i gave notice that i will not renew, and my employer said the i should shoulder my ticket going back home..

    Is it righy

  46. dear sir i have finished my 2 year contact . this month i have renewed my i have the right to ask my ticket & anual leave . if i ask will they give me the ticket to me .

    1. Khadeeja,
      Depends on company policy whether they release air ticket allowance upon completion of 2 years.

  47. Hello deepak,
    i just want to know what will going to happen if my employer failed to cancel my ewmployment visa even we finished settled already in mol and promised to cancel me immediately what should i do?
    i appreciate your reply thanks in advance
    more power!

  48. hello deepak i just want to ask what will going to happen if the employer failed to cancel my employment visa after we settled in mol and promised to cancel my employment visa immediately but my employer told me that he can cancel my employment visa in next month what should i do ?

    i appeciate your reply and thanks in advance more power!

    1. Sulpico,
      Best thing is to ask the reason from employer.
      And then approach MOL if you are not satisfied with the reason.

  49. Hi deepak. i am on a 2 year limited labour contract with a company in abu dhabi. i’ve completed 16 months and now having a better oppurtunity elsewhere want to move. my questions are :
    1. being an engineer, do i get one year ban from employer despite giving the compensation?
    2. Will the one year ban be removed if the new offer is 12k+ for a degree holder?


    1. Muhammed,
      if you break limited contract, you will receive a ban.

      1. Thnx deepak for your reply.

        For clarity, can you confirm whether the one year ban is applicable to engineers as well?

        1. Muhammed,
          I am not 100% sure about this. But professional categories do not have ban.

  50. hi deepak. i am currently employed in a limited 2 year contract. i wish to resign before the end of my contract to return to my home country. i am under the sponsorship of my wife. will i still be liable to pay a penalty for terminating my contract? what are the consequences of leaving without notice?

    1. Wezzo,
      You may face labour ban but that can not stop you from exiting country.
      Penalty will be as per company policies and your contract.

      1. hi deepak. i am under limited contract for 2 years and i resigned because i am receiving excessive penalties for small mistakes and my employer continuously shout and insult me. they also give me 100aed penalty everyday. they told me to pay 45days salary but i did not read my contract they just let me signed it and then he said i should leave the accommodation and still insulted and shout at me. what legal actions can i do and do i have any rights?

        1. Michelle,
          Since you have signed the contract, you are bound by it.
          Harassment can be reported to MOL.

  51. dear deepak my 2 year limited contract finished .and company again renewing same 2 year limited contract .so if i get new job after renewing my contract so i should pay to company for breaking contract or not .please advise in this condition.

  52. I did complete my one year as per my labor contract on which being mentioned that you are entitled to 30 days leave after completion of 1 year and did not go for the annual vacation (30 days).so what are rights do i have to get from my employer except leave salary?

    1. Rizwan,
      Your rights should be mentioned in the contract. Read them clearly.
      As per labour law, it is not mentioned rights beyond what you are entitled.
      Leave policies are maintained by companies and are not governed by MOL.

  53. hello. I am doctor working at private hospital with limited contract since January 2014. I want to join other private hospital/center.. will they put ban on my passport?? and can I lift that ban?

  54. I’m six year in my company unlimited contract,700 my basic and 500 my accomodation and housing allowance,I want to finish my contract this year how much my total gratuity?there’s a annual leave in my contract but he and she did not give the annual leave my salary now are 2,000 how much my total annual leave?but my basic is the same.and one more thing,my salary are 2 thousand dirham but now 1,500 because of no work or small work,it is legal?I’m worry about my salary ,gratuity and annual leave.I want to know the total obligation of my employer.tnx a lot

    1. your gratuity shall be calculated on the basis of current basic salary plus you will also entitled for the balance leave encashment

  55. I was terminated by employer A before the completion of probationary, they said they will gave me enough time to search another job and I found another job. But I have decided not to continue my new found job and look for another job instead. My visa was already cancelled by employer A and I have only weeks remaining here, if cannot find a job until the due date of cancellation, 1. Can I ask a repatriation costs from employer A? Because they did not gave me repatriation costs, they only gave me my last salary.
    2. If terminated by the employer at the time of probationary period, is there a ban?
    Please answer…Thank you

    1. If you have been terminated you will be entitled for return air fare.
      You may get a ban.

  56. hi MR Deepak, very gud after non,
    ,my self manu am working in one of the private company in dubai from past 6months as per the lebour contract my contract will starts from date as 17/3/2014 to 16/3/2014- still am in probation period ,now the problem is am facing mentally harrasament by the all co employee and employer and also i have some problem in my native my mother health codition,,so i informed to employer to cancel my visa i will give notice period but they are telling that if you want to go you can but pay visa cost 7500aed but in my contract nothing returned,in my offer letter also the same thing now what is the procedure to quit the job please guid me ,Mr Deepak sir

  57. person already collected ticket two months before.Now he has given resignation because his contract is over and he doesnt want to renew. in this case is he avail for the ticket?

  58. hi,i am working since 4years and 8 months in my company,now i am going to resign in my job,my visa status is unlimited contract and i didnt receive any airtickets for my previous 20 months,may i know what are the entitlements i can enjoy at the time of return back in my home country,please advise,it should be highly appreciable

  59. is there is any law? after 2 years you must get the air ticket? and I given resignation can I get the air fare? after completing 2 years?

    1. There is no specific reason. It will be depend on your contract agreement you have signe with the company

  60. if my 2 year contract finish with the company and I given resignation to not continue so I am able to claim my ticket for home country ?

    1. Yes, if you are entitled for airfare and if you have not already utilised.

  61. Good day Mr. Deepak M, I already filed resignation letter last September 05, from my Company because I found a good Job, and I advice for one month notice and my boss agreed.. I am working with them for almost 7 years on a limited contract, do I need to pay the 45 days compensation? and do I need to extend for 2 to 3 month, I mean 1 month notice its not enough to fill all my obligation according to them? and my Manager told me if will not pay and extend they will file on the labour against me?..Looking forward for your advice as soon … Thank you so much?..

  62. hi i will ask about my air ticket they terminate me and they give me dismissal, and i want to go back home, so i can ask an air ticket back home to my company? is there responsibility to bring me back home? thank you for your reply.

    1. If you are terminated you are entitled for one way air ticket to your home country

  63. Good morning! I would like to ask for your advise and help. I have completed 1 year and 2 months in a company and I want to resign now. I have a limited contract. The employer told me that I have to pay for visa charges but I haven’t signed any contract with the company, I’ve signed only with Labor office and it’s not stated there that I have to pay for visa charges. I do really hope that I don’have to pay for visa charges. Please help! Thank you!

    1. if you have signed any document you are obliged to pay the visa charges

  64. I resign in my company last working days in June 28,2014 when my visa cancel they said i should pay 3 thousand dirhams may last renew is Nov 11,2013 im limited contract in emigratio what i should do????

    1. If it’s a limited contract you may have to pay the compensation to the company

  65. i have a limited contract on 2 years but in the contract is written that i have to pay them 9000 aed if i want to resign before the completion of the 2 years! is there any chance to resign without paying this amount??

  66. Hi, I’m just under 4 months to complete my contract of 2 years with my company.I found a job in Freezone company & I’m a Charted Management questions are,1.should I pay some amount for the current company if I leave? there any ban?

    thank You

    1. if it is a limited contract you are required to pay the penalty as pet your employment agreement. regading ban it would be depend on case.

  67. My Visa contract is for two years and now i completed 10 months on the same.
    so is there any possibility of a labor ban if am resigning after 2 months completing one year

  68. hi..i have been working 6 years in my company. I come back from vacation last July 20 and I resigned last April 30. My company said I’m not entitled for air fare because i did not finish 1 year after vacation. Is it right? For 6 years working I go vacation only 2 times as our company is providing every 2 years a vacation. Can i claim the 1 ticket i did not use? Is it right that they will not provide me ticket even i resigned after 6 years? Thanks.

  69. I have limited contract visa for two years and completed my first contract. Again I have renewed for another two years on four months before. Now I got a better opportunity. Please advise how to lift ban from my current employer.

    1. since it is a limited contract you may get a ban and you need to pay the 45 days compensation to the company

  70. please help just 4 months under limited contract and i want to resign and seek for other can i move without getting any ban..

    1. There is no other option unless you get a job in freezone or government companies.

  71. I am currently working at Jebel Ali Freezone for 4months and half, and I wish to resign due to the environment and issues regarding employee and employer relationship is not really healthy at all. It doesn’t make sense if I cannot perform my job well, due to some issues and rude boss especially in a verbal manner. Since in my Offer letter it stated that all my visa expenses are shouldered by them since they get me through my home country and let my siblings to sign as my sponsorship,then because they dont want me then to undergo me in an agency. Can I resign without paying anything?

    1. Yes if your are not satisfied with the job atmosphere you can resign. I don’t think there will be any issue with resignation

      1. Hi Mr. Deepak, Thank you for your comment. Do I need to pay my Company even if I’m in a freezone job? Thank you.

  72. We are working in residence,we didn’t sign any contract from our employer now i want to go in our country but they said they are not willing to give airticket or anything,i want to ask about my rights. I started to work here september 2012 and i want to leave on end of May.

  73. I am already resigned in my present work my last working day is on March 09, 2014. Is there any problem if sometimes I feel not to come in my work? Is there chance that my company will give me any problem in case I will do it especially for the last salary or settlement?

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