Reader Mail: Are there any fees if I file a complaint with MOL?

Do I have to pay fees for filing complaints with MOL?

Not everything goes smooth at the workplace. Sometimes, you may have disagreements with your employer and may have to file complaint with MOL and courts in UAE. Most of the employees do not want to go the way of complaints, cases, courts as they are time consuming. Further, they also think that there is a cost involved in terms of court fees. I have received many questions in this regard and while reading the UAE Labour Law, I found the answer to the query as to who will bear the MOL/Court fees in case of dispute.

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However, note that employees and their beneficiaries are exempt from all court fees. This is clearly mentioned in the Labour Law. This means, you do not have to pay any fees to MOL or Court in case of filing your complaint.

If you read Article 5 of UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab., it clearly states the following: “Cases filed by employees or their beneficiaries under this Law shall be exempted from court fees at all stages of litigation and execution and shall be expeditiously heard. In the event of non-acceptance or dismissal of the action, the court may order the Plaintiff to pay all or part of the expenses.”

So, you can rest assured that you will not have to pay any fees to the court or MOL. But take note that if you have to translate any documents that need to be presented to the court, you will have to bear the cost of the same.


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9 thoughts on “Reader Mail: Are there any fees if I file a complaint with MOL?

  1. I am working under a semi government company for 8 months in cleaner visa but as office assistant.. now I got a job offer letter of security guard in can I change the job safely without labour ban? my qualification is 2

  2. Hi i want to know some details. i am working as an estimator but i have door maker visa (labour visa) salary dhs 2500 and allowance dhs 1500 total dhs 4000 and my visa is expiring on march 12 2016. but i want to resign in december 2015 last or jan 2016 first week. i have given my resignation. I got job in emirates engineering as senior component assistant with salary of dhs 3700 allowance dhs 2300 total dhs 6000. i want to know will i get ban and can i get emirates visa.

  3. Hi,
    Please i am so confused!

    I got a job in one cleaning company and I am working as packing assistance in one chocolate company through my company, but on my labour
    card I am under security company… Is it allow in uae? Please advice…

  4. I have just been offered a job as PA to the CEO – in Abu Dhabi. I have two daughters schooling in Dubai ages 18 & 10. I have lost my husband five years ago and my daughters are on my sponsorship.
    The company has offered me a salary of AED 20,000/- , I am renting a two bhk in Dubai so can I sponsor my two daughters.

    Kindly assist., as we have no house in India and nobody to take care of my children we have always lived in Dubai.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I want to know what is the total amount i have to get from my company for end sevice as per MOL latest lew? my working duration as per details given below:

    1. Unlimited contract
    2-Labour Contract from 11.01.2011 with 2500AED basic Salary and with alowance current month salary 4500AED
    3Now i have copleted 1yeasr after my last vecation, if i am leav my company now i am entitled to go full month salary as leave salary??
    4-please specify the end of service calculation if resign from company and or if termination by company.

    Please advise what the end of service calculation and ttl amount.

    Awaiting your valuable information

    With Thanks and Best Regards.


  6. Hi

    I was recruited as an Assistant Sales Manager for Saudi Arabia for the company based out of Dubai. So they sent me the Dubai visa and gave me resident permit of Dubai ( JAFZA Visa ). Its been more than a year now and my company is continuously sending me to KSA on a business visa. When I joined, I clearly mentioned that I want my family to be with me wherever I go. Now, my company is forcing me to go to KSA again on a business visa for another 6 months and that too is not a company’s visa ( sourcing it from outside which is illegal ) or else they have asked me to put the resignation. My question is : should I put a resignation or let them terminate me? I have completed 1 year with this company, so am I supposed to get the gratuity/end of service benefits? If I resign and serve the notice period ( which is 3 months ), am I supposed to get the 3 months salary or not? My company is threatening me & they have dropped a mail to confirm whether I agree to go to KSA on a business visa or not. If I say NO, they will take this mail as benchmark and give me termination. Please advise on the matter. Will I get a ban to work in UAE?

    1. Jayant,
      I can not say what you should decide, resignation or termination. It is up to you.
      I am not aware of Jafza laws.

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