EDP005 – Sick Leave as per UAE Labour Law (Podcast)

Sick Leave in UAE Labour Law – Emirates Diary Podcast Episode 5

In this episode of Emirates Diary Podcast, I speak about sick leaves as per UAE Labour Law. Previously, I have written a post about Sick LeaveOpens in a new tab. and in this post, I try and address these concerns to you through the Podcast. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to Sick Leave and its provisions under UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab.. In this episode, I will address those confusions and provide you with an overview of sick leave provisions within UAE Labour Law.

sick leave as per uae labour law

In this episode you will learn:

  • About sick leaves;
  • When you can take sick leave;
  • How many maximum days of sick leave is permitted;
  • Can you be fired during sick leave;
  • Sick leave pay;
  • Sick leave certificate in UAE;
  • Sick leave during notice period;
  • Sick leave during annual leave and public holidays;

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3 thoughts on “EDP005 – Sick Leave as per UAE Labour Law (Podcast)

  1. I completed 7 months with my employer now. Am I eligible for any emergency leave like for a day or two without a medical certificate.
    last month i took an off as i sprained my leg and was stuck in Dubai and I work in Abu dhabi..but i did make it to work the very next day… But still they deducted my one day pay.
    now i need an off for next week as i have a urgent personal chore to do. But i was told that my pay would be cut.
    I work 10 hours a day with a commute for 3 plus hours every day for a six day/week schedule.
    please let me know what i am eligible of.
    Thank you.

    i was under limited contract with my former company, contract completed and i have moved to a new company but my former company did not pay my flight ticket but promised me to come for it any time i want.Now after 8 months i need my ticket from my former company,is it still possible?

  3. Queries about Medical Test for first time Visa (Residence)

    I am been hired by one of the company in Dubai for HR Coordinator post, I went for my medical, after few days my PRO received called that I have to visit Sonapur Medical center 3 days regularly for my test wherein there where scars found in my Lungs don’t know the reason for it.

    The Doctor says I am physically fit & fine my blood test & sputum are fine I am not harmful, just because I have scares on my lungs they have declared me unfit.

    I have also read blog which says Feb 26th Friday 2016. link http://uaelabourlaw.blogspot.ae/
    ” While the law is unchanged for those seeking new residence visas — applications of those testing positive for HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C or TB are immediately rejected —”
    it says positive or active nothing with scars in lungs.

    I would request you to suggest something wherein i can save my job and place in Dubai, as I am the only bread earner of my family after my Dad expired in April 2015. With lot of family issues. I respect the law and terms of the UAE government but just because i have scares thou infectious I can’t be denied for fitness.
    I am ready for the any test as I am confident that I am physically fit & fine and can work as other people are working, just because of scares which might be life long with me I am been denied for Visa (Employment).

    Please help me with any solution.

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