EDP003: Labour Ban (Podcast)

Episode 3 – Emirates Diary Podcast – Labour Ban & issuing of New Work permits

Episode 3 of Emirates Diary touches on the very important and most talked about topics on Emirates Diary Blog: Labour BanOpens in a new tab..

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Thenji Macanda from Taylor Wessing provides detailed guide to Labour ban under various circumstances like Limited contract and Unlimited Contract.

Show Notes – What is covered?

This topic is by far the most discussed on my blog and in this episode you will learn more about labour ban and other matters related. It is important that you understand these rules in order to be ready for any scenarios that you may face. Listen to the episode carefully and understand various aspects of labour ban.

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24 thoughts on “EDP003: Labour Ban (Podcast)

  1. I had a ban because my employer terminate us for no reason.I had more than a high school certificate.It was a limited contract for 2years.My question is why did I get this ban?Please reply me.

  2. what if even though the employee has an Accountant visa (with Bachelor’s Degree although not attested at that time) but he is paid only AED3500 per month salary, under an unlimited contract, the ban is not applicable? what about before the end of the probationary period or the contract itself?

    highly appreciate the reply

  3. Thanks.

    Very useful and handy guide for HR Professionals as well as for employers to retain employees and also to the benefit of employees from being exploited by the employers.

    Thanks once again.



  6. dear respected sir.
    now I am work in Sharjha merchandise company now I am complete my 0ne year one month in this company . I want to going another new company in dubai. I am clear my intermediate lavel. sir can I go another company for another job.
    Visa unlimited

  7. I have been working in the my current company since Apr 2016. My position in my visa is “Sales” but I have a bachelor’s degree from my home country. My paper has never been attested until. I am planning to get them attested. What sort of ban will I get if I plan to transfer company after my 6th month probation? How can I avoid this ban? Thanks.

  8. Hello Deepak, thank you very much and Thenji for enlightening us on this platform. It has been a source of encouragement and knowledge to numerous employee who are struggling out there with diverse of job related issues.
    I will like to know if “I can change my job any moments from now or when can I without labour barn..?
    I am a University first degree holder in the field of Environmental Science with UAE attestation certificates. I am currently working in a firm as a helper under a limited contract with the following conditions:
    1. I was to pay 3000 Dhs for visa, I deposited 1400 and we mutually agreed that the remaining balance of 1600 be deducted from my salary subsequently.
    2. The salary is 900 Dhs only, other benefits as per UAE labour law.
    3. Surprisingly, the whooping some of 300 Dhs (representing about 33.3 % of my gross salary) was deducted at once for visa and so it would continue for the next 5 months.
    4. I have worked for just 1 months and half now, no offer letter has been given yet apart from the labour contract that we signed before i went to my country and no copy was given to me.
    I feel like am losing my freedom gradually and I have not been treated fairly. Efforts to redress amicably has yielded no positive result.
    You could be surprised how I accepted the offer ! I did simply because I came into UAE late last year and I couldn’t secure any better paid employment till the last week of my visa expiration date because of the implementation of the new labour law that increased the numbers of Jo seekers from only applicants with tourist visa to include those who are already working but considering getting a better offers.
    The company adviced me to go back to my country with a promise of processing my visa upon payment of the said amount which I did as mentioned earlier, much appreciation to the company for being faithful and loyal to the promise made.
    Considering the huge amount of money I have spent in the past, I decided to accept the offer hoping things would get better with time.
    However, the conditions is becoming too stringent for me to bear, am thinking of paying off the remaining visa balance so that I can look for a better offer. (is the payment necessary?)
    Kindly look into my case and advice me on a better ways of addressing the issue.
    Thanks for reading my long epistle and hoping you would respond promptly with suggested solutions to my plights.

  9. Hi,

    I have “Sales” profession in my visa. But my qualification is B.Tech. At the time of visa processing my certificates was not attested. Now its my third month in the company, and my probation period is for 6 months. I would like to know if I want to change the job before finishing the probation period will there be any ban and should I need to pay any money to the company.

    Please give me a solution.


  10. Dear Sir,

    I am Working for a Construction Company in Sharjah, As i have completetd almost 1.5 years of my work in present organisation and on the other hand i’m looking for a job change. My Current salary is 4000Dhs ,

    Can you clarify me whether there will be any sort of Ban imposed on me ?.

    My Visa is General Electrical Engineer. And my present contract is unlimited type.

  11. Good day,

    I worked in a 5 star hotel for 2 months only (unlimited contract) apparently i was terminated under article 120 law, reason. My question is if i receive another offer letter from a different company am i able to be granted again for another working visa and emirates id?

  12. how much is the early termination compensation to be paid by the employee. if the employee terminates the limited contract? how much the early compensation has to pay by the employer, if the employer terminates the contracts? is it only basic pay or gross salary

  13. how much is the early termination compensation to be paid by the employee. if the employee terminates the limited contract? how much the early compensation has to pay by the employer, if the employer terminates the contracts?

  14. sir, i just want to know if house maid has a ban after finishing 2 years contract thanak you and more power

  15. It is possible to lift the 1year ban using termination letter?im limited contract 3months under probation

  16. Hello

    I got terminated from my company. The accountant give a quote which stated: 35.21 days gartility 1174
    50.7 day annaual leav salary 1677
    March salary 980
    Plus one month notice salara 1225
    Less personal days (32)
    As I read in Article 115 the notice period should be (three months).
    Is it right that he give me one months notice salary?
    I worked in the company for one year eigth months.

  17. Im limited contract under provision and 2016 visa
    My employer initiate the early cancelation w/o termination letter or notice..im in skill 3 high school diploma…do i face ban?thankyou

  18. my employeement visa rejected by abu dhabi police.my company not tell me resion for rejection how i want know my rejection resion

  19. Initially my brother was directly recruited from India and on March 9th, 2014, joined a Bank under an outsourced visa. Later was promoted to wealth management on June 1st 2015, under the same visa and he submitted his resignation on Nov 30th 2015, the management said that as he was on his probation in his new profile he will not have to serve the notice period and also he is not eligible for any end of service benefits and after a months’ time on Dec 27th his visa was cancelled.

    Later when the current employer applied for his visa, the application got rejected stating that he had a ban for 6 months, when inquired in MOL and Tasheel, they required his certificate to be attested and a offer letter from the current employer wherein the offered salary has to be above AED 5000/- as all the requirements were met and when his current employer re-submitted his visa application it was again rejected stating that the ban existed and when checked with MOL, they asked for an NOC from his previous employer and also stated that the ban is a automatic system updated ban and in-order to lift it the NOC is very much required.

    When asked for the NOC to the previous employer, they said that they don’t give any such NOC.In this case how can the ban be lifted?

    New offer: 12000
    New profession: marketing specialist
    Qualification: MBA (certificate attested)

  20. need your urgent advise
    I terminate my contract to my employer bec.he violates article .121 ,I work 9 months in unlimitted contract.Do i have ban?

  21. Hi,

    Need your urgent advise. I was cancelled last 1st Nov 2015. Now, Ive got a new opportunity with 5000 salary. I have an educational attestation. As experienced from my previous employment with this requirements. I am expecting that my automatic ban will be lifted without any problems. However, it turns the other way. After visiting Labour Ministry and filling a complaint to lift my ban with Tasheel. Still, both parties cant lift ban even with this requirements and procedures done. My question is, any other way to lift my ban? Or did I do it wrong?

    Hope that you could advise me at the soonest possible time.


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