How can I get UAE residence visa other than Employment Visa?

Well, for a majority of the residents, the Employment visa acts as the Residence Visa in UAE(United Arab Emirates).

Having a UAE residence visa will provide you with an option of staying in any of 7 emirates in the UAE.

Other than Employment Visa there are 3 other options if you want a UAE residence Visa:

  1. You could set up your own company in the UAE which will be the sponsor for your visa. A UAE citizen(Local) will be your partner in this case.
  2. You could set up a an offshore company in one of the Freezones in the UAE wherein the respective Freezone will be your sponsor.
  3. Buying a property will ensure that you will receive an investor’s visa. Please note that as per the latest regulation(June 2011) the value of the property has to be minimum AED 1MN inorder to obtain this visa and the property needs to be in your own name.
Well, these are the few other ways that you could obtain a residency visa in UAE.
Also note that approval for any type of residence visa is the completely dependent on the Naturalisation and Residency Department.

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